Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, December 26, 1903, Image 4

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Coleridge fourni solace fv< bin troll-
bles in thè forgetful lie*« induced by
opium, ami when under iti* inlluvms»
would ait for hour« threading the
dreamy imi/ea of his own mimi.
\K Indleat
Although the Tari tic »nvan ia coin-
paiaitVA’Iv írn» o( atornu«— Lunev ite
name—Point Rcvtm, Cal., i.* the wind!-
eat placa in the Lnitv I Staivi.
Hy St« Hundred Mil»».
The pigeon'a rapacity for flight la
have down from
Nantea to I anra'.hire, 4 id mile*, in a
day, and the winner of a race from
Shetlands to London, over 600 miles,
made the journey in Id houra at an
average t|*eed of 3' mi Ira an hour.
An Anckni Work on Angling.
The greatest work of antiquity on
angling is said to l>e the “llalieutica"
of Oppian, a Greek poet w ho tlouriahvd
in the lime of N» ver us, A. P. I UH, from
which we learn that many artifice* in
fishing thought to be modern were
known to ancients.
We also learn
from Athencua that *« vvral other writ­
ers had written treatise* or povma on
fishing some centuries Udon* the Chris­
tian era.
•• I have kept Ayer's Cherry Pec­
toral III my h0UM fof agirai many
years. It I» the beat medicine in
the world for cougha and colds.”
J. C. Williams, Attica, N.Y.
All serious lung
troubles begin with a
tickling in the throat.
You can stop this at first
in a single night with
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral.
Use it also for bronchitis,
consumption, hard colds,
and for coughs of all kinds.
Tkrvu •!«•• : Ik . M< . IL
AH d««n***»*
Palac» l)iBcuv«r«g.
In the coiiri*' of the rxpluration work
now procrv«ling hi B*»*otia, on the iih*
of OrvhomeiivM, at one time a »mall
Greek nt Ale, which wmm destroyed by
the Thebans in 367 B. C., a tine royal
palace has just been discovered,
number <»f frencoc»« adorn th«* wall« . t
the stale rooms.
Tiw Baby Humorist.
“Of course," said Mrs. Extrvgotal,
"you are fond of bright, precocious
"Oh, yes; certainly,” replied old
Batch, "but I draw the lino on tho sup­
posed smart sayings made tip by the
parent« and loaded off on poor infante.”
—Baltimore American.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Which has cured thousands.
Th« Prickly P»»r.
now -w nuit
The prickly pear of Africa i* so tena­
cious of life that a leaf or even a small
portoin of a leaf if thrown on the
ground strikes out roots almost imme­
diately and l>ec«>mvn the parent of s
fast growing plant.
<• offer <>»• Hundred hollars Reward far nay
rase of < altar th that can not bocursd by Ha41
catarrh ‘ arv
F. J VIIKNKT ACo . ».ps.. Toledo. O.
IK a the unde: sig ned. have Known K J < b«»ey
far th pad I‘ »car«, and believe him p«-rfe« t.y
b- n rsbialuM > u»inra» tranaactb.ns and fit».
at;<- a h able I ' « a*ry nulaoy ubllgatiuna •-ad»
by thetr 0rn>.
Wn»? A Tavai.
Wh'deaai» i’rtifglsts. Toledo,
* »U.IM kt**AN A Maavta,
Wbolauv |>»1 gg Sts. Toledo, o,
R*ir»r«tar?h l'ora ie taken Internally acting
• i an
- - • t ---
on ih» bl
tnt>»»u»' snAaar. J
Ola ayate ta. Frta» 7&r p* r bolli»
•u.d hi aU
iniettate Troll troni aie tre*
Malìa .'»¿UH/ HI.» */« ihe beli.
Divorce kiwi and Divorces.
The country w ith ¡»erhaps the ninat
lenient divorce law* in the world is
Sweden, and there the divorce rate is
lower than in the Netherlands, which,
after England, ha* the strictest laws
in the world.
Th» Safa Sid».
TorV years &qo and aftrr irwy years
of us« on the eastern coast. Tower'a
Vtoterprosf Oiled Coats were introduced
n the West and were called Aiders bv
the pioneers and c^wbeys Ths graphic
name has come mto such geieral use that
it is frequently though wrongfully applied
to many jiiwtitutes You wont the j.-rurc
Look for the Ajn of the f oh. and
the narte T<wr on the buttons.
MAi t M KA<g AN» YIU.OW A*Z>
----------iFti f gj. i i i w n w III ■ in i!—-
;- ajj 1 l-wW
••You’ll l«v aorry aotne day that you
didn't get married if y«»u don't."
"Well, I’d rather not la* married and
1st« sorry I wasn't than to la* married
ami la* aorry 1 waa."—San Francieco
Wothara will flati Mn Winilnwe OnrHMng
evrup th« beet rattiwUy u> uaa tur their childrao
'M taatblug aaaaua.
A» lt la Today.
Farnoua Patient—Itortor, pira*» give
me my medicine now.
1 tortor-— Pan Ion me.
I'tn aimply
the doctor in rharge of isauing bulle-
tina; the other ductor wIII be hvre prca-
The goapel
flic flint«« I«
the gompvl fur
Agri in st Winter Catarrh in Its Many
Neglected Cold* In Children
Otten Billig DUaitrou*
ev««r yet «’rushed
other people'» rare».
attoiil«! I«
lie tini»*.
MUcev'M 1« the teat of tin* Mttil.
There are no wa.te« with that
our own trial« teat our frtemia.
la ait li
h» a drug •t«>re,
baml «iruepl tiu •ubali
Wandering« tiring to w.-akne««.
Itoueaty 1» aimply heart health,
’liter« la no progrvaa without Hod
Mr*. J. M. lln»*ti, D uip
nrgnn M|iririg».Mu.,writr»i
•’My little datighter thru«
year» obi wun troubled
will» a very La«l it High
whirl« rrhialimd uftrr un
attn< k of cMtiirrbnl fi ver.
Hlir Inna takrn one I mi HI o
«•f I’* run a through which
•hr ha« obtaint'd a roiit-
pb t< , lire
-I m | ■ MMF a»
aril and happy a-* a liltl»
7Jrl ran I*-
Wh« n our
rirnd« >ny h*>w well »he
hmk* I tell them Peruna
ihtl It ••
In n tali r I' ttrr «he »ay»:
•’Our little daughter
continue» to have good
I entire
Household Against Catarrhal
a* the vaiti» of Perlina
»* filli* Mt>prvrlgtv<l by wrry huuav
h«4d, ln»tii a» n pmriitlvr uixl cure
••t t ntarrhnl altra Unii», Irli* <»f IlioUe*
V uelt life la all sport to us the devil Mini« uf live» will Ire »ave<l, »ini hun-
<iiv«l* of tbottRanil« uf chr«*ni«*t lui
la the hunter.
gvring < «iMpa <»f ili*« a»v preventeil
The hope of glory deja-nd* on tits rrruua 1« a huneeiiuld •«f‘ guar*l.
bold on Christ
ta* balanced
It I, no use praying for the thing,
you will not pay fur.
Mlu needs to shine In s|a*ls to hide
Its whole aordldueaa
Our rtn.-lency depends ou
(loti la our audlcleucy
It 1« aafrat It. Rev from the act that
will not ta-ar rutlectlon.
Mn. Kc hsh'r, 4-b» B<»| kj A v »., HI. Ixiuis, Mn , writ«»!
••In (he early part of la»t year I wrote to you for
aiKka fur my daughter Alke. four years of age. She had
hern a run« ..I,ki,. ailing thild sin.e her bitih. she had
«on.ul.ion. and «aiarrhal fever. I wa, alwaya doctoring
until we nimmcmed to use Peruna. She grew strong and
well. I’eruna 1» a wonderful tonk; lite beat mcdkinc I
have ever u ed.
■'I was In a very wrcUhcd condition when I commenc­
ed to take Peruna. I had catarrh all lltrongli an whole
body, but thank God, your medlUne set me all right.
would not have any other medicine.
•■Peruna cured my baby boy of a very bad spell of cold
and fever, tie 1» a big h -althy boy fifteen month, old.
have given him Peruna off and on since he wa« born, I
think that 1« why he 1« so well. I cannot praise Peruna
enough. \X e have not had a do.tor since we began to use
Peruna all praise Io II Mrs. Schafer.
Well l«*gun la half done, but only
half doue la all undone.
Better not pick up any rocka until
your own rtaord Is clean.
The preacher cannot .tody how
live by living In hla study.
If all men Were I nie
would souu be made new.
The devil never yet made a lock that
the love of God could not break.
Mennona preached for the inri of
God will reach the heart» of men.
The Bible ta never too deep for the
child nor too »hallow for the aged.
lie Sure to llevo Pe-ru-na on Hand
During the I rule me nt .Month»
of Fall and W.ntcr.
Work on 3.w M...4 la II.In« I'u.l»^
on Ih.ite hl.lv. of Mountain.
During tl.o la.t acovlou of th. I'bl-
Ittoii cungrr... w bleli cl<Mr<t In 1'obru-
•ry. ■ bill wa. tMt.Mtl |>n>v Ulin, for
tb. rouatrucllon of it railway over Ilio
Atulo. Mountain«, to coiinvct Huellos
Ayrv. with Nnnthigo a id Valparaiso.
I'c-ru-n« Kept In llie House tor Five
Mr. Albert l.irtsman, I «MM Milwau­
Till« will bo tho lirot Hue to erose tho kee Aw., Chicago, III., writes:
"I am only too glad to inform you
.'ontinout of Mouth Atnori.-a
Thia rail
way wa« projectnl twenty y.-ara ago. that I am feeling «plrndnl snd have
never felt better in my lite.
anti alnr« that tilin' oom« «or! of tu«ana
arv ileallng with Ibo quootlon
Im« the advice of a frieml I tried Peruna,
boon Iwfore each aoaalt.n of I'ongrr««; and am gla«l to way it cured me to per­
I U’gan to tell a frieml about
but t*arli In It« turn fallnl to |wu ouo fection.
or thv other branch of tho law making Peruna the other day ami I had no
hotly until Frb. 2M laat. when tiw sooner commenced than he told nu» bis
hdka have kept Peruna in the house for
gboVO inentlonetl bill tm-nnie a law
the pnM five years.
1 am mire I would­
railway eitemllng from llueno« Ayre.
n't te without it.
M< tlier also uses it
to tbo Cuinbre of ibe I'onllllern. nt
to keep herself in good health.”
l'«pallata I’a««. to connect with tho
llun from Valpnrala«>. la being con*
atructod by tlie Argentine government
Work on the new ron.l 1« being pu»li>nl
forward on both aldo* of the moult-
tnlna, and pltoipecta are bright for dl-
"Jenkins is a queer duck.”
reel railway eonn.-ctlon« within n few
•'What’s he done now?"
year« Imtween tin».Atlntillc and I’acIHc
"Why, last night he fretted ami
coaat« over the Anile«, by n III»* ex
tending through the heart of I'hllo fumed and finally slang«*I Is« num* his
and Argentinn. Till« road will obort- wih iisik th re«« minute* to dress for a
en the time Itetworn Eumpe nml t'till« car ride out to the park, and last* week
he sat in an op* ii bout in the hot, broil­
by «lx or eight tiny«, n« trattle 1« now
ing sun from 2 o'clock until H without
via th« Hirn It of Magellan.
getting a bite and enjoyed it."— Balti­
Tito railway from lluenoa Ay ret la
more New a.
completed a« far a« I'uenlt. tlel Inca,
a abort tllnlance from th.* <'uml.re, mid
For roughs and rolda there it no tetter
th« lln«> In citurae of ronatractlon In modkdnr than Pi»<»*s Cure for Consump­
' 25 ernia.
t'lille la completed a« far n« Malto tlel tion. Price
Maldado. nl»o near the pa«« over tho
Antaon Plants.
Andi-«, nml during the nummrr month«
The ant seldom Injures a plant, al­
—Novemla'r to April traffic la car
though generally charged with all aorta
rtetl on over tho niountnlna. along tho
Oil the
route of the propoaed rail« ( by mule of iniquity in this direction.
contrary, they often do gotsl work in
It requlroa only one day
ri<l<ling tin* plants of the aphides,
to make Hit* trip between th« riillwny
which if left nbmc will Boon suck away
termlnala. The pan. la croaaod nt an
the sap which is the life of the plant.
elevation of 13,OHO feet nlaivo tin- «.-a
level; but the route an aurveyetl for
tho railway provide« for n tunnel
through tho mountain«, which will re­
duce the nltltmlc of till* hlghent point
reached by the rnllmatl to conaldera- Ayer’s Pills arc good liver
bly la-low (hat of lit« t'umbre, where
fiills. You know that. The best
the mule trunxporta cm««
Croup, rapt larry bronchilia, and ar­
ticular rheumatism are tho »¡»ecial
lianr«* of childhood.
Three all alike re­
sult from ralrhing redd.
One child rah h< * ce»|<| an«! scarri* its
mother into hyatcrica by having croup
in the dead of night.
Anothei child ratchet r«dd, develops
a »tublMirn rough that will not yield to
ordinary rrmrvlir».
The parent« arc
fill«*! with f«»rl*odingM.
Still another child ratchet» rold and
develop« that moat fatal malady of chil­
dren, capillary brunchitia.
The doctor
it calle*I, pn>nounrea the rate pneu­
monia, ami if the chil«l 1» lucky enough
to live it haa drvelo|»c<l weak lung*
from which it may never recover.
And yet another chihl cnt* h«*M cold
and articular rheumatism i* th«* rreult.
Viklea, knees, wrists and ellatws la*-
<-otne suddenly swollen ami painful.
long disastrous illnevs (olloae.
child may live ami Itet-ttmeconvali-went,
a miserable invalid of valvular dineaao
of the heart.
All these mishaps are
the direct result <d ncglt-cletl cold.
runs is the safegttanl of the family.
a chilil eatclies cold, Peruna aituuld bo
used immialiately.
A few d.wes of Penina and a child's
cold is gone.
The apprehension of the
parents tlee away. Tho household is
free from fear once more.
If you do not derive prompt anti at*
iafactory results from the use of Peru­
ns, write al once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your caao
ami lie «till ta* ploared to give you Ilia
valuable advice gratia.
Adreae Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
till io.
?\sk Your Druggist for Free Pe-ru-na Almanac for 1004
TOWtk(MUkUH < I -
Even in a
la ura nt
rev »»a I
Genius needa to
Means loss of vitality, vigor
or tone, and is often a pre­
cursor of prostrating sick­
This is why it is
serious. The best, thing
you can do is to take the
great alterative and tonic
No C am Eii.ti it Will Not Coro
I If N I N <1 Idea»
nr«» mn flic anni«»
a» »«aiding
only a man of grace can ta* a mean«
of grace.
No Appetite
q *5
A good blower la not alwaya a gmal
Perrin’s Pile Specific
Na*'« Horn Soiimh • Warulng I Not«
tu Ib» Bui »deemed.
Growth of Hair.
Like moot vegetation, tho hair grown
lietior in light than in darkntM becauiie
of th«* stimulating effect ot light ami
It han often been not ice« I
in the cam» of men who ait in oflicea
with one aide always turned toward the
light that the muatache or l»eard of
that wide grown longer than on the
It is natural to rub the spot that hurts, and when rheumatic
pains arc shooting through the joints and muscles and they are
inflamed and sore, the sufferer is apt to turn to liniments and plasters
for relief; and while such treatment may quiet the pain temporarily,
no amount of rubbing or bii dering can cure Rheumatism, because it
is not a skin disease, but is in the blood and all through the system,
and every time you are exposed to the same conditions that caused
the first attack, you are going to have another, and Rheumatism
will last just as long as the poison is in the blood, no matter what
•’ou apply externally
extern illy. Too much acid in the blood is one cause of
¡heumatistn ; stomach troubles, bad digestion, weak kidneys and
torpid liver are other causes
which bring on this painful dis­
Bidnoy, Ohio, August 20, 1003.
ease, because the blood becomes
A fnw months ago I was feslinir weak
and nnabte to <»*t al»«u at
tainted with the [Miisonous mat­ night« I down
foil • n ' reruely bar!, and also lnul
rhuurnatio pains In my Joints and mus­
ter which these organs fail to cles.
Ths medioina I us»d gnv« nifl only
carry out of the system. Cer­ temporary relief al best; ao aoaing B. H H.
highly recoin mended for such trou
tain secret diseases will produce bl»». I began it» use, and after taking it
Rheumatism, and of all forms for some lima wa» well pleased with th»
result. It did away with th» rh»umatio
this is the most stubborn and pains,
gave m» refraahing »leap and
up my gensral avatam, giving ma
severe, for it seems to affect ■ t rongth
and energv. It ia a good msdi-
every bone and muscle in the cine, without a doubt, and I take pleas­
ure in endoidintf lt.
body. The blood is the medium n. V. D No. I.
by which the poisons and acids
are carried through the system, and it doesn't matter what kind of
Rheumatism you have, it must be treated through the blotxl, or you
can never get permanently rid of It. As a cure for rheumatic trou«
bles S. S. S. has never been equalled. It doesn't inflame the stomach
and ruin the digestion like Potash, Alkaliesand other strong drugs,
but tones up the general health, gently
stimulates the sluggish organs, and at
the same time antidotes and filters out
of the blood all poisonous acids and
effete matter of every kind ; and when
S. S. S. has restored the blood to its
natural condition, the painful, feverish
Joints and the sore and tender muscles are immediately relieved.
Our special book on Rheumatism will be- mailed free to thosa
desiring it. Our physicians will cheerfully answer all letters asking
for special
special information or advice, for which no charge is made.
MW*' fMM .
Good Pills
To Pleaae Illa t'rlllcn.
Half a century ago Wagner wan no-
»erely crltlelxed In lamtlon for con
ducting concert« without a «core, lie
wan giving nome llcethoven concert«,
and he knew the maater*a aymphoulea
by heart.
After the flmt performance one of
the Ixintlott paper« acolded lite com-
poner of "Tnutilia<-u«er" for dlri*etlng
the «ympltony without a acore In front
of hlui.
At the next concert young Wagner
hail a laatk of tltualc open la-fore him
on the tleak.
The following day the name newapa-
per printed a commendatory article,
which prnlKcd him for hla better In
terpretatlon of Becthovi-n, tin* Improve
ment due, of cotir.e, Io the uai* of tin*
wore. Wagner nnnotim <><1 for the ben
ellt of Illa critic Hull the «cor.* Ill front
of hint on the prerloua evening wa«
that of ItoKHlnr« opera. "Tin Hat In r of
Sevilla’’—turned upalde down.
amily laxative you can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
cure constipation.
Want your moustache or beard
**1 bat» tons IA
»1 » Um»
wf *H* t»a»»»««l». not 1«Kg at • to
mot« tb«m aBC»pl by uati-g but waist luXrtlona.
Chronie tw > us 11 pat u>n fur »«•«•n ye»«» placed me In
ibis terrible cotidiiioni during ibal time I did »r-
erflbiHg I heard of but »ever f>>utid aitr relief auch
was my ca»» until I began using < A*-'AhhlM I
now have from «>ne tu liitr« « -»•<»• a day amt If I
was rich I would »iv» |UW for « a. It n><>v<’tue«il| II
I» au< b » relief '
A11 win I. lit *r.
|<W Humll bi . IxuvU Hied
jximi —--- - -------------- -
I aally Doubled.
Goodart— Here'« a brand new
dollar bill, old man,
Borough« — Oh,
double It?
tioo-liirt — Mitre,
double it— ho — now I double it lignin
In tliia alinpe, you «tat, it lita
anttgly in my pocketbook.
Ho long.—
Wood Haws, brag saws run tty «team or gas«.
Ilnr engine»,
the l»te«t In »aw mill hi »*
t'liincr). ettiitip puller*, well dnlliug iu achín«
ary, etc . etc.
u rite fur your nea*1a.
l oot of Morrison Street
Arc ji
PI»»*»M. r«laiat'ir r<’««nt. T a «»» Good. I»o
UuuU. Never l*> 'licn. XV«»r Uri’-r iuc.
»«•rltae «MM4- C«e»MF, CklM«».
tM*. ■»
Deserve your confi­
In Society,
dence. They have never
failed— won t fail now.
Sold by all dealers.
ltM»l Recti Aunual
postpaid, free.
Tesa—Mias Nuritch talk* so much
almut her mother’* aortal position be­
fore m I iu was married.
Tew—Did she really have any posit­
ion in society?
Jew—Oil, Iota of them.
Siu* never
accepted a piare na rook except in very
swell families.—Brooklyn Engle.
a beautiful brownor rich black? (Jae
À KITCA 1 vrfd ,,uin
*<■•«•*« »o tn
VVA.1X1 l .1 z ’H'od b> lewrn ilm liAii-rr
tra’» A idre IUhl o*'s tipanon.
good w asea easy In Iram.iom ant prartlc*. I hr
melhud I« right an<l the price nod tun«* required
Ilie «M-rat |«>««ih}e to <l*e »at »fa. mry maullo.
Write ft«r fall pirtlrtilara to the AM riti» AN
KtH'iHl < «>Ll.l.U|>. (lue.). ÌM KkrrrU »U.
rortlauit. Oregon.
D»troltv Mich.
P. N. U.
l VII KN writing to nd vertí aera pleas«
mention this paper.
& A
It makei Hens Lay and Keep* them
. It cur»» Roup, Chol»ra and All
Dlsnau»*. It itrcngthrn» young chick«, and ma’nM them grow. Price 25c and 50c.
Mv young ohtckr-iiw rmnmt’H’M'd «lylnjc. •>»<' aftor Towing four ilowm I imr-
eha».I a pm .T iar .. of your I’Hl *N|AN I OU1.TRY FOOl». whl.'h wlopp*» them
from tiyliiK «nd I hav. . ttimtantiy kept it on Uwud «vnr ain< «* I < an rr«x>iHtn«nd aMfewNMIP
It a« JUMt whai It lu l led in raiaiiiu poultry.
O H K1GGIN, Latah, Waeh.
I’OIC I I.AN1> »1 11» CO., r«>rtland. Or.. <’«»a»t Agents.
Ex< hange.
He dot o Il!«*«elti7.
Algy— Ho you nuked old Joma for
hl* daughter’» haliti? Wlint did In* any
lie an Id: •Take her aid let
me be biippy."