Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, February 21, 1903, Image 2

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The bill for an inheritance tax
S VTl'KDAY I l'i'.RlAKÏ 21 l!"
tn Oregon only rojnires the Gov-
«•mor's signature to become a law.
!• [»revides that when an inheri­
A smokeless locomotive is the
di vise. Inquest, legacy, gift,
latest triumph ot an American in-
intert .-t shall pass to
. «nv father, mother, husband, wife,
child, brother, sister, wife or widow
A peaceful and satisfactory out­
or a son, or the husband of a daugh­
come of the Venezuelan situation
ter. or anv adopted child, the tax
is now secured.
I on the estate shall be I per cent, of
the appraise«! value thereof. If the
The road brand law which pass «•state i« valued nt less than $10,000
ed the house bv a good majority ♦ it is not .«object to tax. and in the
received it» death blow in the case of the tax on estates above
that value the tax is to be levied
only tt|»on th«' excess of $50u0 re­
President Roosevelt says he is ceived by each person. When the
much pleased with the «'iti-trust «■state passe» to an uncle, aunt,
legislation accomplished at ’his niece or nephew the tux is at the
rat«» of 2 per cent on the excess of
session of Congress.
$b?00 received by each person. In
In the Idahf. legislature a bill all other cases the tax is at the rate
providing for the initiative and of 3 per cetrt. upon the appraised
referendum amendment to the con­ value of the inheritance received
by each person, bo lv politic or cor­
stitution was defeated.
porate, on all amounts over $50u0
and n<»t exceeding $10,000; 4 per
George B. Cortelvou. who was
cent on all amounts from $10,000
private secretary to Ihesident Mc­
to $20.000; 5 ptr cent on amounts
Kinley and later in the same from *2,.>.(k>0 to $50 (HR) and 6 per
capacity to President Roosevelt, cent ou ad amounts at ore $50.090.
has been named as the hi a 1 of the
Many other states have adapted a
new cabinet position recently creat­
similar bill and it has rapidly
ed— Secretary of Commerce and
grown in fi.vor. Prop rtv that often
escapes will I t prop-rly taxed and
the revenues of the state considera­
The bill amending the bank­
bly increased.
ruptcy law has been sign I by the
The nm-t important
modifications are those relating to
preferred creditors, ami m iking the
Twenty-nine of the 45 states have
giving of a false mercantile state­
ment, or the making of a fraudu­ declared through their I. gislatures
lent transfer, or a previous bank­ in favor of direct election of Unite«!
ruptcy within six years, o jections States Senators. Some of these
to a discharge.
states have gone far enough to ask
for a Constitioual convention in
English reports show that while that particular. Should 30 states
the United Sta’es has nine time.« apply u. «¡er the Constitution—that
the mileage of the railroads of is. two third« of thestutes Congress
Great Britian, yet the latter carried would have to provide a Constitu-
twice a« many passengers in 1902. tio« al convention But. the appli­
The most interesting comparison cations would have all to be made
liesj in the number of passengers at or.ee, according to the present
killed and injured during the year understanding.
rallied. 219 killed and 4,129 in­
Those states which have asked
jured is the record of the United that a Constitutional amendment
States, while in Great Britian only be submitted for the election of
476 were injured and not a single Senators by popular vote are:
pa.-senger wa« killed.
California, Colorado,
Florida. Idaho, Illinois, Indiana,
John Wanamaker once said : Iowa, Kansas. Kentucky, L »uisiana.
“There is only one way to ad v«-r- Michigan. Minnesota, Mi«.-;»- ppi.
tise and that is to hammer vour Montana. Nebraska, Nevada, New
name,your location, your business Hampshire, North Carolina. North
so constantly, so persistently, so Dakota.Ohio.Oregon.I ’ennsy lva nia-
thoroughly intozhe people's he ids, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah,
that if they walked in their sleep Washington, Wisconsin and Wy­
they would constantly turn to oming.
It is almost impossible to sav
your store.
The newspaper is
your l»est friend in spit»1 of your what Senators have failed to carry
criticism. It helps build up the out the wishes of their states in
community which support you. this regard, because there has never
When the day comes that the been a vote, direct or indirect, upon
Many efforts have
newspapers are dead the people the subject.
a vote, but all
are near the edge of their grave
The proposi­
with no «»tie to write their epi­
discharge the
committee or» privileges and elec­
tions and refer the considei at ion of
the subj-ct, but some way it Las
le-en passed over without a vote.
The committee on privileges and
elections has onct or twice reported
the iesoliiiion adversely, because
a niHv..ity of the committee was
against it. and it ha« been called up
tor discus.-ion in the Senate but a
direct vote has dodged. According
to the present outlook, unless the
personnel of the Senate should
change very materially, there is no
|'«is-ibility of the passage <>f the
resolution providing for the elec­
tion of Senators by direct yote.
When Senator Mitchell was a
member of the committee on priv-
iieg-s and elections he tried to se­
cure a vote on th«- question. When
lie returned after an interval he
was refused a ¡da te on that com­
mittee because of his known advo­
cacy of direct election.—Orcgotiiuri.
A Washington dispatch says At­
torney-General Knox will lose no
time in availing himself of th? new
law giving anti-trust suits pece-
dence in Federal courts.
I’e will
lirst ask to have the suit «gainst
the Northern Securities Company
advanced, so that the Supreme
Court may pa«s on constitutional
questions involved at the October
l< 1U1.
I»l|sines* College l.«x-:t|«
The college is in its usual good
health and spirits, .15 students
have been enrolled and ill are vo k
ing happily and beginning to real­
ize the value of their labor.
Alfred Johnson, one of tho nn»st
promising young men of the county
and in fact ot Ea-tern Orvgoti, who
has been attending the Business
college has purchased a one-third
interest with his father in about
*00 head of cattle un«l three of the
largest and generally considered
the best rinehes on Silver Creek.
Alfred is a most worthy young
man and we are proud of him us a
stu lent and will always be glad to
welcome him ns a friend and asso­
The students of the cominercial
departmet.t are taking examination
in book-k«eping this tveek.
New students since l ist publi­
cation are Chester Carter, Walter
Calkins. Burns; Corie Sinvth of
Happy Yaliey.
Last Saturday evening, about
95 guests assembled at the college
rooms to celebrate the anniversary
of the organization of the college
A splendi«! supper was
prepared and a m >st e ijoyable
time had by all. Music was furn­
ished bv Mrs. Leonard. Mrs. King
Alice Hamilton and others, while
speeches and toasts were made bv
Lester Hamilton, Jas Simmervilie.
Rev. Irwin, Mrs. Foley, Dr. Brown­
ton Mr. Sweek. Following is the
poem of welcome coiu|“ose«i for the
occasion and rend bv M E. Rigby
liavo rolled tie'stone away;
Win“«; the rosy ti"t« ot morn ng shall
have blended into i I. b » ;
When the toils of ilav are eniled and
tlie ahadcH ot eve have come,
You »ill wear vour well earn«Hl laurels,
as you near your zuilsot home.
Laurels tinted with tho sunset blended
with tho heaven's blue,
Sparkling with the deeds of kindnoM
as tiie morning w Illi the dew.
Laurela deep with golden value, as the
sun’s departing ray,
Blends the golden tint«of sunset with
the shades of evenings gray.
Toil on, students, do not weary, let your
lives t>e as tlm day,
\nd at last when evenings siliwt almll
reflect on blows of grav,
May the world feel that sweet lie.City; I
ut your life day's balmy close
As when evenings golden sunset S|a'aks I
tlie language of the rose.
A well known Westerner who has
been watching the unties of Senu’or
Beveridge in the statehood debate
gives the following accurate defini­
tion of bis name: "A s«>ft drink,
on«> that frequently blows out its
cork, fizzes, foams and slops over
prodigiously, but js weak and in-
cipid to the taste and is seldom
swallowed by any but wotuetl mid
Foi' Infanta and Children
I A\ck’ctablc Preparali' >:t for A*»
siinilaiinij ihcFoodniulRcdulii
, hii|(theSlutuavlisatulBowelsuf
Boars ilio
|*ronwlcs Dicesti au Cheerful
ncss and Rest t’otthiins licitilir
Optiiin.Morphinc nor Mineral
.»'.vi/ -
^iu«r <**/ *
For Over
Thirty Years
lifer«» .l**g
U» •
N ot N akc ’ ottc .
.// a
The Kind You Have
Always Bough!
Aperteci lì» ui Iv fot
i. •dipt
lion, bout Sli’iiutch Dt.irrli >. i
Wcri’i ,t onvtil iMts.Fewri h
rteas etui L ohs of Si ei :1‘.
FaeSiit'ile Signatur« «T
The Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean
is the only weekly newspaper pub­
lished in Chicago in connection
with the great daily pa|M“r».
contains n judiciously selected
summary ot the news of the nation
and world, the hist stoiies, home,
TM( MMr«'» <n«•»•**. H»w •<>•• »IT».
farm, woman’s, and other special
•'* »«
departments, and fair, patriotic.
able editorials, written from n Re­
publican viewprint. It is bv far
the l»est general newspaper ot the
Western States. The regular price
for the Wo kly I nt« r < >• can is $ 1 .<M
It is natural for youth to st.mil
ai.<1 for the Hurney \ alley Items
Upon the border of that land,
$1 .50, but subscriptions will bo re­
And gaze into the future, that mistv
ceiver! ut this ollrce for the two
untried realm,
That w ill II >at as di I <»id Noah’s Ark, pa-pt rs in combination for one year
And hold th -mselyes the hi-lni.
for only $1.50.
When softest tints of early in rn
A Remarkable Record.
Break through the mist e’er day is born
Anil touches al! the land
Chamber Iain’s Cough Remedy
It is natural to dream great dreams
a remarkable record. It has
Wherein the sun with golden beams
Obeys earh slight •otnrt.and.
l»een in use for over thirty years,
during which time many million
To lift the harpor sacred lyre,
Whose tones, though « »ft, refl -et a fire, battles have been sold and used. It
The lire w itliin the soul;
has long been the standard and
The tire that only youth ran feel
main reliance in the treatment of
As each with woute l pride .nd saal
croup in thousands of hou.es, vet
I.s pressing toward the g >al —
during a'l this time no case has
We see them, noble youth and maid
Int > whose lives have crept the shade ever l« en reported to the manufact­
Of theai»pr »urliing day.
urers in which it failed to effect a
L. WoLDENBERG. SR , I’roj rietor.
With earnest n. in and Io»1- intent,
cure. W hen given ns soon ns the
With brightest hopes to future lent,
The BiTviees of a brewer «>f long years experienc«* has been se­
ehilil become-» hoarse or even a«
Tiiev approach the mystic way.
cund utui the ori duct of tuts Brewery is «»f the best grade in tho ’
soon as the croupv cough appears,
Each r.t»-p is made with greatest care,
Inland Empire.
I’lacu a trial order and you will nut be disap­
it will ¡»revent the attack.
It is
Each heart twats high, for hope is there
pleasant to take, many children
Concealed within each breast.
like it.
It contains no opium or BURNS,
And as they gaze upon the world
Whose mysteries ar- vet unfurled
other harmful substance and may
Ambition knows no rest.
lie given as confidently to u baby
as to an adult. For sale by II. M.
The nation, proud of every r »n
Whose noble deeds a place has won
Horton, Burns; Fred Haines, Har­
The bar is supplied with none
For him of high degree.
the very best brands of
Ho ds high a piiz.-, Let him who i in ay
Join with the L aders of the day
Wines, Liquors and Carbonated
The race for all is free.
Stop tin- Cough
drinks, and the Choicest Cigars.
anil Work oil' III«- Cold
Your patronage solicited.
But lei us pause ’tis time to dwell
Laxative Bromo-Quininc Tablets
And raise the curtain fora s|>ell
Courteous treatment to all.
eurea cold in one day. No Cure,
And gaze upon the past—
N > pay. I’tice 25 cents.
Corner north of postoflice.
What words the past has ever told
What Words, tho’, each were pun:gold
Il is pow<-r to paint, power to unfold,
Stock Inspectors.
l'ower to loose or p»v.-r to hold
’1 hose h j irs too dear to last.
Notice is hereby given that I
have duly appointed the following
Glimpses we catch of a mei ry throng,
Snaichi-s, p-rhaps, of an old time song deputy Block inspector for Hurney
And, ai t- I by memory, to ami fro—
County, Oregon :
\\ e watch each feature come ami go.
A. B Colenbaitgb.................. Burns
The room is plain, but the smiles that
And IIa>ve One Cent
Jenkins...................... Smith
Buy a postal curd and send to The New York
Their liapriy part drive the gloom away,
And, lit bv the smiles of •• i-h happy face
N ewt HoovEit.
Tribune Farmer, New York City, for u free
The room,tho’rough, with peculiar grace
specimen copy.
Stock Inspector.
R* fleet« a cheer with the som of mvrth
1 he Tribune Farmer is a National Illustra­
That ha» rnaife it the sacred spotonearth
Agricultural Weekly for farmers and
Ami reflected again uy a happy throng
St oek li olile is’ Meet Ing,
their families, and stands nt the head of tho
That will linger in memory as lingers
the song-—
agricultural press.
The price is $1 00 pi r
Notice is hereby given that a
The essetu-e of every feature caught
you can secure it with
As memory lakes the place of thought. meeting of the stockholders of the
your own favorite local newspaper. T’
Citizens’ Business College Amo ia-
ITEMS, at a bargain.
Both papers fl 50.
lion will be at the College, in
A year lias passed, again we m -et,
Send money and order to The ITEMS.
Burns, Thursday February 26, 1ÎHKJ
Again w ith joy each other greet,
for the purpose of electing officers,
Again with joy we give the cheer
And aw ike the harp of the coming year am! for the transaction of such
Depart »al thoughts from each mind other business as may come before
the meeting.
Let each so tl tie glad.each heart lie gay
All stockholders are requested to
Awake the joys of tin- year gone bv
With the old time songs that shall float
on high,
Dalton Biggs, Scc’y.
And re cho from the vault above
I he Southern Oregon State Normal School opens Wednesday,
The eld time jov—the old time love.
September loth. Full faculty ; improv«<1 building; exhaustive
And, students, 'tis my happy lot
To bid you welcome, and should not
course of study; ea< h deparhn'mt filled by a specialist. Latin
These feeble words express that j >y
and economicH added for the benefit «»f those preparing to tench
For Infants and Children.
I feel, the reason is, I ill employ
in High School«, but are optional. $200 in cash prizes for excel­
The agents that so oft have 11 mg
Ths Kind You Have Always Bought
lence in oratory and athletics. Expenses light; social conditm t«
.Sweet fragrance from an abler tongue.
Bears tho
ideal. Send for catalogue.
B. F. MI’LKEY, President,
biguaturo of
’.’’OKI) THOM VS, Secretary’
Toil o.i -tudctitz,and when Angels shall
Harney Valley Brewery