The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 17, 1924, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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T II K T I M H b - II M II A b I) II U It N 8 , It A It N H V COUNTY () It K (J O N
Hntuidny, .Mny 17, 1021
r!vo to my country" Raid Nftthun Halo,
tlio fiimoiiH youiiR Amorlcan patriot.' of the
Itovolutlonnry war.
When somo nion can Who to such holghts
of Bolf-sacrlflcc -When every father I
equally willing to glvo hlti life In the de
foiitio of IiIh homo and family dooa It not
soom that ALL of us fathum could sacrl
flco something out of ovory nny chock to
provido for aafcty and futuro of our chIN
droit 1 .-
The First National Bank
)kr Bums, Oregon
.",-; s.ti
Charloy Mllor vfun In town yoHttjr
lay for n filicrt tlmo.
Mrii, Norman Luckey Ih over from
Uoud on r visit with relatives and
Hills Dennett loft lust Tui'iiday for
Uakor he noon to tako Up a
Monition wth n firm tl.ore.
Clarence Drlnkwattir, the Drewsey
morchnnt, wan amouK our visitors'
during tlio wook.
Mrs. Joo Clark spout a few daya
of (hla week with Mr. and Mru. Leo
Clark In thlu city. "Dicky Ilyrd"
CUrto wan quite III for a tlue and
noodod extra care, He's on the road
to recovery at thin tine.
Bam Elliott, of Andrews, wh a
huuluciiH vlnltor to our town during
the wook, ,. i .
N. )0. Gurroy, ono of tlie, ranchers
and stoaktnnn of thri Androwa 'hc-
.i.. ... iiu.. i.i.j '-i...,..,l'i:..ii.:.'f
nun, mm niuuiiiiH inn iimnifa ill iiiih
city tlm foro part of ia week.
Avonno Mario In tlio first name
tlrawri on tlio big walking doll that
' waa recently given away by the
Home Drug Co. Who Is she?
J d. W. Clovuiiifor hart rOcolvcd somo
, of his carpets nnd other gooda for
i hla now furniture store More gooda
will be coming In from time to tlmo.
1 Well's mill for yellow phio. G-17-8t
I MIbh Gladys Hargout a reprosonltt-
A. V. Wnlls of Dilations & Co. la tlvo of the Jfllllson-Whlto Chautauqua
looking after business for his firm ! and Lyceum lluroau spent a portion
In this locality this woek. Mr. WcIIh
Is woll acquainted with this territory
whore ho has boon coming for many
tnii . i.. .. ii ii . .,
llalloy Hayos wan up from Lawen
Mrs. Herman Huh was up from
her homo near Lawen Thursday.
The Masonic Piano club gave an
other of their social dancing parties
Thursday night it the hall.
Well, somo of 'em can tell you Just
how It happened today but thoy had
a different story yesterday.
L. Wolderherg came over from
Canyon City the other day and wax
groctlug tils' friends on the streets.
Charles W. Kill arrived home
Wcdnosday evening from a trip to
Malheur county whoro ho hud been
Con Lleblg uud family,, accompuif
led by Mrs. F. L. Mace, mado a hur
ried trip to Canyon City and John
Day last Sunday.
Parties from the Hiiuke Jtlvor see
tlon report that the fruit crop ban
boon seriously Injured by frosts nrl
that the crop will bo short.
"Fair and Warmer" ono of the
grcatcat of all modern comodlun will
bo the oponlng play for Lancaster
nnd Dalrd'n Comedians. Thoso clev
er playora havo had this hill In their
rcperatolro for noarly two years and
It lu considered one of their beat.
Anyone wanting a real hearty laugh
will do well by cooing thoso clover
players on tholr oponlng night.
Hobt. Krumbolu camu up from tlio
Quliin River ranch of thu l'aclflc
Live Btock Co. In Nevada Wednes
day. Ho enmo up to take Mr. and
Mrs. Homer Mustard down to work
on tlio ranch. Hob and hlu wife
mako Qultin Jtlvor houdquarors, ho
having a consldorablo territory In
that section to cover for tlio company
ns supervisor, making many of tlio
The Rexal Store
Burns, Oregon
Mr. and Mrs. J, L. llradeeu wore
in from Dlilxon yesterday.
Will thu HoroueHs ho healed by thu
November election?
Robert B. Ulalr of Andrews was
In town the otbor day.
I. Woluslolu left for DoIho this
morning on business.
Nobody is really happy ubIH they
own lliclr own home Hoc Dennett
Flmt Addition. 5-17-tf
James HuuyHrd was up from his
Narrows ranch homo during the
Mr. and Mrs. Claronco Cory wont
In town Thursday visiting with rot
sitlvoi and friends.
V R. Jones was in from his farm
June In the Voltngu country Thurs
.Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Cleveland were
over from their ranch home near
Van the fore part of this wook.
I). R, Thorn was among our visit
ors from Silver creek during this
James 0 Irani or the Fred Herrick
Lumber Co. made a business trip to
noise during the week, returning
home Wednesday ovonlug.
Of course, there weru mlstukos
mado In the selection of cuudldaten
at the primary yesterday, ask any
defeated eaudldnte.
Suitable services are being plan
ned for the obRorvanco or Memorial
Day. The program will bo publish
ed In our noxt Issue.
Lloyu Johnson nnd wife were up
from Lawen Thursday. Thoy wero
accompaulod by Mrs. I'etor Christen
sen and children and Mr. and Mrs. i
Itobt. Reed. j
P. 0. Smith returned home Wed- J
uesday from Portland whoro ho had
gono with somo cattlo and.hoga for
market. Ho reports n satisfactory
Robt. Rennet is going to John Day
today to confer with his chief, For
est Supervisor Hold of the Mainour
Forest. Hob has been a ranger In
this territory for many years.
Mr. and Mrs. Judd Wlso wero in
from the P ranch over the week end
vlidtlug with relativos and frlonds
and looking after somo buslnosa af
fairs. Win. Reuwluk was in from hie
Follyfarm ranch homo hut Monday
bringing in his llttlo son for surgical
treatment following a severo cut on
the head from an accident.
The hay crop this season will be
confined, to tlio few meadows border
ing tho streamu where what llttlo
wator there Is may bo used. Alfalfa
will mako a vory good crop but' tho
acroago dovoted to that crop la lim
ited. Old hay Is available on Many
ranches and If we get'some rain to
brighten up tho rangoa and at the
name tlmo fmprovo what moadow
lancTthore Is for pasturo tho stock
mon will not be so bad off.
Mnrlon Horton was on town
Thursday from Diamond. Marlon
has been In poor honlth for some
tlmo and opont tho winter In Califor
nia, Ho Is better nt Ihla tlmo and ro
contly camo up from tho south, Ho
contomplatos spending tho Bummer
with his brother Dean on hla old
stamping grounds in the Diamond
country whoro ho formorly was in
Dr. and Mrs. II, M. Horton took
their departuro Tuesday for Uoud
after spending a few weeks In this
city visiting with relatives and
friends and looking after huslnoss
Miss Macell Robinson, sister t
Mrs. U. S. Hackney, camo ovor from
Holso this wook for a short visit.
Tho young lndy In attending school
In Tlolxo and will return thero the
first of next week.
Ml mii (Jrnnt of the high school fac
ulty underwent an nporatlon on Wed
nesday evening following an ncutu
attack of appeiidlcltln. Tho pntloul
Is reported recovering nicely from
tho operation and her condition bo
lug entirely satisfactory.
Polumau Sklens will booh tako
chargo of tho post oftlco at this placo.
His application tins been accoptcd
and It only remains for tho formal
ity of accoptlng his bond and for
warding his commission. Poloman
will make a satisfactory post master.
Charley Frnxler was over from his
Diamond ranch home Thursady In
company with Marlon Horton. Char
ley says tho fishing Is not very good
as yet, but (hat thoy certainly hnvo
water over thoro as compared to
this vicinity.
Mrs. Homer Reed and daughter,
Mlsn Itoflollo uud Mrs. O. 1). Holelc
kins left this morning en route lo
Hood River whoro thoy go to oattond
thu session of tho Odd Follow Crund
lodgos, being delogntes to tho llobek
ah assombly.
Those who wero successful at tho
primary olectlon yesterday are quite
sure the voters know what they wore
doing and havo a high esteem of tho
Judgmont of their fellow cltlxens
how about tho other follow who got
left that's a different story.
Rev. C. A. Wntorhouno of tho Map
(1st church, who wa scallud to Con
tralto. Wauhlnglon, last week ho
rnuso of tho IIIiuhih of his aged
mother, arrived home tho first of
this weok. Ho waa happy to re
port that his mother was again Im
proved In health when ho loft her.
. il.i . I.. 11 m,. ..
! vi mm ytuuk in iMiriiH, inn young
lady in a former university of Wash
ington graduate and found acquain
tances In this city. Sho left this
morning for Canyon City.
Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Hchmal ux
' lived homo this week from a trip to
Portland where thoy word visiting
for a short tlmo. Mrs. Sclimale re
ports having visited Leonard Locher
and found him Improving rapidly
and on tho road to recovery, Ho Is
now In thu government hospital.
I). It. Atklnuon, superintendent of
iigeudles for thu Norwich Union Firo
Inniirnnru Co . who has his head
quarters In Portland, was In Hums
for a short vlhit during tho week.
Tim Harney County Abstract & Title
Co. aro tho local ropronontntlvcfl of
this concern.
Mr, and Mrs. Otis Patterson and
Mrs. L. Wotdeuborg came ovor from
Canyon City last Sundny bringing
Judge Ceo. H. DavU. The Judgo had
been campaigning In that vicinity
and came ovor this way to meet somo
or tho voters going to his home at
Vale via Crane. Tho Canyn City
party returned the sumo afternoon.
The warm woathor of the past
week brought us a little moisture
but not sufllclont to do much good
other tin a lay (ho dtint and cool tho
Nobody Is mtlly happy until thoy
mil their own bonus Ho llonMettM
rirt Addition. rM7tr
(let your yellow pine at WoII'h haw
mill. C-17-Qt
JHHhm m jE-lL3 'V
A Real Trip With
Worry Left Behind
T vou arc preparing for It by pay deponltn In a sav
V i lugs account with this bank, your vacation this sum
J met will pay big dividends on what It costs,
It will be a real trip to a real plcasuro ground, with
out u miigle money strain or oxpouno worry.
ini la Atlli tlmo lo enhance tho JoyB of your vacation
by building up n fund for It In advance. Ton or twenty
dollars a week doposllod horo will bo a worth while sum
by tho first of August.
"I regret that I have but ono llfo to
HtUitKy Eouniij Natinuil Bank
PANY. B'10.
Tho Harrison Hosklus much In
the Stolus Mountains, consisting of
1700 acres of good summer range,
Including running water, for sale
cheap. For particulars, write,
phono or call Inland Umpire Realty
Co., Phono 30W, Tlurns, Oregon.
choice location on hill or In flat,
Ranging from fft.1.00 to 150.00
per lot 50x100 feet. Flno bHlld.
lug Niton, Will nssht you to build
your own lkHie on cay termn,
JiinI llko paying rent. INIiANU
Phono SOW. K.IN
1 kltchon chair'. I 3.60
1 kltchon tablo, since top S.CO
2 stoves 2.00
1 oak tablo 6.00
1 couch 17.00
1 slop Jar 1.76
2 X ray tables C.OO
1 clothes hampor 3.60
3 cntiviiKS cots 10.00
A canvann stools 2.00
j 1 roed rockor 4.00
' 1 set springs with legn 4.00
1 porch awing 12.00
1 arm chair 6.00
t settee 6.00
1 bedside tablo -.. C00
lied sheets, pillow cases
1 small mirror -..- 60
1 bowl and pitcher, granite .. 2.60
At Mrs. E. F. Schwartz, 4-6
Saving for Old and Young
"Your Home fnOtutln"
Nobody In really happy until thoy
own their own homo. Kco Iteanctln
First Addition. 5-17-tf
Splendid 80 acre farm near
Parma, Idaho, 6 room
house, good barn, fine or
chard, and email fruit,
good water right, will
trade for Burns Property,
price $5000.00. See W.
T. Lester Co., Phone 5R.
Good 3 room house, located
close in to main part of
Uend, a 1 land no rock,
good street, will trade for
Burns property, Price
$800.00. See W. T. Les
ter Company, Phone 5R.
Irrigated Farms and Bteck Itasca
vh Ueautlful Hurtmrbaa Acrcagr
Tract Nicely tit tutted honww (far
nlnhed and unfurnished) on, tho hill
or In tho Nat, Choice Vaeafct Lots,
Good HuntncsH block and fnvct
raoatfl, In fact, everything la tin res
ty line at reivtonable price and ruuy
tonas. Call, write or phono, IN
PANY, UiirnM, Oregon. .. rhono OW
iOC" it'Mi Hmmmiutmi i n l Q . miwaEaCTi i i w i -mam m nwnwuiiwii.m.c
We Assume All The
Risk of Shopping
Shopping isn't a gamble
for our
as their agents we assume
all the risks of buying.
If a suit, or a shirt, or a hat
isn't absolutely all right, the
customer isn't out a cent
We Make it Right
That's part of our job as we
look at it
Burns Cash Store