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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Soo Yukawa
you know that flippable
mattresses aren’t real-
ly being made anymore?
Mattresses nowadays have
these silicone gel tops and
foam on them. They are
one-sided. Why do I know?
I had to get another mat-
tress because, well, how
should I put it, I am like
the story of “The Princess
and the Pea.” I can feel ev-
ery little divot or groove
in the bed. I have to have
a very, very firm mattress.
The mattress we got last
year already has a slight
groove, and I couldn’t stand
So we had to get another
mattress, and the other one
is going to the in-laws. I
don’t know if I like the new
one yet. It has a soft top,
and I don’t think I like that.
I like it to feel like I’m al-
most sleeping on the floor.
I might just end up sleeping
on the floor if this mattress
doesn’t work out.
They just don’t make
things like they used to
anymore, so sad. Having
a comfortable bed is very
important since we spend
half our lives on one. I
really hope this mattress
works out, or else my hus-
band will be very annoyed,
I think. I might even be an-
noyed with myself. Keep-
ing my fingers crossed.
We had a small crowd
Tuesday, Dec. 30. We had
Parmesan chicken, fresh
salad and birthday cake
made by our chefs, Terry
Cade and Carrie Jewell.
Our greeters were Bodean
Andersen, Jimmy Cole and
Marva Walker. Bodean led
the flag salute, did the an-
nouncements and prayed
the blessing over our meal.
The Len’s Drug gift card
was won by Diane Har-
vey. The free meals were
won by Molly Hoodenpyl
and yours truly. We had 37
guests and seven take-outs.
I can’t believe it’s 2016!
I almost want to pinch my-
self because it just seems
so surreal. I haven’t done
too much yet. We still have
quite a bit of snow here. I
don’t think it is going away
anytime soon either. We
woke up to -3 degrees F the
other morning. BRRRRR! I
really did not feel like go-
ing out to do my chores. I
was told by Mary Cade it
was going to be a cold and
long winter. She told me all
the deer and elk they hunt-
ed had tons of fat all around
the organs and that signaled
a cold winter. Isn’t that just
amazing? God made the an-
imals to know to eat more
food for a harsher winter.
I guess the Farmer’s Al-
manac was wrong because
it said we were going to
have a mild winter. This
winter is definitely cold-
er than last year, that’s for
Don’t forget to come
to the sewing class from
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday,
Jan. 9, at the Senior Center.
Don’t forget to bring a dish
to share for potluck.
Romans 1:16 “For I am
not ashamed of the gospel
of Christ: for it is the pow-
er of God unto salvation to
every one that believeth, to
the Jew first, and also to
the Greek.”
John Day
Alma Joslin
JOHN DAY — Monday,
Dec. 28, we had a small turnout
of approximately 30 people.
The group was small but the
food was great. We had prime
rib soup with chicken chile
relleno bake, Mexi-corn, chips
and salsa, cottage cheese salad,
and for dessert, we had cookies
and fresh fruit, which were do-
nated by Chester’s Thriftway.
Marianne Morris and Susan
Fowle greeted us. Darlene No-
dine and Ineta Carpenter deliv-
ered 22 meals, plus 24 frozen
ones to shut-ins. Veanne Wed-
dle helped them by delivering
to the Mt. Vernon area. Darlene
and Ineta were representing the
Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter-day Saints and also served our
lunch. Darlene led the Àag salute,
and Ineta asked the blessing.
Veanne announced we have
a new group that will be serving
on the ¿rst Thursday of every
month. It will be the John Day
Church of the Nazarene. Wel-
come aboard. The St. Thomas
Episcopal Church will no longer
be serving, but we would like to
give them a big thank you for
their years of service to us. We
will miss you folks. We hope
you will come and join us for
lunch and fellowship.
Margaret Glass won the
Len’s Drug gift certi¿cate, and
David Pasko won the free meal.
Thursday, Dec. 31, we had
approximately 60 diners for a
wonderful lunch to close out
the old year. We had shrimp
cocktail, virgin mimosas, roast
beef, mashed potatoes, gravy,
green beans, homemade dinner
rolls, and for dessert, Lisa made
apple turnovers. The entree was
furnished by St. Elizabeth’s Cath-
olic Church. Virginia Miller and
Marilou Horton, with Veanne’s
help, delivered 30 meals. Our
servers today were Virginia, Mari-
lou, Karen Bailey, Kris Labhart
and Marsha Delaney. These la-
dies were representing the Blue
Mountain Hospital Auxiliary
Board and did a wonderful job.
Margaret Glass and David
Pasko greeted us. Karen Bai-
ley led the Àag salute, and Bob
Meador asked the blessing.
Veanne announced that the Hos-
pital Auxiliary Board has agreed
to become our ¿fth Thursday
servers for a while. She also re-
minded everyone of the quilt raf-
Àe going on for the quilt donated
by Judy Nelson. It is beautiful,
and the tickets are only $5 each
or three for $10. The drawing
will be at our Easter luncheon.
Ron Dowse then took the mic
and announced that Friday, Jan.
1, was Veanne’s birthday. Happy
birthday to you and we all appre-
ciate you very much.
I would like to also welcome
Merry Henry as the newest
member of the Site Council.
Virginia Binchus had com-
pany for lunch today — her
daughter, Angela, and her
grandson, Dillon. They have
come to stay with Virginia for a
while and we were glad to see
them. Come again, you two.
Eric Julsrud won the Ches-
ter’s Thriftway gift certi¿cate,
and Don Caldwell won the Valley
View lunch for two. Thursday,
Jan. 7, we will have porcupine
meatballs for lunch, and there
will be no bingo that day. There
will be no lunch served Monday,
Jan. 13, due to the installation of
the new kitchen Àoor.
Jeremiah 6:16 So now the
Lord says, “Stop right where
you are! Look for the old god-
ly way, and walk in it. Travel its
path, and you will ¿nd rest for
your souls.”
Prairie City
Rose Coombs
you all had a good Christmas
and are thriving in the new
year of 2016.
Bert and his family came
over to spend Christmas with
us. They were able to stay
with friends in Bear Val-
ley since we don’t have any
guest rooms anymore. These
friends also invited us up
for Christmas dinner, along
with a bunch of other friends.
There was an occurrence be-
fore dinner that required a
substitution of the entree, but
I’m not supposed to talk about
that (ahem).
On Sunday, Agata and the
grandchildren sang an old
Polish carol during the offer-
ing taking. Looks like the lit-
tlest one inherited grandma’s
“ham” gene. That afternoon
Bert decided to post a photo
of all the snow in Bear Val-
ley so that the poor people in
Portland could see what they
shouldn’t be complaining
From time to time the Blue
Mountain Eagle has recipes
on its pages. I thought you
might like to see what I did.
I’m not asked to cook for any
special meals.
Agata left some ingre-
dients for a dessert that she
didn’t have time to make. I
didn’t want them to go bad,
so I made white chocolate
cranberry macadamia Blond-
ies. The ¿rst direction was to
melt 1 cup of the white choc-
olate chips and 5 tablespoons
of butter together in a double
boiler. Well, why can’t I just
put them in the 2 cup Py-
rex measuring cup and pop
them in the microwave? They
didn’t want to melt together.
Maybe because the butter was
supposed to be unsalted. Oh,
well. Then let it cool to room
temperature. Hmm. Poured it
into a cooler bowl and called
it good. I beat it awhile then
added it to the sugar and eggs.
I beat that into submission.
“Sift Àour, baking powder,
and salt.” I haven’t sifted Àour
for I-don’t-know-how-long. I
didn’t add any salt either be-
cause I had one macadamia
nut, and it was very salty. So
I added that to the ¿rst mix,
along with the rest of the
chocolate chips and “a 1/2
cup macadamia nuts, toasted
and coarsely chopped.” Yeah,
right. I put the nuts in a plastic
bag and whomped them with
a tack hammer. There, coarse-
ly chopped. Last item: 1 cup
sweetened dried cranberries.
Well, we had some cranber-
ry saucy stuff that Agata had
cooked up. So added that and
beat well. Pour into pans and
bake. Not bad. Doesn’t look
like the picture on the pack-
age, but once it’s in the tum-
my, who cares?
By the time you read this,
I hope that the company in
Kansas City, Missouri, has
decided that we have crossed
all the T’s and dotted all the
I’s so they can safely give us
our money! Have had to send
three different letters to them
about closing the account so
we can pay for the Grange
Hall. I found a phone number
for their complaint depart-
ment. That will be my next
call if things don’t shape up!
I Tim. 4:8 “For bodily
e[erFise pro¿ts a little, but
godliness is pro¿table for all
things, having promise of the
life that now is and of that
which is to come.”
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