The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 31, 1924, Image 1

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NO. 30
Engineers Busy On Grade
And Terminal Ground ;
Grading In Progress
Tho engineers of tho Fred Hor
rific I.umbor Co. have boon Btaklng
(he grado a ud terminal groundn in
the Vocgtly Hold this wook propara
lory to getting tbnt portion of tho
lino in readiness for grading and In
shapo for tho orcctiou of tho depot
and other necessary buildings.
Grading is still In progress north
of Hums, ono contractor now at
wcrk in tho Ilowon place and anoth
er s finishing up grading In tho
vicinity of Jnp McKlnnott'a plnco on
Toinon crook. With tho ro.mplotloti
of thcno two stretches the grado will
be finished a distance of somo 12
mllon or moro toward tho timber.
It Is understood that tho work
from this point on for n dlstanco of
several mllon Is through sumo hard
country where a steam shovel can
bo usd,to an advantage. However,
this will not stop the letting of con
tracts at other points on tho line
nnd It is qulto likely this will bo tho
case and contractors will bo busy
along tho lino in Silvio valley nnd
on stretches whoro they can work to
on advantage with tho equipment
they have at hand.
With tho completion of a short
dlptanco beyond tho present graded
portion the line will reach tho tract
of timber recently asked to ho cruis
ed and plncud nn tho inarkot. It Is
probable tho rnlls will be laid to that
point and tho timber be cut.
Tho erection of tho mill at Hums
U awaiting the completion of thu lay
ing of rails from Crane to this city.
It was originally announced tho
work on the milt would begin by the
firm of September and there Is no
reason to doubt this plan will bo
carried out. With the rails ready
for transportation of the necessary
equipment uud material to tbe mill
alto thu work can progress advan- j
Altogether thtt prospects are as
bright as ever. We are prone to
chafe at apparent delays but it Is
a big undertaking and ono that re-
quins considerable outlay as well as '
details and tho present non-action
. .. .. . . . i-. .i-i,... i
noes not Figiuiy miy Mm.niui )
tn earring out tho original plans.
In fa tvrrythlng points to the mill
bing In oporatlon sooner than had
lifon hoped for.
from corcrriiv !.nvitj:i
Principal Button Is arranging to
include all the eighth grado gradua-
h M Hie country in tho program for
tlif graduating exercises of tho
JltiriM public nchool on Saturday ov
mnp June 7. The program for
11.1 or c.slon may be found elsewhere-
tn mis imuo oi Tne iime-xeriu.
Jt Is Mr .Sutton'a doslro to havo nil
the jgraduates present on this ocens-
ion and It Is hoped that advance
notlif will he glvan of those coming '
In from other schools in order that j
arrangemonts may bo perfected for (
their appearance on the platform and
taking p&rt In the exercises. ,
The principal and teachers of (he j
l-ubllc school of Burns havo arrmg-
-d with the management of the Lib-
crty Thoatro for a matinee picture
on Saturday afternoon At 2: IS. Tho
picture will ho "Sunshlno Trail," a
very laughablo comedy featuring
Douglns MacLean. There will also
bo a news reel of Interest. Tho out
of town pupils will bo honor guests
at this performance and pnronts and
teachers are urged to Fee that thoy
nro in Hums In tlmo to co (his pic
ture n will bo a real tront
Htato Cattlo and Horo Jtulsei'tf to
Gather at linker Juno it
The annual convention of tho Ore
con Cattlo nnd Horso Raisers' assoc
iation will bo hold In Baker, Oregon,
on Juno 3 and 4, according to a let
ter received by utockmon this
week from S. O. Corroll, secrotnry.
In connection with tho convention
tlio Uaker Chamber of Commorco la
promoting a big round-up. Tho lot
tor follews:
"Call In hereby rnude for tho
Eleventh Annual Convontluto of tho
Cattlo and Horse Italsora' Associa
tion of Oregon, to be hold ItfBakor,
Oregon, June 3rd and 4th, 1924,
opening at ten o'clock A. M. Tues
day, June Zt&(
"Boot prices have Improved with
in the past year and the several cases
now pending for the reduction of
freight rates on livestock, if success
ful, which wo think they will be,
should be n material advantage in
their continued improvement.
"An explanation of tho foot-and-mouth
dlsenso now'provalllng lu Cal
ifornia, which will ho made at this
convention, should be of Interest to
"Tho sixteenth Union Annual
Livestock Show will be hold at
Union, Oregon, on Juno 6th, Oth
and 7th, 1924."
Miss Lillian Vulgnmore, a sopho
more In tho school of physical educa
tion at thu U. of O. nt Eugene, hits
boon elected to membership In the
Hormlun Club. This Is nil organiza
tion of upper nliiKH women In tho
physical education department and
is thu only honorary of Its kind on
tho U. of O, campus. Miss Lillian
has also received a letter given her
for work In athletics by the Oregon
Athletic association.
Thu Memorial exercises held at
tho Liberty Theatre yestorday fore
noon wus of a high order and tho
house was filled. Capt. A. W. Gowan
was the presiding officer of tho pro
gram and the chorus of 60 girls from
tho public school was tin attractive
Tho attsvmbly idiiglug, accordion
aolo by Archie Howell, Lincoln's
Gettysburg address by Chits. M. Mc
Connoll wero all well rendered.
The Memorial address by Row
Samuel Harris was pronounced ono
of tho bctit over given In Hums.
-' o-
Tbe parents uud some pntronn of j
the Foley school district up thu riv
er, as well as friends from Uurna at
tended tho closing exercises of tho
school last Friday afternoon Thu
entertainment was very creditable
nnd unlovable. "TIih Snlrit of Tho
(jnrdon" was tho title of a little
nay)t Jn wj,lch tne ,1Uplls excelled
R(l Kav. m ,0Ktful presentation.
Tloru wmi 0(,ur features that wore
equally as enjoyable and tho honor '
pupils were awarded prizes in turn
the school presented Mrs. Doll Hayes
tho teacher, with a oautiful.cut glass j
piece. Following tho entertainment '
ice cream and raho wero sorvod all
tho guests.
It, L, .MiuiKvr of Jordan Valley I.usi'm
Keternl Thousand Dollar
llecaiiM' of Dry Crcrk,
(Vulo Enterprise)
Along with other "dry" reports
from different parts of the cotinfy
comes one printed In tbo Jordan Val
Jey Express an follews:
Twenty six head of pure bred
Hereford cattlo bolonglng to H. L.
Muugor died last week In the Geo.
Pnrks field on Hooker Creek for lack
of water. These cattlo wore turned
into thu field this spring where there
h the best of pasture and heretofore
plenty of wntor until tho first of
August at lenst, This yoar Hooker
Creek has been very low hut no
thought wax given the fact that It
would not furnish wntor for ntock
this early In tho season, with tho
above disastrous result, This herd
wan among the best In tho state for
high claw Horcfords, nnd tho loss
will total several thousand dollars.
Thoro will bo a meeting of tho
Chautauqua guarantors at tho Lib
erty Thoatro on Tuesday evening,
Juno 10 for tho purpose of perfect
ing organization for tho coming ses
sion'. Every guarantor should be
presont and tako an activo part In
this affair. All aro equally intorest
od In making tho session n succors
nnd It will tako team work to put it
over. Bo thore.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Lotilu McPherson
pnssod through Vulo Sunday oYonlng
in thoir car on tholr way from tholr
homo In Burns to Brogan for n brlof
.visit with Mrs. McPhorflon's mother
nnd father, Mr. nnd Mrs, George 8.
Horn. Vnle EntorprJso. ,
Former Harney County Boy
Meeti Death In Home
Made Airoplane.
Holso, Idaho, May 231. N. 8.
Don Joklsch, aged 24, fell to his
doath from a height of 300 feet In a
homemade nlrplanu hero todny,
when the wlngB of tho machine buck
led and tho piano went Into n nooo
Tho nceldent occurred ono hour
after thu aviator had completed a
successful flight lit which ho had at
tained an ultltudo of 1000 fuel and
n speed of 100 miles an hour, Ho
wns circling over the boucli laud Just
west of tho city when tho struts gavo
way. Tho piano and pilot crashed
through a dairy bam. Death wan
Instant, the victim's chest and arms
being crushed.
The piano was of tho monoplane
varloty equipped with a La ltliono
onglnu of 80 horsepower.
Joklsch wns mechanic In tho army
air service of tho World war and had
flown standard planes here many
times. Ho had one fall a year ago,
killing a woman passenger.
His employer, H. H. Bryant, pro
prietor of the Ford aMsmbly plant,
witnessed the accident, removed tho
body from the wreckage and notified
his mother, Mrs. Carolina Joklsch of
Centralla, Wash,
W. H. Held, president of tho Pacif
ic Havings & Loan Association, and
I). M. linker, Hupurluteudou. of tho
Oregon territory of tho concern spent
a couple of days In Hums this week
checking up tho biisliionu of tho con
corn. A. A. Traugott Is tho local
representative of the association lu
thin city and has placed In tho neigh
borhood of fir.0,000 lu loans In
II urns. After an Inspection of the
properties covered the officer ex
pressed their satisfaction with tho
risks uud In conversation with a rrp- (
resentatlve of this paper announced
that they wero ready to put addi
tional sums In Hums uudor tho snmo
Mr. Held stated that ho considered
this ono of tho most promising fields
of development lu the entire north
west and while wo wore a llttlo Im
patient In the delny lu gutting under
way wo would finally start and whou
It onro wns In actual oporatlon wo
would advance rapidly and on ii basis
that would ho absolutely safe.
' j jiu? jjvi-jfe j jt b iBfLsifCv K .- m wPHJPJg4evg- k w ilSlaCf-'a. "
M'" m4-mUm Wii m ii'iii n frfti ii nam i nnnin !! 9 i -inrii.f - i I ' i n I l I i. I f
Big Clais Augmented By
Out Of Town Pupils;
The Program.
1'ropnratluns for tho graduating
exercises of tho eighth grado pupils
of tho public school uoxt Saturday
evening aru practically completed.
The nxcorolses will ho hold In the
public school auditorium,
Tho big oliiHfi of the Burns public
school will be augmented by several
from other districts of tho county.
Principal Sutton has Invited all tho
schools of 1 1 1 1 n Hocllou to conio lu mid
he a purl of tho closing excroisns. It
In not (Infinitely known Just how
many out of town pupllH will bo
present hut It Is Hiiro thcro will bo
Following Is tho program!
Public School Auditorium, Juno
ouventh, at 8 o'clock p. in,
March Mrs. Welllunhlller
Song Girls from Oracles G, tf, 7
Class Extra
Class Song Eighth Grado
Introductory Itemurkn
Mrs. Mary CIrlfllti
Spring Song Mundolssohn
Mrs, Olson
Accompanist, Mrs. Harris
Class Address ....Hov. Samuel Harris
Song The Cuckoo
Voctollo Richardson
Address Prill. D. M. McDade
Trio Oh Heautlfull Night
Mrs. Wolttcnhlllcr, Mrs. Hlggs
Miss Leonard.
Presentation of Diplomas . ..
Capt. A. W. Gowan
Piano Solo Invitation to Dance
Mrs. Harris
OlHM Itoll
Ilrowu, Daniel Baker, Kthel
Drown, Robert Jameson, Arlena
Cawlfleld, Paul Jordan, Marjorlo
Dnltoii, Truxton
Fawcott, Herbert
Harkey, Darrell
Harris, Joneph
Laughlln, Kthel
Melvln, Mattln
Miller, Dorothy
Perry, Sallle
McConuoll, Robert Richardson Iluby
Parker, Gordon Shepard, Esther
Shopard, Lee Slier Qeraldlno
Welcome, Wallace Simmons, Georgia
Solomon, John Taylor, Josaie
Thompson, June Waterhouse, Lllllco
Welcome, Margaret Woniol, Alma
Howard, Lucille
The art pupils of tho seventh and
dlghth grado of tho Hums public
school have placed somo vnry nttrac
tlvo window cards and posters In
r -
conspicuous places around town In
recognition of book week and tbo
benofits of tho publio library. These
cards call attention to the benefits
of tho library and the great help of
better reading. Tbe number of vol
umes available for tho use of the
public of thin vicinity, tho character
of reading, quotations of noted peo
ple, advantage of the wide icopo
covered by the 'works that may be
found aro some of tho subjects de
pleted In those art cards, Tho work
Is creditable and ono that should
mnko a good Impression upon thono
who tnko heed,
o - -
Thu folhAvlug Is u list of ten each
of adult and ohlldrens books lately
from tbo Statu Llhrr.ry us loan
groups. The remaining forty of onch
may bo found lu tho Public Library
by those who aru Interested:
Roosevelt Tho Happy Hunting
Uulch Tho Bridge of tho Gods,
llnlmcr A wild Gooso Chase.
Daxlora Out of a Clear Sky.
Fletcher The Charing Cross mys
tery, Jonott The Country of tho Point
ed firs,
Jordan Trouble tho house.
Morris Tho Applo -woman of tho
Robinson Kntor Jerry.
Service The Trail of '98.
Children's list of ten:
Hopkins The Sandman.
Perkins The Dutch Twins.
Perry Tho Boy's Iliad.
Holland King Arthur and
Pyle Robin Hood and His Merry
Adams Outdoor Book for Boy's.
Hoard Jolly book of fun craft.
Schultr The Oold Cacho.
Spyrl lloldl.
Wyas -The Swiss Family Robin
son. The extension commlttco of the
Library Hoard wish to extend thanks
to Mrs, Weltteuhillor for her splen
did co-operation In tho way of Post
ers for Publio Library use. "In unity
theru Is strength" Other Interested
peoplo aro also planning to make
tho summer of 1924 ono of real
pleasure nnd profit by contributions
to tho library.
Court Btonographor Walker Is ov
er from Ontario taking testimony
lu a water suit between Frank Dunn
and Myrtle Caldwell, Involving the
use of water on tho Rlltzun. There
aro many witnesses present.
The rain wo arc looking for Is still
In tho offing, ovon though there wero
prospects during tho present wook.
Cappy Ricki, Comedy And
Fine Musical Numbers ,.
To Be Featured
Tho announcement ulono that
"Gappy Hicks," that wondorful com
edy which was drumutlzed from Pet
er II, Kyno's Saturday Evening Post
stories of tho "Frisco" waterfront, Is
to bo presented by the Elias Day
Players, Is sulllcleut to nrouso un
usual attention In tho offering of
Chautauqua wook. The dates of,
Chautauqua this year aro July 7-11
- "Cnppy Ricks" Is on oof tho fluost
biggest, most epoch making comedy
dramas of tho ago, f'lllcd with a
wealth of Irresistible and very hu
man comedy. Tho story Is woven
about a rough old sea dog, "Cappy
Ricks," who has a weathor boaton
extorlor, but benenth a heart of
gold. It Ib good, wholoRomo and
clean a.! tho way through. Cupid
plays his customary pranks through
out tho story, and Cnppy himself
Immune finally smiles down upon
a romance or two and tho play ends
happily alt around. It'a a real Amer
ican story, told In a real American
way. i
The musical uutertalument lUt
features Plckurd's Royal Hawaiian,
ouo of the best groups of native,
singers and playors lu this country '
Their program Is composed chlofly
of tho enchanting natlvo classics
tho witching volco of tholr home
land In tho Parudiso Isles, In ad
dition to the vocal and Instrumental
music, one mumborof thu comiuux
will give a brief tnlkou thu lift,
uiaiiuors and eustoms of the natives
of Hawaii. j
RoRulth Kuapp Breed, who will oil thu second night has heeu
called thu feiualu "Chic" Sale of thb
platform. Mrs. Breed Is far moru
than an ordluury reader and mono
logulst, she Is an untcrtaluur who
mukcft her audience howl with laugh
ter and recognise their .own ac
quaintances In tho character ho Im
personates. Shu works without wig
or paint, making her continue
change. on thu stugo.
Of great musical Jmpnit'iico uro
thu two coucerta to ho presouted by
the Cheney Concert Company. This
Company Is composed of Marx Chen
ey, 'cellist; Leonora Cheiioy, leader
whistler and planlnt; Maude Cheney,
, violinist, and Lou Johnson, pianist.
Their repartnlru Includes thu sinu
! dard overtures, selections from tho
opera classics, folk songs uud pop
ular numbers of thu day. A feature
of tholr program Is tho playing ot
"The White llouwo Golden Organ
Chimes." Tltesu chimes nro unex
celled for harmony and richness of
tone uud tho Clieueya are musters of
thU unusual liutrumoiit. Other mus
ical attractions aro tho Conservatory
Artist' Trio, featuring tho vlollji
and piano, with Genovlovo Gllurl,.
dramatic Hoprano, as hololst; and the-Baughmiin-Pefferlo
Duo, two charm
ing vorMtlllo maids in songs, xkctcho.
and folk dancing. I
Two prominent lectures aro on thu
list: Maurico Hindus, uuthor of "Tho
Russian Peasant und Tho Revolu
tion," which has been proclaimed tho
host picture of real conditions in
Russia that hut been written, re
turned to this country from an In
vestigation trp to Russia and Ger
many Just In tlmo to mnko this Ghau
tauqquqa tour; I)r, Robert Parker
Miles is a namo well known In tho
Lyceum nnd Chautauqua -world,
Moro than 6,000 audiences lmvo
heard Dr. MIIcb' famous lecture "Tal
low Dips," which ia n study of fam
ous world characters whom ho has
had tho opportunity of studying, By
tho vlrtuo of his groat dramntlo
power ho is able to roproduco, upon
tho platform, theso colabritlca aa
"Tallow Dips," with audi striking
vividness that thoy llvo bofore his
nudlonco ns oxpononts of great
fundamental truths and give tho
losson of tholr lives to tho world.
Ohns. A. Brlttingtam informs us
ho la preparing poison bait for grass
hoppers for tho county, Tho insect
lmvo nmdo tholr appearance in bov
oral sections ot tho country and It
Is hoped .to dpstroy thorn beforo thoy
nro largo enough to do any damage.