Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, February 16, 1887, Image 4

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lUmN of Farmer*
A Frvti hinaii »' ivathit .Unarieau
breeder» • re chan .ing t'.u chars, ter
of the N< rin-tn friciieroii inn” I.,
seeking to increase it* .i«e slid bv pa;-
ing no at «nti<>n to other qigditie*
He ia re. rU<i a« saying that the
original "1 ur<-li " horse weighed only
1,300 or 1,400 pound*.
Five or aix years fs the average
term of duration of rasplierry plania
lions. If retained longer the Iruit is
■Wall and but little of it. As it take*
a year or two for the plants to reach
their liest liearing condition, it is well
to make a new plantation every third
year, and thus have two pl.il», one
coming into full bearing a» the other
is going out.
Salto of copper alone of all the
remedies tried tor paraaiti'' disc ise* of
the vine have proved certainly erti
cacioua, whitewash, recommended by
many person* for mildew, having
failed to give satisfaction. This is the
verdict of a congress of vine growers,
as announced by the representative of
the Minister of Agriculture before the
Nati >al Agricultural
Of countries outside of Europe, the
United Slates has 45.5lO.tMM) cattle.
48.322.tMM» sht ep, 12 077,000 horses and
46,092,000 swine. The Lt Plata states
of South America. 19,5OO,0tXi noail of
cattle, 70,(Mk>,(MX) sheep and 500,tMO
To these must l»e added 30,
000.000 cattle found on t»ie pampas
grass plains. The Australasian colon­
ies have 8,500,(MX) head of cattle, 75,-
000,000 nead of sheep ami SiM.ODO
Alfred Rose of Penn Van. N V .
claims to have raised at the rate of-
1,000 bushels of |*otat<HS to the acre
by his system of trench planting, in
which he drops his seed |Hitatoes cut
to two eyes, on the bottom of a fur­
row eight inches deep. 1 he seed is
covered at the first akint two inches,
but when the plants are nicely started
the dirt is drawn to them by degrees
during their growth till at last the
trench is entirely tilled.
The question frequently comes up.
hat kind of sheep will pay best?
This depends upon the lisatton and
the purpose for which they are grown.
If a farmer wishes to raise sleep in
large Hocks, principally for the w<*»l,
he will select those that have merino
blood; but if situated near a goal
market for lambs, and where he can
keep only a small number, he will
probably find the heavier mutton
breeds the more profitable.
The dwarf lune berry grows very
easily, endures any amount of heal
or cold, wet or dry, to which our lo­
cality is subject. It hears irlely a > 1
the fruit ie tine flavored, an«|s * lict'e
larger than the wild June bSBy dark
purplish red, with a tine bloom. Th- re
is one difficulty in its native—viz ;
the birds ar* so fond of theeeeds that
they will pick them out- tmfore the
fruit ia rijie, and, we rarely find a
handful of nice ripe berries.
C ull . mb vs. M im ., O- l XU, IMV
— In answer to the quo» on, "What
ntakua a Florida girl popular?" w-s
vr< aid slate that 'er father'« ormge
grove probably ha« a« niuc'i to do with
it s> anything ■’««, — Oui.'a (Fit*,) Sure-
It is antioiiiie. d that an English in-
or has la-.-ly d vised a method of
•s.igi u with a ma 'rial rwaetnbliug
,-f •*, which removes all danger of
prison in eann-'d good*, and the adop­
tion of his process is likely soon to bo-
eome general.
The marriage of a girl ton years
and eigbt month* old to a man of thirty
rears is reported by good authority
from Suwanee county.
The girl'«
father is a minister, and the eoremonv
was performed by hi* eunseut—
siik (Flo.) Recorder.
If you are sick or think vou are,
don’t send for the doctor tinles* you
mean to follow hi* direction*. You will
oniv worry yourself ill by knowing
what he think* of you, while vou do
nothing to better yourself. — l^iila<icl-
pA*„ Hull. tin.
■ A lake, comprising 12) acres, near
the village of Riverhead. Lung Island,
ha* be
drained, and the bottom,
which is found to be sandy, is being
leveleil Slid stumps pulled lip and holes
tilled for the purpose of establishing an
immense cultivated cranberry marsh.—
N. F Triune
—One of the largest manufacturer«
of glove« in England recently issued a
circular to the fashionable dealers in
London, pointing out that the habit of ,
attempting to wear gloves too small
ha* grown to «uch an extent that it
has seriously »ff -cted the reputation of
the factory, and urging the dealers to
exercise the.r influence against thia
expenaive manifestation of vanity.
—Though the great West doesn't
suspect it, at the Eastern centers of
civilization the dude ha* been replaced
hr the Gussie, he supplanted by the
Tiniroie and the latter’s successor is
the gon-gon. who is the reigning favor­
ite. The name gon-gon is an exact
reproduction of inc first sound made
by an infant. We don't know whether
it was intentional. Rutfo/o Erprr.m.
—Frank. Brower, a favorite negro
minstrel of olden times, walked into
the barroom of the Metropolitan one
morning, dusty and unkempt from a
long journey, and askiMl for a glass of
brandy. The barkeeper handed out
the brandy, and then, suspicious of
Frank'» appearance, »aid: “Just par
for that b< fore you drink it, will you?"
Frank, who was a* well known in New-
York as any man about town, lot ted
“Jn«t pay for that
hrandv before you drink it." repeated
the bartender.
"W-w-why." said
Frank, leaning confidently aero«« the
counter, “i* it *o ini-m-memdiately
f-f-fatal in its effect ?”—Ar. Y. Citiien
— There ought to he a stringent stat­
ute making it a felony to arrange a
prize fight in any Slate, to enter into
negotiation« for arrangement of a prize
tight or to pngage in »uch prix* fight in
hny manner, either a* principal, second.
• -»istanL »takeholder. trainer or ref-
••ree. The statute «honld also forbid
persons to leave the State to carry on
«uch prize-fight or to assist in it in any
capei-itv, and it «houM empower and
•iueet the officers to moke arrests when
persons are a
o depart on «uch
«»t-.x •
ficicnTiy Oomp^ien» v» sn-1 explicit.
If they d. 1 not »top .his -iisgrawful
brutality, at least would compel it to
' keep unttvr corer. "*
Lt is now open and
»ha nieles*.—A". F- ßer>Al.
Much can be done in a small apace
with gtxxl «oil well tickled by tlie plow,,
the harrow, the cnllivator and the
hoe; by intelligent rotation of ofopa;
by timely applications of manure?;
by careful selection of what is planted ;
by the unremitting application of
IHftCno«!« ofc, and Remedy for. *n Almost
hard work anti hart! sense.
What is
l'nlrrr«al Affliction.
needed is agricultural experience sup­
There are diseases which medicine
plemented by brains, enough capital
to buyoutright, build comfoitably and may cure; others must be left to the
begin out of debL
Twenty acre* of healing power of nature: and there is
average coa«t land, wisely cultivated, a class in which the patient must min­
will give a small family the necessities ister to himself.” as the doctor told
Macbeth, when asked if he could not
of life. Forty acretf will supply them
“Clean«« th« «tuCsd bosom of that perilous
in comfort.
Du*. S tahkkv & P alkn ; 1'he remark­
able success of your i ompound Oxygen
Treatment in my mother’s ease Iudneed
me to adopt it in' my own. For more than
fifteen years I have lieen troubled more or
le»s with Dy«/irf>«iii,and lor over six 1 have
■ ull'eied Intensidy and i outinu >usly from
indigestion, Const l|>allon and Hemor
I had severe headaches almost
every week, ami was compelled to use
morphine tor relief front this, as well as
purgaiivi. for the former.
I had tried all the usual remedies for
tlie e, but with only temporary relief, and
my condition sliadily grew worse.
July last 1 was prostrated lor leu days by
an altaik of hemorrhoids of unusual
««verity. After partial recovery I resorted
to your Com (am nd Oxygen, which mere
than met my expectations.
I have no
headsclii’H ami no symptoms of Dyspepsia
ot any kind
in a word, my r> storatiou
to health 1 regard as complete.
A volume of nearly KM) pages, entitled
“Compound Oxygen, its Mode ot Action
and Results,” w ill lai mailed free to any
aiidress on application to Dra. S tahkky A
I' ai . kn , 13.W Arch SL, 1‘hlladelphia, i'a.
Orders for the Compouud Oxygen Home
t reatment will be tilled by II. A’.Mathews.
BIS Row ell 'twet, San Francisco.
If mses are wilted before they can Is«
placed m water, innm rse the end. of the
»laika in ver, hot water for a minute or
two. and they will regain their priwtine
It it perfectly prrpoterou« to IntroducepepMn
and other artificial «olvvnta into the »tonmi b.
in the e*i>eetaUon that they will aaMist illgeation
by acting on the fotwi itarif. They will noL
Nor ta it poeathle thuM to overcome dynpepMia
The only way to conquer that diwortlrr, and pre­
vent nuinerou* diaeaee* and di«Abilities which
It aaeurwdly provoke«. It to renew the activity
of guatrie action by atreuMthening the atomacb.
Hwatcttcr'a Stomach BittvrM eradicate« the
moat invelerate fortiia of tndige«tion by rettor*
ing vitality to the alimentary organa, and thewe
which are tributary to them, rho livor« the
beweta. the kidhey« and the iiervva. no Iras
than the atoniach. experience the invigorative
effeitaot that standard tonic, which po*wvaaes
alterative |»ropcrtirs Hat great1/ rnhanev ita
beneficial infliM nve. and give a i»ermanenvc to
ita effect« whnh they womd not otherwiae
M. de Leaaepa given IS Pan th* date of
navigation of the Panama canal.
No. 1'5 C arlton A v «., B rooklyn , N. Y.
Alice k's Porous Plasters are undoubt­
edly the I test external remedy manufac-
lured. I make his ass« rtion to the public
from my own personal experience of their
wonderful virtues. Suffering from severe
pains tn my side and cheat, contracted
through a -ever« cold, 1 applied a couple
of Allcock'» Porous Plasters upon going
to bed at night. The result was, that in
eight hours after applying them I could get
up ami walkabout with very little pain or
ache, when the nixht previous 1 could
neither get up no, down without he p, nor
stoop to remove my who. s. I have since
used them in my tamily tor various ail­
ments, and have never known them to
(ail to give almost immediate relief.
T. H. B ack r a.
About Oregon Apple«.
ers’ Association recently held their
first annual meeting in Portland.
Following is an extract from President
Cardwell’s address:
In 1847 a few hundred one-year-old
grafts, planted in boxes, were hauled
acmss the plains by II. Luelling from
Towa. A bushel or more of apple
seeds furnished stock for grafting,
and a nursery was started in 1849
near Milwaukie, Clackamas county.
In 18.12 .Mr. Luelling went back ami
brought out a large variety of all
fruits across the isthmus of Panama,
carried across by Indians and mules.
In the same year a nursery was started
near Salem.
In the fall of 1853 a few bushels of
apples were shipped to San Francisco;
in 1854, about 500 bushels, at fl 50 to
12 per pound.
In 1855 over 6,000
bushels were shiped, at about $30 per
bushel, for which $ 10 to $ 16 was paid
in the orchards. In 1856 we paid $5
per bushel and sold for $20 or $30 ]>er
bushel. In the winter of this year
(1856) one bushel box of Ksopiis Spif-
zenberg was sold in San Francisco for
«60, clear of all expeno, anil about
the same time three boxes of Wine­
sap were sold in Portland for «102.
This year |s?rhaps 80,0)0 boxes w-re
■hipped, all by steamer.
From this time on the shipments
were heavy, often 3 000 to 6,000 bu«h-
els per steame*, and prices declined
accordingly, until in 1861 the market
broke badly, California Having gath­
ered her first heavy crop, from mil­
lions of trees planted out, instigated
by the high prices that prevail»<1.
The sixty-acre orchard of Luelling A-
Meek, which cleared «30,(XX) in 1860,
only netted «5000 in 1861.
that time varieties shipped contracted
from year to year, California furnish
ing all the early fruits, but still buy­
ing the latter or winter apples, »» they
keep much better here ; but the varie
ties have contracted to five or six.
The following are still snip|*ed: Yel­
low Newtown Pippin, Winetap, Mon-1
■south Pippin, Gen* t, Red Rwmanite. (
1 hone contemplating making change«
in i heir otti cea. or ntarting new venture«
In i the newmpapcr line, would connult
their beat interests by calling on or ad
dr* Ming Palmer & Rey, dealers in News-
l>a| er Supplies; also information in regard
th, reto. Addrraa PaLMKR & Hrv, lh
an<l lit Front ‘treet, Portland. Oregon.
Whan Baby ww* ab«b. wa <««• her Caalor1<
W hen aha had Chlldreu, aha gar« them «'aeturta,
Go to Towuo B l Moon» when In Portland
(ur l»at l*huto«tr«i>lilc and Craron work.
Vke Nl tKHB' Gl*nnt le
l««t««4l Dept. niMi Manli,
•ark year.
314 p«|»»»
N\ * 11 *, I nr h»«, «viete o»«r
3,600 illuverabtlwn«
wb H u I»
1* ir tur» <4all»ry«
<41V tCA Wteulvaal« I’rirv«
direct to coH«w»H- r« ou all gocMla fbr
|M>r««*nal ar ftemily aw.
'Irllateow to
urtirr, au«l glv»« riart ro«< of «««ry-
Iteiuu you »•••, cat,
«irinte. wear, •»
teavr fUu with. Tlbrar I V A
ronteln luformation gl»amr«l
hutu iter martevt* of Iter world. W*
will moll a ropy FHKK Io any ad-
dr*M upon rvrrlpl of lUrte to drfXroy
rtpruw of ma&lltetf. !*•< ••• Uvaf fbvto
Thl« medlrln«, rombinln< Iron wllh pur«
Yr*rtabte totttaMb uuh'klf *n<1 r».nipirici)
( «rfo Dy«r-*p«lai, lii<ll«r«(1«>n, U raliitrea,
.Malaria,« telila a»4 Fvvvra.
and Nraralala.
Il I* *n unitelllnf rrmctly fbr DlaeaaMof tb*
filila«*?« aad I.Tvrr.
Il 1« Invaluab!« Air DI« t « msi pt*rti!l*r te
Women, *nd *!! whu !r«d «ritentar^ lire*.
h«1<M«« *o( ln)ur« the tcrlh,r«u«r hva«1«rl)r or
produca ratfollpatlnn—WArr /rmi rrilifixo do
llrnrLìh«* *nd purin«*« the 1>l<><>d, «ilntulatr«
Ih« appetite, *ld* thè *«a1tnil«Uvn of fbod m
lieve* il re rt bum *nd Hclrhtng. and wlrviiglU
«n* thr rouBclra and nrrve*.
F«T Inlrrmltleiit Fevefo, Ia*«!lud*. I am M of
Fn*r<y. Ar., il ha* no «qnal
<*** The genuine ha« ahov« trade merli *nd
eroMied rvd line« ot» wrappvr. Takr no otber
wholaaala Affante Fortland. Or.
'‘.¿alid*’ HoX
Irish May E owcr.the king of di«cov*ries
|/low to Cure
Skin & Scalp
xvith the
Two Funerals.
There was a curious and trying epi­
sode the other day on Kearny street.
T'p Kearnv street came a French
fnip-ral with a band and the usual pro­
Down Bush street came a
German funeral; with a band and a
procession th* lame. At the intersec-
tion of the two streets the processions
¡iK’t. Tli»-re arose a question of prece­
dence. and pending its decision the two
band« played at one another their
respective dead marches to the irrever­
ent amusement of a crowd of unsym­
pathetic looker« on. Finally the police
c,»me along and settled the question,
and then the two hearses got mixed np
md for some time the French proces­
sion was moving with the German
hearse and vice versa. The awkward
part of it is that even now some of the
mourner» are wondering if they buried
the right man in the right place. — Han
i'ranciteo Chronicle.
Mr. Chas. F. Powell, postmaster. Terre
Haute, O., writes that two of his very I
flne«-t ehickens were recently affected with !
He satnrstcd a piece of bread half
an inch square with St. Jacobs Oil and fed i
it to them. Next day he examined them
end there was no trace of the disease re­
Government land to tlie extent of 18,-
3 9 913 acrei waa entered for actual settle- ,
ment in 'SH8. Thia is the largest amount I
ever taken up in one year.
Mr. E. R. Wilson, Grand Rapids, Mich . |
reports the case of Mr. H. T. Sheldon, of >
Lansing. Mich., wh-> for several weeks,
- uffersd from a frightful cough and cold, I
which was cured by one bo»tle af Had filar
Cough Cura.
GE r S r S e W
For Pain
Cures Rheumitisifl. Neur*lqi*i
Prloa, S3.
J. C STEELE, Agent,
63« Martin* «»root.
Franriteoo. Cal
lla^E.rbe, T-Mbesbe.
» vrara-JAI I'hi
Te «íaud M h-«.« •• l«UrMt
S (■ Personal aerurlty »nly fr.r InU-reat.
*•■»<»'> <••<!»• f>r partlduigf a. Ixeo Mirre».
Ware* tuia
T. S. Gardner,
Maaaftr, Patee» '’•n-Mn< Ciaciaaau O.
Printers sad Publishers, you own obtain npon
demand ths
PRICE $1.00,
- run» -
PALMER à REY, Typ« Founders,
65 Front SI., I’ORTUM), OREGON.
111-11« Front SL. Portland. Or.
417 Ransom« St, Ban Frandeaa.
1« the restili nf thia vn«t experience. For
Irtteruul congestion. I n lie m mot Ion
and ulceration. It I» o «prrlfle. It
la a powerful general, n« «veil as uterine. Ionio
and nervine, and Imparts vigor «nd ainiurtli
to tli« whole avatein. It cures wnikmra nt
stomach, Indlgwit Ion, Most Inn. w<-nk lock,
norvoua prostration, exhaustion, debility and
■lee|>)<*aMi<«M. In .ltber«ex. Favorite I'n-m rlp-
tloo H *>M bjr <lruitirl«te under our ixaiHra
guarantem Beo wrapper around bottle.
on six turrrir«
T e Van
Vonn*, mlfldle agf-d and
ol«l. filnglo or marn<rt! umn
ar»<I all who Buffer with
Nervoua Debility, Hpenna
torrhea. Hern Inal L om «*,
Hy-xuaJ I)v< ay, h’aillfig Men •
oty. Wenk l-.yf-R, Luck of
Eitcrgy, alik) BI och ! fund
Hkln JM jmjia ».?., Hyphilila,
Eruptions, Hair Fallintf
Bone Faina,
H welling*
Bora Throat, Utoftra, Er
f«cto of Mercury, Kidney«
and Bladder Trouble«,
w«i Hark, Burning Urine. Gonorrhea, Gleet. Bbkl
Mo» li Mex«-a «'•■■■■It Confidentially
>OK «01.00.
Hend 10 oenta In atampa for Ilr. Pierce'« Inrtr»
Treattee on Dta.su»« of Women (ISO |UK'S,
tmncr-coverodi. AiMn-as. VV oHt.tps Disi’RR-
J art M bdica L A ssociation , Otti Mulo Mus t,
Buffalo. N. Y.
... ' ;■'-" t
J. R. CATES A CO., Proprietor».
For “ wom-oiit,** ** run «lotvn." <1«-bllltat<**1
•chool tmrlicn». ml Ilin»’r«, «« timwi r«*«4n*. hmi*r*
nn<l ov<*rworH»'*1 wdiimii irm« rally.
Dr. Pb’r<N«‘* Fnvorltc l*rwirrlp<k*n 1« tb<? l*-*t
of b II rrotomtlv«*tonics. It 1« »i«»t a “ <‘nn*-*n,’*
but B«irnInibir fumila a »Intfkn««* of purr«**,
I m * I ng n n»«»*it p<»tmt R|W'rlfto f«»r nil thotte
(’hronlc W«tikn<aw* Bn»l
ptM-tilter to
woHirti, TI m * tn«ntni<’nt nf mnny fbouMMWi
of fftlfh rruk «, nt th«’ Invnlhl*’ lloU’l nnd Hurff-
Iral InntltiiUi hn* nfTonl« «» n Inrun <<i|M-rkn0B
In Btlnptlng rotnodlro for tlwlr cun*, nini
Dr. Pieroe's Favorite Prescription
Syrup Taalew <<s»t.
In lime. —.’I t>v drwrr’ts.
Cure« all Diseases originating from
disordered stato of the BL0< I0D or
LIVER. Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Boils, Blotches, Pimples, Scrofula,
Tumors, Balt Rheum and Mercurial
Pains readily yield to its purifying
properties. It leaves the Blood pure,
the Liver and Kidneys healthy and the
Complexion bright and clear.
csâts WHttt Àtl liti »AUS
Gai den. Flower and Field Sfwwls, Clover
Grad »is. Alfalfa. Onion Bets, etc. etc.. In all
varie lies and lots to suiL
orturing , dihfiouring , itching .
Ira ge«t and most complete stock in the
s< sly and Limply diseases rd the skin.« alp,
and blood with loss of hair, fiom Infancy to Nortl iwesL
old age, are cured by theCcncc'fta ItKMKOiiai.
Me chants, farmers and gardener» are re
CVTICCKA RBBOLVBWT.tbe new blood purifier,
cleanses the blood and perspiration of diseais*- quest i-d to write for prices.
Illi strafed Catalogue Mailed Free.
sustaining elementa and that remove« tlio
CcTicm*. the great Skin Cure, Instantly
allays itching and inflammation, clears tbeskin
and scalp of crusis, scales and sores, and re­
stores the Hair.
C vticuka Hoxp.an exquisita Skin Beantlfler.
Is indispensable In treating skin ciscases, baby
humors, .kin blemishes, chapped and oily skin.
Ilinni/ H>lt ALI». I»)* week *n<l expenBew
C uticvxa R kmkoikh are the great skin
1A/I IK Hl»ai‘L Outfit *<>rth 1511(1(1 particular»
tl Ul I Ilf „.e. |».(). V1UKKRV. AugUBU M a .
baanti fiara.
Sold everywhere.
Price, CüTlCURA, 50c.;
S oap . 26c.; K kboi . vk -V (I. Prepared by the
PoTTKRltKCO AXoC'ii,.MicvLC'o..Boston.Masa.
Of Portland, Oregon
MTScad for "How to Cure Skin Diseases."
(Cor. Fir.’ and Mnrrl.jii Hto.
fill VTÎtî) with the loveHefttdeHcac v I* the -kin < Of WTHY IIHIIkKH MOI. 1CITKII.
1 111 Ixithcd with C ctk ’L’H a M edicatici » Hoar.
G. & G.
Win am (with ran) ths worst r»w. In «»• to ss’ea
Karh ho« ivmtalns a pnctiial trratUa on st*
rial -*lir-------- . with tuli InalrocUoa for salt rara. (l«0
R emedie s.
rm riu.t
PatM-nui in’Uvl iw roornt llMtr b->m”L «•> 1
turai■»I nt holin’, thniush uiMri^HMi-b inm.
■UMs-rahilly aa if la-»” tu i»n»si. Cou» «ad
■ra us. or »aid t<-W '«>«•■ In .turnt» for our
“ lmr.lid.’ Umil. Brak.*' wl>l<-li «1*1» all psrUe-
ul.ira Addrra«! Would» a l>ii<i-*sa*Br M«I>1
CAL 4»» i arma. Ml Main IK., Unitalo» N.T.
i"L*»l .; (O, «< 1*1*0««. a»-
2ne. buy* a pair of Lyon's Patent Heel
Stiffener»; makes a boot or shoe last twice
an long.
/*0L vom .
To feel free, pleasant and be Wealthy, uae
Trinh May Flower. 75 centa at drugging.
I i I
« -J
irMu<*<*e«ai be U»« truw
of merit, it
H a skrttlf-d fact that “Hrou nt
Troches ” have no equal f«»r the prompt re­
lief of Cough*, Colds, an J Throat trouble.
Regíate re
Job Press fa the strongest,
accurately, at high speed. Is the easiest
mnning press in the markeL In wold at
a figure within reach of all. Han patent
throw off and chase-hook. Palmer & Rey.
Portland, have all sizes on hand. Is made
in two sizes -8x12 and 10x15— with throw-
off. For sale by Palmer & Rey at prices
Address Palmer
& Rey, Printers' Supplies, Portland, Or.
°® _
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Old Material tn taken on account by
Palmer & Rey; remember this fact.
Prominent among those diseases
which refuse to be cured unless the
patient doctors himself, is the common
malady known as "the blues.” Mr.
Hornaday, the American naturalist,
met. while steaming down the Red
Bea, an English lady, who diagnosed his
"bines” so cleverly and prescribed for
them so skillfully that he has never
suffered from another attack.
»lutes both for the benefit of fellow-
Diagnosis: ‘-The blues” are caused
by envy and selfishness.
Remedy: When attacked, go to work
vigorously to promote the happiness of
those around you. an<l 'hereby forget
yourself.— Yotilh't Companion.
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1 be IVUlforni* Cackle*. 13 Pine Ht San FraneUoo.
■ B7 A »«I» Wabash t.eaaa. t'bleeae. HL
9^, Knifiict
Bent, eaaiewt to uae and cheapest. Piao’s
Remedy for Catarrh. By druggists. 60c.
Pii» |x»«rter «•«** vwrteg A wwi at
'Artntflb *44«! wl>ul«a dnnrM
M k - j »'« hhmii Ì« a I th«»
onHtMbry Idiid*. bi tl twiitul b* **U<I In j«Mtiiw«U
pwt w»th lit* nittl|llu*l« at 'uw te»l, •!<(*< «««hk
Slum m ph.Bphwb* p.vxtem
AriM *«uy ha * m *
1Lrr*i M«*.' <• F v ** j «*
«M W«h atrwL N. Y
Tnv tlKWMKA for breakfast
Price, BITS.
fH»« .• a JHV***^
Absolutely Pure.
When the waa a Child, aha cried A>r ( baiarla,
When she b«*-aiti« Miaa. she clung U> (’aalurla.
Kept in stock by
P>r ti« «» 4• 4Mr»
*H1 uaj you, far« from «iiy pari of
l lillmt Slate» to Portland and hotel expon««
while her» If wu tin not prisluvo liiill.uulalile
evidence risiili «»Hkiiuwi, bauk.ua dcstura
tenieiv, luorchanis aiKl taruivrs as to uur re
liability in thv vine ut rxluvoalde rupture ur
hernia w lllioul knife, imodlo or aliarli Inilru
mam. You are MMmrn aualnat a<s Id.inl from
the Irai day mil II curisi, and the mire jruaran
t«ssl is'i'Uiaiieiil or iiiunoy ivtuiided. You ean
work every day. no matter what jour occupa
timi, without uanscr or Imsmveiii, me. run
■ultaUuiis tree, onice hours fiom 10 to | ilaily,
l'<irri*a|K>mlei>la will enclose .tamp fur reply
amt atidriwe Hrs. Fonimi A Luther, nsinu « »nd
It First Nstimisi bank. I*urtland. Oreumi-
Mentimi thl. paper.
ov** 6,000,000
This Paper Cutter is the be t ’Tiedinm-
priced 30-incii cutter ever offere-1 to the
ft is strong.
It is subetant I
It is ruled toil.'lies.
It ia all iron anti steel.
It haw front and l>ack gauge«.
It cuts aretirately.
< nl. 30 inches
"lluirah for ih« Irteli May Fonar'« bloVt
That savrd my llarnvy * life
Il kipt Iti* liver trim ilealh's doom,
All cured him tor Ills wife.
Do you Usili» me Mr. Delaney
For »limin' Mintt« of Joyt
Irteli May Flower, more'« the power I
Cured my darllu' boy,"
W hich we gh, upon the h«art?"
The Northern Pacific Fruit Grow­
No. tuy triaml. you do nut huuw nUat It
la to be sa V v U friitu death. You thtuk that
bacauav you fell lulo the bay aud wer«
rvacued (mm drowning that, lu the short
of five minute«, you realised all that
I. meant by tlkwe woni*.
You liar« no
kiva el tb»< Uugvrinif awn* of week* and
month« of «uttcriiiK, the evrtaimy that
death ia *v«r’«wuluf nearer aud nearer,
aud lluM no human skill can delay th«
grim measetiger. Hut let uie tell you my
lu th« Fall of 1870 I had oeeaslon to take
a slaito rid« In Orvifon al niitht. I took a
■ever« cold and waaaick (or a week. 1 re
Covered my usual he«Uh with the rxi’vp-
lion o( a alight cough, to which I ;aild no
attention, tin uiy return to I'alKnrtila
the coughinx la’came troublesome. 1 ap­
plied tor medical advice. 1 was aaaured
hat it was an attack of bronchilia and a
kittle of medicine w ould Mt iue right. A
iionth went by *i. - I was no bettor. I
M*gau to loae Ib’sli and ap|ietlle; tuy left
Ung gave me palu aud tiiglil aweata
doubled me. Again 1 received a thorough
ixamlnalioii and waa Informed that I hail
lavitlea In my lung and must a« ck a
warmer climate. My doom wa» aealed. 1
tnew 1 liad mnauinplion. I Itaik ced liver
>11, couith »yrups and the long Hat of lung
1 emediea.
Day by day I felt that I waa
i loaring the grave; I »li uggltal de»|H-r«tcly
i gainst the enemy. I spent one Winter
I 1 Fiori da but the climate enervated me.
) aca voyage w aa prvi|K>M<<l aud I took whip
I >r Havre. 1 fell that 1 had exhausted ail
i leans.. A Violent hemorrhage nearly ex
I auatoC me, and I (elt that I must cease
t le
ruggk amt prepare to meet my ate
>e » struggle
t ravely,
ravely. N
Nearly two years I had «uttered
« a lui
nd ws*
waa slowly
alowriy dying. I reao v* once
1 lore to
Ui appeal to medloal
aclence, ami,
li raring of a physlt-lan in Paris. 1 went to
s >e hiia. Thia was Dr. Dujardin, lit«
twat worvls gave me hope.
“My dear
(■¡end, you have the cousuiiiptlon, Il is
toe; Imt by the grace o( the good God
)Fu may yet regain soma health.” He
grave me a laitlle of Ills l.ife Kssenee, say-
big, “Take tills, and if It falls I call do
nibthing. “ |-
I ha<i tri<d ■ so nisiiy lundiclnae
(halt I had little taith. . Yet 1 ttmk IL i lio
ItrKt t night 1 l diti
did not «wvat.
awcat. I »iu> sur-
>l>e<t, imi
fé*reti it was oniy trom the
...t food.
1 soon iM-gsn tu look
ea eerly for mjr me«ln. My eougli dld not
til pillile me, and l teit a? it I inight gel
w> pii. I -aw thè
__ gissi
___ agalli
receive i words of ein-Oiirngeiiieni.
llt'ollragemt lo.
took aeven
seven Isittles
I_ ____ _7 <>f tlie l.lfv
■uri, I look
EJaeiice, and Ihrn felt that I waa nearly
wpH; returneif home io surprise my friends
anil receive their congratulations at lieing
sniVd from death. I hrmiglit several liot
l.ife Kaaeucv with me.
trf ■>f * Dujardin's
ain| »hall never lie without it. Io lie waved
tro.ii n wudden
au’iuen death
ueatn in
la nothing,
notntii but la lie
arred from lingering agony, , from daily
• ■|i uighlly horror, la more lhau
i-ugiie can descrilie.
t l..e dollar aud titty cents per bottle. At
all druKKista
»iruggiala'. ’. Snell,
.Snell, Hritahu
lleiishu & Woodaid.
wi ole-ale agvnta, Portland. Oregon.
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AKTI-ntl.lOI *
llon, I nd I ««'•tint»*
■ nd BllloiteAHacks,
by nr.
Ptirgul I»« Pel let«.
cents’ ' I il.I'rmwls'«.
Marvellous Memory
Wholly unlike Artlfl< l*l My«<*rn» Cun»of Mind Wan-
derm* Any boo* lenmed In one road In*. Ho«<y r*-
duction« for |>oatAl <’I a » m »«
proa|>ectu«. with''»*•»}
h.n« of Mr. P wm tqh . the A«tn»nom«»r. Hon«, w. w
AfiTon. JrDAM F. B knjamiw , Dr«. M i «<> m , W ood *ud
other«, «ent P'*t rfJLK’
G.'IT Fifth Avenue,
lYrvr Yorlu
Lmgth of Cuttlng F.'I b ««, 2 Inehm.
Appl*4 for.)
('«rvtfully fl»*d«. wp II ftnlnhr«!. e<t*M cnn.i rr». «n<l
h&rfl ait Rtoel. Cfpml t<> thn b«8t nteri irnofla In cuttina
»|U«üillML We fnsranU*« lliem to be ipraf/lcially as annd
an the mont eiTMMiNlvu «rtiehm. <#*B«»K^ A Al.r'A-
AMIKR.C2S Mark» ! Htm* t, opp. Paliart> Hôtel, H. F.
Hnrd wnrraii l Murlilnrrv
Paper Cutter,
Ciirap—t »mail ls*er cuttar In th« market
Fifteen pnbll’h.n In the Northwsat are u.lna
them. Addrera P a LMKR A RKY, Portland,
tmlr hows* oarrylDX Printer«' iappll«..
1 li»s Htii, I nr Rtfgt ti«rae«r ia
ma«ls esprfasly foi th« eiir« «f
¿•rttngtim' nt« uf th« (ewrstb •
organ«. TH« cottllnuou« atrsam
of KI.rCTRK ITT pri.meating
through th« purls nma I raster«
ihrin to healthv action. Da not
eonfound this with Kketrl« Belt*
«AtetllMif to «nr« all Ills from
head to too. It Is for th« ON*
•peclflo nurpoa«.
For «irtuiars giving foil tn-
forwatlon, a<ldr«««Ch< ev«r f
trio Beit Co., IV3 Waatoingt««
Nft»«t, Chicago, III.
». N. U. No, MA