East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, November 23, 1887, Image 2

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    East Oregon Herald.
Hoxr the Terror« of Night Were KeiilHed.
in Broad Daylight.
80 mo folk who have had droams
take great pleasure in describing
them, and such a one is Colonel
Y« rger.
Tho other day the Colonel moved
d »xvn one • f the principal streets in
Austin, wearing a troubled expression
and a nyxv suit of clothes.
In his tin-
\xouted abstraction ho very nearly
collided xvitii Judge Peterby.
“Wliv so p -naive?” inquired Judge
Putcrby, “and why that haunted
“Hello, », P«xfevby!” exclaimed Colonol
Brg-T. “Excuse me; I did not see
Well, well. I don’t wonder that
1 look haunted. I have been hunted
nil night.”
• II in led, eh? *Tis better to hunt
than to be huntel. In what ferocious
n.annov xvero you pursued? Snakes.
¡Sax-ages nr xvild animals? Bad dream
• r>ui well-developed case of nighi-
IX re*£’
•*A Imam. At least, it was partly
a dr a \ partly astern reality.”
al*\ uoro the prevailing svmp-
c.. ; principal features. Yer-
h" fr- t place, I Imagined my-
R< ' ,1 1 , . .
) ■»<! ’ ■ T
d dog
to scrape my acquaintance ami
liitofJow 1.1
N<»I despise mad
dog«, mid xvaiii none of tlioir atten­
tions. and consequently I struck right
out for Galveston Bay, nine hundred
miles distant, southeast.
The dog
still pursued me, like the villain in
the play, and xviion I readied the
G df I was not loading by more than
two or throe lengths nt the best; blit
in 1 xvont, mid the wide-mouthed case
of canned hydrophobia plunged right
in after me. And tl.e Lrntu actually
xvaded, loo, waded more than three
miles. Those Galveston people never
wanted deep xvater xvorso than I did.
1 don’t know lioxv much water the dog
drew, but ho got stuck on the bar, all
the same, and I struck boldly out will)
a fu 1 arm. hand-over-liaml stroke for
Mi x’ico. Pretty soon a playful but
heavy-jaxved shark got after me, nnd
I xvas sorry then 1 had not remained
in company xvith the mad dog. Finally
I gained the land sonn where d« xv 1 on
Cainpecliy banks, and there 1 found
myself gazing down into the open
c< inlonauc ) of tho bigge st iddga'or 1
ever saw
coal 1 throw a Saratoga
and not overload him. Tim alligator
smiled, and 1 boxvod <b'f< r< n la’lv. J
wanted to keep on tho right side of
him. That xvas the outside. But I
did wish at that supremo ami axvful
riK-ni lit, that I had been desiccated by
lhe shark. II it just as the alligator
bad mado all hfa littlo interior ar­
ia «gamonts for mv roception I awoke.
Mv molh 'r-in-laxv was looking down
<>n mo xvitii the calm stony stm•.• of a
'.io«i 1
n«x u t«-£rrnini f
had not jumped doxvn the alligator’s
larynx, and gone int.o winter <| mrtoN.
4 learped, too late, that all the rest of
my torments had been myth«. Ilore
was astern ronlitv. Was it not a hor­
rible thing to bo tortur'd all niglr and
tlii'ii nt broad daylight be turned over
to Ilia enemy?”— 7’r-a« Siftings.
The Kings of Earth AH Broken
Going to Piece*.
Up and
What is the matter with the royalty
of the worldP It is all broken up rfhd
going to piece* Dorn Pedro
has become almost a chattering iiu-
bocile and a regent fa talked of. Queen
Victoria is passing into decrepitude
and second childhood, -and it is no se*
crct that the Prince of Wales does not
expect to «scend the throne, believing
that ere it shall be vacant Great Britain
will have become a republic. Emperor
William has one foot in the grave, and
the Kronprinz is battling with what
may prove an incurable disease. The
Czar of all the Russia« has faced three
s'iccessive attempts at assassination in
the liiwt six months, and contemplates
the probability—nay, almost certainty
—that some one of the series still
awaiting him will prove fatal. His
eldest son and heir apparent is incoin-
pete nt
Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria
and Hungary, is beloved and honored
by bis subjects. But lie is a feeble old
man, and xvhen ho dies the bonds
which unite Austria and Hungary ere
likely to snap aauinbr The Crown
Prince is very unpopular, and his
mother, the fearless horsexvoman. Em­
press Elizabeth, is almost hated. Spain
lias no sovereign. It is waiting for a
clouted baby to grow up into a Queen.
Servin does not. knoxv whether it has a
King or Queen j»r not. Quc^n Natalie,
a Russian officer's daughter, is in exile
xvith the heir apparent. King Milan
has ordered 1 hat she I»»» never allowed
to return. He himself is in Vienna,
and Ristics, the Prime Minister, is
lying awake nights pondering xvhether
he shall not order both King and
Queen to stay out of tho corntry, ami
he himself run the Government.
There is our friend ex-Ki ng Thee-
baw of Burmali knocked out of his job
at Manila lay by General Pendergast
and some English soldiers. Then then
is Abdurrahman, poor vexed soul, who
can’t for the life of him tell you to-day
xvhether he is Ameer of Afghanistan or
ainero English figure-head. Then, too,
there is the fat, economical old Queen
of the Netherlands, who has jusl
scandalized Amsterdam by revoking
her order for her gay dresses, lest the
sick King should die and she have to
xvi ar black. The King of Corea ha-
asked to be alloxved to quit. Tin
royalty of earth is sick, and the sick­
ness is unto death.— Cincinnati Post.
The Pure Enjoyment Which B.r<ls Take
In Their Aerial EM« ur«l<»n».
May we not infer that all animals
whose muscular development is great­
er in proportion to their bulk'’ than
that of man should derive from its
exercise a greater intensity of pleasure,
greater absolutely in proportion to tin*
attainments, ami less interfered with
by the greater muscular ease with
xvhich they m'»‘ accomplished. If this
is so tho majority of the mammalia ami
almost all birds slumld in their powers
of speedy movements on earth or lofty
flight in the air possess resources oi
nieutal pleasure intense beyond our*
How Extetene© Can He Made Attractive
in Spile of D««cotiradement«.
Half the illnesses and mor© than
half the unhappiness In life come from
the xvant of some active outside inter­
est—something to take th» person on
of himself; chiefly though out of her­
self; and give her things to think of
beyond her own sensations—things to
sympathize with beyond heroxvn vague
disappointments and shadowy desires.
The spiritual bnrreness of ego'ism ami
of idleness makos life a very desert,
xvher«» nogreou thing flourishes, xvhich
no doxv fr »in Heaven refreshes, nor
living xvater r«*j<»ices. Self-centered ami
unint«*ro8le«l, life to such an ono is but
a poor entertainment for the senses;
an<l the d«»epor emotions and affections
have no share ilierein. The order of
the day. xvith all its necessary circum­
stances of food, and gradual xvear-
ing of the morning through the noon
to evening, an I the sloop, xvhich is
■ n’y the culmination of tho lothargv
of the waking hours—is ono longrom <1
of weariness and dissatisfaction. Like
wither©«! boughs xvh cli bear no r«»sos,
not ail hour lias its moment of delig it,
not an action lias its hope of j »y or
fultillin nt of plt'asurc. The dull «1 iy
creeps sluggishly fro n dawn to 0'0*0,
ami not a new thought has been
awakened nor a new sensation aroused.
Marion in tho “Moated Grange” was
not m«»re dreary than the man or
xvoman xvlio lias no outside interest,
an«t xx'hos ? life is l*r»und up in self; and
no prisoner ever hailed the free air of
Heaven xxitli more rapturous gra’itule
than xvouhl such an one if sit in th«*
way to inako ill at. interest, and enlarge
those boundaries. For wo must never
forget that many tilings which look
like faults, and pass und r tho name
■ f faul s, are in reality misfortunes—
the result of conditions mado for us
and not by us, and not to bo broken
by si'ch energy as xve possess.
In this one xvord indeed lies the
heart of the matter. With energy xve
make an int« roB’ for ourselves, in spite
«f the poverty of our circumstances.
Without it, opport unities of rich en-
j «ymeut pass by unutilized, and xve
let slip all chances for bettering oi . t
It is a misfortune to be born
one of lhe passive, the negative, un-
onergetic, xvlio dix*e tho xvorl I xvith
the active and energetic. Most things
in life that arc worth having at all
have to be sought ami pursued, if they
•ire to be captured nnd held fast.
Neither fortune nor pleasure kno« ks
persis'cntly at any man’s door, but
each has to be at the lea-t looked for
up and down the street, ami invited in
if it is desired lo enter nin either.
But the uueneig«*tic take no pains to
Iind these radiant guests. If limy do not
«• »me unbidden they «Io not come at all;
iml the floxvers a id gems borne bv the
■‘biggish s'.eani on its bosom are left to
drift into the great ocean of thingsnow
imp »ssible, because • f lhe want of 011-
"l’gy to seize them ns I hey passed. Tho
onergo ie, 0:1 the contrary, aro of those
who improve tlioir holding. No mat­
ter hoxv poor the soil—how unpropi-
'iotis lhe siirrouiidiiigs—they know
whence to gather rich material and
fertile seed for the better li irvest
cr ' .
they are of those xx Iiosb «-i. ■uni-
<tn ces preclndo the need o' exer­
tion. they make somo extraneous In-
t«-r«'St for which 1 h«‘y have to work and
tlpnk. and in a manner sacrifice their
comforts, and break 11» tho deadly
monotony of their self-indulgence—
hat iiKUintony xvhich kills the liner
nature xvhen indulged in without a
break, ami xvhich makes tho very
misery of tho rich.
No matter xvhat the interest so long
.is xvo make one for ourselves.
•ut to religion, and from philanthropy
o H(’P<II«'- work, all is useful, if so no
forms are purer and nobler than
other«. Many people do very bad art
paint picture* that are caricature«;
-Ing in voices to which tin kett’es are
as silv« r bells; xvrilp books, innocent
f ihe very olenicnts of composition—
but ill the same they have an interest
xx h <'h has lifted them out of the d -a«l-
x dullness of the past. If they have
10 higher x'oeation, and their poxvers
arc not capable of attaining greater
result.«, it is better lor them to use
them on these ’oxver levels than not at
II; and the xvorld hem fils, at bast In
*0 far that they arc ther«*by rendered
happier—xvith lie consequent result of
greater happiiiO'S radiated on
»tliers. If they are xvell endoxved ibex*
do good xvork in itself, and lhe xvorld
is the richer by the irhievoment.—
Chicago Standard.
pain of overstrained muscles. The
power of flight is without doubt asso­
ciated xvitii pleasures xvhich we can
not dir<‘ctly g^ng«
estimate, but of
the value of xvlilch our desires can give
11s somo i<loa. That birds distinctly
enjoy the exorcise of thc’ir powers then*
can be no manner of doubt. Having
once acquired the poxver of flight or
inherited it from their snuropsidan an­
cestor, th«*y have developed it far be­
The D fU«'u1tle« n Ti xln Cuptiiln Hi»» tn
yond all the requirements of their in
Keep 11.« l’lacc.
“R illmnds do not often rmnsiarte n dividual or specific life. If it were
man after he l.a^b 'en bounced ” snid n not. pleasurable, then flight xvould be
Veteran of the rail to me as we xvere discontinued xvhen it was no longer
thundering along his r<»a I. ‘ A pa*- nocessary. But, as a fact, bird life
Si’iigcr conductor is generally one xxlm presents innumerable instances of the
has been promoted from tho braki's. maintenance of the powers of flight in
Somethn"« an engineer is made a con­ species to xxhose existence it is by no
ductor, but you xvill find these thing!* means essential. The skylark doesnot
mi excoption. Companies like to keep soar from m«*rconary motives; pigeons,
good ongincers at tho throttle. Thei doim>stieate«l for generations, fly about
had rather give them in re pay than all «lav long, though they med to seek
to promote them. As a rule it fa lir*t neither food nor shelter. It is not nec­
kunian on a freight» then to the essary to xxateli birds on the xving for*
hico on a passenger, then e«»li­ very long to convince one’s self that
ft freight mid by and by t« the act of flight is one of pure vnj«»y-
‘rain by mighty slon ment. that it is cultivated and ftdorned
nnsseiig'r conduct* xvit.h the refinements xvhich character­
n exirn” for tw« ize an “nccoinplishnieiiL” Such isthe
nr li W< XX 1 .a-fr
, yr befoi •
got« a trill evolution of the tumbler pigeon, such
y< ar« n.
xvhen the cov the more relined ami masterly hovering
of his ou
14 hi sight, ho has a xvr<>ck of somo birds who possess the poxver of
oled pl.i
and if In IS n’t a mighty good Cll-t so balancing thonisidves 011 a slanting
breeze ns to remain motionless xvith re­
ally Influence he
find or rAis
^'1 3
--------- ------ • ►—--------------- —
I 11 ho lift« to go to som spect to the earth, without apparently
—B‘lgitim is the great home of
moving a wing or a feather, floating
» 1111« begin at the bottom.
Tsni’W ft a n i i who has worked
- ‘ ti] all the time, still and calm.—Amib e/iiA pigeon fanciers, containing, as it does,
4) is wax’ I
mon* than a housand pigeo.i societies,
>ti ■•earn. The verv firs C'en.'a/*©.
Omn ho had ' ..............
xvhivh semi axvtxy from a hundred thou-
h h regular
train t her
-«nnd to one hundred and fifty thou-
was a «ni ab a- I JV 1 nfior the invent
galion ho xvas Te<i II • li el «nv •'! <i)
a <1 homing birds ex ery summer to
Ct 1. tt.100
f Europe (n o-tly
'* took tills money au<
Fro n 1 • ir h <! ii s youth ’ho Bur- different parts
France nnd SpiritiJn r© lo be lot go
4'd of Trade, and k»»
... I, ■ -
highi t|.
<> iu kn<>. < with deiigr-» aud li d their xvarT»«««•’* -| 'ftl
nX?«'’1 ""Tr" > .V*
• e
have sometimes be , fl
»«•th t
d and anini.il, ami puiicti re
to rallrotxdb x ng ’ .1, at
the upper part ««f tlioir bodies xxlth •lin * Inin rod n ib < d ■ ¡un. but the
brake« on ix freight.
m . k t
Alht'nitmn says that this long flight
imxhv . ami
rot on ascon I numerous round holes, into xvhich they has proved too destructive to valuable
,Victor of « eight on n Un.t. rn nue 1 rub vermilion poxxd-r. This opera ion
birds, oxving lo the difficulty of pass­
that kills
*ix conductor« oven i is sill'll that opium is often adininis-
x© r. leaning the dangers of an eii i tereil to dritden the agonizing pain ing the A ps.
giuefff. hi* place fa tho beat on th I that It causes, and I have heard that
A Medical Socrates.
t*vd«L It is mighty seldom that a ’ deaths frequently ensue from gan-
A qmck doctor re« entlv removed to
engineer, if he o«capes, is held t» n« | grenous inti animation, the reanlt of
count for an arc 11- nt. '1 he Broth« r ’ the«» pu ietiires.
lint there fa s Austin. Tv X.. and fa doing a flourlsh-
hood of L»c«»m«»tv Engineer« fa il" i proverb which says. “// faul snuffrir ng busim s*. H xvas en.p’oyed to at-
atrong<'*t and « ft'inch«»*t organizatim 1 1 our etre b^l," and the adiiiiratioii and »•nd obi Mr. M- (»¡unis, who is in a
on the fare of the rnrili. and fa ihronl 1 or-xy excitod afterward in. y perhaps pretty bad xx. y xx itli typhoid fever.
“W. II. doctor, hoxv is he coming
one lliaf a lailroad «lb' ’
■* alrna I coni| 0 «a’e these victims <»f vanitx for
mp” nsked a member of the family.
of. ¿bn «nr place «»f conduc «>r. c-p«- ; (he toflur « to xxhich the demratio
••’i here 1* still hope to «ave him if
c.ally pa^nenger conductor, fa the.mo 1 -uibjocted them, l'b»» tattooing fa ef-
iingriVefnl and unciwtain that a ma | (cried hx’ the Jnico of a plant which he 1 ves until to-morrow, but if I10 «lie»
can hold.” i'hic>itfo Mail.
Htnins the di * gns an inky b ack.— n the mcaiitimo ho is a gone ca-e.” —
PlHMt S f >>i /.«.
I b'o> tnitjhl 'y llecietr.
'•Papa, how do they catch mon
—“Gont(emeu ot the jury,** oner
— Armand Carrel, to whom a monu «aid ftn obi time jmlge in Mobile, “the
?” inqnlrrtl Willie, who had b»a»n
to the menagerie. •• I'he best way now-
axx yer« have b«*en here txx o xxh«»ledays
atluxs. I think, is by moans of a doublv- had a *t >rin\ rarer. He was advent- lis«*u«sing the constitutionality of the
barrvled bustle and triple size cart­ urou* from the moment that he left St. law under xvhich this suit xvas brought
wheel hat ami a fancy parasol.” Cyr until |> h u 1« shot hx Emil de Gir- You have nothing to do xvith that. All
“Y< •*,” remarked Willie’s mother, mus rirdin, who swore on the tomb of hi* you have to «'certain is whether the
higlx. “1 used to I m » x ery much addicted adversary never to fight a duel again man got the money. If ho <lid he ought
to those little foibles before we were 'I lira righting in Spain in the Foreign to pay it. Take the case.”
Liberal Legion, xvhich was conipo«»«
siarrird.’’— R’twAiH^feM Critic
- Miss Hood—••Three in the gold.
— Tl»e Salt River Valley Aetrs says <<f Frenchman and Italians the Col­ /.ip’ »in! I've outshot you this time.”
•‘As an e* ideare of what civilization 1»
?a »ain Angus—“Ye«. hut what has
French x<
k “Y«m lie.
lofo'otne of my ether arrow? 1 shot
ihree. ’’ Vqk'O of tramp In hush
folks git toiough conn
The Keiuarkable Ph'«teal Power« of the
Famous i-euator.
Mr. Sumner stood six feet two Inch- s
high without his sh-»es. and he was so
well built that his height was only no­
ticeable when he was near a person of
ordiuary size. But there was a man­
ner about him, a fre swing of the arm.
a stride, a pose of his shaggy head, a
sway of hi ■» broad shoulders that gave
to those who knew him best the idea
that he was of heroic size. Then, too,
there was somethin!; in the intent look
of his dee|»-set eje, his corrugated
brow, the frown born of intense
thought, and his Urge head, made to
seem yet larger by its crown of thick,
heavy, longish gray hair, all of which
gave the idea of physical greatness;
but with his frequent smile the set
frown passed, his whole appearance
changed, and his free beamed like a
dark lantern suddenly lighted.
smile effected a wonderful transforma­
tion in his whole appearance, and it
set up a peculiar sympathy betwoon
himself and its rt|cip ent.
For one of hit sedentary habits, he
had ©xtraordinaiy strength, and yet he
was not an athlete. While in Wash­
ington his only exercise was walking,
ami as ho believed it was the pare
rather than th« distance that tells,
when opportunity offered he would go
at a rate that anjazed beholders. Some
persons attempting to join and keep up
with him -^ki^l^-eded by taking an
occasional hop, skip and jump, such ns
children practice when walking with
their parents. Up to the time of his in­
juries he walked much in Washington,
for, as ho said, ho could outwalk
omnibuses, and give them long odds.
lie was hardly aware oi his enormous
Strength, it was so seldom called into
exerei.se. Ilis books were packed in
large boxes at the end of each session
and sent from his rooms to the Capitol,
only to hr returned at the beginning of
the next session. These boxes weighed
nearly five hundred pounds each, and
were difficult to handle in passages and
stairways, and so were accompaniel
by four men. Once when he was liv­
ing at Rev. Dr. Sampson’s, one oi these
heavy boxes got stuck in the stairway.
It could be extricated without damage
to the walls only by lifting it over the
banister. The four men failed to apply
their strength to the most advantage,
for they got in each other’s way. and
thus faked to move the box. The Sen­
ator, hatted and gloved, ready to go
out. ca ne down the stairs.
“Wky don’t you lift it over the rail?”
said he.
“Hew can wo?” answered one. “You
have no idea of*its weight. ”
“Lt me try,” said the Senator,and,
leaning over the rail, be seized the
rope becket at the end of the box ami
lifted the latter clear of its entanglo-
men s by one sure pull, splitting his
glow, however, across the back. The
men were amazed; and lie, a little
embarrass k I, said: “I didn’t mean to
lift it, only to try its weight;” and then
went back for fresh gloves. —Cosmopol­
h Epitome of the Principal Events Now
Attracting Public Interest
Everything of Genern! Interest in a Devoted Principally to Washington
Territory and California.
Condensed Form.
Over -100 pupils are now enrolled in
A number of cases of scarlet fever
the Eugene public school.
are reported in Cole’s valley, Southern
Grass is growing nicely on the ranges
and stock of all kinds is doing well in
Eighteen young army officers have
Umatilla county.
been sentenced to various terms of
J< a. Johnson,boatswain of the British
exile in Siberia on charges connected
with a revolutionary plot against the bark Androsh, fell into the river and
was drowned at Albina.
government at St. Petersburg.
There is more mountain fever in this
Rev. Mr. Tate, while beat riding on
a small lake, near Waisenburg, Col.% valley at present than ever before
says the Wallowa, Chieftan.
capsized I be boat and wus drowned in
It. E. Marple, the murderer of I). I.
the presence of his wifi', children and
several men standing on the bank, Cork« r, was hanged at L ifayette. This
who were powerless to render assist­ w is the second legal execution in Yarn­
bill county.
A great ileal of fall plowing is being
Kneeland’s hotel at Shelton, W. T.,
was burned to the ground, anil also a done, and there is a constant demand
saloon adjoining. The hoiel was rented for men to work on farms, says the
by a man named August McLean, and Weston Leader.
it is thought by the people in that vi­
In Umatilla county prairie chickens
cinity that he set it on fire from mo­ grouse and pheasants never were so
tives of revenge. An unknown man scarce. The cold rains in the spring
was consumed in the building.
killed the young.
A fatal collisiou occurred at Bren­
Storkmen throughout B .ker county
ner station, on the Atchison <fc Ne­ are well supplied with feed for the
braska railroad. A passenger train winter, and there is every probability
coming south crashed into the rear of that stock will pull through the winter
a freight, telescoping the caboose, which safely.
was occupied by six traders on their
Sylvester, son of Wm. Black, while
way to Arkansas. John Worth was driving on a load of wood, near Har­
scalded to death. Wm. Robinson was risburg, was crushed under the beam
seriously scalded and will pr«»batjly of a woodrlit d, inflicting serious, though
die. T. M< Ehlownev, Chas. Pullman not necessarily fatal injuries.
and A. F. Wilcox xv re badly scaldid.
The Coos Bay Fishermen’s Protec­
AugustSpies, Adolph Fischer,Ad« Jph tive Union has filed articles of incorpo­
Engel and A. T. Parsons, the anar­ ration with the Secretary of State.
chists, were hanged at Chicago. A pe­ Capital stock $1,000. Also the First
tition with eh ven milt s of signatures Congregational Clmrh of Albina.
was presented to Gov. Oglesby, praying Value of property, $800.
that the condemned men be reprieved.
Land Commissioner Sparks has re
The request was granted in the cases
jeettd selections of the Oregon <fc Cali-
of Michael Scvvab and Samuel Felden.
ornia Radroad cd about 02,000 acres
Meantime Louis Linng bad committed
i>f land in Oregon within the quadrant
suicide by bloxxing bis bead oil’ with a
formed by restoration to the public do­
fulminating cap. The other four paid
main of the forfeited portion of the
the penalty of llieir crime on the scaf­ Oregon Central railroad grant.
fold with remaikable coolness. Engel,
One by one Company B of the First
Parsons, Fischer and Scwab weie
Regiment of Oregon Voluntei rs, en­
gaged in the Indian war of 1856, are
The Curadian Pacific overland p >Ssing away to join the great majority,
sleeper, leaving Vancouver, and pas­
says a Jacksonville paper. Of the
senger car were thrown oil’ the track,
eighty-four men that composed that
tumbling down an embankment thirty
company, rank and file, but seven re­
feet high at a place between Grassette
and Otter, about half way between
The oldest editor in Oregon or Wash­
Port Arthur and Cartier. The cause
of the accident was a broken rail and ington Territory is the editor of the
the fact that the train was trying to Ellensburgh (W. T) Localizer.
make up lost time. The drawingroom dates back to September 12, 1850, a
car was full of sleeping paBseugera. little more than thirty-seven years,
and considering that the car was a when he took charge of the Spectator,
complete wreck, it seems providential the only p iper in On gon, in the sum­
that beyond a few cuts and bruises all mer of 1850.
A few days ago a man was found at
escaped uninjured.
A Montgomery, Ala., special tells a Rick creek, Grant county, under a
horrible story of the burning of two wagon that had turned over on and
colored men. They had assaulted a seriously injur« d him. He was a Ger­
young white woman, and were cap man named Peter Ilows, who had been
tor« d by a posseof farmers. The young desertid by his wife at Malheur, and
woman identified them on sight. A with his little daughter was coming to
trial was bad and the people decided Upper Ochoco to his friends.
Work lias been resumed at the Cas­
that the two men should be burned to
death. A log pile was built on the cade locks and those in charge claim
side of a public road, and the negroes they have 240 men at work. The lower
were chained each between two heavy end of the canal is filled with sand
logs and then the four log« xvere chained which is being taken out. A gang of
• 1 r, so that the wildest contor- about _____..........................
twenty men are employed
-____ ______
in rc-
" .--- . some
----- '■ "■
‘ which
■ the wren\*
utd nowhftlce cuumg
ex . vne
was )
Why Ev.r. Womni. "Iioul.l Array II. ..It
1 Ju
A tire was kindled, which >oon rut several years ago, and another gang
In N« »t h > .1 T 'ty Garment«.
“The day xf ll soon come,” says & blazed up and enveloped them. Their is putting up some buildings and re­
well-known leader of fashion, “xvhen it wntbings and screanm were not heard pairing others.
C. C. Ci ffinborry, of Union, was
will no longijr be a slur on a good xvo- long, for the fl imes soon put an end to
thrown from a buggy by a frightened
nian, old or 1°
toting, to say she thinks a life.
The trouble with the Crow Indians team in Grand Rpnde valley, and so
good deal ofilrvss;
she attaches enor­
mous importance
¡esthetics. ” Whilo is ended. Gt n. Rugcr gave them one seriously injured that he died the fol­
lance to lesthetics.
it remains a gpod motive to give others hour and a half in which to consider lowing night. The Li Grande Gazette
hi3 demand to surrender. They re comments on the accident as follows:
pleasure and (spare them disagreeable
fused, and a red-hot skirmish then re­ The mortality caused by runaway teams
shocks, the ltilo must hold good in
sulted, in xvhich Corporal Charles and fractious horses in this county is
every departmont oi life. “The day Thompson w <8 killed, Private Eugene .................................
something frightful, there being almost
xvill soon conio when it shall be a recog­
Malloy slightly wounded, and Private i
average of two persons killed every
nized duty to coi!coal xvhat inoffensive,
('lark thrown from his horse and his year in this way, and the death rate
when slight deformities of limb and bhoulder dislocated. A running fight . from this source seems either oa the
skin shall be avcxvedly disguised by art ensued, the Indians retreating, some
increase than otherwise.
and great and startling deformities to a peaceful gathering near the agency,
Alonzo Morris, engaged at a logging
shall cease to disgrace our public and others crossing the river and tak­
streets. It is me of the duties of life ing to the bills. “Swordbearer” made camp near Pine creek, Biker county,
killed instantly and horrible man­
to grease the xvivels on xvhich we drive a final stand at the crossing of the Lit­
gled and crushed by the fulling of a
as far as ever Jhat is consistent xvith tle Horn, about one mile b low the
tree. He had just commenced logging
other duties, ad most people must agency, in which he and probably
’hat day and had driven bis ex team
judge for theinsilves how far that is.
three of his followers were killed. to a standstill near the tree be was
“It is as eas to dress xvell as ill, “ Sword bean r’s ” body was brought into about to fell. The tree was ready to
since dress xve mist. Absolute uncon­ camp, but the other Indians are only fail, when the oxen started up, and
sciousness as to hoxv she looks is im­ reported dead. Most of the Indians fearing they would get in harm’s way,
possible to any voman, since every eye circled about and returned to the he attempted to stop them. He had
tells her unbiddei; therefore, indiffer­ agency, mixing with the other camps only gone a few steps when the tree
ence to appearatne is inculcated. It is There are now supposed to be from fell on him, striking him in the back
natural to wish toplease in all ways by twenty to fifty on the outside.
; and head.
kindness and a »lensant manner—or,
At St. Louisan explosion of gasoline
A young man named Cal. Winning­
at least, not to Jisplense. Hoxv deli­ in the rear cellar of Michael Newman’s
cately Goldsmithdistinguishes his two grocery store, lifted the two story build­ ham, aged about 18 years, met his
types of innocen hud admirable xvo- ing from its foundation and dropped death in a singular m inner at the
manhood! Differmtly «ovely, Ulivia it back again in a mass of ruins, ber home of himself and brother,in Flounce
River precinct, says an Ashland paper.
was often affected fr.»m too great a de­ neath which were buried twelve per­
His brother, about 21 years old, had a
sire to please; Sophie «Ken repressed sons. They were Michael Newni-n.
homestead claim there, and the two
excellence from her fe;|rs to offend’— aged 52; Mrs. Newman, aged 40;
boys were chopping wood. Cal. h id a
•one vanquished by a siigle blow, the Mamie Newman, aged 18 ; Nellie New­ very sh arp ax, and in a fall backward
oilier by efforts suecessfilly repeated.’ man, aged 15; Kate Newman, aged 11; over a log the ax struck his neck under
“Vory beautiful xvontm are seldom Eddie Newman, aged 13; Charles I) *-1 the chin •< - ’ severed the jugular vein.
vain. They nr© so used) to their own vere, ’Mrs. Chail s Devore, Hat’fa His brother ran to a neighbjr’s for
Beauty that thsy do »ist think much Crown, of Columbus, K.v., Clvule.< Elf- help, and the young man was dead!
about it, anx mor- tJ.u x
tlflukx ferd, Miss Brvany, and Mrs. Bt rgelev. Iiofikr*! i-.- •—*
,7 tn the ,««■>.'■••'”‘"■¿7
mweh about
gn at aim uhy
1» »t.•»ff'ff«
tn- nrenxn. They «b-n bes’n tl„. tiled copies of the assessmeut
womau is (haoW' ..
for 11.« Je:ul- A" I/” "I” their res|»eetive coujt’uv - •<* iconi ( ’
fairly disparaged. Uwdik ieH-co».- uoflk
.. .
« ■'
n-ment ihem it is 1“ •
••»t the »moanUol
-iciousness is the revolt against injust
taxab’le nr«'p'rtv are as follows : VV
ind like all revolts is disagreeabb
The Tore© «1
t|.lo«*i-»n was ingt -n.|2 687 09 > M«»rrow.$l 172 31b;
Were all xvomen acknowledged to ha j terrific. An enti■«» bl«»< k : bu hling* Clit-op,$2.12l),:l8i); Grant. $2.814 !21; |
each her i>oints, personal as well’ north of and acn'«s the alley from the Tdfam»ok, $29»,(H3 ; C«»lumbia, $699,- j
mental, and allowed to cultivate t1" building in which the cxpb sion l<«-k 371; Klamath $1,015559; Crook, $ I,-I
in a sensible and simple spirit, /**’ place xvas gu’te«l by the blast. The 257 178; Baker, $1,617 083; Coos,$l,-
would be less envy and malice', -» Newman blot k waaciushetl in ami was 315 838; Like, 11.6J6 294 36; G.lliam.
covered by the roof, which had s tiled $1.265,295; Douglas. $2 880 160; Mal­
vanity and wasted time, and ino
down 11 p< n the ruins and firmed a heur, $903002; Josephine, $716061;
noertrt pleasure throughout life
barrier through which the rescuers h »d ( tv . $470222; Muln »mail, $20.
1 pretty woman who leaves
to cut awav ’he beams and walls, 45140.», Benton, $3,772,571; Clack x-
uncultivated her mind and I l
which imp (led their progres«. In the m is. $2,347.o29* Line, $4,<>70,579;
. he sake of her body, that is
same building lived Charles Dcvere. a Linn. $5 492 90»; i ’V. $2,822.188;
ration of the ‘jexx-el of go’ 1
-wine’s snoutP'2>ry CoS' CAront- traveling salesman, an«1 his w fe. Vis­ Wasco,$3.085,360; M rion, 1 ‘ 121681 •
iting them was Miss Hattie Brown, of and Wallowa, $558 524. The h mount
Columbus. Kentucky. She xvas badly of tux ible property in the entire State I
njured, but miraculously escaped will be in round numbers $b6,0d0.000. j
death, and was the only person who again t $79.U<X),000 last year. Mult- j
—Folks going otl to the 1 \ri8 should
passed through the horrible < rdeal and nomah shows by far the greyest gain,
renieni'ovr that a protuis * fifty cents
lived to tell the st. rv of h< r escape.
its iu< re.»«c being over $1.700,000.
will get mor© out of a f101’ U|an OD°
dollar cash.—
— Prince Ferdinand, whom the mis­
William Kleinschmidt tried to kill
—Some Washington •’••lies have in­ guided Bulgarians chose for their lead
troduced the fashion' wearing rings vr. wears a bracelet on cither arm and hi* wife at Tacoma, and then commit'
ted »tiieide. H • «as arrested three
on their thumbs, an pnch. of course, parts his h dr in the middle.
month« ago while trying to kill a po­
thinks herwlt tb* » h I jt . In conse­
—Jenny Lind Goldschmidt lives tn lice officer, and has be»‘n in j lil ever
—_ l
sn attractive suburb of London, and. since, after having hid one trial with
—Ohl Lady (inf Z **•» to «nail though she is sixty-six years old. sht
The sheriff allowed him to
boy)—“What H|“Uke this medi- feels young and is intensely interested no resnlL
go a
i»ine fa. s.»«nv?’** »any—“Tak© it in in every musical event.
a razor and cut h« r fare
n»ur mouth, miff
be robbed
—D«»k« Uhnrl«« Thetwbue. c.t B:t ru< tn
She broke aw iy from him
’—x r. s>8R
_ _
raria* the physician brother of the Em
ben he was discovered he
house fell on a press of Austria, during a recent st
A twoatoM
t fr )iu ear to ear. He
Chlrogo rcpoiitj n.l when they dug at Moran, made no less than two
Hie wife it a young
• be bad a twocol- dred and twenty successful ope
him u
at the era ictirmary of that tow
M Alexander, a clothing merchant,
was found dead in his store at B .4 lev lie,
Nellie Ahart, a four yrar-old daughter
of Peter A hart, was fata lly burned ut
Lincoln, Cal.
There are said to Ixi fifty-eight cases
of measles on the Puyallup ( W. 1.)
Indian reservation.
At the ranch of T. A. Hulan, near
Visalia, Cal., Leroy (colored) shot and
kill« d Henry Fridgeon.
Bears are said to be making very
free with the orchards yi the vi<utility
of Port TownsenJ, W. T.
Fred Numan, a young man of Seatilp^^
was drowned near Coupeville; ’V
by the upsetting of a steam laum h.
W. F. Borchers, an old re.-ident of
Sacramento, accidentally shot and
killed himself with a breech loading
Up io Novembei 1 of this year, 12 »5
bales of hopB, with aggregate* Weight of
226,009 pounds, were shipped from
North Yakima, VV. T.
Josephine Martin, a Norwegi.m
woman, died from a dose of “ r< noli
on rats,” at San Francisco, She to k
it in mistake for medicine she had been
using, being in ill health.
The planing mill and tho sa-h an I
door factory,ot the Madera Flume mi l
Trading Company, xvas consumed by
fire at Madera. Cal. A carpent« r n um «1
Alonzo C. Collins perished in tho
flames. The loss is over $20,000.
The vegetables grown in Washing­
ton Territory are surprising to vis t «
from t.be East. Watermelons weigh
ing 57 pounds, cabbages vvi izhing 10
pounds, beets 24 and potatoo- SV | « innfa
are calculated to excite the wonder of
any people outside of the Terri lory.
Prof. Cushman, xvlio
is charge of
the Governmer
1 exp« di lion
in South
_ i ts unearthed a
whole city there and exhumed 200)
skeletons. The local ion is about vigil’y
miles northwest of 1’ucson, near the
junction of Salt river with the GJ.i.
A night watchman ♦. un«l the body
of a laboring man lying at the foot <»f
the embankment of the railuia I ir ck
at Stockton, Cal. The corner fo m I
a deep cutover the right ey$, xxhich it v
is believed resulted from being bit by
a freight train which parsed through
The bridge over the Columbia river,
at. Ke.inetviek, VV. T., is only tempo­
rary work, for use until the permanent
bridge shall have been finished. It
will be some time before the perma­
nent one will be built. It is sai I tho
bridge will be similar to the one ut
Ainsworth across llio Snake river.
Three children, all suffering from
smallpox, were found in an old build­
ing separated by only two walls from
the Broadway school h< use, where a
hundred or more children attend school
at San Francisco. Th«) ¡»iron’s ha 1
seemingly attempted 10 conceal the
presence of the disease. ««¿They are
Mmnt ConMitution on Orj is is!ami,
VV. T., is 2400 feet high, from the top
of which some grand scenery is dis­
cernible. Il has two fine lakes, pretty
Weil up. A correspondent writes tbit
a movement is being organized to grade
a road to the top of tile mountain in
order to open a summer resort at the
The residence of E nil II msen, a
butcher, with the contents, burned at
Fresno, C.«l. Hmsen’s two year ol«l
son, in the building, burned lo dcaf!r.'rr’$
The mother and two remaining chil­
dren barely escaped with their live«.
One boy four year« old was badly
scorched. The orogin of the fire, it is
supposed, was a defective fine.
John Cutler, a laborer engaged in
whitewashing a store on Mont go uery
street, San Francisco, while stmding
on a board, and attempting to xvliite*
wash a corner of the room reached too
far, his feet pushed the pl.mk frot
under him, and he fell lo the flo
with a crash. He fell on his li a I, 4
ceiving a shock that caused co )«d
Sion of the bruin.
The boys ini the div force of ’ ,
Western Union telegraph ines-i**^
ri rvice strut k at San Francis •< y'*’ o
hours’ woik a day, instead o'1 lintei 11
and fourteen and soniet»ies ,n<oc.
They also asked tb.J' re'!?ir n’gh&
boys” sb mid be vdhpl?'jr / ’ w ric
from 2 I*. M to 3 in S*r wj/tning. thus
doing away wiik
managers at h.8Lu h,ul s,rik
demands ..I the
w.th „ ,
gan M*-eJiljf|eliverV ree.mdd. r.ta n
pret-iwol ^n(
xvas so ‘Fvpi.jf vic’ori ci
»•« un
------- »
I fit fi Rial I [fi II mo
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The Jtrgulntor nerer fail» to cure. T m
ch-erfully recommend it tc all who suffer fr «
B bout Attacks or any Disease caused by a dis
arr meed state of the Liver.
K amsas C ity . M u .
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I suffered intently withFrll Stotunch.Urn’1
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fr-.nl J to so grains of cak-mei, which ^-nerafy laid
un for three cj four da vs. Lately I have bem
I S m-non« I iver Regulator.which faveHM
!.ef. without nnu interruption tn burine
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