The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 15, 1924, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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I I !
T II H T I M 10 M - II 10 II A I l
S , 11 A It N U V O O I' T OHM 0 O N
HatHrday, March 10, 1091
1 Ki
Continuing Our Drive For Business
Store Wide Price Reductions
EVKiiYnonv get in link
II. (). Ontfl package aio
Roman mewl, largo pkg 45o
Kwllog's Bran large pkg S4o
Grapo mtt, 17o
Post IlrnR, pkgi. i. 17c
GurnutJon Wheat flakes
and Holloa Oats largo
pkg. with premium 10o
Cream of Wheat pkg ....3flo
Tura Rolled Oats,' In D lb.
aacka OJlo
Oatu and Wheat 0 lb. Hack Otto
Whole wheat I) Ih. Hark ....IMlc
Com Meal I) lit. nack ..17c
Gruhnm flour lb. ancle ....Otto
Gonnado I) lb. Hack n:to
Itny and Have
The bent linn of COKFBIJ
In town. Preferred stock,
Hills Hros., KlillllnK'H,
Dependable, M. J. II., All
guaranteed coffee lb noc
Hoscbud Maplo Syrup In
gallon caiw 8lc
Rosebud Maplo Sgrap la
gallon cans $1.47
Karo Syrup J gal. can flc
Karo Syrup In gal. cana f7o
Inperlal, corn Jk cams table
yrap, gallon 9fks
Flclachiaan yoaat cako a for 5c
Joll-O, any aort, ackago ....lie
Wkr oil, quart 08c
H gallon can si .as
Diamond Matches, largo
alio bornn, dozen ..ate
Crown noUlo caps, dozen ....4c
Gallon Cans of Fruit
lioganberrlm Hila ItlackborrJe HWo
Peaches ...7He Apricots 7Ho
10 pound sack ft n WliMteliiN Ileal FJour
100 iNXiud aacks ll.S.VTho Cream of Tho WI1c.1t"
S3 iMiund sack .1.00 $a.oo per Hark
Hlrickly Guaranteed
Try a Hack
AH Hlw Tliread 8 to 100
150 yard spool 0 for ...,a5c
. , ,
J. I . Ooata Crochvt cotton
- .
' ,i!c
Carnation Milk larg cans
Cut Rate Stores, Burns
HIM ci-i:ma
Poor Old Man: "Lady, could yor
gimme a quarter to got wlioro mo
family Is7"
nuiy 18T
Kind Lady; "Cortal.ily, my poor
an. horo'H a quarter. Wlioro la
your family?"
I. O. M.; "At do movlcH.
o 1
L. Damford, Plaintiff,
Mrs. II. J. Bamford, Ocorgo Dam
ford, mjly Bamford, Dotha Bam
ford. as ejra of H. J. Bamford
Doceauad; tq any and all "un,
knowpl(n?.lra" pf said II. J. Bam
ford'4fl.JWrMlH all other por
80ns W PMMRfaHnnovm clalmlns
ay f.f. Jltjfl.i 9tato, lion, or
jnierosjn f roljoaAate descrlb
tyMomwn (md in this'
aummpiH.scjJbftd) ; IUP ;
fncii en d 1 iDefandants.
To MruIq.jJij Bamford, -aaorgo
BamforaKmiJy, Bamfird,( iDotha
Bamfordu helra of-II. J. Jlamford.
Decea8ed,iiitP -any andi all 'unknown
heirs" p(.gKja H, J., Bamford, Det ii nJ ", T, ." ftB flhown horo,n
ceased; ,alsp jilUothor... persona vorjtvvE V. C08ts an(1 RContod In-
.! ... . . . . I lorcai. anil In Man nt ..n.. n .
partloa unknown clalmlaK any.rleht.
tltlo, ostato,- Jinn, or Interest, (a-tho
real OBtatfti described,., In, the cpm
plalnt (and Jn .tlila Bvimmonu .doHa-Il-
cdj; Defendants. . , .
IN TUB NAME of Tim RTAfrn- rw t
You and oach of you aro horoby '
notified that L. Bamford, tho obovo-,
named pjalntlff, Is the' hoiaor .of
CertlflcatqB.of, Dennquency.iaa horer
Inaftor, nd('(leacrnM)df(list
suod by tho Tax Colloctor of Harnov
County, Oregon on the dates aid far j
For Spring House Gleaning
Hex lyo 7 cans i.00
Hooker lyo 8 cans .....$1,00,
lig. hIbo cano Ghlorlto of
Llmo IDo
OitrttN largo pkg SOo
18 bam Crystal Whit
Jsoap 91.00
20 bars Glean Kaajr soap 1.00
Cream Oil soap bar do
Mop handlon jwo
Hunbrlto CloaRner can 9o
Hwlft'a wool aoap pkg 9a
Ivory HOap flakes pkg lie
Lux package, .....lac
ClothvM plttM II dor. Bflc
Mm. Stewart Illtilng 28c
Horn soap chips Ig. pkg. ..80c
Huy and Have
Scot I'm Ihwt Hour, nnck $1.70
ll $0.75
WalnutH Ctil. Noft nIicII lb. 41c
W.ilnulH Cut. hard Hholl lb. :ic
Walnut In can Diamond
K brand ijflc
No. 1 can Minced Clam ....a.'ic
Wvbitcra Oyster amall
slo can 10c
Campbell HOHpff, any aort
tho can He
Itallnn Prune, 25 lb $C4R
Dried Poncho lb. Ufa
MP . l.lo
Htock Halt, In B0' foe
in 100'a $1.73
Hunmald Boodle ralaliu,
pound Ho
Junt arriving In our dry
good department. Come
la '"! hoo 'Tho Latent'
fHtH, hIioch, dry good,
"" Men' and Ladle'
ItoMly to Wear Apparel.
1! for
tlio nmoiiiita of mutiny (,t fortj, ,
tho .Inscription of said cortMcntoa,
anld roapocllvo amounta bolng thon
dun niiil ilniin.. ....... .....
" iwi. iur 1110 wtxea ror
"m y0.ur. "poc,,k,U thoro,n togothor
,"' ,ntorest' Ponnlty, and coats
MOMod to 11. j. namford, and of
WIllCll Vnil urn nlil. ....
-. t'wi tuu itijii nrnnniiw
-. iiuiT uiu owuora or
... T ,. "" thoro,n. ' record
m' of ft'l roal nronortv, i
If T tl . . "- xu.iifc ,u
... -. uuiiiiora, out who Is deceased;
sold roal estate Is doserlbed a
80c. 23, andBJ4BWU, and SBV
SV. M Tnp-39 8outh' nn
3C East, W. M.. Harney County
Oregon. 7
AH toxoa subsequent to iald cer
tificates hare been paid by plaintiff
as heroin stated ; aald certlflcatea of
delinquency and tho tax moneya paid
by plaintiff bear interest at the rat2
oj 12 per cont. per annum from date
of payments.
,,:," ala,each of y
BSil,'"d' A'r?" are h"r
or -"-: to appear ou
April .1924, bolng over 80 daya after
tho first publication of thla aum
mons, oxcluslvo of tho date of first
publication, and dofond this suit or
torest, and In ennn nt ,.- i, ...
o" iW tho plaintiff will further apply
to tlio hareln.nlmvn nniin n . .
JHcJqbo tlio said certificates and
iion inoreor.'ond for docroo to such
- Mwi,Miim tor nocr
"cct nnd crfsts horoln.
Cort. No. ,3823, IasuoTi Doc. 31,
10?1( for loio taxos on NB4HW4
NWMSE!4. ! runwm a- .'
nbovo Twp. iind Rangofor $10.20.
'irttjjroat tliooon to B!eb..l8, 1024,
Cert. No. 3821, IbhuccI Dec. 81,
w -- 1 f MUU. .1
1021, Tor 1018 tuxon on tlio ubovo-
I .. 1.....1 1 1.. ,. nn t ..!..
iiuauiiiiiMi i;iuu 111 niuit o, 11 mi unu
BMiHWVi nild SMVi Hoc. 22, ubovo
Twp. and RatiRo, ror $40.00. In
toronl thcruon to Fob. 18, 1024,
$12.54. Tnxos for 1010 of $47.75
paid Duo. 31, 1021, with Intoroai
thcruon to Fob. 18, 1924 of $12.13.
TaxcH for 1020 of $54,80 paid Due.
31, 1021, with Intoroat theroon to
Fob. 18, 1024 of $14.02. Taxes for
1021 or $50.30 paid Aug. 25, 1923,
with lutorcat theroon to Feb. '18,
1024 of $3.44, Taxes for 1122 of
$41.82 paid Aur. 25, 1923, with In
tercut thereon to Fob. 18, 1924 of
$2.39, A total of $320.88, plaa ac
cruing Int. etc.
This summons la published by or
der of Hon, It. T. HuKhot, County
Judgo of Harney County, Oregon,
rnado and ontorcd Fob. 18, 1924, di
recting this summonn to bo published
In Tlmos-IIorald, a wookly nowspa
per of gonoral circulation publish'
od in BtirtiH, Oregon, for olght suc
ccbhIvo wooks, tho (Into of first pub
lication to bo In tho Isauo of said
paper of Fob. 23, 1024, and tho hot
In tho Ihhuo of April 10, 1024. All
procons, pupors, and plontllngn In
thin proceeding nuiy ho norvod on
tho undorslgnctl nttornoy for plain
tiff. CIIAnLBS W. BLLI8.
Attornoy for Plaintiff.
Ileftldoiico nnd post ofllno nddrosn
Ilitritfl, OrcRon.
No. limit
Tito Dovureaux Mortgago Comrany,
a corporation,
Ira J. Million, Executor of tho will
and oatato of Jumou F. Mahon, de
ceased; Ira J. Mahon and Vorda
Mahon, his wlfa; Emily F. Mc
Mahon nnd John J. McMahon, her
husband; Pearl R. Hmyth and
Claudo Smyth, hor husband; and
Lucy It. Mahon, widow of Jamos
F. Mnhon, docoasod; Tho First
National Hank of Burns, Hums.
Oregon; Fred Haines;
To Ira J, Mahon, Executor of tho
will and Estato of JnmcH F. Ma
hon, decoanod; Ira J. Mahon,
Emily F. McMahon, nnd John J.
McMahon, Dofendnnts:
OF OREGON, You aro horoby re
quired to appear and answer tho
complaint of plaintiff filed against
you In tho abovn entitled suit, with
in six wooka from tho 16th day of
February, 1924, the date of tho
first publication of this summons, or
by tho lat day of April, 1924, and
If you fall to so appear and answer,
for want thereof the plaintiff will
npply to tho Court for tho relief
prayed for In Its complaint horoln,
to-wlt: For n Judgment and docroo
that (ho inortKugo executed by de
fendant! Ira J. Mahon, Bxecutor of
the will and estate of Jiiiiioh F.
Mahon, decntuud, Ira J. Million and
Verdn Mahon, his wife, Emily F.
McMahon and John J. McMahon, hor
husband, Poarl R. Hniyth and Claudo
Smyth, and Lucy. It. Million, widow
of JainiiH F. Mahon, deceased, In
favor of plaintiff The I)overoau4
Mortgage Company to secure pay
ment or $30,000.00 bo decreed to
be a first llun on the following do
Hcrlbod property situate In Harney
County, Statu of Oregon, to-wlt:
The Southwest Quarter or the
Southeast Quarter, and tho
Southeast Quarter or tho South
west Quarter or Suction 2; uud
tho South Half of the Northeast
Quarter, and tho Southeast Quar
ter of the Northwest Quarter of
Section 10; and tho South Half
of tho Northoast Quarter, and the
Northwest Quarter of the North
east Quarter, and the Northwest
Quarter, and the North Half of
the Southeast Quarter, and tho
Southeast Quarter of the South
east Quarter, and the North Half
of the Southwest Quarter or Sec
tion 11; and the Northwest Quar
ter of the Southwest Quarter, and
tho South Half of the South Half
of Section 12; uud the Northeast
Quarter of the Northeast Quarter,
and the Northwest Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter of Section 13;
and the Baat Half of the North
east Quarter of Section 14; and
tho West Half of tho Southwest
Quarter of Section 16; and the
East Half of Sootlon 17; and the
Bast Half of tho Northeast Quarter,-
and tho North Half of the
Southeast Quarter of Section 20;
and tho Southwost Quarter of tho
Southoast Quarter, and tho West
Half of Soctloti 21; nnd tho
Northwest Qnnrtor or tho North
east Quartor of Section 28; and
tho Northwest Quartor of tho
Northoast Quartor, nnd tho East
Half of tho Northwest Quartor,
nnd tho Northwest Quarter of tho
Northwest Qunrtor of Sootlon 32;
nnd tho Southwest Quartor of the
Northoast Quarter of Section 34;
and tho South Half of tho North.
east Quarter ef Saetlta J; all la
Tinvnuhlp JiH South, Riillgo 35
Bast Willamette Meridian;
Also Lots numbered -2, 3, and
4. and tho Southwost Quartor or
tho Northoant Quartor, and tho
Southeast Qunrtor of tho North
west Quarter, uud tho West Half
of tho Southeast Qunrtor, and tho
NorthoiiH Quarter or the South
wust Quartor of Sootlon 5; and
tho South Half of tho Northeast
Quartor, and tho Southeast Qunr
tor, and the East Half of tho
Southwost Quartor, nnd Lots
numbered 3 and 4 pf Section 7;
and tho Northoast 'Quarter, and
the South Half of tho Northwest
Quartor, and tho Northwest Quar
ter of the Southeast Quartor, and
the Southwest Quartor of Section
8; and the Northeast Quarter of
tho Northeast Quartor, and tho
Northwest Quarter ot Soctlon 9;
nnd tho Southoast Quartor of tho
Northwest Quarter and the Wot
Half of tho Northwest Quartor of
Soctlon 10; and tho Southeast
Quartor of tho Southeast Quarter
or Section 15; and the Bast Half
of Soctlon 10; and tlio Northwest
Quartor of the Northwest Quar
ter or Scrttou 17; uud the North
east Quarter of tho Northwest
Quartor, nnd Lot 1 or Section 18;
uud the Bant Hair or the North
west Quarter, and tho South
west Qutirtor or tho NnrthwoHt
Quarter, and the Northeast Quar
ter or tho Southwest Quartor or
Section 20; and tho South Hair
or tho Northwest Quartor or Sec
tion 23; mid tho NorthoiiHt Quar
ter or the Southo.tHt Quarter or
Soctlon 30, all In Township 23
South, Raiigo 36 Kant Wlllametto
Also the South Hair or Section
36, Township 27 South, Range
34 Bast Wlltnmetto Meridian;
Also Lot 1 or Section 3, and
tho Southeast Quarter of tho
Southeast Quarter of Section C;
and tho Northwest Quartor of the
Northwest Quarter of Section 0;
and tho Northoast Quarter of tho
Northeast Quarter of Section 17;
all In Township 29 South, Itnngo
35 Baat Willamette Meridian;
That you and nil persons claiming
under you subsequent to said mort
gage be foreclosed and barred of
all right, claim, or equity of redemp
tion In and to said real property;
that said property bo sold as pro
vided by law In such cases, and tho
procoeds applied to tho amount due
ou said mortgage and notes Hccurud
thereby to-wlt: $30,000.00 with In
terest thereon at tho rate ot six and
ono huir por cent por annum rrom
the 1st day or January, 1922, to the
1st day of November, 1923, and In
terest at ten por cont per annum
thereon from tho 1st day ot Novem
ber, 1923, until paid, and tho fur
ther sum ot $2,000.00 as a reason
able sum to bo allowed as attorneys
fee ror tho foreclosure of en Id
mortgage, and tho sum or $15.00
paid by plaintiff ror abstract fees,
together with plalullt's coslt and
disbursements, and ror Mich other
and rurthnr relief as to the Court
may ueem Just and equitable.
This summons Is surved upon you
by publication by order of the Hon
orable Daltou lllggs, Judge 01 the
above untitled court, innilo February
11 and entered or record on tho 14th
day or Fobrunry, 1024, directing
such publication In Tho Tlmos-Hor-aid
oiico each week ror six consecu
tive and successive weeks.
GOMERY, Attorneys ror Plaintiff.
Postofllco Address:
1011-1016 Gnsco Building,
Portland, Oregon.
Dato of first publicatien: Fobruray
16, 1924.
Date of last publicatien: March 2
tion, Plaintiff,
ALICE DUNCAN, his wife; P. O.
SMITH and N. T. SMITH, copart
ners doing business as Burns
Hardware Company; and HAR
To Nettle Alice Duncan, above
named Defendant.
OF ORBOON: You are hereby re
quired to appear and answer the
plaintiffs amondod complaint filed
against you In tho above-entitled
suit on or bofore tho 18th day of
March, 1924, said date being the last
day named In the Courts order of,
publication of this aummonB, and
wltioh dato In aftor tho expiration
of six wooks from tho dato of first
publication of this summons, and If
you fall bo to appear and anawor,
for want thereof, plaintiff will apply
to the Court for tho rollof domandod
In the complaint, to-wlt; for Judg
ment and decree of the Court hero
in, that plaintiff hare Judgmont
against the defeadaata Jefferiaa O.
I.Muicnn and Nottlo Alice Duncan, an
rolluwfi; for tho mt in of $1400,00,
togothor with lutcront thoroon at tho
rato of ton por centum per annum
rrom tho 1st day of January 1-923;
plus also tho sum of $140.00, togoth
or with Interest thoroon at tho rato
of ton por centum por annum from
tho 1st day of January 1023; plus
a loo tho sum of $140.00, togothor
with Interest thereon at tho. rato of
t6n por centum per annum from the
1st day of January 1922; plus nlso
tho sum of $140.00, togothor with
Interest thoroon at tho rato of ten
per centum por annum fromtho 1st
day of January 1921; plus also tho
further sum or $24.26, (axon paid,
togothor with Interest thereon at tho
rato of ton por coutum per annum
rrom to 23rd day of August 1921;
plus also tho sum af twenty-five
coats oxponsos on advancing taxes;
all togothor with the reasonablo at
torney's foo of $160.00, nnd togeth
r with tho costs aad disagreements
of this suit; that plaintiffs mortgage,
given by dofondnnts Jefferson C.
Duncan and Nottlo Allco Duncan, to
the plaintiff, bo decreed to bo n first, ' Hm,th' "dlvldnally and ns copart
, , . ,, ,. tiers, and Harne County, Oregon,
prior, and paramount Hon upon all nonIo;
of ho real estate and premises do-1 , , , d
Borlhod thoroln, and that tho usual ' , ... ..,." ...... 1.. . ..iin-
decree of this Court bo ttindu ror tho
foreclosure or I ho uald mortgage and
ror tho sale or the mortgaged prop
erly according to law and tho prac
tices or this Court, utid that tlio pro
eueds rrom 'such salo bo applied In
payment or plaintiffs debt and tho
amounts duo thereon and under tho
terms or tho said mortgage, being J
for tho amount or tho snld Judg
ment; and that plrilntlff bo allowed,
at tho sale, to bid on and become tho
purchaser or tho said property If Its
bid bo highest and best, nnd that
plaintiff bo allowed to apply Its
udgmont, or ouch part theroof aa
may bo nocossary, to said purchase
price or bid; that In tho ovent that
tho proceeds of tho sale be not suffi
cient with which to pay plaintiffs
Judgmont, nnd tho sums legally
deductible from the aald proceeds,
that then the same be applied pro
Unto on the amounta aue the plain
tiff and It have Judgment In deficien
cy against the defendantn for the un
paid balance; said Judgment In de
ficiency to run and bo against tho
dereudaots Jefferson C. Duncan and
Nottlo Allco Duncan; thnt tho mort
gago lion of tho plaintiff horoln bo
decroed to bo prior In tlmo and su
perior In equity to tho claim of lion
or lion of tho defendants P. a. Smith
nnd N. T. Smith, as Individuals or as
copartners, In nnd to aald property
doserlbed In plaintiffs mortgage;
that tho dofondant Harney County,
Oregon, If It claims any right, tltlo,
lion, Interest, or estato, In or to tho
mortgaged premlsoa be compelled to
set tho same out fully, and that the
Court thon decrco the samo to bo
socond, suhsoquont, and subject to
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I U. S. HACKNEY, Proprietor
tho rights of tho plaintiff; that this
suit tict on a lis poudotiB, especially
no against tho dofondant Harney
County, Oregon; that If Harney
County, Oregon desires to secure any
Interest In or to the mortgaged
promlees It be allowed to do so only
after payment of full compensation
to the plalnlff, and that such sum ns
may be paid bo credited on plain
tiffs Judgment; that the said defend
ant Harney County bo allowed to
mako no payments of any money or
othop thing of valuo to tho defend
ants Jefferson C. Duncan or Nettlo
Alice Dtmeah, or either of them, or
to any other person or persons for
them or on their behalf In connec
tion wjth tho promisee, or In any
wlso mako any agreement whatso
ever an to the property covered by
plaintiffs mortgage with any person
or persons; that said Harney County
start no suit or action In tho prem
ises unlcsB It mako plaintiff a party
thoreto so it may havo Its rights
fully protected; Hint tho dofondnnts
Jefferson C. Duncan nnd Nottle Allco
Duncan, and P. G. Smith nnd N. T.
said mortgagn, elthnr an purchasers,
encumbrancers, or otherwise so for
ever burred and foreclosed of all
right, claim, title, estate, Hen, or in
I torcnt In, to, or upon said mortgaged
1 property, and every part theroof,
, savo .and excopt for their statutory
right or redemption; that plaintiffs
lion to ho decreed to bo prior In tlmo
nnd Huporlor In equity to tho claims
of all others, snvo 'only to the de
fendants Duncan, whose rights are
to bo foreclosed In this sulut; that
plaintiff have such other and further
rollef In tho premises as to the
Court bo deemed equitable and Just;
The mortgage of the plaintiff
covers tho following described real
estate, vis; 8BU8B' Sect. 12; N
NB4 Sec. 13, Twp. 26 5.. R. 38 E..
W. M., and Lot 1 nnd NEUNWU
and NUNBK Sec. 18; and SB 14
SRU Sec. 7, Twp. 26. 8., R. 34 E
W. M., all In Harney County, Ore
Kori. This summons Is aorved upon you
by publication theroof once a week
for six successlvo and consecutive
wookn In Tho Tlmos-IIorald, a. week
ly newspaper of general circulation
printed and published Ih Burns, Ore
gon, by vlrtuo of an order mado and
ontercd horoln on the lat day of Feb
ruary 1924, by Hon. R. T. Hughot,
County Judge of Harney Count,
Oregon, and the dato ot the first
publication of this summons la Feb
ruary 2, 1924, and the date of the
last publication hereof will be March
15, 1924.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
noslding and having post offlco ad
dress at Burns, Oregon.
il Stage
ig Gar 1