Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, December 07, 1901, Image 4

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Docs your horse “fct.l his
Whr.t acliffen net* be-
t’v.vn the grain-Qxl ?.n«l the
»•rass (eJ horse! The first
strong a.ul full <i ginger, the
second flabby, xeak and tired
c.it I k fore lie Ingins. The
iev.lin" raakes the difference.
Children arene t alike either.
One is rosy, bright-eyed, full
< 1 life and laughter, another is
paha, weak and dull. I he teed-
ing again is responsible.
Sickly children need sjxtcial
I v.ding. Thcv don’t‘'feel their
e.it.s*’. Scott's Emulsu n adds
1 ist the right richness ta their
dut. It is like grain to the
horse. 1 he child gets new
;• netiteand strong digestion.
Scott’s Emulsion is more
than food. It ii a strong
medicine. It rouses up dull
c hildrcn, puts new flesh < n thin
ones and red blood into pale
ones, it makes children grow.
Scott’s Emulsion makes ordi­
nary feed do its
This picture represents
the Trade Mark ot >vut< s
EnuUivn at.d u on the
wrapper of even bottle,
knd for free umpk.
409 Pearl St., New York,
and «..all druggists.
fi .
x. Io
Nona IVrri d... ni-*t of I.» r oriti..;*
in lit mori-lug. Jibe l .*• s « urli ■o-l
l Oik« till I ».«.||. W 11« tl sit'- l"O< « « >lt. It
-I.-- t-rl« Ilk«- it »lie "ill "Oik at' lion ■
.-i- i"o i,, iut iltt- .«ft i noun, but li-'" r
in tl-• ««.nit / uiilc”. «he i- •-•|tr«tjlh;
lint t l«-«l.
S-i.ati 1,-olitlc« lias " riti« it irry lit-
th . < oiupami i’r'.i s|H-akii>fF. I ut is «rii
luQwn tor.te- jio.'liilr rtnikt». Hu'
i,.I i <i.r it. Sarwh < ..»u«>«-y Wool«-».
Stir i. al ««it* ■’ • i-'lli* ««I I tm«l bus -I
»»«-»-I fa«-«-. sh>- IÌIX» ill Nrwqnit ani
w Ft ?« « mi is ’ll th«* !i:«»l II i 1J.
- •
' V'
T \tk. s. i«* pa>t 7 :. l ut lit* still .»»«•'
c it u r'rtir.k*. lie hr. » ** litk n r on*
UM !•*» »I. .- '«I i on* l.h«t:i I.< hh > n U h ìc »
mt pa
lie to •-. L >• «into
nniue (ruin th«* name «»f a chai a« t«*r in
.. ’,l.i v whh-h xx a* rm nii-c at the liinr
hi« first i
iu xv ? x l»l*ÌTì fe«l.
Edward S. EIK« brrun life nx a
t*avh«*r and h m *«I t<» Kcll liis xeLolai»
Morir»« ITida.* afternoon«. TI»«* p»|»u
lari* V of »he»- t;•!«*• cm:i»«sl him to u rit»*
thrrt < ut an I xo h*'started or h sesivt :
of author for ih«* xoui r. Ur dora all
1 is v*«»rk on a t
rit<*r wltirh
pia«** «I on an rlcmt .on. as h«* str.nd» Io
do Lis xxrit’r^. IL* uialrs Lr-cf r.rit
eramia <«f the r! ara« ter* ami iiieidcn9«
*»F hU mu » •«» and then click* o!T th*
story itself in tuo or thrr< weeks
stohil *
I. lowtoidg- I..- - •'» »r
Lout» I»
...dll. Hr will., lot' J i- Wl« u
aud >* .»¡.o ¡i p.s t. I.- v rit - ohi »
ii lie I. in lite niiKht.tx-t Iwljrimp’ in i
H1. i i M (
)|i s*»arly !»y
To dream « f a hrn ahd chivketi«
n iraiia that 'b our
eflu ari "di tirsi* rt
you unti ma ri« r. noi Iter.
Walking* in thè btirvt in a divani
s’gnifrs (hut son UO one ì* wailih|( a
< Lan •«• tn do you injury.
To drvnui «f a dite!» imi iva tre that
you "ill *KM»n l»r plftvrd in iinuiineiH
daugfcn» . i:her of lite or hinb.
*f « •nt»r»u
Tó di «*ax:i ) cf
atiaff jmup nirana that
il! rriulih r*cover froin ar.y ili-
y ou
nrs»i wli¡' h may I h -fai’ you.
K ( ’ran. of ’ ♦ • irST * \>thed hi silk dr­
il OU * u!t
ulth for yourarlf ainl
happiness for your family.
To dream that you are t!«a-h¡Uen in­
dicate.. that your rneiuir* will rau«¿
vou cr«-’.t annoyanci*
r a n*arr «•<! a.an to dream of w<mr-
• n^* ulti «Tjthe* n < mu » s that h» " ifr wiil
jmm » u haxv a i.rw <*re«a.
Tu «ire; xa iLyl you are attending
< hurcu D*<ar*» that you * ii! hav« a law
suit ecd.i z to hour v’vnuUife.
1 A* ,11 m * Freemen tin* Feat« sad Protect«
It 1« a Wonder»*«! ly Kefrr»ltlux and
"J’.rigaiMLigv »- Mill ranrjKint ¡;*
Ilra*tli*(. Itiii x l*mrfire.
ay 1 Ural diMricts in Italy.” said Dr.
l)i<i \«Mi «irr hoid tt watch and m c
J .uugli. the h^ttlehi ilaLau cousul, to
for hoxx *itaxiv m <* ve <I r xou maid 1 «s-j»
: n !.u*luirer representative rccvutl;
uf a*.r
from your
* I rout advices I icccixr occasional.•
If i.ot. ix.ak** ilie tr»!. ami
I l.wi» in touch v. it.1 bisis* alTaira, ar.»-
\«»u x\ iii tn><! that r<» ii.aE' r hov» »mall
j . Icilrr fruiii a friend in Tri« ste run*
you < u;.n<2t keep i: •t»r-
;ii.s a j vic react* to Tiburzi. one of th?
i.andy i *»xx;i ^» bi for mo:*e than !•’.
t pic!tin •«¡lie of there frcelMMitcr.».
or t.ia.vibjy u .-«*«*oiid>; but if you viill
TiLur/i iu a »out -H. At the *»• ra.ning
t: . t"i> or three t T.i»a < in*'! «lay. you
his vaie.r he v.a< . •- Lad another*
• -.»•: iLitiLL* th« ti»ijc xt it bin t u o xm ***L m .
« ( ¡I m * $amr lorn: :uxi :a 1 h ; in lt7»
Id anti
The l^»y or girl who \f .*l try th's
hr tvsur caught. euu»ictt<J <«f higiiuax
I rep i: i. i n tTu’urly for a \ ar. will
■. - !•< v
■. and .*• nlencrd to
I.«»: 1 «• l-k< ’ • lO hi«' <:f «Oh tHilpl’i«!-
a a prison dm tit for life. lh* c.ta;*<ii in
:•!.«« tdiovld they « v< r !«•«•• ij»<* ptibln* «
I 71 and tuok rv7. r«* in a uovd near
• ;x-ahtr* «»;■ singer.**, the., uii! Le very
'turbo. where In Ihtd in »e«urity. in
t't.*.t’.kfi;l that 'tliry ««>n<m< med a h«*:*
. ,/te of 17 arrai.t » and a iu: ge ivu a rd
his arrest, Tic* nuson of this m -
y-»ir 4 People, iu >|K*rJ.ing . U.i.t
varily i- .simple «•:».»ugh. lie ".«is pood
Lria hiijg. uya: •’Did you »*\< r think
**• tlx* j out aiiy parant in
« f tu’.ing u •L:n;f I all«? Ox:c ?» lungs
1.« I,> ceuid xdv.ays g«-t a gold coin iron.
t red -Irans'i./a.LMtn’h a*doth« hands
Ti-urJ -a..«1 he punished trailois
un<I fa r.
¡ hi» i> « RjMTiaily 11 tie a ft •/
C «»i se<jurx.th - |xs.rants v.rjc rend.
<mr ha* l*ern in a rrov.dtd Lull or
< » a* •■L i hix-i
the police <>:
rhuich. Loathing in so m:-t.y »j?if itri-
ri.n>< nt < r.iirsari. >. nod liiosc v. In
IT»" <an one *.aL»' a luuglnfb?
v »»uld v. iHiugly have gi'-tii iniorn.a
By » •ut»l. <iru^ i z a «! ep LniUli si;d
t j ». i vere afraid t »«].»> *.
’ je)t « ij/rjii;?;* t !*<• U*r i*!X Jll th«*
’■ After In.» <
j c I il urzi altered h*..
< ou V» ill feel "oialri'fiiliy re frt s!*«*d
> ethod of painu.g a lixii’g.
tarr«‘lyi aid the general I lu-nllli will
* ttiM'l dt) be t. a. < known to all the
H-trwio p:*up!r in the district that ¡1
1 *it y | aid h’l.t an annual « onirihut.v».;
Th» Tratrp'«
wo*; Id 1 u;’ I: V i Terr v.ith thrm. and
xat on th-
1 !»l proi'rt th« ni from mofestation
near an ollie«
Lenri-atua. rr-
i . others. Jt v a * Vo:..<d< red adviia:-
crutly. lb had a ha!i-;>e»-led cucum­
< L* to agree. :;nd T’.Liozi has be< n for
ber in his han i which he v. ax »« rapi:
y*ar» »n n- *i|»t v? 11 hip* income, on«*
with a «.tick a:.<l rwi.'L* rueitilly all
n a.«,.:«* | iivii.'f ifia i.'i.>) a \<ar
the while. 1 rom b* nmlh his half-»itiit
* r’l.. • h
euE..idcr;.i»l>v dimini.-io *1 in
eyelid* hr v. atchrd thr j eoplc* r«nii •
t he «lifttri ; t h<* small« r fry «’are mt
• ltd £■•*».
A woman »t»»pj>r«l.
*-io!«.‘! TL id
piMl’-i'ri«. for he is •
man. is that ail you have to c»
- »¡I! a g<Mxl -hot with his E’lglTh rc-
rksuui.' said h- .‘'Hain t t Uli liad
;«aiin- rii • *. TiLtirzi dors what the
h«< <1 inner?” *aid the woman
? •.♦•!•! r.« lit rtil.liol do; he «»Heels
said hr.
’Why don’t yon rat thécu-
us with« ut trouble and ho keeps
Lumber.” >ai«l tlir wotuau. •’11 » berli
•I iv ?! crime.
iu the dirt, rnarm.” .ai l he. s.i-¿winr a
•'It mu t not V* siippo«u'd that h«»
lar^'c and tfcncroi:* taucc of mu I on
i ilrH in tae woods .ill day. Ke can
oire side. •‘To< r man,” : ai«l the wr »man.
-alk : bout the whole district v. iihoul
••let me help xou.” and she frit in Hr
f »r of capture, ami he !;.<s in j » cka »
pocket. The trumps eye« giramvl,
t » Koine somrtlm u,
l»ut all tliat the wfunandi l was to take
• re i.v :i b;» in <i:•sjnii-se. and hax cv t*n
a lxukni’e out of that m v-strrio.is re-
• ■*•<< abi*oa<l. \\ ill he • v» r l»e ar
erpta de. borrow the ‘vnhr.” and cut
1 -»<<«*.’ *1 ii:: • alone will tell.’
< in
<»if the mu-l. 'Him sh»* handed it 1 aci;
< iiaati Kuipdrer.
kb H went oil-
'I he tramp waited until
she was opp«>s:te th * bill Hoards, and
thru he smashed the *«>rh rn “cuke”
Stub I mb of l'h<»uj*!»t
ft/aiii**t a deu >t pcrforniini?’ I'.otK an I
It isn't .1 uuim character liiat make*«
turned the air Liu* with nrw a»!j- e-
. w ».man love hit.»
f ci/istou Journal.
Take eare of t!i<* dollars rind the
-.-.1 r! I will take enre of y»»ti.
I’’ie ba r in i.ic knees of a inan'^pau«
'I lie « liildri-ii's I'rieiiil.
t iloons jsi' t always liiie I with piety.
Voil'll lone n cold thia winter
A ji 5 Hr I rain is the utiarchis'.'.» work-
MriylH? vo'i have one no».
• I" I*
children will stif’cr loo. |',,r coii - z I ih
< Ullili i, Hut Mil ¡'It
If. Ii title a tul tieni l<*
• A i i I' m » pill,’’ St) - the »tl*
th< it- me pills nml pill* X
1» pill wlti' li is »'erti» 111.I ll<«r«’iiiili itii'l
»•«•ule. Muttlii'i i;’ip-' Dell ili I.itili-
Early licer» lili «he bill.
Do imi f’>r. e but ns<i»-t
llu- Intwely lo ad Stieiiglheu nini
in\ ig.iritle Sii ali unti e.u-y b> take.
City Dm.’ Sture, Il M II ululi.
prop I'rcd !ltiin<- llurht'V.
Wm l.
\ l*liy»iciMII > Testillea
“1 have takt ii Kiwiol Dy>p< ps’uCire
and have never used anything in
mv life that did me the go<-<l that
did," savs County Physician Geo
W. Seroggs of Ha l County, (¡s
“Being a phsician I h ive prescriln’-l
it ami found it togiie the best ic
suits ” If tiie fu<d you eat temaini*
undigested in your stomach it de­
cays there and |wnsons the system
You can prevent this l>v dieting but
that me.-ins starvation. Kodol Dvs-
p<-psia Cure digests what you eat.
•» ■
You mid « illerfrom neither dys-
The worst
|x psia nor starvation,
Never f.ti’s
cases quickly cured
City Drug Store, H M. Horton.
prop; Free! Ha'ncs, Harney.
Your Time
«•1 /
• ok
* r
Ihm I tl<* the top “■ .Vour
t«»Hx und v”‘ • • k«*
H“ °bl |*t*!..«’hr«l V ay seal
H vt!l bv ii«« i . «», *|tm k,
, mu)- leb ’•••«•"«».' by
u thin * im U iv ’. *»f |'« h *.
icHn »I
• x\ m
i bis tu» trtxiw <«r od.»r
le air iiuht nnd r«hl
/»rovi» I'uai’y m | plletl
'arlUl tn h ih'/uli«Hh»>r
Lb U V 4 tllMilt i tliv ||O»I!»«
i:ll <|trr< lion* w ith
each iwMiitd rake.
tful'l «««•’, w>*«r*
H*nding7ua »I 50, one v. ar’s sulscription lr> the
To nnv
I i t mm , we
mail the Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean one year
fi i-e. or to any one sending u* three cash aubacriptiun for the
two paper iv- u ill give
a year's subcrlption to each |i«|>er fr«e,
or The
<x«»uf f»xs * -»fl«*%i»«•»»I In riff» sub
•»cui»« » <»«Hx •» * .'itiw .» xrur.
\\ inli r llcr.dii g vou i snnol find n more lilivral of!< r
Il any of ilo- ¡di-»>■. howioer, du not »trike you u« what vou
limit, write us, we will give ton a good lilerul clubbing oiler
with atiV |>er:<’<l eil i iilillslod in the I niltd Siateli
Doni put
it oil
\i w i» i our lime. Addrt- H,
V tf. •
I •• • I
■ i
IV» I.
I F attlw
Seton tn.1-M .«» rrrtw.tres «tot» I
I Sr fbxtag C81 $<»«•• 1*r*
The laws of health require that
tiie imwels move once each d.iv and
one of the penalties for v.olating
this law is piles. Keep vour Low-
els regular l»v taking a dose of
Cht-mberlaiti’s Stomach and Liver
Tablets when necessary and you
will never have that severe punish-
uient indicted ti|Km you. Price 25
cents. For sale bv II M Horton,
Burns; Fred Haines, Harney City
■ . , «»«•» M»| I
ii i-ir.
*» t uh *1
M * » <1 I
>■■■ *
--------- — - -n----- M—Z
Puu«rfvl h'«h • i*rnt,
D oJori”« »nJ I.' rmici.te Knowa
t-» Mv-.rrt **•! nca
0:1c in each town to ride and rikibit a "ample 190! mode!
Ij.-vtle of o*:r manufacture. YOU CAW tfAKi Sit Vt
$!>0A WE..K betide» haviug ■ wheel tu tide fur yuurxtf.
I m ***.
“My baby was t rr;!>ly eiek with
the diarrhoea,’* says J. ii. Do.-ik. - f
Williame, Oregon. “We were un
able to cure him tviih the doctor s
assistance. an«i as a 1 >st resort v
tried Chamber! »in’s Colic. Cerrera
and Diari hora Remedy. I aiii hap
pv to sav it gave immediate rdi-'f
and a complete cnie
For m e Io
II. M. Karton, Burna. Fred ilaii.e-
llarncv Citv.
Bear» th.
1901 Models
$10 to $18
’00 S ’88 Models .¿m $71» $12
£00 Scutid H.nd Wlteelte«
J ,-'co
|V J Q
i.ui init.
BAMxae-MAH * MIFIIT. t ■
i|l«te ms'
tdiia »»»• h-I.ra giu. t Liti
•U»» ft. !»<« • •
tunny k < mm 1 aa f>«w
hip m.y Ltcycle ON APPROVAL
YOUtt kHUli THFSS -I.. ».I»
-pt«), i
liie illw Mi bh ..t » . tn» -Jr.*»«/>• All
a:»<ljrSHi I»
in orde.-ing front tt», at you do not naad to pay
t cent ii the bicycle does not suit you.
♦ r'v «- m ! v - III »♦ f- 'ml ti-»!til Iy »*•■•’ »‘I*
r : ». it »tm.fht
It t naw«» -« » <».» »’Hii'ilnwi t |
nn- utjc v-»l/i9-jt a rent ihpoeit tn cijfmncc atwl allow
BAMKEr. M.» X PFKKYI.lt * n general
iM.taut i- > ».’’•Ci.-i, fi..»iik i.ri ii
• Mi
.r c > - u,- > null »loirs, J?
I. k.-u
f*>»l • •»< * » » » > is • 'itati. I • i.strp IM •
ap -hv I » *1 t •» ri I -»II*
..ir- Irto t ,*»v t Mate-
» *-«l »•> «*» ‘ »<« ‘ f ‘ «»
».-r •€•*»» »e .r -. »! ■ i'» I I »n» hr»*r »• rit »I
II*».Ki ?»*mi»» '.»• i'r i«r I >1«»» ’
»•• t«t*H ■ I'hrw
tritali, .— tra» l.axf t.. , •
• » I r I. i • « e H »r
«H -r « * • a t .•< fi».y ail
» «••
If fi-ri -
>l a-t a'o>i*c t ■)> I Otti e». W: r« • f’lT CH LUÍAS 4 t*>»d
193 V! Oil’ll xlo
kg» "t
' •♦»(•*• "
7 cxl I iaui . i - Tvr
C7 73 U!»rk C«.-»«‘
granfa-l fha I »*
i* i Kan
u I at . 'S ..rid s
UU-u-t «•
m MR r OIIV * «'."I "«ttl ytra naw wrtttea Cor aw
UU RU I DUI »*CIO«V Stlllt and Hit IMAL •SStt.
I >.-< lil«t»l offr. I,a* or.tt txcu (^uatad aad to a rwuaaiM of
• h< quality ui our wheel«.
rribiLie v«-:w hi i . each lows to diatribnte catakwue« ftw r* la
buyUr. Wr ilc today fur (rec cutaloguv aud our »pccui >tkr. •
l <-i .ittbOl» I
In th» mailer >>( Ih ■
E*»a»e • f Stc|.|,vii
WuU i, tlccc--c I,
Xolii ci- herrby given lo Martin Wo ><!
\V ih >. ìm iiik I E. Woods, l.rotiiers <•( .If-
ccsse-l. an i tu hì I otln-r i-eisotis, th.,1 ibe
tiinlcrsigm-il Lxec-itor of s.i<i celate h nA
flir l in tlc-ollicc o! Ihc ( utility ( ieik of
lisrnev Cuiln-y, Oregon, lus fini, n -
mnnt ¡ ir w-ii li exi-cutor, and tli-(’•-irl
bv nrih-r in -ile ami entcre-l ori No- eniU-r
IH, 1U.H, bis lìxeil I eccmb-r 23, l'itl.
st g o’elu k I’
M of siili-lavai Un-
Contiti co ir*li i-isi-remi a« llu-li.iu- an i
p'ac«» wlmn » ii-i ai-i-iHint •» i I '.s-, on-i.l. r-
cil ami o' j i tiuns tl.ercto heur I by III«
1 ateil tiii< 23ril d iv of Noventls-’. l‘.X 1
croup, brunch tis. grip and o her
winter coiiipla'iitH (tie Minute
Cough (’lire never iaile Act prompt­
ly. It is very pleaxiint to the tas c
ami perfectly hariiiless (' I! <1> <».■■<,»(•
\\ ir-chi ster. Kv. writes "Oiir Lille
girl was attaike! wilh croup lute
one night and was »b imar-e ,he
could ha dly *|H-nk. We gave h< r «
f<-w «<o‘es of One Minnie f'ottgh
Cure. It relieved her inniie l ately
'l l;»* Hu.-I |4'iip|u W rffit i. H.IHK- 1111 I ld»e went Io sleep When she n
woke next nmrniii). s child no signs
i'.it»/ H.ibl . nd jieutk". v, hen in
of linir-en»«“ or croup " City l>rug
i «‘t.l id a pin «ir. < hitiiilH-rli*iii'i< Stoic; Fre<l II.lines. If.-irn v.
St« iMrt.-it nti-l J.’v.-r ”1 ’rtM.-ii* till th«1
i i'i io n dot. T‘ »•' n c Kftxv to iuk«*
find pirx.Hiit in »•rtci,l. I’i>r * n ' p by , Be*r» lU
Ytni l,a'i W*’’1
Il M. li-i’ton, ! ri •; h'led linii.e»'. Stfaatm
E» h »*,' City,
A new»’>u;». r
the 4i:try <>f JiHtory.
f.H li.1l foitnif |H*i.pll* «h.il't
U.imv tli,- .lilfi-rcm-- b-t-.vern x l>ro):c*ii
|< -.rt u 1 I a 4<x..r l.-ri l Ii» r
P- truit
J'»*.» I' i ’ j ■»
MNti«lcr s (ioinl
“I had a seiere attack of hiltoliS
colic. « >!*•» Lottie of i h.imLt i lain’s
Colic, Cholera and Diathoe-i lh‘111 •
illy, look two doses nml mo­ »•nt ire-
ly cured.'* aavs l‘ev A. A. I'mwr.
of Empoi’a. Kan. "My m-i.-hLor
across the street was sick for over a
week, had two or three laitlh s of
im- lieine firm Hie doctor, lie used
them for three or four days with­
out relief, then callc-l in another
doctor who treat--I him lor some
darn ami gave him no telief, ro <lia
charged him.
l went over I«- h <■
him the m-xt morning. 11«• riti I
his I miwc I s uvie in H terrible fix.
that they had lieen rnnninji oil'so
long that it was almost b!<»ody llux.
I asked him if he had tried Cham-
ierlatn's Colic, ( hole-a and Di-
aarii tea IL nmilv ami he s lid ‘No’.
1 went home ami brought him mv
laittle an I gave him one dose; told
him intake amilhi-r do«e io fifteen
or twenty minutes if hedid not (ind
relief, but lie took im unire and mt-
For hh I c by II
entirely cured.'’
M. Horton, Burns Fred llnincH
Harnev Citv.
ir J. biHsr,
lìxecntor ut thè Estateui Slcpln-n Wo «1
W eekly I mter O cean
Dispepsia Curs
Thu Grcate t Republican Paper of the Weal.
Digesti what you eat.
T i< it- >n ‘t staiwutt and unsn Living Republican Weekly pu«>
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7 , ill«» '■ ee'.ly Int . ’lc: an Supp le- X I of the
Li -I {
and tlie Heat o< Current I. terature.
It it. Morally Clean, and ax a I uud; i‘:q»r .» Without a l’««r.
, //s l.iterary column» ai e equil
to tho3C ui tire h:m magazine*.
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Prcpa.aJLyL- C. DeWITT ¿CO - CÒI c ^ m *
Itt Youth’s Depart me nt is the
f nest oi its kind...........................
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til l< ii p>.\.
Iziti-i Oflire. I’.ur:»', <iret»«i.i,
I ’J.’, i 01.
N’Mne is hereby ¿iveti ihst the foil »W il«.I
HMfiie»! m I!< t ha* ti «;•! ii<>iire <»f hh ¡Ut* Dtirjil
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ll«l entry N«» > S i »r ihr 1J-NW«.
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He naroes Hie i »11 wn< a itiH*«M»s to |ir»»v
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P; !< * »f Hnlly bv m,*'l..................... 11 *• S»*r y»»r •
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*•••»••••»£••(•• «on«’■« »••
< C.» p«TZ»r 0”. ¡r,
ir.,'R e. c
Our fee returned it we fail. Any one sending sketch and description of
any invention will promptly rci civc our opinion free concerning the patent­
ability <>f <une. “How t > obtain a patent” sent upon request. Patent«
seemed through iw advertised f->r sale at our expense.
I■:<ti nt taken out through in receive social no/ke, without charge, in
T iie I’ atcx i K' lcori », an illustrated utid widely i ir« utat«ed journal, consulted
Ly M.umiri'-tnrvr-« and Investor«.
Sund fur sample copy FREE
to writ»; for • irr coiHi hjritiai lettt r
;,iyin< I >■
It "Itty
• 'f-‘ '‘i ney.
Wu promptly vM-un C. s. x.-nl F-tt -14:1
and THAME MAHK3 '•? . turn JEN-
TIRti a’toin- y’M let .
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rfr pL^’ARd wr , ,«.1 a*. IMMEDIATE
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tin »?•.« l ;*I «er.ice a nl "Ivv*. and cur
isartfea ar»» modetatr*. fry u-
•/. EVANS A OO.,
SWiFT & CO.,
( Patent Attorneys,)
P itent Lair, yor",
Opp. U.S. Patent OfBce.W tshiijton, D.C.