Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, July 11, 1903, Image 4

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    if*» n f> ¡« i v r**«!
Qddltiec on Wh -clSi Soon In tho
Streets cf bciidon.
Consumption is a hum.it
weed th in ixiiirg best in weak
lungs, l ike other weed-« it's
t.isily de«tn veil while young;
when old. sometimes inv
p< »««¡hie.
Strengthen the lùngsasyou
would weak land- and the
weeds will disappear.
The best lung fertilizer is
Scott's Emtilsit ». Salt |K»rk
i- giKxi too. but it is very hard
to digest.
The time ; » treat cansump
ti n is when you begin trying
to hide it from voumell
Others see it. vou wen t.
Don\ wait until you an n’t
deceive yourselt .my longer
Begin with the first thought
to take Scott’s binulsianv If
it isn't really consumption sc
much the better; you will soer.
forget it and be better tor the
treatment. It it is conaump
Mon you can't expect to be
cured at once_bur ii you will
begin ia time and will l»e
rigidly regular in your treat­
ment you will win.
Scott's Emulsion’, fresh afc
rest ail you can. eat all you
can. that # the treatment and.
that’s the best: treatments
t om*) aniM-i ion the Varlnna Arthl»'« «t
In lit* Iballj» I *Cv
•r Che C'IQ ll«W Th»> Arv
< k»itiruc«»'L
Hawai »■■■ mu n<
|| mw th«» <«»«ir»r «f Unlvr fu
Hiwv» V a « l»r«rrml»ud
\ .wilvi t I Oli u lai <v mm I t » hv irrvd
rwriitl^ netti* <ir»vkr, tiri n m\
\ <ii n«U. thv \\ a.d and thè lì *kr arv
thnvt' hnmk.s «liìvh bave thvir mvurw
tieni Gv r'Kc» ntid luxxtrdtng tu tmilitimi
Ilicit» i iter»» hud Mibturi invai» vt»nnvv-
flou ixitli thv Alme, u iiiouiitaìn Mrvnm
\ih»‘ t' Vvil ta staine thv unir* dixt.mU
Allibi'» lo t«'t! on thv L \\» i \’.nr, miim
thè l'hUmlelphhi T tvvs, diinqw-d rvfupv
in mortain v lthrMof thv up|M r por! ou of
thv ’»trv.uv. and thv t.iilh i * oh thv \ oo
nivtlv. thv \\vid and thv llvdvr viti mieti
tlvit <1\ dmugr thÌM tlv» u :it« r supplì »(
thv lattvr utrvama v.is inntrrially di«
in iiibhrd.
To <h t« i uiitiv thv vviiihv
tion aliout four ¡vttiuh «tf |u»fnsMiui i
tluorvM'iuatv ino» dutii|«\l itilo onv of
thv llnlvr.
This »ubMitnw ih niarvvi»
oiixlv ¡Koierful, unti a solution volitaiu
ll)|f onv ¡atri ìli h‘.00*U VU shoux a di:«
tìnvt 'H*i«in truuxui ttid lii^hi.
Tnvnt\ (ha bmirx hitrr thv llvdvr tm»|.
on ». Ir.vuÀhd dark |*wvn voku.ahoiv»
ing ta'iivhisì'vly I hv vontiwtion bvtn reti
thv n\» » »?tv.t4i «
An v\p'i ìi ivnt ai
nnothvr ¡Kiint shoxwtl with «*»|ual virar
nvss flint thrrr
subtrrmnvmi con-
iHx-tioti Ivlwis'ii thv Waid nnd thv
\otiurtlr. thuu£h in thU case U h<iui
rkipsisd l»etu«trii thv dt ¡«oidiiti.i? of thv
dyv timi in tliv .Unir nnd thv np|**ui
riha ' it thv vdoratimi in thè
All who i. * along the thonnarhfarv»
of lhe uu-tiMjHilS. be.to« i.g n on1 than
,i uur»<u 1 gtor.w upon the uiauy phases
of it» tai-v atnvt life, mu»« be »truck
M .. ■hutenl t.< of-M-r»e till-»an­
on» tiK>.h » .if wa»r,n»w uml by tho»o
w-ho re-art t > th* public thoroughfare«
for a liirlih.H*.l. Freni thv more provi­
dent. »mstvrtuonger’a pony uml donkey
eart H» the rusty old iron tray Jung
around the tieck Uy the xendor of black­
ing. amt dow n to-the ragged litlh- Un
with hi» lucifer match«*» in Ute last
n'tuain» of a willow hand basket or n
cigar I mix the »hai»* nyd »arlcty of the
mean» re-ortni to by the corterutou-
gem-nndbthcr»treetselkr»fcr carry mg
about tl-.eir goo.!» are aftnoat ua mani­
fold’ a» th.- articles they ven>l.
Tile t»>*ty -or donkey earts (and
the .alter >» by it»r the tnorv usual bon»t
if dra-tetit) of the proaperous eo»ter-
monger» arc of three klnda: The rtr<*
is of on ob!arj»hats', with a rail behind,
upon which is placed a tray tilled with
bunch«."» of greens, turnips, celery, etc.,
while other commodities are laid in the
bed'.tFrtie cart.
AmnS.'r l.indlis the common »quarv
cart v thout »pring». which ia >o con-
stns't<«l that the .« des, os well as the
frot-v rd t-ark.-will lerdbwn and ferm
The Natlarw «»f |u«tla the %!.*•» I
•heb re »»hereon the «lock may l»«r
the Wnafat.
ratygrn'to advantage.
i« Mvuivthiiu; almuM •upvr
Thtr third s.arrof pony cart ivoneof
i nturn! about thv «Irxtrrity of the lin
home n anuf. .t’.tre, e. n«;st ng of the
tivvs of Bid i.
\ bin! is ,t . I |»vrvb* I
framework of at body »vithout »idhs. or
un houiv oivrh:in;r»r^ i<ouif!i.
front..«»» hind l»art. S»*.met me« a coat­ veil» then. Thv ntt'.xv, with hI m ent
er's t».ami'.v is {fanned into a donkey
I-kv trvatl. cnv|» uii<lvruvut h un<l tuki
cart antivly by f!»«tcnirg-wlth cnnl’ltvo
lip hint
motHHlIvMK, brratbk V-,
rough p.olcs to .410 haitdl.'s. All thus»' n liking
hv vrouvhmg «lown uitiuv *
«vverai’I nds of carts are used for the
thv <r;voi. in his h.kxxls arr a bumll
con'rryci'ee of either fruit, vegetables < ’ iwh, one «if wha-h Ui tjppdl wit.’
We will’ wnd you or fish;- l-ttt Uestdi'.s these then- u the
bin! litnv.
To th s I»,' u*’ U naiMlit*
a little of th* Emul­ volt ver-Jor'k wart, with and'without
nt thv lower rnd. and anotlivr xud tn
the tilt or covering, and a aqanre piece other. SlowIj thv nwh* £row. 1» > *»lau I.
sion free..
t tin ef.icic iirtt* a bihek of salt), on
than thv uu»iu4|»rvtiug victim docs n<«
TV we-’bM t*- » inci'arB ■
the f • -a o> « label k »•« t! -• »»•hich Ü» paintcsT "Salt 31». v pennv." ¡ notice that virrv «'**< nd it >" creeping
» >p- r* <4 evr-v b«tt4 cfc Then t’-err Í» tho poultry cart, with the
n wrvr and tivun-r.
Ix-uirth after
Emukionyou bay.
»»lid *i eks r.nd* rabbit« dbngiing at its
Ivnjrtiu is joined, until tb<* bird >-vs for
.'.rd'witii tacouprighl*an lacrosa
the tlrst time a tall r**v»l qnivrfni■;
-t.c'k. ipon »vHich are »u pended birds.
i’ightlv in the brwjtv. Thrr** it» noth
409 Pearl St.. N. Y. etc_ »lut xacres« in couple*.
ii.g terrifying iu this. The nrxt in
The above conveyances are all of small
Mtant the reed flutter« nj*n»i>st the jp.
roe and <r: *1! drcTT.vttL I'mri..- .
the barrow being general­
l>hiniagv of thv victim nnd thv wait*
ly about dve tbr» lht»g and three wide,
ing taitan spring* to-h a feet with .1
»civil" the .-arts are mostly about four
try if* exultation. As 1 rule, how vwr.
feet square.
the dint im «toon rvleajird again. Th»
Every kind of harness la u»-sl; some
nativa- mrrt’t» hi* tr*a» ire into* the
are-wi-.m.veke-iur. Igrnawd and giltt. r-
>▼ nesr«T«prr*h -rr late r^te-r.^irrrnr*
town« mt I finds out on* t»y whose rv
t»"' H’portM Ly irn -;x.exit* • part*xs«to theefftet ing- with i r-:es.. orhetw arc almost us l:gion» l‘a I»vs of b nls ire M’tvml. lie
gray with <ih*u rrs the «lonkey itaclf.
thru ue.nauth» the litLr creature’s mi.-
• NEW HONE SEWUIQ RKHiME CO Jlnrr oFtbe anímala are gaudily capar- soln with a threat that unlv>« mnu««:
*«-rvd.a.*iust or o»ui.»i:iatíon ; wc wü»h
atcljr (Niid the bird shall I m * kdlrtl. T 1 *
»•i. r tí ,»t • i» •►» K mm tratti ia whieiii Jis like n man’» coat on .> boy's
n i-»rti. w - tua VP be««« munufiicturinc bar... w h.le the plated silver ornctnent • l-urgain v me’.¡ni« I. he !rtx the fright-
ei.vd creature- gr*. po« Üvi> the mou*
i¿ tnnr-h*n«-M’-'!»«»v.'”tt» qvartt-rofa evutu-
pink, with) the- copper »how-.rg i
!i 1 bave . «U.OO-U
a rrp»;rati«m for our- nr?
• nd sets to work tu cuuvirr it uifain.
»ni! our vi. « hni*"»41k:it is Ute envy of all througl.t oUtcr-»- have rude traces at >1
Our ••.lew*
ina-hi ¡w* has bcllyl anet*. aniTsorj few indulge in old
v-n rixakd . > a ¡xino'y m:. »l ine.—It
the . ui<-fa Httjh
v.-inj i .otton handkereh * fs for p-d«.
A Remarkable Record.
The next conveyance (which, indeed,
.-..«mt Mmuh« it .¿‘own mcrris.
Chans bet lain’* Cough Remedy
J ■
’ Vete /Jome **’ 4« the om J v really is the mc-t general) is the eostertnon-
. ger-k handbarrow. These arc very light h:u* a remarkable record.
6Í1MM7 Ah trini/ .Achine
It ha*
on tha- ìTMrket^
in» rtiuitr make, with spring» t rmirat
..nt n -*xur :T r r.i •4-.”it« r inmw trust ing-ar rífe asile. Same ltave mils bedtnd beer* in u**e for over thirty year*,
.* « v<? our vnMliioMpC'.y any debts
wc lui ve
during which time many million
. . bn» tr» ;wy. We I nv«* nev» r *»nl*-rrxl into for the arranger > nr or the r good',
«otnpeUai»n with manu£icturrr»< 1. law grade others hare r.ot. Some ha» • »klc rad . battle» have been cold and ueed. It
?beap rn»iCli:n«s diati
made to »E. regard- »' bile other* hare only the framework.
c-ks «jf my infnr.F <• nit ri?*
Do*not i c dt- The shape i f the«.' barer»« » is o’ long, has long been the standard ami
M-ivedl »heu you want a *• w-n*c machine don’t
• n«l your money away from horn«.•; call on a tnd".«k»prd from tile hind part twwarT main reliance in the tnatment of
- Ac»r ttontv ” brnlrr, I» • ’ - > ma ihe frone. the i*ott<»m of the Bed'i» nor croup in thoceanda *f home*, vet
»etter machin- for les* thar.^roiacnn purrluise t'-iardb-E But cone .«ts of narrow strip.«
■toewhfevn. IT tiiwv. *> no dcaiar near you, of wood rad <l’ -Uttw arT aod tsrruBS.
■luring all thia time no care baa
write direr t u» ux
When the coster is hawking his fish ever l>een report
to th>- manufact-
tme sew HGfflE SFW1NG MACHINE CO or vending hi* green «tuff he provides
in which it failed to effect a
him«clf with a tvooden trap, which i* urer?
ORANQE, rvia«3?».
Sew York. Chicago. III.. St. I «ni»; Mm, âri’an- placed' tfsn’i h:s Barrow. ThoM-who can­ cure,
When given a« soon »a the
ta.. »a., Dalia». Tas—*«MnJfmni*Uco. CuL
not .iff’irf .!■ tray get some' piece« of child
becomes hoarwe or even a«
board and fasten them rogetttcr. thevr-
‘ answ ering their purpotw as well. Pine­ noon s* the cronpy cough appear«,
apple and pincanple roc-k Isirrov « are it will prevent the attack.
It i*
not «infrequently seen with- «mall
pleasant to take, tnatiy children
I right-color» d flags at rtic four corner»,
like it.
It contain* no opium or
fluttering in the wind.
Then-tliere are the cat nndslog’k meat other harmful MibMance ami m»t
These. Hoxvever. ar»- merely'
common wheelbnrrov.«. w ith a Board-in- l>e given a» confidently to a baht
' front and'.« ledjfe or shelf, form'll by a a* to an adult.
Eor rale hv II. M.
1,’ece of boaml’nailed er""* the top of
’ TtÄjFTTOr« T »-» rr.q ’Vf-'-"*'
Horton, Burnt*; Fred Wai nee, Har­
*«» al *0 >«rla.
• it l.t •» I 'WM
’he barrow. to an»««er the purpose of >
» ‘ ’ «tk_ «
JM» TiwnN r»/.»FCToar
••iirting Board*. Eastly. there • ia the ney..
H«»e' • - ■ • '
I« ta urkrt
h -arths»one harrow. pi|e»l up
irr-, - d’
Heartharme. Path Bricg am! hi mp» of
ts Ihr I.» 40 Marlin • in latnt/fm
whiting.—Spare Moments.
Rarefi Uiir.e V Mil':'- P’fWtCart
•’« H■*■ '•!> iKgR
I'tdgft T-. « G«r*r: ‘ bi* a »e-
loor» nfforr?r2,0n0 fret fçf
•ec«nd’w>*h («-"-,*■
Tat trajertnry and
Marino Item.
frat ktliiHE.
The Ciri stood on the turning «leck,.
Bun dsr lox;, wc r e<-«J net 'rrievv.
She iicil r.otrn h w>:h I
*r« ik —
She had sena3'€nougl> to I» ave
—Chicago lu to rd.
Notice ta hereby given tint I
trr r.t. t
m. ,>J fa* I
In>onr>ve«L VD>«t;*rwt> M<*t h<>«l»».
l ave duiV appointed th*- following
“You. know Demosthenes
l to fil!
<le| uty ¡-took inepoctor for Ilarnev
hi* month with pebb!< s to improve ba
MFW H.VKI,. CO" ** . U *. A.
Cbimty. t'Æeg.m
We have ¡in¡»roved on
“Of course,
A l’>. Colcnbaugh
that. When -i zuun wants to improve
Hi- v/iic'i nmvaduv* h«* »5 -rsn’t Hop *»«
the pebbles. He iih t both rock and
. Andrew.»
Dick Smith.........
rye.**--Ciu< innat i Enqu rer.
N ewt IL iovek ,
ZDo “LTo-u.
To Muy on«* «viiding u» II.RO, mm yew’* »iihniriptioii to th»
I tbmk , w » will lumi lb« Ahivuj!** Wvikiy Inlvi Ucvm* uiir)*»r
I kv
to niiv
our M'udlt>){ u* ll>rr<< i’i>»h »ubui'fiplioti for thu
i *| « r ’»»• will give * yvar'» »ul»crJpliun lo tach |>»i*r frvt*,
-t Thu
OREGONIAN and ITEMS, one Tsar, for 52.«C1
ahi *
fin*) a fuor*' lilwral off* r.
Vuii «-Annui
«fi tflr ni«*-»«", huw«t*«r, *h* noi rtrik» you n» wImi vini
ion « it<H»l
waut, wr*t«> li». »»•• w111 itivi
l»l>. « a I cluM
with anv p*riw«»l *ul p:il>li»iU*l iu H*» t’uilrd S*4l*».
N*w >• jour Uair.
il uff.
Dan l pnk
Ç ÍX fl M Zi/w*«X"»,*acv«a»»'»»«<••»/ IÍM.V
ffwIlESlS pv«*r »<*■ h <»t <>«»' of li v »« H hilo*
W VMW « . .
t » t.............. .
« . UP-,|
! 5 lo V * »« * 1 M ! *.! V.
F * ae A*o«A /<
1900 and 1901 Modela ¿X ¿7 pj $!J
< ..i
i!'»fuee Willi I apvv »
; 'ne i >. ç > ir.r i *r. I
dviatted up'oiicutl<it>» in.tjfii l<> «i.y
üHtP Oa APf'GJVAL t > >.i , .«« In t'
C' aum I u u.liu u< u «<»t i» i J. ancc »¿ü allow
no W r V n <fp*i< » ii»f fr»’t’4 v.H, nu yuu d-> n< u
flAwl tu pay »
if lh«> b' va*' -«U m « flut Bült yOV»
■«I-» I-
t- >ur 'M A*-" «-.« I «•* g «l f* «ip
• >«,•■;*« r». . ■ »• > < "I *,-■•• «.
ww !•» w*’
Tir............ K,.«-».), r.,
- PT....... ■«»' »
,,. ■
, ... ,.«..T>.f<r ~ t M r. » ■ M
- r •
Sciui'ifit fliiícrícan.
A hnm.«'»me!if ninktrwt*' î w«-- ■-*•. ! -»xv-*» Hr*
« "..atio- f nt.T • ir» i Je '
, . ■ • •
-, *
-.»1. T ■
• ’
U ! t-, > .
h-; ti
_ ■ -w jtßO >’«••« f <<’i«!« -» hn » irw !»
V/f* H ••>’ » miti I
- n !r
». h t wn t • <1!
M Vite i«»<Ji»v ». . fr«wt
' 11 -%
tl •
< * .»• nat* Û1O •• »
• < i t. * ri '• < r , .r»* ¡r.
.rltHit. » attl ni
« r i> tu
iv > îî ’ i -. finn
fffW P Cfl
MUNN & Co.3*"”0**1“’ New York
Branca on. c. • ;■ F •’ . Waabtae'
¿00 SEtíOhm
a «W*trh ami «1* ». rl|*<i- r «» w
taAff’iin «-uri 1*1« * ’’ frw wl
<«.»»• ini»«M.v».
tirai •< nc< 1y e«'«;Tj4>**ittlai.
»etil fr»». t»M<rat ogrnry f..r »mirintt ,Aimit».
Potrilla t.tM » ihr-'«>wh Munit t »*. rr«*«:i*e
H. lifr.
c.iarv«. U» lltM
I>. <-«
r; i.
■ retenu l if v >• f.-u.
O*ir f
nliility of
F d*mrÎ7
, Dc2ar
s. i „r.3. i:
. .
. • •
Srn-Es. n.a.d^ fr r. Mr-, I i /E a - .^ at -
’¿ *. «« v Y-v.ç i’ cr.Iy /Oc*. eacÀ. •
^"«* n I" r*F*- T^ fl
9 *r
3C i * **'!
ai ** fc 1 • . wl »*«.a a
Ttr- *
*-■* f =
n. ar-. <e- . .. » •'a..uf
ttie t » w iosa
pvsirsniwo co 1
*,w Y°±Ji_L
Stock Inepeciw.
How Girl«» l.ovr I arh Otliar..
Tippie Harry proposed
me ’ius‘
Sibyl- Tn«, rie tolti’air hr w.15 ^rrir: z
to wh»*n I refused him.
Trust wort hr.
sex. by
Tippie Tlicn. I under*ftind* lint lie
Wholte.»«) • Merchandise (.'otupafiy
nivnnt win ri he hh M thaf, n tiaidc of
one giiranti” pierr of fo’!y. L«- huffed .1 of nolid financial Mantling, to man­
p eh tty bltwjK I
Y. WarbJ’.
age Local Representative w> * will
Manager Wanted.
iwuew lmt Altiir*-» int«-<1.
Gw !>• ííinith -Whnt co■ turn«*
XTisA b'atçiril Hr. ir ab flir m-»«qm !<•
Torn. Virndenrh tirijr-She npprnrcd
ns a nrndinxun. and her ««»Munir didn't
occupy as niiishnrirn » hi th«* flcxir a.
.«cm«*-otJiers. TT-xii.- Sifter.
organize club«
Din l.ant I m ttue Womt.
Tiik ihn-it an ang« I, ani th«- wine ou’ll
inireilr h< ar.
Talk m I tout* th«- devil,, in I ri« “I « - n tli.h
Talk «Huiitr voji t'ütor *1 i h<- íií I í 'T yo i
for fair
Talk al»out i .wnnarr w t you lia• <• h< r In
your hair;
Town Tcpk
son, M't?., kl I Dearborn St. (.'nicago.
among consiiiiiera.
-"ll >w tinobtai.
IL: n»i:u, :in illhht-aw*! and w.duiy » ir¿mlated jonr-aul, 'iuii*ulu."il.
Uy Manulacturara ami hiv<»st<*iw.
G! 00
Gl.00: n
W ee < î - y Í ñte ^ O ceañ .
Une (sírcate
'republic.*n i’.v'tr uf the West.
* '■ ne ' »toifrm ::ms un • c> i r- ;
•i!.h’ -n llcelt'iv «>nt» ■*
■ - l.i ei ■ i
r 1 i- .■ u i h> n-1 ir- X
>«,r * o 6 a II P"‘i¡«cal-.»Otur»
, ?l he AVer'r» .nt .l'Crcnr '■ «rp ; • »InftU ‘ •
/ {
ant the *í«--t-ol euer nt I. terntunu.
11 ia M->» t »!I y < i»an.
ml' ea » ■
.•!)• !’ ■;■< r 11 \ < uh »uv v IXwt
• -.^4» «r »J I WH '.I,
Il vr < MAS ZI
l.'ucrarv c oiumns ere ct[i:.sr
to tltO'.c of t:.c Lt¿n mi fi.ni is.
,/r -
iti Youift's
>-i n.n/ is tiu
f n;st of its k nt!...........................
I«.* »»rlnrv It«’»’»«’ f * tn'
¡experience un­
(Patent Attorneys,',
Evans Sullding,
en sucoest». Salary Fix a week, ex-
A<l<lr> * a .
Send for "ampi*" ••* py FREE.
Busi!><■**» no experiment but a prov­
J'atuiitv taluni out tlirontfii* u* receive rfre. Ü wftcr, withmiti chiuw<, im
Tint I’ x rr*
•10 | er cani» «aveil fr»r i'ir oust »men*.
penrea advanced,
vputrnt ’ tvnl upon r* *(Ui»i.
*e<'.;r.««i tlir'ini’I’. u» diverti-* Î f *r sal*, at <*ur <"';(>en*u.
•U’TY i*
Reduced to
Any. ono mrnlii.3 xk. ti.h :uul «h-cription of
any invention will [»rmiipilv■ receive **nr < nini*"«) fi’.-i ’*»nc«Tiiiriij tin pateul-
i! • I m r*» i *>rl«l n-|(| glrn
than-st and -i»^xt d'M'iwhns of nil
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