Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, November 02, 1901, Image 4

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UMFini ANh. 1’1 H SI’ . I<
T. l ow bridge lias .•« or 10 lawk.» to
his cl-cdik Il«' write» for grow u-up'i,
<i»u t^.lancr, W ho » lr»l I ui|il<>> ad W
< I«!« m ihr Tresnar).
I too, ami i* «1*0 » poet, lie w rite* indy
Jf an.v inan a. >. ¡-ir« the platitude of w L> u in I. in the mood, not lieltei ing in
th- "lien" woin.111. it it the man to
forcing liimaelf. lie i» m urly 70 v< u.»
whom the «es
indebted for one of the
1 .ratest a.baiitugc* which women eu-
Xortt Perry due» moat of l.rr wriliur
i.iv at thi pre.-i.t day that of hold­
in the morning. She ri».-» early and
ing o'* . t;t . i I in !c Sum, Wiicii the
wo. I » till uiiou . when »hr got» out. If
, 1 irt oouiu.i WS» put in the ofice of
rhe feels like it she will work no hon ­
the treasurer of the Inilcd Stutts
or two i "tv in the uft.-i noon, but nevi r
tbire ven? only
clerk* to iL- .ill tl.e in th« rivning utile»» »he i» especially
work, and a I au-'i of »eieu wouscu was
appointed. \„w there nre i.'tOO wot irti
Kuaan Coolidge ha» written »cry lit­
idu At work for t'..- govM-nment ami the
tle, coniparatlvrly »pi nking, but is well
unuds-r is yi .rly incr.-asing
I nown among juvenile rriider». Ilia-
Ik I»..' all the aradi'l'te n-.eu were
real nutue U ?'iuah Cha uifiy Wmdsri.
needed in tin -»olnntee" uri ,y.
She is about 50 year» i.ld mid I:»» a
was the n-.isou for the .'ip|s intment ot
sweet face, '■he |.».» in Wwport an I
th, women in the »srio- * depart mints
write« only In the morning.
at H ikhirg'ou
ih" th. 11 Vnitc.i
Oliver Opt i, whose name ¡»William
States tr«i.» :rer, tien. I ran» ia I'. Sp u-
T. Vd'amti. 1» post i :. but lie »till gin.*»
ucr, oc- ils? went into the itwui wheie
on writing. He h»v written more than
men were ecgagr-.l in cutting the
loo t<x>k.. and more than 1,000 »lories
“grtM'iiback-.’‘ which Inst made their
for v.iriouj |'a|H-r«
He took h.tipic.•;•
appearance under the lin.ineiul )>oliey
mime from the name of a character In
of l buse. Huge shears were U .lia: !
n play which vias lunuirg nt the time
the labo., vinco wa» » ui|>ly the clip­
his tirst ¡»oi in «ft» printed.
ping ot ih piper, wo» sue;, thaï tien.
Edward S. Ell»» began life an a
Spinner rviuurked that there was uo
teacher and u«xl to tell hi» ac hotel s
rea»>'U why some women »hould 11 •!
stories Friday afternoon». The popu-
In e&iployeil to a». i»t in a work that
larity of tin se talc»cuu«cd him to write I
»a* daily lactvaaing in size
them out an-.l ao he started on kb. i arecr
Cen. Spiric i died about five year*
of author for the yastt-g. lie due» all
lu l-.t » masa meeting «»-
hi* work op a typewriter which i
ialini, and what is now known as the
placed o*i an elevation, a* he »lands to
tien. Spinner Memorial uweislion
do hi» w riling. lie n.atki-» brief raeu
wm> urgauind. lis object v as to erect
craada of the character« and ineidrntn
; i--.e s i table u'otitiL ut to the ma:’,
of Li» stories and thru click» off thj
sbu Lad .lone so much for the wotni n.
and th,- woui'-i« in the go»eiutnent em­ Btory itself in two or three week»
ploi are i -.¡)e. ted to show their grati­
t k
tude by contribut.ug to the work.
Tt-.u statue I.. - leen 1 ’odeled and
To dreatu of a lien and chicken*
cast n.d is nor iu the Vtashingtcu
means that your sweeihearl will desert
studio of the sculptor, Mr. Elliott, the you and marry another.
creator vf Uie statue ui lien. Hancock
Walking in the street in a dreem
which ia to be sroeted m the fail. The
eigniflea that some one is writing a
l'gure is of Lion.-* aud rrpiesontN the i ii&nca to do you injury.
gïa< ral in a
e but diguitied atti­
To dream of s ditch indicat«« that
tude. w ith a large cioak liwov. u arouud you will soon be placed in imminent
his am; le shoulder».
danger» cither of life or limb.
It ■ «tatué and pedestal will et»!
To dtearu of eating aoup means that
about f'.ll“'. Au eiTort baa i>e<>n made
you will readily reeowr from any ill-
to »< '<ue a site in front of thi tieasury
lies» w hi t-. maj befall you.
Mark i f
A dream of bring e ollied in »ilk de-
2.¡ti is on the grauliug perniu-s.oa passed the »cuate
notes ultimate wiaJth for yourself and
I.ut waa pigeou-holeu in t! e house.—
ulàpp.r of e%cry Uttk.
l.appint>b for your family.
A. Y World
Se.M for irte umple,
To dream that you are flea-bitten in­
. 1. ■. V<*« itwclff.
>«.1 <•
The lam u:v ugi y. •T. or bearded' ill I ure, dicated that ycur enemies will rauW
you great annoyance
09 Pead St., New York, fiHil.d thi roughout t th? whole uioun-
For a 'rtrreil -nan to dr> ..ui of wear­
e old v.orlii. nctually
all dru¿¿i»u.
ing old clothes rveaiis that bn wife will
The expet t lurt-i-i
>halts hii L.hllf.
soon hav« a new drers
th? rifd
who l.a* for
IJ» customer
-iii.”.- in lillionair.- ,-s could not p’y t u
To drvstu that you are attending
ja rg»es of cough or crottj» give
». cen-edge. ■’ razor To the stubby bcarc
• hureh meat1» that ' «Ml »».11 La»« a I ■"
tj.. little otioOne MinuteC<»i:gh cure ■J It'S pa • . laCiliUr pattou UKtf ikftlj suit cr.d.rg to vour "dvantiure.
T’v.i t»»i eat-y and Lave iw fear. tLan the 1 1....U. .1'11 1 of the tl tllio.i'l top
Tue ehil i will be all right tn a little pl UUCs h's ov
'.itiy beard. The head
wjiilr*. it never fail«. Pb a«anl tntake of A'uu'l: ar Lii lies l«*gi:..s t the ry If 1« » VVondert"Uv llcrreshliig
plwavs s<ic sure aud almost in»*an- ar.d fror l , t!.c side? of th? vi I r c.an Ii-
Ilealth-lUvIag Feaelte«.
t;qifo:t«i jti vlT-.t. 11. M. Horton. LI.- proc •• -t'-s a row cf black L-ri
ltid you ever hold a watch and »re
Lr< n. •' .s pecui'ar jr »jetinn of fi uth- for liow many srcorxls you could keep
|'.ti;i *i: !* re»i llainaa. Harney.
era the birds derives its n.itw. A layer a stitam <>f air flowing from your
tu eitri t*,r Eristic l-?"ir.- at the eye lungs?
If not. make the t-.-t. and
U'liat » <•?! ; < -.iple want is some- ar.J cart s t h'-.r-. • ri . f Ttnixga 1! -eey yon »»ill lint! that n<> matter how * mail
ttr;-l.'cl ■. With h'i strong atul 'harp tl ■ divarn. you cannot keep it can-
niil'l and gentle, when in elaw«, w hit 1 net b- -he rnsor, L" begins
r'anily Cowitig in t- r rr ■ e than IS.
liste l of a ¡'hvoic. Cha nlrer'.ain'-t to trim l.:’ til-rotis -. biskrra v. ¡th gt cat or tx>.s.si!,ly Oiwonds; but if yoitm'l
strrity. lledo.« this with
St' ¡ti-jcii ¿J.4 Liver Tablets Iti» the <: re aDd •! ■ilar.ty 1 nd toon tl.e downy try two or t hnc times ccelt day. you
gret mg
i'iíi lo a dot. They ar>' easy to lake ! - 1 a T,< 1 t :«tnchi "iii' v.ay to a full enu ili’uLlo th- time within tv.o week«,
T lie Loy oi gill
ho will try tiiis and
ari ! plraeant in etb.-i't. I
»u'c by L'CO "th Of
-f I rifle
1 rep it up regularly for n yiar. will
H. M. Hur-.o
Burns; Fred Maini» Journal.
not I- likely tn dir of lon-ut.iptiot-
Hamoy C.iv.
C ar.nd.*’» .'i'.litJ.i I orre.
imi sboiild th-y ever Ijwcoit >• | ubile
dominion < f Canada thf-re an? •¡peal;»-™ i.r »ingerii, tli<-_. will l^- »cry
Lbout 4O.£* u idî II î a. 1 he jw fiü..:i*i.’
tiinikful that tl-.ey con.mi-t.çcd »».'.iti
P. T ’Ihiiins. Sumtcrvllle, Ala . :. ’îi’.ÛTT for*?' ?* COb 'llAt of i.bc.:! 1,!X3'
yom-g to take "lung bath».” ltnrj»i r'»
WjA» suffering frr-u draper-is :.rì’’¿r?7. ïnfantrv and < •*'.*!;y.--Ch\a- Voting People, in »petikirg i.lunt
Igeatliim;. »ays: "Did you <w»-r think
wjje;t I ootnnieuced taking Kodoi.
of taking a lung bath? Oue’.i 1'ings
]>v*p» p«ia Cure I tu./c several bot-
t ci .1 clefii-KÌDga* s urely ns do th. Ium I»
t'et £nd diii*»t rtrivlhing.” Kodoi
ami fa' e. Thi» in e»jM-eiaily D ue after
Dvspe|>»in f.'uteis the only ptepar-
Trilby hi--» reached I'ftrin. h ».* to U*
one b»s lien in ;» c.owded hu.l or
ntiau containing all the natural di- made’ il./ rc into tin opera comlrfie.
ehnreb, breathing iu 1.0 tuvuy imputi­
i'i rli'.u ibtid-. Il give» weak stom-
T.*.?t ■ » <r.\lWrt opera Ghismond«i
Ho., can one Ui!..- u lung Intli?
f. :h* entire rest. r«-*toringtheir t.al- was very coMiy received at iu first Jly Diply draw if ;» u «Jeep i r-oh ar.d
>n Hr• >»b n.
»brn expelling the air from ihe lung».
»iral condition. II M. Horton, Burns;
You vili feel wonderfully refreuhe I
’ •’.Li 1. ’ tf Ri; :
is !>'.<• Fnb/’rt of
f j-it liait et>, Ifartiey.
thereby and the general health will
? ¡.' w uj ’ ’ n. :*«>»» .’ to I •? pr 3hn’#d u’
be inipro»e-l."
Ve~:»aa. 1». ». :.v and ugh I s Ly yn Italian
r ó¡: i’T r-L¡( ltíox .
iiemed ‘J oriix.
TLr Tr*n.p’»
hern* Failed.
I . 8. i «i.»! uíEve. litcru«. üfvgfen, sr ;»’. Ä 1*1.
Le.» MJ|. and Hue d\\r.n:a! Lav»»
NuGc« i- h» retj fiven ¿hitflhtf roílow
A wi-sry-looklng tramp sat on the
n mad»* honorary nxemben of th *
i h »0« í .’»etpfcr
jfch ’l tx» H< «■ • i hi-» »ut«uU«D
Lankin? near au * Bicorn f^r.istoa. re­
I*, make Mea! pr . >» ¡ d >»upp<-ri «i U:s c'inini. an< k t. Petersburg Imperial Academy of
cently. lie had a half-peeled cucum­
iba’, sai-t ;.r->' i w 11 b-- n'»4v t-cfc-re Keguteran i St i»-not.
ber in hi» ha:.d v.hich he wa, scrap!: g
ou >uvenb*r •»,
F-i' »'f Mt Burnì,
Prof. Er:.( L*UJiF,v»ho executed Kais< ;'
with a slick and vtcirg ruefully all
À-C1. n •«
the while. I rotu beneath hi half-shr.t
f V. ‘ ; lu/u r.li< <ori« al cartoon, haa U-s'ii
SLhnl<-<l»r k»'F,
5; ¡Z/iutcd direciGF of the Berlin ' a-
eyelids h»vatc-hed the people come
y .' •?
ior ’.he 's‘A 4 *.
4, > »♦
C rai
iu su< <*es. .oa t«» Hr..lor-
aud go.
A woman stopped,
"I'» r
man, >» that all you have to en'. .’ '
t l pfiiTe
“Ye-suru, ' said h •. "Hain t you had
the baritone, ha?, v t up n
j< »
re«i Jeui e uf hi and ciii» vnl.'Hi
no dinner'.’"' raid tho woman. ‘‘No'ni,'*
o» laeat uianofactor» at
uf raid fand«, v*r-
sai l be. "ISby don't you rat the cu-
Jlc ult*nd - to the busi
> Vt-ien. J. W. J ven. J L. Vpicu&fid on Inn Heine.
cumber." laid the woman. "It's l*pn
ncss h'mr.<di. and ba> nrrn made mayor
.r.*t edt. Bilj-j.' B-fui. vrcf^B.
iu th- dirt, marrn." said he, shoe, 'ng a
•Je«j W. Hd/efl, Remitter.
largo and generous sauce of tnud on
< — c aide. "Poor man.” said the tvotnau
Wild f lower« *» XX re I*.
"let me help you.” and she felt in I »-r
It I.a:; hc-n natrj that the <»lily dif­
thè int-rb/r: C. q. I.tr l Office, ferì, nee ¡»-IW'-.i I v.eed und a wild
pocket. The tramp’s ere« gleamed,
«;r< ^ i.r, ^»«Dte.'rtUvr 5». ì 'J.
hut »11 that the woman did v.-a* to take
Hower is that ii i- u weed v b< r it coin"
\ Ut.-.* •. |.«-reby ¿¡t?;' li-al thè fullur.inx-
a perlinifi- out of that mysterious re-
up where the cultivator <b^» «''■t .vaut
;t •.-*! -ftUrr ha-!lh-ii D'4,f3 ut Uh fDtei’*.i'-ii
ceptacle. borrow the “cuke.'' and cut
» in» ir fl’tsl y*r M.f ir. «uipporr <if h!» viami, it. A wildth-wer, then, bewuwi, n v.cid <>17 t'.n mud. Then she handed it back
.1 :hat -n’ti pfóof u'dl b- invi j beforr Itcgia-
ntcl went on. The tramp waited until
J K««-..-r »*. Euri:*, Ori
oa No- One v.oiiltl hardly i-uppcs« that th:*
t.he was opposite the bill bonrds. and
< sr.ru of oar pu i ......
i4 >• r j, 1.01. x
then he ►ma-.hed the forlorn "cuke”
.I huii m H. C'sDMay«
flowr of Floride, is often 3 gr- ! [CHt
against a den of performing lions »nd
H I p *r- Nu "19, f i lite
ree. 4, Tp .7. to il.e JlcrMa h.jr?’.•aHr.rist. r.r.d is
turned the <iir Hue with new adjec­
?. I. V.» F» A .1.
rlawred thtT«! as umong the vorz.t
tives— Lewiston Journal.
,le ! Min» - i‘ie fellowil-r
t» pro.p v. ced*. |t ppppRr*
in lav;
<■•»'.tifi : *'H r» ;<1CL!X' ' ì | h » h m ; 4 ( ’»Iti »«t’.uD gro imt. Lnowfi to cvjiîvntor» r.» ifiia-
MUÙ - h . 1, \ :
pro».' i n ¿ecp
mock foi!;
! f th a ’tion of your bowels is not
I*. ir’ b’inriifiti- r- ! I- N. Hu.'het. »d tarpar »,
in th • ground tbut th** jJ'r.r <’ > . not
» t » itti! . ¿i”«l 1. >■*. .‘J. < Mrn.» ^»a iCha». itow-
turn the m ou*. :■ t that they ffr»>»v iij > us easy atri regular aeriotifl complica­
fi. mi », h J. ira», urejj.jn.
tad ; ■ <*rr <!• »H xvly |>h»vMd ground, tions tn list be the final result
ton!« hat • to U- J
out *ith a Witt’s Little Early Biter* will re­
cvdi*. ia order to
<•!< :»r of tbco..
move this danger. Safe, pleii-m*
■di ri T <ys,
and efl’f -live. II. M. Horton, Buina:
\OU» !’
li'H H«.
A»u II, <V**I.
N a U ab U I *o»t»y
that Iu v'tiii|>Uau«v
w’ hih» nrtnldfMwoi I <* nH of (Vnfr*»« ol
J uhv J. 1^7' ct iuUJ • \n a -< Cor the
timber Un«h habe M aio «•( <'allferula» Or<*««H>*
X wmi I b . tini Wa*h!ufc-1.'n Tvrrllor)
OavlA Mlth r;
q | hrewbey Conni)
Hurney. MlMixot Orr^un,
hrtx thl» »I tv Illesi lu Ibi» oOt>.» til» »wurn »Ule«
treni S
J, tor Ihr pun-I ihm » of Hit* XV1, »V «.
í >( ■ « Ihui Xo
hi r'»wu»hí|» 17 M.,
Ru K»» .\u
F . V M . Mild will utter pr»M»f tn
bbow IhAl tbo lut ‘I mitighi it uu»re valuible for
H» llnibvr <>r •tono lima f n ««riciillural |»iii
fi or», a* «1 In «*-tabil*li Macinini lo»al(i land !•<»•
tore Kenfltltar ami J.’v. ’• «®r of Iblt nfllrt al
i urn», o r .un. on buiurday th« 2nd d.ijr uf
Novetnl.er, ICO!.
lit* Ng-i.R-wit ne*-rs X\ Il’lU'n A lì.'beri
»un, Strp'u’U I Vvl .lcll, XVIt’.biui Ifotilb aud
John (M.Ellof n*ew»ey. II true) vounly, i ••e^nn
Ai ' ».id all per u* cl»linh'<f a«h«*r»ely the
a'w»\ i .l> »rt iI I la¿ul» «re rV'|Ur»tc<i t»i fib*
their ’.».nt In thU otTev .«n or bei renani 2tul
»la) uf .\uve.«tbcr, l«n‘|.
Lira. XV Itayv*. lleglalcr.
“All well—all happy—lots
cf fun". That is tljfi regular
report from the monkey cage
xf P.'.nn m’s Circt’.' ever since
keepers began dosing the
r'.onki ys with Scott’s E I-
■ ion. C nsun:ption was carry­
ing -Y two thirds of them
cwrv vc:.r and the circus bad
f » buy rew cncs.
Or.c (’py r. keeper accident-
broke a bottle of Scott’s
Fnicbkn i cr.r tk.e iNonkey
.ml tb.e monkey>t tagvriy
fapful it up from the floor.
Th.'s suggAstixl the kka that it
ri:' 1 t <’o them goed. Since
<! t lhe mnt.kc. - haw received
regular dc- es and the keepers
report very few deaths from
r ; ..vmption. Of course it's
I .-.per to buy Scott's Emul-
Ion than new monkevs—and
at suit;» the circus men.
CGEaumpticn in monkeys
find in ra r. is the same disuiM-.
if you have it » r are tlueaten-
lel witli it can you
¡take the hint?
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two japor wo will give h year's aubcrlptiou to tach I'Aprr free,
or Thu
.».ii »n-l • W t
\r I ocli it vit
b ii rru tr»»t»d
Kitruh..' i ..•
he- - t ‘t!
a - I« UM» U »* •*
k * f * the Ir
I .1» <1 pal
e !» » ’•
net brac’d
» I vu» h »vr
la. e 1
ent ..of
uuly » ft
' • - s •
1 ko,:by t*1«
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$tjnd«nl vll
UvimEi, Oreacon
><iti i to 8»«rjr sub
I unii» a »war.
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no riil’ in ordering from ut, a« you do not need to pay
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I Were,
L o, id I il
luui fnte
.’«i»4 fU;»»,
F«a«, La»,
id Ca^l-rU
Km S<--c!k.
HAW9BF.M XX 4 PHENTEX *ure« h ru* « f
dlelijt •> . p»«»L ••>«. i.’lUia, ' •.*-* li al Utt. ovtM*
Cleo tna .f > i *K*
M/aWiraroiArra pnrnyiy <ur»« • i ** p nf
.1 ai-.'i : .» .•Olhlnri.nptu-M. it i **aJÎJ
Appli«*! xnrî fn.rr faits
YO'.Hl FHUIT TR77J»® »Lri ’lbu »prayed *!(>»
I».* 1)1.-
’. AU'h.l y de licyo all «nriae 11-«
an»! i no* ita
BAMHMK MAX* XUE'lTLl -w a ir»»er«l g|a.
i>.l*(«til I 'S»-4i.4i‘' , lia’tna im .*». ».«editar il
y «o*-« «*i't *!'l
In eeerjr buuaeh* 1*1 or
tezl-« ' lutto* *
It ••ndoi’.tl l«y rn. nil et t | !•»-•
« i» .. « iifury a * ti'i- mi »• i»< *it*’
ueai’.h ali
cet r the I n.t« M»al“« ’ ■« 1
th-<'lt* of I h
r. <r .«von «cm « »!•’> I»» If. Ik 11 » Ißtgf Xtrrk ral'"»!»
t.rvurhoul'uae t .1*1 Mav « 1U' nf’.iat. • Ft.aayto»
.1 V F I a'.!- . * D • »»1 Ilio ab - * I*»!’
atti rfe»tre* uìl v-.i«' ’»«.«a«s «-•! *s If fieriv
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Iij.-ip.'psia, Indijit'dion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nam-ea.
Sick Headaehe, <iastralgia, < i >irn| ■< and
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Prepared by E C. DiWITT & CO . CblCJW«
Fre<l Haines, Harney.
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rti.iri’ * »re
Try uz.
Patent ¡Lawyorv,
Or.r». U S. Patent Offic«,W^*hington, D.C.
Noti ;e is hereby given thv* th« under
signed by an order of the ’o*:-tv Co*irt
id Harney County, Oregon.
1 ■ *n ap­
pointed as Admuittratiix >f th cat.if,,
of John S, Devine, decea.w.-il. ' . jm ' isoim
having dr.ima agsimtt mieli csi l ire re-
ipiired to pn sent them witl.in mx inon hs
from the date of tld>< notice, xitlitlie
proper vouchers, to the umlersignetl at
Andrew». Oregon.
Dattil tj|js Mll> day of Fcpt,»ml>tM', IW»I
Jnxrtt: D kvikf
’.¿nii '¡yfr
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from W»«l'..ni.-a.
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fwl I -«• A l-'ir»«,
UtTCOT O»r|C- V»»H'
aby invention will promptly receive our opinion free concerning the paWnt-
ability of same. “Iloir to obtain a patent” sant upon request. I’atsmta
secured through in advertised for Halo at our expense.
Patents taken out through us receive special notice, without charge, iu
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