East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, July 15, 1896, Image 4

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up »° «>• 8'«" s*««.
amid heaps of blossoms.
Mrs. Chadwick made her call.
and the marquis rejoined her, and
¡the handsome carriage whirled
From People'« Home Jeurnal,
‘ away; and when Del and Grace
|c»nie home, and hearing what they I
CHAPTER I. [C ontinued ]
I had missed, were cross for all the
Rose went to her room and took I rest of the day.
7 QG
out the pocketbook
Thoughtful-, When
— the
*u“ day of the ball carue,.'
CHICA»«, ZI union ÍQUA.VC. N. Y
ly and carefully she counted ever Rose hovered round her sietera the*
roR SAUt Qy
entire afternoon, acting as their
her scanty hoard.
What Chas. H. Hackley has Done for Western
“I might spare them this much,” lady’s-maid. At last their toilets
Michigan—How the only Cloud in the Life
she said, at last, reserving a portion:
of an Honored Man was Brushed
“and I’ll let them taka that, too. into the center of the room, Del in
away by Science.
I did want a dress and hat—but it i sea-green, and Grace in her rustling
from Grand liupidt, Mi A., Evening Pre,,.
doesn’t matter.”
I gold.
and what they had
She had been saving every sur-
Oh, girls!” cried Rose with!
“ “ Oh,
and some cases so nearly resembi 4
mine that I was interested. But I a* i
plus penny to purchase a spring kindling eyes, “I neyer saw you
not know whether tl.e testimonial!
were genuine or not. and I «lid n,,r
outfit for herself; but she gave up ]ook so splendid b?fore. The mar-
wish to be humbugged, so I wrote t>
the hoard without a murmur.
1 quis won’t be able to choose be-
one who had given a testimonial, a «
eminent professor of mu.de in C.’nadn.
“Oh, Rose! you are a fairy!’’ I tween you.”
The reply I received was eve.» strori -
er than the printed testimonial, and
cried Del and Grace, in a breath,
“I shall not give him a chance,”
gave me faith in the in.dit.ine.
Th« suce»s« of this Orest Cough Cure la
as she put the money into their j retorted Del, tossing her yellow without a parallel in the history of medicine.
”1 began tailing the pills and fr>u- i
them to be all that the professor h. 1
All druggists are authorized to sell ¡ton a pos­
hands. “Now we can make our­ 1 tresses “I mean to take him by itive guarantee, a test that no other c re can
told me they «"ould be It was two •
successfully stand. That it may become
three months before I experienced any
selves gorgeous.”
• storm.”
perceptible betterment of my con -
known, the Proprietors, at an enormous ex­
, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into
tlon. My disease was of such loi •
The swee spring sunlight warmed i Then they rustled down the panse
every home in the United States and Canada.
standing that I did not expect speed;
recovery, and was thar.kfui even to : j
every nook and corner in the grand broad stairway, and into the inva-J If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bron­
chitis, use it, for it will cure you. If yout
relieved. I progressed rapidly, ho~-
old Strathway homestead, and the lid’s sitting-room.
child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use
ever, towards recovery, and for tl.j
ft promptly, and relief is sure. If you dread
last six months have felt myself r
gentle winds wafted the odor of
“See, father!” cried Del, as they that insidious disease Consumption, nse it
The most beautiful spot in---------
Musko- perfectly well man. I have rocov -
your Druggist for 8HILOH’8 CURE, gon is inseparably associated with mended the pills to many people, a:. I
bloscorr.s through the open windows swept out before him, "aren’t you Ask
others >
Price 10 cts.. 50 eta. and Si.00. If your Lungs the name of Ilackley, and in all West- | rm only too-glad t>
are sore or Baek lame, use Shiloh’s Porous | ern Michigan there 13 not a name bet- health through the medium of t j
till all thedim rooms were fragrant. proud of your girls?”
Plaster. Price 26 eta. For sale by all Drug­ I ter known, and among the studious wonderful medicine. I c'..:i-4 say • >»
Little Rose was unusually busy
“Ay, ay! proud enough,’: re-1 gists and Dealers.
1 and those interested in deeds of phil­ much for wliat it 1 as d-ne for n-
Dr. Williams’ I ink ' ills for P.ds
anthropy, this name is known and ad­
that day. John, the gardener, had I spouded the sick man; “fíne feath |
mired. Chas. II. Ilackley has been in People have an enormous sale, a. 1
the lumber business continuously since from all quarters come l i glowio-r *•>
driven her sisters dewn to Shreve­ ere and fíne birds, and about as
1856, and in that time has amassed a ports of tl.e excellent r'svlts folio—.
fortune, which gives him a ratinj ing their use. An analysis proves tl *.
port, to make their purchases for much use to me as the gaudy pea I
among the wealthy men of the na­ they contain in a condensed form i 1
thu bull, and the cook had taken a cock that struts upon the terrace,
tion. But with wealth there did n >t the elements necessary to gl-e r. v
come that tightening of the purse­ L.’o and richness to the blood and r -
fancy to fall ill; so, with the care 11 wouldn’t give my little brown
strings which is generally a marked Btore shattered nervex Thcy c.r2 i
unfailing specific f r r: <"h 'hseascs 1
characteristic of .realtliy men.
of her father and the household • thrush here,” putting his thin band
1 There is no prettier spot in the State locomotor ataxia, partk.. ! paralysis,
than Hackley Park in a square sur­ Vitus’ dance,1“sciati a. u urul
-. : ., rhe’!-
work, Rose had no time te be idle. on R obo ’ s head, “for both of you,
I rounded and pierced by stone wall3, matirm, ncrvcu3 headac’. , the aft .•
She wan now thoroughly weary. | and all your trumpery. »
emphasizing with their whiteness the effects of la grippe, pi u-x’ion of ♦! j
But she gave her father his lea,
The girls rustled out in high in-i
and then ran down to the garden idignation, and down to Mrs.*
to gather flowers to adorn her vases. Chadwick’s carriage, that had been
She heap'd her arms and apron j gent to convey them to the Elms,
with roses of all species, of spicy Leaning from the low window,
honeysucklo, of pansies, with gold­ Rose watched them aB they whirled I
en hearts, of fragrant lilies, hya­ away, and then fell to dreaming of
cinths, with the essence of spring the enchanted world into which
in their fragrant cups; «md then they were going Little Rose was'
sat down for a moment, beneath a only human, and as she looked
clump of evergreens to arrange over toward the Elma, and saw the
them. A bluebird had a nest over­ flashing lights, and heard the roll
head, and piped melodiously, and [of the carriages, and thought of all
the afternoon sunshine felt »oft and the gayety and glitter, and of her
wurm on ths tempting grassplot. j i pretty
pretty golden
golden silk that she had
The tired, little girl, her while I given up, her soft eyes filled with
apron running over with blossoms,. tear8
But 8|ie brushed them
dropped her head on the soft turf, hastily awav, and arose at the
and fell to dreaming, for she had (8ound of her father's voice.
her dreams, too, like any other
“Little one,” he called. “Come
maiden of eighteen. By-and by the ' an(] 8ing for me. ging me to sleep,
brown eyes dropped, the brown |(jarling!”
head sunk lower, and the pretty,' She sat down beside him, ami ,
childish hands dropped their fra­ stroking back his gray hair, and I
grant clusters Poor, tired little singing soft and sweet like a
Ruth bad fallen fast asleep.
After awhile he
The sun slid down the west; the
.raised himself to a sitting posture,
bluebird ceased his piping—still
land putting both hands upon her
she slept.
i head, said, “You have been my |
Suddenly a handsome carriage,
blessing and comfort. Gt d bless
drawn by a span of high-stepping
and reward you! Kiss me, little
grays, drew up at the gate. It was
Mrs. Chadwivh and the marquis.
She kissed him. Then he lay
The young ladies were all out, the
little servant maid said. “I will I down again, and fell asleep. Rose
•stepped softly now to the window,
go in and see my old friend, Mr.
and watched the glitter of lights
Strathway,” »aid Mrs. Chadwick
over at the Elins, catching now I
to the marquis. “You can stroll
and then a sudden «aft of music.
about till I coma out.”
The moon hung in the far west like
The young Englishman accord­
ingly walked down to the garden a silver crescent, aiul the midnight
Through dim, spicy walks, under ] stars burned overhead. At last
she grew weary of watching, and
the arches of odorous vines, he
cloaing the window, crept to the
saunters along, striking at the bloe-
bedside aguiu.
sonis with his cane, and humming
‘ Dear papa, he sleeps well to­
softly to himself. Presently he
night,' she murmured.
came to dead halt, with a sharp ex
But, even while she spoke, some­
clamation. A moment later hie
thing in the still, white face struck
fins face Hushed with admiration. |
her. She l>ent over him with a sud-l I
He had looked u|»on the fairest of
thrill of terror, and then her I
fair women, but never m all hie I
wail of agony broke out piteously
life, he thought, had he seen aught
on the midnight silence.
•o purs and artlessly lovely, as
what he bbw now, a tired little girl
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green of' faultlessly kept lawns, its heart, pale and sail.'
crowning pride a towering soldier s that tired feeling r suiting : fro . i rer-
■- es resv'.tii
monument on the top of which stands
a bronze figure pointing ever in re­ from vitiated humors in l>* L1 cm >
membrance of the heroes who died rucli as scrofula, chronic ■ rr-.-vipela’
that the nation might live. Surround­ etc. They ore .o'.-o r. r-eci •e for t-
■h as rv
ing this park are the magnificent lies pcculi; r to f mop -.
tt ! ■ '! fern i
Hackley Public Library—a poem in yressior.s, lire.'”lari;1
* I’ e Lie A I
granite—with its 60,000 volumes, and
rnd restore the gl'-w ' i health to pu •
i the equally stately Hackley school,
like a bee-hive with its 600 children. r.nd sallow check.». In mon they ..
Other elegant buildings testify like­ feet a radical cure i:i all case, arising
wise to the liberality and munificence from mental worry, overwork or ex­
of this man who has pulled wealth out cesses of whatever nature. There art
no ill effects following the use of th!»
of the forests of Michigan.
It is no wonder then that the ntfme wonderful medicine, end it can 1>J
’.vcn to children with perfect safety.
of Charles II. Hackley is known at
home and abroad. His munificence to
Muskegon alone represents an outlay
of neat ly half a million. For the past
twenty years he Las been a constant
sufferer from neuralgia and rheuma­
tism, also numbness of the lower
limbs, so much so that it has seriously
interfered with his pleasure in life.
For some time past his friends have
noticed that he has seemed to. grow
young again, and to have recovered
the health which he had in youth.
To a correspondent of the Press, Mr.
Hackley explained the secret of his
transformation, and to Lis friends
who have known now he suffered, it
is indeed n transformation. "I have
suffered for over twenty years,” he
said, seated in his private office, “with
pains in my lower limbs so severely
that the only relief I could get at
night was by putting cold water com­
presses on my limbs. I was bothered
more nt night than in the day time
These pills are manufactured by th«
The neuralgic and rheumatic pains Dr. Williams Medicine Company, f he-
in my limbs, wliiJi had been grow in
metady, N. Y., and are sold only in
in intensity for years, finally becatn
boxes bearing the firm'« trade mark
chronic. I made tl ree trins to tb ■ ,’.d wrapper, at CO cents a box or sir
Hot Springs with only partial relief, boxes for >2.50, and are never soli i
and then fell back to my original bulk. They may bo had of all drug­
state. I couldn’t sit still, and my gists or direct by rrail from Dr. Wil
sufferings began to make life look liams Medicine Company. The price
very blue. Two years ago last Sep­ at which these pills are sold makes a
tember I noticed an account of Dr. «nurse of treatment inexpensive aa
Williams' Pink Pills for I’ale People. compared with uiU.r r.^cdies.
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