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NO. 3
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Ijieaioaable Fricee WUl Tend T
: Encourage Steele Greweira to
id Hold tk Brawling Stuff
Oountv Comnilwdonor Chas. T. Lll-
:ti was over from hlo "Valley of
ijBO Moon rnncn uuring uv nvvn.
t ho In nttendanco upon tho rOKUlar
pjsly term of commissioners court.
e Informed a roprescntntlvoof this
yinor Hint ho had disposed othl on-
ruro eron of alfalfa hay nt $10 a ton.
This if a prlco that tho stock man
an afford to pay nud If thoso having
nrplu hay will all ho satisfied with
rcso"nhlo prlco tho stockman will
nnt h.iro to sacrifice liln stock and
taplc(o tho rango of animal that
jhould remain In this county.
Onu In tho days pam tho hay nan
nfin n Me mistake lii niacins too
phlgh a value on hla product and the
I" tlnl min nhlnniMl Ills htock out tO
IP . ... .. . ... ..... ..
Kmarkot wun mo resuu inai uieie
frwere no stock for two or throo yean
C following and tho hay man had no
warkot for his hay. Lot's koop tho
breeding stock In tho community as
we will need thorn for future.
""Another Interesting .leaslon wm
' belli at Uurna Lodge No. 1)7, A. F. &
A. M. on Wednesday evening when
' tho Master Mason Oegreo was con
ferred upon Frank Loggan and Lynn
Dower Tho chairs wer ofllled by
; Past Masters for tho degree work,
J K. Loggan presiding and confer
' ring the degreo upon hU son. This
? Is not ofton tho prlvllogo of fathers
,and sons and tho occasion was ono
.that brought much satisfaction to
Elko participants.
Past Mastern from other lodges
If-'wero also prowed Into service, John
'Rasmussen, Maater of Acacia lodge
at Ontario, being ono of the officers
snd V G. Cosad of Canyon City
lod; another.
Many membora and visitors from
other sections wero present and tho
session waa ono that will mako a las
lng Jmprowlon upon tho candidates
and ono thoroughly enjoyed by the
members. Programs wcro printed
giving tho names of thoso partlclpat
lag and tho dates of service of the
Past Ma titers.
Tim onicerH of Harney Lodge, No.
L 77, I 0 O K , were Installed Thurs
; day tuning at tho regular meeting,
8. H Smith acting as Installing olll
cor In tho ubMnco of D. D. 0. M.
Xell Smith. Tho offlcors for the on
lug term are!
N. (J , Jamoa Richardson; V. G.,
Donald Hotchklss; secretary, Nell
Miller; ronductor, Rr W. Drake;
warden, 8. 8. Smith; It. 8. N. 0
U Hart Slier; L. 8. N. O., John Hoddor;
u. 8. V 0 , Ttobt. Oroff ; L. S. V. a.,
Ralph Poabody; R. 8. S., Hubert
Smith; L. 8 S Harry Custer; inside
l .....!. 11 -n.ll. . nn-
Kuurwiuu, iiuurjr biuimvuiimi vuv-
tldo guardian, Grant ReysoMa; chap-
ln, Earl Graham.
From different oourcee It Is learn
ed that the highway over the Mc
Kenrlo pasa through the Cascades la
bow open for travel and saany tour
ists aro taking advantage of tbia
scenic and more direct roato from
Central Orogon across to the Wlllaw
etto valJoy, This la a very attrac
tive routo and one that Is going to
bo very popular during tho aummer
Recently tho mayor of Eugene
camo over tho route to Bend, making
his first visit Into the central part
of tho atato.
Bam Jurvla gavo this great re
ligious weokly an ordor for an ad
vortlsomcnt for rain. Ho bolloved In
advcrtlHlng and tho manager Is
strongly Inclined to tho Bame opin
ion Soon aftor tho ad wn .written
on 'lhursday It did rain. It gavo a
Hno Khower to this lmmcdjato vicin
ity hhil whllo It did n6t extend ovor
tho valloy gonornlly It was a groat
help whoro It foil and especially in
tho forest section where thoro aro
some fJrcs raging, nlso dn tho range
The Times-Herald man visited
Crane Wednesday afternoon and
found the cltlsena of our sister town
looking forward to being host to
many Harney coiinty cltltens today
tho occasion being the celebration of.
our natal birth. Tho sovoral com
mittees wore completing the details
for the colebratlon and announced
that every effort will bo put forth to
hoo that vlHltora aro entertained.
A patriotic program hns boon ar
ranged for tho forenoon to bo held
on tho dopot grounds In tho foro
nnon, Thoro will ho music, national
airs by tho assemblage, and two or
throo other numbers. Capt. ltobt.
M, Duncan hna been prevailed upon
to deliver the oration on this occas
ion. At noon there will bo n barbecue
dinner which will bo followed by
sports In tho afternoon with a dis
play of flro works and danrlug In
tho evening.
Iiuruit will participate In this cele
bration. Many of our cltlxons will
ho prcsont for tho ontlro day, thoro
bolng only thoso who must romnln
at homo to look aftor necessary buBt
ncm matters at homo.
It la tmposfflblo to closo all bus!
new on Saturday with so many farm
era now in their harvoat, thoreforo
It Is not likely tho store will bo
General Manager J. A. Lakncss of
the Central Oregon Telephono Co.
was ovor from Ontario for a fow
days during tho week looking after
matters In connection with tho sorv
Ice and muklng somo changes. Mr.
Lakncss told a roporsontatlvo of this
paper that ho was doing everything
In his power to glvo sorvlco to tho
peoplo and hoped to bo able to lm
provo it with tho general develop
ment of this territory. Ho Is handi
capped for necessary funds Just at
present to mako any radical Improve
ments but that tho company hoped to
bo In bettor circumstances within a
reasonable time. Inland Fry, who
ban hld tho position of local manag
er and lino man, Is leaving tho con
cern to Uko up work elsewhero. For
tho time bolng John Hoddor will
assnroo those duties and such changes
and circumstances will Justify will
bo mado from time to time.
Word was received yesterday that
tho forest flro ovor In tho Silver
crook ctlon has spread to tho sum
mer r.iigo In that territory and con
siderable amount of tho rango grass
has boon destroyed. Ono big sheep
concern Ik sorlously Injured on Its
rango as tho flro has practically wip
ed It out, Tho rain Thursday after
noon did not reach but a portion
of the flro zone but It has Improved
conditions in the forest, ax tho rain
scemod to bo heavier in tho forest
and monntalns to the north and west.
Henry Daltou and family arrived
from Hollywood Tuesday and havo
necked a most hearty wolclmo from
their many old tlmo friends. Thuy
r? taking a shei: vacutlon, Henry
havJug two woo'o from his duties
la tbo banking Initltutlon with which
bo is associated. Tho Daltons called
Uurna homo from tho tlmo of their
birth up to a short tlmo ago. They
wept to southorn California and Hon
ry at once secured a opsltlon lu a
banking Institution and since has
been promoted matoriall until now
ho holds a responsible position in
one pf the largo banks in Hollywood.
This advancement Is niorltod and bis
many friends rejoice In his good for
tune. Mrs. Dalton is enjoying much
better health than sho did whllo In
this city and they aro happy.
The reservation for Chautauqua
aeata indicate that tho advance salo
la not progressing as rapidly as hop
ed for. Oct your soason tlckots early
and bolp tho commlftco and guaran
tors to put this big ontertalnmont
ovor Jn good shape. The program Is
exceptionally good this yoar and oven
If ono doo-j not ottond ovory numbor
It Is chenpor to buy a soason ticket
and got a roaorvatlon than to pay
singlo admission for only a portion
of tho numbers. Soe a program and
invcBtlgato this.
We'll all colobrato at Crane today.
Reliable Working Force Makea
Task Eaaier; Men In Charge
Praise The Road Bed
Tho laying of atcol on tho railroad
oxtunslou from Crane to llurnn is
being dunu with dispatch, It in ex
pected tho Atcol will bo laid to
Laweu today nud ns soon au neces
nary sidings nro mado tho camp will
he moved from Crane to that point.
A I'eproaon'tallvo of this paper
called upon Hngtuoor Bkngorsou at
Crane Wednesday evening and found
him well pleased with tho progrowt
Jo far. Ono or tho tracklaylug bond
men wan lu couofronco with Mr. Sko
gorflotr at tho tlmo tho nowspapor
man was there and ho was planning
on a record for tho following day.
The men In ehnrgo of thin work
havo oxproased their satisfaction nt
finding such an oxcelont rond bed,
one man stating ho never had a hot
ter road bed and grado on which to
lay steel. Tho crow Is doing well,
practically every man who started on
tho Job Is still on tho work and each
day finds them bettor orguulxod and
doing moro effective work. At tho
present rate of laying stool tho track
will bo completed boforo tho tlmo
specified in tho contract.
It la understood Chlof Engineer
Armstrong of the Union Pacific will
bo hero this (Friday) evening to
vlow tho work and confor with oaaoc
latos on mnttors pertaining to tho
Tho road bed for tho railroad ex
tension from Crane to Hums was
built under tho supervision of Frnnk
J. Klobucher, engineer In chargo of
the railroad work of tho Fred Hor
rlrk Lumber Co. Tho samo young
man Is In' chargo of tho grading Tor
the Malheur Railroad Co., a Fred
Derrick Lumber Co. project, from
Hum to Sonera.
The men In charge of laying ."tool
between Hums and Crane announce
that tho road bed l ono of the best
thoy havo over put a track on. This
Is a trlbuto to tho olHclcncy of Mr.
Klobucher nud his associates. The
samo oxcHlonco characterizes 'the
work on tho rond to 8enoca.
Tho young people of this place are
sorely put out because tho dam at
tho flour mill has boon romoved and
spoiled their swimming pond. Thoy
aro looking forward to tho opening
of tho Foloy dam which will allow
the mill pond to fill up ngaln.
ITV JF- A eMrmlr &
.JaJmmmm (4C3ft TeWkT
gflgf0ljHHjH Kj BHfBjiflamwB-dAPiK)
FaU to Reach Cheke Wkh S7th
Ballet; McAeWe and Smith
Leading , Rabten Thkd.
Through Mru. C. II. Voegtly, P. C.
Potornon and, Leon M. Drown's sons
Tho Tlnios-Horald has boon kept well
Informed of tho process of voting for
a presidential cundldato at tho demo
cratic convention being held In Now
York. Their radio sots havo been
tuned lu on' tho convention uows ouch
oveulng and tbo results havo boon
promptly telephoned to tho manager
of thla paper. This curtesy Is much
It Is not known whothor tho bal
loting continued this (Friday) or
not na tho radio Ih not giving out
any uowa today, It being u holiday.
Thursday night, on tho r7th ballot
tho leading candidates stoed: Mc
Adoo, 430; Smith, 320 1&; llnlotou,
07 14 ; Davis, 08 &. This shows Hol
Hton at thu Htrongest his has devel
oped during tho balloting. McAdoo
at ono tlmo had 543 votes. Smith
had moro at Intervals during tho
It Is predicted that nelthor McA
doo nor Hmlth will be tho nomlneo as
thoy do not seem ablo to awing nuffl
clont strength to get the necossary
two-thirds. Ralnton Is considered by
many of tho local politicians as
standing tho best Hhow for tho place.
Yesterday bolng a holiday many of
our citizens with their families went
to thu mountains to plcnlo In the
' shade of tho plnos and enjoy a day of
' fishing. Most of tho business houses
were closed for tho day, tho hanks,
tho post office and tho stores. Tho
county officers aWw took a vacation
and closed for the day.
Sylvia Robokah Lodge No, 43, In
stalled tho following officers last
Tuesday evening for tho ensuing
term, Mm. Bthol Hotchklss acting as
Installing efT.cer:
N. G., Holono Hlggs; V, G., Olivia
Whiting; recording nocretnry, Mrs.
Monroe; financial socretary, Henri
etta Kgglooton; troasuror, Ooldlo
Stahl; It. 8. N. G Kthol Hotchklsa;
L, 8. N. 0 Hortha Smith; It. 8. V.
G , Vera Glbbv. L. 8. V. G., Lillian
Rlchnrdran; conductress, lCllcn
Whiting, wnrdon, Nena Hardlsty;
chaplain, Mrs. Drako; Insldo guard
Inn, Rosello Reed; outsldo guardian,
Aug'ista Graham.
Tho Stop Forest Fires Association
Idea, originated by the Klamabh
eouaty Chamber of Commerce, and
spoaaorea by the Oref ea State Cham
ber of Commerce In an excellent one,
aad whoukl do a tremendous amount
of good In aroaalag the people of
Oregon to a realization that we have
a very bad forest fire season ahead,
accordlag to Geo. H. Ceell, U. 8.
Dlstrct Forester, of Portland.
Tho State Chambor of Commerce
has enlisted civic and booster or
ganizations throughout tho Btnto In
tho Intensive membership campaign,
which Is to bu conflnod to tho two
weeks period of Juno 30July 14..
There aro no dues. Membership Jn
tho association Is obtained by sign
ing a card, pledging tho Individual
to do all In his power to prevent
forest fires. Tho by-lawn of tho asso
ciation aro tho nix rules for flro pre
vention anil aro given on tho back of
the membership enrd. One of tho
features of tho campaign Is tho pro
posal to offer cash prizes to-Boy and
Girl ScoutB, Campflro Girls, etc., for
tho Individual boy or girl accurlng
tho most momhors. The plan con
template that tho prize contests
shnll bo arranged In each locality by
civic booster clubs.
"RcgardloBH of the advanco ef
fort of federal ami state ofllcera to
prevent forest fire," said Mr. Cecil,
"unlewi Uioro Is a feollng or personal
responsibility on the part of every
cltlzon to keep out fire, all effort
aro apt to prove futllo. We must
havo tho cooperation of all citizens
lu preventing that ono spark which
Is responsible for tho forest flro. I
am convinced that tho 8top Forest
Fires Association will bo of great
asslHtanco lit securing this coopera
Valley View Is the namo selected
for tho hospital that Dr. Smith and
associates havo Just orened In nurns
for tho reception of patients. Thla
Is ono of the modern hospitals of tho
country nnd waa formerly conducted
by the Catholic Sisters and known as
St. Joseph's hospital. The. large
stono structure has been closed' for
somo tlmo but new aupplles nnd
equipment has Just been received,
tho building thoroughly cleaned and
put In the best of shape for tho pur
pose It Is Intonded. Now bods nnd
other supplied wero received yester
day and aro bolng Installed. How
over, tho placo had formerly been
furnished ni.d patients received.
Tho hospital is In charge of a
graduate nurse nnd patients will ro
colvo tho bets of caro.
Prospects for moro rain this (Fri
day) aftornoon.
Dkeetera WIN Be Faverahk Tev
Diacwet The Irrigalion rV
jectWMh Land Owner.
The Timea-Herald has heard
nronoslUon of starting work oa
Harney "VTalloy irrigation DIstriet
distribution system during tho nre
ont uoaoon. Tho shortogo of. water
for irrigation tbia year la acuta aa:
tin a consoquonco tho hay crop- H'
short. Land owners havo no roven
coming In from crops and moat ar
thorn havo teams nnd equipment tttate:
could bo used In construction.
, Somo are ndvocatlng tho salir. C
apportion of tho bonds and' tlesicv
construeting tho distribution eyto
nnd thus bring In that nmotmt tC
money for distribution among. Uw
peoplo of this olloy w'10 othorrrfcsa
havo their slock to food and no mr
for them. Tho wilo of bonds voae
add tho Interest In tho taxoa tha fal
lowing year but tho peoplo wcwaie';
havo that amount of money obAI
Tho Tlmes-Horald Ioarns that tamw
matter Is receiving serious conaWat-
atlon and It Is understood the dwae
tors of tho project would bo farer
able to discussing tho subject wma
tho land ownora at somo time la
mar future provided there waa as
disposition 'ahoww to cater Into .
matter. Thin la mentioned with the
of placing tho proposition before-
land ownora In order that tnoy
think It ovor. They should not
sight of tho fact that thls jaaifc,
would give local people an opper--tunlty
to earn ioveral thousand f
lars of money thnt would como fromu
outsldo sources, yet It would add! t
their taxH when tho bonds wero MMt
Hold, but they'd havo tho monoy amli
should they dealro to do the wormrt
on their rer.peotlvo lands thiy coatiV
either tnke It In bonds and mwr
themhelvos the Intercat, or take wkats
they earned In cash and pay th m
torcst to the mna who did buy ti.
Tho writer finds that hlghwu?
work nnd nlmllar Industry In a
Joining counties has been a great ad
vantage to the communities a tIK
brings In.outBlde eipltal and fi
nlshea employment for peoplo vko
would othorwlso bo Idle.
This Is a subject that should !
given t'onslderntlon.
.lOSKI'll (SIWNT GH.nt'ATr.S.
Harrison Technical High School 3i
one of the ninny high schools tats
Chicago. Harrison, for so It Sfc
known for abort, haH over 4000 BtuJ
enta and ovor 1C0 teachers. Tv
veara nuo this fall they gave Joseph
J. Grant, ono of our StoJn'B Mo-
tain. Harney County, boys, a chan
to carry their Junior class work. H.
had done tho freshman and sopho
more work with his mothor and claac
in tho IiIIIb. His grades and wortu.
dono last year In tho Junior claa
ranked blra, with the thirteen benr
In tho whole atudont body of tai
school of ovor 4000 pupils; Tate
year he aaa paaaed his work and'hasn
Just graduated from tho four yeaw
hlgh aehool course with honors.
Harney county boya can "bUocwv
Mr .and Mrs. James Dillon and IU
tlo son are up from their homo fit
southern CaMforala on a visit bUh
home folka aaa old frlenda. TBey
camo In Wednesday and are gue4t
at the borne ot their nelce, Mr.
.Claud Brown. They stepped' ax
Denlo for a few days on ale wayaa
to visit with old frlondB there ask
baa since spent a few daya wita amm
pareats near Crane. Jim's teVmr
mighty aorry for the manager at
great religious weekly aa he baa Beam
tbo one consistent railroad bullthaf
lnthlfl section for many yeara a
now ho Is wondering what la toee
dono with tho rails being aatualfcar
laid, Thero'a still Irrigation, bottea
roads, tllvorslfod farming with dump
ing lu its Infancy got plonty to Roew
tho old mnn busy yet a wmio vnta
out having to build any moro eaJT
roads. . o
Tho laying of stool on tho rallroail
i,Ain,nn Ttnrnn and Crane still baa a&
J fascination for many of our citizen.