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NO. 25
An Adjourned Term Circuit
Court Set for Retrial in
Juno; Other Cases.
Judge Gustnv Anderson cumo
oTcr from Raker lent Monday nnd
on Tuesday morning took ttio hour, h
In Judge Rlggs' pJnc.o to presldo at
the trlnl of Jou Cavenilor on tho
charge ot ahootlng It. L. Hnlnos. Tho
tmpnnncl'ing of a Jury did not occu
py in juihh ttmc its had been expect
ed ami In fore tho evening adjourn
acnt f i ""wrl tho jurors had boon
irorn The following wcro tho Jur
or W.ilUr Andurcon, Prcstloy
Smyth N H. VocRtly, Fred 0.
Brown, Oscar Courtrlght, Oliver
Pocr, Chna W. Sponcer, Ubald Coto,,
r. D, Ilukor, Gel. Jnmcs, OttrsGasch,
Go. Hlley
Several of the witnesses for tho
prosecution wero examlnod tho first
day nnd tho caso was completed nnd
In tho hnnda of tho Jury In tho af
ternoon Wednesday. After dollb
crating all night they camo Into
court and reported thoy wcro uu
ble to aRreo. Thoy wcro sent bnck
by Judge Anderson for furthor de
liberation but finally asked to bo
discharged as they could not agreo
upon a verdict.
The caso attracted a largo num
ber of pcoplo and tho court room was
crowded by men. women and children
during tho taking of tho testimony
and tho argument of tho attorneys.
The- testimony was not ns sensational
it had been expected nnd much of
what might hnvo benn brought out
vai not given, several witnesses not
blng called
The Times-Herald docs not feel It
rljht to make comment upon tho
testimony at this tlmo us tho caso
bis been set for retrial on Juno 3
next and u general discussion of tho
cane would tend to innko it dlirtcult
to secure n Jury.
Tho prosecution was conducted by
District Attorney Geo. SUomoro and
be was aided by Oeorgo Nouner, of,
Rosehurg Mr Cavcnder was de
fended b U V. Schmalz.
Th rtcHit grand Jury returned
four t lMmcnts but one of which
bis far been mndu public. I
Woi - ' i i. indletod ohnrgnd with
condi if .i lottery In connection
wit. r.-r uf h Pord car to tho
pas . loiitin it number to bu
dr.. ' . m appointed lime. .Mr.
V- .. desirous of having tho
ca .. uf up for Immodluto trUl
but . poMtponed by thu court
uutti ' ..ijuiirned trm on Juno .'t
to fo.. ' ib- Cnvoiidcr trial. Judgo
Antbr i. I returning to presldo
again a Mils trlnl and In nil proba-
Mllty a id bu on tho bonch for tho
Welnsteiu caso.
Ik-fore adjournment wuh taken tho
following inou woro selected an
grand jurors for tho full term: N.
II Voi'gtly, Glenn Edwards, Potor
Petersen, A A Trnugott, Prcstloy
flrayth, Oscar Courtrlght, Geo,
Judge Anderson and Court Steno
grapher Walker loft Wednesday af
ternoon for Crane where thoy took
tho train out Thursday morning for
their rerpectlvo homes.
It Is announcod that Mr. Ncuitcr
will also roturn hero In Juno to tako
Prt In tho prosocutlon of tho Cnv
ndcr case.
(From Department of Industrial
Journalism Oregon Agricultural Col
lcgo j '
Farm homo Improvements pri
vate tr-r, sowago and olectrlct
llghtfr systoms aro going or havo
eon n(j soma sfioros of homes In
tflf I , 1i Summit rntniminHv nt
bath i,
t'unty, Oregon.
pooplo thoro scorn to nypro
' live only onco nnd cannot
r rarthly possession) with
ii"i they loavo this world,"
f: (,rgo W. Kabio, narlotiN
' mit for thu Btato collego
' ' rvlce. "Mnoy of tho
Hh'fii plants, running water,
'' 'iiul othor modorn noo-
I'lii'iciromonta nov In contompla
loi. v,iU not cost a groat deal of
wp'i installed nftor plans nuppllcd
by tho coilogo. PnrmorH nro not
depleted as having any moro caoli
'ban farmers In other .parts of tho
valley, but tho Important thing In
thoy hnvo tho Idea.
In speaking of tho vnlun of their
tmprovumonta ono woman unld tho
running water in tho house cutii
tho work In two, nnd nnothor "wo
would not bo making half no much
trips to tho hospltnl If wo had it."
Now Improvements undor consider
ation with tho collcgo aro listed ns
Bcoptlo tftuks for sowago disposal
P. A. Reynolds, J. A. Hotgor, J.
A. Btoubnck, John Strouts nnd Wil
ey Plunkott; wator systoms P. L.
Cone, John Messlck, P. L. Pottlt,
Rev. Phelps and Mr. l'lunkott,
Mr. Reynolds Is also studying tho
poBKlbllltloB of n small fit ream for
gonorallng farm electricity.
Tho IioukowIvoh of tho district
aro studying thulr problems with
tho help of Kvn Comegys, homo dom
oustratlon ngout. Community meet
ings nro held and about tho oiillro
community turns out to report
progress and get furthor mshtnnco.
Oscar Smith, a man aged about CO
years, died at Soda Springs between
nurns and Canyon City Inst Satur
day from Injuries sustained when n
team ran away with him, Just how
tho accident happened was not learn
ed by tho representative of this pa
per. Tho fatality happened some
tlmo early in tho day and Dr. Ward
was callod from hero to minister to
tho injured man but ho died bo
foro medical aid reached him.
Tho body wan brought to Rums
and proparcd for burial and was tak
en out to Ontario for intormont, Icav
Ing Crane Monday morning.
Tho deceased had been residing
at tho old Soda Springs much for
merly owned by Prank McMoan for
soveral years nnd had dovoldped It
to a good stock ranch. Ills sou re
sided there with him. Tho formers
homo was in Ontario whero othir
members of the family reside.
(Prom our flies of April 18, 1801
Our merchants will start freight
teams to tho raload In u fow days
for tholr spring and summer supply
of goods.
If politics Isn't n humbug and the
leading politicians of today humbugs
will some ono plonso define whnt n
humbug Is?
Sheep shearing will begin In this
nullity In a fow days. Tho shenrora
don't oxpuct to got morn than i or ft
cents this your, still n fast nhonror
can make good wages at this figure.
Mossrs. Mrliillro and Poat nro pre
paring their brick yard near tho cem
etery. Mr. Mclutiro Informs us ho
finds an oxnollent qunlity of dirt nt
that point for brick.
Mnuy parsons who huvo taken
ranches near tho lakes havo boon
compollod to movo back on tho foot
hills on account of high water. This
works a great hardship as It Is not
likely they will bo able to put In. any
Tho artesian well Ih rostlng from
Its labors, still wo hope tho under
taking will not bo abandoned.
Pootbnll Is tho loading feature of
amusement In our town nt this tlmo.
Wu nro Informed by rnnchors that
tho crop of grasshoppers and crick
ets bids fair to bo amazing this sea
son. Mossrs. Comegys and Dussc, also
Mrs. Comegys and Miss Anna pnld
Rums a visit last vroek.
Dr. McPhoetors was callod to tho
Warm Springs cattle ranch to visit
a patlont tho latter part of last week
On his roturn ho reported tho patlont
doing well.
John Robertson of Drowsny Is in
our burg this weok,
Messrs, John Roborls and Thomas
Rain woro in Dtirus last Saturday.
Lillian Mario, tho flvo-monthn-old
daughtor of Mr nnd Mrs J, C. Tom-1
plo, died at tho homo of tho grand
pnronts, Mr. nnd Mrs. D. Dlclconson,
Sunday morning. Tho llttlo patlont
was suffering from nryslpolaa but
hor condition wan not cousldorQd
norlouo until shortly hoforo alio died.
Services woro hold ut tho family
horns Sunday afternoon nnd Intor
mont wan mndo In tho Burns como
lory, Tho boronvod pnronta nnd rol
ntlvos havo tho sympathy of this
Mrs. W. W, Koonoy.camo ovor
from Rond Thursday nnd Is visiting
with hor daughtor, Mrs, Doll Hayes
nnd hor nlstor, Mrs, A. T). Jones.
"Selling Oregon" Program is
Valuable to State; U. S.
Senate Not Place.
Quo. L. linker, tho energetic mayor
of Portland, who has iiBplrntloun to
bo U. S, Sunntor from Oregon, was
in Ruriis Inst Friday and uddrostied
u well filled housu In thu Liberty
Theatre that night, hORldon mooting
mnuy of our citizens before tho
speaking, attended u ilauru at tho
Masonic lodge rooms nnd again
meet people thu mxt morning before
leaving for Rend.
Mr. Rakur madu a good Impres
sion upon his hearers Friday night
as ho has a personality and Is a
forceful talker. Ilowtovur, Raker
Is too good a man right hero In
Oregon to send to Washington. Ho
has a big program but It Isn't thu
kind or program Hint should bo
worked out In tho congress of tho
United Stnttis, but right hero nt
home. Ho Is a vnluablo man to his
ntnto, not an mayor of Portland but
as an organizer of tho entire statu,
He should hnvo a place on tho Stnto
Chamber of Commerco and nt a sal
ary oven bigger than Is paid a
United States Sonator. Lot Rill
Strayor or Chas, L, McNary look af
ter our Interests nt Washington ns
that Is more In their lino, but not
Mr. Raker's. "Helling Oregon" In
thu United States Senate wouldn't
get us far wo wnnt linker hero ats
homo where ho run do nomu real
good. If ho should get to Washing
ton ho'd bo In so much demand ns
a public spenker and genornl booster,
so popular with the ladles and am
bitious communities Hint want to
exploit tholr advantages, ho'd havo
little or no tlmo for senatorial work.
In fact ho'd likely not answer as
many roll calls as our Junior Senator
Stanfleld. To republicans would
make n mlstnko In letting such n
good fellow ns Geo. L. Raker waste
his energies In trying to got' somo- j
...I. ...... I., ti... it a a .... ...i.,. .v t
whern lu tho U. 8. Senatn when wo
could use him in such an advantage
hero In Oregon.
Oeorgo Is alright but ho Is dl-
reeling his energies lu tho wrong i
direction. i
o j
II .M. Horlon and wife arrived in '
Rums early this week nnd nro guestn
of relative nnd friends. Tho Hor
tons spent thu winter lu southern
California ax Is llmlr custom, arriv
ing at Rend Inst week oud where
thoy remained for a cquplu of days,
Thoy oxpect to remain In thin city for
several days, at least until after (ho
Odd Fellow nnnlversnry celebration.
T-T -.- - . .
' rr fTTfiViMi
oi ow ii,.i ,,,""fvi u iZX'S',or
ifjJPl&fflyJSffi aVfv i
l -Sri: '.Mwwmor "-T-ntwr mBmv:"(vi rms- - i
wwwh ' ' ' 4
State Health Board Suggests
Take Every Precaution
Prevent Infection.
(Oregon Stnto Hoard of Health)
Peel and mouth dlnoasu Is an
neiitu and highly commuiilcnblo In
fection which occurs chlufly lu cattlo
nnd other cloven-hoofed uulmnls.
Tho vlrua of this disease Is of his
toric Interest, since It wns thu first
to he duflud an fllternblo mid ultra
microscopic This moans 'that It
will pass through poros of tho finest
of fillers, mid hcIoiiUhIs nro not uhlo
to dutnniiHtrato iho organism under
the microscope. It Is ossonllnlly a
dlituase of cattle, but It also attacks
sheop and nwlno. lu cattlo It causes
small, fine blisters lu thu mouth nnd
oil the skill between tho hoofs,
There Is a characteristic "slobber
lug," a licking and smacking of tho
lips as though tho animal wero at
tempting to rid Itself of foreign
material adhering to tho sldo of tho
mouth. Lameness frequently occurs.
Tho animal suffers a loss of appetite,
emaciation and a marked diminu
tion In tho quantity of milk, Moro
rarely tho eruption appears on tho
udder, and It in this localization that
Is chiefly responslbto for tho virus
In tho milk. Tho time that tho dis
ease appears nftor Infection In from
two to nix dnys. The dtsoaso has n
very low mortality, generally from
1 to .1 per cent, but Its highly In
fectious naturo makes it of tho high
economic Importance. Tho nttack
lasts normally from ten to twenty
days, hut has boon known to con
tinue for a year. It has been known
to continue for a yoar. It has been
demonstrated in tho recent opldemlc
In California that this disease Is not
easily contorlled, anil radical meas
ures, therefore, must bo taken to
stamp It out. Tho disease Is ex
tremely prevalent lu European coun
tries and carries grent economic loss.
The vlruo Is found In the cou-
tontH ()f tno ,tor. lu tho saliva.
(litharge from thu eyes, lu tho
mkf llll( j Xcrotory material. In-
foctlou takes placo directly, ns by
licking and sucking, or Indirectly
through Infected manure, hay, uten-
Mils, drinking troughs, barnyards,
Human beings nro nut fioqueutly
Infected, although It In by no ininuis
rare for ohlldruu to contract llio
dl't-ifcf i!munh drinking raw milk dUt'tsed animals. It may al
so rosult from lh tnuisferoucd of
other Mcerotloua or exudation to
the mouth. After two to flvo or
itMimmm'aztt. - iiJFs.sTJA'v b:
:iw-ffTl T -'. i i. ii.i.a
ml Well, thousands of kiddle
W m-""I
oven ton dnys tho characteristic
oruptlon develops In tho mouth, on
tho skin, hands, mid foot, with swell
ing, burning, and numbnosH. Tho
secretion or saliva la increased and
tho llttlo blisters break down and
form ulcers. Tho disease is eolf
llmltod'and tho ulcors heal, leaving
no near. Fortunately tho disease is
raro In man, and thcro aro no per
manent untoward effects.
Health authorities aro advisod to
tine overy prveautlon to provont tho
otttrnnco of tho Infection Into tholr
stnto. All shipments from tho in
foctod area should bo passed on by
thu Statu veterinarian and tho local
health olllclnls. This precaution
should be enpoclnlly "observed by
those living lu ports of ontry. Re
port all auspicious conditions to tho
Stnto Votorlnnrlnn, Salem, Oregon,
or thu Statu Health Oincor, Port
laud, Oregon.
Tho decision In tho high school
debate at Union, Oregon Inst Friday
evening wub agalnnt tho Harney
county high team. However, nftor
hearing details of tho contest nnd
finding tho boys had boon pitted
against Home sonsonod dobntors who
had been very successful through
out tho sconoii, it is not taken with
any discredit, an tho homo team
madu a good showing and wero high
ly complimented. Thoy woro nrcom
pnnlod over by Miss Wolkcr.
Tho recent outbreak of typhoid
fover In Portland, traced to an In
fected milk supply nnd causing two
deaths, brings sharply to public
attention tho necessities for eternal
vigilance over milk supplies. Any
community which hits n sense of
decency and or civic prldo will en
deavor to protect Its milk nupply
so that I ta cltlzons may bo assured
or wholesome nnd naultary milk,
Is your milk supply safe-guarded?
Docs your town or city have u milk
ordinance? In It Inforced? These
nro questions of thu greatest Im
portance to your health and to tho
health of your family.
The Importance or -milk both as
a food and uh ii conveyor of dltcnso
cannot bu too greatly stressed.
Milk Is tho only standard article of
diet obtained from animal sources
eousumud In Its raw state. It con
tains, furthermore, nil thi ehHentlals
oMtnontH of a wull-uuhiMmd diet
both from ehlhlrvn nnd for ndults.
Wt (tvoryouu knows bow futdV milk
spoils, how readily It (Uviiiiijiose,
and how dllUeitlt It Is- to obtain
and deliver It In a clean, froeh. and
satisfactory condition. A striking
ehuraclorlsUe or ait Infected tullk
Is thu abHonoe of any trfgu where
by Infection mm ho recognized. Tho
milk may bo porfoetly normal lu
apponrauoo mid lu taste, yot tu
full of typhoid or diphtheria germs.
Milk usually becomes Infected
tri'in hnmnii sources. Contamina
tion may recur at any point on the
n ! from tho furui to the consumer
but It most frequently takes place
nt tho dairy. This Is particularly
truo or typhoid rover. Investigation
or many mllk-boruo epidemics or
typhoid fever ban shown tho sources
of thu Infection to bo typhoid car
riers A carrier Is a person who, not
III himself, hnrborn tho dlseano germ
and may transmit tho dlsoaso to
others. Laboratory tests nlono can
dotoct carrlors, All persons, thero
foru, engaged in tho handling or
milk or milk products, should bo
tested for carriers. This test should
bo made compulsory.
Prom 1000 to 1020 thoro woro re
ported In tho United States 1G1 milk
borne typhoid opldonmlcs; of theso,
111 woro roportod botwoou 1000 and
1007. It Is significant that In tho
period from 1007-1910, during
which pastourlzatlou wns widely
adopted by tho milk Industry, thoro
wiih a most decided drop In tho uum
bor of epidemics of typhoid fovor,
scarlet fover, nnd dtphthorln from
milk, nnd also n groat reduction In
tho Infant mortnllty in cltloii whom
pnatourlitntloii wns established. Pus
tqurlzu'tlon, proporly porformod,
maniia'subjoctliig tho milk to n tom-i
poraturo not lowor than VI 2 dogroea
Pnhronholt or not lost) than 30
mluutca, nun unions bottled hot
should bo promptly coolod to GO do
groqn or lowor, Improper paatour-
Izutlon loads to n, fnlnp senso of so-1
ourlty, and may bo oquiily dnjigor
oiih If jioh moro no thnu raw milk.
Mr. and Mrs. Prod Smyth woro In
from Diamond during tho wook,
Annual Gathering of Harney
County Residents Will
Be Held on June 14.
President William Haiilcy of thcr
Harney County Pioneer Association,
has begun tho preparations for tho
annual rounton of tho old timers oo.
tho second Saturday In Juno, by hav
ing thu novcrnl committees appoint
ed In order that thoy may work out
tho details of tho program this year
in tlmo to mako It ono of tho bout,
yet undertaken.
At Mr. Hnnley's request u meet
ing wan held In Thu Times-Herald
ofllco lust Sunday nnd tho coininlttccjv
Ono committee containing n largo
personnel was given npcclal atten
tion, thut or an executive It Is Mr.
Hnnley's hopo that by gathering sev
eral or tho old timers togother at
constructive program or particular
Interest to tho organization may bo
worked out on a plan of pennanouer
having n particular objective. It it
President Hunloy's Idea to organlto
along tho llnu of tho Natlvo Sons of.
California, making to Pioneer Asso
ciation of Harney County an organ
isation that stands for somothluc
Ideal as well as pructlcal In tho way
of n community Interest, protecting;
thu Interests of members, at thcr
same tlmo preserving all tho senti
ment and customs of tho plonoor
in tho days or real plonoor life.
The writer will not attempt to
citu particulars In connection with
he objects or purposes of this pro
gram but will leavo tho matter to
be worked out by the committee nnd
glvo publicity to results following n .
meeting "5
Tho executive committee iinmeoT
Include: William Hanley, chairman;
Sam Mothersheud, W. Y. King. I.
S. Oeur, It. T. Hughet, I). I). Defen
bnugh, J. C. Rentty, Geo. A. Smytb
Junqulii Rerdugo, Joe Morris, D. II
Smyth, Cassio Smyth, Grant Thomp
son, Tom Arnold, Pred Unities, C
W Drink water. Pred 01 ley, .A. I
Joliiicon, John Wlnlermel r, W. C.
Cull. Link Huttou. A. W. Hurlbiirt.
('linn. Croiilu, O. L. Shlugludecker
Tim Doiiowui.
Tin Hirtral I'ommltteoa to arrutigni
for th- ruttHiou to be hold on Hutur
.t.iy. Juo 14. aro'
I Hfr.'hB.mt4 Mr-. Ullf HnyoH-
iliHlrmiui; Mre. II. llotebkle. Tin
raalrmaji U to mtiko further heleo
tlnus for her eommlttce and thd
naiuus will bo attnrtittiewl within a
week or so.
Dance -Julian Uyrd, W. A. Good
man. M. II. Rreiitou.'
Program J. J. HonegHii. olmlr
iiiiui; ('. W. Logguii, Mrs. J. W.
Music 7MM. A, C. Wuliiomo,.
ehalrmaii; other members annouuqQil
Reception J. C. Poley, chairman 5
Cal Geer, Mrs. Simon Lewis, T. J.
Shlelils, "Auntie" Clnrinda Pryo,
Sports W. C. Luckoy, chairman;
Lute Mace, Nell Smith.
Resolutions Simon Lewis, chair
man, Seating, tables, Piano, etc. Alex:
llnnley, chairman.
Tho annual reunion of thu Har
ney County Pioneer Association i
ono of tho big days for tho olii
timers in this county, Kllglblcs arc
nil who huvo resided lu this terri
tory for a period of 30 years or mure
There nro many on the roster of
membership nt this tlmo and caclv
year moro ollglbloa are added front
native sous and daughters as well an-
those who havo como to tho county.
Tho untlro day Is dovoted to remin
iscences, 'talks, music, sports nnd a
plcnlo diniior, gonernlly on tho courfc
house lawn
, 0
Tho Ladles Auxlllav' of tho Amer
Icim Legion will moot nt tho homo
of Mrs. O. D. Hotchklas on April'
2fith. Momhora nro roquostod to
gather nt Dr. L. H. milliard's ollloo
nt 2 o'clock In tho nftornoon whsrer
cars will ho in roadlnosa to tnko thoiu
out to Mr3. Ilotohklas' homo. A full,
nltondauco of all mombora is urged .
Judgo Rlggs took Ida doparturo
for his homo nt Ontario Wodneadny
morning nftor bolng rolloved on 'tho
bonch horo at this torm or circuit
court by Judgo Anderson of Hakon-