East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, September 18, 1895, Image 5

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    bear. Coflfee costs $90 and requires
three years to bear. You will see
It is a remarkable and interest-
that it requires capital. After once
ii g gathering that is bi ing held n
planting any of the three crops
Louisville this week
This is the
are good for from 10 to 20.
first time that the Grand Army has
gone south to hold its annual en­
The land here is mountainous>
the result more
Editor. campment :y>d
and broken, very much like Oregon |
t.C. BTKP-------
than justifies the theory upon
and Washington. The climate here
which this year’s meeting was tak­
in Cartago is the finest that I have
en to the Kentucky city.
g . lr . encampment .
ever seen, and I have lived in Ore­
Blue and the Gray have mingled in
person’s Address of Welcome u manner that ha9 demonstrated gon, Washington and Calisornia,
most of the states if the Union. It
at Louisville, Kentucky.
the disappearance of animosities
is healthy here, but ’"here my land
that were left by the war
Mr. IVaterson spoke as follows:
is on the coast it is warm—about,
There have been other gatherings
| -That promissory note, drawn by
like ihe summer in Oregon the year '
at which the growing spirit of fra­
the city of Louisville, indorsed by
round—and somewhat unhealthy;
ternity has been reflected, but nev­
I me and discounted by you in Pitts-
they have chills and fever once in
er before has there been such a sat­
bDrgayear ago, has matured and
a while.
isfactory il'ustration of the change
I aw here to pay it. Except that
We employ the Gamaca negro
that has taken place. The veterans
the historic distinctions have long
for all kinds of labor here, as they
of the southern armies have march­
been obliterated here it might be
neyer get sick and are the cheapest '
ed with those that fought for the
metioned that I come before you as
labor. We pay them 50 cents per |
Union, and the ladies of the south
the representative alike of those
day and they board themselues. '
have cheered both alike. Those
»ho were the blue and those who
So you see this is no place for a
who went 6outh years ago with guns
»ore gray in that great combat
laboring man, as it will cost a white
in their hands and were met there
which, whatever else it did or didn’t
man more money to live than the
with shot and shell have gone there
left no shadow upon American
on this occasion marching undei negro gets.
soldiership; no stain on American
The natives of the country are of
banner of peace, and at the head of
manhood. But in Kentucky the
their column has tramped an ex­ Spanish origion and speak the
war ended 20 years ago. Here at
federate bearing the Star, and I SPanish ^nguage. although you i
con I
last the lesson has been taught and
people '
Stripes, upon the staff of which was j will see very few Spanish
learned that rou cannot chain the
of all
mounted the dove and olive branch. here. They are a mixture
eagle, you dare not harm the d >ve,
When Lee surrendered his sword
but every gate barred to hate will
ace of
Appomattox the conquerer ut i while to as black as the
open wide to love.
The negroes all speak (
“And the flag; God M<-s th* ;ei< i the laconic nnd historic sen­ English. There are about 500 farm­
flag! Can von doubt the loyal sin timent. “Let us have peace.” Now ers here, that is Americans,English
cerity of tho-u* who from house toi• the message sent over the country Germans, and French,
androofhavc thrown ittothe breeze? i from Louisville is “Peace reigns.”
Costa Rica has 200 miles of rail­
Let some sacrilegious hand be I Hereafter what differences may ex­
road, built by an American named '
raised to haul it down and see. I ist between men of the two sections McKeith, but owned and controlled .
These are honest flags with honest will be differences of opinion re­ by English capital. Four of the
heart« behind them. They are the specting liye questions, and they principal cities are lighted by elec
symbols of nationality aa precious will meet, discuss and settle them tricity, that is San Jose, Cartago,
to us aa to you. And why not? without any of the old war feeling Heradia,and Alajula.
II hat is left for you and me to cav­ entering into their discussions and
We have about the same rainfall
il about, far less to fight about? deliberations. The past is put be- here as in the Willame'te valley,and
Slavery is gone, secession is dead.) jhind; the future shall alone con­
a wet and dry season. The rain
The I nion, with its system of state­ cern the men of both sections, and
in May and lasts until
hood still intact, still survives. they will face and solve the prob
October. We never have a shower
Lifting open the gates of these gate- lems as becomes citizens of one
until 3 o’clock p . m ., but when it
•*y*to the south I bid you wel­ grand country.—Statesman.
comes it is no Oregon mist. We
come in the name of the people
I have also earthquakes. I have felt
•hose voice is the voice of God.
aa hinrh
aa fwi.lv»
high as
twelve in
in nna
one niakf
night. •
»ou came and we resisted you; you
They are usually light and seldom (
come and We greet you; for times I Mr. A. C. Auldon has received
any damage, I would not ad-i
c *nge and men change with th<*m. the following letter from an old res­
vhe any married man to bring a1
°u will find here scarcely a sign ident of Oregon who is now a resi­
of th« battle; grim visaged war has dent of Costa Rica, Central Ameri­ wife here, as all women are afiaid I ■
of earthquake., and besides I have,
smoothed its wrinkled front and. ca, and which is a good pen picture
never seen an American lady that!
•bichever way you turn on either of life under a tropical sun:
liked Costa Rica—they cannot tol-1
C artago , July 12, '95.
11 b VOU shall encounter, as you
D ear S ir :—Yours of April 20th '’rate the native girl. I sometimes*
M«» those smouldering heaps,
•huh remind you of valor and tra received some time ago. W. J. think it is because the native girls (
> • only (be magnanimous spirit Windham to whom it was addressed are better looking; although they
„ d heroes with Grant and Sher- is a brother of mine und also a say that it is because they caunot
partner, arid I have instructions speak the language—and you know
‘n and Thomas and McPherson
»nd Logan looking down from
from him to receive and answer his that a woman might as well be
happy «Hrs, as if repeating
mail. He ii at present on the farm dead as to be in a place where i
could not talk and here what all
words of the master—Charity
for and has been ever since I received
*11. malice towards none.”
I your letter. The farm is 110 miles are talking about.
I think that Central and South
from here, and I sent your letter to
It was impossible to describe
are the coming countries,
him by a negro, but understand
seen« that followed Waterson’s
although it will take time to develop
dress. The speak«
---- ••
that the man never showed up.
er himself was
English and Americais1
W J. Windham likes Costa Riea them.
overcome with emotion and left the
front of the stage. Men rcse in fully as well at present as he did have made them what they are.
their seats and not only cheered by when he wrote last fall. I like Costa Rica is the most advanced of |
turns but hugged each other and Costa Rica, but do not quite agree
threw hats, fans and handkerchiefs with him in regard to the amount
into the air.
of crpital required in farming. I they have made them what they
Mra. John L. Ix»gan was seated a have been here 20 months, and am are. You can find men be»® worth
’hort distance back of the com­ working for the Costa Rica Rail- one hundred thousand dollars that
mander-in chief a stand. As Mr. wav, although I am engaged in never wore a pair of «hoe., and it ¡
Paterson walked away with tears farming, and find that it requires makes an American tired to try to.
them, as every-'
coursing down hi. cheeks, General capital to carry on forming. My [
Lawler presented him to Mrs. Lo­ brother and I got a concession from thing is tomorraw, tomorrow. I
ta” Neither could speak, and the the government of 2500 acres of think that they are the slowest peo­
white haired, motherly looking lady land on the Caribbean sea, and we ple on the face of the earth,although
*°®k his hand in both of her and. are planting bananas, chocolate and as a whole they are not bad. The
•hen she foond her voice, said: “I coffee.
better class live well, and in yery
am (tod J have been permitted to
The cost of planting bananas is fine houses, and take the world
&•• to hear your speech.” That about $20 per acre, and it is about easy.
I was borh and raised in the
dl the could say and she .at fourteen months before you can get
southern states, and can say that
^*•»1 and wept.
any returns. Chocolate costa |5O there is no finer climate than Costa
per acre and takes three years to Rica.
Î2 $2
3d--lt is the largest
Paper in the County &
has the largest circu­