Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, July 20, 1901, Image 2

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The democratic party in several
states is wobbling around trying to
patch up principles enough to make
even a state campaign with.
The Navy Department lias deeid-
ed to retstablish the Europesn naval
squadron, now that a large tl et of
war.-hios are no longer n«.-d.«l in
A-iatic wiitvia.
The t ew Kansas law, autho-iz-
ing county attorney 's to summon
at>d examine witnesses as to their
knowledg- of violationsof the liquor
law. has b< en deviami unconslitu
The bucking automobile is an
old story, hut Prof Por e- o:’Li lay­
ette college, bad an «xpertcnce
with an autoiuobi'e that turned a
somersault and scalded him. 1 hi*
sort of thing is what prevents the
addition of an automobile to our
"Better late than never” is appli­
cable to tlie action of the Pennsyl­
vania leg -l.ituic in appropriating
#1.500 to suit «bly mark the grave
of Gen. Samuel Meridith, who give
#25.01 0 to help support Washing­
ton's am y a: Va T . Forge >i.d who
was the first Trei«urer of the I’. S
The grave is in Wayne county,
The United States has the great
♦ st irrigation possibilities of any '
«ointry in the world; yet it may
le said to be the only one where
such di velopmenl has been left en­
tire! v to privat • enterprise. Much
has been accomplished by individ­
ual resources, but the end through
this moans has been practically
Not eren the silly se.iFon excuse?
the extreme sillines- of the ttorv
alleging that Mr. Kruger would
commission priva’ecrs to prev on
British commerce. The day of the
piivatter has pissed, even for
maritiruj nation«. Civilization and
the impo-tance of the world's com­
merce k.lled them, and there is not
u nation of a iv sz • that would to­
day recogtfzj the right of any other
i alien ta commission privateers,
An advert’s?ment command?con-
fi ieuce, s«ys an exchange. The
man who. for years, resides in a
community and lives a re spec table
life, even though he be of molerate
ability, will grow in the confidence
and esteem of his fellows. Ou the
same principle a newspaper adv r
ti«ement l ee »mes familiar to the
»■yes of th- reader. It may seldom
l e read carefullv, still it makes the
name and business of a m ,n fi-
miliar. mid its continued preo-nce
in the columns of a paper inspires
< onfidence in the stability of the
aJ v<rt i-er.
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
TLe Eixjv.r-r ef f azrp-Rcct at V.’ :i f.
Kia Lakeratcry.
There fs »
pmvaUfnj i-i •’.r.»
cr urdryrnc • d rre •. borauic to
live. Many sueden r.-:zd • are ca •- d by
tt—heart disease, p.-j.-. , . he:.-' '»:!-jre
er apcp.'ezy i re cf'en e r-.-: : ;f ' . /..-.j
O-sease. If -'cney'.rr-:L> is i'lo-‘,r.-i tj a
vance t!.e kldn«;- poisoned bleed «dll a’t usk
t ie vital orja; or li.e kidneys ihei-nsclvas
tre».; do wn ar.d waste away cc.lt by coll.
Then the richr ess rf 'm bloo . — a’b'.r-en
—le-ik* out a d 'he .-."i'erer hzs Eri^ht's
Dkca-i, ’he v.-orit form of kidney tro .Me
Dr. K'lmer a Swamp Root •! e new c -
cevery Is Ihet.-'u» spec.f : for kidney, I Iodic
end urinary trouble-;. It r .;s cured thousar.es
of a-parently h-neion case*, after ail o't.rr
eff >r-» have failed. At druggists In lifty-c-c
■nd dollar sizes. A oamcle boi'de r ent free
ly rati, size aboc.; oiling aLout So*ar r.
Root and tt» wonderful cures. Adnrc'-r
Dr. Ktir.-er & Co., Binghamton, H. Y. an-;
■Katies dus paper.
Tbe following extract from the
Fourth of Julv oration of Hon. I
Robert Bell, ul Hood River, in the
Dalles Chronie'c, makes geo I,
wholesome reading for every day
in the American year:
"I have littic pa’icnce, on this
day of nil days, and in this favored
Hoorl River of all pla •ea, with the
habit of mind which on the Fourth
of July causes some men to lament
the pristimc virtue of the republic,
to prophesy its coming do« nfall, to
be tilled with gloomy forelrodings
at the joyous acclaim with which
we meet tin« day. And I have no
mind and i ;O heart to speak to you i
now exc pt about the liberty mid
the glory of my country. To the
sturdy and vigorous American
.America :« Mill the land of iil ertv,
the refuge of the oppressed, the
bcjcon of hope to the down trodden,
and a lif lit -o them that sit i i dark ■
ms« Tlie«v a e old phrases, time
worn and trite, but like true gold
they do dot tarnish. I want to
besp-uk tcalav a 1 irger faith in our
country, in its manhood and its
womaidio-d. in its wealth of char­
acter, in its powvsof achievement.
I want to declare today that after
1'25 vears dem craey has ceased to
be on trial, that it is triumphant,
and that its triumph was heralded
and proclaim«din that ohi Dec­
laration of Independence. I do not
mean tlat I'th-r countries have
adopttd our fi rm of Government—
we < an not expect that Forms of
g »vernment vary ami must al ways
vary, i eeati-e of th.- d.flerent tradi
tiou and character of rac< s But
the spirit of democracy ha« gone
ab oi l ; you will find it in rhe lib­
era! constitution of th- new Ger­
ri a i empire with its reiebstag. vou
will find it in Austria, in Italy, in
France. Not tie two Americas
alone, but the ¡ami.« bevor: i the seas
hive felt the uplift of the great
spirit of * quality.
* * • Let nc nran forget that he
lives in a people’«« government,
«here every man can «-till own his
own home, where ! efore the la v all
are equal, where his children can
be edueited and where hi? borne is
protected; where honor and gx»l
name wait on virtue ar,d industry,
where the tlag which fliats over
him is his Hag. Let us maintain
honorably and firmly the state, for
it it our»; let us conserve order and
iudu«try, let us fos’er elocation
and religion. Let each man. wo­
man an 1 child take the le-.« ms of
ibe Fourth of July intitheir hearts
a;.d let these lessons b- ar fruitage
in I.«« cf i progressive, enlightened,
orderly an 1 happy citiz •nsbip.”
.h tn organize it once, for In
Vnion Th» re is Strength —Sump­
ter American.
For years past the p >ri o.i , f the
In announcing the loss by it
state «•onimonly known a E.i -lern Woodland belle of a bag of money,
Oregon, bus al«avs b < n without a modest California newspaper mi e
representation in the »'ate g vou­ the money was sub»« quenllv bund
in the bag wwtd to mi "unmention­
ment at Salem. In f et ai each
able under garment" that hud Item
«•lection, the voters of the district
Bent to a Chine»«- laundry. W’e
have gone to the voting bo nha and can’t understand it. "We're from
ea-l their 1'iillota tor a ticket com Missouri.”
posed wholly of men who enter
tu ned ideal entirely foreign to thi» If a dainty white bund should slip
svetimi. As a r«sult the industries
into mine,
of l!i;s section have never been
Woubi I sq'U't/.C it? W • H, now if
given th«' legislation necessary for i
I shouldn't
their ad«ani*en ent, theireueourag' • I’d fool like a clam—such a chincc
ment m.d their success.
to resign—
It is a w«dl known fact that the
I couldn’t k«‘ |> from it, ill <1
mim r.'il industry of tlu'sta’e ia fast
attaining proportions of vast mag­
nitude, is in fact bttcoruiiig the If a trim littl«« waist I should fl Ibi
in my arm —
most important industry of ths
wht're is the lelk'W lb nt
state an 1 bringingOrcg >n into great
prominence, yei there never has
been one tithe of the attention given Who in such a «*0! junction could i
find any harm?
to it b»- the Willamette Valiev
swear that I nouldn't and
legislatora which it d« serves.
In recent v«ara Eastern Or«gon
has gna’.ly increased in popula­ If a pair of re«l lipa were turne«l up
tion ami with the infusion of new
to my owi’n
bh>o«L ha- made wonderful progre-s
Wit lino one to say that I shouldn't
and hd»ancviiirnt. The old time Would 1 pray for endurance to l«t
"moss backism” hu* given way to
them alone?
up to date ideas and the section
Well, I wouldn't! con foil ml it, I
ha.« now entered the march of pro
cou.dn'l! — New Orie nt? l im«'»-
lu le«s than a voir an election
will be held, ut which a governor, A ii Holiest Mrdiriue foi l.aGri|qe.
reeritarv of state, treasurer, attor­
George W. Walt, ot South Gardi­
ney general, judge of supreme ner. Me, says "I have had the
court, school superintendent and the worst cu-jh. cold, chilis mid
state printer will be elected. I- grip and have taken lots of trash
East. ru Oregon going to again elect of no a •count lull profit to the ven­
to these otlicos men that may be dor. Chamberlain's Cough Reni
seke’ed by the ' ¡rowers that be” in edv is the only thing that has done
Portlar <1 or 1« it going te be repre any goo I whatever. I have used
foot'd on th- statu ticket?
me buttle of it and the chills, cold
A resume of the ¡>ro-i 1 nt ial«le : and grip have left nt?. I coiigrul-
tion sho.vs thi state «vent republic­ nlatejhe tiianuf iclurers of an hon­
an by a majority ut Iti.lkXJof which est liv-dicine ’’ bur sale by H M
Eastern On g >n contributed 4,0UU Horton Burn’, and Fred Hairier
Residing in Eastern Oregon arc
«nine of the most able men. titt«<1
You will waste time if you try to!
to occupy nml perform the duties I cure indigestion or dyspepsia by
of any of the ab v- mentioned starving yotireeif. That only milk«-«
• »‘Tices. The one thing that con­ it wore«- when you do eat heartily
front« the rcp'ildic»I»- of Eastern Voi alw.iv« need plentv of|o«»«l i
Oregon is ho.r to get th- proper food properly digested. Kodal Dy«
pepsin Cure is the rrHiilt of voir* of
representation, an I it is this se< in scientific res arch for something
ingly gnat obstacle that can be that would digest m>t only sum«-
overcome if they will work in elements of fomi but every kind
unsion. Start ut once to organize And it is the one remedy that
u Republican L>ague. In
every do it. City Drug Store.
hamlet, village, town a* <1 I « ity in
Mrs. C. E. VinDeuren, of Kil-
Eastern Oregon ea a'd sh « R- pub
lican club L"t these chib- rijorl b<>u"n, Wia.. an«alllicted with atom-
to a mam head«|uaricrs, t< I e tn- aeh trouble nml constipation for a
tabli.-hid at one of the pi n-ipil long time. She says. * I have tried
cities of Eastern Oregon, J’ei.di ton many preparation« but none have
or Baker Citv preferred; f how done me the good that CbaiiBwr-
tu i'iy republican votes It i.as and lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
The irrigation problem is one of let the total str«ng‘h of the repub­ have.’’ These Tablets ar«1 for sale at
th»; most important questions before lican vote be asci riait ed. Forti City Drug Store, H. M. Horton,
the people of thi i country. It is of fnd with the strength of such an prop., Fred Haines. Harney City.
vital interest to the West, for sta­ ' organization the representative of Price, 25 cents. Samples free.
tistic« show that the ¡roou a’ion of Eastern Oregon cm attend the
•’I have been troubled with ii.rli-
many of the country districts of the State con »'eution, insist on ,»roj <-r
for l,-n yearn, have tri«-d
We.»i i? not as great at th? pre«ent
anil spent much mon­
time ri« it wa« ten yuars n»o Tne of the state and the Willamette«« ey to no purpose until I trit-d K'.ilnl
Valiev ¡roiitieians will be nude to Dyspi'psia Cure, i have taken two
jk '- oj »!« hare I'C-n attract«,- i to th-;
cities an I the citic« have irm. e«?« d n-iil z that Oregon is not alone bottles and gotten more relict from
in population. While Congr«s.i at Portland and its surrounding terri­ th“m thm all other medicines tak­
en I fi el more like a bov than I
its last session did nuihing for ir­ tory.
The republican« of Eastern Ore h ive felt in twenty years ” Ander­
rigation, the subj -ct was more gen-
son Riggt of Sunny Lane, Texas
er llv di-cussed than heretofore, goo certainly have a grievance in Thou«ands have testified as did Mr
arid a foundation was laid lor prac­ the shabby tr-atment heretofore Rigg«. City Drug Store.
tical advance in the immediate accorded them in the matters of
future, lhe idea of the reclamation state otlnu'S ami now ia their op­
If you know a good thing when
uf arid lands is I etter understood portunity to get their just due* and
you see it, mu will take a chance
than ever before, and the question represent ition.
But don’t wait until next spring at our advertisement which op­
is now in sh ij.e fur a pood reclama­
pears on the last page.
tion hili. If th-; plop'«- of the West to effect this org iniz ition. Start
will *-»e th it P.epr. sentitivf-s are now. Let some r< pre.«entativo re-
«.lected on a stoit irrigation plat­ j.ubli • m of Eistern Oregon take
form. there ¡1 little doubt that n the initiative by organizing a club I 8. Land Oif rc. Burn», Or«snn. June 15. t»i.
Notice i< btre >r «Iven ibel Henry W w«i-
bill looking in the right direction in one of the larger cities, select cow«
of Burn», lt»rney ronnty, Oregon, t,»> |
can be p.is^e !,—Fre l«;rick II repr< sentatiyc republicans to or­ Bird Hotter <4 Intention to innlto proof on 1.1» (
>lH»ert*len<l cleln» No. Z7J. for the fractional N'y i
ganize the clubs in the minor to vns See .11. f|> -I. H K3». I’, w M. before KexUter »nd
nml get the republican press of a!l l<< Colver at Burn« Oreg u, on H»tu day, the I
July, 1XH.
East •• hi <)regon to not only endorse ZMhdayof
He name, the following wline««e» to prove lhe
The Buffalo Expiess announces
the league but to work for its suc­ eotnplete irrigation »"d raclataallon of.aid
that "To give n cold shoulder”
bind' B P. Well». Henry C. I.eve • »nd
Richard King, of Burn», Oregon, and b»1.<■ ,
aiiaes from the fact th it it war once
The republican party is in the turner of ILirney, Oregon.
the custom in France, when a guest !
(¡i i. W ir»yc>. Regbter.
majority in th" whole state and
had outstayed his welcome, to serve
will meet with success. It is also
Him with a cold shoulder of mutton
iri the majority in Eastern Oregon U.« Land OITire. II irn«, Or-<ou, J'inr l >, 1901
instead of a hot r n.«t as a gentle
and it i< thi» Ja'.t 'r majority that
Notice Is hereby glrcn that Allred C, Wol-
hint for him to go. I! rw customs
now insists rn thia partof the Htato conic. of Burn». Hurney county, Oregon, het
Bl»d notice nt Intention to tn«»« proof on hie
change! Now when a fellow gets n
and its interests being recognized. do.ert lend claim No •-«••«. for »he freetlonel SV, |
hot rmst he usually decider it’s
The opportunity is offered to the Nr.ll.TpAH HUS, EW M. before RefUter 1
end krvelvcr »1 Hurnt. Oregon, ot> Saturday, '
time to go.
republi'-ar ? of Eastern Oregon to the loth dey of July. 1 >01
He lumiu the folio« Ina uritnerror to prove
become a powerful factor in the
the complete lrri»«tioo and reelao e'.lon nt
Just about the time you think politics of the stato. Will they Ml'llenS. B I' Well», Heu-j C Leecn» and
vour cup of bappineaa is goir g to accept it or will they let it pass Bleberl Ktn». ot Burn». Oregon, end I i-e
T'trn. r. rf ftn-ro-y Oregon
run over it springs a l< nk
¡by? L’they wii-h to aerrpt it kt
<i«>. W Haye , Pcgi ler.
The Tiliul V< ■: i' v.
Mv.i.y.« V.t. nn.l i.I.i.h timi li
•;• JiO y<-il •, In. ft.u i.o G.o si ,-mitiiro of
.. I lui» !•< n nindo under lila |>er>
Honnt ,ii. ni -lori situo Ita liH'niicy.
AlloWltv» ■ »0.1 tu <l<-« vivo y«>i| lu tlila.
AH Contiti ' «’« lt«, l'iiltnibui« unii ••.»«! i-n ?-"<.<>«t” uro but
Iklieriineiite timi trillo wlth nn«l « mi inger Itisi hnalth of
Infuui* und i. UlLlrcn rxpcrknca ui.aln t U\p< rtiucuk
in uso Ver
« h
Castorin I« n li irmlr • 'Ul> flint.» itv < i->tor Oil, l’are»
furie, Drop« and Huothiiig Kyrups. Il I« i’lomeiiit, Ik
contain« neither Opium, Morphin ’ nor other NnreoUa
►ubitum v. ltd m;•• I« it-* guarani c. If tlcatruya Worms
nml iiltiiy« Pci rìdine • «. li < uDIur. li « n und Wind
Culle. It r- llelt" Tt-eihi.n." ’i fullhl.--., < tire, CotudipUtioM
mui rintttl. nr;'. It u.-• iiull.t:- > the V < h I, rcgulaUa I ha
titolila« li ami Howrh, i.lvii
he.titiy end nut arai sleep.
Tlie Children’!. I’aimica- T.m Htitker’d Friend.
Bearti the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
C, M. K l LLOGS, Proprietor.
Burn*, Bullte.
Leaves Burn» for Ont.trio da ly al ' i< >• m . -n d srrivc» a' Ontario
'.t it.<l tri;» f l't < •>. Through
within I.’•><»•! « Siiul ■ f in
freight 3ts |«r R» over 5) ", under 50 tt.« graduated tale.
Burn»—Cmiiun < ity Ituiiie.
Leave« Burn« fur Canvoti City. Tm -«lay, Thursday and Saturday,
at 5 a. ni, ind arrives in Cnnyon City witbin Id hours. Single
round trip #13<*O. Through frright 2 cts per 8» over
50tt.«; under ."'’•!>»» gradua • «1 r«te I*. <> Addre-s. Burna, Oregon.
Offlee at P O.
I. WOLDESBEP.G, JR , Agt at Burna.
M >»n iiMiiii li,
fv t «I <i fu
Th® demand far
itrM lirttg
• ru h *
x»l rlurinf the>aM
year «• I « «• • « h I
11 >»i• n ii i fr--ui ; i < rj u» i? ■
p«r month.
n- »tr < rrlhir^lra and
i! 'I- a « ;
p.tr.-i tor th» Hiafa F
ml aa­
l'» ».•if! <a I ly lake »tat« paper» nn gradua*
4 Mt»? Ar I'b-rui - an«l Profptalanal ConrM;
• . t p I iraltp g |)«>| arttiit nt Kip«n>aa
• r i n ») to >17.'•
f er jrar
Fall term
-I' ■ I. <
f t . . i
r r r utai -g te rotilalning lull
ann »tu< vtn»ji»t*. a<! lre««(
or J. H V ftmler,
TL7 jrxcl «Gr t íx Inor,
Carrie? a full linn of Rro* Liloth, Silk Plush, or Velvet, alio
A Full Lineof Varnished and Metallic Caskets
and Coffins.
A complete lino of Burial rolx-s, etc.
SHT’East of Welcome's drug store.
“The Chicago
The m ist simple, practica! am] durable
T y p. writer on th« market at any price.
Ask for catalogue.
JF3. Xx.
in cs, General Agent,
$35. Oregon, \\ ashinglcri nml Idaho. Albany. Ore.
Subscribe for the
$1.50 a year. In advance.