East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, October 02, 1895, Image 5

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    Why take disreputable means to publicans like better than the work ,
impose on the people objectionable done by the New York democratic
•‘timber” by manipulating itie pri conyention.
marie? or county convention, there­
by bringing disgrace upon the party
The New Mexico “Messiah,” now I
and defeat to the ticket?
creating a furore at Denver, says |
I ditor
tt.c. m«11
Let the delegates to the county he will go to Chicago in November.
convention be their own bosses, and He will be entirely out of place
follow the proper dictates of their there, as he refuses money or other |
convictions and instructions given gifts for what he does.
We understand democracy,today by their primaries.
to be what it always has been and
Sympathy for the Cuban revolu­
as our county political campaign is
The Kansas G. A. R. seems dis­ tionists is unquestionably increas­
now on 11 e tapis it is not out of the posed to work ths Senatorial aspir­ ing in this country. Their recogni­
way to refer to our party and it?
ations of both Ingalls and Pefler.
tion as belligerents would be popu­
prospects, we mean in the county, i
It has been, heretofore, considered |
Gov. Morton must, find it quite
that the democratic partv is in the
Notwithstanding all the outrage­
to live up to the record of
majority in this county, and if ii .
lies printed on the subject, no
is still the ca.-e the matter of the | 1 ^or^ '-vearcandidate,
bond issue is contemplated by the
election of our officers lays wholly |
with the members of the party./ We nominate Dan Lamont for
Then the first thing in order to in (president, He has never made a
sure success, is the character and Speech, except through the columns
fitness of the candidates selected by °f a newspaper,
Scrofula in the Blood
----------- «
cur county convention, in fact that
Causes Glands of the Neck tc
one thing is the sum and substance
Instead of making excuses for
Swell Up
of th. whole matter, ami aueceaa »C llle Mur, of L|
la,t ArU(j
the party.
-xpedition, steps should be taken This Trouble and a Case of Rheu­
Many will tell you there is n< :o prevent such fool-trips in the fu
matism Cured by Hood’s.
democratic party in the county ture. They are a senseless waste “ C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Maas.:
“Dear Sirs: A little over a year ago 1
this is a mistake, let the conventi m >f muscle and money and too often
had a swelling come on the side of my
and primaries carry out the princi­ •if life.
neck. * was in very poor health generally
ples of the party to the letter and
and doctored two
months with th«
we will find democrats bobbing up. I SnIil inilv
R h
, . . .
’quy Of B. H. “Am I a com-
family physician
on every corner. It the ad’rtnistr.i
,, ,
said my com-
. I roragui.tr?” Echo answers: “A
tion or our countv conventions fai l
plaint i was a bilious I
' • ,
.. vvotva . His treat-,
to respect th- principles of demo’ i
ment failed to help
racy it does not follow by any mean- |
me so I determined
Whatever Richard Croker may
that the principles viola ed art
to try Hood’s Bar-
; saparilla. To my
killed, they remain just the same he called bv his enemies he cer­
great Joy, the swel.
It is not democracy for the mem­ tainly is not a croaker.
ling on the side of
bers of the party to support a “shis-
‘ '' my neck disap«
__ peered. I was ben«
ter' imposed upon them by a packed * The prize-fighters are doing all
Mrs. w. R. Malleruee eflted for my other
convention, because bv such doings | the talking. Gov. Culbertson said
Meadow, Wash.
ailments. After
the imij «rity of the partv is ignored I his say. and is now sawing wood,
taking three bottles of the medicine,I have
not had a sick day since. I for one, rec­
and a ring steps in and says we ex
ommend Hood’s Sarsaparilla to the afflic­
ped you to support the nominees,
Senator Brice says he wishes to
because your convention nominated see Gov. Campbell nominated and I
--------------- WM
the ticket. I It is not democracy 'elected president next year, and ted, lnowing what it has done for me in |
My nus
afflicted wltn
. , , •
I the past. say
nana was amictea
to vote for an - imposter, and *u:_
this is ,|
hat lie proposes to do his utmost [ rheumatism and had that tired feeling.
certainly the correct apportion for U)Wards bringing it about
He took Hood’s Sarsaparilla and found it
a candidate who suffers himself to
—— —
Just the Medicine Needed.
he led by a ring averse to the washes . _
__ ~ ——
We believe it will do all that is claimed for i
-- •
--------. The u s. Board of Geographic
of the majority, and then if the I_____ •____ ....................................... It, if given a fair trial. Both of us have
'names is probably correct in decid need Hood’s Vegetable Pills and are well
candidate is defeated, people, or':
ing that th** capital of Cuba should pleased with them.” M rs . W. R. M il -
some of them exclaim “our partv is
>e spelled Habana and that a K in I LERNEE, Meadow, Washington.
dead.” if th« party be dead we kill |3tead of l Z
______ ‘ a C shall be used to spill
Hood’S Pills are purely vegetable, and de
it ourselves, but we do not hurt the( ( Korea,
____ , but
__ it
1; reouires time to get not gripe, purge, or pain. Sold by all druggists.
Wl n/»l rvlr»« ♦ V»4
al---- A
principles, that are the fundamen such changes generally adopted.
tai basis upon which the structure
America’s Great Danger
Those are brave church membe'S
People sirmtimes say of a paper |jn Washington who propose having
that it is not a partv paper because • three pastors, one of them Dr. Tai
it opposes some candidate who h<is
mage, to one church.
Said an eminent English scientist recently:
been imposed upon the party by
* The danger that confronts the great Ameri­
political trickstering, who if even ,
can people to-day is not the possible adop­
the sharks
in Cuban
waters tion of a wrong financial policy for the
there be no doubt of his qualifica- are Even
to make
war on
nation, or the spread of socialism, or tlie
the increase of corruption among public men.
tions. heii otherwise unfit and th? j Spaniards
All these are bud enough, to be sure, but '
msjoritv of hi a party don’t want
they are as nothing compared to the terrible
him Honesty on the part of party 1
nauonal disease—1 had almost said nation I
j crime —of overwork. The mad rush f r
leaders ii the best policy. Consult | Ont Quay, surnamed Mat,
wealth is set at a killing pace, and thtmsaiiJs
wild Tummy
lUUJIIiy Platt,
£ 1HL
the wishes of the follot
. * , — . Conspired with
fall by the way every year.
wer? of y°’ir TOThOw Benny, of the big hat,
You are likely to bo one of the victim) I,
party so far as you can.
an. don
don ’ ’ t t let
tot1 -
1 low do we know ? Because it is the CXOep- 1
srlfi«hness enter vour political
tion to find a man or woman of adult age in ■
make up to such an extent as to*
perfect health. Nervous Disorders uro
Mind ai d fetter your wisdom and
Some men are sanguine, indeed. spreading with fearful rapidity. Among ti c 1
are—Backache, Biliousness, Co d
kad .you astray. All intelligent' Dr. Parkhurst must be classed as symptoms,
Hands and Feet, Dizziness, llot Flushes, I
,,v u |oneof them if he really believes Fluttering Sensation, Fainting, Head .che, I
Persons know that one of the main
in I -
Hysteria, Irritability of the Heart, Melun- i
Principles of democracy is, and has|' that the German voters of New ■ choly, Faili g Memory, Palpitation, l.hu •
York tbe
are obnoxious
going to help
perpet- niatism, Kh< rt Bieath. Sleeplessncrs, >'• r-
for years the free coinage of uate
i vona Dyspepsia, Sexual Debility, Fits, etc
•iivwr ar.d because the administra !
R ev . C. A. C arroll ,pastor First Depti t
Church, Yellow Springs, (>.. writes as f"l < t ;
t,fm opposes that
..... piincipie and the
I “ I have u-ed Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nervine
tdiainittration is called democratic
What has been said by the re­ ' for the past six m nths. I find it acts life
'• no reason whv persons who want publican press al>out that bond a charm on the whole nervous system. J
have not found its equal in giving immediate '
•”< coinage of silver
and its connection
relief. Dr. Miles’ little berve and Liver
are not demo- syndicate
, with Pills
only need a trial and they will recom­
mu. neither is i __ , ___ —-z -.¡¡ghed
in book form
under the
is it any reason they the government
. ... ought - to be pub­ mend themselves to be the best pills in the
opno-e the democratic | ..po|jticaj Fairy Stories
title market.”
««••'ty ticket, but just the contrary 1
—----------- »>
“ For five years I have suffered from Ner­
I was unable to work or
* «hmild ‘ urge all dem««»
I We failed to see anything strange «Iwp. Prostration,
The first dose of Dr. Miles’ Restora­
the wishes and principle?
tive Mervleegn-e m- relief, and one th< u
'W party and work the more dii-
sand dollars would not cover the good it l<ss
or rxcitinc
■« Tres
lb- ’ '•<
> ‘l”
‘ ,the
done me’’-JOHN MINCH ER, Yoi.ng«
<*f the
¡•Mlv for the success of the party f«r**n<-
J_______ ______
j Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nervine is un­
• tbc true principle* of democra-1
equalled to cubing Nervous Diseases. It
tain* no opiate«
opiates or dangerous d tug*. Sold
There are lot? of things the re- •? a.
$2 Î2
Pood’s^ Cures
Now is the time to Subscribe
three good reasons .
3d-lt is the largest
Paper in the County &
largest circu-