Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, November 09, 1901, Image 4

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Stop the
. ........ ■'■■■
Two csMi« of smallpox have been
reported to The Dalles authorities.
They are said to be severe esses.
The Census Office has just made
public a bulletin giving the num­
It is «sad thing to see fine
ber of Presidential yotera in the
fruit trees spoiled by the blight. several states According to this
Vou can always tell them from the voting strength of Oregon in
the rest. They never do well l'.XX), was 144.446.
afterwards but stay small and The juiy in the case of the state
vs Andrew D. Lvlle, at Prineville,
after being out IS bourB returned a
It is worse to see a blight verdict uf not guilty. Lytle was
¿trike children. Good health charged with murder in the first
degree, for the killing of Eiunictt
is the natural right of children. Eagan. July 21. Lytle killed Eagan
But some of them don’t get on being informed by hit( Lytle's)
their rights. While the rest wife that Eagan ha I assaulted her
As there has been a rush of work
grow big and strong one stays
in the state printing office incident
¿mall and weak.
to the printing of the Senate and
Scott’s Emulsion can stop House journals, the typesetting
that blight. There is no work on volume 38 of the Oregon
reason why such a child should Supreme Court Reports was Jone
in Portland The press-work was
stay small. Scott’s Emulsion
performed at the state printing
is a medicine with lots of office, and the new volume will be
Strength in it—tl'C kind of out in two wKek$.
strength that makes things The journal of the Senate of the
last session of the Oregon Legisla­
Scott's .Emul.sipn makes ture has just been issued, and is
children grow, makes them cat, now ready for distribution. Tht
makes them sleep, makes them journal proper, containing the rec­
play. Give the weak child a ord of tue Senate proceedings, oc­
cupies 902 pages; the Governor’s
chance. Scott’s Emulsion will message occupies 65 pages, and the
make it catch up index to the volume 71 ['ages,
with the rest.
making a total of 1036 pages
Thu pxtere
(he Trade Alxrk
Esi'-'.-ion xd '1
».rapper of every
of S.jtt’S
i« cr ihe
This is about as large as a Senate
journal ever gets io be in Oregon.
Se“d for fret «ample.
scott a
RtTlublc and Geutie
‘•Through the months of Juno
ami July our baby wa* teething
a nJ took a running off of the bow­
els and sickness of the atomack,'*
says O 1*. M Holliday, of Deming,
Ind. ‘‘Hie bowels would move from
five to eight limes a day. I had a
bottle of Chamberlain’» Colic. Chol­
era and Diarrhoea Remedy in tlio
house and gave him four drops in
a teaspoonful of water and he got
better at ome.” Sold bv II. M Hor­
ton, Burns; Fred Haines. Harney
Now is Your Time
The Children's l'rleuc.
You’ll hate a cold thio winter
Mayl e vou have one now
children will suffer too For coughs
croup, bronchitis, grip and other
winter complaints One Minute
Cough Cure never fails Act prompt­
ly It is very pleasant to the Inste
and perfectly harmless C B George
Winchester. Ky.. writes “Our little
girl was attacked with croup late
one night and was so tioarse rhe
could hardlv speak We gave her a
few doses of One Minute I’ough
Cure It relieved her iiuiucd.atrh
and she went to sleep When shr a
woke next morning she had no signs
of hoarseness or croup ’’ City Drug
Store; Fred Haines, Harney.
To any one sending ua At fiO, one tear's aubacrlption to the
I tems , we mil mail the Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean one year
free, or to any one sending tls three cash subscription for the
two paper we n ill give a year's aubcriptiou to each paper free,
or Tho
Fiue plating done by Jorgensen.
Bear* th*
ID k.M I m Hava »hup
(vo«r own «elccllurt» tu «very »ut> I
•< 1 1 o * t
• ’ - •
women ta travel at; ! a<iv«rti»a f«r > d «eta*
Hshad bu'Ht of • >Hd iuiir al »tan lluf Salary
|7SOaye r an 1 • xpet
a.I payable iu cast
Jfn c auva>»tn< require«!
<ii*e r«fe;«nr»i ar *1
•ar| t«a sei f-a<id re*se-i »tarts pa.
an' r'. d < •!
Addrta» Manager. XA& Caxtun hl4g t hlcag
33urns, Oregon
Laxd Office Burn«. Oregon, Oct. 1?
Notice i« hereby given IhM the
w ax
named «etier ha»
uolioe of h:» infomioa
to make final proof in support of hl« cl» m, an<!
tba*. a«!d nro.'f will Ur in* !» Sr nr« «le» st«r
Receiver at Bu-n.. Oregon, Dec. 9.
1901. vis
Frank •>. Mauffrr,
lid entry Mo. S9S for the F>^NW‘¿.
See. 14. Tp 2S 8.. M S4 K W M
Ho neue« the foli»wtnf witneetec to prore
ilia eontinfou« reti leu«« upan and cultive.ion
nf <a>4 laad. vir
C. A P.nnn«:t an 1 C. T Cary, of I «wen. and
W F Tri»eU an«! George nbelley, uf Dura».
“A pill’s a pill,” says the saw But
409 Teart St., New York, there are pills and pills. You want
pc and |i. al! drugghta.
a pill which is certair,thorough a.id
genie. Mustn't g-ipe. DeWitt’s Little
Early Risers fill the bill. Purely
< Minister s Go.nl Work.
Do not force but assist
*‘l had a severe attack of bilious the bowels to act. Strengthen and
K.'h«rS .»1 t'-rO-c ’» i.V>«
eolio, got a bottle of Chamberlain's invigorate Small and easy to take.
Ita Ite ma» «W »<•** Ik*1
Colic, Cholera and Diarhoex Rem- City Drug Store. II M. Horton,
O«-!, iw
t$ » « r*< i «U.»« >.i,;hcf
Ask » •• lh««>» w 44 1:1 •*.;■!, «»«»F Ml»
prop; Fred Maines, Ilarney.
. .
rfdy, took two doses and was entire­
mo w. n.va«
THE M . C A L L CO .
ly cured.'' says Rev. A. A. Power.
Ill-liS-ll? *•»! MWAI. M» »CI»
A cruity old bachelor fava the
■ «i ■
i ... —
— «*>
*>f Kmporia, Kan. “My neighbor
a«rosa the street was sick fur over a friendship of two women is alwaya
V. M. La cd Otflct, Burna. Or , Octnb«r ¿a, 1*JU1
week, had two or three bottles of a plot against the third.
Notice fa hereby given that th« follow iu<
The Meet Powerful DHInf cfant.
L)e«4orlzre an.1 GarmlrMc Kr/ wn
ine-heine from the doctor. lie used
n a su cl settler ha fi!«4 antiraof hit iut«n'.»«n
Mau«rn Sciane«...........................
to make final proof in »up>ort of his c.aim,
iheca for thres or four days with­
Monday night an attempt was asd
that »aid prooi will be mad« before A C
out reliaf, then called in another made to burglarize tho County Palmer C 3. Cocuiuiaaioror at Prineville. (tin
iw» Ctabrt,
ductor who treated him for some Clerk’s office says the Vale Gazette.
Alexander 1«, Vscklntvsli,
Imai hafte,
d*vs and gavu him no relief, so dis- Deputy County Clerk Mulkey in­ H*l entry Mo '.A tor the N^NR'i. NE».¿NWS¿
■•nu, lut,
ahargad him. I went over to see forme 1 ua that the office had been Aud Lui l. »•« 14. T> 19 S. P. 24 E W M
I re. lU til
mí . ■
He name» the following witne*»ax to pro\ •
: bili
him the next morning. He said broken itrlo and almost everything hie conlio luua residence upuu aud < lilivalluu I S<a lall.
his bur. els were in a terrible fix turned upside down. The thief
JAXJtlXÀH. nWXTLX tire« Lor»«« i.f
(était aya. tlalnl* ¿ia»«!
ule • •»,
M I.Bnwnandl II Kcyor of Mowry. Ore-
that they had been running off so failed to find the combination of 5on. M J. Lemmon« and.11. J. Propst <4 Paul* at«*/ rataaif« n d
faut - t ai. I li ..i» «I««
t - »hu«^ tí
i• .y
long that it wa? almost bloody flux. the safe, md evidently had no ex­ ina, or ecu n.
« y«li»! aa l nav«: fait
Ooo. W. Heyes, K?<i«ter.
roua y
■ »
I asked h ¡in if he had tried Chain- plosives with which to carry out
Fb«ayl« *»KL u / ti-tai.
asad ia»«-H
Lerlain’s Colic, Cholera and Di- his plana. In times of quietude
RAWM FJI*. MAN I PH2WYL» »•••;^««» dis
I .statai .s tur;■•.*
».avi»»« ' «♦•
• ’
aarhjea Remedy and he said ‘No’, I look out for robberies
raw. «and «HI be'
I I in. »«.» L i.-e-h- ;.l wr
t’. 8. Land office. Burn* Oregon Sept. 24 ie*l.
•sKblt-.h «au»
K 1*
-.iw« l-y ee ..haai.t u ay.l
«la-M. xnlta.y
. .a- *«*■•
t b«a.’»L all
j went home and brought him my
Notice !» hereby given tha'dtbe follow rg
ov«r fa« t. o1t»j rta»- «
' -ei by U»«
Hy c»f ' bl ru •
a me 4 «tiller ha* filed notice of bls intention
«rv«r •««•» ««ars
«Duby «»in-, larjrv •to«» ra «»•
bottle an I garo.bim one do.-e; told
’ ritr-j ‘la»ei Ita-. * u.an «Fb<'' I«
The Iuternat.ior.al Live Stock tn make Snerproof In «eppnrt ef bi t rial»« »□« llir.Br . jt <• tn»
a tnfral t«. f.»"»«ut tLa ar., v« a».».a<l
i.ini to take «nother dose in fifteen Exposition will be held at Chicago that aa! 1 proof will be n>adc before Remitter ta i W ..»laaliy
l««w •«. aal •«>•<> »«▼ ail • h <• > ' " ■ ; ■«••’»» ra • t f ■ a* >
a««4 about th« j van .*•. Wrtt« f'r ciruvlau'« afed
Receirer at Burna, Oregon, uu XovaBber 9,
.• .«u. . a r.»«4
A44 «
4 r twenty minutes if he did not find Nov. uOth to Dec. 7th.
1MH. V!l.
14 /A IK rx L' T9 MA IN «1t CC>.
relief, but he took no more and was
O w»»i f thiri(ladr«li«r,
•7 78 Clark «tr*»t
r X
laapertnaa • I'btnyl« »»sgr«»tal Iba *. « ■»
C i;Entry No %a, for the >W
of Ser. 4, i p 23,
.entirely cured." For sale by 11
»•¡|tawwt V
au J idnluwi« FA*- latrfcaWvilaa
A Phyvician’s TcatiflM
S. K. M E W M
CvToaste aa
M. Horton, Burns; Freil llaincs, “I bare taken Ko lol Dyi>pepe::;Curo Me name«'he following witae»»«« to prtvc
and have never used anything in kiitontinn »ua rti.deMer upon a*d cuiHraUen
Harney City.
of «aid laud», via
,nv life that did rr.e the good that D. N Varlen. J. W. Jone« J. L. Varita awJ
a« ung«»n.
A simple remedy fcr warts is a I did,” »ays County Physician Geo. F. Debated:, all •( Bui
(ieo. W. Have«,
1 W. Scroggs of Had County, Gu.,
dram of salicylic Mid with an ounce ■‘Being a pb«iciau I have prescribed
,»f collodion in a bottle which h»i> I it and found it to give tho best re
a tiny brush run through the cork. suite ” If the ford you eat remain» T1MMKÜ LAND, ACT .IfKF. ¡1. U.1.-XOTKK
Apply this mixture to the *art* ! undigeeted in your stomach it d-r
Ü3 I and ofT.ce, Bnrn<. Orejon, Hept. 20,1WH.
tw'ce 4 day and in a few days they
You can prevent this by dietine but Notice is hateby given that in mnipHaner
«ill dry up and fall off.—Ladies’ that tmtans starvation. Kodol Dye- with tba prtivbl.'Bf of the art of Congre»« of Itai tirtHally digi*ta the food and aide
June 8. IB?*, autitlad ‘’Au set for tba *a!a of
Home Journal.
pnpsia Cure dig^atB whst you eat, ti»L«’ land« iu thr JHataa of( altfornla, Oregon. Nature ia strengthening ami recon­
You ored Rfiti«-r from neither dys­ Nevada, and Wohlngtua Territorv,’ an eiter. ! structing the exhausted <lig< <tlvc or­
It, isthelatoatdiscovi-red dlpev>
pepsia nor starvation. Tbs worst • 1 to all th« Eubllc Land Sate» by act vf gans.
antand tonic. Noether preparali x
What niwat people want is rotne-
A»|*1 st 4. 14>1.
.■ascs quickly cure 1
Never fails
can approach It In efficiency. It in-
W llliani A. Derrick,
<Lln< n.ild and gentle, when in City Drug Store, II M. Horton,
stahtly rellev. Aaixl lyrmam nlly cure*
of Ironside, county of Malheur, Ktate ef Ore
Iiyxpepaia, Indigestion, Hearthura,
i wed of a phvsic.
Chamberlain's prop; Fred llainea, Harney.
Con, ha* this day t)e<l I thia oflice hie »worn
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nai.MM.
»latemont No fl, for the p irchu»« of the NW\
eit inach and Liver Tablets fill the
St< k Headache, CJ-ut ralg!a. Cramp»and
<»* üactluD N’<> 20, in Township No. 13 H.,
all otharroBultsof Imperfect digestion.
bill to a dot. They are easy to take
Range No. ?.'J I, and w.l! ofior proof to itoow
An exchange say*it is verv art 11. lliftt the .and ro ifht i« more valuable for its Pri<*^M>> and SI. Tj»r<o»l».o< '.nti«ln» m Ilves
and pleasant in effect. Fur sale by
*u*l.»tan R.«,kk'.laluutd)r»jx-p>'>irL»!!*dfreu
ilt’iral jmr^n^ea,
Pr«pcr» J Ly E C. C4WITT a CO-.
H M. Húrten, Burns; Fred Haines. for s man to have a good opinion of timber or atone than for
an*l to e»tahMah hli claim to »aid laud before
Harney City.
himself, but he is awfully lonesome the Hight«!* ard Receiver nf thia off!re at
when he is the only one n ho hag it. Eu*n», OrazoD, on Saturday, the fjrd day oi
November, 12^1
And there are rotne.
He Dainea as witneueis *<’ K. Howard. Oles
P aiw
cr.< .it ra. b t
•; t rw!o an I n hi bit a aanml« 19m aao4«l
binds of our manufacture. YOU
«1» T*
|5J A WEEK besides having a wheel to rids foe yuorsstf.
1901 Hudsis Cuaranlsod $10 to $18
'00 & ’93 Iodols
$7 f* $12
530 SacDiid Hand Whoelsco im
|Q C®
taken |.i trail« ly .-«r Cbuagu Tr’aU Muir«,
toany t^od •• n«w
buit tiw
.................................. ’TW
Ho ri,k in ordering from u», as you do uot uosd to pay
a cent if the bicycle does not suit you.
flft MAT UllV • wh-*1
« him « m *
UU RUi DUI factoat evert aad ini r«iu 9m,.
offar h«, se»rr bras equaled r.aJ ta a ruaiaalaa ad
the Quality of >ur nherl«.
• rtltoblc u«T«rj« ib ia h inwa to dhtrilwat« ratakw««« fee
bkyiie. Write to<!Hy i rr Agq otaI&fx and uuj »f<<ud tjfifer. •
We Ship a ly bu-ycla Qf« APPROVAL *•
anyone tc-Uux I <» reul d<po»u tn advance and alkrw
ua u
j m
• ®I.OC
W eekly Í k I ter O cea N. :
1ha timte t Republican Pa'xw ul the West.
por.» >.l ali pi.ilical rñ .ir*
I he V> ee'.lv inter Ocean <uf p le» A t ol tho N«wa | ¿I~í S
a.id the liest oí Current t. tora-urc.
( dC-« a
Digests what you eat.
It ia XIorilly Clean, end as a Fannly I’aper i» V'ili«.al a l'a«r.
Th Kind You fiats Always Bought
Presidential prophecies for 1904
have suddenly cea«<d to bloom It
will be just a- well to warehouse
all such plants until next spring
at leas«.
de^rs th«
^•aatare of
C. Vailth, Ernest Locey and tfawiel Whclley,
all of Irouslde. Oregon.
Any and all peraons ela'mlng aoveraely the
atzove deacribed lv»*h are raqneated to ?.!<•
their claims in thI» offleeon or tH*fore «aid '.¿3rd
day of Nurauibcr. J'jOl
(JBO. w HlVR*.
K ypi-ter
JL brlnir* to tho Inmiiy IU4
«w» ut tb« »utir« World
thè brut «ni ibieal di»<* tu» luffe o< all qu»«tion« of ih« day. Tho
r»«n «ivra ts«.-|r- p> •*» of romilag jn»H«r cacti wo*»ta
«nil iirlng 1 u!.ii»b»-fl m • h « «jn I» hrtfor adapffel io »ha ncxl« <»r
tbo poop»a »veit of ih > Aifovhauy Moit^tabia lana >«/ oib«r papiv.
■ CaT^t». rod Trad«-M«rlr* r.Miintd aui all Fat-
•M tu^n.^con.^ .-ed for M4.srr.Tt Feat.
Ou«e*»icll»Orro»iT»U. S PATCRTOmi»
< „J
• yau Ui m U m U so uoj i ^ um
rameta from VVaalimyto«.
. . .
Scad raodela drawing or
With etftcrip-
i! lAUAtaU« aX* a5<, free «4
1 r<M
1 >ra< fcxa.
“How to Obtain I'«t<at»,' wit>
>?•*.• V. S, ai>J fuo-io couotwa.
A d»tM,
My baby was terribly sick with
the diarrhoea,’’says J. H. Doak, of
Williams, Oregon. ‘‘We were un­
able to oure him with the doctor's
assistance, and as a last resort we
tried Ctianibehaln’s Colic. Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. I am bu^-
py to sav it gavo immediate relief
and a complete cure.'" For sale by
H. M. Hoeloo, Burns, Fred Haines,
U>rr.ey Cil^
$1.00 PJ^ICF
>11« K.
Xoti'-e in hereby givt-n that the under-j
»ignetl by an order of tho Co inty Court
of Harney County, Oregon, ha» Loen «p-
pointtnl a« Ai|m!nhtra*rix of tho estate I
of lohn 8. Devitui/deceam-d, All person»
having clahMB a^aiont ant h t nt.le ire re­
quired to preiK-nt them within niv month»
from the date of thia notice, with the ;
pro)>er vouchers, to th* undersigned at •
Andrew*. Uragon.
Dated this TOtti dayof September, 1D0I
Jsxxi»: Dr.viNi!,
Scteiiiific JWrican.
MUNN & Cn.S8’Bro~3wo- New York
"«’.H. (Trnce. M V W. w,.i.tn,!»... 1> >
Tho Cuban elections for all odi-
cere except the President will be
held Dee. 21. The President will
bf uJccJp'j Feb 2L
r««r •
Tnaoe M arks
A luwidwomrJyjnntirA»*! warkly. Larrmi rHr
mutton of any Rcti o’ ifto j<»urinri
Term», W “
fw»r: fonr •o/mth?, fl. 8*4d by«11 naw»d««bwi».
p^RJCgAJ’ tl.OO:
The Mlr «ri SwkyEdl- 5
U om of .Se Inter Oieu are S ““‘r -o“1
i « •'*«'
tbe tesl tWr lied.... < Ajj,M.TnaHT«Hw kan , o *. i
Anyone fom H’Hf a vkrlrh and flanofiptlna rn«y
•wl'*fcly Moartain <.»:r
fFe* wlicthar «n
I mvswi U cwi m ¡.iGhahlv r»> i«f>table. '1'»nirM»wicH*
UaMM tUU Uy • '/ .IJefolitfo!. HAh«Slr»o4 Oil I HtlUlta
»Mil frur. Oil-* HtfMiry !• r »-< urlrw
F a I ziucv taken
Munn A Co. rttclve
*r*i*vU w*¡¿4. Without <
in tba
D csionb
C opyrights A c
Ita lherary c. oluinns at e <«?««/
tn t lioso of the bist magasine».
Its Youth’s bop.irlmcnt U the
f nest of Its kind..........................
Fw Xpiants and Children.
T T i» th» mo»’ sta»«» ff> t un tinswe> v.ag Itopubllcea Wttkly
livh*d to lav un.l » ■■■ ■ w»ya 1* iul>e4 «po.n tor lair »i»‘l how<*t rs
Dyspepsia Cure
Our fee returned if wo fail. Any ono ssnding sketch and description «f
any invention will promptly receive our opinion free concerning the pate st­
ability of saint. “How to obtain a patent” sent upon requeet. Tstenl«
necured through us advertisod for Bale at our expense.
I’atenta taken out through us receive sftectdl notice, without charge, iu
T ub P atbjit Rswir», an illustrated aud widely circulated journal, cmuulted
hy Manufacturers and Investors.
Send for sample copy FREE. Address,
victor j, evAMS a oo,9
(Patent Attorney»,)_____
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