Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, February 16, 1887, Image 1

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arney V alley Items
VOL. 2
NO. 30.
i entrai Asia, amt tu» reaming out t>y
moans of railroads to ih<- heart of that
to 11« Loti«l<l«rrd In tli» Hwi•tr­
< uiolllluu of Tliss« l >.
Thvi« « many a romanee uomea my way.
old Continent, CaiMlnntinopIo bn* *ba Tratr Itslplrs.
it on ut m Furnor«.
Ami tnnnt a aorrow m««ta my
íurfuuat«* Wom»til
seemed to be the great desidel nllim of
Uoin< th«* « huid nuit« vvvrr «lay.
1st. Bo sure and put In u furnac*
I know Ibo pvoplv mid ! llmlr ways:
all thv nations who are anxloue to
(-iipnblo of comfort able heating tho
Ami much I mm *, trnui inai
I lake.
aggrandise th-.dr dynasty, l(oiii«dsrv. Widow In Bengal lasts for one month
IL A. DILLARD. ■ • • Proprietor. Of joy. ami trouble, ami deep heart auba.
building In tho ciddest weather without
commrrvv ami polity. Ever sim-e 14A2,
h th>< Kayiuib,. the most uumerous
Ibi« letter. adtlrrnKMl in manly atyle,
fire-pot to rod heat.
alitai Hit-ri«»«.
Influuiitlal uluas In that part of In
1« fur a inaidon, 1 van see
colitt-ssMpu and expansion duo to the
th b«T g Imi brinili «nu» and happy ■in'l«
Christian world, or »ome part of It
henvvvi th«*» com«*, that thai mil»l be,
-, ”,
gre.iLAMieogi'S of ti-mpi-rature in the
has been arrayed against the Moab
in ,
From her aw««tararí; ami. what ia mure,
world. Intlie effort to carve u| p ths **jra. During this time she h ius to pre- furnsw; » hell Hu- lire has to In- foriM-d,
Thv U m «)« they cornu ab« a at th« dour.
bet ________
own finid,
jg herself to siMiii loosen the joints of a furniico built
territories of Turkey, and J wproUttly
, of J pen.
—New York is mauufaoturing Miles Tbia i«mfca like a hili ; they're pour, I aa^ee:
Russi* f
un-pi-, Musai*
| a single meal a day, which consists of
up of several pieces, and |M-rmil the es-
>• vomr •«» uftv** to iH.
as big as base-ball bats te kept* the A 1111
was ou the point of taking Constanti­ balled coarse rluo, simplest vegetable», Vape of the gases of combustion Into
pal«« Lu«*d woman, with real dl«lrv»a,
dudes from blowing away.— N. .♦*«•».
w II tab« thia (rum m«* at the door.
nople when her armies were al Nsr> idarilied butter, and tullk. She can on
tin- fresh air supply.
NuiWtnii m«»r«F’ ah«*‘a aure to Bay,
—W e don't just see why a woman An«i
Ntefano, on the European side of the
la a b«*|»«-lvaa, half »«iwtant way.
Wrought Iron and steel-plate fur­
should like her minor bettor than a
Sea of Marmora, just below the city. Mt account touch meat, tlsh, eggs, or
Tiie city wna sat di to the Turk then by fa’ ■_____ i«-y nt all. »lie is forbi Idt U to nace« are now made which nr« claimed
man, for the man will flatter her and Ami tN • uno with a foro irn *Ump—
U ell. 1 at:« m I b «1 th » l«?tt«'r a «omoI
a treaty which gave great advantage tel J<t£p her hair amt to put any scent or by the makers to I h < superior to cast-
the mirror won’t—.V. K Journal.
It a (rum « aailor, a wild turnia »vamp,
Russia. But this treaty was nuxilliod 9ÍI on her body, blie must nut on the iron furnaces, but it has been shown
\\ ho th a limo I m *| >«-ar lot• h a huma.
—Darwin says that »he monkey can
Il a tn«*ther wa l»»«i niii'Binl) ;
thnt of Berlin subsequently. This ||kmo vol mu «m i iluy ami night, even thnt wrought iron furnaces may leak
blush. He eertainly ought t« when he
from my aun, * aht’ll aa> to me.
i-n It Is wet, and must eschew the after having been some time u»o<l.
last trcalv was signed by ths six
sees the way his (fesceudanU are sui­
asure of a fc -<l and lie down on
It seems to In’ tin- general opinion of
And tMa one. t*«iye«l with black. ! dread
ting up.—Awk's Ssws.
To «Iniivor •( nt nm .
v ground, v-r parbaps on a coarse manufacturers of hot sir fiirmwTS thnt
—Wo doubt if the inquisition pat­ It » u »m the Wool: their tr end la deadi
nkvt spt i>l
( It. In some cases no rule can la1 made by which one can
I eìntoM» tr«’iii tb««ro have «topped of late;
lion, Turkey lust large slices of her «
terned any combination ft torture sur­ The
i'»n m.t ev<> have her hair dried tell whnt size furnace lie should Use to
airi a »nd ami nril, I huow
territory, dllll. so far as the Balkan i
passing a toothache and a new pai- of Thin >a tho laat from Idaho.
the aun,
I... daily morning heat a given amount of space. They
Peninsula Is concerned, which is the I
say tin- only thing to go by 1» experi-
boots. —Leu-ell
Ami bere ta ,Vra. Harry llrown,
territory lying lietwafln th«- .Egvan aqd j
— He—"You don’t' sing or play.
uti<-n, which she must go through enee, taking Into account Ule ex|H>siire
*1 hat*« w by th«* «lauiiy lettere come
tho Black Seas, she has maintain«-« i b- forv she can put a particle of food In
Then 1 presum-' you Write or paint." No more t«» iiumlmr *1
of the building, location of furnace,
much substantial power over a part of ' : her mouth. The old women say that etc.; hence an architect must rely upon
h . a brott<ht the eitei writer booMN
She—"O. no; I'm likffthc young men Yr«,
ninni a romance «'urnes my way,
we meet in society. 1 Amp.y sit around Ami many a Borrow ever« day.
the soul of a man alter hl, death as- the recommendation of the manufact­
inal power as the SuseralA of othei
—Abba R imo «, in AT. T. L«df/ar.
and try to look intelligent '—/Airprr's
.'ends to IL-av-'li quickly ami pleaaant-
urer. and it is, therefore, I m -«1 to deni
uortlon to tiie bmllly Inflictions only with those who have n gtsal repu­
key as the Suzerain, although It-h ?* ’
—It ia the easiest thing In the world
garia was praetically torn from Turkey I " "" 1 is “ wife can undergo In the
to write fun. All you've got to do Is
after the death of her husband.
2. Cold air supply,
by th» aid of Russia
Bulgaria being » ('om-eqUeully
to sit down and th-nk of it and then
the new-made widow, If
should always la- taken to seen re n
•«lav country and having th* Greek re­ .- nut for any other reason, al least for
wAte it. W>- could write columns of it
large supply of fresh air by means of n
we could think of it — Chirac An Irtereatliitr and InatructlvaChat ligion, of which the great patriarch te tiie IM-Vtelil nt the Soul of her jiepaKcd wimm I vu or metal duct connecting the
husband, must submit U> continuous air chamber under the furnace with an
only who shall Iw her rulers, but as to abstinence and excruciating self-inflic­
«-There was a man once on a time,
o|H-ning in the outside wall of the
tions. A whole mouth passes in till« building, preferably < on the north
who thought him very wipe, He posi- 4 *tp*<-ln>»it lu» kish J •hr —Age nt the
This diet should
slate of eemi-slarv atton. The fum-ral or west side.
lively affirmed held I neror
II. r • \ut Hilf
and sinster advances in tiie liicreaae nW Oeremonlca which drug on till thv vm
ere long,
But the goods wens advertised
fie ns large us the opening In
of iapi*»i»iut«»«— i ho i>uih« of it»«
lier armament and navy upon the Black of that period, are all performed, ami the tinse of the fill .»ace. The nil' sup-
„ a tail. The ad was
and thereby
Aiuvrloau tegAlluu.
Sea. Every thing has pointed to uu the rigid ob»- rv atices of the wl low of a
set in nonpareil, and headed “Sheriff's
ply shoiihl on tio nriouut I m - taken from
advance of Russian Interests and pow<< little relaxed if It may be so U-rmed, the cellar, because It is almost sure to
Sale."— N. T. Mad.
A Justice in Georgia recently
siticv the only relaxallpn allowed to lie eontniiiini»ti-<| « itli gasses escaping
lion. S. 8. Cox's diplomatic mission
iertook to ng»rry two /fouplee at to the Orient has given him a great ad­ other wonts, «he is making the c«*it< *1 her is that she lived not prepare thv from the furnace itoor, and. |M-rhaps.
,tice and married both women to one of
flier«* may I m - decaying matter or bad
vantage over the regular Culled State, thia end Persia has Iwcotm- really a food with her own h indo, and that she
the men before ho was aware of the
^rau change her clothes, but alwava plumbing In th«- cellar, which also give
He vau giaft a Turkish Russian khanate, and Afghanistan mi y u»ing only I'laln cotton earls The
He afterwards got the matter humorist
off injurious gases.
the satisfaction of joke on one of bls old Congressional he what Circassia has becoffiT *
real misery of the widow, however,
Tin- fresh air supply should not lx*
"Il ia usule»» to prophesy about any* le-glns after tin- first month. It is not
the contracting parti««.— J>. K. Sun.
rib-ticklers, and produce an article so
brought ill through an underground
movement» uonnected with Ulis East­ enough thnt she In quite heart-broken <luct without taking especial precau­
—A Harvard student searched for a fresh and new that even the deaf will
ern question; for Is II not ths unes- for hi r dec« a---1 husband, amt that she tions to have it air-tight, and shoultl
leak in the g:u)-pipe with a lighted laugh. Although the high moujiks in
peeled which always bnpiwiis? Last undergoes all the aliovv-im-nllonvd
not pass across or near a drain or
match. He will never do it again. Constantiiiopl« persisted in calling him
year, the coup d'etat of Prines Alex-, bodily privations. hh<> must also bear
There is this to say in faver of a col­
3. A flirtiate Is usually piacisi m-nr
legiate «Mlucation: When a man learns Pasha "Sunset.” he never donned the
the m-'st gulling Ind.gullies ami the
Bulgaria. It fi-ll upon Couslantino- , most hum
. . l . iiiing
- M-lf-sacrilices. She the center of n building, the oliteli being
anything he learns it so thoroughly festive fra but three minutes and that pl.
llke athunde.lsdtfromactear.kv '
to have the flura conveying tin- hcntoi
that he never forgets it— Botlon . ran- was a trial experiment. While a re­ Itwa. aimed ... an nst-.-.d, 1 -m it'
porter wan waiting in the parlor of struck several planets. It hHiqwn*Mt atf be a wedding in th« huiisn Ihn widow air from it ns »hurt ns po»«ibL. Hori-
—A pedantic writer complains that th« Minister's residence, No. 13 East the beginning of the Beiram »<a«oa. , must boi touch <-i in imi way Interfere aontnl flues for hratc*l nir are very
there is too much bad graiqmat in the Twelfth street waiting for Mm to ap- : This commences just after th«- •L,un with th« ariteli-, timi aro used U i keép undesirald«*, as the friction in them
check» tiie current and iuiUve*
newspaper». This are evidently a mis­
hy th. cur ou» *iumag>- custom a During loss of licnt.
pear, many tine view, of the Bosphorus of Ramazan, whicte Is tho lomjf
direction of
th« po-dah-
h»r tviigioti»
f<«tiva)«. qhv
poujnhs Aw
religious festivals»
take. If there was bad grammar in
I nil uen ci­
111" I great
le but grudg r-gly ailuwc»l to approach till- Wll.'l
the newspapers we would nave saw it. and places of interest in Constantinople tiviiv. Th«n the Turk quit» bi­
on tjn «ction “t hot-a dr fl fica. and for
Suiteu’S palace and a •
Perhai-s newspapers does etr in those were s< en.
lbo beginning of Belrsui tlu -
tiie ««nt <<q ul a this i«'llsou II is better to place the fur-
tesmAathlssionally, in the btMleand) Tui Vishe.
r-ry were atirin'tivo and i rooelvtis all thiluivil and mil it
' - 'il-'i. bu^ t -w u«!
cutteu j*
»pMsr^uatue jsndj tlnnariiw. Ho Invite* aJir*'-
spandi t > pollnte the ma- nai e, i -a
Tgjn pr« W b -t *n«y de
•y ,TW-<yo.- wi
......... -¿'i .
In tiie Norther ri ,”
il-n ,
.f. „« h«-w name for a raid, so bad­ lteiram. iu ^J’qtember. IMA. I was ««¡I |ilo fWT«à!Cwi dpuF’^Xfab
-» —w. l.arliD>
If a
“ Ixt townixi the uurUiWesL
no son or wi III
>u give your boy such an ever- 1 ly that be was »■ mvwbst miarse. '1 hat my way In i.te American launch from >f the house. If anv
lite area
'«aiilding of Luge
area Is
Is to I m - wa ¿ iii M
las tint hard name? It's as long as * . inimitsbl«- ard breezy style so char- Tnvrapia to the palace, when a mes 3
t daughter t- ron for* tier, or If she lina by fuil>>u-e heat, it will be much better
string of aried applivs."
sciigor from the Sultan stopped our I
to use two or throe furnaces distributed
brother, boys are Ik) pftTt tutar when asked for u Turkish story he said:
boat to say thnt Ida Majesty bad post­ c i«i. with h«-r ut-band • family, her
."I have juat receive«! a fresh one by mined UlO reception of th« foreign poiiditten truly la-comcn a helpless one'. over th«> area than one large centra!
they gr iw up. »nd always want roman­
tic and dne-M>midiug nanus; and ao I cable iron» the Gol«len Horn and it Ministers because of a remarkable During any ceremony or grand occa­ one.
4. The rrgisier ami hot-air flues
told nn husbnnd wr would* call the g«H’s A Turk in Constantinople called event which bud just mxmfred It was sion she has silently t<> l«x>k on. oth- i «
child rdleg Zerubnbel Ki^h Eikannh vp.n hia neighbor and want««! to bor­ the Bulgarian émeute, which annexed l.routid her «-njoting 'and sporting •hould he of ample size, ns It 1» much
better to hat e a large quantity of air
Habakuk, and when he get.« old enough row his jackass.
East R«>ume)ia. I shall never forget [ht-insi'lrcs. and if a im«« kind relation
" *1 have sent the a»» to Scutari, my th«! scene which occurred, for I pur ifoes not come to relieve her tedium admitted at n low temperaturo than a
he can take hi*» choice.” The Sqnfre
thought it would be hard picking, but friend.'. laconically replied the for­ sued my wnv to tho vicinity of the the has hardly any thing lodo but to small <|uuiitity of nir at a very high
he did not tell her mo ; and Mrs. Larkin tunate owner of tiie long-carid ani- palace, although I ilid not enter the jiiminate on her prv»v.il sud, wretched temperature. — Builder and Wood­
went on with her knitting in a state of imal. ‘Even now that a«s is climbing palace. 1 saw the immense excitement . ninditlon. Every fi-mule member of a worker.
over tin- hill that brings him in view which Musli m muftis amt goM-be-1 iimily, whether married or unmarried,
•erene aatiafaction.— Botlon Budget.
of that city. If lie were here, of course ■ diz«-m-d paslin», even tiie moat phleg­ ■. n go to parties, but a w idow cimi not,
I would lend him to you.’
matic Turks from the little dwarf of and if she expresses any wish to join I Wromlnc Ituutor t»i«rovrra a Hugo
“Alsnit this time tlieiuis brayed loud the palace to tho Grand Vizier, fi-lt. the family on such occasions it is In­
Cavern Whirl* Contain* Three l.ahra.
Ifow a Lively Colomdo Village l)l*Mp
and long in his stall.
p«*are<l In About Two Wrckt
But the moderation of tint Sultan stantly repressed by ;he curt rebuke oil
A singular story coffics from the
"The neighbor spoke up. ‘Ah, there averted the catastrophe at tiiat lime ' tier mother-in law or some other rein­
“Aw.iy back in 1876 i was out In la your as« uraylngnow; 1 thought In-
licn.l of l’KKtlicr cr< <-k. a atream of
He restrained his people, while ho dis­ ion that "sho is a widow and six« must
Colors Io,'' remarked a man from New was nearing Scutari?'
missed bls Ministers. The Ministers not have such wishes.” Davtndra A’. Northeastern Colorado, with it« eourae
“Tin- owner haughtily replied: ’My of tiie great Powers were then called Ba», in !>'inrlt< nlh Pmiurg.
England. “It was my first visit and
uot mnuy miles from the Nebmska
the scenos and incidents made an ini friend, which do you believe ia lying, together. Sir William White was then
loo siini-j-. "ini you aecp any line. Dm* of the sources of the crrvk
pression on me that time will not efface. the ssa or myself?’
hmding the place of English Minister­ Hamburg edging?" nuked a timid Mian. is n shallow, sedgy pond, from which
"This i« n prime specimen of the lie has within n few days returned "Not if we can help it," was the perl
To begin with, I had the mountain humor of tin- unspeakable Turk.
th.- water pours overa miniature preci­
»gain to thnt post. But the question reply of the clerk. He kept some that pice some ten feet in height and live or
fever as soon as I got anywhere near
"Mv lii'iilth? Well, I have improved returns; for Russia was lying in wait
day. —N. >’. l.tdger.
six in width.
the Rockies, and tiiat little affair is cal greativ. My summer in tiie island of
for tho opportunity to dispossess t*i<!
••I any, Jerry, why don't you water
The pond is the resort, in their sea-
culated to make a man r<m mb- r it for rrinkipoa wm wy dt liglnful, and Prince who woulif not obey her be­
your horse»?"
"Water ’em? Why. «on, of a great many wild ducks, who
Several days. 1 struck La Junta, which
hests; ami when some months ago thnt
Wlii-n questioned ns to his sojourn at Prince was aeiz«-d bv Russian emis­ they never want water." "And why feed on the sedgy plants growing on
is pronounced as though it was spelled
Constant inople, the Minister talked saries and transported bejond the bor­ don't they want water?" “Why, be­ its margins ami its shallow bottom.
with an h. This was the last station on very freely in relation to the events
cause they're both bay»."
I.a«t year a neighboring ranchman no
tiie branch of the Kansas Pacific that winch are now transpiring in the East. der a new crisis camo upon the affairs
— A suggestion of economy. Lndy ticc.l that on disturbing these water­
ultimately run into Pueblo. At that tune He said that Constantinople had
(In dry goods store) I will look at fowl, in place of flying to a distance,
“England linn not much trading or your material for towels. Clerk (re­
La Junta was a busy s- tth-inent. A hun­ unusual a'tractions for a diplomat«*.
they circled alxmt a few momenta and
dred or s > wooden buildings lined each In fact fifty years ago Miss Pardoe. in
cently transferred from the dress-goods then dashed through the veil of wAt.-r
sid ■ of the ma n street, including three her book called "The City of the Sul­ question; but still it is her interest, department) Yrs. ma'am; something formed by the falls coming from tbu
hotels, a dozen boarding houses, im­ tan," said that Pern, where the Ani- with lier 40,t)00,0<>0 of Mohammi-ilaiis that won't show dirt?
mense stores, where the freighters into bessadora lived most of tlio year, and in her Indian Empire, to keep the good
Though a good deal astonished ths
—“Mr mnruint gives me a penny
Old .Mexico got their loads, and ten or which is it European city, opposite old
every any, ” sab! n little girl to her ranchman had then no time for in­
twelve dance halls and saloons and Stamboul, was like an ant hill. The
com pan ion "for taking a dose of cas- vestigation of the vugular circum-
gambling places.
Every thing was diplómales and dragomans are con­ in the Balkans with Russia, and upon tro oil." • Wha do you buy with so -tiuise, and not until a short lime ago
wide open. The only thing the settle­ stantly going and coming, carrying a
>y?........ '•Oil, mamma saves it did he follow the tracks of the ducks
much money?
ment did not have was a grave-yard. little gossip iu the »¡tape of diplomatic tige and sway over 200,0.10,000 of peo­ up to buy II...
through the falling waters,
lie oil With."
This fact whs commented on most straw«. They are forever alert, like ple. When the Gz.ar, nt tho launching
— Bertie -"Mt Schuyler, are you a a slight ducking lie eiparienood
favorably by everybody who resided the Greeks of old. for some new thing. of one of his great vessels at Odessa,
no inconvenience In pushing be-
upon the BlncK Sun, not long s nee an­ I very strong mat?" Schuyler “No,
there. 'It shows what a healthy place
Once then* and
“But," said Mr. Cox. the ‘Oriental nounced the resurrection of the Russian not so very strong, Bertie.'1 Bertie • liiml the falls.
we've got,' said any of them when ap­ Imbroglio' is not a new thing. It is as
“What dhl pa mean, then, when ke the way was clear. Opening before
proached on the subje-t. 'and it also old aa the selection of Constantinople
of Moscow, in presenting an address to told sister at the breakfast table to-day him was a passage three feet, in width,
shows what law abiding fellers we are as
at the grand site of commerce in the Czar, shortly after, prophesied thnt tho that he saw you with a heavy load on and of sufficient height to allow a man
—for here we’ve lived for three or four East. Yon cun not open a volume of
topass upright. The wallsof theaubter-
In at niffhtr
night?’’ Judge.
weeks and nobody has died with his history, and especially the histories of Russian flag would soon float over the Inwt
rnm-itn way were dripping with water,
— -••What
“Wlint are you r< ailing, my dear?”
boots on.' This latter was a polite way Byzantium and Greece, without finding dome of St. Sophia, tho temple of
and undoubtedly p:< -ed beneath the
‘y old huly of her
of informing the stranger that no fatal the autotype of the ‘Eastern question.* Byzantine Christendom, it wna a aus­ inked a motherly
pond. He had not gone many yards
rows had occurred within that time. It has been continually recurring-and picious notice and warning to all the -laughter, who wn- i swinging in a bant- before the sound of a great quacking
Everybody was on the leak - and the never settling. The pre-eminence of
I. fell upon his cars. Hastening his pace
hotels all charged at the rate of four the city as a commercial emporium dulged by Peter the Great and Catha­ aftetneon.
he soon came upon a large cavern, in
dollars per day. The hotels, by the .landing between the Eaat and the
the center of which was a lake. The
way, were not more than two stories West: with her magnificent waters of brain of tin- Great White Czar.”— N. want 10 about tfc-t
surface of this lake was thick with
want you to open a novel on Sunday.
high and were not fitted up with anv the Mediterranean, the Dardanelles y. Mail and hjrpre»».
ducks. The water fowl wore mostl)
V. I'. Time».
great style or elegance. As soon as I and the Marmora (Propontis), Bos-
mallard and teal, though several other
—Influent ialciliz- n: So yer thinkin' varieties were represented.
got well enough to travel 1 went down phorous and the Black Sea, make It
— Small an tall—
uv locatin' hvitr, air ye? Young phy­
to Trimdad. and was there just two altogether peerless, not only in politic­
On the approach of the intruder the
Mv wife Is tall, mr ion Is tall,
weeks to a <lay, as 1 got out just as soon al, but in commercial prominence. So
Much taller than hla fattier;
I sician: WcB, yes, I had thought some ducks arose in an Immense doml and
To be al-out as tall as lie
of practicing here, iiiriiiential citizen disappeared through an opening be­
as I possibly could. In relurn'i g East Ihnt ever since its first settlement his­
1 very much would rather.
I took the Kansas Pacific east fr.»m tory ia full of Scvthian,
I Look liytir, young man, tluir's a good yond the lake.
Our adventin-er fid
...... n, Bulgarian,
openin' hytir for a doctor as iin'er- lowed them and found another an
Pueblo. We passed La Junta or at Saljnrkian, Turk^Mc ongol, Greek, Ser-
I look small and I am small, but
What mnkes inn feel smnll ml her,
•landa his biz, but we don't want no similar lake covored with wild ducks.
least where it had been and not a vian and Slavonic conflicts. These
My wile outs down mv son s old elo()ies,
practicin'; doctorin's what wo want,
a ngle ho isc remained. It was an un
To make them fit Ids father.
Again the fowl arose, and with fright­
races were ever on the move, either in
broken prairie, save where po-t< had arms or otherwise, to secure the ad­
— Two clerks in a Texas dry-goods '/.irpur's Ba »ar.
ened and clamorous .pincks thronged
b-en le’t. It. seemed Ilia* as soon as vantage of thia reinnrkalde port.
What, ho cutin- back for Father of tlirough another pnssago-way.
store nre engaged in it conversation.
l.ie branch was tin shed to Pueblo l.a
•'It i, well known that from the time "The boas said something to me thia foungGirl: • 1 should think you would -he pursuer found the largest lake of
Junta «1 sap >< ar. d from sight, ami all of i’et.-r the Great, Russia has had her morning thnt I don't like.'
"He often lai satislli-d after the treatment you got itl and the end of the subterranean
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He don’t care what he Imre last night. I kicked you down water chain. The ducks now took tin
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She has been checkmated by the 'con­ says.” "Well, I don't like it, and U iho front steps ami set the dog on you. back track, and he could hear the rush
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—Wtflle tie* liar has more pressing cert* of the European Powers. These be don't take back whnt he said to ntt and ho came back with a big piece ol »f their wings and the sound of tlieir
our trousers.
Now, n hat do you harsh notes growing fainter as they
need of a good memory than other Powers are jealous of the great 'lnnd it will bo impossible fur tno to stay with
i->-n. he is of all men least likely to anima),' Russia. Especially since the i him." "What did ho say?" “He gave ■«ant? Youngman: I'd like that pieci •ought the safety of the outer air.
antagonism of Russia with England tu | me notice to quit on the first of the ■if cloth, please.
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-an it. Pro ideid P utaa
1 “'¿fc
M<l Weed-Matured Wvmsa
!>•*•*•• in Kacvllmnt Tn«!«»
According to the idea of things which
prevailed not so very long ago, th«
woman who did not marry was a
blighted being.
It did not matter
whether she remained single from
choice or necessity; for since It was
considered a woman's only manifitst
ami unalterable destiny to marry, she
must, of course, be regarded as a fail­
ure in life If she did not do thia. And
though she may have refused forty of­
fers of marriage, or have had the most
Imperative duties of any sort, or devel­
oped tho most decided talent for some
vocation in life other than marriage,
?'vl neither one or all ut these would
ntve b«-<-n ncc«-|>ted aa a valid reason
why she should not follow whnt society
lin I decided was the only proper course
In bfi- for her.
Fr >m this condition of things there
bios «- In literature ami the minds of the
jicople In general the typical "old
maid." Nhc was al w ays pictured gaunt,
angular and forbidding in appeiuanee;
morose ami Ill-tempered in Jiapositiun.
a« become a blighted and disafipvinlu«*
Ireing; hating youth and pleasure of all
sorts, with a sp-'cid grudgl* against
love making ami lovers, since tlu-y re-
iniiuled her of her own vanished youth
and the opportunities wim-fi she never
had, or having, had neglected.
But we have changed all that in
these later days. With thv education
of women und tho broadening of their
opportunities In every way their dvsli-
UK's have broadened also. A worn ar:
iastill,perhaps, expected first to marrv
Mild it 1« beet for her that she should,
provide«! her marriage can be a happv
ami suitable one. But if from her own
choice, or a m-« «-<sity arising from a
lack of appreciation on the part of the
other and mor«’ stupid sex. she remains
at tho end of her days what some one
calls an “unclaimed blessing." she
is no longer consi<l«-rr<l, from this cir­
cumstance alone, a failure anti an un­
happy creature.
Site is no longer
doomed to a lifts of dependenoe in the
house <d another, for a sc«>re of voca­
tions ars open to her. in any ono of
which she may wins livelihood or even
competence. Consetiuently sho com­
mands respect, and. far from being a
subject of contempt or pity, she is m->q»
likely the object of open or secret envy
on Uic part of most of her tnarHed ac­
And so it lies oemc alxmt that the
typical old maid of former times has
pit-ised away, and in ithe literature ol
different from the old. The UMslerB
old maid i( not angular and forbidding
in nppearaw*. but plump and pleas­
ing. site is not moroee and Ill-tem­
pered. tail jolly and good-natured id an
extent that make» her the best of com­
As »he hw> never had Th«' ab-,
sorbing came that come with amrri.tgo,
and has no family of sons and dangh-
tvr« growing up about her to remind
her of the flight of years, «hu linn nat-
urallv fiirgotlen to grow old. ami young
people regard her as on«- of tbuniscives
vfh«-n giMxl times are being plnnned;
while in the matter of lovers ami love­
making -he has had that experience
which m.'ikcs her simply invakinlde us
confidante and adviser, and sho Is tiie
ri-fiository of all the secrets of this sort
which exist within the rang«- of her ac-
qmiintnice. Siu- dri-H-vs in exquisite
taste, she pels a pug dog or tl white cat,
i« goldm beetle, or wliah-vcr animal
fashion may dictate; is idolized by her
family; especiallv hei young nephews;
has host« "f admirer«, but Is discretion
and propriety pcrsotiiliv-l; is the guid­
ing spirit in orphnn asylums, hospital
fairs. n-
•i«-H-iat---l chfirity matters and
other good works, and, in short, lives
out to the end of her days a happy,
useful, well-rounded existence.—,Vil-
i. aukee Ttltgrupk.
—Misery loves oonipiny and com­
pany cans -s the good housekeeper a
good deal of misery too, when she
hasn't anything cooked in the house.—,
Scmerrill’« Journal.
—It has been remarked that the
youth who wears the tallest collar and
carries the largest stink w -ars the
smallest hat; but why it is nobody
»oom« to know.— 1'fiila'lcli‘lxia Call.
—"My dear," said a mother annoyed
at some in anti his remarks of her little
girl, "why can't you keen a'secret?'’
••Because," said Little Mischief, de­
mur dv. “two of my front tooth are
gone, mamma.’’
—Th - S indav Ifera'd has an artl -11
on "A Girl’s Roam -How to Mato It
Attractive?" But the article misses
lha best answer toils own question,
to wit: I’ut the girl in the room.
e I Cturier.
It has boon revealed that when
Daniel Webster got stuck for a word
he ured to rub his nosi with his finger.
This is p'-.f uindlv intnrosting, bat not
Now, if ha had rubbed his
nose witli his heel or oven his elb >w—
b it the subje-t is giiltmg too il-op.—
l‘hi‘a I Am Call.
— Boston ha« a young man with two
hearts. It is supposed "they boat as
one." Should ho div.do his hearts with
two young la-lies, we don’t suppose
either of the latter would be satisliod.
I’hoy would call him a ho irtless
wretch, despitj Ins surplus of cardiac
organ. — Badon Pox’.
—“Goorg -,” she m irmured fondly,
“do y.m b.diove In supportings mo­
"No, dear, I din t. I be­
lieve in help ng a monopoly along just
as little as I can. But why do you ask?”
■•I), I don’t know, only I thought mty-
bo if you di In't you would have turned
down the v vs.”—.Vr.n Ila n » Nr <w.