Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, April 18, 1903, Image 2

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The universe piv« eve.-y man in
hi* own coin; if you mule, it
smiles upon vou i.i return; if you
frown, you will be frowned nt; if
you sing you will be invited into
gay company ; if you think, you
will be entertained bv thinkers,
and if votl love the world and
earnestly seek tor the gi od that
is therein, you will be surrounded
bv loving friends, and ra ure will
pour into your lap the treasure of
the earth. «'ensure, criticise and
hate, and you will be censured,
eriticised and hated bv your fellow,
man. Every seed brings forth
after its kind. Mistrust begets
mistrust, jealousy begets jealousy,
hatred begets hatred, confidence
and kindness begets kindness, love
begets love. Resist and you will
lie resisted. To meet the aggres­
sive assault every entity rises up
rigid and impenetrable—while
yonder mountain of granite melts
and floats away on the Ixvsoin of
love—N. \V. Zimmerman, in Wild­
wood Philosophy._______
Immigration and irrigation are
words which are some times closely
associated. .When anv large west­
ern irrigation project is contem­
plated, with cheap laud, the trans
|»'rtation coni|iai.ies Iregm to talk
about securing foreign settlers.
Their desire is to secure the trans­
portation of people to occupy the
la ill at once, and if they can bring
them across the Atlantic and then
haul them clear across the eourlry
to the tar west, so much the belter
for the transportation companies
They are but slightly concerned
whether the prospective settlers
are desirable cititena or whether
they are a ritr-ratfof Huns, Italians,
etc. But the new lands of arid
America which the government is
beginning to reclaim should not be
devoted too largely to homemaking
for foreign citisens. however worthy
Spokane is waging an anti cigar­
or industrious nor should the ques­
crusade. The schools of that
tion of giving this kind of emplov-
ment to steamship and railroad eitv have taken the matter up in
companies be considered.
The earnest. It is no longer a matter
latter will secure their share of the of mere sentiment. Business men,
increased business which will re­ railroad con.panics and other rm-
sult from the settlement of the re- ploves ot labor are discriminating
caimed lands. This is not the [ against the cigarette fiend. lie is
object ot making the lands habit­ not so alert nor has he the stamiua
able and productive. They should of the boy whose senses have not
be utilised for the increase from been dulled by the insidious poison
the loins of our own people. inhaled with the smoke of the cigar­
It is undoubtedly better to take ette. Besides injuring h's physi­
emigrants and spread them out cal well being of a growing boy,
over the country than it is to dump it blunts his finer sensibilities.
them in solid communities into the I No better proof of the statement is
great cities, but the time has come needed than the fact that a boy,
tor us to ask ourselves how much otherwise thoughtful and wellbred
further we should go in the direc­ will smoke where the fumes mav
tion of providing homes for the be offensive to others. It breeds
surplus of other countries. Are we discourtesy and selfishness. He
going to be forever the asylum for bolds his own pleasure aliove the
the lowest and the poorest and the comfort ami feelings of others.—
The Dalles Chronicle.
most vicious of all nations?
At Eugene. Thursday night of
last week, Binger He mann was
The case of the government a- nominated for congressman by the
gunst the Northern Securities republicans of the First district on
Com pan v has been d-cided in favor the 24th ballot to fill the vacancy
of the former in the St. Paul court.- caused by the death of Thos. II.
under the anti-trust law. And so Tongue.
Hermann represented
this wasn't a mere bluff of the Oregon in congress for twtlve year*
Roosevelt administration, after all. . continuously, having been elected
The government has won before a I the first time in 1884. In 1807 he
tribuual composed af men of high was appointed commission« r of
judicial standing and against the the general land oflice by President
most emi lent counsel whicn the McKinley, and served until No­
trusts coulo secure. A more nota­ vember last, when he resigned.
ble victory has not recently been
achieved and a more popular one
There is no real rest for the man
with the people it would lie d.llicult of afiairs. With the invention of
to imagine. Congratulations aiedue wireless telegraph the “absolute
to the President ami to the Attorney rest from business worries” former­
General, the first a man of firm ly obtainable or. an ocean voyage
purpose, th* second one of the most has been rendered impossible. The
accomplished and high minded of President will spend two weeks in
of American lawvers. This de­ the heart of the Yellowstone Park.
cision must be rather convincing ■ hut be will be in constant column-
evidence to Democratic minds that I nication by special wire with the
the Republican fight against illegal White H ouse. The sigh for “a
combinations is not a sham battle. lodge in seme vast w ilderness,” has
i has lost its meaning.
The distracting headaches from which
so many women suffer make life a daily
purgatory. If men suffered with head­
ache as women do. business would he
almost at a stanstill. Does not the fact
that men do not suffer from these severe
headaches suggest that there must be a
womanly cause for them ?
When the womanly organism is dis­
eased, headache, backache, nervousnes»
and sleeplessness are consequences which
are sure to follow.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
heailaches and other allies and pains by
curing their cause. It establishes regu­
larity, dnes unhealthy drains, heals in­
flammation and ulceration, and cures
female weakness. It soothes pain and
tniilds up the nerves. It transforms
weak, sickly, nervous invalids into
happy, healthy women. Thousands have
testified to its marvelous merits.
"I took two bottle. of Voor ' Fvvorlte Cr-srrip
tion' atul tw"> the ' <>./!<!• n Medical Discovery'
and am feeling well.” writ»-» Mrs. Dan Mc­
Kenzie. of Lorway Mine*. Cape Breton Co..
Nova Serbia " I had uterine trouble, pain in
the side and headache After taking your medi­
cines I got well. You may publish this or u«e
it in any wav you think be4 as I cannot speak
to» highly of Dr. Pierce and hit medicine».’*
"Favorite Prescription” has the testi­
mony of thousands of women to its com­
plete cure of worn luly diseases. Do not
accept an unknown and unproved sub­
stitute in its place.
F ree . Dr. Pierce’s Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent /nr on receipt
of stamps to pay expense of mailing only.
Send twenty-one one-cent stamps for the
the book in j>ap-r covers, or thirty-one
stumps for t ie cloth • bound volume.
Address Dr. R. V Pie-.tt, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mr Cleveland is wise in p’rsist-
ently refusing to allow his name to
be mentioned as a Pre.identii 1
CAI! did air. None ofus are so young
that we cannot remember tie last
Cleveland adminis'ratior' -with its
attendant bond issues and distress
mil hard time features.
It is stated that Senator Morgan
will espouse the good road move­
ment at the next Congress. If he
devotes the same energy as lie did
to the Nicaragua canal route he
may accomplish wonders and h ave
behind him a monument to bis
labors in the s< t.a'e
Miss Cross, of Illinois, crossed
the Pacific to marry her fiance who
had preceded her to Manila.
When she arrived he jilted her but
she married another man and for
his sake Jet us hope she will he
cross no more.
And now Mr. Bryan will give |
forth his opinion as to what really
should have been done in the
merger case.
A few Presidential possihilitii s
are being mentioned, and not a few .
impms bill ties.
II*»»» r « lr » rr liaksiuan «•«•!«! au Or**»
Olif«»rnin has U’J.tHW acres of pruur
la* far It.
Oil fuel is used exvluaivcly In thr lh
melting furnace» «if the new riiilndrl
In ont of the h»c.il music Storrs the
ph in mint
Vhc icmpemturc hi thr»v
other »lax *rvvral »ulr»nirti were rrhvl
furnace*» can be rni»vd t«»
lug «pern 'lire» connected with the
craft, vv hen »'lie of the purtv. wh<» had
It in »aid that the flint which forms
hern a denier in orgntit in a »mail wav
in a wotcrti «tale, where hr hail acted the substratum uf London is nothing
An rxamina
a« agent for a big concern in »tipply­ but p«‘trifled sponge»
ing the h*cal trade, grew reiidnUcent. tion «»f th«' fossil apotigwor thui shows
it* structure.
relate» the Washington Star.
I'lie »tick insect of Borneo, the larg
•'I remember an incident ronnectetl
with th»' >a'.c of th«»»v cottage organ* r»t in- « ct known, is sonivtinics 13 inch
that ha» somewhat the flavor of the «-» long. It is wingless, but some ape
civs of stick insevtn have beautiful
David llarnin hom trade.** »aid he
“Mv rival in the organ buaine»« in the col«»r«’d wings that fold like fans,
Several factories have been built in
western town was one of the »|ieke»t
salesmen that ex er cajoled the eluvhe Germany f«»r the manufacture «»f
“forest w«»«d” out of pine needles. It
civrrncy from a fohle»! fi»t. The fel
is used f«»r making umlvrcloth«» anti
low hi* name waa Bi»h«*p aold or
gun« to nearly every family in three for stuffing mattresses nnd furniture
countic«. We got our in*t rument» for
One of the must imp«<rtunt Indus
net, and the regular selling trie» attaching to the cheap p«»wer
price was $»’•<>.
now prt>duvcd by Niagara 1» fl»«* elc«
“Bishop ha»l a light wagon con
trical tearing apart «»f the molecule of
structed especially for carry Ing a rot
cotnimm »alt resulting in the forma
tage organ, and hr would load in one tion of caustic, »«la ami blracbiug
of the instrument» and, together with powder,
hi» a»»i»tant. who was a flue mmdciuii.
\ p*>rtable street light of great il­
would start for the country.
luminating power is thr device of th«*
“Due day he drove to a farm owned Westminster county council for les
ami managed by a wealthy old Irish »cuing iiccnlcnt» from l.ond«»n fogs
lady who couldn't tell a musk* »core A cylindrical tank H inches in diam
from a baseball tally sheet X* Bishop rtcr and two fret high is charge«! with
an»! hi» a»*i»tnnt drove np f o thr hou»r J?3 gallons *>f p«*troh*uui. nnd com ,
with organ in the wagon the old la<’\ pre»»««! air forces vapor fr«»m the «»il
came out before the door, an»! with int«> tv standpipe provided with n
her arms akimbo «truck a Dehartean burner. On igniting the torch Harrs
po>e suggestive of the haughty deci­ up 1« inches to two fret, with a power
sion. anil »aid:
<»( l.ooo candles,
••'Take thot thing out of me yard*
Leroy Beaulieu, a well-known rcon
Move on wi»| yes. I won't have no
music l»oxr» around me.
lkin't w otnist of 1‘iirie. has declared that thr
IrUurr class «»f men will hmt to work
dare to take it out nv the wagin. or l”.l
for their living in 1951 Hr made this
break it open w hl an ax.'
“ ‘Oh. I didn't intend tn take the interesting statement in a lecture <»n
organ out. Mr« Murphy.'»aid Bishop, the coiiver»i«>n of thr French three and
one-half per cent, debt into three |»rr
'I only wanted to water my horse».'
••It was a warm day and. after cent. I mhh I s . Hr said that th«' rate «»f
watering the nnimaU, the two began interest 1» constantly decreasing, nt»I
conversing pleasantly with Mr«. Mur­ prettivled that in the next S3 years
phy until her aggre.«slvrre»* rrlaxr»! capital will be glud to gel two per
years hence such
Bishop declared it was too warm to cent., and that
take to the road for a while and that first-rlas» securities na government
bonds and railway securities will I war
they w «»uld have to re«t. Hr present
!y induce«! the oh! lady to let them one per rent. Interest, “which.“ »anl
put the organ tinder a shade tree out the lecturer, “will r««mpel nil except
of the »nn. The two rnr**’irnti r» the very large capitalist* lai work for a
again«! the peace of the hum»rhoh! living, and the leisure < f the class of
• trolled nimle»»!y nlwuit thr yard. am! pr< pie now culled well off will be uboi
after awhile the voting fellow nr*rn««? ished."
nn th«* organ and brr*«n pl.tv ir.g lively
To Hhow That II CaralaL
airs with the Irish »tickingout al! over ,
‘•llarry,’* nakrd the young mm. « fair
them. He wn* an excellent performer !
ami hr coaxed nil the Jrbh ont of that but mi’vchif'vous rouain. looking nt the
smooth outlines of hi« youthful face
instrumrnt there was in it. an«! pr»
rntly Mr* Murphy m'ded «»»»t nt the “vv !iy i.-y onr ch’n like Bamiuo*» gu«»»t ’.**'
And then, as if to sb«»vv the utter
The aashtant placed through
his li«t «»f airs an»! »tarted on some of t*roundlrs«n« «* «>f h«*r inMilt ng conun
the ol»! songs dear to every native of drum. Harry’s jaw fell. Chicago Trib
old Erin, using the stops and pedals une.
with great effect.
llrr flesrt Mrlted.
“’And nhvrat do vex sale frrathlnc
Hr knew »hr had a hr»rt of lc*.
hr soueht for room within ft
like thot?’ the <»kl lady presently
I Jlr thnurht thr pl.v w a * . ••<»! and nice
asked RUhnn.
And did '
emi • * in it
“ ‘We tmuallv get $7* for that organ.' I An«! th« n hr r ur;«l out In u trice.
he replied indifferently, »»nd went on » Her heart hn«l warmed since he be­
sought her
sauntering al»ouf thr yard.
nd « f kreplntr him on Ire.
••The music continued, and after a • ’ Inst«
She keeps him always In hot water
few minute« Mrs. Murphy a»ked
Cincinnati Enquirer.
•W«mld ye ‘•ell it any cheaper fercash?' ►
Two «»f a Kind.
“ 'No.' savs Bishop, ‘that's thr low­
Trnm|>—Parding. but I heard yr any
est rash price.'
‘ Mrs. Murnhy walked ha«'k tn the yr lived tn Dugout City. Kan., an’ il
house. Finally thr young man closet! had th»* n akin’ of a great tow n.
Kansas Man Yea, sirrre.
All we
thr organ with a map and barked un .
w ant la < npital.
the wngrin preparatory to reloading.
Trump <»u<lly) Same way with inr.
Mr* Murphy can>e out w ith unn>i«tak
able inter« «t visible in her c«iuntc- —X. V. Weekly.
Ils'l Otttfmk.
nance. She looked the <»rgan «jver a
Citizen (to farmer) How arc things
moment and then said:
“ 'Now. Mr. Bishop, couldn't yr out your wav. Mr Ilayarr«!?
Hnv M*r«l
I gloomily ) — They
th row off five dollar» if I'd give y e rash
couldn't I m * much vvtiss, .My wife ami
n a 11 h.' detiro pm u
“ ‘No.’ «ai«! he. ‘this organ is the one three c< i art <
I rcfm« d $100 apiece for ’em
I arn using for a sample, and it's one monta.
nf the I est. I don't care to sell it only liiMt week. Bay City Chat.
anyway, but I have som** down nt the
Moiix'tlHtiK of « VV i«<.
store.' and hr went on reloading.
“All the X d thll gs have been «Mid—“
“The «d«l lady*» Irish l»l< >d was up.
fltaylate murmur« d with a «iffh.
.M i’-« I > is • I nr <1 hook h«-r hsad—
She rou’dn’t let un Instrument that
Weil, supposo you try good-by ’ “
could express the sentiment» «»f those
-LoutsvIU« Courkr Journal
«d<! melodic« »0 »wretly escape her.
so »hr said: ‘I <!< n’t want nnv other
one. Jn»t be nisy now and wait a
minute.* an»! she dodged into thr
hon«r. Where thr family bank, con- I
■¡«ting of nn old stocking, vvn» opened,
and she counted nut S73 for thr lucky
sale »man.
“Tim organ was placed in the parlor,
the a»»lwfant taught thr old lady a
ch«»rd. nnd aa they dr<>vr nwav thee
could hear her hammering on the
with excruciating results.
Down thr road for half a mile they
could hear ‘turn, tum-tum. turn, turn-
turn.* ns she endeavored !«» get her
motiev*« worth. The only thre It af-
fnt^ed her satiufartion. however, was
when some visitor who could piny
dropper! in. nnd then the music «if <dd
i-.rin could lie heard from the roadway
for hours.**
I m
\V h<i llad Milla
No F'alth In Iler.
Little Miss Freckles Mrs. Stucknpp
ha . g»»t a big round glass and it’s full
of gold-fish.
Little Miss Muggs- Hull! I ll bet
they’re plat«?d.—Good News.
Thnw Girls.
Amy—Since I refused .Jack rx>sitively
he calls oftener than lu? «lid before.
Maud—I suppose he think.» it safer
now.—Town Topic.
nost ito guest at turkey dinner»—
Would you like to do the carving. Mr.
Mr. F. — No; thanks. I’ve just joined
the church. N. Y. World.
For Infant« and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Fanny Who is that hiinds»»ni«j fel­
.Maude M v intended.
Fanny Why, I didn tkuow you were
.Maude ~Neither nm f.—Truth.
On« for thr t'omplesIcMi.
Mi1drc<l (very literary) Let us sub­
scribe for u magazine lietwecn um .
Muriel All right.
Mildred What one do you suggest?
Muriel (ironically, with a glance at
her friend) Let’* get a pow<h?r maga­
zine. —Vogue.
A» VVr (HOW Old.
Don’t kt yean« d<•press your splrlta-
Axe ha» joy • In gracious host;
’TIs tlie old birds tn th** forest
Hing th«- .-iw vct« st ai.d the most.
—Chicago Rscord.
Tli«' Klmt Voi« Ulivo Alwnj-w
in use l'or over 30 yrurx, luti bornio tbn iluoutnro or
__ uml |ms tx en m olo iioib r lil* !»«'•'-
Munii imperi luloii uluee H» tolhney.
AlloWno «ne «ntleeelie x<m lo tlil».
All Cmintorlelt*. Imltiitloii* ami •• .G ihì - o -.
” ore Imt
Kx|>erlmeiit* tini« trillo iilth orni eiolntiuee Ilio Imulili ol
liituiit* limi Ihlhlreii-l'viH-rleneo uunlm.t l.xperlmimU
Cnxtorlti I* n Imrmle»* »iil>*tltu<«' Tor < ii«D ; <>il. I nm-
K«>rle, Drop* nml Soolhlnu Kvrtip*. It 1* l’feoMiut. Il
coiimln» m-itlier Opimo, llorplilne m>r o«l>< r Niireotlo
■ubKliim-r. Il* mie I* It» Rimnintee. Il <te»tr«i)* VVortM»
uml olili)* l eleiMineM». Il eur. n IMurrlium limi Mimi
«’olle. Il relleie» TeeHilnu Tronfili .. eure» < <in-.Opol hot
nml Ulndili ney. U nw.lnilliite* thè I ihh I, rvuuhile. Ilio
Ntoinneli nml Bowel», Rtvhlir lienHIii nml niituriil xleep.
Tlie Cliihlreu'H l'uiiuceu The .Motlier’* I ricini.
Boars tbo Siiruuturo cf
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
▼» ■ •••VSWS •••»*••. »• »«••*» •«•«•»
wow »•«•
Harney Valley Brewery
L. \V<H.DEN BE 11G. bl,, l’ro| rirtor.
The «ervicra of h brewer of long y< nr» t,i|>erieiirc ha« lw<-n »r-
cured ami the product oftiiiH Brewery 1» of the fid grade in Ihn ’
Inland Empire. Place » triul order und you will not be ili.np
The Ixir in «upplird with nome
bui Ihe v< ry I <-l branda of
Wuie », Liquor« and Carbonati d
drinka, ami ilo- (, hoiceat Ciitnr«.
Vour patronage aolicihxl.
Courteou« treatment lo all.
Corner north of |H>at< ffn-n
.A.xxcl Ifave On<?j Cent
Buy a poatal card ami rend to The Nrw York
Tribune Farmer. New Ymk Citv, for a free
Kpei-iiiieii copy.
The Tribune Farmer ia n National IlluMru-
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The Southern Oregon State Normal Schia.l open« Wi dmrednv
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couree of atudv ; e»rh department filled by a »peciali.t Latin
am I ceouomicH a. d.-.l for the benefit of thoee preparing to teach
in H.gh School», but are optional. $200 ¡„ CM|, priz(.H f))r Mcel.
lence in oratory ami athletic», Ex p urer, light; »«r ial condition«
ideal. Send for catalogue.
■’ MI LKEY, President,
THOMAS, Secret,try