The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 11, 1920, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    Hut utility, Docomocr II. 120
T H K T I t 13 S II 10 It A Ij 1 11 U It N H , II A It N 33 Y OOU N TV, O It 13 G O N
I'itgo Five
1 1 i'
i Miwnnn in r ja
.You'll be sure to please all the men on your Christmas lis and save
m my weary shopping hours if you come FIRST to
The Burns Cash Store
Tito ro.y roinfort to hi Inul In a
Iioiim mitt I.h only fully appreciated
by (lie nut it who owiim one.
For Grandma, firntuljm, Mamma,
I'upa ami tho Kiddles. Leather
Shoos Ti'f tin who'" final .
V havo (ha larn'Nt amortmciit of
Hllk HhlrlN In (ho cllv.
Wo have (ho largest assortment or
'lias this nldn of Ilia city, ami also
wo have ordered mhiio twtrn A nut
hovos. Von pick Iho (la we iat It U
a alra Aunts ho.,
A nlro Hcarf, leather Vont, Thor
itio ('oat, Hwontcr, Halt, or Union
Hull would ho a nlro present Tor Dad
or In-other,
Visit our enlni'Kod hnnillioivlilor
section and uliiiro In tin hpochtlH wo
of for to early. Christinas shopper.
Silk 75c to 91.50
Wool , !I5 to JM.75
l.lsla !J5i! to 91.00
Hoy, Supporters, Hiispcutlcr.s, Hlecve
Holder, Ifdkf.s, all put. tijt lit nice
XinitH ho.vuH,
r Candy, Nuts, Figs, Cookies, Apples, Cranberries,
Olives, Dates,. Pickles. In fact everything fihy;ourj
Xmas table.-
; n
I T il IIIH lMI 1
ZZ3 WJjf I I
1 i' '
' ' ' 1 A O, UAT2T
amous Star Has A
Characteristic Role In
"The Money Corral"
A hit; roiloo Ih IioIiik hohl at Fraluy
unit, .tioaiuiut -- a K'tiaiiriiiii ui n''J
laiiH tiie wild rlilorH, craek'HliotH,
up' n nroiit'lio )wnra, uiiiiunn.
uii'uth and othors -revival of tlio
lil 111 fllfl flllVU 1.1(111 IllllfHIlIl. IL
uiuln-r of roal tntittlo. Ih uitxiouu to
.t II.,..,. I... I.!.. t.'.t. iiillUiiJ I .11111
ilM'fU, Will IliO HUnI MUlinuni
no i.ol.l li itimoiitliii uIMi
hf tl ll 11H llUllll I U
Ort-Kory (!olllnn, nrosldont of tliu
r iiiffinii in i nn ii iui rii'i i w in
uiui'i wiui ii ih ouiy naiiKitiur, juhui,
lio Ih (locldodly 'Hp-ntHK.' CoIIIiih
vcuivuh worn linn inn vauti in -ni-aKO
IniH bueu the Koal of HiIoVoh
- M I?V. 111(1 lllltU .... .
!! V V I lttftf
Hf'Hoti wIiih thy HliootlilK oontoHt,
civ ui iinuriiiK nun u jiiw in Km
aco to tuko earo of liln proporty.
nuiKlier rtiiumiH. Janai ih Horry
m i J (t tin U'riimi n 'Hiii'ii inn.
With ('0111118' party Ih a protty
k rl, i ixiur rolutlon iiiuaoil Uoho.
i. 111 ineet'i ln.r inul flndlllir I'llO HVOH 1,0111 DitVH
wnii tho fatnl
t i i.'jfii- inCil irn
c.i : l ' !. v i- tt'.t'lilantliil urn ti
InforiiiH Mr. CoIIIiih on IiIh rotiirn
with Loin, that poworful rival In
turoHtH aru hack of tho vault attnekn.
t.'ortalii pitpow thoy aro aftor, If oh
taliuxl hy thoiii, will wrook tliu
CoIIIiih TniHt Company.
Lota takoH tho Joh of KiiardliiK thu
vaiilta ami Ih wariital away in a inyH
torlouH notu. Ilrulor, Informud of tho
throat, arraiiROH frame-up ho that
I,oui will ho led to a notorloiiH cafo
on a falHO clow. Tho punehor HckH
tho KWiu,' and rotuniH.
A party Ih In prourcHH at tho CoI
IIiih' homo and Junot, to inako Loin
tiio hutt of tho ovoiiIiik, dniKH him
to tho (lanco floor. IIIh omharraHH
nionflH pitiful, ho much ho, that Hoho
ahlH him to oHcapo. Kurloim at IioIiik
halkod, Jiuiot'uphraldii Uoho Havanoly
and Hho dochlon to loavo. Sho inmitH
'Lorn and tullH him. Uo tolla hor ho
U iiIho flick of thlH Hfo und Is koIiik
hack trt tho moHttH of tho WohI. Thoy
aro almoHt confOHliiK tholr mutual
lovo, whoii Janot appoarn, and tolln
Loiii hr fatlior wlHiort,to hoo him.
hu Ih koIhk to (iut, inn
thoin lit tho vault. Tho lattor IiuikIih
at Loin for uiilttltiK. Tho punehor
nayH nothliiK. Thoro Ih a now watch
man that nlKht-
Tho attack Ih HtitKod. Tho watch
man Ih ovorpowered, hut whnn tho
crookH wot htiHy, thoy find hoiiiooho
who ran nhoot tho roijtor. out of a
iltino In inld-nlr, waltliiK for thorn.
Whoii tho police romo and opou tho
vault, tho f'nd Lorn with Ilrulor a
prlHonor. ad two crookH, ono wound
od. tho other dead.
CoIIIiih orfon Lorn anythliiK ho
wIhIioh; ho 'tHkfl for Hoho, and KotH
hor. Janot apologlzoH, and tho
rouplo rocolvo tho flmmt nincli In
Montana nH a gift from tho railroad
ThlH H tho Rtory Hill Hart will
appoar In at tho Llhorty on Sunday,
Dncomhor !!.
Kthel Chtjton'K LoikHiik Man HIiowh
How It Wuh Dono In
"PoltlKretv'H filrl"
lint iimiiiHi I'uvi in - - -
. iiocid i1'! AfflW
i Hual. V.., moriHnK. - &
i'im tiiiiinrtt of'fluuh urt'at valuo
r n the Collin,-, Trut i1 10 "r
Can a Hlmplo, alnccro, Inoxporlonc
od Holdlur hoy win a hoautlful liut
floklo Hroadway rhontH uli'l when
Miat i.'lrl Ih Juu on tho ovy of catoh
fni: a.s a huMi-mid a haudBoino young
mlllloiitlro? Nino out of ton will nay,
: Hut Myntjniii). as 1'rlvato I'ottl
g'row In I-Jlhol Clayton'H now Para
mount, utnrrJiiK vidihjlo, " I'ottlRrow'H
Olrl," whloit will ho hIiuwii at tho
Llhorty Thuatro next WodnoBday
! Hitya It can ho dono, MIhh Clayton
ItitH tho rolo of DiiIh)' 1 loath, a uhortui
clrl and Hroatlway lioauty. Dalny
Iiiih ritir lino out to catch a rich Iiuh
hand. '
1'rlvato I'ottlKrow Ih alono In tho
world, liuvliiK no parontH, rolatlvon
or frlonilH. Ho uovor ovou had a
Hwouthoart, hut whnn ho takes a trip
to Now York, from tho omharkatlou
camp at which ho Ih Htatlouod, ho
KotH a front mmt In DalHy'a thoatro.
Thoro ho mum hor, and throughout
! tho whole porforinanco ho can't tako
IiIh oyoH off hor. Ho iirratiKojv to moot
hor, and lotH of thlngH happou.
MIhh Clayton ah'aln ovIiicoh hor ro
markahlo ahlllty an an actromi of uu
UHtial vorHatlllty In thlH plcturo.
Monte. Illuo kIvoh a tlcilltf litful por
trayal of tho Holdlor. Tho plcturo
waH dlroctotl hy (Ioopko Molford. Tho
Hconarlo Ih hy Will M, Hltchoy, from
tho Htory hy Dana Hurnot. In tho
HUpportln'K cant aro Jiuuoh Miihoii,
CharloH Otiranl and Clara Whlpplo,
ill of whom aro capahlo artlHts ap
puarliiK In ooiib'onlnl rolon. '
You Please a Motorist Most
Wilfc an Accessory Gift
for His Car
Wc learned many seasons
ngo that the real acceptable gift
to every motorist was some spec
ial or accessory for his car.
That's why we made a special
effort this year to have our stock
bright and new at Christmas
Cut just because it is Christ
mas season we have not marked
up. Instead we are offering many
Present him or her with a:
Tire Windshield cleaner
Tube Vulcanizing outfit
Robe Set of Chains
Tool kit Flash Light
Spot light Foot Warmer
Gas Book Radiator Cover
or something else for his car.
Universal Garage Co.
niout onjoyahlo comodloH of tho Do
llavon ropurtolro thiiH far produced
and film faiiH Konorally havo a do
HeHtful troat in Htoro for thorn.
In thlH comody, tho Do Ilavoim aro
hooii as a young married oouplo who
hovo plenty of trouhlo whon they
hoglu tholr uhuuI Hprlng Iiouho ro-
ftirnlHhlug. Thoy try to do tho Joh
with tho aid of a hook, hut tho
Kchomo fatlH to, work and many com
plIcatloiiH oiiHUe, all of which aro
mirth provokliiR to a degroo. It iu
a ntory that will ho enjoyed hy ovory
marled couplo who havo had similar
oxponloucoH, Tho Htory wan written
hy Mr. Do llavon and tho plcturo waa
dlrectod hy CharloH J. Parrott.
Piirmiioiiiii. Carter 1a llavt'it
I ' " V " .',
i;oiui'ii.v iiiKii.v i',iiji,iiiiiii'
' Did you ovor clean Iiouho and do J
your own docoratlng In tho glhil,
Hprlng tlmo? If you did, you will on
Jny' tho now I'arainount-Carton Dii
Huvoii comody, "Spring." whoh
ho' proHontod at tho, .Llhorty thoatro
Ipixt Wpduoaday. Tlilu Iu onj of tjio
... , , .
Bend-Burns Stage Company
Schedule to Take Effect Noveinbar16
Stage leaves Bend for Burns:
Monday and Friday
Stage le&ves Kurns for Bend:
Sunday and Wednesday
Bend-Burns Stage Company
H. R. Sclmnno, Wesley Mill, Win. Fraser, Proprietors
j 1
t ,1