Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, April 12, 1902, Image 4

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Tuthe Honorable County Court,
An Ingenious Treatment by which m«v lountv, Oivgon:
We, the ui»<lorHun<>>l pctilloncr«,
Drunkards are Bring Cured Daily
Bohl Eorgory Conimltte«! to I>c-
dent«, taspayios, and Isgal voters of
in Spite of Ì hetnselve«.
The man trwxaesl up •io that he «n
tKtlhrr move hand twe foot is in hU
li«lpk»s.ncM a fair type of manv a uiin
affe. ted hv rbelllUfctliUl. Oden the di*-
*.a»e <>nlv partially diaahles. and with
«ruldb .tnl cane t'te auliarer huLblex
juitt' ..ly about.
R',< tit:iati»:'i can I • c'tr- 1 bt the use
®i Or. Pierce’* Golden M.die.A hi«eov-
erv. Thi* great'bl.Kxl purifying tnvdi-
cine eliminates the poison» which cause
the disease. Il iiK'tess«'« the actiihyof
ths- bl»<J-tnal.ing glauds, and eo m-
. reasr* the purity ur.d abundance ot the
blood »uppiv, thuk riving vigor tin 1
vitality to all organs of tlte tody wbi h
depend fur their health eu plenty of
pure blood. It builds uu the body »villi
anti flesh instead of Ilal bv fat. The
- l>i«covrrv" contain, neither «tleohul
g>or narcotics.
«clvc Ilio rubile.
Wild Horse Piwim-t. said <■ -”ir»t v,
No Noxiouc l'osca. No Weakening of State, moat reapecUtdly petition your
the Nerves. A Pleasant amt Posi
Honorable Court Io grant a license
live Cure for the l iquor Habit.
to Alex C. Burke lu sell cpirltu-
It is now a well-known fact that
ous, malt and
venous liqiiur«
Mr. Joe. Robertson’s name(as Sec­
It is now generally known and
le»H qu.mtilioH tl an one gallon in said
retary of the Republican Central understood that Drunkene*« isttdi- Pns'iiu t for a liurlod of three months
Comtu it tee) was FORGED io the sea-e and not weakness A body till­ beginning on the Nindlt il.«v of Apiil
call issued by A. W. Gowan and ed with poison, and nerveacomplete 1H02
N hiom .
other members of the “Ring,” an- ly shattered bv periodical or con­
nounsir.g republiotn primary elec­ stant use of intoxicating liquors, re­ I. , C. Chamberlain, J. A Vest,
J-u-ub Shown,
W E Atbemon,
tions of the county on March 22. quires an antidote capable of neu­
F. Miranda,
I'r. 1». B. C.kle,
and "special convention' on March tralizing and eradicating thio poison G l.ereniana.
B. E. Final,
C. W. Younkin,
26, 1902.
and destroying the craving for in­ Geo. A. Siuytli,
8. Allierson,
This most outrageous imposition toxicante. Sufferers may now euro J. C. West,
A. 11 llollia,
upon an honest and highly respect­ themselves at homo without pub­ John Smyth,
Poto Talunianot«,
Fiank Iwraon,
ed citizen who had placed his proxy licity or loss of time from business Joe Bankofier,
E. II. Hurlburt,
in hie hands with confidence that by this wot de.ful “11OME GOLD M A. Modio,
Cha«. Turner,
it would be used in the beat inter­ CUKE” which has been perfected F, ». Redon.
Umnaclnda Marmudea
J. E. Carlson,
ests of his party at the meeting of after many years of close study and Andrew Slone,
that the undor-
our Central Committee, for which treatment of int-bi iates. The faithful
»igned »ill on tho 9th day of April, 190-,
occasion alone, the proxy w as given, use according to directions of this
make application to the County Court «4
is an n*t which is already bringing wonderful discovery is positively Harney County, Statu of Oregon, for the
upon its perpetrator (lie united con­ guaranteed to cure the moat obsti­ grantim: of the licence mentioned in the
Alex C. Burke.
demnation of every republican voter nate case, no matter how hsr l a above petition.
of the county, who is outside of drinker Our records show the mar
the • Ring.’’
velona transformation of thousands I and Ofiir«. tinti.«. Oragoo, March I*. IMW.
Ths ex-b’tate Senator, evidently of Drunkards into sober, industri­ Nolle« is hereby giran ili«l ths following
nan e I ««<tl«r hu filed nous* nf his Intt nt Ion
argues that “desperate cases, re­ ous and upright men.
tn ruake final proof in «upportof hia claim, an i
quire des;»erate remedies." In his i WIVES CURE YOUR HUS trat.halj Ptos« will 1.« mele l elur« K«(lal«r
extreme eagerness to get some kind BANDS!)
CHILDBKN Cl R1 sud K<'C<*lr»r at llc-r.a, Oragon, May 3rd,
of pro-leasing, anli-Moody delega YOUR FATHERSÜThis remedy is IWi vii Glen O. tteudileka.
lion elected in some kind of w a*-. in no sense a nostrum but is a spe­ Hd Entry Ns»»?!, fot tbe l ot. I ansi î. fisc JO.
S . R -?q. and MiXKlf. Sac.3X Tp 2X R
by 9?me kind of mee ting, the fellow cific for this disease only, and is so Tp3>.
II 3S K. W M
has without any authority from Mr. skillfully devised and prepared that Ila name* th« following witu««««, to prove
L!« c-nliulou» r,-»l Jans« upon and « il.lrailun
Robertson, used his name to mis­ it is thoroughly soluble and pleas­ ot
«a.d land. VU
lead republican voters of the county. ant to the taste, to that it can be lr F An.uiu», llertuann It-ih. ftaltey Haya«,
lAwen. u eg- u, simen l.awi», ot burea,
From our knowledge of Mr. Rob­ given in a cup of tea or coffee with­ of
ertson’s charater, civilly as a man, out tbe know ledge of the pci son
o«o w. ir«YM
and politically as a republican, we taking it. Thousands of Drunkards
feel eafe in asserliugthat be would have cured themselves with thia TIMBER LAND. ACT JINK '. ICTS—NOTICE
let’ll the use of his name to no priceless remedy, aud as many more
scheme which has for its object I have been cured and made temp r- V 3 Lar. ’ Offlrw, Bans. Ortjjon. Fcbr. 12. 1702.
ta hereby given that lu c <uipl!ai.ca
such ends as has this specious call ate men by having the "CURE ’ ad­ w Nolle«
ilh ths proriaionsof th« act of Cot’g re-» ol
for a "special convention” on the ministered by lovtrg friends «nd Jun« 5. 1'7«. ent thd "Au act for th« »al« of
limber laud« lulhe PUtai of California, Orrto»,
26th inst.
relatives without their knowledge Nevada,and Washington Territory," a« cktead
Asjre have heretofore stated, we in coffee or tea, and believe today eJ to all the Publie Land ¿tales Vy oct ul Augnat
do not think the election of dele­ that they discontinued drinking of 4. IS*. J,
Sylvester Mmlth.
gates by aCeutral Committee quite •.heir own free will. DO NOT WAIT of Narrow», oGuutt of Harnejr, State of Oregon,
the proper thing, notwithstanding Do not be deluded by apparent and has tbt* day filed in this office hi» ew >rn »lat«
ment Nu M f »r the p'irchase of the HEV4FK’$,
the fact that it is of frequent occur- misleading “improvement” Drive of Section No 23. iu T >wa»hlp No. 24 H . Range
ence within our state, and that out the diseare at once and for all No. S3 F. and will offer proof to »how that the
laud »ought la more valuable tor He timber or
such delegations have NEVER time. The 'HOME GOLD CURE is ■tore thai for agricultural pirposee, and tu
been denied a seat in our state con­ sold at ihc extremely low price of eotabHsh hl« clai>r to »aid land bet re the Keg
gkter and Kecelver of this offlee al Born*. Ore
vention, but when a majority of One Dollar, thus placing within gon. ob Saturday theIBth day of April. IfCX
i»ur Central Committee has deemed reach of everybody a treatment more He nam»« a» wllntiw» L B Hpringer and
Cha» A oder won. of Buru». Oregon. aud Geo.
it proper, and in the best interests effectual than others costing »25 to Xar«haHaudM. It Murton, of Narrows, (Tegon
of cur party withinourcounty.it $59. Full directions accompany Any and al! persons claiming »dver«rly th«
ab/iw-d escribe-4 lauds are requested to flic their
affords no valid excuse for any one each package. Special advice by I claims a ih'ioflli e ou ci before »aid Xth day
to resort io L.Isehood and fraud to skilled physician» when requested of April. U«.
(im, W II a T im Hechter
put into execution ¡dans to disrupt without extra charge Sent prepaid
the party.
to any part of the world on receipt
The article relating to the action ol One Dollar. Address Dept II4t)l. 11 MZaiEAO CONSOLIDATED
of our Central Committee at its re­ EDWIN B.GILESA COMPANY, V S. Land office. Burr*. Oregon. Feb W it'll.
cent meeting, was simply a tissue 2339 ai.d 2332 Market Stiect, Phil­ Notice it hereby given that the fullest.eg
name I tattler« ha* filed netleeef their Inter'iau
of silly, malicious falsehood, pub­ adelphia
to make final proof in >u|.) on of tb.-lr claim and
lished with evident intent to de­
All correspondence strictly con­ that ca d proof will be aiade befert Reglaler
and Receiver at Furti«, Oregon, ou April
ceive and mislead honest republi­ fidential.
U. 1X2. - la:
cans everywhere, and thia much cf
George W. Cnrtla,
I’d entry Vo 7: «. for tbe l»l 7, Hee .12. and
■ts purpose has to some extent been
Lotr i. 6, 7, an I A. of See 3.1, and lz*t », of Sa
accomplished, but when facts be­
;i. T. M S.. K SI £. South of Malheur Lake.
W,lli»«u J. Iinun.
come kno^n, the “Ring ’ will have
Hd entry X- SOI, for the eqNE'«. and
to take its medicine as usual.
F.’,NW «. 7«; 73, Tjr. «., US1 E. South of Mal­
■ I had been troutkd with thenmatiaia fui
twelve v««r# «o bad ..t time* 1 c. -i’d t'ol lease
sn> bid.’wiites Mr. R. J McKnight. of Cad«*,
V>IH*m»bunc to s C "I we» L»div crip:4ed
Tiled mauv doctor», end lav of them gave
,ne up to .
X nc of them did me lunch
The pates in my back, hip- *»r-3 le^a
pu'd st time« i-j I iv heu.1'. w ufd nearly Ldl
My appetite iva* very bad. Kvsrslx.lv
»**bo aaw tbe aaid I inii-l dL-
I to».k live
IxUtle» ..f the GaJea Medical DtoCusaiy «uU
four vials
-relict».- ar.J u-day
ru. E-
. n 4 l >
\cu.» c i tb rhea- A
inatlari "
Doctor I’icrcc’s
I'koauiit Pellets
assist the
action of
t’.ie * Dis-
In 139’2, John Vaughn, then
leader of the “push’, went to the
County Central Committee with 10
proxies and delegat .« were elected
to the state convention. Six years
r.go the Coyntv Central Committee
elected delegates to the State con­
vention, one of th’-fe l-eing A. W.
Gowan, now howling against the
action oi tbe receut Committee
meeting. Here are two instances
where the gang now healed by
• Slick ear” Hanley st-nt delegates
to th- s’.ate convention from the
Central committee.- Why their
howl now? They want to go again.
*'O lisr. A 1 OLB IN I'M DAY
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine
Tablets. All druggists refund th*
money if it fails to cure. E. AV.
Grove’s «'¿nature is oq each box.
Call for County Warrants.
^»<11 «*.«««.>>
Notice is hereby given that there
pre funds in the county treasury
for the r- Jemption of all register-
el Harnev County warrants drawn
un the General, Road an 1 Build­
ing Funds. Interest on the same
will cease from this date. March
15. lth)2.
R. A. M iu . es ,
Treasurer, Harney Co., Oregon
heur lutle.
riaillp F, Funs»,
Nuta-e is hereby si vea that bid«
vill l-e received by the Cornty Court
U. S Land OQ m . Burna. Oregon, Feb. 2fi, 1302.
•f tlic -itate of Or-4<»n, for the C ugc I v cf
bo-|n, la u»r b’slva- t at Richer I M. Ly-
farney, for ih<- grading of c-rtain liarla -r.«n. who.-po.tofileeal-'r< is
A n*da. Cali
cf the County loads in «ai I Cour.tr, f. rnla, Las mad« apnlleat'an to Ml«ct under­
■ it:-
Harney City and Lawcn Koad.
l_ir.cn .and Narrows R'lad.
A pa-t oi the County Road ! -adlr.g
E hh ! from I. huhi .
A pail of the M ai.der Line
Road, and
The Ifowser Lane Road.
Specifications for « dd proposed wo k
ire now on file in n.v office. The bids
will fie Opened and considered by the
Court on
Thursday, Apt 11 10, 1902,
I ryatir own ..'re' n;
etf-ry t»ub-
1 »criVar. O:iA f c «* hu a vear.
A C*r.
V-« '
■ < ■■■■ J f.’itex; lattet
Rji.nl. Send t««r terms.
Fu l;*h. I¿< tiuh'.c. Simple, L’p*to-
tl and AbwlutBly
i’ci fect-l ium,»
l.inrt oflJ-e. Tl-irti». Orejón, M«rr2>r, vos.
Nolle« i» h«i»l>y «Iven tbnt tn eunpUanv«
with the |-r«vi»loj>» ot the «et of Congres« ot
J-I'-S *. 1*U>- eiilli:»*! "An net ter the in'.eoi
ttmbe- Inni!• tu th<- Stute« of CnlWornl«, Oresmi,
Novad», «ml W'a hindou Territory," «» extend­
ed to all tl.«. I’uUilc Und State» by «H of
Aug ri I, I- 1.
Dnnean r. VfcKae.
r.f Riverside, eo in'y of Malheur. Sta’e of O-e-
gin, La* this day Oled tu thia office hl« sw-.rn
Btaioi.ient Nu. 61, lor Co-»iircliare of Ihn NW'f
8W‘4. See. 1. and NEz«NK!4 nt Section No 2, I"
Township No. 2<, 1Í . Kange No. :7 E W M, and
wltl <4Ter proof to ahow lhal the land nougLt la
more vsl'iabl« lor It. limiter or »tone than for
agricultural purposes, and to eatabllah hl» Halm
to «cid land before the Hcglster and Receiver
nt thi» Citile at l'urna, Oregon, on Saturday,
tbe 17th day of May, IV02.
He name« a« wllnwhi: W E Trisch, and
M vt'tilerald <>t Horn». Oregon ; F. O HtautTer,
ot t’rat.r Oregon, and J D. Ealrman, of River-
»Ide, Oregon.
Any »nd all per»on» rial nil ig adversely the
above d<-«eribe<1 land» are re |netted to Hin
llieir claim« In thia offlee on or t^t< n Mid 17t's
day ol May, 1202.
Geo. W. linyes, Kegi.tcr.
t 1 o’clock I’. M. of raid Jay.
Al! innti-rial ir.u’t bo fnrnisbcJ by U m
•’ontra'-lcr, an I tbs Comt reserves th« T imber land , a ' th :* ei . pii - notice
•¡¿i t to reject any and a i bids.
All Contractors wi!l be reqnir 1 t*- give Depfrtmert of th* Inter!* r C. '4. Lsnd Office
i fond 0»
approved by th- < u irt, Bur ,O.<gon, March 1». \ji*2
N<«t fc ! . hereby given that in rovo pii a nee
'■'iditional for the faithfiil per'->-n>an<-e
with the provlklnns of the art of Congress of
•f his contract.
J HD • J, 1 -73. entitled ad act for the jtle of tun.
bated this&th 'lay of Vfnr. li. 1.1 ",
ber land-in the .State« cf California, Oregon,
Xuvada and
a*hin<V n Territory, a« exietid-
•d to ail the Fublic land
l v act of Aug-
County Clerk,
■at a,
f uv,«;.
a* < ji - miri ; faut V
«•-.ik li.'u»i! ’j 1 ■. y, li" ti. rtr. ’• mu
x . i -
X. V < -X. lur l’.’.e«t tvp>
Art of Jut« I, I«'j7,f3i 1 at. :> th« fotlowlnr do-
t bad tract at toad;— hw ^ bw ' s . fc i'yMtx.
nt Scrtte: '.N, sad Ixd 2, of ttectlon SO. T .wn»hlp
27 Couth, Rung« 37 East, anJ the NEtiNWid,
beeti..n 39, Towc-btp M Sooth, llatge jr, Laa:
Y.’IIlarnctte Mcrldlar,
With a li.a next thirty daya from the date
hercaf prote«t ■ or enDte.ts ngalnat tha sole -Hen
<>» the ground that :Lo Ian I da-eril^d, or any
portion thereof. 1* m re valuable fur Its mln
«•al than foragrienltural pnrpr,set willb« re
e.-ivod un 1 noted for report to tha Com nl»«lou-
er s-f the Gent ral Land OClce.
Geo. W. Have«. R«gi«t«r.
First publication, March 1, I jot ,
La■' publication, April
It 1 entry NoLC- for the N’»N L'*, See JS. anj
«L'.HWl.. »wq-fi of See 2«. T. W S„ R St K.
PuUlb of Malheur Lake,
George Meraltall,
lid eo'ry NoTS*. lor the WqNW
BE' iNw q
«nd !z»U •> «nd 1". «ec V., TX U S II E, Hodth
ol Malheur Lake.
Klvin Sfnraholl
Hd entry *o 7« -. for tl.e Lot» •;, 7, », 11 and I »
and XL .'E *. Sue36. T 26 S . K II F„ South of
Malbcir Lake
11:ey n-sine th» following wltnexe- to prove
tliel'i-or.tluu n.» re»id«riee upon and audit atton
of raid land, vie:
Jam«« Colwe’.l, Oeorge W. Cnrtlf. It. T.
Hughet, Nancy J. Mimmona, William J. Dunn,
and Philip T. lunn al of Narrow., Oregon,
and John E. Mi-L'uUcv of Burn«. OMgoo,
G«o. W. H* re«,
Frank Turner,
CAunty of Haru-y, tHate of Ortfon,
: ■« th!« day iled lu thl» office hla »worn *t«tc*
D’ent No.
, for the purchase of tbe
w, Land O Hre, T urnp, Or , Murrh Iw, T3O2,
Notice is Leikby fr'.wti thn* the folldwin^ NWJ^BK^, and E' ^S A '4, of Meetiou No. 29. In
E»med stttleriaiui flk I BoUce^of Lía intention 'lowi chip No 27 ri . Ka i/” No. 37 E W M arid
to make f.nal proof in support of hie ctafm, will offer prr.pf iu «'io that the land aoufht *•
’.ifl that paid proof wi’.l bo insde brie e RegU- n.ore valuwble for ;u timber or ktor;« than for
er fend, Receiver at*15urn , Orefon
Me/ egiiculti bl ptirp > e-i, and to e»tibli»h hi*
c.aha to a«1d and before th«? l ex!, ter and
¡7, 1W1, viz:
Koceiver of ible office at Bari»«, Oregon, on
I lornnrr <*r
JI-1 ent' Nx
r «he
NW’piW^ l ur’.day, the 3rd day ol June, I9W.
He nan e-> is M
John K. Jer.klna, Thea.
it r. X”» Tp
a. rh. Raiua 32 K W M.
Jl-i I am< lb'» f n’.it’A ’i i; ffitne -ri tn vrors K, Jenkin . I.ewia Hughe», of Smith, Oregon,
i FHzChr»: I, of Burnc, Ortron.
Uscnjti,; ;<j it r*»rulr’.s. e upon and cultivation
Any a*..J ail perama clahnkif adversely the
•í »ubl tar 1. via:
T». s Gn-cs. I. M Corpenfor. a .d T. M. Ma. altova leicrilx-d land» are r< ¡»•••.ted to file th«ir
••>*in ■■ In Ibis oftee on or before tai 1 3rd day o
Mid J. AV, dhown of
! rrutlrr, of J.aucn. O híxí
> uue; LQJ,
Hii’nry, Gr. r< r..
it RcfMtr
Clubbing rat-a given with any
paper or periodical published in
th- I ni'cl State».
bo any
«ending u, $1 ft, oi a year’s aubvrriptiun to the
I tkmh , we
mail the Chicago Weekly Inter I levan one yenr
frc««. or to uny one enmliiig uh three cash fubaoriptiou fur the
two paper wo will give u year’s subcrlpVion to tach paper free,
or The
For Winter Rending vou cannot find a more liberal offer.
If any of the itbovi*. however, do not rtrike you «< what vou
wsirt, write us, we will give you a good lihrial clubbing offer
witli any periodica) puhli-licii.iu the United Stales, Don’t put
it oil New is xour time. Addre a,
:r ’3 •
Fifty C.nt. * Y«.r ta.» rw.VV.oi. NwU*.
Publishod At Atlanta, Ga.-Ü’itfu/ín Orre 5O.0C0.
nwe SUNNY SOUTH I» UtS Grast Lltar.iy W»«!’ r <4 Ih*
SowUi II«» vevoUS la Llt<>ealue-. Roo»••»<>•. F «i «a* F • 't
and r ' liti»« hajla.'ati tfealUi c iirostltl Us »•!«. Am<n, it, canUIVu’
n UJ *anth«r» w lor. sspm T Ju«l CM.idUr llsrr*». «arr» Wll vi «Il Cw»rl» "d
Ot: e-i Ùi vtowtnj tosi:, xsrltl «lortai trim Ar.lhinr ¡top«. Asari«« >k u>. i .
Sldr.ey R. < ra*«.l. Mw.Cs ry« C>r»ot io« Arikar W. Marckmoi.l kivi p:
rd.. ad «<hsn ars in watuss fniN tb« psa WaaUiin «i njtkn-.i «oi« A i . i n
b cs-ol rat n«» Ir Or» »»wnUrwrt -»l.-n^ia
■ turi««. «Il wvrth» a pl< 'e !« CTx nUNWY BOUXJI”» •*- d . ,
unni Ctn r CcntnU are uamiWn '.b-t w i I «« «««va ly erolilt Ih« rh •> ;
C«M o' la «IV. tb:l ori» a««Sa «mk t«l«r M lo tinnirsi« la« wuh» Ibat u »h '■
t'A» «JVNNY WOUTM te«nwwtth lk, il«« otiti« <rr«atwatb
ul t«n»h »« warm» «v«ryU>t»t> iato aa’Jylly *nd tu» masmi i «<-v«r «'Me l
1« . hoc» ih« h .id of in •w*try- i h > p»«-w «in i» tr-aMnl w.lh Ibi t>r««lh ot l e
tn.'dnoha and p'.n«. ani tf »a» od. Ili» v»r/ ' r ,h«'»*•• •••►’!»
beauty -al
•»’ rimine« ai J w»at«tv ot ths Imi r/b«ri latcnm
«U IVI U9 Ih» V ¡ui.ti «u.uil.ne «ni l»i c.-tlon wl.ltcntld Ih« M0Sal|e,t|., Wi! ks
Shen In Ihs w«ltnii"J diurni otlbls txc n.tinti wonXi/.
TIt«»al»*cr;aU>n prcn li Onty Ftftr C«-a*t-. a v»«r. allatto ri rsisoas.
aj-r.'t. «awtiaser». bcitiia«’«!’! and ov* v f-r.s aian. riubi t .vi. eetc.upan « 1
t»y th« fu 1 »2 i»o. enti le ihe doù raiasr to tu# n">«r «ni y».ir «rat ».
s andl or» • Fiatai C.rd Ih» namw ot sia ot JJUr noi'jbb..r» wku
woum «»ireciat« Ih» easertunlty lo road a eoa/ut Th» bunny South. e«l n»
witt t« ma loJ tr«e. Y.»u c n outy.orclub ot tlvs cut ot liie-.a voti « ts.
8Z» SUNNY SOUTH entsn over 30,000 Amer ctn bom«« n
tfurini ISO’ li lur« to tu w«'.e.m«« o fully a* «».*>«» m«ra U»m«s. a» ut» <r»»t
weskly rattiofsood IH njs. tm> souiturn Lt «r«ry Weokiy. *»«« *.t«maa 1>»
19.2 wui bt Ih» «nttt i««.latte otali ili» pinor» Unicum« to yus.
jgrteroir Jtll C«mms»«t««rt«"V r«
G75o SUNNY SOUTH, Atlanta, Ga
___ i
- tue -
: W eekly Í ñter O ceañ ■
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