East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, September 04, 1895, Image 4

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    ---- eyes. Guy followed with a fierce, sprung the news upon, and pursuad*
impatient stride. She threw open ed her that she ought not to marry
■the door, and there, supported As though the trance would make
I From People's Home Journal.
against the wall, was a portrait of any difference to me!”
herself, with the babe in her arms,
“Perhaps it ought to.” I said;
as large as life. Her golden hair “one has to be careful. My friend,
I He turned back, aggravated and fell back from her smooth brow in Dr. Dallinger, would tell you exact-
disappointed, and made his way to shining ringlets, and her azure ly what importance you have to at-
the house
His head burned and robe. gweeping off from the should- ■ tach to this announcement, »
throbbed, and a strange feeling er8 jn clouns of misty lace, fell to! “I shall marry Dessie, whatever
filled his heart; he had never felt the floor in gorgeous folds. Never !J he says. But perhaps he may help
so before, or looked so either; for wa8 anything bo perfect o- so love- me remnye her scruples,’’ said Sir
the little servant gill, chancing to
And the babe, a mass of white Tom; and we walked over to the
meet him in the yard, shrieked and embroidery, with a rouqd, dimpled, I great brain specialist’s together,
ran out of his way. He was a deB-1 laughing face, and chubby hands I Dallinger’s report, to my great
perate man—almost a dangerous peeping out. Guy stared at the relief, was very satisfactory. He
one—Guy Hilliard, the good na- beautiful creation in utter astonish­ said that the abnormal state of the
1 lured, quiet, well-disposed school- ment; then forgetting his wrath, nervous system to which the trance
I master. Truly, jealousy is as his jealousy, everything in his joy, was due was not likely to show it­
strong”as death, as cruel as the he exclaimed:
self in any other form, or to be re­
‘ Oh, Violet! where did you get produced. Considering that fifteen
It is first class in every respect. The proprietor having been raised
»tUic» looked
luuaeu up
!■»•« the
.... . it? Il is yourself over again, and years had passed since Miss Caryll’s
quietly from
in the business knows just how to conduct it. Meat at retail and whole- | little frock she was embroidering,! the loveliest thing I ever saw.”
trance, it was highly probable that
•ale prices
You can buy by the quarter, less or more, and at prices ug he entered
’ "Today is your birthday, Guy,” [ she had outgrown it altogether.
as low a« you would have to pay ranchers
Beef,Pork,Mutton, Sausage
"You are jarlv thia evening, ,ghe repHed goftly -.and that ig my
"It can only be induced now by
K. A. M atthes , Proprietor, dear,” she »aid, pleasantly.
present. I heard you say once that a great emotional shock.” be said;
• He made her no answer. Her1 you would sooner have a portrait “and the only notice you need take
___ ____________________________________________________________ i gentleness seemed to increase his of me and babv than anything else of the matter, Sir Tom, is to exer­
warmth; she was so artful, so cun- !in the world; so I coaxed the money cise greater vigilance than is usual­
ning and treacherous—nd he had ! ut of fftther ftnd eilgaged an ar. ly done against the lady ever being
loved and trusted her so.
tint to paint it secretly, that! might buried alive, even if she is pro­
‘ Violet,” he said, hoarsely, throw-
give you a surprise. But be had to nounced by a medical man to be
• irg hiinseif on a chair, "you see
work hard to get it done against to­ dead.”
' I am almost insane. I cannot bear
Sir Tom thanked him effusively,
•this su-pciise any longer—I will I Poor Guv! the truth flashed on and he was impatient to get back to
i not bear it. As vour hurbind, I 1
That was the I my place to write and put his fi
i him like lightning
•dem Hid an e.\plana>ion. I saw
, r
he had seen the artist going ancee’s mind at rest. He was stay­
b the whole stay
that man leaving i he house again a * J Anr] ('iiiviifur
utwi had /InnF»tLin
coming. and
doubted his [ *ng with me while he had to be in
| f w m nutoa ago—ami he has been •
. wife while she was working to London having a house fit tod up
here fur hours. Violet, I want to
i please and gratify him. His face for his wife’s occupation after the
know what it means?”
turned all manner of colors, and he marriage which was to take place
She bent lower over her work J
stood in silence looking heartily at the end of the month.
but made no answer.
Miss Caryll was evidently not a
ashamed of himself.
• "\ iolst,” he went on. his agita­
correspondent, and her lover
"I am done now, Guy,” Violet
tion increasing “ at a fearful rate, ’ "1 said,
the misehievious dimples , had been obliged to wait almost a
I cannot live with you if you persist j
deepening about her pretty mouth; week for her first letter, the one in
in ket*| jog this secret from me. My "I w.ll g ».”
which she told him about the trance.
wife must have no skeleton* in her
"Oh, Violet!” he burst out, “for­ It seemed as if another week was
cl set
I have borne it as long as oj
give me—forgive me; I have been to pass after he had answered it,
I can—as long ns I will. I com-
a great fool, I know—but forgive before he was to receive her reply.
mana you now to tell me all. to I
As post after post came without
me, Violet.”
make everything clear, or from I
expect’d letter, even I liecame
Holding her babe with one arm,
henceforth our lives are divid d. >»
she put the other round his broad rather uneasy. He had written on
Violet was very pale and her fin- I
To every perron send­
shoulders and drey him close to Monday evening, and as the post
ing us the amount o|gers trembled nervously as she I
her side. He bent his head to kiss
Lonton Abby took a day and a
one yearly subscription tn The II khai . p together with ten cents extra, stitched away at her embroidery;
her; but the babe gave a gleeful half, he could scarcely expect a re­
we will semi free a copy of The World Almanac for 1895. Single copies I •till, that little, dancing, mischiev­
spring. and buried both fat fists in PEV **11 Wednesday evening. When
may In* ordv-ed al this office for 25 cents
ous sparkle lit her eye».
Friday morning came without any­
his heavy whiskers.
• “Violet, will you explain?’’urged
"That’s right, baby.” langhed thing of it, I was quite ready to
I her excited husband
| X inlet. "pull 'em hard, h- deserves h« a the the young baronet express
"No. sir; 1 have no explanations
it;' but she added, the moment af­ his intention of running down to
to make.’’
the Abby by the first train, and
He -ose to his feet, white and ter, her eyes overflowing with tears,
"yes. •uy. I forgive you; but you sufficiently interested myself to of­
stern. "Then you are no wife of
fer to accompany him.
I must never doubt me again. ”
* mine. I cast you off—wa»h my
He appeared glad of my company
"Never again. Viooet,” he an­
hands of you. You can go hack to
we reaches Trimby, the nearest
swered, tenderly. "You have cured
your father, and tell him that you
me completely; we shall never have station to Lenton, early in the after-
.have blighted and blasted my life,1
I noon, ana in the absence of anv
another skeleton. ”
and broken my heart.”
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, conveyance, started to walk the
( the end ]
| She rose, also, and gathered up
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ten miles to the Abby.
her babe. "I will go, Guy,” she |
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•aid. quietly.
He stood still where she left him, » ( From Vicksr'i Ftrvslds Companion.
listening to her light footsteps as­
cending the stairs
Was he awake 1
(—tn his senses? was it a reality?
( Was she leaving him—his Violet—
‘•What a fiend!" said Sir Tom
ths mother of his b.fw-the only Warburton, so suddenly and
woman he had ever loved* He geticslly. that he startled me
• at on the point of rushing after • "Who? Miss Decima?’* I asked.
her and imping her forgiveiw-ss: innocently, for the letter he had
hut that stinging pain caiue b
.,.k l*en reading when
„^ th
when he utl
the , !
to M. heart .nd b-M him Uek rqda,nation
fr„,„ hi. S.rm
At that instant, he heaid her voice
* ‘ ’ No. Deeaie is an angel, bless
calling aoftlr from the head of the her.
he said. “Rut what a brute
! old Grendall. her guamian.
is. He
"Guy. Guy. will you come up and his daughter hare done their
( here, please* I want you a moment." >»est to prevent Dvasie marrying me
He went up. She met him in By her father’s will, you know, all
tie pavaage
Rear with me Guy." lVa<ie s property comes to Grendall
, *he aaid humbly. “I will gn di if she dies unmarried Here is his
. rectlv; but! have something to latest more. It seems, although
•how voe first.”
I'eaoie did not know it. that when
She led the way to a small room she was five, she han a sort of
I just I stood their chamber, the
trance, and she was almost buried
eame little sparkle burning in her •Hve. The old villi.n has just
■as troubled me foe tl yw
taken four botUeo of Hood'• aaraopariUs
and am perfectly oared. I tklak Hood «
Sarsaparilla has io equal, and believe that
many who are in poor health and have
be c om« diecoofecod, would bo reetoaodte
good health if they would only give
Hood’s 8arsaparilla
• fair t r U 1"W wJRwwsca, Artorta.Ora.
Hood’s Pills