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NO. 2
Railroad Material for Ex
tention Still Coming in.
10,000,000 FEET TIMBER
Candidates on Ballot at
Primary Election May 16.
m -
1400 Tons of Hay and Barns
in Path; Burnt Over an
Area of 3 Sections.
A disastrous flro hah boon raging
on tho south bank of Malheur laku
for snverul days that has destroyed
between 1200 nnd 1400 tons of hay,
burned tho barns of Hyo Smyth nnd
Mr Hutchinson nnd destroyed other
property In the wny of fences nnd
The flro was Btnrted Jn tho dry
tulcs early In tho week nnd n hnrd
wlmll fn mi oil it Into uch proportions
that it was beyond control. Anions
those losing hny nnd proporty nro
Mm Peter Cnldwull, Uyo Smith,
Jnme Huuynrd, C. V. Hoed, Mr.
HutchliiHon. At ono time tho flro
threatened tho entire neighborhood
annd Joe Morris nt Narrowu sent
out nn S. O. S. cull. Several ro
iponded from Hums nnd word wns
also tent to Crane.
The country In that neighborhood
it so exceedingly dry that It was hnrd
to fight the conflagration. Tho noil
Is all decomposed vegetation nnd the
(Ire penetrates to such a depth In
teh soli, a sort of poet, that It Is
almost Impossible to put it out. It
burns until It reaches ho wot clay
that unnderllos It boforo It will go
out, and oven then such fires havo
been known to smoulder for weeks
and break out hundreds of foot nway
from wheru any sign is visible.
In all about three section of Innd
have been covered by tho flro and
as It burns all thu growing soil It
Is a serious loss as tho places will
not produco during tho prosont sea
ion In most Instances.
The Ions of hay Is a serious matter
as the Mcnaon lacks thu usunl run
off for luck of snow in the moun
tains and tho shortage of water for
Irrigation will diminish the amount
of hay for tho Hoasou and tho old hny
was au asset sorely needed by stock
moh for tho coming feodlng season.
According to Information yester
day morning tho firo is now consid
ered under control, although It
mutt be patrolled for daya and
weeks Mn and team were brought
from distances an far as tho I much
to combat tho flro.
At oiii- time It was feared tho flro
Whllo no official announcement
has booB made public there Is every
reason to bollove the laying of rails
on tho extension of the railroad from
Crane to Duma will begin tho first
of tho coming month as originally
planned, Material continues to ar
rive at Crane, including many car
loads of tics during tho pant Iwo
wooks. Tho local representative of
the Union Pacific stated somo days
ago that ho was waiting Instructions.
Sufficient material to start tho work
has been on hand for somn tlmo.
Tho laying or stool will not roqulro
n long tlmo. However, tho brldgOR
must bo constructed nnd tills may
delay tho track laying somo.
Citizen of Hums havo been told
by men In authority that wu may
prepare for a celebration of tho com
plctlou of tho road to Duma by July
4. With thin assurance tho people
are encouraged and hnppy. Thoro
noems nothing would delny this ar
rangement. o
Sale of Fine Tract on Poison
Crack Makes Possible to
Start Milling Earlier.
('"tr i
tin r.
In ' . ,
llo'A I
ai I (!
' tho Sod Houso field mid
'i pntur nnd hay lauds
H a. tho bulldlnga and
'it Had the wind boon
' ir would huvo swept right
'i.titiiol to the Narrows
itid n much greater area.
Mr and Mrs. Thos. Cleveland and
Miss Agnes Mullor woro over from
their homo near Van Wednesday.
Mr. Cleveland announced that his
community would appreciate bettor
road connection with this section of
the country as at present it in dim
cult to come to I) urns. If they had
hotter and more direct roads they
would turn much of their business
to Harney valley, as It Is their
natural market point.
Mr. Cleveland and a fow of his
neighbors are now shipping out ap
proximately $3,000 worth of cream
each season to outside creameries
which would be marketed In Hums
If they could reach hero convenient
ly. This product would bo Increas
ed materially if thoro was morn In
ducement offered dairymen In tho
Van section. Tho local creamery
could handlo this product and In fact
should havo It, but under existing
circumstances It Is not economical
to sund it to Hums.
That community produces consid
erable for market. It is tho desire
to make thin their markotlng and
trading point. Thoy should havo
Tho government has Just com
pleted the cruising of 10,000,000
fcot of timber In tho Malheur forest
on Poison creek. This body of yel
low plno Is made avallablo by chang
ing thu route of the railroad from
here to Hear vulloy from directly up
Slivlcs river to PoIhou crook.
This cruise had (icon requested
and appraisement tundo for tho pur
pose of illnclug It on tho market. It
In a flue body of timber mature and
ready for tho market. The appraise
ment has been accepted by tho dis
trict olllce, wo are Informed, and the
trad will Ilkoly bo advertised 'within
tho next two weeks.
The nalo of this timber will give
the mills avallablo timber to cut
from four to six months sooner than
would bo possible if It woro uocos-
sary to build tho railroad lino Into
Hear valley boforo any lumber would
bo turned out. If this tract Is din-
posed of to thu Krod Horrlck Lum
ber Company It will give tho mills
work earlier than had been expected.
It Is possible other units may be
logged off following this betweon
here and Hear valley, as 10,000,000
feet will not last long In a mill with
75,000.000 capacity. Such activity
would furnish tonnage for tho rail
road hh It progressed toward Hear
valley and bring In a revenue to the
mills that will aid materially in tak
ing rare of tho big undertaking that
will finally reach tho thnbor form
erly designated In thu contract with
tho govornmont.
Railroad, Mill Construction
Going on as Scheduled;
No Extension Asked.
The following was Inspired by u,
Portland man following tho publi
cation of the recent squib nnont
Maker It was sent to tho Orogonlan
for publication but tho writer states
bo ban failed to sco It In print, ho
therefore forwarded It to this paper:
Portland, April 4th .(To tho Ed
Hor) Your editorial squelching of
'he Hums Times-Herald for ye Edi
tor's levity, nnont tho ubiquity of
Ucorgo Luis Haker, Mayor, stimu
lates a palpitation of tho midriff.
Right you are!. Wo all applaud!
You most corte chlmo In harmony
with tho eternal verities when you
Plcturo our oblquitous 'municipal
naglstrato flitting from this to that
nd thenco to tho other, osculating
here and osculating Uiere, from the
allvary lips of Infants to tho rouged
oicujes of Divas; discoursing upon
,h "Ulghts of Labor" to tho Holler
Makers Union, thon a disquisition
before tho Portland Dowagers' Club
n the "Immorality of tho Unlon
"It." Huroly, HIh Honor la news,
likewise his downsltllnea and his un-
flalngs; und surely wo havo grown
to Hko it, for will not water wear
aay u atono?
But, and wo say but boldly, whllo
QeW3 Is HOWS. Whv thn nrHstrv? IIIr
Honor's faco, forsooth, Is pleasant
to look upon, but it dooa not follow
does tho night tho day that It la
thing of beauty and n Joy forovor.
Why avaunt tho aquawlc of yo Tlmos
'torald Editor about, tho diurnal re
production of tho photographa slmll
"udo of aeorgo'a physiognomical lay
out? In other words, while nowti Is
i'', why forovor tho plcturo? In
ncord with a raultitudo of otWa,
"e cry out and wo say that wo have
A onoughj
Koroat Supervisor C. C. Held wns
over from his headquarters nt John
Day during this week, conferring i him;
with subordinates and tho clthous cf
Harney county. Mr. Hold Is Interest
ed In Improving roads through the
Mnlheur forum and is ready to eo
oporato with tho citizens In gottlr.g
such aid us Is avallablo from tho
Forest developments funds for such
purpose Ho Ik coming over again
next week.
" ' ' o
"Actions speak louder than
words." Tho rocord of Hlnnott In
Congress speaks for him. Ho ban de
livered tho goods; Is a purformor
rather than a promisor. No one who
has ever represented Oregon In Con
gress has written his name on moro
legislation. Tho ordinary now Con
gressman is happy and lucky if ho
can flccuro the pasnago of ono bill
for his constituents during his first
two yearn In Cougross. During
Ihreo yearn In tho OCth and 07th
Cougrcnics, Nick Slnnntt got tho
House to pass 2.1 bills Introduced by
securing favorable committed
Humors without any foundation
should not bo glvon any considera
tion. It ban boon reported that the
Frod Horrlck Lumber Co. had al
ready asked for a two year extension
of tlmo In which to complete Its con
tract with the govornmont in getting
thu railroad Into Hoar valley and bo
gin milling operations. This can
not bo traced to tiny nutborltatlvo
source and in without foundation.
Forest .Supervisor Hold of tho Mal
heur forest Mates nothing has come
to the forest servlco In any manner
and that from his relations with tho
Fred Herrlck Lumber Co, ho fools
nsNured that tho undertaking Is go
ing forward as per schedule In fact
It Is expected that active work on
the mill site nt Hums will begin at
once and It Is Ilkoly that milling op
orations will begin oven earlier than
hnd been hoped from tho fact that
u flno body or timbor is avallablo for
Immediate uso on Poison crcok
through which tho definite route of
tho railroad ban boon located.
Tho 10,000,000 foot of timber re
cently cruised a short distance north
of Hums on the railroad route will
likely bo advertised for salo next
wook. While it Is not stated that
the Fred Herrlck Lumber Co. asked
thin sale, It In not denied that the
concern wanted to know how much
thoro was In tho body nvnllablu for
Immediate salo.
Tho grading on tho Hue north
from Hums ban reached a dlntaMca
of somo ton miles, only a short dis
tance from tho timber tract recontly
cruised. It would not require much
moro work to finish thu grado and
lay tha rails to this timbor. The
completion of tho railroad to Hums
would facilitate matters In handling
thu supplies for extension on Into
the timber. This, evidently, Is the
' ' o
At a wedding anniversary of u
wealthy young farmer, one of the
guostn noticed a somewhat lonely
looking and rather shabbily attlrod
man in a corner of the room, nnd
walked over to him.
"I wan introduced to you," he
an lit "Imf T .1 11 nnt iaf1i vmtr
reports on 38 hills during thoso con,- ,.
greases nlono. ' . ,. ,. ,.
HI bill renting to the Malheur .'?' ,. ' ' '
National Forest In Harney nnd Grant J oh; , you nro n rtfttvo of
counties was followed by tho Bale of nnr host?"
timber In thin forest and tho present , "Yos," rcjolnod tho "poor roln-
Harney, the Laud of Sunshine.
construction of the railroad from
Crane through Hums to Hoar Val
loy, thus oponing to dovolopmont
Harney County,
tlon." "I am his cousin, ono hun
dred thousand dollars rornoved."
- o
J. M. (Union wwv nvr from Prliio
vlllo for a fow days Mill woe.
irer. r - r:
- - l 1 1 1 1 t ; i ,r
Jv I T-Trilr?l IS' thkqe's always
W! CIAJ ' 1 -T HATCH m
"5T5: vvy urn Wmh - . -y '
The following are tho naraea of
nsplrantn who will appear oa the
ballot at the primary election oa
May IS:
Delegates to the National Con
vention, State at Largo Republican,
(Seven to elect): Fannie Kay Bish
op, Charles H. Carey, William A.
Carter, Henry Waldo Ooo, (0. J,
Evenson, Hobt. 8, Farroll, O. C. Ful
ton, Mary E. Hill, A. J. Johnson, J.
N, Johnston, Banflold,Mncdonald, A.
C. Marsters, Phil Motschan, Alwlu A.
Muck, 8. I). Peterson. Democratic,
(Four to elect): Jns. D. Hums, W.
E. Cruws, Alfred A, Hampton, Frank
8. Meyers, Hugh McLain, Allco M.
McNaught, Mrs. Aloxandor Thomp
son, II. J, Tlckuor, Oswald West.
Second Congressional District,
(Two to elect) Republican: Lulu
1). Oraudnll, P. J. Oallagher, F. S.
Ivanhoo, E.' P. Mnhttffoy, Roy W.
Rltiier, W, O. Stavor. Doinecrbtlc:
Ceo. C. Hlakeloy, Char'los F. Carter,
Onorgo A. Marshall, Will M. Peter
son, President of the United States,
(One to nominate) Republican:
Calvin Coolldge, Hiram W. Johnson,
Demecratic: William Olbbs McAdoo.
Vice-President of tho United
States, (Ono to nominate) -Republican:
Frank O. Lowdcn, H. H.
Northrup, George Shepherd, Elwood
Washington, William Grant Webster.
Demecratic: Geo. L. Merry.
Presidential Electors, (Flno to
nominate)- Republican: Daniol
Hoyd, M. (J. George, A. W. (lowan,
Glen O. Holmnn, Harriet Lanu Rich
nrds, J. O. Stearns. Demecratic:
Co I la L. Gavin, William A. Johnson,
Hall 8 Lusk, Robert A. Miller,
Rlchajd W. Montague, Elites Sue
decor, R. It, Turner, John C. Veateh.
United State Senator, (One to
nominate) -Republican: Geo, L.
HaKer, K. K. Kubll, Charles L. Mc
Nary, Eugene E. Smith, H. II. Htal
lard. Demecratic: Will R. King,
Geo. A. Mansfield, Milton A. Miller,
W. II. Strayor.
Representative In Congress, Sec
ond District, (One to Nominate)
Republican: Oeo. T. Cochran, N, J.
Hlnnott. Demecratic: James Harvey
Graham, Ralph W. 8wagler, H. F.
Secretary or State, (One to nomin
ate) - Rnpubllean: Sam A. ICozer.
Demecratic: Walter L. Humbreo.
State Treasurer, (Ono to nomin
al u)- Rupublc.'iu: E. R Campbell.
Thos. II. Kay, Frank 8. Sever. Doin
epratte: Jttfforsnit Myurs.
Jusllco of the Supremo Court (Oiu
to nominate)--Kupubllotwi; Harry
H. I Ml... J. W. IvuowUm. Hunr H.
Wtal brook. Demecratic: O.'P. l'
Attorney Clouornl, (Ono to w.'in
lniito) Ituiiublluau : Roburt U. Kuy
koudall. I. II. Van Winkle.
Dairy and Food Commissioner,
(Ono to nominate) Repnbllenn: .1.
I). Mlekle. Harry V. Miller.
Conuulwloner of the Public Ser
vice Com:iti-io::, Eastern District,
(f "" to nominate) Republican: II.
II. Corey, Robert Service. Demo
cratic: J. D. Drown,
Senator, Twenty-second Senatorial
District, (Ono to nominate) Ropub
Ican: Geo, E. Davis, Churlea W. Ells.
Representative, Twenty-seventh
Representative District, (One to
nominate) Republican: R. A. Ford,
Mary Grove.
District Attorney, Harney county,
(One to nominate)-Republican: C.
II. Leonard, Democratic; V. G.
Cotad, Geo, 8, Siseuore.
Sheriff Republican: W. A. Good
man, W. C, Luckey, Clarence Young.
Domocratle; Clay demons, Joff
Cawlflold, ,
Commissioner Democratic; J. W.
Clerk Republican; A. A. Hard
well, Mary L. Hlott, W. E. Huston.
Demecratic: Chas, E. Dlllman, Curtis
Troaauror Ropubllcan; Vera
Olbbs, W. Y. King, Mrs. Luto Par
ker. Assessor Republican: Harry
Buck, Ohas. W. Loggnn; Domecratlo:
Cbas. Brlttingban.
School Superlntsndent Republi
can: Mnry Griffin,
Mrs. Martha Lampskire Emlav.
Long, Useful Life Easter.
Sunday Morning
Mrs, It. Wonzoll hna boon confined
tp hor homo for the past couplo of
wookH or moro from llliiosa but Is
much linproovd nt this tlmo. This
OBtlmahle lady wna mado very happy
last Saturday by bolng remembered
by tho Proubytorlan Ladlos Aid In
tho way of n boautlful bouquet of
flowors nnd dalntlos of food follow
ing the annual Eaater salo,
Mrs. Martha Lampslilre died ate.
the home of hor son lu this city carlr
Easter Sunday morning artcr an 111
noHH covering a long period. "Aunt
ie" Lampshlre, as sho wan lovlnglr
called by hor many friends, was oa
or tho host loved women In Burma.
She was esteemed by her wldo ac
quaintance as no other women, per
haps, in all of this big country, She
was n wolcomo visitor In overy homo,
lu any gathering, on any occasion.
Her cheerfulness and Christian spirit:
rudlatod wherever sho happened ta
be and her presence brought bright
iiosh Into tunny nick rooms and
homcB that woro unhappy. During;
hor active llfu lu this city uho wan
always doing good and bringing hap
piness to hor friends. For yours alio
never failed to visit the hospitals
each Sunday, whon sho wan physical
ly able, and cheer up tho sick, bring
ing floworn or n dainty bit or food.
She wan tho friend of tho baby, tho
child, the young, tho mlddlo aged,
the old. Hor many acts of kindnoss
and thoughtfulness aro cherished by
hundreds in this community.
"Auntlo" suffered u breakdown.
In health some five years ago and)
since then bad been confined to hor
home. Muuy would have liked to dt.
something In return for thu many
kindnesses bestowed by hor In form
er years, but this was not possible
under the circumstances, to an ex
tent that In uny way compensated.
Howevero, sho wns not forgotten by
these many Indebted frlonda and. It
was their privilege to "do her honor.'
and show their roxport when it camo .
the time to lay tho frail body away. .
Martha Lnmpshlro was horn Tn
Cornwall, England, lu 1K44 whorci
she grow to womanhood and whecn
sho was married to Stephen Lump
nhlro. Her husband came to the
United States lu 1874 and to thin
lcinlty in 1883, It was not unlit
183'J that sho Joined him, having re
rncliidl In England with he--noun up
to that tlm. Upon arriving In thlu
pl ice Mrs. Uimpxhlre at hk mado-
friends and Iter hospitality m n host
ess beeutno wldosprend. Her Chris
tian spirit at ones mado n profound
and lusting Impression ujwf hor
uaaorlates and It was not lung before
fbt wa active lu church anil auglaV.
work. Hir acqimlnl.tiic.- arw rnp
Iil And thun itr influt ;ii;t wuk
brpaiteiiHl until it turlu'lvd thu on
tire Mnmuuully.
Sho was the mothvr of thro soitSk,
two of whom survlvo her, Jamua or
this city nnd Harry, who rosldoH liu
California. Edwin, the other son
was drowned whllo trying to driver
some cuttle across Silvias river lit
July, t00:i. Her huHhnud died ttu
Tho funeral service was conducted)
by Rov. Samuel Harris at tho family
homo on Monday uftornoon, Uita
dreds of frloundu wore present to.
pay their Inst respects to an osteomodj
friend and tho minister paid her flue.-
character and Christian spirit n most
beautiful tribute during thu service-.
Interment was mndo lu tho Odrti
Fellows cemetery lu tho family lot-
O '
John Fublun, formerly of Glenn's'
Ferry, Idaho, has rocontly returned'
to Hums nnd expocts soon to bogliu
work on his brlok yard. In dis
cussing the building activity of
Hums Tho Times-Herald loams that
thoro is going to bo an Immodlate
domand for brick and in all llkoll
hood somo substantial buildings wllS
bo erected lit thu immodlato futnro
a men aro making preparations for
such activity, although nothing daf
Inlto has yet beon announced In thls
Contractors aro now making plans
and ostlmntos on proposod bulldlnys
which will mean canBldornblo works
during tho coming soason and Burn&r
will soo muoh Improvomont bofown
Jnko Green, who was ongaged tn,'
contracting nnd building in this;
placo some 30 years ago, was gruqt
Ing old tlmo frlonda in llurna dur
ing this wook, Jnko hns boon In
outh Amorica and traveled extensive
ly sluco ho wns horo,