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    'inillejtoJ ft.
NO. 7
Drought nnd Other Unfavorable
Conditions Held to Dcmnnd
Action by Tho State.
(My Colonel K. liofcr hi fluiuluy
Tl.o Oregon Statu lluiiiunu Hocloty
i utuf runted with ii problem of what
to do with tho hioruiiliii; bunds of
.lM hor Ktt In oiiNturn Oregon. It
, o ttl tnrttoil t hut hovciuI hundred
tt iiihihiiI of thuHo utilmnlH nro noat
tt red over tho range cuuntluH. At
i e time thoy wcro a great oconumlc
. el of that ronton. Thoy worn
rounded up. branded and partially
1 rokc, anil thon drlvoii Into woitoru
Oregon mid other count lnton an a
rnch Htipply of work horuun. Thcno
1 unchgrasH horse wore of fair hIzu,
ury durahlo and nupplled tho du
ii'iiuil for work hnrHoii at a medium
I 'Ire
Motor vehicles havo doulroyod tho
t .irki't for IIiohu raiiKo homo. Thoy
I ,io ceased to ho a thing of value.
Outturn of range land and custom
Oregon ranchorH ncom to think thoy
.,ro not worth tho hay It takon to
food thorn, and thoy don't. Thoro
ft ro 'hoy havo ahuttdonod thoni. loft
them on tho ratiKo to shift for thorn
iIvoh ho that Mtaravatloit In Htnrlng
thcno ratiKo homos In tho faco. Matty
I tvo perished nlrondy and tho rigor
v tho wlntor Inn hnrdly com
lutiirud At a low estimate 1000.000
, ml will ho wlpod out !y King
inter Uwnorri of largo Imiiiln aro
i' ttltiK Ihoni go, trtiHtltiK that tho
t w that ronniln will ho Hiilllolont
miliary tholr noodN for tho noxt
ir'n work.
Italit.n Arc (.uekliig.
I in' l.irgor part of onnturu Oregon
nirerud front h uvure drought
n.iiK tho (mat your. Till Ih par
t ' ulurly trim of llarnoy eon nty,
i Ii did not havo the hniiollt of fall raliiH to frmthun tho
.- in most catnw tliii HviMlnck
i in)- down from tho mouuUlit in n
' k'tied and poor condition. In
"ctlone miiow alroady oovora
Kroutid and tho weather hue
i untiHiiHlly oolil for thla Unto of
.tr three MtMMslTd eurrey by
ie hutiianu eotoiy, ioekwtii
nil) r fowling tholr eat tit
-,,(.' I ih winter will le eeWu
probably will be nble to pull
i ntnok throiiKh. poaalhly with
. fptlott of abeep. In many
. I.irxu Hooka are run hy I (
1 ..hotitrlnger on the open dee-
Thoao man are mam herdera,
,. iiiK no land, having no hay
hwl. and no aheltor. Thoy may
, ull throuKh with ISO por tout left
r In tho spring and dlvldu thu
.o i-iipit ami tho Iamb with thu
f mi This kind of ahuophurdliiK
i" long to tho punt, and ahould bo
i inlawed.
L'ndor thu.uhuiigltiK oonilltloiiH of
n.o past 10 year, with motor vu-
I.uIcm rendering tho wild ritngo
hfr" u I hum l vuluuloea, tho Htittu
lliimatiu aocluty, fr luck of moaiiH
ud ability to loouto owtiurHhlp of
lurice banda thnt movo aome-
i huh UQ or 100 mlloa In u lnglo
itw, no Hitrvoy of lit actual faoU
t .s hi.ttii poaalhlo; no remody Iiuh
l.i-.-u workml out. An orforl wau
i.t .! in ono oouitty to round up and
luutshlor prodatoty liniulH of Iioiho
,,i ihl.kon and Iiok feotl. Tim hit-
i.e hi.iloly ont an ollleor to ait-
j. rintend tho humaiiu UlllliiK uo-
mini. Not tntioh (louhl ha dono.
1 1.. wild honiM ate vary hy of all
iiniiiu Hpprouch. Thay will hoap n
iMih- or 'two away from piiraitont
. il cannot ho Ulllofl, ovoit with lonj,'-
!.inj;o rlfluM.
DepiiMlntloiiH Aro I'oll.
In tlto opinion of (lovornor Ploroo
' w'uihl tako an hrmy or tralnod
m r-H niHilora and coBt ? 1000,000 or
7, .,ri to nether tlioin up null put
i In m In corral. CompltlnlH of tholr
d'piodatloiiH huvo como lo tho llu Hocloty from Mra. Hmnm A.
I.l.hv, (!i-niio, Or., from Ihtltor
ounty nnd Inlormoilluto atooknion
In tho Inland oinplio.
Wllllum Ilaitloy of HuriiH hollovoB
that condltloiiH would Jimtlfy nV
iffotl put forth to Havo thono hortinu.
IN- dlfforH In opinion from many
raiiK" oxpnrtH lit holdliiK 11"- toy
n.illy huvo an oconontlc valuo, and
that thoy Hhoiild ho foil and not ox
tormlnntod. Ho hollovoa that tho
ownora of lliuao horiiOH Hhoiild ho
forced hy hiW proporly to euro for
thoni ami liitlmiitoit that ho would
ho wIllliiB to uudortuko tho Joh on
oortaln tornta that havo not huou
fully workml out. .
KoportH from many of (ho raitch
orn how that tho Rltuiitlnu Ih rathor
doMporato, nnd thoy havo no Inten
tion of taking any iitupH to iiolvo
tho prohlom. oxcopt to lot naturo
tako hor oounio. That muiiitH that
thoHo Krout hamlH of onco iiHnful
and valuahlo aiilmnhi will uitdiMiht
odly dlo from luck of i;riiMH and
wntor. Thoro Hhnuht ho a Hiirvoy of
cotiilltloitH In Houtlioiintorii OrKOii
If poHHlhlo, tho rnvltiK hiitulH of
ImrMOH, (otalliiK at lottHt 100,000
hoiid, Hhoiild ho romovod front tho
droiiKht area to pnrtH whoro food
and wntor may ho procurod. It will
not pay tho thinly Hcntlorod rnitcli
rn of that roKlon to do It and Iho
Htock will not ho moved uuIohh Htato
or fodoral authority ran ho Invokod.
MiMtaco May Orow.
I do not protend that all in
fltatoinontu aro porfoHtly accurate,
hut thoy aro IiiihoiI upon written ro
portH from roildoutH of HiIh roKlon,
ohtalnod hy the Immune aocloty
diirliif: the jmHt .'10 days. Wo aro
trylnu to arouuo an IntolllKont
htimauo Interesl In thono dtimh
hrittoH that. iinle.M oxtormliiatod hy
a vorv novere winter, or dUpoieil of
on nomo econoutlc plan, will heroine
a Mill Kronlor tuoitaco to tho live
stock KrazliiK IntereHtM of ountoru
OroKon. The hiiinano nocloty oottht
aoconipllHh nomethliiK for the wild
homo Hlttiatlou If tho Htato would
fitrnlHlt money for oxpoiihoh, hut It
koIh only a pitiful $1000 a yenr to
enforce humane lawa over the on
tlrn tato. It la time for the htato to
tako Home action HhoU, In tho lu
trMt of thu llvoatock Imlualry.
Dr V. II I.yllo, tato vetfirlHitrlaii
and secretary of (ho atala llvaalook
unitary hoard, wna ankad hy the
writer for opinion on tho wild hnreo
problem In oaateru OraKOti. I clone
thla rvlnw of thu alluntloii with
hla MUtament. In the-eon ra of an
Intarrlew ho throw a llttla optlut
lam Into what inlxht bo callwl a
ctaailly. hoplvaa Hltuatlou. lie km Id:
I. I.jlle (,l0e..
"That fd la roally j tttto amruo
In anaiurn Oraxou la trim, hut thoro
haa Iiimii a conaUJurahlti nrowth of
Kr4 In certain dtatrlru that wr
Ao far removed from arallabla
watar that tba aonie oould not b
Kraaod by anlutiiln In till dlatrlct
darlnti tba aumtuar iiiontha. With
the eomlnx of hiiowh and raliiH It
la noaalbhi that (bara will hu ample
faad for all of tho wild horao popu
lation of ouatarn OrnKon.
"Tim alttiHtlon Ih audi that thoro
bould ho aoiito hiiiiiauu way d
vhwd wlmroby tlioao wild horioH
could Ih Bottau rid of. Thoy oat
tho KrHaa that iiiIkIiI woll ha prof
itably mod hy other niilmuU that
would rotiirn a profit. Ilualdoa ihoy
luurouau In nuniberh and aa tliim
I'oow hy there will como a time
when many of thorn will porlnh hu
caiiHo of lack of fond. liidlvldualH
are tinablo lo cope with tho Hltua
tlou that proHoutH llnolf In oitHtorn
Oregon ua rer.ardH thono aiilmalH.
"I hollovo It would he wIho to havo
ioiiih form of lobulation puaHcxl In
HiIh co in I n K cohhIoii of the lor.tala
(uro where thoav nnlmalH oould ho
eallod oatrayH. ho Ioiik hh thoy aro
not onrrylnj? vlalblo bnindH. and ho
Kiilhorod up and humanely hIiiiikIi
lorod and poaMlhly uiod for the
purpoHo of foodInK IuB r poultry.
Tho coHt of KatherliiK up thoHo mil
malH will probably not ho lit oxcoaa
of any money that will ho roturnud
from tholr hiiIo. Many of thwo anl
iiiiiIh aro now unbraudoil and are,
from a riino point of vlow, roally
the property of .no ono. Hvoit
thoiiKli It wore poaalhlo to oompol
ownorH hunianoly to tako onro of
tholr alook thoro would bo no way of
foroliiK action (gainst thoas iinbrBtid
ed auliiialH."
The Oontral Oroou Tolophono Co.
will laouo a now dlroolory about Iho
flrut or tho year. Now uttbHorlhora.
or tlioao conteniphitlnt: InatiilllnB
phomm ahould Kt "! nr,lor ,M nl"1
hnvo tho phoiioa oonnoctod up dur
lui; tho proBont mouth and ho thtiH
nHHiirod of tholr namo npponrlpB In
tho now dlroolory. Diulnow flrnw
will ho iflvon tho prlvllofjo or plmv
liif; advert IhIiik In t tllrootory.
Local Attorney Reports Cnno an
Hard Fought; Appeal lo
Supremo Court Likely.
Archie Cody, the man who killed
Sheriff Uoodman lawt Aucimt, wiih
found uiillty of iiiurdur In thu flrut
(U'Kieo hy a Jury lit tho circuit court
of Malheur county at Vale thu flint
of thin week.
C. 11. Leonard, who voluntuorod
IiIh HorvlcoH lit aldliiK In tho proHocu
lion or the ciiho, arrived homo fol
lowing tho trial and In iIIkciihhIiik
It with a ropronuiitatlvo of thlu pa
per Htatod It wiih a hard foui;ht ciiho
throughout, the dofeiidaul belli k rop
roHeutod by Atty Newman of Mod
ford and (leo. V, Ilayen of Vale.
ProHoctitliif; Attorney I.ytlo or Mal
heur county and C. II. Leonard wore
In charKo of tho proitocittlou,
A motion for a now trial hi- nl
rondy been denied and h l itlto
likely Iho ciiho will he appealed to
the iiupromo court. General nntln
ruction Ih cxproHrtod by the people or
thin Hoctlon at the verdict, ax they
reel the man Ih utility or murderliii:
a peace ollleor.
Newton llotchklHH and MIhh Jewtlo
Hhopntd were married dint Monday
forouoou at the HupllHt (iiirnonnco
hy Itov. KiiKouo Ilowd. Moth are
well known and popular you tin peo
ple at (IiIh city where they have ro
nliletl mIiico childhood. Newton bun
hun ohkiii;oi1 III the stock hualneHH
for aevoral yearn followii; hi Krud
iiHtlou from hcIiooI llo Ih the aon
or Mr and Mrn. II llotuhklwt. poln
tMirn. IIIh bride U a charmlni: yottnc
duly who hnd Imhoi fotlowliiK tho
(rofHMtlou of lofichlni; followlui; hor
rtmdiiatlou from the llarnoy county
Itlch achool. She la tt crauililatiKh
tor or Mr. and Mra Waller Crow,
highly roapoctod (doueora.
Tho nawlywoila ltft liaitiodlataly
for tho I'. (5. Hmlth Waim HpriiiKH
rmnrh where Newt la looking after
I'hll'M atock for Iho winter. They
attrreedud In KottliiK out of town
before their friend could lvo thoin
a proir rauoKiiltloit, hut wure not
o lucky ou HiTlvliu; at their ilea
tltiHtloit aa It eoinehow leaked out
a uewlywed couple hail coma Into
the neighborhood and It didn't tako
tlmm Ioiik to (jalher and ;Ivo Ilium I
h iioley wolaomo. Mr. and Mra.
itniflitku imva Lhe I'.antl wlaboH nf
a wide circle or rrlenda In which!
The Tluiee-Horuld la counted. !
r GoiH T
y. ui. uwi-i.
. nf. UnMr,
s. " s .rt'a r'v.iniBJiK "v r ,ir-HK .rsssss'
r: n. mi-- .kR nV A X Stiblai . .vCVX
-& W f J P"k s5rn.VaT o- V M
' -T Am W e8,l? p6 M mt f 1
General Superintendent Here on
Inspection; No Announcement
Of Regular Train Service.
W. II. KkoKorHiiu, oiiBluuur In
cliarno or material and coiiHtriictlon,
ban moved bin lieiuliiiartoni from
Crane to HuriiH, tho IIvIiik oar hav
lni; huou broiiKht up yoritorday morn
Inn attiichud to a upeeliil that brought
Con. Httpl. It. (I. I'lerco and DIvIhIoii
Stipt. K. C. MatiHflold. Mr. Hkotjor
hoii'h olllco car had boon brought up
to the tormlual KroiiiidH before,
A rcproHontnllvo or thin paper call
ed titioit him yoRtorday and upon In
quiry round that active work on tho
terminal cround bitlldliiKH and lin
lirovouioutH will IickIii on noxt Mon
day moruliiK' Material Ih on tho
cround to bei'ltt work on noma or the
hi provemoulii and more will arrive
aa needed.
Mr. HkoKorHon could kIvo no In
formation an to when roKtilar train
Hervlco tiilKht bo expected. He Hiild
thai (lie Koneral HUporlittoiident nnd
dlvlvlnu MUperlnteiideiit had ttiado
the trip up to uncertain coudltlnnn
and how far tho ImprovemeiitH bad
proKreHHod but finding no water tank
or coal hunkorM. In fact no fuollltloM
whatever, therefore could not innko
, "' annoiincoinent.
Tim apodal train ttji yitterday
moruliiK wan thu can mo of much
upcculatlon amotiK our cUIzoiih and
all klnilH of minora wore afloat.
However, thin paper could find noth
I it k of an authentic nature In regard
to the railroad or Hawmlll Hltuatlou
other than ban boon given In HiIh
Mr. HkoKorroit Iiiih IiIh family and
living iiunrtur In HuriiH now and lit
tllralloiia point lo hla remnlnlng for
aevornl weoka, at IuiihI.
Hubert .1 Smllh died at tho homo
of hla mother lit thla city on luat
Saturday. Dee. '.. following a abort
llluoea. Ho took alck In Kllvhm nil
ley while looking for nlook and wiih
hrointht down lo the family homo
In Huron on Friday.
Httltert had hami a ucreeaful
atock man In thla county ever elite
bla boyhood, baring atartod with
hla own herd of eatllu at the an or
1 1 yemra awtl iteeumtilatoil a largo
property. He nrfvor mnrrlod ami hla
headquarter wore on ono of hla imy
ranch oi ou tho Inland.
l)eeeeed wna born May II. 1SSI J
llueun Vlata. Oregon, and oanto
SJr a i mr w-wto?yc Go,7. AWy&(l''vsZ
i civ kK fimi ... i" ' v jy cw o-
'i'. -r ,tt i -a b.. .: - 9j:;-r.
i .Tio'ii'.iii iiir 1 1 t i I i ' - - mi i
to llarnoy county with bin iuuoiiIh
In 11180 whom ho hud hIiico roHlded.
no allenilod thu public iichool In
iluriiH hut (iilt thu hcIiooI room early
In life to duvolo IiIh ontlro lime to
tho ntock IiiihIiiohh. lie wiih a momhor
or llarnoy Loilno, No. 77, I. O. O. I',
aliio iilllllaloil with Um Hobekah IoiIko
and (ho Odd I'Villown lJiicuinpnuint,
lie wan ait uprhjlit cltlzon who hold
tho confidence of IiIh outlro acitualul
iiiiue, llo Ih Htirvlvttd hy IiIh iiioIIkiV,
Mm. W. I', Hnilth, two hruthurH,
Kriioat and Dole Siiillh, four hImIoih,
MrH. V. C. (JII)moii, of I'lirma, Idaho,
Mra. .1. K. WoHtou, of IIiiiitliiKtou
lloitch, California, Mrn. Hoht. Drink
water and Mrn. M. A. Clay, both of
HiIh city. 1 1 Ih father died four
yuarn ii;o.
The funeral wiih hold Tuomliiy af
ternoon from the HuptlHt church,
the Hervlco huliii; conducted by Hev.
I'hiKouo Ilowd, thu Odd Kollowii tak
I UK charge or the Korvlco at the I. O.
O. !'. comotury. A InrKO number
or (hu fraternity were printout, iih
i well iih uuiuuroiiH frlondit to pay their
hiHt roHioi!tH to a departed brother
and friend,
Jiuiich H, (lloanon, a ruprcnutilutlvo
of the Htato fire manihnl'H olllco, wiih
lit IluriiH tho fore part of thin week
to itiaku an litHpuctlou nnd InvcHtlga
tlon Into tho location or tho Htandard
Oil Co. hervlco plant In IluriiH. Tho
nlto Hecured for HiIh Htntlon wnH pro
tented to the ntato fire marHharn of
flcn and II wan decennary that a
hearing bo had. Mr. CIcuhoii canto
hero for that purpoKo hut found upon
arrival there wan really no obJuctloiiH
the prnfoit having been overruled by
tiuntiluiouH coiment, iih It were. Tho
gentleman mado a Hiirvoy of the
premlioH, wont over the plittiH, view
il the location from the Hlntidpoliit
or convenience to railroad lino, and
Ita proximity to fire limit, and Hinted
he coiialdorod tho locution hlel for
audi a atatlon and rouommotidod Uh
Mr. Oleaaou had an Informal con
forouro with tho city nuthorltlo and
aald that all oil Hlatlone had to con
form to certain regulntlniiH required
hy the Htato marahal and thtit before
thin concorn could open ami bogln
operation It would he iioceaaary for
an Inflection and approval of the
plana. Mr- Oloaaon further explain
ed (hat ahould the tlin ever come
that the fire tlmlta ahould extend out
to thu locality and the town or Ilurua
ifrow to city proportion (ho oil
elation would have to movo. hut
until thnt time oomet the prtont
location will Miami.
V. I.. Meet woh lit from hia Sllvor
crok homo on Wednoaday.
- $ A,-wEVTC-V."r
Report to Congress Suggests an
Upbuilding Program; The
Slate Interest Great.
( Oregon Inn)
WaHlilngton, I). C, One. 8 Koc
ominundalloiiH for congroHHlonal ac
tion to (lermlt a Ihoioiigb Invoatl
gatlon or potential agricultural re
HiiurcoH of thu wunt, and for thu
working out of a programme of re
clamation ami power development
for the benefit of all arid regions,
were mado In thu annual report to
day of Dr. Klwood Moud, cnmtnln
nloucr of reclamation.
IndorHlug tho coiicIuhIoii of thu
Hpeclal ndvlHory committee on rec
lamation, embodied In a bill which
Iiiih panned the Iioiiho and Ih pond
ing before thu houiiIc. Dr. Mend
called nlteiitlon to -a dawning reali
zation that development platiH, IC
IiiiiiIh are to be brought under cul
tivation without dbiaHti-oun dolayn
and wtiHtu of money and effort.
Much luml Oinicd I'rlvatcly
All tho cliangoH urged by tho com
mittee would hu holprul, Dr. Moud
nnaurtcd, "but If leglnlntlon stopn
"with tltCHU, thu iimoudud reclamation
net will not provide a working plan
for tho dnvulopmont or now pro
jects Thu reason for this In tho
fact that many or tho boHt opportun
ity ror rutttro reclamation aro
whoro the Inml Ih now prlvatoly
DIhciihhIiib tho commlttco'H coor
dlnatod plan or Hottieinent. under
which tho government would bo
ablo to purchnxo or control all pri
vately owned land In oxcohs of
homoatonil uult. CommlaHlon Mead
aaaerted that If control "of nettloment
wore mado (iitHHlhle IiIh bureau could
go ahead with development, "certain
that the future nottler could get bin
farm at lt actuel value. It oould
proceed to tiubdlvldu oxoen lnuilH
Into farina of proper also, adjut tho
price of Imtd to agree with produc
tive value and could give long-time
paymenta with low Intercut."
Kioto'.-. Interest (ircater
Toiichlnic on (hu future need for
atate ro-uperatloti nnd atato aid III
I the aetllemotil and t.grlcultural de
I volopmeut or project, tho roport
recite that thu etato haa an oven
rooter lutoreal than (he nation In
the character of the people who inuko
hoinoe on thla laud, aluce "the foun
dation of the atato' future civiliza
tion la laid lit theee new commtiul
tfea." During the year Iho huroau lrrl
Kated 1.213.700 acres of laud cover
mi hy project ceuatt Htutiallc. Ou
the cropiied area of 1.170.870 acre,
cropa wore mtowii having a groflH
value nf more than 105.000.000 of
$5f. an acru cropped, as compared
with n xroaa value or K0. 000,000
and 5-1 a an aero In tin precodlng
your. Including land furnished in
whole or In part with wator from
work or tho huroau, the groan value
or cropH produced In 11)23 amounted
lo more than $102,000,000, oh com
pared with JS8.000.000 In 1922. Ir
rigated works oporated by tho hitr
o'ltt Included 100 atorago and diver
sion daiiiH, more than lfi.000 mllox
of cnnnl. dltchort and draltiH, CH0
mile of (dpo Hue and thousands or
Htructttro Incident to tho carriage and
distribution or water. On Irrigation
projects were built DfiOO canal Htruo
tttroH and 1100 bridges, nnd the to
tal oxoavatlou Hmotintod to nearly
236.0(10.000 mihlo yards.
The third and luat Lyceum number
for thlH your will he praentod on
Saturday Kovonlng. Doc. 20th at tho
Liberty Thoatro. Thono who admlro
lively, wholoHomo HiuiiBouiont' will
find an Inspiration In tho program
rendered by the Ohloago Noveltv
Artlat', Ml lluth Wlitalow and
MIhh firneo Luello McNolt, each of
whom Is inlet i" itulcnl
Inutrumoutti, and ouch la a giftod dra
mntlu reader.
llettlnr prlco of 7Co. and fiOo.
:tfip. will provitll. Tho ourtalu rlsott
at 8 o'olook.
Tho noxt mooting of tho Mothorn
Club wlj bo t tho homo of Mrn.
i J. J. LamuHhlre un Docomlar IS.