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NO. 23
Now Owners of Durns Suburb
ian Property to Become Act-
ivo In Developing It.
T. II. Koloy, tho Hoiul poivor ami
light plant manager. uunuiitir-it to
a roprusunttitlvo of thttt paper on
Thursday that liu ami associate
purchased tho real ostato hnhltiia of
K, W. Uarnos am! his associates In
this vicinity ami that It was cutum
platud to bogln actlvo development.
Mr. Koloy Hinted that It wan thulr
Intontlon to assist In makliiK a great
er Hunis', that thuy did not enntuni
pato any revolutionizing methods,
but thuy hnd tho Investment and do
sired to got busy. Ho Bald ho desir
ed to mnku tho uutiouticomuurnt that
tlino to EOt ut rest any wild rumor
respecting tho now ownership of tlitf
Tho rent otntt which Is now Hi thu
hands of tho Head man and his
associates comprises considerable
laud situated between Uumn ami tho
Fred Horrlck mill slto at Warm
Springs, also somo lots and tracts
within tho city corporate limit; the
SeothoIT holdings, Harry rim I Hi farm,
tJeor farms, l.oveiis laiulii tho former
fair grounds and somo of tho vacant
lands of the Orogon & Western Col
miration Co. holdings.
With this announcement tho citi
zens of Durns aro assured of a con
cern financially able to develop tho
Innds and with Mr, Foley's iissurnnco
that It Is thulr Intention to do this
and Hint they doslru to work with
Hums for a greater town, wo may
now move forward on a deflnlto basis
mid know what wo aro about. Mr.
Koloy has the reputation of doing
things .and that's the kind of men
that Hums needs to mnko It grow.
We aro approaching an era of de
velopment and must keep paco with
I). 0. McPhoraon was here with
Mr. Koloy and we aro Informed will
return to Duma soon to take notlve
chargo of tho roal oatnte affair. He
stated the now owners had Juat Mad
papers of Incorporation which havo
not yet boon mado public. We wero
pi von to unilereUml tho uew firm
would ha known as the llurn Com
pany. Two engineers wcro brought ovar
nnd Jiuvo since bean engaged In
chocking up tho lands and making n
general survey of tho alttiatlon.
Mr. Foley and Mr. MelMieraon re
turned to Bend Tlilrsdny afternoon
nnd woro nccompniilod by K. W.
Dnrnos. Mr. Koloy will bo hero again
within ton days.
This olllco Is In receipt of a lotter
from tho Fourth Assistant Post Mas
ter General In which ho announces
that It appears n material saving may
be mado In changing tho present mall
schedule from Crane to JluniH by al
lowing tho railroad to bring It up
on alternato days and n three tlmos a
week sorvlco by nuto. However, It
stipulates that parcel post In excoas
of tho maximum load of 800 pounds
for tho nuto stage, shall bo loft at
Crane nnd brought up by train on tho
following day.
It Ih plain that saving of expense
tnko proccdenco over service In tho
postal norvlco whom It npplles to tho
Isolated districts. It will not bo as.
satisfactory sorvlco as tho prosont.
Tho writer, ns woll iih tho post mas
ter at Hums and tho prosont star
routo contractor protested such a
chnngo, aa It was polntod out that
within a reasonably Bhort tlmo tho
train sorvlco would bo Increased to
six times a week and then all agrood
tho train should havo tho contract
for carrying tho mall. Tho contem
plated chnngo will certainly bo con
fusing and result In much dliisntls
afctlon wo aro of tho opinion.
Tho county court of this county on
Thursday took advantngo of tho law
piiBHod by tho recent loglslnturo
whereby It was mado posslblo to ro
mlt nil ponalty and Intoroat on de
linquent taxoH for tho years 1021-1022-102.'!.
This applies to all do
llmjuont taxos that aro pnid on or
before May Gth of this year.
The dnelgatlou of Hnruoy county
good rondn men, together with mom
bora of tho county court, that mot
with representatives from Horn! on
Sunday, March 21, In connection
with .Improving tho Central Ore
gon highway hetweou llrooklngs nnd
thu Qnp ranch, accomplished quick
results, Tho proposition of asking
thu state highway commission for
a permanent survey of a routo that
would eliminate tho UIiish Unite sec
tion and give un a hotter routo with
less lillhi and away from tho glass,
was granted at a mooting of thu high
way commission last week. Tho sur
vey on control suction was promised.
Harney county promised to do Its
rnrt toward repairing tho present
road for this season's travel and tho
court at Its regular meeting this
weok provided for It. Tho repair
or thu rond ovor Sngohou hill to Sil
ver crook has been completed and
tho rond machinery will be taken
over to contlnuo tho work on tho
Glass Huttu road as soon nr tho
esctlou between has beuu taken enro
lloml showed a fine spirit la con
nection with this work nnd at once
nccepted tho plans the delegations
had settled upon nnd recommended.
kxpkhi.mknt station nothm
(Obll Shattuck, Supt.)
Spring plowing makes a very good
seed hud, but all land plowed should
ho dlicod or harrowed down tho same
Thu roller Is nn excellent Imple
ment to use In the preparation of tho
need bed where tho soil has a tenden
cy to run together. This type of
soil should bo double dlRced and rol
led tho name day. Whoro rough plow
ed soil lays for n day or two In tho
wind and sun It becomes very hard
and cloddy and It Is almost Impossi
ble to work It down Into a good seed
bed, especially If thu land Is lioavy.
April first to 150th. Is n gd time
to sow spring wheat and ryo. April
25 to May 15 for oats and barluy.
Coroals should ba snoilml doop
ouougli to gat tham into molat roll.
It Is a guod practice to iow thorn II
or I Imhoe ileop In this aectlou aa ilia
eurfae soil tlrltaa out rapidly. This
la Mpwslally trua where the eurface
toll ts Tery rough and cloddy.
Field pe.u 'houlil tea sown about
the of ApHl TUN crop Ilka
a cool growing auaaon and la vary
froat hardy. Tho aro doa heel on
woll auk-Irrigated land. It makes ex
callunt hav when mwii with oats,
barluy, or wheat. It can ba hogged
or aliMuail off. thus saving, tko cost
of harvoatlng. Thu mature paaa are
oxcollout for finishing pork.
Tho seed bed for nlfalfa should bo
flno ami firm. After tho land has
been thoroughly cultivated it should
bo floated or rolled prior to seeding.
This flrnia tho soil and brings the
moisture to tho top. Tho best meth
od of seeding Ih with tho drill and
t should not bo sown deeper than
ono Inch. ThlB crop should not bo
own until Into In April except In
nations whoro tho moisture Is very
limited--us llioro is dunger of In
Jury by frost.
It l a good pinctlco to tront all
spring wheat varieties with copper
carbonate at tho ratu of two ounces
pur bnshol. This dust treatment does
not Injuro or hwoII tho seod and
eliminates all guesswork In sowing.
Tho dust dlBlnfoctB tho socd, sacks,
drill and tho soil In which tho seod
la planted It also bcoiiih to act as
a plant Htlmulnnt. Hoiisonnbto euro
should bo tukon not to Inhale much
of thu.coppor curhonato. It Is best
to treat tho sued In tho open rathor
than In a room, using an old barrel
churn or somothlng similar. Each
batch should bo worked about 2 or 3
mlnutoB to insure a thorough cover
ing of oach kornel.
It Ih rathro Interesting to nolo that
much of tho winter wheat survived
tho tomporaturo or n minus -15 do
groes at tho Harney Ilranch Export
mont Station, whllo tho snmo var
ieties woro ontlroly wlntorklllod In
tho Columbia Itlvor aroa.
Tho train wn Into getting out
yesterday morning on account of a
shlpmont of 350 head of cattlo that
had to bo londod before It dopartod.
This la tho first Hhlpmont of cnttlo
from Durns. Uua Davis bolng tho
Stcol nnd Wl.el For Dump
rri. .q.n,.
Contractor on Ground.
Two car loiula or egutpmunl for
rail rond grade havo beuu rocetvod
this wuuk and more is on routo. Mr.
Aruesou, tho man who recured the
contract for somo huavy work In tho
muiiutnlmt, hns a portion or his
equipment here, Including coino work
stock ami camp stuff. Ho Is making
netlvo preparations to get out on th
Frank Klobuchor arrived homo
from Portland hint Saturday night.
He mndo somo purchase; whllo (hero
In tho lino or steel and trucks for
dump carts to bo used, also somo
camp equipment. Thin consignment
also Includes a compressor to bo
used In thu rock work on tho huavy
Mr. Klobuchor purchimfld a ilucy
run Dulsel Miovul to be used on thU
work. This shovel Is somuthlng new
In that Hue and travels 011 Its own
powar, thu trend being of tho catta
pllter type. Thin machine comes
from Indiana nnd Is not expected un
til Homu time next week.
When Hoou yonturday morning.
James (Hrard, In charge or tho Kred
Horrlck Lumber Co. enterprise In
this section, stated ho niuHiot lot any
further contracts nt this jltuu.
Portland newspapers this week an
nounced that the Union Pacific had
set nstdo $1100.000 as thu budget for
Improving tho Crimo-Hums lino dur
ing this year.
1101H1-: to ci:i,i:mt.Ti:
This olllco is In receipt or an at
tractive Kpeclnl descriptive booklet
IsHUuil by. (he Union Pacific Railroad
In honor or the completion of tho
main lino Into Ilolso. This celebra
tion Is auhadutud for April K,.
One or thu cltlzaus of Hums who
rooantly vlaltod Holsa. slntva tha' It
I (Im hopv of that plaea that Mums
would ba raprwwntatl by a special car
of ilarnuy rounly paopla t. hl In
tilth elabrallon. Tkoy asur u roy
al good tlmo whloh will Incytidt
)iitcrhi. iMrticru dl'irirr. npcrts, a
1ikii lattle hMwpon vart.ii unlti if
Hit national guard, row ni and auto
raraa. watar uornlVHl at tha Nit t ft
torlutn. At ulght thora will bo a
bnnquat by Ike Cluimbtr of ('0111
murco ami dancing. Tan or mnro
bauds will bo giving concerts
throughout tho day mid evening.
-a"-as-eret - -
L "" 7
Mr.Jimic. Southorland Clo.init
Out Aclivo Sloclt Intorct.;
New Owners Stockmen.
Mr. and Mrs. Jnmes Southerliiud
tecently dlsposud of thalr big tuml
liuldlugH In tho Wugontlro country,
wliloh Includott some lilOO ncres of
laud, floino of thin laud Is fine moa
dow whllo other parts aro strictly
granlug hut no situated as to control
tho water.
Mrs. Southorlaiid has long boon
Iduntlrlud with that section of llnr
noy county, being one of tho Hutton
fninlly who settled thero In tho onrly
'80s. Sho anil othor members or tho
family had added to their land hold
ings ft out tlmo to tlmo until they
owned a big lot. They havo been en
gaged in tho stock litiilncM tor all
those years mid havo made a nuccuns
of It.
They retain tholr sleorH but de
posed of tho stock cattlo to fin men
who bought tho plnco. They uxncot
to ilffpn-so of tholr bsr stoan and
later spend somo time travelling, fin
ally ttllng down In tholr hotr ul
I.of Angoloa.
K. A. Binary iiimI Link Woodrnd,
both oattle mini of Silver l.ako, am
the purchniorH of the lands. All
parties Interested were In Munis this
week making tko nerossnry arrange
tnnnta for the formal transfer of tho
holdings. Thu now owners aro prac
tical stock men and aro valuable
acquisitions to Harney county.
Drafts to the amount of J05.524.
80 wera turned In to tho sheriff this
woek liy thu Knstorii Oregon Mvu
Stock Co. in imt'Jrmotit of the buck
taxes wliloh tha company had pro
tasted mill which had bocu pending
for tlju piisl three yearn. Thin ninniiiit
Is In nceordaaeo with tho settlement
agreed upon hint month. Tim Irons
arur Is Just In riwalpt of this big
aum and iH.buya chacdlug up tho aov
oral account to which It will apply.
I'nou rot urns from tha banks In con
nection with the drafts ho than will
bo ready m make 11 call for warrants
that will innkn a material reduction.
Phil Sin'tk arrlvrii lmnie Monday
from Ogden. Ktib. whoro ha Had
been for aevoral weeks In connection
with tho aula of aomo boef cattlo that
belonged lo several of tho growers
In this vlolnlty. Mr. Smith says aN
ter tho reed hill had been pnld os
tho stock there wasn't much to bring
back to tho growth.
e - j:; t.
-4&2r !'
ciitr;i;rr coiiut in
Judgo Dulton lllggs or tho circuit
court arrived hero last Saturday ev
ening mid hns boon holding court
hIiico Monday morning, Thin li mere
ly nn adjourned term and several
matters In tho lino or arguments,
motlomi, etc., havo boon disposed or
Incidental to clearing tho docket for
nor.t woek when tho regular April
term begins.
Tho grand Jury wan. In session for
four days and on Thursday brought
In a final report In which thoy re
turned throe Indictments ami thruu
not truo bills of Indictment. Tho
grand Jury consisted or Sam Moth
ershead, foreman; Chester Muco, J.
II. Culp, It. K. Pcnbody, I. h. Pou
Jade, John Wlutermeler nnd J. It.
Two or tho three criminal Indict
ments have been mndu public, ono
chnrglng Dean Huston, or Prlnuvllln
or inrcony or six cows and calves. A
plea or not guilty was entered and
tho case wan set for trlnl at tho Oc
tober term. Tho othor Indictment
charges Virgil Moon with rape. Noth
had been done In thla cane up to
yesterday lit tho wny or netting ror
Word was rorelvud hero Tuesday
of the death of Kmnry Hill nt his
homo at Krultltind. Idaho, from
inieumonln, following an attack of
Influenza. Mr. 1 1 111 was tho son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hill, of this vl
clnlty, and was well known as hu
hnd resided In Harney county ror
many years prior to moving to On
tario and Inter to Krultland. llo wns
born at Paisley In this stnto and In
1000 wan married to Ida Cark, a
sister or Joe Clnrk or Harney and or
Mrs. Jnsio Alberson. Un Is surviv
ed by his wire and two chlldron, Mrs.
.loo I. Ingle and n son. Ills parents,
nlso two sisters, Mrs. Jny Could nnd
Mrs. Clifford Hood, a brother, (Joorgo
IIIII. all of this plpcoflurvlvo him mid
and iinnthor brother, Orn, who Is In
limory was a member of the Mns
onlc and Odd Follow fratornlty. both
lodge taking a part In tho funoral
which waa bold nt Ontario on Thurs
day fallowing a service In tha church
at Fruit land. Jon aud I .so Clark.
Vm. .ion Alheraon. Mrs. Clifford
Hood ind two nleeee, Mrs. Cbaa. Co
veil imuI Mr. Clyde Utahl went out
fn.m hor to attend tha funeral.
The many frlende of tha borenvad
relntlvea In thla vicinity syapnthlxo
with them In their loss, as timory
wns held In high esteem where ho
was known.
Mrs. Hill will contlnuo to make
her homo 011 tho farm noar Fruit-land.
Public Meeting Middle of This
Month With View to Start
Actual Work on Wells
With a view or putting it to somo
practical tiso, thu Information and
data recently gathered by Secretary
Win. Farro of tho Committee of Ton
In connection with tho dovolopmonl
of the underground wntur or Harney
valley ror Irrigation purposes, n
meeting will bo held In Hums some
Imi' 'about thu mlddlo ot this
Mr. Fnrro has gathered much data
In connection with pumping water
tor Irrigation. Ho hns Investigated
thu laws of tho several western states
In connection with such enterprises;
ho hns gotten In touch with manu
facturer of equlonont, i:-ve pump;
well drilling apparatus, cost of pro
duction under such methods of Irri
gation and other such Information.
A. S. Coiirlright of thu Ford Motor
Co., who was recently hero In tho In
terest of lib. company In exploiting
Ford Irrigation milt, was much In
terested In thu data Mr. Farro has
gathered and has promised his aid
In bringing about somo practical
work to demonstrate tho pnsslbllltlcH
of pumping wntor oil thu rich soil of
this valley ror tho production or
crops. Mr. Coiirlright hns given thin
subject much study mid has had a lot
or practical experience.
The gontlummi tins promlsud bin
aid and will bo back in Hums about
the middle or this mont1! with somo
concrete figure and facts to presont
to thoso who aro Interested.
Thu Committee of Ten will tnko
charg-. of a meeting and lo. nation
will be extended the gouoral public
Just as soon as a udflnltu d.ito le
fixed. It Is expected that many or
thnsu who own laud In tho valley and
have no other moans or Irrigating It
will bo present mid that somo plan
mny he formulated whereby a tost
may bo madu of thu underground
wntor supply la confidently expect
ed. In fact already a number or men
who are Interested hare slgnHlod
thrlr wllllngaeaa to aaalat In a finan
cial way toward sinking a well with
the proper kind of eqnlpnvtai t kip
It a real tout.' Thla will uo doubt
come about soon.
Mr. Conrtrlgbt has elated ho
would bo In a position to onoourngo
the bringing Into thu district nt a
reasonable coat a well boring ap
paratus that would bore a holo of
tillleiout sUn mid depth to furnish
water for nuuh purpose, also tho pro
per pumping equipment.
Tho Committee of Tun nuiinunco
that thuy nru going to prosccuta this
work to deflnlto results and thu pub
lic will be Informed of nil facts as
thuy are.
Mrs. O. W. Itandol died at her
homo in this city Tuosdny night from
the offcctH of lufluotua. Shu had
been 111 but a Bhort tlmo mid her
husband became III, an did ono of
tho chlldron. She arose from her
sick bod to euro for tho other mom
he rs of tho family mid It proved fatal.
Her douth wiib qultu sudden ami un
expected. Tho funeral wuh conducted by Itov.
Samuel Harris of thu Prosbytcrlnti
church on Thursday morning, tho
short sorvlco being road at tho cemo
tory with a quartet rendering two
Tho Hnndols camo to this vicinity
about 18 months ago and spont Inst
fall and winter pn tho Ilrown rami
out noar Sam Uolton's homo. Thoy
had moved to town about a month
ago nnd Mr. Itandol had boon doing
work with his team.
Mm. Itandol was 23 yours old.
So leavoa besides hor husband n small
baby girl, also a llttlo boy by a for
mor marriage. Hor parontn, Mr. mid
Mrs. Hathaway, of Caldwoll, arrlvod
hero In tlmo for tho funoral. Mr.
Itandol hnd also boon mariiod boforo
nnd hnd a llttlo boy. All tho chlld
ron aro loss than C yearn old, tho
baby being but a row months old.
Tho stneoro sympathy ot tho com
munity goes ot to tho bereaved roln