Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, January 18, 1902, Image 4

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Nori iK run ri't'i
bu Led in plenty, too, for in less
thau an huir the bankroll w»s
to w»lte
cur c-iufidenti^l letter Leftrre ap-
fbr patent* it msv be worth money.
We piv^n'Kly obtain I’, fl. aud Foreign
• T«RF atternvy’a fee. He a 4 model, aket.h
< or nl-oto Aii^ wj Lend :
! W W E DI AT £
repod on paten ta hili tv. \*e five
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MU(| a/»vice, and our
Try ua .
S-^L_u - J -..
patent Latnyert,
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w.'.äzijyiVR, ü.C.
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US •»•«»'«K bi'tce.We^ijaks,
LTu*Mn u nfa MMr a fcituiB M WWff
Now is Your Tims
Normt fob rviiLieArioN.
V S tan I o#lc», Bn»U»,
l'»<- X'. 1*01.
Nolle» l< heri’by »neu thutjihe tollowlu.
u»mr4 .eiilvr h», flied uoile» o! hl« lutonlluu
to in.ke IlnaUpi wot In ,n|-p»rt ul bl» «Iah». and
ttiat .*14 prv.-t »Ul l e u.a I» twlore Ke, la.raiij
Ile,-eiter al Kuini, Oregon, uu February 1.
Juhu K. Hl«k»y.
Ibi Entry No, 73.« tor the W‘,NK',. Mee 1».
T .M S„ R xt « W M
Hettatne. thè fullowing wltne»»e« lo prove
hi» <*<tutlnuoti« re»ldeaec upou auJ riattivatimi
af *ald land«, via.
Lanelng Arin»trong. Frank Vpton, William
!.. r.ia)luci and J. P Falrman all of Klvctalde.
O ao . W llayta, Reilitr»1,
To any one Bending ua $1 5, one year’s subscription to th*
I tems , we will mail the Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean one year
free, or to any olio sending u« three ca»h »ubneription for the
two paper we will give a year’» siibcription to each pa|>er free,
or The
Norns rm; fimjcvrtON.
Latri Office. Furti«. Oregon, Ihr. 11. itti»
Notice I» hereby given that the following
ultuftl »»t’er I’M fl led notice of hi* Intention
Co tuahc fl vai nrx oJ tu supporlo! hie eia ni. atkl
that>atd proof will hj mele before Kegleler
and Rrrrlrer at ba*us, Oregon. January 25,
IMI. vta:
Vbald Cote.
De wort Land Entry Nu. 1*4, |nr the N^s<»v
SW V\’K’<. et d SK’p’
8ec >». I ii S . Il J' E.
Ila Qbnr» the foli >w>ng wilucasat lo prove
hla c*»i:thitou< reaideure Up'll» and oulUvation
of »«id land, vlr
O. P Ru»k/1\. F. Varker. F. M Cheney ad »!
itane Tyler alt of Kiley. Uregou.
Oao W II AY»«
I'or Winter Reading vou cannot find a more liberal offer.
If any of the above, however, do not strike you as what you
want, write us, we will give you a good liberal olubbing offer
with any periodica) published Jn the United Siatcs. Don’t put
it off. Ntw is your time. Addie.-s,
CON 1KST sortcit.
!>eya’’.ir.c’:l of tb» li.tcrlvr I*. H Land Office
IJ’in.». Oregon, !»ecvmber I«». Iw)l.
A «uffWont e-thle t affidavit has luj Lem A led
in Iht
(Fee by Ge» rjr Graham. conir-taM, a-
Raihu;t 0-'<*a>l miry N > <>. tnatie 'Nnieni
r. I ■ .
Sec 3$, rp ?!, S Range S2 I W M ba H im V
Hl< k»«'u conUatee. in which it la albged that
Wia. V. lltckaoti ba* wholly >^»ADdoiiad *ai»l
tract and
1 1« rrtidenre'there from (or
mere then 6 tn^nth- air.ee making tala entry
and next priur lu the 11th day of I^BCtvnber !VOl.
8*td partiei are hereby noli tied to appear, re
spood au»l < Ter evidence touching «aid allrga
tlon at :J oc I< h k a tn. on January 27. 1 Mg; he
foro the Hejiater a d Receiver at the Ceiled
states Laud Office In Huroa. Gr»*gvn
The >aid ronte»tanl havir/. In a proper effl.
davit, file»! l>ec
1’JOI. *et forih facta whlri:
*h >w that after due d!iii»'en<'e pern»:.al «enrhe
«»(th > notice can mA be made, it 1« b« ituy or
dere I and directed that aurb notice Ur given
by due and proper publlcetl«»n.
Geo. W. Uayee, Register.
cc S test
Sums, Oreiion
C’. 8. Mnd office. Burn», Oregon, Ver |C
A suffic.ri : c • uicn I «ffidAv it having l»e< u fl.«
ia thi»
office by Matt
cuMe tant,
■geinat Myren Hlnchey. Timber t'uBure entry
Jio. 7*3, ruad October 3. lv.’, f »r the
8«ctlen 30. Tp X, H, Range >1 K by Myron
illncbejr C. *5ie»*ce, iu which II la allr e«i tnat
•aid M run liiu hejr failed at.d regleoted Io
p ow 5 aerra or any part there«)f ou «aid Ian I
during the year ending October 1,1?M that he
failed ta plav cr cuht.atc to a crop, 5 acre*
or any part thereof, during the year end-ng
Ocl« btr3. 1B-W. that he failed b> plant to t»<ea,
tree aeed, cr cutting» & ocrea,or any par» l‘(C.e*
of, daring the yaarending October 1 I n *.-', that
•aid ftll’ire cotitincea up to the prevent line.
8 m ‘U partlee are hereby notified to anpear,
respond aud offer evidence touching »aid alle
gallon at 10u clock a. m,on Feb 7.
Register and Receiver al tbc L’nllcd rila'ca La . J
Office in Burns. Oregon.
The aaid co.ttent'till having, in proper affidavit
filftd Nov, SO, 1901. set 'orth fae*a which show,
that after due diligence. p< r* >nal service of
thjv notice cannot I> j made, it U horeby order
ed and directed that such notice be glv»u by
due and proper publication
Gxo. W. B ays «,
Pnce $35.00.
E. L. KING, General egont, 218 Stnsome
. Sa1' Fr«uci»co.
W eekly Í ñtes ? O ceañ .
The Great? t Republican Pn eroi the W cat.
T i» llv» moM ulaiwat t or enawtrv ng Repub/k-a Wt rkty pno
liihed lolay an-l can ■
ti i uc4 t»p«n tor i-ir «nd bnn«»t ri­
porli ut all politicai ufi .r-
1 Ite Weeklv InterOvati ‘ t
I - A I of lite Ne* i
•nd thè Best 01 Lui « i t l. tarature.
It u XJorclly Clon, an.l «a a l'.inriy I*.
rai d g<»od reputation tn car!» ttatr-'onc In
.-, county re pil'ed/t » represent at.d advtr'.iiie
o’d ertabi!.»he • wealthy buslnr ns home of solbl
financial stat d ng. Sa'arylHUO weekly with
erpen-«* aij«iitL»ual. all 1 ajable In <*AaD each
Wed ,«• »lay direct from l»aad office-. Horae«
and carrtaae» furnis>lied. u ben n< re*,
>eif addre* •*»! **aii
ve < pe Manager, ?i6(.ax!'»u tiuiidinu.
It bring* to tb
the beat and
In* r
<• a
an<l being
the people *
For Iuiant3 and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Eeught
hout a Pe»r.
I ■ r<. !. t
51.00 FT*
Dyspepsia bure
Thu bi'ly -.n.1
Tòni of The Ini
the lest ef i!
Digests what you eat.
Itn-'tiflcially dlgfwts the food and ni<l«
and recon-
Nature in strerr gUiening
Btructing the exhausted
haunt'd digf-stlvo
digest’ or­
gans. It U the latest di «covered <llges>
ar.t and tonic. No other préparât! a
can approach it In efficiency. It lu­
st.-tntly relieves and permrunently cures
Dyspepeia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Naurca.
Sick Headache, Oast ralgia. Cranup«and
ail Other results of imp» rfcct digestion'
■ • ♦ •
Prine SOe. and «I. fjirtrn»l»e<-onl.’ln» 3M lline,
■ns 11 ,lw Ikxjk all alxjiitdy«L*p«laiaaH*:tre»
Prepared by E. C. D«WITT a CO . CblccifcO
Wax Candles
Our fe® returned if wc fail. Any ono ««nding ukotch and description of
any invention will promptly reeeivo our opinion free concerning th® patent­
ability of same, “IIow to obtain a patent” »ent upon requiwt. I’ateuta
secured through us advertised for sale at our expense.
Patents taken out through us receive special notice, without charge, in
T iib P atent R ecord , an illustrated aud widely circulated journal, aonsulUul
by M anufacturers and Investors.
Send for sample copy FREE, Address,
- t K e -
’rr.ftt. •. to trave’ *•<<! ad**erli*e far oh! cs'ol/-
haltid hotis< <*! t >hd flnan»' «l «tandiurf Salary
f7.>,'n >r r ADd eipfDBra. all payable m cnah.
N <•»tor.*«4wired. Give reterevicea and
r”cl>«e »rl(-a»!<!re.N » <J (tartr - i ho <#lop*d.
•iddreas Manager.
Caxtun Bldg- • 'bi£«<•>.
no reflection :.o 'Z-»
It daintj , MX,
no lifcht
f charming os the t
I mellow glow that
coir.es irom
I .
V. s, !.»"<! oil«-». Uuru». Or . Ik-i>»nbw •», lief,
hone* i hereby *l»»v Ih»! Ih» toltovi«»
Tiler h i • III«<1 Hollen
UU lul«utl-u
to make Unsi | i->o( In »U|>l>ort •( ht» clat».
• ii.l 1’ial »ai l l-ri-ol »III ba ma le baivi» R»»U
1er suit R»e»lv«r al lluiu». Or«(ou uu “
r iary 4, l.-iî. VI»
.!<>•« ph W. Von4»r|>»«l.
II<I Kolry No CAX tor th* SK,SW\,. Sec I, *nJ
N',NW., Sec .'!. T. >’ » . It T »' W M
11» i »me» th* tollowtug «Unti»»« lo pr»v»
hl. ,-oniiii >•' i» ra>l4»nc» upan »nd eulllratluii
o! «ani land. Mt
llcury Michai l ou, ferry William«, iboa.
Alton and J »»ph T. Carroll, al) o( llnrua, Oro
Gl.', « lliu«.
Roa later
Old gamblers looked on in as­
Continued from First page,
horn» of The Dalle» thinking thev tonikhuaent at tile piar. They
had rvu up against two good thing«. stacked up whole piles on •¡turle
Nothing loath, Shv and th ' Kid numbers and single number# won
went. They played everything in The bank took the ro 1 from the
is all right, if you are
sight and lost with a frequency faro table and lost that, lh- n the
.and all wrong, if too thin already. that was startling. Although they head of the housc-iwent down »C tirs
I'at, enough for your habit, is both plaved like experienced hands, and got the ««loon man to st ike
healthy; a little more, or less, is they could not seem to pick up a him to <SOO and the Ki 1 tv d the
no great harm. Too far, consult bvt. If they played the high card Cook so«m had that. Then tho\
to win tho high t ard changed its decided to go to Seuttle and h ive
a doctor; too thin, persistently
mind. When they tried to call the a good time.
»bin, no matter what cause, take turn the turn refused to respond.
They bought tickets for Seattle
Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver
left the kid faced sports to
Both were cheerful, even in ad­
the loss of their cash. But
versity, and kept saving to each
uot go there by any
There arc many causes of get­ other: "Never mind, there is more
sold the ticket# to n
ting t«'o thin; they til come where that came from.” and such
a train eastwaid.
under these two heads: over­ like expressions, and continued to
gone, the broken
play on.
work. and under-digestion.
on the
But finally their cash vauished.
Stcn over-work, it vou cam They wont down t® their last cop- manner in which the pair had
but, whether you can or not. per. They had to quit, Both an- played. Sinh runs of luck were
take Scott’s Emulsion of Coe upunced their intention of going never known on a roulette table
Liver Oil, to balance yourseil away and returning to get even. before. While discussing the Ques­
tion, one of the owners of the late
with vour work. You can’t live They did so, as will bo seen.
Both vanished on a passing prosperous bank discovered force-
on it—true—but, by it, you
freight that evening, and the local thing which caused him to make
Can. There’s a limit, however» sports were laughing in their sleeves an examination of the wheel. He
you’ll pay for it
at the “easy monev” they had won found that the figures had been
Scott’s Emulsion of Co«! Liver from tho “Mormons ” This hilarity changed so there were four l"’s. five
Oil is the readiest cute for continued for just twenty-four 33 b und various other duplications
‘‘can’t eat,” unless it comes of hours, when lo, the pair reappeared on the cirele
The Kid was u painter and it
no work—you can’t loaded with Columbia river brine
good one It whs he that did the
iong I
and strong, without
In a burst of confidence the two work. Further, every other one of
{-onre sort of activity
one of the chief gamblers they the numbers bad been fixed with a
Tho genuine ha3
were out fer a place to locate a piece of rubber, so that it was wel -
thia picture on it,
lake no other.
gambling joint thsmseiv»«; that nigh impossible for the number to
If you have not
they had all kinds of money and remain in a number cell without
fried it. send for
free sample. Its a-
and could get plenty it being one of their lucky ones
«reeabio taste will
A local jeweler next morning
tsurprine you.
more if that was not enough. They
passed on the diamonds.
He de­
securities which looked good to the clared they were fine looking affairs
409 Pearl Street,
New York.
local crowd, while the Kid produced but were paste. The alb g« d gold
50c. and $1.00; all druggists. a mess of diamonds valued at some settings were discovered to be
plate. The securities have since
pronounced worthless
A Prouiineut Chicago Woman Speaks
This display of wealth mare than
The Dalle» sports arc now look­
Prof. Roxa Tyler.ofChicago Vice ealisfled the owners of a place, and
»’resident Illinois Woman’s Alliance the Kid was placed in as dealer ing around for jobs sawing wood
a,>eaking of Chamberlain.s Cough and partner, while Shy w^s given They give Shy and Kid credit for
Remedy, says: "I suffored with a a place as cook in the first class doing tbirn, but declare that if
severe cold this winter which tbreat- house, where be soon distinguished they ever v.sit that place again
^ned to run into pneumonia. I tried himself for the variety of ways he there will he an affair to send out
.Afferent remedies but I seemed to could serve a broiled steak and for to the Associated PrenB which »ill
¿raw worse and the medicine upset the piquancy cfhisst -amboathash. make the recent burning of the
mv stomach. A friend advised me
Two days after the sale of tho negro in Colorado appear a? mild a
to try Chauiberlaiu’sCough Remedy house, or the interest therein, the I transaction as a Sunday school
and 1 found it was pleatanl to take pair was seized with gambling picnic.
Up to dale Shy and the Kid have
and it relieved me at once. I am fever. Both wanted to play. The
now entirely recovered, saved a Kid sold out his interest at a ruin not shown up here and it is thought
doctor’s bill, time and suffering, ously low fi/ur®. He sacrificed his they have gone to some other spot
»nd I will nev.-r be without this diamonds and the collateral fur where the gamblers are e sy and
splendid medicine again.” For sale cash and then he ar.d the cock be­ the money is to be hud for almost
!L M. Horton, Burns; Fred Ilaines. gan bucking the wheel. They nothing.
Harney City.
Children Especially Liablw.
Your money’s worth—the Iuter
Child Worth Millions.
Bur»«. bruiB«H and cuts are ex­
Mv child is worth millions to me,”
tremely painful an I if ncgl Cted of­
sava Hrs. Mnrv Bird of Harrisburg. 11.50.
ten result in blood poisoning. Child
Pa; "yet I would Lave lost her by
ren are especially liable to »itch
group h»d I not purchased a bottle
because not so careful A*
The Northwest Livestock ar.d
pf One Minute Coogh Cure.” One
a remedy DeWitt’s Witch HazH
Minute Cough Cure is sure cure Wool Gro vers’Journal and Items, Salve is unequaled. Draws out the
for coughs, croup arid throat and ?2 a year.
fire, stops the pain, soon heals Ibe
luag troubles. An absolutely safe
wound. B> ware of conriterfriti. Sure
rough cure which acts immediately
cure for piles. "DeWitt's Witch
SHOES! SHOES! Ladies’ Queen llazal Salve cured my Dab.v of <cze-
The youngest child can take it with
entire safety. The little ones like Quality, Mens, Boys and Youths ma after two physicians gave her
l’ie taste and remember how often from the best makers in the United np,” writes J.«meB Mock. N. Web­
;t helped them Every family should States.
ster, Ir.d. "The sores were so bad
N. Brown & Sons.
have a bottle of One Minute Cough
she soiled two to five dresses aday.”
»"ore futidv.
____ _. At this soasen eepec-
City Drug Stor-, H M. Hort>o,
i div it may be needed sudlenlv.
Cut th is out and it to IL M. Hor­ prop; Fred Hu'nee, Hartley.
I’itv Pr ie Store, II. i(. Horton, ton, Burns, or Fred -Hait a«, Har­
prop; Fred Haines, Harney.
ney City, ami get a free sample of
If troubled with a weak digestion
sour stomach, or if you
fii-a! Out ofan Increase of His Pension
eating, try Chamber­
A Mexican war veteran an<} prom­
and Liver Tablets.
inent editor writes: “Seeing the ad­
Samples free at
vertisement of CLcmbcrlaii.’« Colie
H. M. Horton. Burns; Fred Haines
t’hoiera ar.d Diarrhoea Remedy, I
Have you ever seen a Columbia Ilarney U
: iu reminded that as a soldier in
Mpxipo in '47 and ’48, I contracted Phonograph? And more. Have
Mexiejn diarrhoea and this remedy you ever heard one? If you have
Ladies wo invite your attention
b >► kept me from getting an in- not just drop into Jorgensen. If to the Royal Worcester Corset
/■re.tse in my pension fur on every you have been in a quandary about There is no question about the
jenewal a dose of it restores me.” how to spend the long winter even­ quality and fit. fl i? a leader in
I’ is upequalkd as a quick cure ings. here is the solution. Cheap most large cities.
H>r diarrhoea and is plea'ant and and j l-t the thing.
N. Brown A Sons. Agents.
e.fi- to tuke. So d by II. M Her-
jop, Bum«; FmJ Haim s, Harney
Dur iuvoice of Qusen Quality
snoes will be hero in a f>-w davs.
n hen 4t tjiat time we can fill «11
pruers as trau«!. N. Brojyn A Üü»8
ìcctcn .
Carreta, and Tr.’He-Marka oUalnad and all
ent i »inrMcond'io’.ed íor MccfRATC Fces.
cOun Ornee ic Oerosirr U. C. F5’cr»TOrn-f J
I a . kí
< an *r< ure pat* i t ifl icst tni.c LhAU tuo»< 5
iretn-»» írom Wasiiin.'tou.
S Send modrL, dra.» og ec ph<*»o., witn cewri;»-f
Jtlon. Y/8 adskc, •! patent i ce or n t, fr^e oí J
Jcharge. O«r í*e no»
e t ¡I [•vent lea*' «rw.L
i A RawrHttT, ü *toO • ».ri I ven’* " ' ’ *
Irost • í
io the U. b. Ai- « íor- >;.i ccufiti
* eat írec. Addrrvs,
\ PrspsrM in insuf color Imti ,
tc harjvanits
ron dmg» I
reuta, draw
I xh » room or
*r*xy t/her».
Beam tha
àignatv.;e çf
(Patent Attorneys,)
«van» Bulldtnp,