Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, October 24, 1903, Image 4

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We Ivaw i.A'i a ¿hpuU*/' .» u tb*
teA.h<M«l hu l«h»is
th«' bn Min t
K m i.lu g Koine pr.v r cun*. t< Sunpvh
this year will Iw tn.italy ’or lb * pur
l.ia«'srv-*J Tin I'nsa 1Vr«fue«l oc«t
tiH»k hU Frat st the breakfast table.
Tiiriit d lut«« a aat*.
p«MM» ul deitlop ng lumber Irftot . »*val
‘’ludvtxL’* said bua|n*lk, w.nr tiling
fijiit*'« ’. m »*' nth r
tnAk>ti,'T di*-
where th<*
Che butler.
*’Yw; I «ahi you wen» <ix ue»k« I**- .c.ty cor,tractor* *>( IhuaMy n p?.u* l«»ei:
-Laborer • Are flovkini? to Ltber a to
hin«l in your l^tr h an«l Mr h.uiMri a hes ore r.irty «ux» »« h «tantly li.iliaiu
Wvvrklng hard l.nellng the heap«, a
w«»rk on th«* greul l.ilx i an tai o »v
ahxul. Will yon •'tri.» it’*“
load ufeCt loud is klt'JVOMlvd. n«l Cttl’v'-
This 1« the route that "III plft) ha' ’
*Xnt thi« tnorntn *,” implied Stntp. ’y
fully |. Kc’.nj* th ' tomato can* .u d other
vii't the v.bKU rn qtte*»tloti» destroy the
— \oak«<x St.vu-siM.in
p.cvkS <•? t nv. ire ip ¡11» * by
lUvhdtivsH ot ('iMUtantihoph' ua the Kry
It'a bllrfri.t ’I h«»n.
t».» m*vlve>. Phe centrici t* do i;ol ob­
to riurui»*» .iiul m.th’»» Kittri K'.tnu to :: •
"They say,** be
’‘riuit talk k<
ject if the hou* hoM«*r< put oM van*
to the Ja|Mh mm ,u 17 <hn v
among the ushv«. for ,thia insures •<
—A very low ’temperature» 4<W d •
"Cvr heard «uch statements m;ule.
careful leveling by the Italians nt the
gtx'vsi l»eknv aero, ha> Uerti^uhvuji tut
"But I xentuie to «uy,** and the
ilunip g ground« at no v\,K'n «' to th-'
have a rv'inaikalde etYeet upon thvv« l«»r
speakrr grew very e truest, •’that tt.e
ot many luKlies. Th»' brilliant senrlrl
nwrn w I hv nuuk it never laui bad uc
The rewnuv from those van* that ar»
ot vet million uml luervurie ioditle H
stan to vitfwuh a law ver prvfe.>K«i<‘<i.J
collected by the* hundred« ot th.»u>an*l
r»'«luixxl. umlor it« Inthunoe, to n pule
is a matter of »urpr Ao to most |»e son«
orange, the original rolor returuiu?
They were all a erred upon the profk-
V iwohoMe load bring«« from x* to $.•’
with the r **e of the t< tnprratuie. IUu<
O'.iwu—«.'bicafo ISwt.
are uuatfecled by coM. anti the rtT«n t **
It take» several »1 ly of haul wvrk t
It W «• Settle«!.
get a bg wa yon load, but the Italian.'
coinperatAely ^tnall upv" urgeuiv cob
By the way,** a^kt'd Inc former resi
don't seem to mind the labor of it. fcr
orinjt matter« cf all tint'«.
dent of the village. ’Mid Jone* at.d there i ■ mon y imm* Jia:, iy in sight a«
The movement for the tndu«lriot
binith ever get that dispute setiled a«
the pile* of tine ?»< prow
They w ate!»
educat on »»( tin* southern eegirora i*
to w liieh one owned that stripof laud’.***
j*alous!y the r pick ng grouada, and
u I mhi I u» l»e advuncn'tl by the bulklitv?
•XL ye>; that was sx-itlvil some time
Mimet'mes t-take aprc'nl arraogemcifts
i>f a eotren mill at Coneord. X C. f•*.-
vil’a the rurtia. tots for the jM’ivilvg
the <prc al employment and iu*trueuon
"An.t who pot it
«>* »craping ami ial .ng the a«h hca;*
oi nrjtnM's in ihi« I ne of work. It ;-
"I fonret the tawyer’aname." -l-’p-to- over.
I«'’nt* built l»y W.C l‘oh*man.a uealtl..
The t n cans are «old to meh with
eotorvd man, nnd will hr the tii » co.
ton mill in tb»» country to employ v »!•
furnace«, who place them In a I igcal-
Fatare W III lletas
«Iron end ueder a slow fire meh the
ore»l operal <"» although there i*» a
<*apa is a jeweler, you 1 no«." »!»e
«1 mn ng m il at Columbia. S I*., where
tin and with r and run that I'art ol7 for
xAid. i^tulantly,
ar tells tur. that
they are employed.
the engagvmxut
you g-a.r lav 1» future v< * and sale. Ahno'tall the t*u
anti * older ix ‘ ¡m l by th « jcocess, er I
In aodrya r^pioaascentra! Au«tra-
i« eatable far u«< in making more can*»
I.A froifs air found in fair rumU r
’’I presume so. for I bought H at hi«
for prc«:*rvlrg vegetables.
civrks am! claypan* “swaiming** with
More. Bui you can depend on me to
The I a; s then mad.' ¡men« ' ami
the water« dry up (hr fr.».-
pel even in time, »larlutg.’* — Detro.t
the iron that remains 1« melted . rdeast
disappear in thejr harrows, rtmainhx
I rtr Bred».
’» « gh*.«.
The demand fur
till the rain« come u^ain. “t'rrtnin rpe*
I cars is sst’d to be greater thaa
c<e« of them.** «ay*K Spencer. ’ gorL*'
the «oply and one of the must valur ble
themselves with water before they g»»
It I* H»t There. Det the i’rople
of the s •vtre.r privileges that the
into the'r retreats ami in t’mes of
Mai n .
drought tb<* natives <11^ them out nn^l
•'Xo rain had f; »len tor eight months
It alia:.« in large citte« assume is ihrt
X. \
chta2n enough water from their bodies
and K‘.e hut air \.c> * hick ; th n «tilling
of work; n? over an ah <lum^
1 aze of dust. The inigbty Filnd-.'is. a
to <at:«fy their *hir«t.
tuïà river, of saa«l. w iih water i ei»« uUi,
—I: appears that as the earth b*
Stacked the parvhxai township, thcriuffty
ccmea overpopulated al! men mu*t I. •
<’ u ns vr.d the Umir.g Lin! « o.‘ the
c »me rcf*vt.vrlan«. A recent c«t ma*»'
I opuiaiiitn.
«bows th..t Z2 acres of lnn«J are necc* •
Manj- newspaper* have Utcly giren rurrenry
“Frequently nU the doors and win« to reporta by irretì».**»«.blv parthw to Ihr <• fleet
sary to eu«lnin on« n» .n on frc*;h meat,
vs of the wretched tin aid wood :!*..» t
v hile the «ninearea, if »lexotod to w heat
musts bail to lw* hurriedly clo«tl to
THE NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE CO culture, would feed 43 people; it to
Itep out the hateful sùoeva. The ;il- imd eiiUnJ a triutt or mm hi notion : ae wl«h tuiM. ss*. potatoes, Indian corn am! lice.
1 .¿>t here dtw.n relied uwv.y into the to MK-Yiiir*' tt ■
IT»», and if to plaiit-iin or hr»‘».«Ifruit,
.:«• tb it there la >to truth th
• «farr^, with rniarsof dw*i a thou and *ueh repurta. Ur ba\»« been manuû»clurtn<
over G.C«» people. Ere the dir»' prophecy
feet high, traveling alnrg in the srorch- ate'Wiikg inurbi nr* f«tr overa quartrrof a erntu-
of .'»aMJiu« i> fulfilled, however, we may
ry. and Imw « «tnbltohed u reputation for mir*
•g v. uii hv*i:ds, ni a few mites «¡»sianoe •rive* and our machine« that ta ll.r envy nt all
rrosouobly expert the chemist to pro­
• :» each other. I ke grants st:»ki:g other*. <»ur ••.Veir l/e*r" hu> hitw Iw»
vide arriflchd fiual for the multitude.
rough the lar<L rearing their <1 tu
\s to the age of the Xinfrari fall
»tAiida al th*
nd of ali High fòrmlr *»-wing
cads into the brns*-colorvd sky*. Then..*
£eolojTi»Ui dilfcr w idely in opinion, 't
¡»tachín»», and staodsnu its own merit«.
c’ust spouts are <u.ly a few fet t iud cm- Fhr ••Jlew Howr” ta the only really
first it was estimated that th«’ X .i*n.t
< r *r fur hnndrei’s of feet up. Th y
HIGH GRibESttriny Nurhiue
river came into <xtstri.ee through
tome eddying n’o: g. snmetimrc lifting G
L<lun ges in the level of the land aruun I
on ihr market.
< von oil tins and corrugated in n: at d
It is not n«xx«A t.y i*v us Incuter tatua trust
(hr great lake«. ulx>ut
year« ago.
v.or Let !e the l;oi
they tr.k - ¡. ihrii Io«ave mir credit or pay any debts a«» w«- have
!. uter th a wa« reduced tn only 12.00*)
iM»<tebta b» pay. \V»* law never entered Into
T-n^k. fi* they nH them with d*rî and
The celebrate»! grnlcgi t. Sir
competition with m¿»nu facturera of low grade
j uhhteh. renk'n*» a clatter on th ■ roof. cheap machines tiiat art' made to sell renard-
» .task's Lyell. tncrvKsed the cwtlmaic
2. ten if j<rop»e arc <»n I hr alert ta cloer io.* of anv intrinsic inerti*. Ira not l»c de­
fa 3X000yrnr«: but more rvrert
: !l the a;. rtu. sa. ta. y • . c a column of ceived. wUn you wuntaM wing machine don't
!y other« have low end it n» «lout *■ ?< *•'
* nd yuur mon y away inxi> home, «-all una
« is’ apr o- ‘,;ng. they are filled with ••Arte Homv" tfrutrr^ \ can sell you a
year«. The latent cstimoic »* that o*
f»nr drift, and tb* very bookc *.ris«.ur’ twtter machine for less limi» you can purchase
Or. J. W. Sp« r*crr, w ho. Iui**.ng his cc
v.i n.th tar heat. The people are a*
elusion* on tbv most recent inveM’g
1 >*'F.V. ns ary’
etee. They live and
lioi»*, placvs the u»*r cf the r’.vt r nt
make Iota of r.oory. i/arry and THE NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE CO
(0o years ami that of lb« cataract at -I,*
are given in marriage. They have th ir
• COO y ears. At one period, many tlroib
•«•'item n?«—the «hearing ‘enso:*. <îa:*c-
«and years ago, tlr- height of the ial i
la. G ju , iMlitts. 1'1.. - sai * 1 n»n< i*«*o. Cal.
»»••r nrd race meetings. AU the v <
-»« 4r> f rf.
; • -i t.*v. of the » -rttus hclorgiiT • - ; hr
r- si of the world arc to lie met w ith in
drvarv. scorching wilderness.*’
Pl HI 1C V n<»\
C. S. Î Sl»«i OtTtre. Burn*. Orejc
’bunrh . ou are a m.|ita
y .«ire »« hereby <Aen n
I «»t «
of I awen. Ilari « y < putty, tirreni», I •»
•fra <1 of Tkowib-r.-*
I notice of intention 1/make prtM>( rn bi« de-rri
land < I«' :•» \«» .4 for the 's F , ’*>"•**"*»
“1 hive used your Hsir Vigor
NW 4 a» d lx»«» I. X 13 an«l 14. «er .M. Fp J« * .
for fite years a nJ 801 greatly
H ' t E ’V. M . befare Hmtater •n»l Her*. ;<«■? »t
pleased uuh it. It certainly re­
Hum«, orrfun on Tne.*dey. the I ti day »I
stores the original color to gray
(Jetober, IVC3
bair. It keeps my hair aotr.”—Mrs.
He name« the loliowing witneoe» to prate
Helen Kilkenny, Neu Portland. Me.
the complete irrigation at «1 rtrlatnalb-n <d
»aid land Clarenre r’arey. W idiani 1 alter
Charte* T Miller, Kiidolph K SUa. all of Lan* i«’
Wu F amke , Roçlatcr
I have h I o.x«»..n („ Ul, ,,,(r
Blxk Orau.hl S'v.A r>d Poultrs M, f|.
tlM «"J ant . fJ to >«y that I n*v«r
u.td anythin« lor stvsk that ,ar< half a.
, o . k I tatui arli.ut.
I h<artlly r«cun>.
intod it l > all owner, of Mu.k,
J. H. UELSNCR. St. Inuit, lo
. atork »r potilfrv alimihl not
.ink l.wrl atiy nioru-tlun
«irk 1.1 wix (honl-l expevt t<> l-o
... i I . t »1. V, io » j„ur
a.i l ¡-v.iltr. mu «uk yive'thoui i»e,|.
I’ou t sturt thrm with wurth-
le»i rtx k f.ss*,. 1 n|L a,| (|.p | ,»,■!<
mii .I stir tip ti r turpiii li.ornt. I the
¡uun «I will l< rui'.I, if it bo |. ms |>
bio tovuro it
Hla k lirnu.-lit >!x-k
.mil I'oiiltri Moduli'." iir.ua . the
ln’arl. and »tir. up the torpi.l |.i<r.
It CUI. » rl.rj i .daily .f stx k if
takxi in tir o. S.. uri' .1 '... .vnt ui
..f It!a. k l>r.iii<fftf St-.k nn 111 .illn
Medicine and it u.Ilpai f.riiwlf im
t nr - *. r. Ili'nmi wurs Lett i t ... »
pive moia, uiilk. Ilo|f« f»!» tloj>.
A nd I. in In. i.oueevy-i, h^.lv. .'he
prul.l. lit if initkirgnt u.iah bl.s.l.
tlr*li .!• d . i< rgy a« |«»«.d.!.s .,f
1.4 anioni.t i-f io I <oii
Buy acuii fr. iti .onedentar.
To any one »«'tilling tm II 50, one vmr a tubtoripiton lo the
ItiM», «c »ill mail the Chicago Weekiv Inter Ocean one year
free, or to nnv «ne «ending it* thr«* cash aulwcnplloo t<<r Ihr
two paper wr will give a year'» »uberlptiou tu each paper tue,
and ITEMS, one Year, for $2,00.
For Heading matter you eannul find a mure liber»! offer.
If any of the above, however, do nr»t »trike you a» »hat vou
want, write ua. we will give you a good lilteral clubbing offer
with »nv i>eriodiea) publirlud in the t'niied Sialra. I>0uT put
it off. N< w ia tour time. Adiirrt*.
In every town
and village
may be had,
th.it nukes sour
horses triad.
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black?
U m
xrt CT» Q» »»! ■ rqsT5_ « ? -■
■ •
We will sell von a Mitchell,
Rushford or Webber Farm Ikd
W i iloti ;
!’.] Steel Skein 485.00
105 (X)
Semi votir ordere to u«. O. C. Co
• Th«-Woodmen of the World ’
A new ihoe jtlel out. New Mvlfft.
A crackf-jiclc. Fore J. by I.tn,a
l ug «V Pailón.
i Reduced to FIFTY
New Idea
j la thè cheapeat a-.d best
Fai ior. Magatine r.Ow be-
f.re t:;e . jnenca o-.'.-n. itahxvs
Navlders in " m iou 1 . M lllr.ery.
In cmcrclde'y. In Ccckir.g, in
'¿'orni a W;rk ai d i > Readir.g:
b.-autitully iilustr. led 1.; c.z.rsat.d
t.i blacv a d «ri n ■. AL- .e eli, il
ahuws t re very las1.: zr.ac.. H: * Iota
S tlìs meda fr tr. Nc* -.¿af’f-
u-.ità. w..ich c.st o..ly toc. e..
Scnd Fiv? Centi To day
fo» r stne-'s
J- l *
t » * • •
c *« y*-*
im »i.* li»» rtu xaHiwa - >
y e V Ï I r à . K
Ayer’s Hair Vigor has
been restoring color to
gray hair for fifty years,
end it never fails to do
this work, either.
You can rely upon it
for stopping your hair
from falling, for keeping
your scalp clean, and for
making your hair grow.
O hi . i .C itv « r Tot n>o <
Lt «' as CoFvrv.
Frank J. Cheney makes o-Hh that
he is senior partner of the lirni of
i. J. Cheney .k Co , loing bueinr»»
in the City of Toledo. County and
StateaforeFuid. and that »aid firm
II S3 j bottle. All tn Ifists.
will pa . the sum of Ont- Hundred
If your <1rujre»-t r-innct •-
y Jon. Í
send u» <»»»€ d » i.<r iktni V«? «ili
ili f xprew „ ;.
Ibdlara for civil nt.d everv ca»n <>f
ynn a hottie B* sure nini
e tl»<. i»aoi«i ¡i
of your
*-»t *x • r -*» <»lb«-c. A'bire»«,
Catarrh that cm.nut I»’ rurt-J bv
J. < A V F i. <<> . I»wel1, M^*<>
the i ar of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
^'ruiJc .1. ('henry.
Sworn to before 11.<• and Mlliecrib*
TI ioms .-. ii .' TTave Ri.’ney Troub!? '■ I in my pr»-«eme. rtii» Gth ifajr. of
Hecember. A. I) 1KS6.
ar. l Don’t Know it.
A. W Gli-a«on.
\ - - /
II «’v To Flm* Ou‘.
• »KAI.
Notary i'ubinr.
glass w! h your
59 ’• $15
i<MM) unti 1901 Models ¿X $] (0 $||
T radì M ärm »
na Hilt la ordrriuff from u«, an you do a. I
noni to pay a cent if th" blryelo doe« not »ult y.>”.
CopxiiKiHra Ac.
Antro*ænitleg n »Ne*ch •»*! .»••ar."ip<i..n mar
q iL'Aly aa«*«r€ain wir oHi»»«»i» free *b«rther *>1
t»i*«f.u«»n .•!»<• t.n'.'t P<ul«i'tab*«. « ■ .mil<«Mt»«••-
itarnaatri« tl»«'■»nfht«! nM fteiultwa»*<>n t*«-<'Ma
» •ni trae. « >hb«»l iii/p-. y 5«af •«>< tirili* i-c«t«t'iia.
|*.«'r nia laA«'ti the «tah Munn * < <>. <■ «Hwa
»px tu' rf^M'A, « ’h -ut cbareo. In Ibr
Scientific American
A harv.enmolr !l’n«tr*' -<1 treefclr.
lai 'I •»< '.r r :
- .1
I nrrea» e»r«
I -ru » Ki A
New York
IN Ä Co.”’Br^-’
Alte, «;£» h Kl.. W««htí»*(an. l>. Í,
S tate
'*”»«■ cf Ux* !w»l known C* F4 .
u. i.. ,.fehA “‘^isuw
f u<u/i>yu*a with late» f^iotuyronAie «n^ntriiw;« m.J
full d.'.«ilcd «UvciAcalloua ttiek fr.» U> any ml.iiw«,.
We M!P Oh APPROVAI U> auyoM In I' 4
or Canada ui(A..| a rrnt in aditine« nud «iluw
Black Hair
Appetite poor
constipated? Tongue coated?
Head ache? It’s your liver!
Ayer’s Pills are liver pills, all
vegetable-.,:, ti.t,
DUUll 9” i’1“*'•*
lakrn hi tn»d«» lr <”ir < hlcar»» F. ♦ UM I orw.
*>i»r»«|«rYl I. «'sin. t ittojr
M D* «T.
1 lr««*, r<iuit>ruriU. •jruirU*».«!*
••*«>■ «•< e UhiM«
r t «>
A ’•••rtl nt Utt ri.MklAim »
i .r.,'
IO ’ n.twtel 14.-« I«» Ii* rt>..r •t>«r«'t . «■ p.u « st* >*k.
a w»*-k l<-<*Ftaa hftvUrtf »
to rhl* for »<
rvllahte iwrw»n In **cn town to distribuì«« rat Akwu«*« f
<•» ! -
• ’ *«»r
*• ’ i» ■ J bb j ‘ l«.
W riu» t<Kii»r
t«i«li” f«.r
f. . f fr<
e c.atatu*
• 1
m *’ mu
an« I lutirH*
J.L. MEAD CYCLE CO., Chicani
/ ' -
y four hours; a
diment or set-
Hall’» Catarrh Cure ia taken in-
Z indlcaic-j an
ahh/ condi- ternally, and ai ts directly on the
cf the k:d-
• lood an<l ihucqiia surfaces of the
; if it site
your liner, it I
■yatem. Send for testimonials, free.
evidence cf ki
F. J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo, O.
noy trouble; t
frequeni aesir *. to
Sold by »II Druggist, 75c.
pa..; it or pa.
Hab’» Family Pill.« are the t»«.«»t
lhe back i; al".
•onvlnclng proof Chat the kidne, . and Had I
<cr areujt of order.
vyhr.t L j D g .------
f n Ii ti.
!c<fr' ro
' • ■
that I
Hi» l.ife Sami by f'li.imberlaiu »
'oct, tii .* ;
it kidney re: ' • fulfil! every
lolir, I'boltra mid Diarrhoea
/hh in < in.g rheumar ,rn' pain la the
>ack, kJ«. <
liver, blade r an I every ;irt
f the u» --Hiy px . j »- e. it correct . Inability
II. L. Ever,11 w-11 known coopt r
o hold
s<:a!dir.£ pain In paaLing
•, or ba 1 effe . following use oi liquor, of thin town, tiny» lie believeslTiani-
Icvercormi that unpleasant
berla'ii’s Colic, Cholera ami Iriar-
.ecessity of l . i
compelled la g > often
•irhtg the day, pr.d to get up mar. / times rhoea Beinedy raved bin li/a last
iuring the r ;pit.
I be rni'd and t’.j.; extra- «iimnier.
lie had liven sick for a
rdtnary ef
t cf Swamp-Root i; coon
- a i/rd. It ’
the h’gliest for it» wen- month with what the doctors call
lerful cure * < f the most di .tressing caver.,
iiiliotiH dysentery, and could pit
f yon ii* i i : ehvine you should n«ivc the
nothing to do him any good until
»est. tk’.dly drugg;
!• ^e.and.ti ai/zs.
Ypu may
a san.p'.c bottle of thlf
hr tried tbir remedy. It gave him
immediate relief," rave U.T. Little,
;n 1 a book that tells
nuts about it. tx>th sent
merchant, Hancock, Nd. Fur rale
tbsoluieiy free by mail,
I by H. M. Horton, , Burn»; Fr»-1
ddr* ■> br. Kiir*’ At
it.n ~
Ji Bu.gnami n. 1 Y. V/hen wrWu.g men«
Hainer, Harney.
i on r aoiiig ... rencrou*. cfler In'!.i*;j
; .poritorit » w ill r o’,
ilivelv cannet--<lo more
lh“ii relievo you.
It irqnire» »'i internal
leiiuiiy lo r« move the cause
und <tl,-ct a permanent cure.
Ark vonr druggist for !>r.
I'errii.’a Booklet on the sub­
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