The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 25, 1920, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    Hatnnlny, IJeccmbcr 555, 1D20
V II N T I M K S II 10 II A Ti 1) It U It N H , II A II N K T COUNTY, O II K (1 9 If
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year
We take this opportunity of expressing our thanks and appro-
(nation to the general public for the business entrusted to us for
the past year.
Wo sineoroly trust that wo have, in a measure, rendered a
Service in justice to the confidence expressed by our patrons.
Our giwth along bueinate lines has by far oxcoedod ouis ex-
, .poctations of a year ago. Our future looks oven' brighter Uvlrf '
the past. Kindly accept this, our expression of GOODWILL and .
ttYUU3 TI.DE.GKEBTJNGS, in the same whole hearted spirit as it,
is given.
J 4
: a f '
Hud Awful Dizzy HpeljH Ah He
hiiKn of InillKc.itloii -Ih
Well Man Now.
"After BUfforliiK for ton yoarH with
out fludliiK anytliliii; Unit would do
nio any good, Tiinluc Iihh roxtorod my
liuulth entirely and I huvo kuIiiuiI tun
lioiindii In wolKht hIiico takliiK It."
mild UliurloH F, Hohh, of 1101 Kuttt
Thirty-third Htrout, North, Portland,
"For all thoHo yearn my ntomach
Iihh kIvoii mo trouhlu and oftou I wax
J hothorod with rhouumllHUi In my
JolntH, My appntlto wait vory poor
and my ntomach wiim ho canlly upitot
that I had to hu vory oaruful about
f what I ato or I would ho In mhiery
for Iiouth afturward. Tho rlioiinia-
tlM in In my Joints pained mo ho had
at Union I could hardly hIiiikI It, and
Momotlmim 1 had lorrlhlo ftilnlliiK
hkIIh ami would fall uurotinuloiiH.
I had no enemy, Ml (I roil and worn
n'lt alt tho Hum ami wlimi I Jiokhii
nk f ii if Tnnlnc wan In n badly run
down. woakon(l rmirilllnii.
"Arnr tnkliur tho riml liottlo of
Teniae 1 begun to f ttroiijor and
Ix'tt.T limn I h.ut In MirM, hiiiI aw I
r.'iiilniml tiktiiK I' my Imprjvoinant
j win o trrmit tlmt tn a hhort while I
win a well man. I now liavo h pln
did uppetto, out anything I want
niid nvr Imy.flH.v trouble nftnr
w.irilit. I am entirely frso f rlwu-
j in.iMriiii mid hiiVH not had unv of
! thoio turrlhltt faint Iiik hiioIIh Inoo I
ii' iriftil 1 14 U i ti k TanUit. I mjvur havo!
that tlriMl, worn out foollm; ami am
i alwnyMv.rondy for my work which I
, can dbwllhoiit h parllclo of trouble.
lu Ca'vt? nIiil'u talilni: Taiilac I fcol
JuhI llko a dlffuriiut ImrHOii' and It Im
a real ph'HHiiro for mu to rOuonimoud
to othorM."
Bbst Wishes
We're wishing you a
Merry Christmas t h e
merriest you've ever
And we thank you
for so generously remem
bering this store in your
Tan In c III' Bold In'IlifrnK by Hcud Ur, nnd In Cram) hjr Crano
Mti antlli'. ' . . Ailv.
My moii, (loary ClovoiiKiir, Iihh ran
away from li In homo and rnfUMOH to
olioy mo uh hU father, thumforo I,
ii'mll not In' rcHitoiiMlhlo for any iIoIiIh
ho mny contract from thin tlmu.
- Al)v. (I. W. CI.K V UNO KU
w II f if
niucli Imlnvpd hy both ncholarH and
Hlu wkk confined to hnr hed hIiico
Oolohor With pnnumoula. filio Ih aur
vlvud hy ttm Kranrtmothor on hoth
idea, Hire iinclui, two auutH, liar
parontH Mr. and Mm. OoorKO ltay
craft, four hUtern and thrno hroth-
Tho Intormoiil wiih niado at tho
Crano cumotory. Tho norvlcoH wur
J (londiiutiid hy Uov. John II. Wlnhor
laon, I'roHhytorlHii panlor In charKO
of IturiiH and Crano.
'Try not to look Mhnhhy In the
moriilii. Man iiHiiully awalii-H wltU
a jtroiKn.
wc found in jour crankmse oil .
Have our walcli ovciliaulcd. Ktiut:
llio old clock to tlckliiK. H"t that old
plcco of JcHclry In wcailny onhT.
Havo your oc fitted to Itciitlluit
HlnsM's, mo ;. M. SAI.ISJIL'JtV
Jo wider, optician.
If your liiiHhaud U proKrcHnlvo, ho
Hiiro you advance with him.
Mako him buha vo JiiHt uh ho did
bnforn you uiarrlud lilm; ho'll lovo
tho troatmunt.
(Coiitrlhutod )
Tho fun ml of Mdna ilorlt'ii , uvry KW
l.avcrnft wn 1 la at Cthuu .' in-lay
a tin Comnu Mty l'rr dr tut in
(' mrcli 2 a'cotk tn tho afternoon
I'nll i'nrem wro Mlotd fi';iii 'lej
"A (iooo iitovim:it"
Whon It comoH to hulng "a cood
provldur," no man would prldo hliu
nclf on fiirrilHhliiK triiHh liberally
lor IiIh family. Tho family In en
titled to Kind, wholoriomo food thol
hulpH Krowth.
It Ih tho Hmo with roadhiK. Goon
roadliiK pluascH and crcatoH Its own
liunr.or for moro kooiI roadliiK. Tho
Youth'ri Companion Is thu huflt of
roadliiK for all- ovury iimmhur
ovory iiro.
And It comon ovory wook crowd
od with tho buHt. I. tit uh provu It
with a xamplo.
Thu Voutli'H Companion Iihh Ioiir
hIiico coiihihI to provide for "Youth"
alone. It ban hocomo thu' favorite of
, all-tho-famlly weekly of America. Uh
name Ih a mlxnomor. hut Ih retained
for tho Hoiitlmout it has gouoratod in
American hnmcH through it h hotvIco
Still J.HO for a year or t1 Ibsiios,
hut tli Ih prloe not Ktmraiitoud beyond
Janimry 1, uaxt.
New ulwcrlbvra for !!-! will ro-
IiIkIi Hehool uf . ti let I C.- . . I'''- i ,.,v:
lei ..inei wn liorn lu .Ulliiutl'iMJ. I lt Tn8 Yomii'ii Coinpaiilon r2
VS'fiHii oiiih County. Washlttto.) Hopt j j, -e $
l: l!va:i. lu'ii-r I yim. rmnlhti,, AX, rmMiiilM wklv 18110 IiiBuea
)ec wia
THIS lens shows some of the dirt that can be
found in any crankcase after a lew weeks of
driving road dust, carbon and fine particles of
metal. Such dirt circulates with the lubricating
oil through the engine, together with gasoline that
escapes past the pistons and dilutes the oil.
Have tho dirty, diluted oil in your crankcase
dr'ainc d out nou-befor e unnecessary wear begins.
Wo can no that b: x ic-r ycu with Modern
Cranki'ase Cleaning Serviceconvenient, quick,
economical. We use Calol Flushing Oil, the scien
tific, thorough flushing agent which does not con
tuminate the fresh oil. We assure proper lubri
cation for your engine by refilling the cleaned
crankcase with Zerolene of the correct grade.
Make a regular habit of Modern Crankcnso
CL. ni.v?: V ivct-.Ti gives belter engine perfuvm
u. -v. a I 1 )for Ut . v). i u..r.
and two duH old at tit tlmo of lur
ontli which ouvurotl on tho 1 -tilt of
IWpiulwr at S o'clock lu the morning
In Seattle. VanliliiKton, at thu
SwedlHh Ilonpltal.
Sho lived In IiulliiiRliam until hIio
wai 0 yearn of hko, at whloli llnio
liur parentH moved away to Harney
county, OreKon.
In tlio Hiiniinor of 1U19, hIio ac
companied her Kraiidmother, Mrs.
Mary J. Haycraft to Soattlo, Wash
liiKtou whero alio entered upon tho
hlKli hoIiooI uh Kroshmaii and wiih
S. Tim Companion Horn Caittiidar
ror M.
All th above for $2.60.
I. MuCkII'h MiikhMiio for 1021 ?
tho monthly fashion authority.
Hot It publlcatioiiH for only
Commonwealth Avo. & St. l'aul St.,
llOHtOII, MtlHH.
New Subscriptions Kocelvod at thla
Tho doHlrcd woman l sho who
beat knows bor own charm.
of choice Rradoa only, t.ut. ovor
you buy boro you'll find tender and
toothsome You may think that
cbnlco quality means hlghor cost.
How thoroughly mlataken ,you r
will bo proYon with your first order.
Bend-Burns Stage Company
Schedule to Take Effect Novembor 16
Stage leaves Bend for Burns:
Monday and Friday
Stage Ecnves BwiBrns for Bend:
Sunday and Wednesday
Bend-Burns Stage Company
H, R. Schtvnno, Wealey Hill, Win, Fraser, Proprietora