East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, May 08, 1895, Image 3

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R ule 4—All trees, plants, cut-1 Transportation . companies, or'
tings, grafts, buds, cions, seeds or persons and consignees or agent
Having purchased Jhe entire stoek formerly belonging to CaJ
pits arriving from any v foreign shall deliver and cause to be de­
country found infested with insect, tained all ^nursery stock, trees,
Geer, comprising all lines of
ff£ENKSDAY MAV 81». 5.
pests or their eggs, larvae or pupa), plants and fruit at one or other of
or with fungi, or other disease the quarantine stations,for inspec-!
___ _ or diseases hitherto unknown’ in
».GB'«” - "
i this state, are hereby prohibited regulations of the board.
Details as to quarantine stations,
R ule 5—Fruit of any kind grown officers, fees of inspection, recipes for
I offer the same for sale at greatly reduced prices for CASH.
in anv foreign country, or in any of disinfection and all desired in-
may be obtained on ap-J
A^<vrtnithe United States or territories,
’ , formation
At »special inttAmgo iL1
found infested with any insect or plication to the secretary or anv
SW B»«d of HorUculture held |
„„„ J
Insects, or with any fungi, blight, member of the Board or by reference :
or other disease or diseases injuri- to the pamphlet circulated
bers present, the following regula­ ous to fruit or fruit trees, or to | Passed at a meeting of the State
rs were adopted, in accordance other trees or plants, is hereby pro-1 Board ot Horticulture at Portland,
ffllhtbe laws regelating such mat- hil ited from being offered for sale, | Oregon, April 3, 1895.
Ie„ and are, therefore, binding up­
R C ardwell ,
gift or distribution within the state.'
•- J. —
on all person»: The regulations are
R ule 6—Any boxes, packages,
to take effect and be in force from
packing material and the like in­
and after May 4, 1895.
fested by any insect or insects, or
R ile 1—All consignees, agents
—To all subscribers of the E. O.
their eggs, larvæ or pupæ,or by tny
or other persons, shall, within 24
fungi, blight, or other disease or H erald and those in arrears, who
hours, notify the quarentine officer
diseases known to be injurious to will pay up and renew, we will send
ofthe State Board of Horticulture, fruit or to fruit trees, or to other j the *r- Semi • TIT.
l_l_ XT
__ ù ork M orld .
M eekly
Corner of 1st. and B Street.
or a duly commissioned quarentine
trees or plants, and liable to spread free tor s’x months. For reliable '
guardian, of the arrival of any
prohibited News there is no better paper than | M. H. BRENTON
| contagion, arc hereby
trees, plants, buds or cions at t.._
1 from being offered for sale, gift, dis-. the \\ orld.
quarentine station, in the district of
tribution, or transportation until
final destination.
said material has been disinfected
R ile 2—Al! trees, plants, cut­
1 have two littie grand children
by dipping it in bciling water and
tings, grafts, buds or cions, import­
are teething this hot summer
| allowing it to remain in said boiling
ed or brought into the state fiotr.
water not less than two minutes; weather and are troubled with
any foreign country, or from a
I give them •
I such boiling water used as such bowel complaint.
tiie United Stat-s or territories, are
Cholera and
I disinfectant to contain in solution
hereby required to be in-p« ct<.d up­
Diarrhoea Remedy and it acts like
on arrival at the quarantine station •one pound of concentrated potash a charm. I earnestly recommend
ten gallons of
in the district of final d< s’iuation: t.» each and every
it for children with bowel troubles,
and if any such nursery st < k, trees water.
R ule 11—Animals knowu as] I was myself taken with a severe
plants, cuitii gs. grafts, buds or
or English , attack of bloody flux, with cramps
cions are found to be free of it.sec’ Hying fox, Australian
and pains in my stomach,one-third
pests ar.d fungus disease s, the said wild rabbit, or oiher animals or of a.bottle of this remedy cured me. I
The Proprietor of the White Front Livery Stable as­
quarantine guardian shall issue a, ‘ birds detrimental to fruit or fruit
Within twenty-four hours I was |
sures the public that he is prepared to accommodate
certificate to that effect.
in every way in his line of business.
out of bed and doing my house1
furthermore, if any of said trees, from being brought or landed in
and grain constantly on hand, and careful help.
work. Mrs. W. L. Dunagan, Bon-1
plants, cuttings, grafts, buds or this state, and if landed shall be
aqua, Hickman Co., Tenn.
cions are found infested with inaect destroyed.
Passengers taken to all parts of the country.
Hearse and Job Wagen
R ule 12—Quarantine stations:
pests, fungi, blight, or other diseases
n connection
For the fifth district, comprising
injurious to fruit or fruit trees, oi
other trees or plants, they shall be the counties of Umatilla, Union,
disinfected and remain in quaran­ •Baker. Wallowa, Malheur, Grant- While In Topeka last March, E.
tine until the quarantine officer of and Harney shall be Milton and ' T. Barber, a prominent newspaper
lhe State Board of Horticulture or Pendleton. G. A. Hobbs quaran-, man of La Cygne, Kan., wa taken
tiie duly commissioned quarantine tine •flicer, or any member of the | with choler morbus very severely,
j The night clerk nt the hotel where ,
guardian can determine whether board or the Secretary thereof.
R ule 13-Importers or owners of he was stopping happened to have’
t-e said trees, plants, cuttings.
stockr trees or cuttings-1 a bottle ‘ c. Chamberlin’s Colic,
KL-t’s, buds or cions are free from
i-v'e ii jura us insect pests or theii grafts, buds or cions, desiring to ’ Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
S. BAILEY, Proprietor.
laiVffi, pupa;, or fungus dis have such nursery stock, tree, and gave him three doses which
• aseg lx fore they can be offered for plants, cuttings, grafts, buds or relieved him and he tinks saved
wins, Liquors, Cigas and Cigarrtts
■ak. gift, distribution '»r transporta- cions ^inspected at points other his life. Every family should keep
Good Billiard tables, Pleasant Card Rooms, etc., etc.
• on. AH persons or companies art than regular quarantine stations this remedy in their home at all
hereby prohibited from carrying, may have such inspection done times. N o one can tell how soon it1 Saloon is first class in every particular. Experience bartender
anv trees, plants, cutting«, grafts.! where r- quired; provided, however, J may be needed. It costs but a trifle
. .
-- I
Mixed drinks to please the most fastidious.
tud« <>r cions from without the Ithat such importers shall pay all ’ and may be the means of saving
*!a'-rtoai.y point within the statebe-'ehftrges of inBPection’ Suctl char j much sufferingand perhaps the life
Jpnd the nearest point of its line or I ges and expenses to be paid before a of some member of the family.
25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by I
coursetothe quarantine station ini certificate is granted.
»H M. Horton.
e district of ultimate destination; |
or *rt>!u any print within the state
11 -l|1y other point therein, until 1
»uch trees, plants, cuttings, grafts. |
!’Qdsor cions have been duly in-1
f!>-cte-l, and if required disinfected j
. . .Proprietor.
“•‘hereinbefore provided, and all
’°ch shipments must be accompan-
Situated on Silvies river 1 mile East of Burns, near the bridge
hr the proper certificate of the
'"•Peeling officer. Provided, how-1
Customers wil receive GOOD FLOUR from
5 !>at after such persons or I
n^"n- have given the proper
Good Wheat
*r 10llr da-v 8 notice, he or they
■ ‘“•I not k required to hold such '
•■•hHuenu further, without direc-
iror»‘ such officer.
i . e .»—All (»each, nectarine.
b-um or almond trees, and
0 er trees budded or grafted up-
nr ^ach •t'-ck °r root., all peach
aor r I’t8' R" P^acK nectarine.- GEAT SEMI-WEEKLY, ONLY $1 A
M c K innon * kenyon
. , • P
or almond cuttings,'
Any reaber of the E ast O regon H erald can get The Twice-a-
¿-«•cions, raised or grown in a Wl eek Republic free by sending in three new yearly subscribers to The
Pt wh-re the -peach yellows’ ^PuUlic with 13.
In addition to
obtaining the gicawo,
greatest ■■vw»
news wn>»iy
weekly Hl
in Amer
America everv
p tell r> sette” are known
w ««•»•••••.»
tl . d __ ui!___ m___ ».-_______ .
’ ' J
rx *t, are
lo subscriber to The
ten —
the price
of , the
r - will , save -----
...j paper, or ,
Shop opposite the Brewery
prohibited from more,
3 special offers
_ made subscribers from time to time
every year by the
1 P rted into °r plan^j or
| Sample copies of The Republic will be sent anyone npon recep
All work in our line done neatly and with dispatch
•ith n tu "a c’ glfl or distribution of
card request. Address all orders,__
Give us a call.
0 the «ate of Oregon.
burns rLOuH& S aw mill