Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, August 22, 1903, Image 5

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Henry Blackman of Heppner,
representative of the state of Oregon
for th«- Mwis and Clark centennial
Oregonian and Items, $2 00.
and of th« 8t. Louis exposition
McMullen ths ph«jlograph«r op­
commission, is in the city looking
posite the hunk.
for exhibits of wool and other
Keth B’lwsrs, of Harn»y, was a displays for th«i big Fairs.
visitor in the city Wednesday,
E If. Meade, and brother-in-law
C. I* Haight, of Portland, spent 0. W. Robbins and family, arrived
u f««-.v days in the city this week.
Thursday from Alturas, California.
Ben Brown and family are home Mr. Robbins hits accepted a posi­
I from un outing in the mountains tion in the Capitol barber »hop,
I Mr. and Mrs Fred Fisk returned and will make Burns his future
Monday from a visit to the P home, He ban rented the lofonard
residence west of Register Furre
and will soon be dumocile«! in his
Bools Smith has been employed
new home.
at The Windsor us chief night dis­
Lunaberg A Dalton will give
away a handsome writing desk to
The Board of Equalization will
cash purchasers on September 19
meet in thia city on Monday, Sep­
A ticket will be given with every
tember 7.
cash purchase to the amount of
Th«»« Jenkeus, the Stein Moun­ one dollar, which will entitle the
tain «heepman. was in the city on holder to a chance on this very use­
husinesa this week.
ful piece of household furniture.
H. A. Ilillard and family return­ The desk is now on exhibition at
ed la«t Saturday from an outing on their storo. Drop in and see it.
tho Upper Deschutes.
A. L. Hunter and wifean«! W. Y.
Local and General.
of tooth-picks,
quill and wood, at
The Welcome Pharmacy.
■MMi Al Weatherly and Albert Altnow
: of Drewsoy, rani« over on business
I Capitol Barber Shop w Wednesday, They returned home
i today.
i Even thing to fist «late
- i -I wm
Born—in this city, Saturday,
Aug 8. 1903 to the wife of Stephen
atei up- • Seawtard, of Cord, a son.—Ontario
▼ Your patronage solicited South I
of ( apilo) Saloon.
| Fred Fisk, proprietor
■w. •- • -• ■*
E. A. Fraser, of the Malheur
Mercantile Co., of Ontario, is in
the city on business conuecte«! with
his firm.
The Panama canal treaty has
been rejected by the Colombian
senate The vote may be recon­
Otis Sizemore left Friday morn­
ing for Huntington, where he will
visit his parents who are reported
in poor health.
G. B. Norton, of Stein Mountain,
was fined $25 and costa in Justice
Miller,« court Wednesday for kill­
ing deer out of season.
Mr. Efli«' Svm«’ died at her home
in thia ci’y Sunday evening. Aug-
net Hi 19U3, aged 31 years, 8 days.
Th«» deerased was iiorn in Vir­
ginia, August 8, 1872, her |«arents
moving to Lane County, Oregon,
the samn year. She was married
at Prineville in 1889 to Hutton B
Svmr and was the mother of four
children. Hires of whom, two sons
ami a daughter, still survive her
Her parents, Mr. and Mr«. J. P.
Dickrnron of l.awen, were at the
lx d-nic when the end came.
I‘tn> funeral service» were cor.-
ducted from the home Monday
afternoon and th«' remains laid to
rest in the Hum« cemetery.
Mr. 1». I*. Daugherty, well known
throughout Mercer and Summer
«•»uuti« W. Va . most likely ores
liis life to th«' kindnessof a neigh-
l>or. Il’- wa* almost hopelessly uf-
lln ti d w ith diarrhoea ; wax attend­
ed hv two physicians who gave nim
little, if any. n- ief, when a neigh­
bor lenrning of his serious condi­
tion. brought him a bottleof Cham­
berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diar­
rhoea Remedy, which cur«*d him in
less than twenty-four hours. For
eale by II. M. Horton, Burin«; Bred
Haines, Harney.
The Red Front Livery barn is
catering to its patronage ami bar
improved its livery service. Feed
by the «lay or month at reasonable
Oregonian and Items. $2.00
'Lost Hair
•• My hair came out by the hand­
ful, and the *rav hairi began to
creep in. I cried Ayer’s Hair Vigor,
and it stopped the hair from com­
ing out and restored the color.”—
Mrs.M. b.Grav, No. Salem, Mass.
There’s a pleasure in
offering such a prepara­
tion as Ayer's Hair Vigor.
It gives to all who use it
such satisfaction. The
hair becomes thicker,
longer, softer, and more
glossy. And you feel so
secure in using such an
old and reliable prepara­
SIM a te«H. *11 lottt«l«-
If vm,r drn«l»t «-»n'wt
«en,I II» on....... .
«ml »» ,wl1'
».... a tetti». I'” ««2 •'"'I''” Ti.u.L
County Cl«rk F. 8. Rider and
L«-m M. Brown left Tuesday for an
outing on Upper Silvios and Emi­
Ben Campbell has completed
his bay harvest at the Lake and is
in town to day on bis way to his
home ranch on Emigrant.
II E. Thompson, John and Ed
Martin returned Thursday from an
outing in the Cascades near the
headwaters of the Deschutes.
King returned this week from Bend,
Crook County, where they went
some months ago expecting to lo­
cate {»ermanently. They return
satisfied that there are worse places
than Burna. Mr. Hunter says that
the creation of a forest reseve in
that section will prove a greatdraw­
back to settlement there for many
Trixie Russell, who has been
running a bawdy house at the
campon Stein Mountain waa given
a preliminary hearing Thursday
after noon before Justice Miller on
the charge of selling whiskey with­
out a license. There not being suf­
An Other* See V*.
ficient evidence to warrant holding
her to the grand jury she was dis­
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geological survey department of
E V. Dalton, of Dalles, County
the Government, Prof. Lrael C.
Treasurer of I’olk County and
Russell, of the University is Michi­
Walter G. Sharman, of Indepen­
gan, expressed his opinion that ti e
dence. arrived in Burns Wednes­
indications for a supply of artesian
day on a visit to Mr. Dalton's
water are exceedingly favorable.
brother James Dalton and family.
There are not many things grown
The trip was made by private con­
in this latitude that cannot be pro­
veyance, the gentlemen coniing by
the Sanliain route acro«s the Cas­ duced in Harney Valley. They
raise here their own breadstuff«,
cades. They ar«; very much pleas­
there beingafiouring mill at Burns
ed with this country and enjoyed
It is unquestionably a grain pro­
their trip.
ducing country, and when trans­
I. Schwartz, Father Doyle, Frank portation facilities are provided
Welcome and Ernest Shields left there will undoudtedlv be an enor­
Friday morning by private con­ mous export of it. Small fruits are
veyance for Shaniko. Mr. Schwartz I grown with entire success, and as
goes to meet his family who are for vegetables, I can say that I have
returning from their trip to Alaska seen some gardens in Burns that
Father Doyle will consult Arch­ are equal to almost any in tbe in-
bishop O'Rielly at Baker City re­ termountain country.
garding church matters, while
There was a time in the history
Messrs. Welcome and Shields are of many of our important cities
enroute to Quincy, Illinois, where when they did not give the promise
they will attend school this Winter. of success that Burns gives today.
Is constantly arriving at our store-
Our lines are complete and now we can fill any order with tbe
best of everything. Bring or send us your order# for
Fancy Dress goods.
Ready Made Wrappers,
Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods
Hats. Clothing, Boots and Shoes.
J. D. Combs came over from Can­
yon Citv Monday to receive a bunch
of cattle purchase«! here last week,
mention of which wax made in our
last issue.
M. Beierly, who has been looking
Fresh line of staple and fancy Groceries
over this country with a view of
James J. Jeffries, champion It occupies one of the most favora­
again becoming a resident of this heavy weight of tbe world, played ble sites for a city to be found in
section, will leave for his home at with Jim Corbett for nine rounds Harney Valley. When this great
Newport tomorrow.
and a half in San Fruncisco last country is thoroughly developed it
C. E. Kenyon is home from a Friday night, and then Cotbett's will support a city of a large popu­ I
business trip to the railroad. It is seconds motioned to Referee lation, and there can be little doubt
reported that he has bought into a Graney to stop the fight in order of Burns being that city.
large hardware firm in Boise, and to save their man from need lene
It occupies a slight elevation
that he will soon move his resi­ punishment. The end came short­ overlooking Harney Valley, ana as
dence to that city.
ly after the beginning of the 10th a traveler nears it. he is delighted
J. L. Huffman, of John Day, was round, when Jeffries planted one of with the attractive appearance it
over again this week with a load of his terrific left swings on Corbett’s presents.
There is a population in Burns
fruit and vegetables. Mr. Huffman stomach.
of about 1200 being the larger part
is a uewspa|>er man and we under­
The Shaniko Warehouse Com­ of the people of the county. It is
stand he will engago in his pro­ pany, of Shaniko, this week sent capable of supporting several
fession in this city.
the Fair committee their cheek for enterprises that are very much
C. W. McClain and family were $20 to be place«! on some exhibit at needed at present. Among these
in from their new home in at the Fair. Tho money will are a steam laundry ami a cream­
the South Warner valley country l»e given as a special premium for
Although Burns is 1-10 miles
a few days this week.
Dude is the largest and best display of live­ from the railroad it experiences
well pleased with hix location, and stock. The livestock exhibit at more commercial activity than
will soon have nn excellent ranch. the Fair next month should be many pl ices of the same size into
which a railroad enters. To illus­
F. M. Jordan is partitioning his worthy of the leading industry of trate this I will give a few figures
Ample arrange­ that I have obtained from reliable
building into office rooms. Biggs 1 ' of our county.
A Biggs will occupy rooms in the ments have been made for their sources.
From the country surroundingI
south of the building while Mr. care and the premiums are such as
Jordan will occupy those on the to be an inducement for stockmen Burns there was shipped last year
2,400,000 pounds of wool and
north side until a renter can bo to make a large exhibit.
50,000 sheep.
There were also
The preliminary examination of( shipped from the county 80,000 p!
George Q. Carey, the Omaha Thos Dawson charged with an head of cattle and 4000 head of
Succeesore to R. A. Miller <fc Co.
horse buyer, will re«eive, 50!) assault witn a deadly weapon upon horses and mules.
There was merchandise shipped
heud of horses in Huntington next Ike Frazer at the camp on Stein in ami out of Harney County last
week for shipment east.
These Mountains on the 9th, occupied i last year to the amount of 5,000.000
horses were purchased in Harnev the attention ot Justice Miller | pounds, in addition to 210,001'
and Malheur counties.— Hunting­ Wednesday afternoon. After the pounds of salt and sulphur and
examination of a number of wit­ 120,000 pounds of stage freight.
ton Herald.
nesses, the charge of an assault These figures are for goods brought
with a deadly weapon was with­ from railroad points. Freight from
Wo will sell you a Mitchell, drawn and the prisoner allowed to shorter distances is partailly as
plead guilty to an assault and a follows: Lumber, 4.000,000 feet ;
Rushford or Webber Farm Bed
fine of $35 and cost was impose«! wood. 4000 cords; 5000 fence poets
which was paid. He was later and 1.000,000 shingles.
,‘H Steel Skein $85.00
It is estimated that there are 80.-
arrested on a charge of selling
whiskey without a license and re­ 000 tons of hay annually produced
»! „
leased on $150 bonds to appear be­ in Harney Valiev.—Lionel AJohn-
son in the Oregonian.
i Semi your orders to us, O. C. Co fore the graud jury.
Lunaberg & Dalton
Miller & Thompson