East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, October 30, 1895, Image 7

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    —Tbe Prineville Review hna again
—The supper for the band boy»
changed I ihih U
J. N. Williamson ie- jance will be at the French Hotel,
tiring and L. N. Liggett taking the ed-
iior’»chair Wv winh von hiicchhh Bro.
Don t forget the
and Boys
hh Ball on Nov. 1.
and take
many delinquents as falls to the lot of
all coiinlrv editors. This causes one to,
—Hugh Harris caught the gold
THE largest CIRCULATION OF he energetic, and then you don’t forget i
fever and we believe he now claims
your “cnas words ”
Notice is hereby given that what
is known as the Keiger field in
Diamond Valley, Hatney county.
Or., will be closed on or about the
15th of Noy. next. All parties are
hereby notified not to enter or tres­
a “claim” above Harney.
—Our mstor, Mr. Gibson, lias lately
pass. on any of the lands in said
—Jorgensen has the finest and field without the consent of the
been on Buck ('ieek pteachiug to the
' people of that vicinity, tin is much best lot of goods that ever came to
owner, or they will be prosecuted
a. ID. and 8 p. ra,|p|paw(i with his ‘rip and while there Burns; go and see for yourself.
according to law.
Ith. Sundav 11 a. m. |,aj t|,e pleasuieof mairvinga couple ,
, .
P eter F rench .
The 2nd Sunday Will Jas. Bixbv and M ihm Maud Balfour were I
■ the two made one, both residents of j at $•> per dozen. Do not forget to
i Buck Creek. They were mariied on ’ go and see what he has on hand.
Wednesday, the‘23d inst.
R ev . G ibbon ,
—Great dissatisfaction is expressed
by the settlers around the lake, where
the present government survey is being
Local News.
idhui by Surveyor Neal
It seems that
his meander line leaves out a great deal
_jflp McKinnon is on the way to
of la ml claimed to he a above the water
Huntiniiloii for freight.
i mark of the lake, aud in many instances
-Car| Cecil, while in California, «old '
I the land taken into the survey is more
;« he> d "iulw* Ht 875 ,,er ,‘edd
subject to oveiflow’ and the water stays
it longer, than much of the lunJ that
—Joe Williams was in town yesterday
undtheday before selling butler.
—You can earn $5 each day “giv­
ing” our absolutely indispensible
household article away. New plan
of work, making experience unnec­
essary and success certain for either
sex in anv section. Sample dozen
free. Credit given. Freight paid.
Address, Melrose M’f’g. Co., 8 Mel-
rose Park,.III.
—Weave informed tint James Mah<»n I —The Prineville Review of Oct. 19
The New Woman.
in gathering mules for h drive to Cali has a short editorial comment’ng on tin
1 trial of the two Bannock Indians for
Rockaby baby, your mamma has
hunting game out of seaso.i, in the
—There is no abatement <d the excre­ Jackson Hole oountrv. It wisely re­
gone; she’s out to the caucus and
ment over the prospect of rich mines marks that th- decission will decide
will be till dawn; she wore papa’s
north of Harney.
what rights if any the Indian has over
trousers and in them looked queer,
-Orville Rusk and family have re-1 the wlii'e man. regarding the state
If the.Indian is superior so hushaby babv your papa is here.
turned home, after an absence of several j hunting laws
. to the w hite man in the eves of the law Rockaby baby, vour mamma’s a
months m California
—Judge Clifford is doing hm-iness H"'1 11 B 14 «,r’v,leiie ",,t guaranteed to a terror, she’s run three conventions,
v | ,
a class ,.f |> x-paving subjects of Uncle
' •
declared for thiee fellows; she’s
with his usual lispa’c.h. Niglii seaspins
Sam, the. the latter class is not likely
sinca court convened.
'great on astraddle, way up on a
to tesprct the law
—R J. Baker, one of the grand jury, |
I vote, so hushaby baby, your papa’s
was taken quite sick last night I-Let-i — Bober» E. Williams, a resident of the “goat.” Rockaby baby, the
ter today, but not able to do jury duty i Silver Creek, who was visiting at and
; near Eugene during the month of Sep­ dishes are clean, papa’s done scrub­
—Not a great many persons in attend­ tember last, returned to his home sever- bing and put on the beans; your
ance at this terin of court. llie Diew- j a| (]avR since, bringing with him a bet­
mamma is lare, seems always to
sey country is pretty well repiesented. ter half, who was induced by our friend
lag, but heaven help papa if she
—Jake Johnson and Dong Raker, who, Robert to eini-srk with him on thegieat
comes home on a jag.—Ex.
went East with horses and .mules, have | ship matrimony. He was married on
returned. Thev sold their stock bu| at j the 19th of Sept, at the Hotel Eugene,
low prices.
, to Miss Ollie Evans, a resident of that
—Byron Terrill and family returned p
’ ace. Rev. Longbottom performing the
i>....... River
« few <n<vs ceremony.
Congratulations of T he .
from Rogue
J. H. Anderson, Foreman; J. M.
I H erhi . d are in order, and it heartily ex-
smee. wbere they have been lor mine
E L. Beedee, R. J. Bak­
time visiting
tends the same without stint and in full
er. C A. Bonnette, J. C. Beattv,and
—TheDmrant trial is expected to go-'
Price Withers.
to (he jury tomorrow. As the aiguiiiem
—Pendleton is going to have a
proceeds the darker the case seemingly
woolen mill.
lets for the prinoner.
— Ed. Walton secured the three
lots he was contending for.
—Atterney Biggs, of Prineville, ix ill
itteodsnoe at court. His wife is lieit*
with him visiting friends and her par-
*nts, Mr. and Mrs. Stanclift
Send for free sample and judge
—Buck Spencer was in town two;
thereby. The E. O. H erald and
or three days of the last week.
Our friend John Witiell got to p’av
Cincinnati Weekly Et quirer, both
—Geo. Kirchberger has gone one year for $2.
in« "kid’’ with a bronco the other day,
»nd the resul: was unsatisfactory to John East to Penn, to visit his old home
The Enquirer is a 9 coin m,8 page
'and friends.
*» he m on ihe “grunting” list.
paper, issued each Thursday.
—The dance next Fraley evening giv-
—We are told P. F. Stenger
Largest in size.cheapest in price,
en bv |lie Band, is forthe pui pose of struck a rich prospect in the min­
reliable in news,all large type,
»pptvpristing the money towards Imy- ing section near Idvl city above
inahumenis. Buy a ticket and Harney.
plain print, good white paper. If
•*«!• the band.
—It is reported that A. Robbins, our readers want another live paper,
New goals r t the Johnson store,
owner of the roller mill at Drewser, the Enquirer is that paper
'"’»uuilet control Of Hemy Canaday. has trdered a new engine for the Call or send orders to this office.
** »H Cheap as ever or cheaper Call mill.
I - ------------------ --
* 'xannne g.axls nud get puces, and I
11 $Uiled Uuv.
-Henry Ricliatdeon and wife ie
tan*'1 lMt ••■•*. They were aci-oin
Henry s father who, we uti-
'•’»nd, «ill remain here until after
•treeit court adjourns.
—J D. Moore’s Joe Wolev’s and '
i Nellis Parker’s teams are all on the
road to or from Huntington loaded
with freight for Burns
Coart Proceedings
Trespass Notice.
Armory Hall,
FRIDAY, NOV. I, «95.
This Ball is given under the aus
pices of the Band and will be first
class in every particular.
Grand March at 8:15 sharp, (Music
by Band.)
Floor Managers, H E. Thomp­
son, Joe Tupker, I. S. Geer and
Brus Byrd.
Tickets, $1.00-
Silerif/’f Sale.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of a warrant ipnued out of the County
Court <>f Oregon, tor Harney oonnty,
commanding me to collect delinquent
taxen for the vear 1892. hv lew and sale
of the property of siiid lelinqueiit« and
io me directed and delivered, I did, on
tie 23d <1 i.v of April. 1895 levy upon
and will -ell at public auction to the
highest biiltler for ciish in hand,. on
.Saturday, November 30, 1895, at 10
o’clock A. M of »aid dav. at the court
noiiRe door in Bin ns. Harney county,
Oregon, the following described real
propartv, lo-wi : The
of nee
32, Tp 21 SR 35 E^NE>< of sec
5. Tp 22. S R 35E. W. M. Oregon,
together with the tenement«, heredita­
ments Hnd appurtenances thereunto be­
longing, situated in Harney countv,
Taken and levied upon as the proper­
ty of M. D. Wdson, to satisfy the
R'lm of twelve and 80-100 dollars taxes
and the sum of fourteen and 50-100
costs, together with coats and accruing
Given tinder my hand this 21st dav
of Oct , 1895.
A. G ittings ,
Sheriff of Harnev county, Oregon.
By J . M. V aughn , Deputy.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for the county of Harney.
In the matter of the Estate of
William D. Hudspeth, deceased
To George M. Hudspeth, Charles
E. Hudspeth, James H. Hudspeth,
Mary E. Hudspeth, Nancy Huds­
peth and Lucv Hudspeth, minor
heirs of said William D. Hudspeth,
deceased, and to J. C. Welcome,
their Guardian ad litem and to
Amanda Hudspeth, widow of said
deceased, and to B. F. Hudspeth,
William W‘. Hudspeth and An­
drew D Hudspeth, heirs of said de­
ceased, and to all unknown heirs
and heirs interested in said estate:
In the Name of the State of Ore­
gon, You and each of you are here
by cited and required to appear in
the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Harney
on the 4th day of November, 1895,
at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of that
dav, then and there to show cause
why an order of said court be not
made, authorizing and empowering
C. B. Wickliff, the administrator of
said estate, to sell all the real pro­
perty of said estate, situated in
Harney countv, State of Oregon, at
private sale for cash in hand in ac­
cordance with the prayer of the
petition oL said administrator in
this court filed the 7th day of Sep­
tember, 1895, said real estate being
mor* particularly described as fol-
lows *
Ei SE| Sec 19 and NW| SWi
and SW| NWi sec 20, Tp 33 S R
30 E.
Si SWj and SWfSEi «c 20 and
NWi NE| sec 29, Tp 33 S R 30 E
SEI SEi, «eo 20 and SWi SW|
sec 21 and NW| NW| aec 28 and
NE| NEi sec 29, Tp 33 SR 30, E.
Si NEi and Si NWi eec 28, Tp
33, S R 30 E.
Ei SWi sec 27 and Ei NWi sec
34. Tp 33, S R 30 E.
Wi Ei sec 34, Tp 33, S R 30 E.
Ei SEi sec 34 and Si 8W4 sec
35 Tp 33, S R 30 E.
Si N W i and Lot 4, sec 2, and
Lot 1. sec 3 Tp 34, S R 30 E.
All situated in Harney county,
State of Oregon.
Witness, the Hon. Chas. P. Ruth-
erf< rd, Judge of the County Court
of the State of Oregon, for the Coun­
ty of Harney, with the seal of said
Court affixed, this 24th day of Sep­
tember, A. D. 1895.
C E. K enyon ,
Petition for License.
To the Hon. County Court of Harnev
■ county, state ot Oregon.
«be undersigned legal voters of
Notice is hereby given that by virtue |
her®bv petition vour
of a warrnt issued out of the Conntv I r«
,o grani a been*« to A.
**?»*?• O'»«»";
me ’ ,,J
io vuiieci
collect delinquent anora in I u ° 1S’ ra.a. t ant* •piriluotm li-
-......... -......... ■■■*
I by
i levy and
? aale
taxes f/xr
for year« 1QHO
L u L?'“/1 k '“? ,han °"to X“11®»
of the property of «aid delinquents and
/ .? °f hu8,ne“ »t Drewsey
to me directed and delivered, I did on i f <*°.? ?.* " period of six month»
lhe29lhdayof April, 1895. levy upoS u°m«
8,2‘ da> oi November,
1895, to
and wi)l sell a, puh|i(. anctiol/to 'th!
5‘h’ 1896’
highest bidder for cash in hand, on I
oVIrwi’A 2ov*'nher,
1»’«. *t 10 'J D Daly
I n. 1
n’‘',l daiv•
,he co»'« I Gmo Morgan
Jaceb Lutz
or Ton “T
H®”?"’ I,ar"<" «oonty. N E Duncan
Geo Hulse
Oregon the following «lescrihed real Jas A Gittings
Paddy Rann
property, to-wit: The NEU MEk' rec 5 H
J W Woodard
HWJ^. NWU NEU «ee 4 I n F Mssterson
F M Gibier
with tho*»#8’ W’ M.OreK,M’» «»«ether James Small
Clint Hal«
with the tenements, hereditaments ami R Drake
appnr enance« therennfo belonging,^ ’,
C Blaylock
J M McMullin
Lou C Bradfield
uafedin Harney county, O egon
M F Howard
Joe A Howard
ty of J**"if '!•
W F Moffet
■R A Miller
thirteen and 0.5-100 dollars taxes and th^ C T Griffin
Jacob Wright
Jesse Bart let
McMullin. ,
Willie Altnow
O F Right
together with costs and accruing ¿ostg W H Gearhart
t iiien under my hand this 21st dav I
J H Wright
of Oct., 1895.
«"»«Maayi 8 I) Webdell
R Dre wett
G A Wright
E L Rohhins
Nh.riA- t u
J W Miller
it r m
’ H"rn«X county, Oregon
Charley K/Stewart
„ HH
„ , iUg,'b'lry
By J M. V aughn , Deputy
r* HarneMH
W A Robqgtson.
Sherifpt Sale.
Chas. Porkee Plff. yp Geo. Mor-
— Attys from other points here 8an Deft, promissory note
-UdiM, notice the ad of Mias Sallie attending circuit court are: Messrs. • nient by default and order for sale
Millissr. Only a part of her Parrish. Hicks and Williams of °f attached property.
• •*• arrired, the remainder will Canvdn, and Biggs of Prineville.
J Durkheimer Plff vs A. Gittings
1,1 • i*** day*. Her aaaoitment
—Grant county at the term of Deft, verdict for Plfl’, to the value
*••11 "el«-vteU, > with the purpose of
tbe t rsde of Burna and Harney circuit court just adjourned, sent of $2500 and damages $158.
Thos. Hare PlfT vs A. Gittings
nine prisoners to the pen, two ot
verdict for Piff.
(them for seven years each and two
tru was selected as
W. A. Olden plff vs John Cooper
** «< «he r,MD(i jurr an<1
for five years each.
etals deft Dismissed at plff’s cost.
•^.^hh---^ brV',m,h'
—The cow boys have returned
•***for»ma„ ... 1 ’,H'1 h'*y.
WM- from the drive to Winnemucca.
1 he habv was born <>n
N. E. Duncan plff vs Geo. Morgan
-*»* 22d ''niepmts mother and child I We understand the P. L. 8. Co. will
deft, Foroclosure Mortgage, default
•tart another large band to market
entered decree of foreclosure $125
F? inal proof
returned in a day or two, via Winnemucca. atty. fees.
^ J-tl..hi. old tMWM,
—Miller A Lux. in 1858, formed
Anna Robertson plff vs John A. land orre» „
L and office
He „pert, hard a partnership and started with 1000
O^ber 7, UWft,
Robertson deft, suit for divorce.
‘••■••’I scarciu of
mouev in the Val­ head of cattle. In tbe years inter­
4rr,ar** tlw ............................. _
Dismissed at plff’s coet, on motion to
to make anal proof In ankkkJ /J?" ’mention I
ery of brtter times
that m I<1 proof will be
an,1 *? **ke fln
vening, 37, the gain has been enor­ of atty.
- tu I«
—J n
Member M ’t^J,0^« «
Ore' on 1
•«.*- Jim came back
H«i. No 1A| for
on October
«. t i.». .41 j j'i ro.««- TÎiî'kïi,
M• “"“ Vit J amkm V 'vi’Z1*<)reRon»
•'•e u.eaoiog ot the acres of land in Cal., Nev. and Ore.
•» do
«•'•’•nd to know hot In this state 7,556,000 acres, be­ deft,
hia lAîR* the foMowing wlfneaén. .
***••» it «
dismissed and judgment Of Mid laud. Vlr: frank winii'm rul,d’a,|on dis
to nrove
•'Shing bad
Mid Icnd. vl« John >Jrï’.
sides thousands of cattle and horses. against sureties for coet.
ker. Nelllk Parker aad
W,“’er «’*"
THOMAS JONK8, Regtater
Bnrn«. Oregon
d ’,ohn
w»’«ell, ail ¿f