Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, April 04, 1903, Image 4

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Consumption is a human
weed flourishing best in weak
lungs. Like other weeds it’s
easily destroyed while young;
when old, sometimes im­
Strengthen the lungs as you
would weak land and the
weeds will disappear.
The best lung fertilizer is
Scott’s Emulsion. Salt pork
1’4 good too, but it is very hard
to digest.
The time to treat consump-
ti >n is when you begin trying
to hide it from yourself.
Others see it. you won’t.
Don’t wait until you can’t
deceive yourself any longer.
Begin with the first thought
t > take Scott's Emulsion. If
it isn't really consumption sc
much the better; you will soen
forget it and be better for the
treatment. If it is consump­
tion you can’t expect to be
cured at once, but if you will
begin in time and will be
rigidly regular in your treat­
ment you will win.
Scott’s Emulsion, fresh air,
rest all you can, eat all you
can, that’s the treatment and
that’s the best treatment.
We will send you
a little of the Eniul-
sion free.
Be sure that this picture in
the form o( a label u on thè
wrapper of every boule ol
Emulsion you buy.
“Y’ovu cook is a very handsome girl.”
“She i*. She mashe* potatoe* by link­
ing ut them.”
lta—“Your friend. I hear, paints
faces beautifully.” She—“(July one.”
Syracuse Post.
E ven a clothesliue becomea unsteady
when it has too many sheets in the
wind.—Ixmdoti Answers.
E thel —“Mr. Passeigh haa a remark­
ably fresh complexion.” Maud—“Y'ea.
I never saw such a young head on such
old shoulders.”—Truth.
**I tell you,” aaiil the inspector,'lean­
ing back in his chair, *‘ilet«*ctiv«* work
is not the snap it's cracked up to be.”
“Were you ever biullv taken In?"
“Well, rather. The worst I was ever
fixiled was by a pretty, baby-ejnxl. in-
n<H*eut-lookin-r young girl. 1 ooulil
have sworn she was an angel!”
“And wasn't she?”
“Well. 1 guess not! She had a temper
like n western evelone: and once when
1 attempted to call herdown. 1 thought
an earthquake had struck me.”
"How diil you happen to iliseover her
real character?”
“Simply enough—I married her.”—
Hurt HU llualiir®«.
“Say, lxi.-s. haven't you an old over­
coat you can give a fel'er’.*"
“Why. that's a fine coat you have on.”
"Yes, dnt's de trouble, boss. It’s too
fine. Nobody will give uic anything on
account of me fine coat."- llar|M*r's Bu-
The Silver Lining*
•‘Stamnirring’ is an awful affliction,”
remarked the voting woman.
“Stili. it. hits its advantages.” said
the society young man.
“ Ft’low
doesn’t need more than two or three
ideas to ktvp him talking* a w hole even­
ing.” — indianapol s Journal.
The Modern Play,
lie is a little modest thing.
And she a villain bold.
And that is where the modern play
la different from the old
—Town Topic».
As Usual.
At school one always stood the first.
Tho other boy had naught to say;
Yet he is worth a million cool.
The smart bey clerks for two a day.
—Philadelphia Ledger.
She Mlsht Still Be Single.
439 Pearl St., N. Y.
Ono Matron—Sine? I bavi* been mar­
ried. I have taught my husband g.nxl
:oc and ft: all druggists.
Another—Really? It is a good thing
for you that you did not teach him be­
fore you were married.—N. Y. World.
Many newspapers have lately given currency
to reports by irresponsible parties to theetleet
had entered a trust or combination : we wish
t • assure the public that there is ho truth in
F'. h reports. We have been manufacturing
s wing iiiachinf-s for over a quarter of a centu-
i sm have established a reputation forour-
f 1
s and our machines that is the envy of all
• ihers. Our “A’rtr Unme*9 machine lias
in*’, t U*en rivaled as a family machine.—It
si mis at the headofall High Grade sewing
Machines, and stands on its otrit merits.
i/ac “Jl’ear Home" is the ouly really
HIGH GIIADE Sewing Machine
on the market.
It is not necessary for us to enter into a trust
to save our credit or pay any debts as we have
no debts to pay. We have never entered into
competition with manufacturers of low grade
cheap machines that are made to sell regard­
less of any intrinsic merits. Do not be de­
ceived, when you want a sewing machine don’t
send your money away from home; call on a
" New Home 99 Dealer, he can sell you a
better machine for less than you can purchase
elsewhere. If there is no dealer near you,
write direct to us.
A Graceful Compliment.
Little Edith—Papa said you doevery-
thing so gracefully. Miss Tt-nseasons.
Miss Tcr.season*—Did he? That was
so very kind of him.
Litt1-' Edith—Yes: he said you «vere
growing old gracefully.—Harlem Life.
Insurance Item.
“I wonder if I couldn't collect at
least half of the insurance on my
wife.” remarked f'ol. Percy Yerger to
his friend. Maj. Witherspoon, as they
were sipping their mint juleps in an
Austin saloon.
“Why, is your wife dead, then?”
asked the friend.
“Well, not exactly. But every night
when I come home late she says “he is
half dead with fright and anxiety. It
seems to me that in law anil equity I i
could collect half the insurance »
money.”—Alex Sweet, in Texas aift-
Bink r.vorlll.m.
“O, no! there'* no fuvurite in our
faintly," said Jenny to her l«>s<>m
friend. Nornh. "O. no! if I bite my
linger nulls 1 catoil it over the kmick
les. but the baby can cat hi* »hole
foot, ule I they think it elever
Synis—1 see that tliey bave organiseli
a buuiding house kveper»' trust in l'iiil-
Suiyles Tlmt» « hat I've liecn look-
ing for. You call i gel trust«*«! heru
uoivadiiys -lirooklyn Life.
A Point of sliull.rlty.
Hicks— Your milk is like what we
have on the const of England.
Milkmuii lloiv is that?
Hick* -Large cluilk deposits.—N. Y.
A.k Tfcelr W lv®..
Breathes there u man w ith soul so dead
Who never to himscit hath said.
As home his footstep* he has turned:
••i elvau forgot that. I 11 t»e domed
— Washington Star.
r ’
Th® Es.le.t Way Ou».
“If your boys doesn't reform, old fel­
low, you won't I k * able to keep him out
of juil when he grows up.”
“Don't you believe it. I'm going to
make a policeman out of hiiu.
Really a Ser ion* Matter.
Actor Hurry,or we’ll tuiss the tmln.
Actress -I can’t find my diamonds or
my purse.
“Oh, well, never mind.”
“Yes, but the purse had ten dollars
in it.”—N. Y. Weekly.
Slight lint National < h*nz®.
A hotel in Switzerland bore on one
of its walls the time-honor«d inscrip­
"Hcspes, salve!” (IVelc mi*,
stranger!) After rebuilding, the ubove
legend had to lie restored, but the
painter, who must have had some e\
pcrienee as a traveler, mnih* a ver«
slight nltcrntion in one of the words
nod the inscription
“Ilospes, solve!” (Pay, stranger!)
Of «■Mla.-'.li.a, -|'«’* iik .
“Wine «>( Cerdui 1« indeed .1 b!»f»ln<|
I j tired women. Having gulkred (1 r
•even year« uith weakne»« and hear,
ing.down |>.«in«, and having tried kv *
eral doctor« and different re.nedlej
with no luce«««, your Win» of ('.irdul
was the only thing which helped nie,
a.id eventL*.-.lly cured me It «rcin.-d <0
build up the weak parts, strcn«th<n
the system and correit irregularities.'
To nny one sending us $1.50, one year’s subscription to the
I tems , we will muil the Chicago Weekly Inter-Ocean one year
free, or to any one sending us three cash subser p ion for the
two papur we w ill give a year', subcriptiun to each pu|>er free,
By “tirrd woiiuti ” Mrs. A'lnins
lui-tina nervous women who have
disonieretl lueust's, tailing of th«*
womb, ovarian troubles <-r any of
these ailments that women have.
) on can eure yourself at hoine « ith
this great women's renuslv, Wine
of Cunlni. Wine of t'arilui has
cured thousands of cases which
doctors liiive taileil to liem-tit. )) hv
not lietiin to get «veil today? All
druggists hav«* dl.oti luttles. For
any stoma* h, liver or bowel disor­
der Thedford's Black-Draught
•llould In* used.
OREGONIAN and ITENIS. one Year, for $2.00.
For Winter Heading yon onnnot find a more liberal offer.
If any of the above, however, do not etrike you uh what you
want, write uh . we will give you u good liberal clubbing offer
with any periodical published in the United Suites. Don't put
it otT. New in your time. Addreen,
F««r.vlvl<’r atvll.lrr*iur»'.*«|itn,M, krivlntf
tytupUMiid, ! Iiv IjttiifM* VdviiM'i v l»«'|utit-
¡«‘lit. Tho ClitttAiw® db A!»«i' In« t u.»
The DifTerenco.
Biggs— I am so stout that I know ex
ercisv would do me lot» of good.
Tanis—Then why don’t you get out
and shovel that snow off the walk?
Biggs- -That’s not ryercu»e, that* a
The I .ate Iubinented.
“T don’t believe Mrs Jones grieves any
1'ion* over the death of her first hus­
band, now that .‘die has married a sec­
ond husband.”
“No, the second husband docs thut.”
—Texas Sifter.,
A grocer in CbapliD, Ky., recently
found a diamond worth $7o in a burr ci
of sugar.
The oldest school-teacher in Connec­
ticut is said to be Horace Staples, of
West|Mirt, wbocelebruted his 94th birth­
day recently.
In Murray, Ky., a farmer arranged
with an auctioneer to sell a mule ut
auction. The mule brought one dol­
lar, and the furmcr paid 5u cents auc­
tioneer’s fees.
T raoe M arks
D esigns
C opyrights A c .
Anvono tending a sketch and deaciiptlnn may
gnlcklv ascertain our opiniou free wnether an
Invention w probably patentable, ( onirntinlcn
th .*• *• ri.t'«■ <■• HULii-nt ml. 11 .null >• >< < di Patente
»«•nt free. < »blest iitfenry for *«•<•»>ring patent«.
Patents taken tiir- uuh Munn A Co. receive
tpcrMl furttce, without charge, in tin»
Scientific American.
A hannaomely illuRtrated weekly, l./ircost cir­
culation of nny fcientlttc Jotirnul. Term», |:i a
yonr; four months, fl. gold by all newsdealer*.
MUNN & Co.36,B’°*d-'” New York
Branch Office. 625 F Ht.. Wnshlngton, 1). 0.
In every town
and village
may be had,
His Life Saved by Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
‘‘B. L. Byer, a well known cooper
of this town, says he believes Cham­
berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diar­
It a file for a Preacher.
rhoea Remedy saved his life last
A Georgia paper tells of a raffle for
THE NEWHOMESEWINGMACHINECO a minister that was recently held in summer. He had been sick for a
that makes your
Parrott, Ga., the loser being compelled month with what the doctors call
horses glad.
Oil Cw.
New York, Chicago, Ill., St Louis, Mo., Atlan­
to take him. The Methodist congréga­
ta, Ga., Dallas, Tex., San Francisco, Cui.
bilious dysentery, and could get
tion was having a revival which had
dragged its length along until the con­ nothing to do him any good until
gregation had become worn out with he tried this remedy. It gave him
church-going and providing for the
Manager Wanted.
preachers, who came from all around immediate relief,” says B.T. Little,
to assist in the cause. The la-t preach­ merchant, Hancock, Md. Foreale
Trustworthy, either sex. by
er that came was the straw that broke by H. M. Horton, Burns; Fred
I Wholesale Merchandise ¡Company
the back of the dromedary. No one
wanted him. and a meeting* of the Haines, Harney.
of solid financial standing, to man­
stewards waa held to consider bow
age Local Representative who will
he was to be provided for. One of them
Stop tin* Cough
100 rns TRAJFCTOftT JOO YD5 tsajfctort
^proposed to draw straws for him.
organize clubs among consumers,
Hat oh f at 50 yard«
Height at 100 ,«rd*
|..’J inche,
5 ftj iou-c»
and Work off tlie Colti.
which was not agreed to. but finally
400 YARD«? trajfctory
per cent saved for our customers.
Hripht at 1 *0 y»rj*
the question was settled by a proposi­ Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
IA 38 ini bet
Business no experiment but it prov­
tion to raffle the minister off. and this
Th* Up-»o-Hat* !jrrn in high power repute’**
actually happened, the steward who cure’a cold in one day. No Cure, en success. Salary $1S a week, ex­
is the 12 40 Marlin with Smokeless Steel
Barrel using 32 40 High Pressure Car­
made the lowest throw taking the un­ No pay. Price 25 centB.
This Cartridge has a ve­
penses advanced. Experience un­
welcome preacher and providing for
locity of over 2,000 feet per
second with consequent
necessary. Address, I). B. Clark­
his physical wants during the clSsii:^
Stock Inspectors.
hours of the long religious services.
son, Mgr., 334 Dearborn St. Chicago.
can u«e
rhe ordinary
Notice is hereby given that I
32 40 Rlacb pow­
T here are 650 beasts, 1.391 birds and
der cartridge ,v <th 1400
fee» per «eennd velocity. m
360 reptiles in the London zoological have duly appointed the following
the time rifle when • ••u wi«h. aa
♦he regular twiat of one torn in aiatccn
deputy stock inspector fur Harney $20 to $25 WEEKLY
ln<-he« |« u*ed in rifling.
F emale bootblacks arc reported to
120 Onge Cntnlnf. JOO Ithiitrattoni. corer in
County, Oregon :
ff »<»»«, mailed for J tfontp«
Work at your home. No canvaFB- I
be multiplying in Paris and other
French cities.
ing. Work legitmate and horora-
S tatistics prove that not less than John Jenkins.......................... Smith hie. Ad dress
thirty-iwj hundred babies are torn
Dick Smith.......................... Andrews
every duy on United States soil.
214 Spring St.
Seattle, W iih I i .
N ewt H oover ,
Stock Inspector.
Reduced to FIFTY
New Idea
'T'HIS Is the cheapest and best
Fashion Magazine now be­
fore the American public. It shows
New Ideas in Fashions, in Millinery,
in Embroidery, In Cooking, in
Woman's Work and in Reading;
beautifully illustrated in colors and
In black and white. Above all. It
shows the very fashionable New I dea
S tyles , made from N ew I dea P at ­
ferns , which cost only tOc. each.
Send Five Cents To-day
for a single ospyof the New I dka W oma W' s
M agazine , and see what great value
fcr the money it can gi/e you.
6 36 Broadway. New York. N Y
(your own select hhi i to everv sub­
Only 50 cents a year.
. b’-.iutifttl r<>lo«r«| plair* ; latrai
(. in I hihi * . «b<»m.ikiiiK « • «ni«'nn-.’» ; f.nn y
In»«t“. I k 1 uhi . etc
<•< rii»«* I>« <1^v, <»r. sriHj a lor l.»t«-* t copy
Lady aurais w.«<itr<l
Srnd l«»r 1er him
Stylish, R k I i . i I i I c , S iiii pl»*. lTp-tn.
.ite. E« <» hohi u..i I .trill AhMilutely
•criect-l ittiiig l*.i|M*r Patterns.
I’. S. IzHTitl Office, Burns, Oregon, Febr. 1, 1903.
Notice is hereby given tlnnt «frssle M. Me­
tt ul 1 in,of Drewsey.Harney,county Oregon, has
filed notice of intention to make proof on his
de.-ert-land claim No. 199, for the HE’/jN E‘4
Her 2', Tp 21, M R TI E W M, before Register and
Re< elver at Burns. Oregon, on SatMrday, the
28th day of March, 1903,
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of »aid
land: Jacob Wright, Eugene A, Heath, Notie
Oard and Frank Holliday, all of Drewsey»
| Oregon.
W m . F a kick , Register.
Bears the
c u
and suppositories will not,
positively cannot--do more
than relieve you.
It requires an internal
remedy to remove the cause
and eflect a permanent cure.
Ask your druggist for Dr.
I’errin’s Booklet on the sub­
. ,7^^’ r-.''V>V,.
*• *
» ■! '
(Patent Attorneys,}
Evans Building,
! »••••••••••••••••••woteeecaz««»
— TriE-
W eekly I a I ter O cea N. i
T is the most stalwnit ano unsweiv^ng Republican Weekly pub- •
lislvil Io lay and can always be relied upon for lair and honest re-J
noris of «11 political affair.«.
| The Weekly inter Ocean Supp'les A I of the News
and the Best oi Current Literature.
U ul U {
It is Morally Clean, and as a Family Paper is Wiilioul a I’oer.
I iternry columns arc equal
to those ot the best magazines.
Its Youtn’s Depart mi nt is the
f nest of its k nd. ........
for the »HNWJi, »HNEJi, Sec. 2, Tp. 23
SI E. W. M.
He name, the following witnca.c« lo prove
hi« continilou» re.idence upon and cultivation
of «aid land, viz:
Krneat William«, Ira William«, (leor-e W.
Shaw and Bay Illcken.on, all of Burna, Oregon.
Wii. F'Aititg, Keghter. i
Our fee returned if we fail. Any ono sending sketch and description of
any invention will promptly receive our opinion free concerning the patent­
ability of name. “IIow to obtain a patent ” sent upon request. Patents
secured through us advertised for sale at our expense.
I atents taken out through us receive special notice, without charge, in
T he P atent R ecoup , an illustrated and widely circulated journal, consulted
by Manufacturers and Investors.
Send for sample copy FREE. Address,
The Greatest Republican Paper of the West.
U 8 I.niul office, Burn», Oregon, Mar' ll 4.1903.
i Notice I. hereby given that the following,
i named settler h». filed notice of hla Intention
to make final proof In support of hl. claim, and
that «aid proof w ill be made liofore Itcgixter and
Keceiver at Burna, Oregon, on April 13,1903,
vli: Hd Entry, No. sal,of
John H. Culp,
One Cent
Buy a postal card and send to The New York
Tribune Farmer, New York Citv, for a free
specimen copy.
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ted Agricultural Weekly for faruiera ami
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the people west, of the Alle.-h >nv Mour>lalias Limn any olher paper.
The Daily md Sunday Edi- 5
. . . . . . . . . . . . RìS”" ”Mr?
t'ODS of Tlæ Inter Ocedll nre S IMIIy and Bunday Ly m all.
the IcU of IheJ k.nd .
....... 16 00 |)P, year J
- . { Adilre«. THF! INTER OCRAN.Chleam.*