The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 24, 1924, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    Hitttmlnri aiuy S2l, inl.
1.01'Ali ASM) IMMHONAli
It Ii llnlnou la confined to a hoa
nltal l Portland ntid will bo unnblo
to return to llarnoy county for uumo
tt,o Consequently tho adjourned
torm of tlio Circuit Court which wan
to linvo convonotl on Juno 8, has
bfon Indefinitely postponed.
jullnii Hynl, orotwhllu editor of
the Saturday ovonhiK truth, nllas
The Times-Herald Ih sojourning at
outside points and enjoying a well
(csorved teat, lie will ro-occtipy tho
tutorial chair on hln roturn early
j est wook
(.ilcnn Oliver watt In town for a
(IK du tlila week. Mr. Oliver lives
tear tho Alvord ranch and reports
the fishing quite good In that aec
t on Ho remarked that they had
more water In that Hcctlon for Irrlgo
tmn than wo havo hut that It wax
rttlier do HiIh yoar uovortholcsn.
Congress forced tho soldiers bon
us hilt over tho President!! veto and
3000 additional employes will bo
unnled Immediately to circulate ap
plications and assembling; noccHHary
.'atn I'ndor the act no Insurance
cortlf Ic.ilPH will ho laaued heforo
January lat. and cash paymoutH will
rot he uuulo until after next March.
J M McDndo represented the
jiii Mouth InHt Saturday at tho
i juaty metropolis.
The ballot box rom Callow
1 wight Oscar Downs to town on
'lit .it binlnoHH. night yearn ago tho
ti m Callow had to ho rockoned
,i d upiy the guod old dayH
.V. iimteln Morouiilllo Coin-
i punhaRml tho mono build
i took of tho Uurns Cah
, 1 are preparing to tuko li-
1 .uid possession. Mr. Woln-
iiforms us that ho will move
t.ti -ry department from Itx
t (oration to tho newly ue-
jit 1 properly ncroas tho street.
' I
May Day Baskets to Hf8t ady "' J-
Our factory represenatives have today advised
us that our stocks of Furniture recently selected
by our buyers, are now being- prepared
for shipment to us.
If you are planning on buying anything in the
furniture line in fact home furnishing of any
kind, we assure you, "If you will delay your
buying until the Weinstein stocks are ready"
We will save you money.
We made so many good buys and in line with
our past policy, they will be passed on to
you in the form of low prices.
Watch For The Opening Of The
Home Furnishing Company
'Timlin . MM ' -V 1
(7rT nKTZ1 JggggggCTCr m 1 Z .j
ie best photograph taken of Mrs Coolidgo nlncc she became
ixtit'iKi of h.t Wh-tc House. Mic rewarded the little lota for their
Day ti.c'Mi with a molleily kiss and a loving hue for each.
l. W Cloveiiger, (leneral Mail
er if the Haruoy County Furiil
r f mpany, la luBtilllm: a flue
m i nirniiure hi mo uuu renown j
itM uk and expects to bo ready to j
r uly to open for limine In a
a '1ih Tho public will bo Inter-j
i ' i'i this now lino of furniture I
ii ax It Ik roady for Inspection. '
! i Crimen, deputy shorlff, and i
id ndrlokHoii, dUtrlet j;anio
i. ii i uf Crook county wero In
ii i Saturday IuivIiik broiiKht over
rt S.lliuniH who was arraigned bo- j
' jusil-o court and fined 127.00 '
(mi tlnK out of hciIhoii. Hot It Mr.
r.'ii. s and Mr. HondrlckHon ox-
1 tlu'iiiRolvus qulto favorably
l r, county and tho corning
i ;.iinnt niid romarkiul that they
' mm that they did not have
i in.' to !iivQAtl;ato our ro-
i nut fxprerfHud a dOfllro to ro-
. "line futuro dMto whon thoy
ii ' ii i- i lino at thlr dlspoMil. This
i t i flnt trip to llurns. Thay
' i'ui,t iimruliiK for I'rlnovlllo.
n gua Journal of My 18th
. - tht followliiK Item of In-
j thf paoplo of IluniH. "Unl-
.f Washington. Ueattlo Tho
' f im nt of Mlw) Cone 8ehwartz
llurns OreKoii. to Harry Qlttol-
n i of Seattle Is announced hero.
li-s Schwartz Is a member of thin
'ear'ri KraduatlnK claim at tho Uul-
I'rxlty of WaHhlnKtou. Sho i tho
jpular and accompllalicd dauKhter
f Mr. Ksther F. Schwartz of Ilurnii,
and The Tlmen-Hcrald Joins her
lanny frlondH hero In extending con-1
Emulations. Tho fortunate young'
roan U unrjueatlonably of high qual
ity but wo would like to have him,
rop in for a visit so wo can look
fclra over.
IStomach Trouble p. JO BOOST WEST AER0AD;
Quitkid and Easily
X M .JL 2fJ v
If The Stomach is Uvct
And The Digestive Sys
tem Is Not Working Pro
perly One Cannot Hope
To Feel Well And Strong.
Many Complications have
Their Origin In An Upset
"""" mi nihil' ' """"
life ' " . h ' .., -?- r
This Great Medicine Vill
Tone Up The Syotom,
Sooth An Inflamed Stom
uch, Remove Accumulat
ed Poison And Start The
Dicslivc Orcam Function- Ihimjii nirruls of Hnullirrii l'aclllc comimny nho luno Ju mude n Islf
la i-ngfuii in (uMr Ki M i. iiflirr KiinuiciiKO or JH nllruclloiw. Tbey
ulll u.sell" (lie hlMte in Kurupe. I leil u rlxut are . ,lj!iea of l.hrr
pouli 0. Kulir, Hjiu'irri V. Jlircllo, (iouuat H. Drsiulilt, 1'arli, ami
11. U. Itoiihor of I.emloii.
intj Properly Thus Allow
ing The System To Assim
ilate The Food One fcnti
All Good Druggists Sell
IlKdON Is to htcoine still bettor i Ing a month vUItlog various scctloDi
Thoro la only ono Crater Lake
with Its wonderful blue waterB ono
Yellowstone Park1 with Us goysers
and HeU's half atre, only one Yose-
Ito with Its giant trees, dui asm.
Louis Sweistrat
Will Open For Business
In McGee Building, On A Street
Opposit Burns Hotel
Gives Prompt Attention
known to travolcrtt and busi
ness mou of Kunijm
Five Europium represeata-
tlvos of Southara I'acltlc sompsay hays
just made a trip through Orsgoa la
erdsr to better acualal tksmstlvea
with the sqsbIc attractions aad eo
aomlo resource! ef the state. With
this wore latlmate knowledge et tke
state tkey will ke bi a setter eoaltlo
to eerve betk tke latereets ef Oregon
aad tkose or JCuropsaue la carrylag eat
tktlr duties with tke railroad cow
ea Havlag keea ta Oregoa tkey
oaa more accurately aa4 easily fur
alsh laformatloa to esople plaaalag
to (me to the United States, or wko
shlp.or receive freight to or from the
The foreign agents have been spend-
of the l'aclllc coast served by South'
urn I'acltlc, accompanlnd by L. II.
Nutting of the company's New York
oco, They traveled during the day
light hours only so that tke membere
of tke party could get a good idea of
tke character of every section visited.
Tke visit ef tke European renre
eeatatlves el tke Seutkern Pacllo Is
effected to be ef Importance la Im
proving tke kuslnese relations be
tween tke Paclf c ceast and he eenn
tries ef Kurope. It la eald to ee tke
drat time that n transcontinental rail
read has brought Its foreign agenta
kere for aa Intensive study of teeal
Members of tke party are V. Mylrea
of Liverpool; a. Kuhr, Hamburg; V,
Merollo, Genoa; H. Dunmldt, Paris,
and H. O. Bonsor of London.
from tuoeo freaks of nature Harney tuto for a biscuit. Gold, or any oth-
, ... ,i I or form of inonoy, Is meroly a jnod
riuiiitv him Its iioautv unota In Mai- '"' . ' ... '
hour and Ochoco National Forosta
HurpaHslug In many respects tho at
tractions of thoso Natlonni paries.
Wo havo Stolns Mountain "tho Oro-
gon Alps" with its ravinoB and wat
orfalla; wo havo lakos and HtroaiuH,
hot, cold and minoral Bprlpga. wo
havo a National bird roHorvo; and
linniudlatoly ncroHM tho county lino
tho Malheur 'cavo, Wo havo Incom
parable vatloya, hllla, swales, nioad-
e -1IA. Alfi- linvn
own. KorKOH ana cuim, i '""
.- -. ,, . ,
foHiill and lava hedfl, oxtlnQt orators ,
1 -. 1 A MjlHi I II 1
...i.i in fni.iniiH Aivoril llOHuri, m
( -.----
fact much of lutoroist and beauty that
Ih admired by lovorn of naturo.
I urn of cxchnnRO used as a convon
louco to K0t away from tho prlml
tlvo modo of bartor and trado, and
tho real wealth Is what is storod ill
warehouses and granaries, necessary
for tho HUHtonauco and comfort of
All wealth comes from tho land;
from farms, forests and mlnos, and
of those tho farm Is of primary Im
portance becaiiHo that In tho eourco
of food and clothing, yet tho fannor
Ih compelled to dlsposo of hla ylolda
ogardlesa of coat of production, ho-
BuiToumUid with all tho gold In
iho world In a placo. whoro tho noo
wssarloa or llfo could nut bo obtained,
tho ohowliiK of a twenty dollar uold
piece would ho found a poor subali-
liiK a moro pawn In tho hands of on
terprlHliiK nnd lufluontlal spoculat
ora. On tho other hand, tho fanner
muat pay tho price coat of product
ttou pliia profits, together with a lib
oral margin to numberless middle
mon arbitrarily domaildod for all
ho la compelled to buy. Haw ma
terial produced on tho farm and sold
at a serious Iosh, In manufactured
iilnto froquoutly Incroacos 100 per
cent, mid tho fannor must pay the
This situation has obtained for
Bovoral yoars and to audi an extent
I Hint tho farmers havo operated at
ruinous lonhcs, olieumbarlug tltclr
farms beyond Iiojh of rodompllon
and forclni; IlioustiiuiK into nauit
ruplcy. Their condition, with low ox
copliuiis, Iihh become pathlc and
tho rrult is: compulsory abaiidou-
' iiioiit ofefnrni and migratiou to tho
, big ClllOH.
lllllloiir of a cumulated dotmrH in
tint large money centers arc houKIiik
imestiuoitt In oouimorco aud trado or
in Rucurllles, hut none, or very little,
for rehabilitation of tho farmer or
for hunks In the rural districts that
liotid ovory flbro o relievo tho situa
tion. Tho meagre Income of tho I
farmer is forced out for Intorost to i
swell the xlzo of litis "God or false
wealth," leaving nothing for tho op- j
ur.itlnii of tho farm or creation or
ronl wealth, and sumo day. unless tho
t'de turns, overpopulnted cities will
realize that the phraao "back to tho
farm" when a living l denied will
rind no responsive chord; and that j
wjicat and bder can noj bo produced
tin paved streets and skysnrapers.
This In not railing against fortu
tutu holders of artificial wealth, hut
., condition, and noiiio form of ad-
JiiNlmont must liu round, in uie
days of Webster and Clay tho brll
lllant minds of tho nation wero occu
pied In building up a great country
i ml we may again havo to turn at
tention In thai direction Instead of
treating powerful corporations mid
Mist Individual wealth. The fuderal
rcior.'o hanks probably function to ,
the extent authorized by law. but
aii the scope or oo-operatlou not ho
materially Increased? It Is Impera
tive that tho federal government ap
ply power and moans to snvo the
agriuultural situation.
0 "
., v
toudniicc. v
Tho cooperation or everyone la
this worthy task Ih sollcltcditand ap
preciated. Worship at 11.00 A. M.
Next Butnluy Is Memorial Sunday
and everyone Is cordially Invited to
this Hurvtre. Tho tliomo of liorinen:
"Our Nation's Truest FrloudB." Como
aud bring your frlouds. It Is fit
ting that our churches recogulzo tho
day with suitable service and tho
people show tliolr loyalty and devo
tion. SAMUKL HAItitlB. Milliliter
Mrs. Cansle .Smyth, I'rostloy
Smyth. Fred Smyth and wife, and
Mr. nud Mrs. Lon Koawonrd camo in
from Dlnmond the Inttcr part of tho
Father (trying to entertain young
man caller) : "Do you think Ford
will get Muaclo Shoala?"
Doiimi Daniel: "I dtiiiuo. I hear
I hat Hhoals fellow It (jullo a wres
tler." o
MKin'i.Vf! Tin: situation
Subscriber: "Havo
Duke's Ilevengo?' "
Librarian: "Sorry, Mudnme hut
wo are without that book this week.
You see the glrU cried so- much
over It that It wai neccsunry to re
print It on water prof paper."
Coming to
Dr. Melienthin
ill Internal .Medicine for llie
past tuolvo 'ars
(Charles II. Fole
Mirage Is a phenomenon of tho
dCHort country There In tho Intonso
desolation ofton appear beautiful
lakes, the mountains becomo squuro
topped battlements of unclont cas
tles and a tiny bush miles away re
sembles a man on horseback. Many
men havo perished In the desert be
causo with thirst inflamed Imagina
tions they pursued the beautiful
lakes of mirage,
Kvery human life Is a desert filled
with glittering mirages. Every hu
man. llko.the thirsty wanderer in the
desert, Is athlrst for the waterB of J
Wealth, Success and Happiness.
Many mon, pursuing tho humdrum
routine which la tho lot ot the ma
jority, look up, aoo tho mlrago wnt
ors of Success and Happiness aud
with Imaginations inflamed with tho
Hiuno thirst for thoso things, rorsako
tho Hiiro but tedious paths In pur
suit or tho glittering unrealities.
Whon at last thoy rind that thoy
havo boon deceived, aB does tho des
ert wandoror, It la ofton too lato to
roturn to tho old auro and familiar
path. Prisons and comoterlos nro
filled with prisoners aud sucloldos
who havo purauod life's mlragoa,
Let ua, Mr, Avorogo Man and Mrs.
Average Woman, conduct oursolvoa
ufl do tho hardy desert wlso plonotys.
Lot uj gusto on tho mirages of Wealth
Succosh and H-ipplnoss with ndmlra
tlon lot mi not bo lod aatray from
tho ouro truo path, at tho ami of
which after nil tho reality of Buc
oo8s and HnpplnoHS awalto tho trnv-olor.
Will Im at
Moutlay and Tuesday, May SHi U7
Ofilco Meurn: 10 A. M. to 4 P. M.
No Charge lor Cotumltnciea
Smulny Bchool ot 10 Oo A. M.
A irood Iiitotoar Is bolug iihown
on tho part of our young PQoploJ
In tho Sunday School. Tho chlldrou
nro wldo awuko and delight In ut-
Dr. Melienthin Is a regular graft
ale In medicine and surgery aad le
licensed by tke Btate of Oregon. He
doee not operate for chronic appen
dicitis, gall atones, ulcers or stomaek,
tonsils or adenoids.
He baa to bis credit wonderful re
sults la diseases of tho stomach, liv
er, bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart,
kldnoy, bladder, bed wetting, ca
tarrh, weak lunga, rheumatism,
sciatica, leg ulcora and rectal all
monta, llolow are tho names of a fow or
his many satlstled patients In Ore Ore
eon: Mrs. J. W, HoyncH, North Powder,
Ore., goltro,
Mrs. Allcq Williams, Malheur,
Oro hoart troublo and high blood
Uuo SJorooa, Astoria, Ore., appondl
cltls. II. Doggellor, Sllvorton, Ore., ulcor
or tho Htomnch.
Mrs. Goo. A. Glllman, Coqulllo,
Ore., gall stones.
Mrs. M. E. Garaon, Sllvorton, Oro.,
high blood prossuro.
Mrs. J. M. nowora, Toledo, Ore,
gall Btones.
August Erlokson, Lakeaido, Oro.,
kldnoy trouble.
Homomhor ajiovo date, that con
sultation on this trip will bo froo
and that hla troatmont la dlfforont,
Married womon must ho accom
panied by tholr husbands.
Adderas: 211 llrndhury Pldg , Loa
Angoloa, California,