The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 25, 1920, Page Page Eight, Image 8

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rage Wight
1MB Y I M It H If M R A f j D
n r n n
flatuiMay, Iodnlwr 3d, 420
91 1
' aikR rw
Of all the Holidays of the year, Christ
mas is the best.
It is a day of good cheer thai touches
the hearts of all, from the little tot hanging
up the stocking on up to Grandfather and
It is due to the Christ spirit of "Peace
on Earth good will to men," the unselfish
desire to make others happy that on this
one day at least there is a tug at the heart
strings of all humanity from the humblest
to the highest.
It is in this spirit of peace and good
will that this Bank wishes one and all a
Merry, Merry Christmas.
First National Bank
Mm. William Stirling took hor de
parture (hlit woolc for Portland
whoro Hint will upend Mio holliihyii
with hor duughlorii. Mr. Stirling
ruuiulnoilbut. (JxpoctH to Join 1 1 o r by
Oljrlruiimn time If huiitnukti umilri
will pormll.
Cllon llughot Inft Wodnsxdity
evening for Vancouver, Washington,
Whoro ho goon to claim MIhh (lor
trtiilo Lnng (ih hht brldu, Tho young
ludy foriuorly tutighl school In thin
vicinity ami In n charming girl,
Ooorgo Frnnklln arrived In thin
oily Tuesday evening with IiIh brltlo.
ticorgo formerly resided In thin city
whoro ho wun connected with onu of
tho giirngm, going from horn Into
Idaho but later locating at Valo
whoro ho han hoon residing until ro
contly. llo Informs tin ho han roturn
oil to Ditrnii to inako hht homo.
( Morry Chrlittnian.
if a n
J. Ii. llundortton wun In town Wed
K. I.. Wallace of tho Crane Statu
Hank, wun registered nt a local hotel
lurlng tho week.
. Hunitoll Forgufcon took hln depart
tiro for Portland Wednesday morn
InK whoro ho will Hpond tho holldayn.
farm near Van to spend tho holidays
with hln family In Ilurnn.
y Wo havo experienced Komo rather
cold woathor twlco during tho
month. Htockmnn jirtifor cold freer
lug weather on iitock do hotter In tho
food lots.
.Mr. and Mm. Nils Klfvlng aro horo
from Portland to spend tho boll-
tlayH with rolatlvon and friends. Mm.
Klfvlng wan fortnorly Mian Carmen
Peter Haley wan tit from his homo
on tho border of Mathour lako dur
ing thin wook looking after some
business IntoroHt anil drooling
Mr. and Mm. 11. It, Portor nrrlvod
horo Tuomlay evening on a visit to
their daughter, Mm. h K. Itoml. Tho
Porlom formorly ronldod In thin hit
tlon and aro woll known to many o
tho plonoor ronlduntH of JIuriiH. Thuy
havo boon UvIiik at Myrtlo Point In
fitho Uokuo Hlvor country hut hiloly
iiiivii inaoo tJorvaniH tliolr hoad(tia
torn. Mr. and Mm. Portor expect ,to
romain iioro for purhapn a month.
J. P. McKonna, connoctod with a
cattlo loan concorn In Portland, han
hoon In thin vicinity during tho wook
IIIh company Imn connliloruhlu IhihI
nuHn In thin miction of tho country
and ho In looking nftor nomo of tho
nffnlrN, Mr. McKonna ayn tho ntock
men aro going to como out In tlmn
and thoro In roally no concorn nn to
tho futuro of tho bunlnonn.
Married Thursday afternoon at
tho ProHbytorlan Manno, Augunt
Volla and Mrn. Clara Solomon wore
united In mnrrlago by Hov. John
it. Wlchornon, tho pantor. Iloth tint
contracting pnrtton aro well known
lit thin vicinity whoro thoy havo ro
niuuii ror tho pant few yearn. Mr.
Volla ban boon In tho employ of Phil
Hiultb fur itomo tlmu nt thu naw mill.
Tho Tltuon-Iloruld oxtondn Itn bent
wlihon for a happy and pronperoun
Minn Inola Aunmun wan oporated
on tho font part of tit Ih wook by Dr.
Walter Cronn In down from hln Smith at tho King bomiltal. navlnu
Trout Crook ranch to npond tho holl- . hor tonnlln removed. Tho patient
tlayn with the family horo In town. I In roportod recovering nicely.
iy., . ..
"""" "uiiiimii im; nrrivou f in" niiuw ruiiiniuon to pile tip
homo hint Saturday ovtmlng from' from Koto to tlrno. There Inn't very
wittario-iioro nhu had boon vlnltlug ' much In tho valloy compared with'
... 1 1 1. i i. ... i ....... '
with hor datightor.
Mrn. MUdrwl Moformaok win 0
town during vh wok vlaltjiig with
friends ami ilHJng M,m ChrUtmM
Mm. Hoy lliirhannti ban botfti In
I tbw depth It ban fallHii, but tnoro
than for novornl y.wm. Counldorttblo
Imn falton In th moiiutalun.
Mr and Mm. A. C. Wulcomu aro
ujoying tho company of lliolr
iioiibaw. Alfrd Wolooms. who arrlv
oil bourn KiUiirttiiv uvoninv f rum
thhi vlelnlty during tlio woolc -vliu.t I'ortlnud to mtoixl tbo holliliiv vnmi
Ing hor mother. Mm. lrtmk Matiioy. tfmTwKh-tJum. giy jjlll ruturn to
and other relatlvea. siin and her whool following the Now Year,
htinband aro now ronldlng In Juiitura
Will Klrby. one ot tbo young men
Coiiuty Agent McDanleln returned f lhl" nm,,',,nl,y who workn with
Tuenday night f?ohrPontllotii.,Yjir.. tnvk' "l01 w,tl' n roHlo" imlnfiil
bo had boon to a mooting of wool awi,,,,M Jnra l'rt of thin week
growern and iiImj looking after tbo w,,wn KOt h,H '"Kht In
poHHlbllltloH of ntock for tbo nboop r",,w a,", hn'1 11 ,,roko" lwo I,,ncp
ami pig dub ho I.uh under connldera- n"(l 11,0 t,,,,ml' n,m(,Ht ,or "'
tlon. Ho found ntook offered cheap, Ham Ooodman got bin lo,; broke
but money In bo ncarco tbono dayn lant week whllo working with ntock
that ho hcnltatoH puuhlug tho club a home falling with him, Ho w -
organization. Ho will not do any- brought to Ilurnn where IiIh leg vu
thing until ho ban a conference with net and he In now doing qulto well rtt
partlon IntoruHtcd. t,0 King hoHpltal.
te" Wishes'
While extending best wishes for the
Season we are not unmindful of the fact
that a successful year was due to your share
of kindness.
Burns Cash Store
A nhoddy droHii In a poor mate ta
a dmn Hit It.
Mr. and Mm. David Craddock wore
down from tliolr Hllvlen homo for a
few dayn durliiKtho week.
Alimony comim to tbono who gnpo
!6n't yawn In your hunlmnd'H
; Mrn. Potor Chrlntennen anil little
daughter, Mm. Jerry Dlllln and baby
wore up from Lawen laitt Saturday,
having iKTouipauInd Archlo Welti
nteln up.
t)n way to nuoceod with your bun.
baud In to got tbo manner or hucommh.
(lun Sherx. tho young mint who
wan hurt In Urn Interest of tho Holt
ManufRflurlng Co. In ehaigo of lh
Catttirplllur on the high
during tbtt Hummer, took-
u ru Aiimlav fur'tilniililo polutn. Ho
wunt IT Portland whnru ho mot a
ruproHontntlvo of hln company and
from that place ho did not know
whether ho would go Into California
or Into Montana. Oiih made a lot of
frloiida whllo lit thin part of tho
country who hope to hou him return
at Homo futuro time.
J . HI
If you don't look good to your
mate he'll look around for another
Arrllnint'il Hwil for Halo
Tho Harney llranch Kxperlmntll
Mtatlon ban tho following rocleannd
noetl for nalu at three and one half
centn per pound:-
True Spring Hyo
Kurly Hnart Wheat
Hanuchon, Trobl, and
White Smyrna Ilarloy
Sixty Day and Iluutlona
Holoctlon Ontn
Placn your ordern oarly an wo only
havo u limited amount of thuno ac
climated nnodn nn bund, 12-4-3t
Hllk nfocklng, HiMX-lnJ, UHc.
K. l' Hcltwnrtx.
Denatured Alcohol can now bo had
for that radiator ul tho Homo Drug
HloiM). Adv.
A nnaouy arenn may ronuit in n
now null one for dlvorco,
Patients receive the bout of euro
at tbo Ilurnn Maternity Honpltal.
Silent love won't keep a hutihaud
-you've got to drenn your window .
to keep your tn.ilo.
LOST Utrgo envelope containing
noma partially flnlnhed linen
handkerchlofn, nlno nomu crochet
thread. Finder will plea ho leave
nt tho County Agout'n ofllco, 12-18
l.r.g behind your iit.huittwl and
)nj won't win ttnythliiK out your
frlondn' nympatlty--mid bin
Mont of them r.r "cao
they "oavo" every tlmu ibnlr wlvoh
auk them for monoy
POl SAMCHaito In good condi
tion. Jnojilm at thin ofTlou. 11-27.
Irvuy YtQrklr01 I'rogrwitvu iitiniianil ettnnot tiiak
. JitBnnr?!T'1 Pmo out of a how's ear. Are
- -
you moving ahead
wltb your him-
If thou would't It Ih fancy keep,
try Hllk Iioho and trim nhod feet.
Tlio Ladlon Krlomlly Aid Society of
Crauo gave a two-act comedy drama ?
.... . .
ui i;rauu on iant Haiunlay ovonlng,
ontltlod "Mr. Hob." It wan well re
ceived ami the runt may como to
IluniH with thu play in tho near
One .T V Studebaker wagon,
trunk, good an new; otto set of heavy
hand made hnriiemi; onu net of light
chain harnoHn.
Tho II, C. I. doen not affect your
hiiHband nearly ho much an a long
A dab of rouge on tho cheek Ih
worth two in thu More. ,Ilo artlntlol
You'll know you aro on tho wane
If ho HpendH IiIh nlghta out.
If you hang back your hiiHband
will ovortako another woman.
The hookn accauntn and notes of
J. W. Geary, M. D. ara in tht office
of the undemlgned for collection.
All tltoHe knowing tlienwelveB Indebt
ed to tho Doctor aro requested t
call and nettle, as I shall not lead
eut statements but bring suit in such
cases where I connldep It proper to
do so. Kindly call and. save costs.
Attorney at law,
Hono If full of womon who wcro
two tired to koop up with tholr Iiuh-
Do your X max nhopplng early at
Home Drug ntoro. Adv
Thoro In a lurking menace to tho
woman who Htandn Htlll while her
htinband iiiovch oil
Vou can't go wrong by having as
many fancy dromioH .mil fancy i.topn
iih your liUHband.
In. Appreciation of Your
We Extendi
and wish you a most prosperous
New Year,
Gorfd Will
Harney County
National Bank
Burns, Oregon
How far ahead of you in your hus
band? o
Did you marry your hunband to
love, honor and obllgo, or to bo hap
py. o
Inexpensive Xman gifts may In
found at the Home Drug Store. Adr
Remember tho circus folks are
wIho men they havo a dally parade
likewise your husband wants you,
to look good.
Notlco Is hereby given that by vlr
tuo of an execution duly Innucd out I
of tho Circuit Court of thu State of'
Oregon, for Grant County, on a
Judgment duly rendered, entered of
record and docketed In and by said
court on Juno 11th, 1917, In a cause
then In mild court pending, wherein
Mary T. Hock wan plaintiff ami
Thoman I). Deck wan defendant, In
favor of plaintiff and ngalnnt de
fendant, by which execution I am
commanded that out of thu pomoual
property of mild defendant, or If suf
ficient run not be found, then out of
tho real property belonging to mild
defendant in Harney County, Oregon
I natlnfy tho sum of $225.00 now duo
on H.tld Judgmont, and tho further I
cum or szi.go contH, and a I ho tho
..ontn of and upon nuld execution, 1
did on December 17th, 1920, levy
upon an tho property of said defend
ant, and will on Saturday, January
22nd, 1921, at tho hour of ten
o'clock A. M. at tho front door of tho
County Court Houmi In Ilurnn, Ore
gon, Hell at public auction to thu
highest bidder for cash, to satisfy the
almvo named amounts, nil tho right.
I tie, Intermit and estate of mild de
fendant in and to the following do t
Hcrlbod property, lo-wlt: 1
An undivided two-thlrdH (2-3) lu
lu r cm t in and to tho NW4 and tho
WVj of N'UVi section 28, township
r. south, range III, K. W. M., Har
ney County, Oregon, containing 240
acroH; mild Halo being mado Hiibjert
o redemption In thu manner provid
ed by law.
Dated thin 17th, day of December,
Sheriff of Haruoy County, Oregon.
lly P. T. KANDAMj, Deputy.
Try Ki re to Me
Adr. U.
Do you buy ready mades, while
your hubby goos to tho best tailors?
Kenneth Crozler
can dkllvcr
Oiraprr new than later.
When Ik prcMsit supply
ta exhamtcs! the price
wlU ralar.-Plietne C23F.
The Herman Martz
Wood Saw
Is prepared to work
Phone No. G104
Win. Farre
rrwctlce before U. S. Land
Uvpurtntent and
Real Estate
ImllrjrtloiiN nro Hint tbr
lure of tho land will
attract many Investors In
llarncy County tlio com
ing MuiNon. IjIMIhk now
will he kept before pros,
pert ho luvrfttura the en
tire KCrtSOM.
Thorb'n anothor woman porfoctly
willing to step Into your strldo bo-
sido your husband the moment you
Mrn. A. D. Jones is now In charge
of the Smth rooming house ndjoln'
Ing tho Cole hotel. Sho will be
pleased to meet her many" friends
there. -l2tf.
-r ,
Man wanlrt'tiut lit t lo horo below,
hut ho wantH that little dolled up.
400 tons alfalfa hay for sale. Feed
ing prlvlllges or it will be fed to
stock If desired, Inquire of' J,
LampBhlre o'r Arthur Turner,
If ho compares you with his first
wlfo, ahow him tho dirt sho loft un
der tho rugs. '
Tho dynamic drama of domestic
differences Calico WIvoh.
Parties finding cattlo branded Ul
anglo bar on loft hip, please hold
and notify will Cummins, Jordan
Valley, Oregea. 13.3s ft.
To Our Many Friends
and Customers
We wish to thank you for the
splendid patronage accorded us
and hope to merit your patronage
during the New Year. x
We wish you all a Merry Xmas
and a Prosperous New Year.
Home Drug Company, Inc.
C. O. Perrenoud, Mgr.
Biros, Oregon , Cor. Levf ns. Hotel Bldg.