Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, October 04, 1902, Image 1

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\ The Oldest and Most;
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Harney Valley Items
vol .
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II. M«|utyr». rnoprl.t.ir
OWM- N> ¿'"«bv««". K4ll«r ""4 M»««««»,
• 1.50 I'rr »ar.
Mi* Months .5 Cent«.
to criminal and civil suit for tree-
ptss and damage.
Where the grazing of sheep in
any reserve has been or may be
allowed by the Secretary of the Condensed Dispatcher« Gathered
"k'*hil'' •
Interior, the grazing areas estab­ From all Parts of the World.
in1<-rc*t*<l in golf n>u«t ne'-dx know
Hulea hik I
Laid lished and the number of sheep to
"uioethiag <>f ¡1» origin over In Scot­
Dowu By ttie Department.
land. In hi» b'.ok. “The Art of Golf."
lie allowed thereon decided tt|>on,
.Sir IV. G. Sonptnn tell» th»- following
tho forest officers are duly advised
|iretty story »* to benr the game had
The Emperor of Corea ¡8 dead.
thereof and will give due notice to
it« bcffiatting:
Hardvara of Evory Description.
“A »hephoril leading Id" shci¡»
Rresident Rooacvelt has author­
Th» Land Office at thia place is
‘ oftes cbarice upon a round " pet b-
to applications , which applications ized the taking of a census in the would
blr. arid, having hi* crook in hi» hand.
in receipt of the following rules
are to be submitted to the General
■ Mould »trike it away; for it is a» inn i-
and regulation« governing Forest Land Office through the forest
table that a man with a ‘tick in hi-
Governor Bliss, of Michigan, has Im nd should aim » blow at any loo»»-
supervisor in charge of the reserve. I
te idered the vacant senatorship in object lying in 13» path a* ihnt hr
“The pasturing of livestock, that state to General R. A. Alger. should breathe-. Over paitare» green
*13 The pasturing of sheep »nd
il»:. led to nothing; but once upon ;•
goats on the public lands in the other than eheep »ml goats, will;
Henry Strutton, son of the Crip­ time a certain »hepherd, feeding bi»
forest reservations is prohibited; not be prohibited in the forest re­
»beep on a link», perhaps that < f St.
Provided, That in the Stales of Ore­ serve so long as it appears that ple Creek millionaire who died Andrew», rolled one of th«-»«- »t< tie»
gon snd Washington, where the injury is not being done the forest recently, will contest his father's into a rabbi: scrape.
•‘’Mary.” qin»tb lie. ‘I could i.< 1 da
{continuous moisture and abund­ crowth and the water supply, and will.
that if I tried,’« thought which ncr»c»l
of other« are not thereby
ant rainfalls of the Cascade and the rights
____ _ _ .................. .. .......
bin: to the attempt. But a ui.:i; can­
Mc’y and tren«.
Pacific coast ranger make rapid re- jeop irdized,” means that the Sec- steel magnate, pvovee to be the not long per»« »ere alone in soy ardu­
ous undertaking, to Mr. Shi phertl
new»l of herbage and undergrowth retary of the Intcribr will not, man who contributed $100,000 for bailed another, who was bard by. to
possible, the Commissioner of th* generally, prohibit the grazing of, relief of the P.oers.
witne»» the endeavor. ‘That I» »: •>.’
*aid the friend, ar.d. trying, fa’k-ti.
General Lund Office may, with the cattle and horses in the forest re-1
Latest advice? from Panama » '1 hey now searched the gra-s for the
approval of the Secretary of the In­ serves. It does not, however, allow
rouadeat stone», ami,leasing deepened
terior, allow th« limited grazing of persons to enter the reserve with state that everything looks a« if lhe rabbit rerapc. »<> that the »tunes«
tlrere would be no more trouble might not jump out < f it. they set
Abstract« Furnished and Title Guaranteed to all Lands in Earner
sheep within the reserves, or parts their stock until the Secretary
them«f.-lvc> to practice putting.
of reserve«, within said States: has decided that injury will not be I with the insurgents on the Isthmus. i • “The »trp.p^er but less .-killful ?l.c|e
And also provided, That when it done and the rights of others will
Indian Territory officers killed herd. Ctxlng biinself wor-te»l at tl.e
proteeted thut it w.-is a
«ha t app* r that tho limited pas­ not he jeopardized, and until they two ouilaws and injured two more amusement,
fairer test of »kill to | lay for the hole
In members of toe famous Bart Casey from a conilderable distanur. With
turage of sheep and goats in a have permits dulv issued
Office in Bank Building
Bought and Sold on Coin tn it «ion.
reserve, or part of a reserve, in any’ every case the Secretary determines gang in a fight near Muscogee last Uiis arranged, ’he game w...- Í» in >1 to
be much more varied anil inti rest inc.
State or T- rritory will not work an the number of cattle and horst s Fridav.
The »be. i» basing meanwhile st raye»!,
injury to the reserve, that the pro-1 that may be allowed in tach re­
the- »hepberii» bad to go after the:-,-.
The I'ostofiice Denartmcnt ba9
“This proving an • »<■»■ 'iingiy irk­
Itelion and improvement of the serve; the action thererfter beingtbc
notified all postmasters that during some interrupt ir n. they lilt upon the
Rea». I xjihim No. 70, K of !*
forests for the purpose of insuring
the winter months it will be i m- ’ ingenious device of nulling a circular
Meat« «very rhur.d.v night.
a permanent supple of timber and that
I court.» of holes, which enablad them
possible to transmit mail matter in to play and herd at tlie *am<* time.
V M Jord.«, (’ C. I
the conditions favorable to a con “annual permits may be granted
S. Motherahrad, K of K. 8.
the form of parcels to jioints in These holes being now many ami far
tii.u > uh water flow, and the « »U r n iis supervisor in charge of the
apart, it became nece»»«ry to marte
-e • rve tofierson» living within the
•u, plv of the people will not b<
their whereabout», which was ensih
lluriiH, Oretrnll.
Mwli ««-ouït «nd fourth M-iudav of
verselv afleeted bv the presen«f 1
:s of reserve” for the pasturing
Instructions have been sent to <‘one by ir.. « n« of a tug of „oi l front n
-beep attached to a stick, a prin. tin-
each monili in Maaonic lixll, Vo«irti»
Main St —opfHMii'e Bank
sheep and goats within theres.rit u' not exceeding one hundred head all the United States foreign officers kind of flag »till n«ed or; many greens,
Inn 141 ng Mr«. M »ggfr loivena. W M.
the Commissioner of the Grn»r<l ot '■•(.! tie or horses, or of cattle and bv Secretary llav telling them to almost in its original form. Sim-»-
Mr» Eanice Tbo*p«<*n, See.
Land Other may. with the approval h' -■ b combined.
do everything in their power to tbe»e »afly ».ay» ti e e»sential- of tho
game have altered but little.”
Hl’RNg UHKJF, NO. 97. A F. ¿ A M.
Each resident within a reserve secure displays for the St. Louis
of the Secretary ufthe Interior .-iso
W L. Mertd.a.
John W Oeary,
St-nt.KB«*« l*r»»l«r V'nlir.
M«-ts Rstiirday on orbnbsw («II moon,
allo* th« limited grazing of »• t .who owns one hundred head of Exposition.
Maj. Jim<:t 1!. Bond, < f world-wide
f*f»yst’tan« A Surgeon*.
ri««liS»d hrnCher« fraternally in>n«wi,
and gosts within such reserve. Per hors. a and cattle, or a less number,
repute a« a p’h>t of t tlebntiis of thr
• T Kenron. W. M. F. N. Rieder,
Secretary Hav has received a ,-or.cert «tag? and tlie “lyceum.” tell»
Burns. Oregon.
mission to graze sheep »nd goa!? u.us make application to the forest
letter from the leader of the Ar­ <>t a waiter, a Jieotsioan, of whem h<
£0^Otflce it residence ’Phone JO.
within the reserves will be refused suj • rvisor for the privilege of pas-
menian National Union asking bis • •nee ii.quirei. the exact time to have
lit KN.« l.ohGL. \<t tiO, A O. V. W.
in all cases where such g"azi g is ti.r ..g no more of this kind of 6tock
to catch the m< ruing boat plyir.g be­
M««ta at Brown ball e»»»tv I rMav •ve­
intervention with the European tween ttie river town where tie wa>-
detrimental to the reserves or t > to than be actually owns, and must
Vi«itnnr brother« fraternally In- QIOOS A BIQOS.
powers in behalf of tne Armenians visiting ami the n< xt »topping | lace
v’ted. Ttioa Sagnra. W. M. Chan. N
the interests dependent ther <>, have a permit from the forest
J. W ulte,
Dalton Bitt«
< ti hi» ilinerarv.
<> k tiran», Recorder
in Turkey.
I h« pasturing of livestock,
ieri -bi rvisor. to be issued on a form
“Weel. I canna* tell ye j\i whit tine
than sheep and goats, will not b< 1 provided bv the Department, All ' Stockmen tn Southern Oregon "twill be; but if ye’ll leave the ntin-
H IRNKY !X)DGR. NO. 77. I. O. O F
i nites afore ye tie the »teumer coiaiii*
M m U every Natimi iv evening, B own’"
prohibited in the forest reserv<? so applications by residents within report one of the best years ever 1 roon the p‘int. ye’ll “ist l>e in time t<.
Visiting brutlu-rn fraternally in-,
in Bank builiing.
long a« it appears that injury is the reserve for a greater number known in the history of the indue cutch it, sir. l’biiaiielpliia Time*.
Frank O Jocknon, N G.
U. G. Stni'h, S«cm’»ry
not being done the forest growth than one hundred head, and nil try The cattle on the ranges, and
Had (ter Must dvlraee.
nod water supply, and the rights application», regardless of the those coming in tor shipment, are Tn responding to the t< «st "Sei»
at a banquet, in New Y< rk reei ritly
TU'E CIRCLE. NO 1«. ’V<»MEN <»F s ^ ilua «» a riTzuEKAt.n
of others are not thereby jeopar­ number of cattle and horses. in remarkably tine condition.
Weoderaft. Meet« 2nd and 4th Tne— I
I’resiumt 1‘ritt-lu 11, <rf l!.< Ma,.-:icbu-
M FitFRcraK,
dar at Brown’" hull Mr«. Tilli « Ionian, Thernlnn WIlliMa.
diz'd. Owners of all live lock will whether over 130 or under 100, by
»etts Institute of Tevhnoloey. tohl
A law authorizing sshool dis­ ibis
Mr«. Ione Waiting
4t*arn«)*at Law.
Notary Public. le- required to make application to jH-rsons outside of the reserve must
*tury: “In a lli'ilin -vlio- I tin
tricts to combine and conduct oné other ciav a teacher .«ait! l«> a .-mull
Law, Notarial and Real Eet'ite
th» Commissioner of the General be submitted to the forest super­
school for several districts, is a boy: •Who won tin btrt tie of New Or­
Land Office for peimits to graze visor in charge of his approval
Church AuaounreMe.it«.
leans’." ‘Why .Tim Ct rbett. of course.'
measure that will l»e proposed for was the answer. ‘How did that bait­
Bum«. Or»g»»n.
Sunday School at Harnrv the «“Office in obi Masonic building
enactment by the next legislature. pen?’ a«kvd the teacher, thiukii g i<>
Permits will only be granted on the application to the Commission­
first Sunday of each month at 10
A similar law is in force in some of »it the boy right, ’lie won.* was the
the express condition and agree­ er of the General Land Office. It
prompt reply, ‘Iteetiure be liatl mere
On the second,
o'clock, A M
the Eastern states, and is found »Hence than the other gny.‘
ment on the part of tho applicants approved, ’.he honorable Secretary
third and fourth Sundays of each
entirely satisfactory.
«•at! □ ( hri’Tiicle
that they will agree to fully com­ I issues the permit the same a? in the
month at 3 o’clock P. M
Practical Land Surveyor.
ply with all and singular the re­ ease of sheep. The total numeer
The circulation of a story it» the I
ing services every second Sunday
K tarna, Oregon, quirements of any law of Congress of cattle and horses covered by all > fleet that Morgan savs that Roose-.
at 8 I*. M.
»1,1 It XV««.
now or hereafter enacted relating applications and permits to be veil must be defeated tor tl.e notn-
Madge- llolly -cein* Ju In- »«u iy it
At the Presbyterian church
g W. MILLEk,
to the grazing of livestock on furest count-d against the total nuHiber j ¡nation, and in ease he should be over something.
Burns. Rev. A J. Irwin pastor.
Marjuri« Ye -, »he sat on tl « lieai l-
reserves, and with »11 and singular allowed in the reserve. Stock of nominated the Democrats must
Divine services the third and fourth
(lay y esterday, anti <1< e-n’t kit. u
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
the requirements of any rules ai <1 of all kinds will receive preference put up a safe man like Cleveland,! all
vet whether »he will taji or blister. -
Sundays of each mouth at 11 a. m.
Etr . eorr.etly ntdr.
regulations now or hereafter adopt­ in the following order, viz:
who would defeat him at tho polls,
y. <
and 7:30 p. ru. Sabbath school at OSloe .1 »lor.
Hur». Or.foB.
ed hi pursuance of any such law of
1. Stock of residents within the is creating considerable seriousi
10 a. in. every Sibbith morning.
Congress ; and upon failure t* coin- reserve.
comment amotng financiers.
I New Wrapper! New Wrapper
Preaching aervices at the Baptist H. VULP, A. M . M. D. i ply therewith the permits granted
2. Stock of persons who own per­
According to the report of Pen­ goods.—N. Brown Ar Sott«
church every Island 2nd Sundays,
them will be revoked and the aui- manent stock ranches within the re-
Physician and Surqeon,
sion Commissioner Ware there are
morning »nd evening. Sunday
inals removed from the reserves, serve, but who rcsido outside of the
now nearly 1,000.000 names sti the; S tays or Omo.Ctir or T oledo j
hool every Sunday at 10 «. tn. <^“Office at residence.
Permits will also lie revoked for a reserve
L lscas C ocxtv .
pension rolls. The total amount.
Oregon violation of any of the terms there­
prayer meeting «vary Thursday I Burns,
3 Stock of persona living in the
i P»>d out in pensions during the
, .
of or of the the terms of the appli­ immediate vicinity ot the reserve .
liscal year »mounted to $13i,u04,j he is senior partner of the firm of
cation on which based. Annual called neighboring stock.
Servieea at Christian Science1
4 Slock of outsiders whe have 27S, a nd the total imount paid out I F. J. Cheney Co., doing businese
Hall, corner east of the Bank, every ;
permits mav be granted by the
sonic equitable.
since the beginning of the Govern­ in the City of Toledo, County and
supervisor in charge of the reserve
Sunday at II a. m. and 8 p ni.
Very respectfully
ment, exclusive of soldiers' homes, State aforesaid, and that said firm
Service Wednesday evenings at 8.
to persons living within the limits
BINGER HERMANN. J is $2,900,854,302.
will pay th« turn nt' One HuttdreU
Everybody is invited te attend
of the reserve, where the total num­
Dollars for each and every case of
these services.
It is mure than likely that the Catarrh that uannot l>e cured by
ber of cattle and horses involved His Life Saved by Chamberlains
Inland Empire towns will l»e call­ I the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Do not lie deceived by those who nd- in the permit does not exceed one
ed upon for larger charities this
ver;l.«« a $i«).00 Sawing Machine for hundr>d head.
Frank J. Cbenev.
$-’0.00. This kind of a machine enu
“B. L. Ryer, a well known cooper winter than usual. Sixtv thou-
Under this rule sheep and goats
Sworn to before me and subscril*-
be l«>ught from us or any of our
deah rw fruin Jlo.UO to $13.00.
are absolutely prohibited in all of this town, says he believes Cham- sand immigrants arc scattered ed in my presence, this fitli dav w
forest reserves unless the Secretary berla’n's Colic, Cholera and Diar­ throughout the Northwest. Manv Deeeml>er. A. D. 1886.
THE NEW HOHE IS THE BEST. of the Interior, under authority of rhoea Remedy saved his life last of them are poor. They have sus­
A. W. Gleasou.
The Feed determines the strength or
He had been sick for a tained themselves by work in the
Notary Public.
wrnkn««« of Sewing Machin««. The the rule, has decided or may decide summer.
Double Feed combined with other that a reserve, or part of » reserve, month with what the doctors call harvest fields and other summer
ntrong j»oints mnkie the New Home
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken iu-
tuav l>e oj>ened to » staled number bilious dysentery, and could get occupations, but soon the opportu­
the bait Hewing Macoiue to buy.
and acta directly on th«
of this kind of stock ; and until nothing to do him any good UDtil
tnueoue surfaces of the
aueh decision i» rendered and the ne tried this remedy. It gave him
ws tusnuiMUMeaatl prSwe bcraopurebailut;
lor testimonials, free.
forest officers duly adviaed thereof immediate relief,” eave B.T. Little, gradually disappear and there need
Jr Co., Toledo, O.
TBB K3U BORE BEWINE UCMIRE 10. sheep amt goats are prohibited, and merchant, Hancock, Md. For sale be no eurpri«e if the calls are
«•««•«. ««ee.
Sold by all Druggist, 75c.
Fred numerous when the cold of winter
all parties responsible for their by H. M Horton,
U Union fVq. Ji. V., CSlru<j, HL, Atl.uU, (Ju.,
Hall’s Family Pills ar« the U m L
—The DaLca Coroi.icle.
SLlR«|.,My., I>i!ta«,Ti’X.,Ww l-'rsnctiro, t ,1 presence in the reserve are liable Hainer, Hamer.
Geer& Cummins
P atents