East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, July 03, 1895, Image 5

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wkdnwdayjuly « Wf5
light was obscured and the splendor |
of the vision that had all at once
burst upon our view* was all we
’ 1
vision which,
in all probability will not be wit-!
nessed again by any one now living. ,
The star seemed to rest for a
W e infer from information gained
from our exchanges that the mone-. short while lovingly upon the point'
tary conference will certainly be of the_m^__appajrentlÎ ’ with the
If the
called in the near futura. 1.
— greeting, “dear o d moon we may
conference does assemble and no never while time lasts, have anoth­
definite action is taken, how will it er opportunity like the present and
effect the cause of bimetallism? let us affectionately greet each oth­
Like conferences heretofore have er and thank God for our splendor
had a tendency to befog and mis­ and brilliancy ”
It was a sight long to be remem­
lead the people.
and the planet Venus, also,
Why does any nation consider it
a duty to consult other nations re­ the moon will hereafter have a
garding a question of very vital greater attraction for us than ever
importance to its own people? Or to before.
own interest, not for party leaders
who advocate something which you
believe to be detrimental to \ vour
interest and an injury to our liber-
S ecretary Carlisle, doubtless
thinks he was instrumental in win­
ning a victory in Kentucky.
But there is much deception »ur
rounding that kind of success
Money can accomplish wonders for
the ti.^e being, especially when
lavishly spent. There is certainly
every rea’on to b< li°ve that a I ig
majority of Kentucky’s voters are
unqualified free coinage men.
The next presidential election we
predict will condemn the present
The Kentucky acknowledge the consultation to be
convention indorsed the Cleveland all right and a matter of courtesy,!
A lady at Tooleys La., was very
regime, because Carlisle begged it whv should anv nation able to live
sick with bilious colic when M. C.
piteously to do so.
within itself and its exports so val­ Tisler. a prominent merchant of the
The members of that convention uable a» that of our government, be town gave her a bottle of Chamber
to-day, at heart, bitterly oppose the for a minute and a half, debating a jain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
He says she was well in
administration, but Carlisle hereto
measure of so much importance to | forty minutes after taking the first
fore has been an idol of Kentucky
its people as that of the remonetiza- dose, For sale by druggists.
or rather its people* and his in­
lion of its silver? A monetary con
For whooping cough Chamber-
fluence is very great with them.
feren e is good so far, that is, it ag- iain>8 Cough Remedy''is excellent.
Kentucky we believe, is a free coin­
¡fates the question giving it an im Bv using it freely the disease is de­
age state and that fact will be pot tance, com mensurative with its. pHved ot all dangerous conse-
proven at the polls, when the proper signifiennee and real worth to the '(luen<**'8; There is no danger in
, time conies You take the true
-e giving the remedy to babies, as it
people. Still such conferences if „ . •
■ . .
contains nothing injurious. 50 cent
state of politics in that state and
not mid in good faith, but as a| bottles for sale by druggists,
the true sentiment of the pvO’de
blind, o 'y add power to the monev 1
»nd the platform adopt'd by the
sy dicat ', which, if let alone, can
convention i. i aim ab«olut< y noth­
only end m the down fall of our re- afflicted will rejoice with D. E.
ing. Senator Dubois of Idaho si.:d
i u' l’c and the establishment of an Carr of 1235 Harrison street, Kan­
sas City. He is an old sufferer
oligarchy fearful to contemplate.
‘Thepeople of the United Static
from inflammatory rheumatism,
But let us still hope the people of
are opposed to the single standard
but has not heretofore been tri ubled
of gold. A majority of the repre our country are so much imbued in this climate. Last winter he
seniHtives in congress and United with free and independent patriot­ went up into Wisconsin, and in con­
Stoles senators have been in tavor ism that the right of self govern­ sequence has had another attack.
of free coinage of silver ever since ment will assert itself and our peo- ‘"It came upon me again very acute,
ID’S, including the members of the
and severe.” he said. “My joints
saved from a living
„ j i
• <>
\ •
list congress. They have beer» pie and country
, . , ,
6 | swelled and became inflamed: ; sore *
cheated out of the presidency bv death and serfdom which beggars' ! to touch
or almost to look at. Up-.
false promises in party platforms description.
! • on the urgent request of my mother-1
They will not be deceived mrich I ! The restoration of silver is at this (in-law I tried Chamberlain’s Pain
•-*” «•
^lltliuvciiaill B
time the most important step to be' Balm to reduce the swelling
j and
A majority of the people of the
taken b'v our people towards crush­
Inited Stales in both the old par
'surprise, it did both. I have used
ing the damnable money syndicate
ties desire a return to the finance
! three fifty cent bottles and believe
that is sapping the life blood of our I lt to be the finest thing fo'/rImuma­
ofthn days of our republic prior to
republican institutions.
1 tism,
tism, pains
pains and
and swelling-
swelling- extant.
I'") at which time the liberty ol
Other legislation is necessary, we, For
^°r sale
8a^e b/
b»- druggists.
«or people received a blow which
admit, but let the people proceed |
n'” threitens to annihilate our
If King Solomon
alive he'
..Go was
to th(j
present government and turn over *° undo the great wrong of 1873 wou|d
would now say:
10«monied aristocratic anarchial and restore silver to ns rightful | lng man. learn his wayB) and be
"irr. ” Mr. C W. Battell, a Cincin-
wrporation the blood-stained vic- and proper place and that will be, , wise.
torie»ofour forefathers and that such a stride in the right direction I natti traveling man representing
dependence declared by them on is will cause the monev anarchists the Queen City Printing Ink Co.,
after suffering intensely for two or
* J'h dav of July, 1776, and to open their eyes. It will be a three days with lameness of the
"k *e are RH, R8 American free oomb in the camp of the enemy shoulder, resulting from rheuma­
n, going to celebrate tomorrow • hat will create a panic to the un tism, completely cur»d it with two
** Ihif cel< bration become a dojng of the most damnable scheme applications of Chamberlain’s Pain
to undermine the liberties of the Balm. This remedy is gaining a
Is il a n*ere form we
people ever perpetrated. What is wide reputation for its prompt
are going
cur-is of rheumatism' lame back,
orosj» ritv to the people at large is sprain», swellings, and lameness.
’ r''uZ'i because of habit?
»"<1 republican detrimental to the mony kings. 50 cent bottles are for sale by drug-'
J«* «"'»lion, hae forjea« The poorer they can keep the peo gists.
,h' Pl,,fon" P" pie the more money and power for
H>Z!i"”""er’,n look forward them. This stands to reason and
(„J? • «""»«iiation of the there is no denying it.
Are not the people of the United
Sri', "V J“ly ,ome °f thcee States more intelligent than to suffer
pr°'’ii'<' ’"m"ch »"•I
Rothschild money syndicate, which
,he ""’i’1'. <'•«’"
h.s or its object no other purpose
ih ,h'
than that of causing the abjecti
«""'nmeiil in slavery of our people?
-<1 lhe
«mhu/i ''"■'f“’1'«« when th.v
■'* *........... ... rf * •
I -----
Confjh Cure f.
.uoni uparsile' ¡nt «e history of medicine
druftt-i»», are n Mom)' f veil
eell it
T he evening of the 25th ultJ Vll .Idraxri.r.ar.
on a poi
.Uvei".’ mt«,., ai
< «r . ,On
»"’■>"« 'ioing.
“o other c ro can
Venus and the moon were very' «JOMaMily ,
• ïft
•* t ■ <y become
■mn, tn* f’r«. >
■ nr«,
uc ' iionnouj ex-
close together or in conjunction.
•i«e, :,re piaci nr
’ bclt.e Free into
m er-(./rh*
into the
y hon' : in »ne buitMl Slav
« anj Canada.
■— j e
The phenomena was very beauti-
<'.■• . C->ui r>
>re Throat, or Bron
‘ there’. , ful, indeed. There was nota cloud
jf yoot
.-. It. V-r 11 . > 1 err-. TOI
“«>« coming ”
- -heCnr:- f r ’.'"hoo-nng C.m^h, «at
'intheskf, which made the condi­
’ W
“rod »•
’. *n<l i ‘cl iiisnre. If you dread
« < <5is< .«• COTiivimotion, nm it
about», v. ,me can ** tion s of observation very favorable
« ycir n »rl.- f-r
^P*® if thev and if there were other stars in the
-e v. st
and ai.t >• liyo« Txintri
■ K-r »it Rvtr
flhllnh*« Form»,
no Ion Hn,t 10 P*rtV lead-
ty all Drug-
firmament visible to the eye, the l ■ ttr. PHce JS c cte. A or
U ** “mlled”Ty
4>al« witü I>«alcr».
exceeding beautv and brilliancy of
lf”,deT®. hut
the moon and .he magnificent plan-1
««ate *
°Wn cen‘
et. Venus, seemingly perched upon
•ts point, attracted the attention of
that i.,your-
the observer so much that their
'■ -W
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