East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, December 04, 1895, Image 4

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which was only assumed when
some important household festivity
seemed to command a correspond
When we rode into the yard, the
others were dismounting. I feltcon-
scioua of Jack’s inquisitive eyes,
but beyond them, on the veranda
was another pair.shiirper than Jack’
Aunt Louisa’s by all that ws»s
wonderful! Gradually it began to
dawn on u.e
“Daisy,” I whispered, “what is
your unde** name?”
“Why don’t yon know? How
queer. Mr. Richard Hilliard.”
"My Uncle Richard!” I erbai.
ing magnitude in all the prepara
tions; sleeves were rolled above the
dimpled elbows, a stray dab of flour
powdered the shining tendrils of
chestnut hair above the foreiiead,
and the usual tender pink of the
cheeks had blossomed into vivid
‘There, mother,” she said, plac­
ing a gigantic plum cake on the
table with a triumphant flourish,
“that’s the last! The baking is
done, thank goodness—and now i’ll
attack the parlor.”
“1 wouldn't tonight, dear,” said
“And you are his brother’s wife’s
sister’s daughter ”
“Why, why, let me see. Yes. I
guess that’s the exact lelationship
And are you his nephew Dick, that
is to have all his money ?”
“That's not to have it. I’m afrai I.
"Y’ou’l j tire
yourself out. There'll be plenty of
time in the morning.”
“Oh, no, mother. I prominod t ■
I m 1 at church early, to i practico the
new anthem
They all declare
they can’t get along without
And I I bought if I could snatch a
But Aunt Louisa, who had just hour Home lime between now and
arrived with the family, came for­ then, that I'd finish off my blue
ward, and there were introductions silk—it only needs a stieh or t wo.
all ar niml. In t
Julia Hunt said she might Im over
Uncle Richard
after <1 inner, and bring her cousin
with her. Stu- s from the city, you
not a day elder
tored his snntr.
"Don't tell me I have t<> be intro
<1 need to my own nephew,” he cried
and starred twwarM Jack, but Aunt
Louisa deftly pushed me forward,
and I ncle Richard seized mv bund
by I’d a known vou any­
where! He’s a Hilliard all over.
rascal, and let’« have
And into the parlor she went, a
eurioiislv happy light on fu r fice.
W Idle the visitors, including while she dn--t<d t Iv* ipiaiiit old
Aunt Louisa, who reluctantly Jet spilidle ji gged pi mo, and p dished
me out of her sight, went into the the mirror bc'neen the windows
house, I tohi Uncle Richard 1 loved mid rutdied tin* Brass tire do„s till
the daughter of his brother’s wife’s they shone again. Tln n she bro t
sister, and that we wanted to gel oi.t long wreaths of i rag rant ground
pine, mid knots of scarlet leaver
Now, do you know," s iid Uncle i and garlanded th* <d<l family pur
Richard, “that
1 traits, sod tilled vases and l a.-krts
brought you down here tor ’ Marry till the old room w s *w* et mid
her? \\ hv, to lie sure!”
■glowing an the bower of a for s
Ami so I was thankful after all. ' queen
and nobody had la-en killed either
Perhaps it wa* al! t > pl. ase Jul: i
I t le-s you count Ja< k'* dog.
Hunt mid In * city e.'ii'ic, but I
Krom N»
“C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
“ Dear Sirs: A little over a year ago J
had a «welling come on the side of my
neck. 1 waa in very poor health generally
and doctored two
months with th«
family physician
who said my com­
plaint was a bilioui
attack. His treat­ I
ment failed to help
me so I determined
to try Hood’s Sar­
saparilla. To my
great joy, the swel­
ling on the side oi
my neck disap­
peared. I was ben­
Mrs. W. It. Mallernee efited for E>y other
Meadow, Wash.
ailments. After
taking three bottles of the medicine,I hav«
not had a sick day since. I for one, rec­
ommend Hood’s Sarsaparilla to the a'flic- I
I hank.-gi ving Eve in the Sunder
land honit stead, and from cellar tn
garret tl.ialed the d* Iieious odors of
roasting turkey, of chickens done
to a tender cri-p in their own rich
juices, and of a good I v array of pies
of all d ci ion. | nil t ions — F’.ich pies,
teeming with all the odoraof Araby
the blr«t, and they had won dear
motherly Mrs Sunderland a > en
viable reputation through all the
region rmuulatiout.
Ami flitting burilv at her moth­
er h side in the great, clean, ahiqing
kitchen, with light fret and the
wry daintiest, deft. „< little hands
in all the world waa the blooming
lev—“sole daughter of her h**u*v
and heart ”
Over her crimson merino wa*
tied a large white apron— her
rn-irague apron,' ley called it —
sh» had dic.'t it'd th* room w th
wild clemilis v lies, mid still in hei
ears were ringing Ins praises ot
to the person submitting the
•• o-»i mei itérions m.c.itioa
daring the preceding luontli.
WE >SR‘ I’it-i l’AThNl*'
FOR IWEXTOR'’, and the
oi'ject vf this OtT- r is to en-
c.>ai i■ I »-I'-oi's <. au i" vent-
z* t the
ive turn of in " i-
suine time wc w* .i tn i ... press
the tact tints
it’s the Simple,
Trivial I'iventioH3
That Yield rortr.iios
—such rs Do I on'r's Hook
and Eve. •'rca that .’’iinp.''
•'Safety rill.”- "i’ -"I in Ho­
ver.” •'Air Urnke.” etc
Abnotit very one cour
n I,right Id.-u h f--' i'" nii><- or
other. Why no'- pm it 'n pi"--'
ticul n«e? Yul'lt tiili'i.r-- ii"O
M y
lie i 1 this direction )
make your fortun . v.'liy
. not
tr_. ?
:: ____ ::
for f irtivr inf< riniitl n end
l? fffF’Write jucutio.i
this J., p.r.
‘ >
oprav h from hair and dr»»**, and
she began setting Ibe furniturv in
order hi rnerg- ticallv m though
her feet w *re not aching, Imr hand-
blistered, ami every ii . r - c D in her
I hm I v attained and weary.
I »s
1 i
> 7
1 ì
U V?
Philip W. Avirctt. Gem M.*,r.,
61R F Street, North • ;sf,
B a . xd I nstruments
WlU . kici our M F XT I’ RES Iß EhT
How do we know? I'ceausc it is the ^XCC*i-
tiO'A to find u man or \ioinun < f adult a.. ’ >
per evt health. Nervous Cisorders :. ,*
spreading with fearlul rapidii v. An on? t. v
symptoms, ure—Backache,'bhouijness, ,
llanda Hi>d 1 eet, Dizzines , llet 1
Fluuering Sens tiii n, Eai ling, Head ilie
Hysteria, Irrii: liility of the Heart Mi ml
choly, 1 aiii g Memory, J a pitati. n, l.i: v
mat >m, bh it J.iatli. Fleepltssn.
?, r-
vous I’yspep.-in, Sexual llebility, ] is. ,
R ev . t . A. C aiuioi . l , pastor Fir-t 1'
, Canrvli Y> HowSpri gs,<>-writesnsf. 1 < i ;
”1 h iveu cd Dr. Mines’Restorative Neu - e
' for tho p st six nr nths. I find it acts h„e
; a ch irm o-i tho whoio nerv us twsteni. 1
have not found its equal in giving i ned: •
relief. Dr. Milca’ little Mrve and l.i < ■
1‘iilsotily I'enl a trial un i they will reconi-
mend themselves to be tho best pills in ¡r,
“ 1 or five years T have suffered from Ne-
vn’is 1* o-tr.ition, I was unable to work or
-■I.. p. The first dose of Dr. Miles’ R?stor.?-
tive fUndstegi e III ■ rel.ef, and one* tli a
* i d duil ts would not cov< r t' e go. d it I :><
done ifr'.'—JoilN M1NCHEB, Yo.:
town, < !i io.
Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nerv'ne is un
flow Is the timo to form new Hands for Carni".'?" rur-
We arc of* ••'m;» $:_•#»< ' it tnducom.int'S 1er |.N, „
K i • ui • •.<<•» .
t. h*il « a .'l-‘ .a.
eqiia led in ctTkiN’G Nervous Diseases. It
contains no opiates or dangerousdums. Sold
jn a positive guarantee by id druegists, or
joi-i.r r .......... »•"'
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, ind.
to ..
Said an eminent English scientist rerentlv-
“ The ilange.' that confronts the great Aintu-
can propio to-<iay is not the p "ible a.,
t on of a wioug financial ¡o.iy for t‘
i alien, o.- the bpread of socialism, <■- n Q
bii-rcaso of corruption among public n cn
.all au-i-c .-'o b-d enough, to bo »ure, E r’
they arc as nothing compared to the t< rib; j
n.i' ioual disease—1 hud almo.-t. said naticr I
CritnO-of overwork. Tho mail n>h'
wealth is set at a killing pace, ur.d thoiisai j
fill by the way every year.
Yau arc likely t) ba cnc cf the viciint?!
Io pverv per,-,-),) i,.,.,l.
ini »>*>
I V 11 n|H. ,(ftrly pub^ripfi,,.,
>■1 1.» The H erat .1» t
ther *v*th t»*n
1 >vo will semi free >1 enpv of The W’-eld \ 1 manae f >r 1895.
! may l>e ord'-'d ill this office for “•> cents
th»* ;1 •*
t rf
<• y* -
(«<••• t j
Single copies
The nnrc< t of tl '.-. Gr. it Congh Cure la
without a pirallcl in the h .lory of medicine.
All drnL’ti- ir ' in I’ ■'" .'to II it on apo. ■
Itive gimrn'.t,
’ .10 othere recall
aticces«Hilly nt; id. I’.i; • it may become
known, tin
.van enormous ex-
|> -n . ;u e J* ■'
1 ' ■ •• oottlo Free into
•verj 1. . u ■ 01 1 ■
id Canada.
If yon Iriv* a <’• n h, ?
Throat, or Bron­
chitis, use it, for it will cure you. If your
child I.a« the Cr. ¡1, or Whoovin . < 'otn h, use
it promptly, an*i r. li* f •-i smIt you dread
that i’isidioim d.-iiio’ Co* sumption, use it
Ask your Dm,' i-t .’or ,-.H ILO’i’.H CURB,
I'rh e ln , ts.. .V) ,-t .. It-i l -I.no. >f your Lungs
are sore or Hack lam. .use Shiloh’s Porous
Plaster. Price ifi cts. 1 or sale Ly ull Drug­
gists and Dealers.
:i?J and
STUDENTS f-ve r y ■ tcre.
-d '.i' -',o'
Has Reached Suer. £ it ate .-w'•>in­
fection That It : j a Veritable
iZncyolopedia of Facts, Statis­
tics and Events. Srought Dn vn
to January Firet, 1393.
HE 18^5 volume is a whole liorr.y
in itself. One can hardly think
of a question it cannot answer. It tellf
all about party platforms, election sta­
tistics, the new tariff, religions oi the
earth, population everywhere, state and
government statistics, occupations of
men, foreign matters, literature, science
and education.
It is . . .
( /
c... r ,
Th« ihC'¿'L i'.i .
1 VH an.* » .* • '.
w hut In* called h<*r "exvuisite arti­
tle instinct "
' There!
I think he will like
that," she said, as she descended
from the chair oo which she had
mounted m ’p irsuing In-r lulmr of
love, and sh <>k of I In- hist clinging
Just tho Medicine Needed.
We believe it will do all that is claimed for
It, if given a fair trial. Both of us ha'>o
used H iod’a Vegetable Tills and are well
pleased with them.” M rs . W. E. M al -
Li iixnn, Meadow, Washington.
N. B. Be sure to get Food’s Sarsaparilla.
nr”Th<* responsibil ry, ' i... .Hiipniiy ■ y
h. ! Cl’U» If3
may be in lgc‘1 'o’ ’1
rto, i ..- i e •! by io . i ».< »bt*Hsa.'i«l ' )
i • tin- lesdilrt ln.'«»ime>t 1;. rh” « '
fi.iteO Statoti.
ted, knowing what it has done foi me in
the past. My husband was afflicted with
rheumatism and had that tired feeling.
He took Hood’s Sarsaparilla and found it
know that all the while, Imfott
I w ' h ll.lppv exes, were 11 'll’iu
; memories nr Jot Ballon * ndmiri
t lisik* when our cav last sumnv i
York Wcvkh
This Trouele and a Case of Rheu­
matism Cured by Hood’s.
J. America’s Great Danger
Given Away
: F?
Every Month
Causes Glands of the Neck tc
Swell Up
Ami then."
know,and so stylish
she added, witli a rather overdone
attempt at Ctl relesym s, ‘’it ’s possi-
Hood's Pills are purely v. table, and do
not gripe, purge, or pain. Sold by all druggists.
hie Joe Ihilton tu iv be here in th
“H'm! Joe 1 hilton ” said Mis
Stinderlmid. a little -'îrpri-i d. b il
| too much ali-orb« <1 iii her contem
Have you brought any cayenne plation of the e ike to pav strict at­
peper?’’ and he laughed almost as tention to h»-. lmpuri.int matters.
he howled when he got that histor­ "And wh»*n did you Imar from 1
ical original dose.
him! '
‘Well, no uncle, not that kind
“till, nut sii.ee lie 1 ft in the sum­
I haven’t " I r< plied, “but if’vou’ll mer.
But he told me th 'ii that he
give me a half minute’s audit nee, I int< n l< <1 to i i » Ti ink -giving nt
hove something more startling than I the squire's, and if hr did, I: '<1 gIV.
us a call
But, really, 1 must lie-
ml have ’ Well come here | gin at the parlor.''
vou young
Scrofula in the Blood
k nown
Hvrrv" here.
Grown Even where.
PRICE, postpaid b. mail,
th? them
hern » **
' \ hiih I l«*r
hit «» *■■»*.• • a. p nate **a • ’ I*
uf Mtw» \ 'VriaMra ftii't
W ite
25 CuNT*
Vdrest THE WORLD, Raw York CP
TO Pk » o.XTIXI KI*.
>■«. CuiUr*. •«»«•«. ArtwW«««. Mi-maa*
«.M. it. '.*• 1 i-'ari SIrin««. He, vte.
. p *ir. W1 Ft
*'**’“* ■
wfTTiW? ,?rrw*^ •*'*»•'«»' tMFU h*rr<
' k
” nr.- .
.T. A’
.* f 5* •
* • I PT ,« 4. vnw
w LUA I. M T L v < O.. K ■«■>—...
*»r U. M. ULKIVX. t>ru<KUU
»rr rd !■