Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, July 11, 1903, Image 2

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    a« to the merit« of the quetlio'»
dividing the two political parti*«.
We have receive»! a mm tier of
thee»* card«. and are thia week
mailing them to our subecribers.
S iiti : »>»• O iiiu .C itv »■» ToiKiml
Bl««« m < l«p*er »«Mr
• u A l^4>
’••*14 «u (»«*■•««
Uh«» ll«4 Utils
I •* f»r It.
In onr of thr Ittc.vl mu»lc »torrs* the
Hon. John Barrett, of Portland,
who haa ju«t been appointed min-
i**ter to Argentina ha, traveled
45,(Mk> n.ilee m hi» trip around the
world in the )>ast year and haa
interviewed fifteen
emperor». large!? in the interest»
of t.ie St Louia exposition.
other day >o«*rad *alr*mrn \%vrrr«‘at
iti|T rXpvrirurvi ronnrvtrd xtilh
craft, uhrn «»nr of the patty. who had
The mining firm» of Sumpter are
b«eu a dealer in «»rg.tn» in i »mail way
in a
-»tern *tate, uhrrr hv had arte*!
raising fund, to teal the conatilu*
tionality of the Eddy incoqioration
tax law pa.«»ed at the !a»t acaaion of
the legislature.
went into effect
The American squadron, so right
royally entertained at Kiel, Ger­
many ia next the honored gutat of
K ng Edward in English waters.
Courtesy and hospitality given er
received, do not lessen an individ-'
ual*- ability to care for or defend
hi« own; on the contrary a»i
interchange of cotirieaies frequent- ’
ly prevents the necessity for such
It has l>een a long time in com­
ing. hut we have it st last.
Ex- ,
(» tvernor Pattison of Pennsylvania
brings forward the slogan fir th«-
next national campaign. Turn the
Rascals out.*'
li asmueb a» the
rascals will be not only turned out
but most of them turned in jail
before even a meeting of Congress.at
the.hamlaoi repudlican administra­
tion ami investigation, it is a little
difficult to see what the Democrats
could gain hv their shouting.
1 w>sh
fr«nk. natural, clean in mind and
body, unaffected—ready to say. “I
do i ot know." if so it be. to meet
»1! men an an absolute »quality—
Vo face any obsta' le ami meet ev«rv
difficulty unabashed ami unafraid.
I wish others to live their lives, too
—up to their h-ghest, fullest ami
be**t. To that end I pray tnal I
may never meddle, interfere, dic­
tate. give advice that is not want­
ed, or a«si»t wh*n n.v service« are
are not not needed. If I can help
people, I’ll do it by givirg theu.
a cha.ice to help themselves: and
i' I can uplift or inspire, let it be bv
example, inference and suggestion,
rather th-,n bv injunction a..a dic­
tation.— Elbert Hub'a-d.
The American
Protective Tariff
League or New York is early in the
field tor the campaign
realising that the percentage of
new voters may prove to be suf­
ficient to turn the «» ale in several
Mates. The League has ».ailed to
j*« members and connection» in-
<j liry cat»!« asking names and ad-
dres-es of young men who will,
i*»xt year. ca«t their firet voles at a
Presidential election.
Replies to
1 > these cards are coming in bv the
» nnd reds in every mail, and the
League is rapidly accumulating an
immense list of names to which it
will «end literature of tin- sort cal­
culated to inform young elector»
House is one of the «hiti-s
that a weak wo-tian looks
forwird to with dread.
a rule, she knows that she
m«3t pay for the over-strain
days or
womanly suffering.
I/r. Pierce’s Favorite Pre­
in a k e s
women strong and sick
women wci’.
It cures the
womanly diseases w h i c h
undermine the general
It establishes regu­
drains, heals inflammation
and ulceration, and cures
female weakness.
"I t ..lc t-*o -«'!'■« of vwir
Pav-.ritr Hrewcri^Ow * »M- two
« - th»-
1 . j f.,-t
,Mr- ’»'*ii -.1 Kr-in- -,f l/.r-v.y
It»"» '>!»» Ilr»-t hi C-. N-*v s ,t,o -| hvl
l terine tr'.uM» »'w, t.iin in th»- .¡¿e an»l h--ad.
i -he. AHrr okinjr »'-.ur m<-'li<i-i»- I wn. <-wre»L
' < mi m«v »iu : »h t . <>r i ■ ft in »n v >v-<y y.,u
I -ik b-y- .. I ».
’ .,.
I.;,;h1y uf nr.
1 irrr. an'l hi. titediciile ”
" Havonti- Pre-^-ription ” has the testi-
i tony of thousan»!» of women to it«
«-»rtriplete cure of womanly d -'- is-n.
1 o’ accept a»i unknown aiwl unpmved
«■¡bHitute in its pl.i e.
F rbk .
J>r. Pierce'« Common Sen*e
Me heal Advi^-r is sent fret on receipt
of atamns to pay expense». mailing 'fir.
Send ai one-cent «tamp for the imok in
1 aper covers, or II stamps for the cloth-
* mod volume. A l.lrvs« fir. R..V l’Kt.e,
UH .¡O, N. Y.
The law
little over
month «go charges • fee of $10 for
those doing busmen« on lest than
$.VKX), graduate«! up
to ♦ ‘Jl«» on
those doing business on «2,01)0.000.
The «ecreiary of state in his last
report give« the naui-s and capital
stock of '.'fit! corporations that were
formed in Oregon from January 1,
1902 to January 1, 1903.
the old law they pan! a flat en-
t-ance fee of 15 an no license fee
Under the new law they will have
to pay an entrance fee dependent
on the capital »tc*ck of from $10 to
• 100 ai <! an annual license of from
♦ lit to ♦.‘to.
Foreign corporations must now
pay an annual fee of firm /IO to
♦200 before they can do busim-M in
Oregon. Just how many cor {•or­
ations are doing busine»» in Oregon
is not known, as the old law re­
quired no recor»! thereof The new
law will bring at least ♦50,000 into
the state coffers more than the old
The Sumpter Miner in speaking
of the preceding instituted bv the
mining interests says "The move
¡¡¡ent has the backing of not only
the mining corporations but of
various large manufacturing an»!
mercantile concern«
Attorney J.
Schnabel, of Portland, has leen
authorize»! to act for a number of
corporations. l*oth
foreign. an»i it is stated that a suit
is to be file»! at once. A test case
will be made in the instance o'
some individual cor|ioration as
pinintiff and the secretary
state and state treasurer as defend­
In a recently publi«he»i interview
regarding the matter Mr. Schnabel
“It is unconstitutional.
It is
double tnxition. and i.ot uniform.
It is called a license but is revenve-
‘ The seerrtary of state has de­
manded a report from all corpor­
ations doing busine«« in Oregon
That go» s so far as to mean that if
I write to Montgomery ’.Yard A
Co . in Chicago, to »end me a bill of
goo»ls they are liable for taxes in
this state.
Any outside cor|»or-
ation fi ling mail or»irrs would
be liable.
If a
in another state send a traveling
s»)»-»man here to take orders, the
c<>r|>or.-ition would have to pay a
I believe the secretary of
state bold« that all corporations
doing ary 1 usiness whatever in
this state are included, but i un­
derstand he ha« i eked Attorney
Genera) Blackburn for an opinion
a“ to how far-reaching the law is.
and if a corporation that ha» no
branch here is liable.
• >alet men heic icprc«enting for
eign corporatism» cannot be taxed ;
that wouid be a violation of the
inter-state »-».mu erce Inw. A citi­
zen of another state is entitled to
the eame inim unities and priv il“ge»
a- a local man.
Tie luw caui.ot
August "New file» "
1 n ad»iition to the splemli 1 array
of clever fiction which mark» the
August is»i;c of the New Idea
\\ omsn's Mugazine. eep»»-inl men
tion of the practical articles upon
garden matters
in that number is worthy of the
careful reader’» attention.
Economic« of a Summer Girl,” by
Minna Irving, 1» among these; nnd
of equal inter» st are "The Evolu­
tion of a Home,”
Chittenden; “Furnishing a Flat,”
tiy U'ynogene Fargher; "Psycho­
physical Culture/' bv Adeje Marie
Riqu»-; "A
Investment,” by Ethel Walbe-t-
and others of equal value presented
by the well known contributor, to
the u.ugaz.it e departments.
«• agent for a big concern in supply*
in< the hval tra*lr. irretw rvcniaUcvnt,
rrUtru ihr \Va»hiuirt«>n Star.
“I rvmrmVrr an mchlrnl ronnr**tr»!
with the sale of th«»«r v.-tta^r * rjr«io»
that luia »omrwhat the Hax<»r *»f the
llaruin ho»» trade.” »aid he
"My rha! in the «»rirnh b«i»iar»« n thr
wtllrm t*»wn wat one <»f the abckr»t
»alr»nirn that e%rr cajoled therlu» «'«*
evrrncy front a folded fl*».
hi* name wa* IU»h<»p aoM * r-
jran* to nenr-y etery family in three (
We |p»t our instrument** fur
net. and the regular Belling
"Itiahop had
• tructrd especially for carryir.g a rot
lace t»rg.'in. and hr would load in one
of the in*trumrnta and. together with
hi» a»*i»tant. who w.i» a flne mum-un.
w oild start for thr country.
"One day he drove t<* a farm ownrd
and managed by
a wealthy old Irish,
lady «ho r«»uh’n‘t tel! a mini*’ -c«»rr
from a l*a»rl»3ill tally sheet. V* Hohop
and hi* a«»i»tant drove up to the hoti*e
with « rgan in the w.»g« n thr *dd lady
came »»nt
before the door, and with
her arm» akimbo »truck a iVbartcan
p“*e »nggettire of thr haughty deci­
sion. and »akk
"*Takr tb-’t thing out nf tre yard! ■
w id ye/.
U ir» ar<mnd
w* n*t ba^e
«fare to take it out a« the wagin. or 1*11
break it open w hi ju ax.’
" ‘Oh. I didn't Intend tn take the
Murphy.’ »ahi ltish«»p.
organ out. Mr»
•J <>niy wanted tn water my hnrsr».'
"Il was a warm
watering the anltnaU. the twn i***gnn
r«*arer»inr pleasantly with Mr« M ir-
phv untH her atfirre«»hrne«-» re axed
I(i»h«>p dec!»rr«l it wa» f.
take tn lKt» r*«Bd f«»r a wh
tb **v w«»uM bate tn rr«t.
ifiilurttl the old lady
• wnrn* tn
• nnd that
lit- pre-*•»?»<•
t<» let
pt»I the »«rgan under a shade tree out
«•* the ««»n.
rot »•»irat 'm
thr h«*u«rhol*l
»truM«*d aimleoly al « ut t hr y nr«i. an»!
after awhile thr %«>ung fs
' »«trr
nt* thr organ ar»»? brg-»n r'axing Ihrly
air* with thr Iri«h »th*k ing out a!! *>*r?
Hr wa* ar rxrr"rnt |*rrf-r-rr
nnd hr r* aird :»!! thr Iriah out of thnt
ini*trtttcrnl there wo in it. and prr*-
rntly Mr«* Murph x perked » ut at thr
The AMi«trnt (laved thr» ugh
kt» li«t <»f air» and started on *« n»r of
thr < ld > *i.g- dear tn every nathr • f
<>h! Erin. u«ing the »top* and pedal*
with great rffret.
•** \nd nhwat d<» ver a«k fer a th*ng
like thnt?* the old lady prrientiy
aaked Bi»hnn.
" *lVe n«tiallv get <75 for that <trein.‘
he replied indifferently, .«nd went on
saiuitrrinff about the ran!
"The music continued, and after a
Murphy a«krd:
*\V«ti»!d it- veil it any cheaper frrrash?'
’ »at« lli»hop, 'that'* thr low­
est cash orice,’
"Mr*. Murnhy walked br -k to the
FinaUv thr young man ch»»«*«?
the organ with a »nan and barked nn
the wagi n preparatory to reloading
I.VM'AS ('»It XTV.
Frank J. Clicney mak> » »«»th that
Im is »enior partner of th« firm of
F. J (Tiene) A Co, loing business
in the City of Tol» <l»>. Comity and
State afor»'i*iii»l. iiml that suid firm
will pay the sum of Ono Hundred
Dollar» for « in'll uml even* «*•»« of
Catarrh that cnniiot I h * cured by
the use of llaU*» Catarili Cure.
Frank J. Chenctr.
Sworn to befon* me and «ul>avrib-
e.l in tny pr»>«eu<o, Ibi» filli dav ot
D ls**i»
A. \V. Gleason,
s* \i.
Xotarv Publie. i
!'li<* Kind V ai llnvi* Xhiins Bought, nml which tins been
In uao for over DO venra, hu» born«« tti«* »Igniitnrr« of
un.I Ini» t»»-cii ill;’»!«' linih-r hl» per­
son it .itpcrihh li »Im «’ Its Inlillicy.
\ 11,,«« ii«i ouo (o »t• » , 11. « mi lit I lit».
\ II < 'ouiiterli'H . I ml tn tion» unit •• ’ u* t -. -::•••> I “ ¡ire tint
l-lvperlinent. Hint trill«* with nml eii<ti«iig<-r <In* lirnlth of
Intuuts mid Children I'vperlein-o «iguln»t l.xpcrlineii*.
Unir» Catarrh Curs is tak»-n in
ternnllv. »ml a ta directly on th" '
IdiMxl ami mueou» surface» of the
•V»teni. Semi for testimonial», free
F. J Cbi liey A Co., T»d» »lo, O.
Sold by all Druggi»!, “5e.
llaU*» Family Pills are th« beat
What is CASTORiA
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«ont.iln» in-ltlicr Opiniti, l|oi».liln<- noi* «itln-r Sur col lo
Kuhsliiin e, li > n :«* I» It» 1*11111 int»-c. Il destro) «
nnd all.»>» l’overi»hiic»«. Il cure» Itlurrluen unii
tolte. Il r»-ll«-v«-s I',» Itili«: T'r»»nlilc.t « «ir»-. < mi«t ¡pillimi
nini IT.itili» nei. It iisuimlhite» III«* l'mnl, n-gul.ile» tlm
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Ki»hop. cntildn’t y*
throw ■ !T five dollar» if l*d give y r cash
monev ?*
" ’Xi».* «aid he. ‘this organ i* the one
I arn ti»ing for a >ample, and it’«* on«
of tlir he*t.
I don’t care to »ell it
anvwnv. l ot I bate son •• down at thr
• tore.’ an«! hr went « n rrl .uling.
••Thr - Id
-<’y \ |ri»h l>b od wn* up.
c< n’dn’t let
an instrument
could rinrevi the sent ¡merit» < f tho«e
old melodies mo »wretly escape her.
• o »he *ni<i: ‘I d< n't want any other
one. Jn»t be
minute.* and
h<’U>r. where
aley now
and wait a
she dodged into thr
thr family bank, con-
>i»ting of an ob! stt ekir g. wa» opened,
ar ! «he counted out >75 for the lucky
• ale» man.
" I hr «»rgan wa* p’need in fl «• » arlor
the rt>*M*!rtnf taught thr old lady n
T» • «<i«rav«s «
st «aww«»«« «-•••••. s«aw »••• •*»».
pri-.Ts too.
Robinson *t \\ ulloti.
will take your order.
(Patent Attorncvs,',
Evans Bu:laing,
Oregonian ami Items. 12.00
50’P I. Foil HTiUCAHOM.
I* H ¡.arid office, hum», «in <<»n, July
5<»lic«- I» hereby fitrti th*l th«» following,
ria»ne<l «eitler h*« ftl««l r.«»llrr of hi* intention
to make fli ai proof Hi »upp« rt vf bi* • lalrn, *n<
that •«!«! pr*>«.f will be n ade before tcrgUferand
fianlrl W . Joptlan.
Il»l rnlr» No. *pfor the HF.'<( *rc V, T|>
S-. K 32», B W M.
He hame* the follow . n* u lfne* »•» to prnt r
hi« continu«»’!« rr»l<lci»re upon and cultivation
of »abt land, v /
J I. lit*. Wflllan U < 'ark. Frank II»* th : and
Lloyd Johnson, ail of laaen. Orvtfuti.
Wa Fa MAK. Iteghrtcr
The bar ¡«»applied with none
but th»* very I «-et I rami» of
iVn.-- Li«|U>>re ami Ciirboiiat«-»!
«IrinliH.ai.»! th» « luxe,nt Cigara.
5 ..¡ir patronage »elicited.
Cotirli-oUH treatment t<> all.
( » ri.i-r r «¡rib of | < »1« fli< e.
master ’ s
The Capital Saloon
result v.
Down thr r»»ad for half a mile tb« v
V7. E.
could hear •turn, tum-tfim. turn, turn-
turn.* a« «be en<’ravored to get her
I * M
Mr P I*. ¡Uugborly« w« 11 kt vn m
throughout .Mercer ami Hummer
eountter, W \’a moat likelv owes
hm life to thr kintinorsof a neigh*
bor. He w as ahno«t hopeb'Mlr ai-
dir lr«l with diarrhoea m » attend­
ed bv two phyidc*a(»a who gave niw
little« if any, re ief. when a Ueigh-
bor learnitig of hi* serious condi­
tion. brought him a Lottie of Cham*
berlaiifs t'olic. Cholera ami Diar­
rhoea Keuiedy, w hich cured him in
le«*a than twrntvfour hour*, For
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ability < f
tuo. •• H ’ l> «I ' . :i a patent" went upon request. TnUftita
1!•liner. Hurney
lecorcd through uti a«!wrtiw ! f ir tale at ourcxfieuae.
I Blent* t ikva out through tn renivr
n.7f.r. writhout charge, in
It’s a res I pleasure to wear the
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Chicago. They're ro r»*a*oiiubb* in
chord, nnd ;»» they dr«»ve away th* v
could hear her harnn»rring
In Uso For Over 30 Ye?rs.
Mr* 'lurr hy < ;*u’r out with unmistak­
able interrM visible in her conntr-
S’:r h»«>ked thr organ over a
moment and then *ai<!:
-------t’.Esr OF WINKS. 1,’yt <»KS ANI» l Iti AKS.____
The only tire* it nf-
forKi-d per ►ati-fnrti« n. how»■ ier. w a«
when «ome visitor
could plnv
f^Drink« mixed to ¡mil your tamo, (.'otirteou» tr<-ntiueiit guarantsd
dropped in. and then the rrtirir of old
Erin could be heard from thr roadway
for hours."
A Bankrc'x Itemark i»t the Tomb of Lord
The English i coplr will never under-
Mtan<l th«- humorous temper of
American« which makes him .'isk rnch
qupMthji.M i.:<
by .Murk
Laving liecn oak« d by i
friend of his in the British museum.
A guide had exhibited nn
mummy. a:.<l discourse! long n|xm the
antiquity of it. and the Egyptian | roc-
< *».-< of <niha Iming. nml so fort It; nnd at
last the American a I od: "Is
It wa.s only r <xntly, accordiog to a
letter in nn • .« hnngc. that in St. Paul’s
London guide I.»Id forth
i.’iti.a to nn Am« rican gentleman:
"That. sir. U lb«’ tomb of the great-
«■t mn.il ’« to Europe or
world over I.new !"
the whole
"It is, F<r. tie tomb of Lord .'»< l*o:i.
Tills marble «art'ophiggii* v -ighs <2
t >: .<<. lliusidc 'hat is a str« I rrc< ptflrh
weighing 12 toe:;. nn<1 him« «’• I’m? i
a Jmden « asl . t. ’« rrn« t « ally
.scab •
weighing two tons. Ilinaidc 'hat i :
ina’o ;nny coffin ’olding the usht s of tin
great. *rro.’*
"Well.** tairl the Yankee, aft« r refler-t-
inga i: onient. ‘I guess you’v< got hirn.
If bo C’.ei r ts out of I’l.at, f. IcgTapb
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