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NO. 13
M r
Harney Valley District Receives
Consideration; Action Upon
What is Recommended.
According to Information given
out by Secretin, ' ' h m c.r !"
Harney Valley IitikuUuii Ujtrict,
tlio government reclamation service
engineers have tills wcok asked Tor
rrlgntlon data covering this dis
trict ami upon lnspuotlcin ami Htutly
of this lnrorniatlon will depend tho
Tccomiuondutlons to tlio commission
or. Tlio data ban been forwarded
and now wo mum wait for action by
tlio engineers.
It bad boon expected that govern
ment nion would coma horo for a
lieraonal Inspection and Invostlgn
tlon of tlio district, but since tho gov
ernment linn a moro or less record
of tho character of tho project from
nn extensive! Investigation made by
John Whistler several years ago, the
lihaso or the project may bo studied
from tho data already gathered.
However, to comply with tho re
quirements under tho plan of Com
missioner Mendo, It will bo necessary
to make a personal Inspection of the
situation ai applies to private lands,
tholr character, present status of
production and other such Informa
tion. O.MMKUCIAIj CliUll
i:i.i-:ots oiM'icHits
The meeting of tho Iluriis and
Harney County Commercial Club
held nt the court house last Tuesday
evening discussed the proposition of
moving the tlmo up from 1'ttelflr
Htaudurd tlmo to conform to railroad
time but mulling definite was done,
its It will be considered a llttl later
when tb trails service Is Increased
to (Jvor-,4 day. the uhaaglug of the'
mall to oo m u by train ami the con
xouuout necessity of ohiuiielug time
bv the post olllre. The matltr will
lieu he adjusted.
At the minting tin huiiiihI olecUon
f ofHeera vrns taold anil the old of-ln-ora
wore re-elected with tho exuup
Hon of secretary. Itobt. Henuetl lw
1'iK elected In place of ChRS. H.
Foley who announced that be could
not piNHitbly take rare of thw position.
Dr. L. K. Hlbbard whs again umilo
president with Itobt. M. Duncan vtco
president mid 1C. 1.. Smith treasurer.
m:v imuxswicic
The Welnntelu Mercantile Co. hve
Just Installed the latest thing la rail
to sots In Hums. It Is combined
with a Hrunswlck phonograph, all
vliclosud In one case, requiring no
outside or ground ooiiiuwtlon. Just
almply connect up tlio battory. (urn
on the tubs and start. Thu machluu
:an he plucud unywftioro In a room
and has a Ilrunswlok phonograph
too, giving one o wide range of inns
.( h( tractions.
This Is duoliludly tho finest radio
apparatus that hto come to tho at
tention of tho oritur and should bo
popular. Tfto machine was rocelvod
at the store Wednesday evening and
when romovod from the shlpplug box
and the batteries attacked at oaco
g.tvo h (leiiionetratloii of the simp Un
ity of urrsumemunt by tho opvotor
immediately picking up station after
station on tho coast and In Canada.
TU ltogl unit of the American I.o
k!oii Auxiliary mot at the homo of
Mrs. J. J. Luinnshlre on Friday after
noon Jan. 10. Mrs. Hen Wrown tho
newly olaoted jirueldout prueldsd.
Mm. Augusta Uraham' assisted Mrs.
Tho oonimltl who had charge of
tho miTltt fur the disabled veterans
reported that $44 had been realized
from the raffle of the two wool scarfs
iiiid tho llnon set. This money had
heon sent to tho throo boys at tho
veterans 'hospital No. 77. A lottor
from Miss fttouo, tho DojmrLinont
chairman for Hospital roller, nc
knowludjiliisf tho rouulpt of tho mon
ey and oxprosslng the appreciation
of tho boys, wa road by tho com
mlttoQ, It was tho unanimous doslro of
tho Unit that a votg or thanks bo ox
tontjed to Mr Ugn Urowu for Uio In-
torcnt ho took In helping to dispose
of thu scarfs ut a profit to tlio boys.
Tho Unit votud to solid $10 to tho
Department child welfare committee
to help children or disabled veterans
In our state.
After tho usual buslnosn luul been
trnnsneted unit thu guests hnd been
served delicious tea and wafers tho
Unit adjourned to meet with Mrs.
Hull Hotchklss on Friday, Feb, 13
at 2: an P. M. Mrs. Mary Hklonn will
net as Joint hostess. All members
' ' hso eligible to membership
. r dlnlly Invited to attend.
Tho maiingemout of Uio Valley
View Hospital has recently boon tak
en over by Miss Hill, an experienced
graduate registered nurse, who has
boon at the head of tho Institution
for sonto tlmo for tho owners. Miss
Hill Is not only an experienced and
competent graduate nuru but also
has with her two otltor graduate)
nursoi who urn giving the patients
In the Institution exceptional care.
Tho writer was taken over the
hospital on an Inspection tour wlion
visiting the place the other day. It
Is one of tho best equipped and man
aged Institutions of the kind in the
state and a credit to this county.
Kvory facility necessary to tho care
of patients Is round there with the
proper hop. There are private
rooms with bath, also wards, fully
furnished and In readiness to receive
patients. The surgery Is prepared
with every convoulonco and thorn Is
a standard X-lttty machine In the
The new management Is entitled
to tho support and good wishes of
this county mid the Institution
should prosper so far as circum
stances may warrant.
ir. ii. h; xotkh
Final semester exams wore held
J.hla weok. Hfnort curds will bo
liaudwl out Monday... .last a few fa fi
ll res lire recorded, with a general
average whluli Indicates that a ma
jority of the stiideuta Is really work
ing taunt.
A count" In momentary Kcouomlo
will follow thu somostur course In
Social Problems.
Hat He Orouti. formerly of Wokwr
High baa enrolled as a Junior.
Wilbur Poujndo will by almoin for
a while, attending dutlos at the
The nttuudnnuo Is now 110, dis
tributed as follews: Seniors. IS;
Juniors. 20; HoDhomoroa. r.j Fresh
men. .17.
Uohes reals are being bold regu
larly on "Polished Pebbles " This
charming operotta will undoubtedly
soore as big a hit aa the former suc
cessful attractions presented by Har
eoy HI.
The sophomore class debate will
bo hold next week, wlUi Frederick
Held, Alfred Ilrown. Horyl Hotohklss,
Anna Varlon. Holonu I.oggan, AIoho
Weuzol, Josalo Foley on the squad.
From this list four will be picked to
meet the Junior senior team.
Mrs. William Wlsomtn Is guardian
of the "fresh" unit Of tho Camp Fire
,Tho following wad allnnejl from
the o. A. C liarometer.
"Uluht men were aelectad for i
tte froshmsu Iiltertollsjjlate ilebatu
squad at the tryouts last night In
library 100. Thoy woro Harry hog
Uiin. John .lamas. Oarl Jloarord. Kl
mr Larson. (Jrant McMillan. Thur-
low wood, unarms Aiuuuiiiiau, uu ,
Uolbert Stokosbury. Varsity mater
ial will bo dovolopod rrom Ih's Kroup
to strengthou next year's squad Is
thu bsllet or tho coaches."
OharlOH and Harry wore II. 0- 11.
U. delmtors ami gridiron wiirrlora
graduating lent year. Their many
friends are gratified to m that they
jure already liejslitnliii; (o bo hoard
- i. O- '
umw OX
A. D. Lawreuoe, chlof of tho rail
way mall olurka of this division, was
up rrom Pocatollo 011 Tuesday night
making an Inspection of tho routo
and discussing tho mall service. Ho
was Investigating tho proposition of
tho mall coming up by train rrom
Orano but so long as thoro are but
throo tlmo a wuok trains It Is not
practical aa Uio people would not bo
KutlsNud with Biioh a mall sorvlco
nttQr n dally mall for all thoso years.
U. S. Commission to Report on
Mr. Hcrrick's Request For
Time to Cut Timber.
Washington lluroau of tho Journn'
Kred derrick, Idaho lumberman,
who obtained a contract for t U'...
timber and for railroad construction
In the Mulheur rorust frtiin Uurus,
Or., la asking an extension of time
for cutting, mid the forost service
Is sending a commlsslou to luvestb
gate conditions.
It Is said his request will bo con
sidered on the basis of good faith
shown and work performed, but It
will bo Impossible to waive the re
(lulremeuts for completing (ho cut
ting or 00,000,000 board feet by Juno
1, 1928. Modification as to the cut
ting may be granted.
It would be Impossible to comment
upon the above dispatch at this t cm
with any Intelligence Tho t iloii or
the government In aendlng a com
mlsslou to Investigate Is suillcleut
evidence of every Interest having
The Missionary Circle mot at the
homo or Mrs. K. II. Hoed, Wodntdii)
afternoon or lust week with Mrs
(Iray and Mrs. Harbor as Joint h"tt
oases. Following the regular busi
ness meeting, a very Interesting pro
urn in was rundcerd.
A reading entitled Juhova's Well,
was given by Mrs. H. N. llolton, and
wns hearltly enjoyed by all pnwoiit.
A paper entitled The Houl ot Ml)'
Hlngh. w read by Mrs. It. K. Dnike.
A solo entitled It Is Jesus was
rendered by Mrs. llowd.
Mrs. K. N. Jameson present! a
natter outltled Trdasun- ,
All prnaeut rojiortatl a most oil'
joyablu time.
The next mooting will be held
February II. at the homo or Mrs.
(Jrovor Jameson, with Mrs. Hhattuok
a Joint hostess. A cordial Invlta
Hon Is uxteudsd to all members and
The votuulary efliitrlbutloiis of the
pupils or thu grade school or Hums
to tho Near ICast Keller was quite
encouraging and nommendahlu. A
total of $l- was contributed us fol fel fol
eows: First, grade. 2.7n; second.
JI.M); third. $ 1. 00; fourth. $1.00;
fifth. fl.L'B; sixth. Jlf.0; M-veiith.
ft 00; eighth. 12 00
I wnw 1 iMHmiii ! n -vmvmm n mwwifeM f
w&mfcSmffiS&SMM 't x m
Perfecting Plans by Selection of
Zone Committeemen; Locnl
Growers Approve PInn. .
Forest Jonos, of J u til ura, was In
Ill's city Thursday to meet with lo-
nl cattlemen to further perfect the
Inauguration of the orderly market
ing plan recently advocated by the
Mtnto Cnttlo and Hoise lla. ors Asso
clntlon. Tho meeting Thunday was for tho
purpose or iioloet!u;i a couimltteemau
from this vicinity to orvo with two
oJiers Mr this marhotl'ig 20110 which
HOiislstii or tho main line lu Malheur
county mid tho branch leading to
llur.iH. Including Intervening ship
ping points and alno fill Ion valley.
Mr. Jones had boon selected as the
committeeman for the Ji.utura ills
tr' Mr. Kiiiurson for Ontario and
Uoiluoy t'orud was made tho mem
ber rrom this district. Those men
have charge or the marketing from
this zone and will handle Uio ship
ments. Hovcral stockmen woro prerenl on
Thursday who had not signed up to
abide by the orderly marketing plan
hut they immediately saw tho advan
tage or It and Mr. Jones left with
several additional signed members.
oovi:itx.Mi:xT i'ii:iji
(Ily Wanda Hpencer)
The following was written by a
Harney county high school girl as a
purl or her every day school work.
It was brought to tho attention or
Forest Hanger Illake who suggested
that It bo published:
Whtiii the first settlers came to
Amerolca they found themselves con
rronleil by wliat saemwt lo them
Itmlllees forest. Tho forest sinud
lo them a real foe because It cum
bured the tillable soil That the
trm furnished logs for their cabins,
rails for tfeolr fences and fuel for
their rires temod Incidental lu the
rouqiuwt of laud for tillage. During
tho two centuries required to mako
tha March of civilization from the
Atlantic roeitl lo the Mississippi Itlv
er. the conquering of the forest was
one or the groutnet Items. Thoy roll
ed tho trees and burned all oxcopt
what was needed for Immediate use.
Ilefore the settlers bud begun the
removal 0MI10 forost to make fert'le
fields, there was a fortut aron or
ftbout 860,000,000 ncrtte. This has
Wou retliiued lo about KiS.000.000
errea or nearly ouu-hair.
To du v 1 lit (lovernmeut bus it-lul
reservim u-t aside lu which no tun
bar Is nut down or stock allowed lo
be gruiteil without special permits.
The Oovcrflinent caune.i look-out
iitntloiiH (o be placed high on tho
crests of mountains, whore men des
ignated r.s forest rangers are kept all
of the tlmo lo look out over thu mtr
rounding country to wnlch for Indi
cations or flro.
For many yearn, probably since
thu Industry begun, It him been thu
custom In this country to handle
sheep In close herds all day and drlvo
them lo a corral or bed-ground at
night, In so doing, when tlioy wore
herded In tho rorust they trampled
ilown and ate the young troos until
a great many were destroyed, Now
the Government ban caused thorn to
he herded by what Is known as the
"loose-hording" and "bedding out"
system. My this method they are
scattered out over a largo area whou
they are grazing and do not trample
down th! young trues thus killing
them. They are also bedded lu a
different place each night and as a
result tho young trooa and forage
plnuts are not destroyed by trampl
ing as Is 1 -rn to happen where tho
stock are rf"Uedly returned, night
after night, to the same bed ground.
The usu or thu range by livestock
helps keep down fires because they
ent down the grass and weeds,
through which If left standing thu
flrn trnvfitii nt 11 rnnlil mtu. Tim
-(oek raH nmkn Hffocll0 flr)).
. .
The Government is also taking
tops towards reforcotntlon nud pre
nerving or forests. That Is plant
two trees for every one cut down, or
cut out tho mature trees first, leav
ing the younger trees to teach ma
turity, utilizing every part or the
tree, careful rolling or trees etc
Lumbering Industries cannot bo
maintained uiilois a continual supply
or raw material Is obtainable. Con
tinued supplies wilt be obtainable
only under a ileflnlte mid compre
hensive svstem or forest manngemont
Including nueoMtiry forest planting
sml adequate forost protection.
Manager K. 0. Asplnwnll or thu
Crane station of the Standard Oil
Co . Is tho proud inssueor of tho
silver cup trophy given by the Walla
Walla division of tho company In a
ea Km contest during the past year.
The local branch recorded tho largest
Iter centago In sales for the period of
the content and was the only station
lu thu division that showed tno
greatest gain lu two conseoullvo
inouthu 11a well as for thu yuar.
Mr. Aaphiwall confirms the re
port that hu will move to Hums on
or before March 1st and begin the
installation or the plant of the Stan
.i.inl Oil at this point
T. J. McDonnid Residence With
Contents Burned; Building
Wns Partially Insured.
Tho residence of T. J. McPouaU
was burned to tho ground yesterday
afternoon with practically alt its
contents. Tho origin or tho flro Is
not known but likely a defective flun
was responsible bh tho flames woro
first discovered nt the celling.
Mrs. McDonald hail been Ironing
ami eloHod tho stovo, going with her
little son to tho homo of Mrs. Fred
WllllmiiH Just across tho street, tho
other two boys woro also playing
There Is some insurance but tho
loss will bo sovoro because of so
many things lu tho homo that woro
not covered by Insurance or that
could bo replaced. Very llttlo con
tents woro saved aa the building waa
almost entirely enveloped in flames
and smoke before any help could ar
Ceo. M. Shaw Is having a big addi
tion to his blacksmith shop erected
at this time nud Is making prepara
tions to install some power machin
ery lu order to have Ids place oqulp
pihl ror tho work ho has to do. Mr.
Bhaw Is 0110 or tho dopnndablo work
men or this community and enjoys
n tend mitronngo In his lino pt busl-
1 ncss. A modern shop or that char
acter Is a convenience and necessity
to a growing community. Klectrlc
power will bo Installed.
nn: ti:hmixai
(mot'NDH iMPitovi:Mi:.NTS
A representative or Tho Tlmes
11 urn hi visited tho railroad tonnlnnl
j Krounds yesterday urternoon and
I found the Improvements had mado
I progress during the week. ly this
evening there will have boon com
I pitted the concrete roundiitlnii- ror
! those buildings. Tho pipe lino Hind
Ihiuii laid and l ready to connect up
j with the riO.OOO gallon water tank
! when It Is loady ror uso. Tho tnk la
(completed and Is being roored and
' at. soon as tho rrosl proteotlfg box
Uurroifndlng Hhe plpo loading up
! rrom the well Is eomplutod tho big
I iniiiook will bo sot and attached ror
, Mrs. Ssniuel Harris, assisted by
I Mrs. W. M. Sutton, entertalnod tho
1 boys of hor Sunday School class Wcd
I nosilny from three to flvo.
Mrs. Sutton gave a reading, which
was thoroughly appreciated by tlio
hoys and the rest ot the tlmo waa
given to discussion of class affairs
nud games.
Hefroshments wero served and all
hud a most enjoyable tlmo.
The Tlnios-Horald la authorized to
announce that there will bo a spec
ial mooting of Hums Lodge A. F. &
A. M. on uevt Tuesday evening. Jan
uary 7, nt the Masonic hall which
will bo preceded by a dinner at ii:0
o'clock. The object ot this spoolal
meeting Is to disuuss tho funning ot
a Masoulu club.
Sojourning members of th' fra
ternlly are extondeil a fraternal woj
I'ome on this occasion.
. . o
During tho sl. weeks boclunlng
Fohrunry 2 nud onding Unroll 14,
or Clyde . Iluntloy, oolloctor of In
experlouood dophtloa rrom tho onico
toriml revenue, will visit the princi
pal cltlos and towna ot tho stato ror
tho purposo of assisting taxpayers
lu the preparation or their federal
ittoomo tax returns for the year 1024
This assistance Is glvengrotultouslf
by Collector Hunt ley's deputies and
taxpayers are urged to avail tliom
elvoH or the service. "Whon oallinjr
upon tholr deputlos, taxpayers aro
rouuoatod to bring with thorn tho
Incomo tax flank forma thoy will
linvo received through tho mail.
Thoso deputies will bo lu Hums
Fohurary 2 a.Cranu Foburary 4-5.