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NO. 24
Experienced Man Gives Views
on Underground Wntcr Pos
sibilities in Harney Co.
A roprosontntlvo of Tho Tlmos
Hurulcl discussed tho present condi
tion of Mio nl fulfil crops In this comi
ty with sovoral growers during the
weok. Ho iiIho naked tho opinion of
others mid has secured a statement
trom Supt. Shuttuck of tho oxporl
ment station iim to tho cnuso of tho
cropR Indicating tlioy nro dead.
Kd. Howard, of Drowscy, soys His
alfalfa has killed out to some oxtont
as has that of hohio of IiIh neighbors.
Somo of this Is on low ground and
was under water and Ico during tho
January thaw, but ugaln there are
jipotB killed on tho higher ground.
Mr. Bhntturk states that going Into
the wlntor with extreme dry ground
is one caiiBU. In this Mr. W. C.
llloomer agrees and also points out
other causes.
"I snw the first alfalfa field over
needed In Orogon on tho lowor Bunko
river, 41 years ago," said Mr. Illoom
r. "and I have been working with
nlfslfa and Irrigation over slnco. I
liavo ihad practical experience In this
stato, In Idaho and Colorado. My
experience leads ino to bollove that In
some Instances too clone pasturing In
the fall Is responsible for winter kill
ing as It loaves Hie crown of tho
alfalfa exposed; another cause la lank
of moisture."
Mr. llloomer spent lust season on
the A. It. Olson farm at Weaver
Springs where ho seeded and Irrigat
ed 50 acres of alfalfa and It shows
remarkable llfo thlB spring. "I don't
i..ii..v .. lout a snear on that place
during the wlntor, evun though It ,
vas the most extreme In )'rs, ac
cording to tho records' said Mr.
iiinin,.r. "I i:avo It a thorough wet-
ling Just before the winter ami It j
l,u grown up somo inree iiu-ow. -fore
fraozlng weather Hit. It grow
fun more during the winter where
It was protected by tho snow and
emerged this spring looking Hue and
, now growing. "
Mr llloomer advocate thorough
,utvttilott of aUnlfn. II y "
il not ibr v a ml hfM,t ruU" ,
. r rr war without cultivation
v ib .i i.rl "" r or '00,V,:
i,v .i...,l ..r s'lrrlng up the sol
A,.l nLo In splitting the cw "
m.iV.' It spread out. II seeded
r.o ..ire field laat yenr on tb S'Jth of
M.,v This tract was Irrigated with
u Mx Ineh oontrirugnl P'"l trum
well with an automobile onglne for
newer. Mr. Hlooiucr considers It an
absolute success, in fuel the crop
proves this, but he also sayH It was
at an expense that Is within reason
and that bis succohb Is nothing more
than can be accomplished by any ono
on any of tho rich land of Harney
valley at a nomlnul cost. In fact ho
1b thoroughly convinced that tho un
derground water of Harney vulley Is
capable of Irrigating tho land and
that pumping plants are going to
prove practical.
Mr llloomer advocates lovellng
the land before attempting to wort
and iiIho to have a seed bed that Is
roady to receive tho soort and mois
ture. Anothor matter ho advocates
Ih consistent moisture at first, that
Is, have tho ground damp and keep
plenty of moisture during the ger
minating period of tho seed nnd un
til It Is well up. The flrHt sotting Is
Important and when once sot and a
good stand obtained alfalfa will last
for years with proper cultivation and
Mr. Hloomor Is satisfied that tho
well on tho Olson farm Is capable of
Irrigating 200 acres. However, bo
would not advocate running tho wat
er hucIi a dlstanco under all circum
stances, as ho feels sure that moro
wells with a portable power would
prove moro satisfactory.
Mr. IUoomer's experience Is In
keeping with the opinion of many of
tho citizens and land owners of Har
ney valloy that Irrigation by pump
ing from Mils Ih practiced and that
It will bo successfully carried out In
the immediate future.
Dy oxacutlvo order of March 17th,
1025, the IlurnH Land Olllce wna dis
continued and Ibo lands, business
nnd archives of tho Hums laud dis
trict wuro consolidated with tho
Vale laud dltsrlet with olllce at Vale,
effective tit the close of business on
April 30th, 1D2R, Tho olllclals at the
Harney county laud olllce have been
Instructed to forward nil records and
oiiulpment to the Vale olllce tho lat
ter part of the mouth In order to
have them In Vale at tho opening of
business on May 1st,
This will mean that the vacant
lands In the Vale, Orogon, land dis
trict will be doubled In area, but al
though the work at the olllce will
likewise bo Increased, a large purl of
through United States commissioners
throughout tho district since It
would necessitate considerable ex
pense and Inconvenience for public
land entrymen In tlio Interior to
make tho trip to Vale. Tho l.a
Oraiido district was entirely consol
idated with Tho Dalles, Instead of
a part coming horo as was first
thought. Vale F.nterprlso.
The regular spring term of circuit
court convened last Monday with
Judge Dnlton lllggs on the bench.
The other olllcers of Mio court were
all present, the bailiff positions being
filled by Joe Under and Peter far
mer. Although tho docket Indicated
many cases II has boon cut materially
by dismissals and continuances, leav
ing but Tew trlnls.
The suit of McWIIIIams vs. James
Paul was settled on stipulation.
The ease of II. V. Bnhmnlr vs. Max
one Kern and others for recovery of
monoy was tried and tho Jury
brought a verdict for tho plaintiff In
the sum of $200. half of the amount
sued for.
General Motors Acceptance Co. vs.
Harry Itlley resulted In a non-suit
being taken.
The damage case of the county vs.
V. W. Miller bv the market road
running through his ranch wont to
the Jurv on Thursday afternoon and
ho was awarded JIS00 damages.
The cae of the State vs. VI'Kil
Moon, charged with rape, the young
man wm found uot guilty by tho
WIIIImim Kllnkalck re. Alvln Miller,
it caw wbert th plaintiff Is attlng fur
damages for slander, hi being Ueanl
today. Tbla 1 likely to be Hie last
jury ce of the aeaelon and with the
election of a graud Jury far Hit fall
Urwi in Jurors will he discharged
Judge IMgg" baa mad" no un-noiim-
mMit but I' ' U"- Impression
of ie of tb attorney consult!
i bat he will adjourn the term tbla
Indications on the Mxporliueiii sta-
tloit to date show that there has been
somo winter killing of alfalfa. The
Injury has been most severe In sec
tions whore the crop went Into tho
winter In a very dry condition.
Wherever the land was moist thoro
le practically no Injury. Young alfal
fa seeded the latter part of May In
1024 wiih uninjured by the extremely
cold weather last winter on the Irri
gated land, but tho same variety
sown on dry land In rows In the
spring of 1022 wns injured In a
murked oxtent.
It Is too early to dotermlno the ox
tent of the Injury on tho dry land as
this crop Is always slow In starling.
More Information will bo avallablo
by next week.
Houd, Or.. April 5 (Special)
A group or Hond business and pro
foHBlonul men has acquired tho
Interest ot K. W. Harnos and asso
ciates In tho Harnos Investment
company, controlling tho tract or
land between tho proposed locatlo'i
of the llerrlck Pine Milling company
and tho business cctl(fn of Hums,
It was announced horo today.
Itniul mon taking over the IluniB
land, to bo usod for homoBltoH, nro
It. 8. Hamilton, J. H. Mclidor, It. W.
ftawyor W. J.Coloman, Carl A.
Johnson, T. II. Foley, I.. H. Ilulrd
ami Dr. John IIoiihoii.
A.rtldloH or Incorporation under
the name of tho Hums Investment
company wore forwarded to Salem
today. Orogonlan
I. M. Diivls. tho DrowBoy stockman
nnd number, waH In town tho Inst of
tho week attending to spmo bUBlnoaa
matters and grouting hla frionds.
Willi Arrival of Door nnd Win-
down For Depot Buildinn
Will Soon bo Completed
Active work ou the completion or
the depot has been delayed pending
tho arrival of doors and windows.
These wilt he whipped from Nampa
next week. and when they are ready
and put In place the finishing will go
forward rapidly. Mr. Morton Is
utixloiia to get periiianeiilly located
nnd also to move Into tho cottage
provided for his finally.
This week the painters iluivo been
(lulto busy and are still wielding the
brushes on several of the buildings.
The stock yards fences have been
white washed and the gates painted
red. The filling In of tho grounds
has about been completed nnd a
ijunntlty of shade trees have been re
ceived which will bo planted at once.
(Irnvel and cinders are being
spread around the driveways and
along the side tracks to make the ap
proaches better for trucks ami auto
mobiles. The grades have been Im
proved nil around the grounds In this
The incoming IraliiM -have been
ItIml-Iiil' more or less cinders and
gravel for balastlug the track and
each morning those loads are dumped
at points where they desire to Im
prove the roadbed
odd i'i:m,ovh to
Announcement Is mudn by nioiiib
its of the order that the Odd Follow
organisations of Hums will celebrate
the one hundred and sixth anniver
sary of the founding of the order In
the United States on April 20th. The
writer Is not familiar with the do
(nils of the progrul contemplated,
but It W going " liH'Imlo o f o'clock
banquet for members of tho subor
dinate nnd Iteboknlis at the Imnqiio'
rooms Hi tho Odd Follow building on
Saturday oveulng. April 2fi. "s the
anniversary date falls oh Sunday.
In addition to the bannuet thern
111 I 001110 tnlks from members ad
..thor entertainment.
x 4. iim at the Tonewnmn !!l f"1'
lw to wnlrh the r'"T ub!lr U
In-Had. Purtbar dtv. of Hits ''',"
bratlon will l given In our nest U-
C, .1. Hrown and Floyd Hrown
wn down from lliolr railroad grad
ing cumps during this weok. Thuy
are making rapid progress In their
work and are glad to have the fine
i rrZ?
ZT&i?z::f. . -,tVKTS.Y JjJZ'kt,jSir O ML B 'wmr MgaV ..
111 ! I 1 --'. U. ri ,r BLl tJ t if T.T. fc ,B.H& P-i -j r 1 L k H 1. 1 Wt m ' M .M ' LHHHllllHH.
Prnclicnlly Eniire Dislnnco To
North Side Silvics Volley
Lot For Construction
(leuoral Manager (llriird or the
Frod llerrlck Lumber Co. activities
In MiIh section, ban confirmed the let-
I ling of more railroad contracts on
I the line between Hums and Hour vnl
ley. Practically tho entire distance
from the end of the present grado to
I ho north side of Hllvles valloy, now
teoitiH to he under contract with tho
exception of a short distance of heavv
work between Trim', creek and Sll
Wes that will rouuiro the big dolsol
ihovcl to handle.
The equipment rerontlr purchased
by (lonornl Superintendent Klolm
cher during his visit to Portland. H
being received. The large dolsol
t.hovol that will bo used for consid
erable of tho deep cuts and fills, Is
expected to urrlvo either on tonight's
train or on Tueiday. This machine
weighs 80,000 pounds and wilt travl
from where It Is unloaded from the
car In Hums to the place It will be
used first on Its own power. This 'j
one of tho latest Improvements In the
' Hue of shovel for heavy and tint
work and has a big capacity.
In enumerating the several eon
tracts recently let for nvistruotlon
Mr. (llrard said that the A. II. Arne
son contract on the first unit Is for
three miles Joining on tho end of the
present completed grade about 12
miles up Poison creek. This stretch
Includes some very -heavy cuts and
fills with eight bridges. The next
Ihree miles of grade bus been con
tracted to J. W. Crew. This contract
Is not suoh heavy construction, call
lug for the moving of dirt with fresuo
scrapers. The next mile nnd a half
joining, the Crew stretch on the north
Is also let In Mr. Arneson and re
quires more heavy cuts and fills. On
this conios a contract that Harry
Howell has which eompluluj the
grails to the portals of the tunnel.
J Mr. Dlrard oxplalniid that there is
I considerable removal Hoooaaary at
La portals of the tuniial bafnre that
part or ilia work la baguu. Tills with
ii iuhmI haa bn donlrartod by a
! trronn of Hwadrs from Upaknn The
lortals rKttlra th removal if soma
I .IP oo ruble var'la or din. Wbrthor
' there U to roc My he a luntiftl or a
(I rep cut has not boon determined
nor will tbla ha. according to Mr. ni
ls rd. until the charactar of the
ground la ascartatnwd. If solid roc):
a- ..-..., I.. I. ...A..I.I ltlf.k
ly be best to bore through the hill,
otherwise It would bo a out This
"SLrjr ' ir. n j i r. .".- .. faarti.' nm.- i i.tru-amn . ' in i iit
portion Is a distance or somo 400
root In addition to the portals,
From the tunnel Frank Thompson
and tho Otley Druthers nro getting
ready to grado a stretch which brings
tho road out Into tho Trout creek
section considerable beyond the sum
mit or the mountain.
Contractors have been busy
through Bllvlim valloy over since
hist rail and a considerable portion or
that grading Is completed, according
to Jack Craddock, a resident or that
section who wan discussing the ub1
Jeet with a representative or thin pa
per this week. Jack says that with
the present good weather, thoso con
tractors are renewing their activities,
Henry W. Hamilton, one or the
best known rliarncteni or this H"C
Hon. died last Sunday night. Hct was
In his 8Gth year and had been In poor
health for some time.
Henry Hnmllton was born In Mis
souri but came to tho west when a
mere boy. lie was a resident of
Prlnevllle In the early '80s and at
one 'time conducted n livery stable
that bore his name up until recently
when It was destroyed by fire. While
In Prlnevllle he wan married and lat
er moved to Bpoknno-wlioru his wife
remained, but Henry was used to the
outdoors and decided to come back
to this section and since 1808 he had
been almost constantly with It. II
Hrown, the pioneer stock man and
number with large holdings In Dia
mond Do was an active employe or
Mr. Hrown's up until ho was Incapac
itated by an accident and later bo
came moro or less n cripple, lie bnd
spent his recent yenrs mostly In
Hums, nlthough ho spent n portion
or the time at Nyssa with Mr. Hrown
mid also visited with ibis sisters, ono
In Portland, another In Ashland.
Henry was an Indian war veteran
and drew a pension rrom tho govern
ment. He Is survived by his two
sisters. Ills brother, 81m Hamilton,
dlod at Drewsey last year.
The funeral was held Tuesday ar
teruoon with Itev. Howd or the Hap
tlm church conducting the Horvlco
at the cemetery. It. 'II. Hrown, his
old time rrleuil and benefactor, came
over from his homo at Nywtii to at
tend the fuiieral mid bna aluco been
looking after his affairs, gutting
things alnilghtouiMl up.
Hnry Hatulltou was a Reed wan.
Hi was honait and always could b
found doing what wsa right He
bail nuny frienrtt among the old lima
' o
U. V. Hopper, the local Dodge
representative, unloaded a oar toad
or Dodge automobiles the fore part
of this weok and aouio of them are
already In the hands of now owners.
Mr. Hopper Is representing a good
and popular car,
B!11 To Be. Introduced nt Next
Session Would Completely
Supplant Old System
Wauhlngton, I). C, April 7 A
nntlonal reclamation progrnm which
he will advocate at the noxL eeslson
or congress, was mndo public today
by Senntor McNary, Oregon, chair
man or the Irrigation and reclama
tion commlttoe.
Senator McNary's plan embraces
all forms or reclamation, Including
tho drainage or swamp lands In tho
south, tho placing or wntcr In tho
arid roglons or the Intormountaln
mid Paciric mast states, removal ot
stumps rrom ctitover lands In tho
Great Lakes region, tho Hooding or
lands In tho Mississippi valley statos
to provide sub-soil Irrigation, restor
ntoln or soil In tho Now England
states, Hood control on tho Colorado
and other rivers nnd construction or
damn which will dovelop hydro-olec-trlc
Devolving Fund Proposed
Tho senntor announced Hint ho
would propose establishment by con-41
gress or a revolving fund of from
3fi0,000,000 to G00. 000,000 to
capitalize reclamation projocts ap
proved by tho sccretnry of the Inter
ior and Incorporated under tho laws
of tho stnto or stales In which they
might bo situated.
Tho plan would contomplato the
Issuance or bonds by tho Incorporat
ed reclamation districts or projocts,
which In the opinion of Senator Mc
Nary would rind n rendy market
Proceeds rrom the snle or tho bonds
would be used to repay advances
made by the government out or tho
revolving fund
Reviewing tho reclamation pro
posals now pressing upon congress,
Including too Houlder Dam project
on the Colurndo rlvor. Senator Mc
Nary naiortod that "eongro will not
desire to taku up tuose projects ono
by one, by an appropriation dlructly
from the treasury. "
SuMiHe Not Wuiitcil
"ftnrh a policy." be aald. "would
mi ci urn a log-rolling. Incite JmlotiHy
amont the advocate of the v.irlnus
proJwoK, wltb the raaulta that all
would fall bv reason of unsrlontlflc
methods used.
"The government naeds conine
heoslve and constructive policy of
reclamation which can be Invoked
wheuevur tho needs or an oxpanded
agriculture require. Such legislation
must avoid the appearanco or carry
ing federal aid to the point whore It
may ho denominated a subsidy. Such
a term could bo applied If eaob of tho
various projects were to bo construc
ted out of funds directly withdrawn
from tho trensury. The national plan
which has been suggested would uot
chnllangu the opposition of thoso un
favorable to federal assistance."
. o
A. C 1 lesion, who holds u dunl
position with tho Tourist Association
and also a secrotnry of tho Stato
Chamber of Commerce, with hoad
(luurtors at Ontario, was n vlBltor to
our city last Sunday. Ho arrlvod
by auto lato Saturday evening, ac
companied by his wire and at ouco
got In touch with Dr. Hlbbard, presi
dent ot our Commercial Club.
Tho gontloman said ho wanted to
see iib inuoh of Intorost as possible
on tho limited tlmo ho had at his
disposal and asked to bo directed to
any scones that would bo attractive
to tourists and also expressed a do
ulro to moot with local real ostato
men to discuss land listings In ordor
to bo In a position to direct Inquirers.
Dr. Hlbbard suggested Unit ho
vlBlt tho bird rosorvo at Malbour lake
and nlso to make u tour ot this vicin
ity with ft view or Inspecting tho
farms. Tho gontlomnn wont first
to tho lake and eamo back by way or
Cnmo. Upon ronohlng Hums ngaln
on Sunday ovonlng ho was accom
panied ou a Bhort tour by A. A,
Trauggott or tho inland Kmplro ltoal
ty Co. and oxpresaod bis very ravor
, ulilo Impression or tho country- Mr.
Hoiton will bo In a position to am
thlB aootlon In dovolopmotit mu says
lio'B going to give ub that asblHtunco.