Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, November 16, 1901, Image 2

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    A Miiii.ter » G<u»<l Wark
\ letter From II. P« ‘Bennett
s\Trill»VY NOVEMBER bi f.MI
Water work*? Y> ».
Elect rie licht»'’ Y« h .
City oWnershi'pTThere’» »he rub.
V.tend the mass meeting
l«t na hear t our «uggestions.
lle sure you
want. If it is
le-lion and citv
the bc*t, and so
rota for what you
fur bell<r tire pro­
lights, ace they arc
staled in the con­
The physicians who attended
President McKinley after his as­
sassination, about five or six in
number, have pre-ented the Gov
cr’iment with a bill fer I IOJ.IMX».
facetious, but
e t or vinous Southerner has rent
President Roosevelt an opossum,
The President was not at all in-
i.«n I. but. with hit characteristic
good scn-e. ordered that it l«e fat­
tened am! served on the White
IL-tisc table with the Thanksgiving
t urk»
<’. W. Fulton, the Astoria
tician, ha« positive!v stated t li'll he
will not l>e a candidate fi r govern­
or. Mr. Fulton has nut said so.
but it is generally cut. ceded <1 at
i.e is after Joe Simon's, scalp. the
nieces» of which will depend on
the result of the next cleetion.—
Canyon CiHr Eaglo.
Ma’k Twain; i:> his
» eie. • t'liristian
famous ar­
U:okif.Mrs. Eddy,”
and ibe
when a practitioner of Inal cult
«cui in her bill for aerviees t> him
he »aid:
" ‘Nothing exists b it
’ she answered.
Mimi ?”
All el«e is sulwtarcel*-ss all else is
iinagiuarr ' I gave her an itnagin-
ary check and now »he is suing
m I f>r sub»:aiitiai doll ara. It looks
-cnsistei.t. —Ongontan.
■ ~•»
The way to achieve success is to
<h serve it.
Ti e way to deserve it
is to maTeynurself thoroughly com­
pel nf. Th World loves co-Dpetent
men and women. and keeps its best
plact» forthem. If others slip in
iH-ev-iu 'ai'y. ther are soon ousted,
f -r it ha-« no patience with those
who burgle its work. Pretense
mav seem to» succeed fur a time,
> it permanent successi« in insured
«>idv to ¿hose who lay a good fonnd-
x ion —E xchar.ge.
sadly Cri|»plei!.”
;ht-uiMaU»ai at it» wor»» i • a *o»t of
Hvinxfv.ith. li eludi!» a i :aa to a chair
iiiui to* a ’„-I, arid
out to
ilailv titart«*r<k>ri. At tlic r«*sl
r ÌK-imia illuni i" a
punitili 1: .»lady, i.t-
t» i •• n n" alike with
plea «lire and In. 4-
lu cure timinia-
listll it e necessary
to èlitninate- from
the blood tfi" acid
which are
por or
the cause of the >Us-
e ite. ïhi> is effect-
Hally done bv the
use r f l»r. I’fcrcc’n
Gofdi ■ Medical lás-
It crrr.es
mil of the blood tbe
corrupt . nd jkhhoii -
pns accumulations
which breed and
tc»d diiwa .. It i-i-
eonsrs th" activity
of the blond-liliikin;'
gland ■ and Minds an
íiurca-'d nbrf-' of
rxb, jiur« blotxl
th wit i'll vein uni
artery to «twngtiien
<--»i\ urgau ui the
Iffjd» .
' ** t
br'-n't- nnMol
w il a '■"■•lln.,1;■ ■ ■ * r
lv Ir» vf-ir* .«., > *1
tiiuT* i • 1414 i.'*i ' -
t„ , tu ,1 - v-TH— Mr
M. J M»-K ni .;ht
Ù- VVlHiavi-lmrg Co *».».. "tin
. |.*> • *. Tiri i me?
«» • t » ■• ••i
. . ,
■ \ -yyv ;-f
siili r.K-n’”<’i
TJ » pa’»«« in mv ba«k. ht:»* ‘ ’ i 1* •
. i ’ ti
u njv
wmthi «eatA kiH
il» w r.. irtîtr ’vc~S vn V
I mt^l f’.:'
I l«sok
U.-O44nn 'IffHi-al Ln-.-aa»
,o<! f-ar
. - . r JTtM
>:<t Ur-'./V»"«l»' «ll>' »I
> a. r .-"CT-tUi-.- IW Mk •♦»«• «oit» :hewna.isia
H U: f'i wx» ri.xnnt t’clllts 4'
• ■ tu Y aiit to the danism«» bf ■
os .ut.
UK-ukÚlC. «••«•-
By'tit dealer* tn
I had a aevere attack of bilioi.s
c.div. got a lottie of Ch.iniborlniii'»
D Jameaon. of this citv is in re­
l alic, Cholera and Dinrhoe.i Rein-
According to information receiv­
ceipt of a letter from B. P. Benuclt
aly, took two <iva«t and was entire
ed at the headquarter» of the Na­
who formerly resided here
Hi» lv rur«l," aaya Rev A A. I’owe*,
tional I.iveatock Association in »
"Mv neigh I m r
home is now in Buuth Freeport. of Emporia, Kan
Chicago, sav.» n dispatch of recert
aiek for over a
Maine. The Istter is as follows •
date. Congr««» will have the West­
week. ha<l two or three bottles » f
Dear Comrade: \Ve will try and
ern public land situation brought write you a few lines to tell that tiie-licine from the doctor. He us> d
to ila attention this Winter in a ne «re still on our pins, but our them for three or four day» with
urn and startling manner. A num­ stomach trouble is still with us and out relief, then called in another
ber ot prominent cattlemen of the don't let us Uki tunch comfort, but doctor who treated him for aome
Wist, who have bi'en quietly in­ we art- thankful that wc arc as well davs and gave him no relief, »<> dis-
vestigating. are prepare»! to »how as we are.
«barged htui.
I went over to »< e
him the next morning
lie »aid
that during the past five years
W e have a pleasant home and ■»
there lias been an enormous de­ pleasant tow < to livein. It is only Li» I m > m da were in a terrible fix
crease in the number of cattle in • live minutes walk from 'he house that they had l>eeii running off »o
this country, a deer* a-e which ser­ to the »alt wafer, and at low water I long that it was almost bloody llux
iously threatens the beef food sup­ can in a short time dig a nicss of I a»ked him if he had tried Chain
ply, and that, unless api-edv action clams and we had clan »lew for • berlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
be taken by Congre»». i.i thecourse dinner
South Fre»q«ortis I."» miles siirh *ea Remedy and he aaid 'No'
of a few years bevf will be selling from Portland and we have a steam . 1 went home and brought him nit
at such fabulous prices that only er that runs there in tbe auinmer hot lie an I gave him on» do-c; luld
the wealthy can afford to indulge •nd it makes a pleasant trip —.Vto [lr.ni Intake another dose in fifteen
ii r twenty minutes if hedid not find
in th<- luxury of a beefsteak.
the round trip
We expect to have
The cause of this rapid decline an clectr.c railroad here in th*- ' relief, but he took no moreand »*•
For sale by 11.
in the num’-er ot beef ca'tle is said spring and it will run one block 'entirely cured.”
to ue d te solely to the contraction from my bouse, so it will make M. Horton, Burns: Fred Hames.
>f the Western public grating lands things quite lively hete and more Harney City.
and the increase in the consump­ plea»ant. aa we can go bv water
A I’liywh'lan » T«*»titl»*<
tive demand.
The rapid settle­
steam or electric railrua 1 (take your
I,"I l-avr taken Kodol Ih »p< p» »Cu’f
ment of the West Las caused the choice ).
ami have ne'er use I anything in
langes left to become crowded, and
I bought back the place I sold ' uiv life that «lid me the gool that
this crowd'd condition has pre­ when we came to Oregon and we . J 4,” »ays County Physician Geo
vented tbe reseeding of grasses, and have j of an acre in our lot so wc \Y Scrogg» of lla'I County, (»a
cooecqucntly millions of acres of have a good garden and jilenty ol ■ "Being a ph«ici.in i have |>re»cribe<l
once g» < »1 i asture have been turn­ chicken yard and we keep 40 hens i it and fouiiu it to give tho bent tc
an It» ” If thr food you cut rcmaih»
ed into absolute desert.
Most of There is a number of plum tree* on
undigt-s'.i '1 in your stomach it de
the large herds have been dispersed the place and Just year we bad six . .v« there ar.d poieona the ayatem
and slaughtered, and the bulk of buihels but thi* tear there wai bu. > m can prevent ’.hi» hvdiettnr but
the cattle supply is now being fur­ few plums and the apple crop 1» tu-'t nirms Ma-vation. Ko lol Dy»-
a Cure digest.« whnt you eat.
nished by the art.all stockmen, but very light, but a'l other crop arc t •
> >i n-ed
from neither <lva
the evolution from the large herds good.
|wj>» s nor »t irvatinn.
The worst
on the open range to tbe small
Never fail»
We w ish you could be here seme I c«»rs ptiokly cured
herds iu pastures is too slow, owing day when th-y are shootii g at a ¡City Drug Ktore, II M Horton.
ro unfavorable laud conditions.and mark from the forts in Portland, it prop; Frr.1 Ha'ne», llarnrv.
where a few yeans ago the market» I is 15 tnilee away but our house will
were supplied with cattie four, five shake and the win«i >w« will rattle,
•‘Thr . Ji th" months of Juns
and six ream oi l. even yearlings and I sometimes wonder how it is and Julv «nr baby was teething
are hei g slaughtered to make up with the fellow who shoots thetn.
and fo-k » running off of the I ow-
the supply of beef.
a I * kru « <>f*the atomack,"
Mrs. B and nivself to<ik a trip to
The stockmen ass< rt that the un- Boston and while there went to the say» <*
Holliday, of Deming,
favorab’e n.eihuds uf adminis'ering nary-yard and eaw n number of (ml. " Hi.« bowr-l« would move from
the public lands of the 'A'eat are our war vessels among them was lire to • • -ht »it: es a day. I had a
1 ack uf the threatened shortage, Dewey's flaxship, the Olympia bottb c’< !ri:i brrlain'a Colic. Chol­
and at the coming National ecu- She is a tine looking craft but era and Diarrhoea Remedy in the
ventiou in Chicago next month an nothing to some of our other fight­ house and gate him four drops in
effort will be made to throw the ing machines.
a teatpoonfiil of water and he gut
whole matter into Congress and
Was it not t>a<l about our Presi­ liettcr at once.” ro'd by II M Hor­
a«k that a comniissio-> be ap'roint- dent losing his life?
Well, that ton, Burns; Fred Haines, Harney
ed Willi expert a.-aistanca to iuvea- fellow won’t rh»l anyone elss un­
tig.-'te an I devise plans for reliev­ : less he try» it on old Nick down in
"My baby was terribly sick with
ing the situation,
The stock men that hot place we read ab >ut.
the diarrhoea,” says J II Doak. of
in the National Association have
Well, how are you all getting a Williams. Oregon. ‘‘We were un­
bc"ti striving for y«a*» todetiae long in Burns? We supj <>se that
able to cure him with the doctor'»
•nine p an for amending the lam) tiie Until has grown eince ive 1 ft.
assistance, and as >i last resort we'
Lawa that would remedy existing How we would like to drop in and
fried Chamberlain’s Colic, (’holers
evil«. but have been unable to agree. see all of you, arid sometimes wife I
And Diari bora Remedy. I am hap­
One faction is iu favor of leasing and I wish that we were bac-k in old
py to say it gave immediate relief
the lands bv the Government; an­ Burns as our health has not been
and a r tmpletc cute ’’ For »ale hr I
other want.« the ¡anils ceded to the as good since we catr.e back, but it H M Horton, Burns; Preti Haines,
states and another wants the laws ia doubtful if wc ever ace that part Harney Citv.
left as they are and irrigation work of the country again, b it a fellow
continued to redeem the lands.
cannot tell what be may take a no­
A« a compromise fur all, it •» now tion to do. , , t
Orrgon'an an»l ft etna. 12 <lO
proposed to have Congress take
i barge of tbe whole matter through
a eommi»aion. and. after inveetiga
tlm. take such action as will tend
to s'op the wa«*.e and destruction
now going c-B, at .J encourage the
-Mablishment of small stock farm.«.
Th>- plan will also recommend Gov­
ernment ai i in building storage
icsvivoirs on the ran res near head-
wa ers of a* reams.
The big packc*» admit that there
has been a decreaie in the visible
supply of entile during the past
five years, and they are looking
forward to higher prices in the
near future. They sty the jwople
will be forced to «-at mutton iu-
steid ofliecf, though even mut'.on
will probably la-come scarce later,
is the same conditions that are
diminishi; g the betf supply a ill
also effect the sheep supply.
The vice of mutton sheep has
Iseen depress’d some during the
present fall by large shipments of
them to Sacrament and Sun Fran­
cisco from Kaunas ami Utah. The
drouth during rummer and the
shortness of feed as a result in
Kansas haa been tho cause of the
shipment of mutton from there, to
the Coast. Kansan and I'tahilock-
Mrs. B sends kind regards and
kindly remember us to all old
D rops
For Infanti nnd Children.
AAhJelaltle Preparation fur A«
Untf ttic Stom.lv» tuklBowcls d
1NFAN 1 S/( HltOKI.N
Promote s I Yigcslion C her rfid
ness mal ItoM tont.un nrilla r
th mi mi .Morphine nor Mineral
Bears tho
N ot N arcotic .
Apertoci Remedy tor Cons lipa
lion. Sour Slomnch. Diarrhoea
WbnMjConvul um Fs*rmh
lu ssnnd I.OSHO1 SLKEI*
FacSimk Signatur« of
kits infill ths wilt,
}"> Dom s
For Over
Thirty Years
B P. Bennett,
South Freeport Maine.
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the neo
papers Is sure to know cf the wonderful
Advertising Pays.
The business man who decides
that he is so well kuown that he
does not need to advertise, is la­
borin'» under a grave delusion.
He forgets that customer-» of ludav
may he patrons of his more progres­
sive competitor tomorrow, or dead,
or move away before ariotin r year.
This ceaseless change and lorn uf
patronage, by thia avenue alone
m ike rt imperative that he m ist
gather a new trade continua!!/ or
suffer a decrease of business, if he
fails tu advertise ami keep his bus­
iness constantly before the new
people coming into his locality,
rival competitor», who do, will at­
tract ami hold a very large propor­
tion of trade. To the modern, up­
to date. advertising b'isincsa man,
the non-a'lverlising competitor i»
dead easy game. No business man,
however well eHtablhlicd, can afford
to omit apnealing to ths public for
new and continuous patronagr ro
long us he wants a share of the
ma*ter have been setwling their trade.
He may be known to his
stock to the C lifornia markets old patrons, but the young gen­
and selling at a lower price than erations, growing up. and the new
Pacific Coast sheep can Ire market­ comers know him not, or, if they
'd fur. This is the tir«i it^tanoe of do. they know the busineia man
Hitch competition in the history of I who advertises freely much better,
the industry in Oregon and Cali* and to him goes the trade. Can
forma—Lakeview Examiner.
you understand —Exchange.
cures made by Dr.
Kitmer'i Swamp-Root,
. I the great kidney, liver
H and bladder remedy.
- It isthe great medl-
N cal triumph »,(the ntne-
; . t enth century
covered after years ct
scientific research ty
Dr. Ki'm«r, Yhe emg
Mat kidney and blad
i .r specialist, and Is
vroodcrfulty successful In promptly curing
la: -.e back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou­
bles and Bright's Di .ease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root i-. not rec­
ommended fur everything but If you havekid-
nsy, liver or Madder trouble it will be found
just the remedy you need. I. has been tested
in co many ways, in hospital work. In private
practice, among the helpless too poor to pur-
cluuo relief and has proved so successful in
every ca.-.s that a special arrangement h»c
been made by v/hfen all readers of thia paper
who have not aheady tried It, may have a
• u.iple bottle rent free by mall, also a book
I-lling more about Swamp-Root and ho.v to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
V/hen writing mention reading this generous
offer li> thlr. paper and
r.-nd your addreo:. to
Dr. Kilmer t Co.,Bini;
hamton, ft. Y. Thia
regular fifty cent and n«»w <4 itww»» ivw«.
dollar slaca are sold by all good druggists.
Shelley & Foley
Wa?oii Work Boat Satisfactorily and With Dispatch
Price $35.00,
Guarantied to (qua) any
K. L. KIM’, (knrral «gmt, 21S Ransome
Bl., S«n Franoitco.
muffi nn<l id'iniw fur •»>»! »»1*1.
ll»h»4 hull», i»f »oliti flnaiKlffl »lan.llnr Salary
17*1» ye rami eipenaaa. all »«««»'I* tu ra-li
” »«<!««»»Iliff
’ ‘
Glee reference» and
•nnloaa, »Hf-«4«lr»»»«d »taaipe.i
' *•€• Yr
A »<!'•». Mirili" I'" '.'»(ton Hhu chi<-»r>
-X . ms
WANTMti-stvaa »r nasone os char
aeter au4 (.«>4 reputano» Iu each ilatalano I»
thia notiate ra inl,«4.t.> r»p-e«.nl »1.4 aSverilae
old e.lalili.lie-i wealthy bn.lnea» hotoe of aelld
Snant-lal Caudine «a'etyll«»» weekly with
eipeo.e a Idlil-.nal. all payable In t-aah each
We4oe l it d reet from head olWeae. Murar»
andrò* i»fft <iirnl.bed when aarea.ar- Hef
Knriaaa »elf atlikeia n ed .tamped ep-
eelop« U» egee, «1« Caatae »tuldi -g, c' lr«/>
A •