The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 18, 1920, Page Page Eight, Image 8

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T II H T I M K H II 10 It A li 1
n U It N H
v o n N T V
O H B fl O N
Haliirilny, Roremboi' IH, 1020.
Pago Bight
1 1
A Poor Theory
Said old Bill Shiftless:
"The world owes me a-living. Why -should
I worry?"
And old Bill managed to get along on
that theorybut such a life. Down at the
heels, hand to mouth, slipshod, poverty-
stricken, without hope, without ambition,
without comfort.
What a price to pay for laziness and
You all know some "Bill Shiftless"
who is no earthly good except as a horrible
The world may owe us a living, but the
way in which it is collected marks the dif
ference in men.
If a decent, satisfactory and comfort
able living is desired, the two principal re
qusites are to WORK and SAVE.
First National Bank
IfnrrymKlTwftirTu town tho othor
Harry Gouldln waa ovor from tho
OO Ranch during tho wcuk.
W. L. Nowton was up from Nar
rown last Saturday on itomu business.
Mr. Nowton la teaching In that dli
trlct. y Born 8undny, Dec. 13, to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Thompson, a daughter.
Mother and baby uro reported doing
flno at tho Maternity hospital In thin
Mrs. Goo. A. Smyth and her nlcco,
Mian Kthol Drown, were In town tho
foro part of this week visiting with
frlondH and iiIho taking In tho moot
lug of tho Eastern Star.
Frank Dlhhln wan ovor from his
Silver crook homo during tho week.
Mm. May V. KkcIobIoii Ih fiver
from hor homo at I'nyetto to remain 1
until after hto Masonic Installations
during tho holidays. MrH. HggloHton
Ih tho pruK'.it Ma I ron of Ihu lluriiii
Mr. K. F. Schwartz and hor llttlo
daughter Itelda took their departure
this morning for Portland whoro
thoy will upend tho holidays with
rolatlven, done Schwartz will como
down from Scattlo whoro hIio Ih In
nohnol, to upend tho vacation with
her mother and HlHtor.
Several of tho rltlzonn of tho
Laweu nectlon have been In town
during tho week being interested In
tho water hoarlng being conducted.
Among thoro up wore; A. S. Rwnln,
Lloyd Johnson, Will and Ralph Cnt
tomon, Fred Otloy and hlfi son Frod
Jr., I. Wolnatoln, Scott Hayes and
Allon Sltz.
Tho Misses Krlcheaka, Froaso, and
Whoaldon, all of tho Harney County
High School faculty, loft thlH morn
ing for tholr homea to npond tho boll
" ay vacation. A. IC. KIchardHon took
thorn out uh far au nend,
Robt. Drlnkwator
Crano yesterday.
was over from
C. L. Forbes, a roproiontatlvn of
a meat concorn at la Orando, In
soliciting bunlnena from local firms
of Hums.
Judgo Grant Thompson wan
among our Lawon vlnltorn during
tho week, being Interested In tho
water adjudication.
Court stenographer Will Walker
Ih hearing tho testimony In other
cases In addition to the water adjud
ication while ovor from his homo at
Judgo Will R. King wan present
at tho hearing of tho water adjudica
tion testimony during tho week, do
ing associated with tho attorneys for
William Hauloy. Judgo King waH
hero during tho summer for a short
time and sn'H now that ho has re
sumed private practice following IiIh
work with tho U. M, Reclamation ser
vice, ho will likely make froiiuent
vlaltn to Oregon oven though IiIh
olllco la in Washington, I). I'.
Hupt. A. R. Olson of tho !'. I.. S.
Co. arrived homo thin week from a
trip to Han Franolxco Upon IiIh re
turn there wnH a meeting of tho dlr-
(H'torri of tho Jlariioy Valley Irri
gation District but wo aro luformod
thoro was nothing of Importance
enmo before tho mooting, merely a
regulnr monthly meeting and tho
payment of iiuch IiIIIh as 'wore pro
Honted. '
R. Frod Williams will annuma tho
position of chief deputy under Chun,
B. Dlllman upon his taking tho oath
an county clerk for tho coming term
Fred Jiua already entered tho office
and Ih assisting In tho conduct of the
olllco during Mr. Dlllman'n abHoiiceo
on IiIh honeymoon, Mr. Wllllnma In
well qunllfled for tho position and
no doubt hla Holcctlon will meet tho
approval of tho public,
Judgo Froemont Wood of Roiso
wan ono of tho outnldo nttornoyn to
attend tho adjudication hearing con
ducted during tho wook. Mr. Wood
repreaontod tho Oregon & Western
Colonization Co, and W. P. Davidson
In tho proceedings.
New and Second Hand
$3,000.00 Stock to Choose From
Inland Empire Realty Co.
Albert A. Traugott, Proprietor
Phone Old Xorgeneoa Bid.
Ira Mahon wan In town hint Sat
urday afternoon,
Mm. C. A. Harlan was ovor from
Cruiiu yuntordiiy doing iiomo nhop
ping and vltiitlng frtoililH.
lion. John L. Raiid and K, F.
frreailwell were among tho outmdo
altornoyH attending tho water hear
ing In thin oily during tho wook.
A dofootlvo fluo caused a Hmnll
blaze at Jumcii Douegaa'a olllco Wed
nomluy morning. Tho flamoii wore
extlngulflhod hoforo any diuimgo waa
Mm. H, L. llaynoii was horo from
Callow valley during Iho week.
W. T, Vanderveor wan ovor from
bin ranch on l'lno creek tho other
day on business.
Mhia Milium I'ottornon Is In from
her homo near Wngontlro.
Mr. and Mm. O. I'. Wlthors wore
registered at tho Lovona from I'alii
ley tho foro part of this wook.
County Agont MoDaiilols lo'l
Thursday for I'oudloton whoro ho
was called on buslnoim for a short
tlmu by Assistant County Agent
Leader Ilallard.
C. W. Frailer and Chan. Mooro
worn among our visitors from the
Diamond country during tho wook.
Tho boyn wero over on somo court
Mr. and Mm. J. W. Famon are
hero from their homu at l'ayotto, on
a visit to their daughtor, Mm. Obll
Hhattuck. Thoy will remain hero un
til after tho holidays. Tho Farsonn
aro not ntrangem in thin community
as thoy have been horo raoro or less
for several yearn.
Ooorgo Foon, tho Chinnman who
conducted a restaurant in thin city
for yearn, and In now located at
Crano, sont tho manager of thin
groat rollgloun weekly a turkey for
Chrlstamn. Oeorgo has been a resi
dent of Harney County for over
thirty yearn and knew tho newspaper
man when ho wan a schoolboy. In
tho old dayn George used to feed
"us kids" plo when wo would call on
him after achool and hod always
say: "Oo to schood, more bettor."
Price Cochram In hero from Rye
Valloy In Raker county whoro ho and
his family now rouble. Ho came over
on business and will likely be in thin
vicinity for several weeks.
J. L. Sits bos been over from his
Drewsey homo for tho past week ono
of tho Interested men attending the
water hearing in process since Tues
day. Mr. Sits la not personally In
tereeted In the controversy an Whan
disposed of hla land Intoroatn' In tho
vicinity of La wen. but ho knows
something of early water rlghln and
wan hero to testify for bin former
IxMra. O. J. Da rat arrived homo
last Tuesday, from KniiwiH whoro she
had been visiting for a few mouth.
During her nhsoiico she visited thu
middle western Mates, also made a
trlu Into California where she saw
the nice orange Broven and oxpor
loiiued tho delightfully mild climate,
yet nho Insists that Harney county
anow nnd sagebrush were most wel
come to hor. Jack camo down from
tho mlnoH thu day following Mrs
Hurst's arrival and nho has gone to
tho mountain homo with him.
. Mm. T. V. H. Kmbroo wan brought
to tho King hospital laat wook suffer
lug from an attack of pneumonia. Al
though advanced In years, Mrs. Km
breo resnouded to tho treatment of
her physician and la recovering sat
Infnetnrlly. Her sons, Clyde and Van,
with whom sho hati boon making her
homo In Sunset, wore more or Iohh
concornod about her recovery and
telegraphed tholr sister, Mm. Ully
Guthrie, who camo up from her homo
at Dalian to bo with her. Mn. I!m
liroo is tho wife of one of tho nionoer
doctom of this valley who later mov
(id to DalliiH with IiIh family and
vhero ho roslded until hla doiw'i hhv-
oral yearn ago. The uoy aro farm
cm in tho SuiiHOt district of thin vnl
The books acoounta an aetea ol
J. W. Geary. M. D. are in the office
of the undersigned for collection
All those knowing themselves Indebt
ed to the Dootor are requested to
call and settle, as I seall sot sea
out statomonts but bring suit In such
aases where I consider it proper te
do o. KlBflly eall and save costs.
N. YON80HlfAL3,
Atteraer k law,
All Hllk underwear at 20 per cent
offMm. H. F. Hchwartz. Ailv.
Harry Wlthors doHlres to oxprewi
hla Hlncero thanku to all tho neigh
bom and frlondH who showed nuch
marked klndneas and sympathy dur
lna- the trying hours of his wife
tucle Johns tibsto
"morzucv's hot
air Keeps the
houses warm.
The Rapl'nt LuiI'oh Home and For
eign Mlt'idonnry Society mot at tho
homo or Mr. and Mm, .Nell Smith on
Wednesdav. Doc 8th. Tho afternoon
wan profitably spent In making fancy
iifHitlna ft tin tt riMvnpp Aflnr riiiuf
iionm mootliitf it sborl nroisram was 'a
rendered In which Mrn. Hhattuck. of
tho Kxperlmont station, gave n saxo
phono nolo, accompanied by Mm.
Curtln Smith on tho piano. Light re
freshment woro norved by tho bost
A(Tlimatol Hecil for Halo
The Harney Rranch Kxperlmnnt
Station has tho following reckoned
seed for sale at threo and ono half
contn per pound:-
Truo Spring Ryo
Burly Ilaart Wheat
Hannchon, Trebl, and
Whlto Smyrna Ilarley
Sixty Day and Rustless
Selection Oatn
JMaco your orders oarly aa wo only
have a limited amount of thtmo ac
climated seeds on hand. 12-4-3t
Denatured Alcohol can now bo sad
for that radiator at tho Homo Drug
Store. Adv.
Patients receive tho bent of care
at the Uurns Maternity Hospital.
1 amwm
ft nri. 'j. o
A JUI1U jr.y
TilTB Census Bureau announces that out
of our population of 105,000,000 about
one fifthto J.)e exact 20,380,000 are
bank depositors. Are you one of the
"four fifths" who are not depositing? One
out of every two working adults has
enough thrift, foresight and strength of
character to save on a system and deposit
in a bank. Thrift pays now and
It Will Always Pay
The above is a story of endeavor, of
courage, of confidence and determination
that reveals sturdiness of character at its
best. It is a story that should bring the
stimulus of good suggestion to every one'
of us ii story of hearty good news for your
future and for ours. Save. Thrift Pays!
Save and deposit your savings here!
Harney County
National Bank
LOST Largo envelope containing
noma partially finished linen
handkorchlofa, also some crochet
thread. Finder will please loavo
at the County Agent's office. 13-18
Effective wan today tho Rend &
llnrnn Auto StiiRO ban changed Itn
achodulo until further notice an fol-
lown: Leave Uurnit Wednesday and
Sunday, leave Rend on Monday and
Friday. 12-4.
00,007 FORD CARS I Inoxponnlvo Xraan glfta may te
MADK I.N MONTH foand at tho Homo Drug Store. Ac
I o
Ono every
18 Mfond one
FalrbanVs-Morso Kcllpso
and Pump Jack assembled
price $77.60.
Heerlal prlro Vin.OO
Fairbanks-Morse Englno a homo
power Regular price $105,00
Nperlal prlrc H5.0
Myers pump, brass cyllndor,
feft pipe
Npeclul price W7.BO
Tho above artlcloa havo been used
hut Junt overhauled and are In flrat
class condition.
Dtirns Garage,
Uurns Oregon
During October 90.9G7 Ford cam
wore mado In tho Ford factory, at
Dotrolt and ahippod out to Join tho
four and one-half million already In
service. Thin is tho highest record
over reached by tho Ford Company,
or any othor company. Thlrty-threo
more cam would havo brought pro
duction up to tho 100,000 mark for
tho month.
October 26 wan tho banner day,
having brought forth 4,688 earn.
Thin wan also a record breaker. It
mcann that ono car wan completed
every eighteen and one-half seconds
for tho fintlro twenty-four hour day.
Thl) Ford estimate for this year in
ono and one-quarter million earn and
It waa during the fall of 1000 that
Honry Ford placed on tho market hla
now famous Model "T" tho car that
brought Ford unquestioned suprem
acy In tho motor car Industry. To
dato, more than four and ono-hnlf
million of this one model havo boon
built and distributed to tho four
corners of tho world. Of models prior
to tho "T", thirty thousand wero
During 1910, 18,6-14 Ford cam
woro built, a tromendoun output for
thoso daya. Yet in ton yonr from
that tlmo Ford production has grown
to more than ono million a year.
Almost half of tho motor cum In
thu world aro Ford cam. In tho unit
ed States and Canada, a llttlo bolter
than one-half aro Fords.
day' My tton, Geary Clovonger, has ma
I away from hla homo and refuses lo
J oboy mo an hla father, therefore L
' shall not bo responsible for any debts
ho may contract from this timo.
Kenneth Crwcler
emm cletiTcr
Cheaper mmw than later.
Wfcea th prcacut eapply
l exhaaatra' flea price
win ralav-rtia CV.
The Herman Martz
Wood Saw
Is prepared to work Z
Phone Nd. G104
tiff ITIIffMI TftTTT 1 I f II
Try Firecitoao
Adr. tf.
Wm. Farre
IVwctlce before U. S. Land
Ut pat tint-lit end
Real Estate
Indlciftlim.s are that tb
luro of thn land will
attrart mnny InrcMor l
Mnrney Ciunty the com
tiiK season. I.lhliagx mow
wHl b kept before pro
pm41vo luvestora the cu
Uf srnon.
Mrn. A. D. Jonon la aow in chnriN
of tko Smth rooming nnuae aajoin-
ing the Coir hotol. She will bo
pleased to meet her many Montis
there. -12tf.
400 tons alfalfa hay for sale. Feed
ing prlvlllgoa or it will be fed to
stock If donlrod, Inquire of J.
Lampahlre or Arthur Turner.
Notice Ih hereby glvon that tho un
doralgncd, administrator of tho estato
of Nora, B. Kostorson, docoasod, has
filod his Final Account of hla admin
istration of said estato with tho clork
of tho county Court or tho Btato of
Oregon, for Hamoy County, and that
said court has mado and ordor ap-i
pointing Monday tho 3rd day of Jan
uary, 1921, at tho hour of ton o'clock
A. M.i at tho County Court room In
tho County Court House, at Duma,
Hamoy County, Orogon, as tho tlmo
and placo for tho hoarlng of objoc
tlona to auch Final Account and tho
settlement thereof,
All porsonB IntoroHtod In aald es
tate and having objections to auch
Flnnl Account or any part or Horn
thoroof aro horoby notified to pro
nont aald nbJoctlonB and filo tho samo
with tho clork of aald court on or bo
fore aald time.
Great Keeteraoa UmtiUtrater
stock of
We are opening a
Crockery, Cut Glass.
Pottery, China, Community Sil
verware, Skates and Toys.
Drop in and allow us to make
Xmas suggestions.
I 5v ftRRR nr1 Co,