The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 11, 1920, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    ' Saturday, December II, I DUO
T II K T I M R H II 10 It A Ij I)
(1 (Ml N T V
o u ro a o n
Page Tlirco
Pantry cooks lull uh that n duek
egg Ih bottor for tunny purposes than
n hen's, egg. Ptirthormoro there nro
nowndayH varluttcn of duckH, which
with proper cnro, will lay nlmoHt uh
many ogg Por futnalu In a year as
will a good hon.
Hut tho hen makes a nolso ovory
time sho layn an egg, whllu tho dunk
fsiyo nothing and goes away and
leaven lior nowly laid egg to tho
morclt'H or chanco.
llonn nro grown on ovory farm nnd
no countlcPH thoiiRnndK of village
back lot. Tho Pacific Coast country
h full of associations devoted to tho
hnndllng and marketing of Iioii'h
eggs, ut duck In obneuro nnd almost
Hero In a mighty oxampio of tho
Tallin of making n nolso In tho world.
Thero nro millions of mun In tho
world who nro honest, capable nnd
Intelligent, but who hnvo a hard tlmo
(o nmko n living. Thorn aro millions
f bUBlnnw ponltlonH which thoso
men rould llfl porhapn bettor than
thny arc tmlng filled by tho mon who
now hold thorn, but tho follow who
bnvo tho Jobn havo ulno had tho fac
ulty of pushing themsolvon forward
and selng that tho mon who hud
jobn to glvo out hoard about thorn.
They had tho ability to mako a nolno
about themselves and nmko It to
food advantage.
Thoro aro thoiiHahdH of professlon
nl mon struggling along without ru
ntunoratlvo huslnoRH hoeauno thny
huvo boon too modest or too ethical
or too retiring to put thoniHolvoH in
way or buslnosH which might bo
tholra. Thoy havo novor loarnod how
to nmko a iioIku.
In Juat tho annui wny, thoro aro
thousands of bliHlnosii Iiouhoh, which
aro running along on n small volume
of buHlnoHH, or If thoy aro making a
profit, It In vory much losti than It
ought to bo, bocaUHO thoiio Iiouhoh
havo novor learned bow to mako a
noluo about tlio'jinolvoii nnd tho
goodH thoy handlo.
Tho most modern form of making
a buHlnoHH iioIho In ndvorllHlng. Youi
buslnosH competitor may carry no
bottor merchandise thnn you carry.
Ilo may bo In no bottor position to
glvo iwrvico to hln customers thnn
you aro, hut If ho lotn tho possible
that ho hns niorchandlso which thoy
buyers know through ndvor.tlslng
want nnd that ho given norvlco which
thoy need whllo you nit ntlll waiting
for htom to como to you, ho will
prosper whllo you will go backward.
Thoro aro many manufacturorn
who aro making high clana matorlnln
and good workmanship, but If thosn
manufacture aro not advortlalng
their merchandise and nobody known
about It, It's tho wrong kind of mor
chandlno for you to havo on your
It la your bunlncna to advertise
your atoro and your aorvlco and It In
lo your IntoroHl to lot your ciiHtoin
crn know, what lluoii you hiuidlo, hut
you cannot afford, to glvo thorough
and complete advertising to ovory
product In yoWn iitoro that'n tho
manufacturers' huulnoim nnd iiiiIuhh
ho dooH HiIh you ought to chango to
iioiiio other IIiioh which nro adequate
ly advertlHOd,
You don't want duck oggH to Kelt
lu your ntoro, you want Iioii'h oggti.
Thoy nro tho kind which nro ndvor
tliiod. Illuo Mountain Haglo.
Till HIIHO 1,1 NKH
Ihii'I It remarkable that you and
1 aro tho only peoplo lu Hurnn who
havo tho energy nnd ambition to do
hue to "Htnrt something?" It might
bo worth romomhorlng, however,
that moHt of our ambition getn no
further than blaming tho other fol
low for bolng a deadhead.
When you noo nil tho activity go
ing on around tho location of tho
new Iru Rkntlng rink, don't It mnko
you reel Ilku getting out "among 'em
Kvory onco In a whllo nnmobody
comes along with a good thing and
trlon to got a bunch or llurnii people
Intcrontud Jn a community enterprise.
When thnt happen, don't nit back
nnd nay, "Well, now that would bo
nice, wouldn't It? Hut so-and-so and
tho rest or tho crowd wouldn't back
it up. I don't think It can bo done."
InMtoad, get In yourneir. Thoro may
be nomoono olso In town who aUo
waiitH to huvo a good tlmo.
While kicking about tho town In
general and yoTlr next door uolghhor
lu particular, why not try to do your
part toward making tho town liv
able? Homo country towmi aro iulto
iih wldo nwako uh tho cltloH. Help to
mako Hurnn ouo of them.
With tho proHpect of a great deal
of work to bo done on tho Highway
lu tho near future, coiuch iiIho tho
(jueittlon of how llurnii Ih going to
moot tho Htraugoni who como hero to
do a great deal of tho work, and, In
cidentally to upend their money hero,
I and for a time to become a part of
i tho community. Not ovory Btrniiger
Ih a catllo their. Why not trea 'em
iih whlo folku, till they prove other-wluo?
Tho nvorngo novice can rcitHonnbly
expect to get an average or at least
10 doKou eggH per hen u yrur from
li Ih iiuiall riock In the back yard, nay
poultry HpeclallntH of tho United
BtntcH Department of Agriculture.
On tho bnHhi of two Iioiih to each
memlie or the family thin will glvo
20 dozen eggn a year to each pemon,
which nmount In about halfway be
tween tho general average of farm
and city consumption. No back-yard
poultry keeper nhould ho natlnfled
with Ioph than thin. Ho ahould try,
however, to got an much more an
To provide an egg n day for each
perHon two hens would havo to lay
183 eggn each year. TIiIh Ih by no
moanu an ImpoRiitblo avoragu for
iimall flockn. It In porhapn not too
much to nay that In cancn where tho
purson attending tho flock In In a
position to look after tho wants or
tho birds, three or moro llmca a day
an average of bolter than 13 doRon
eggs per hen can bo secured if tho
honn are mature and In good condi
tion at tho start, and havo tho vital
ity to carry thoin through a year or
heavy laying.
For ho farm tho average of 100
eggn per hon Ih advised an tho lowent
that Simula" bo accepted an satisfact
ory, whllo for tho bnck yard 120 Ih
Insisted upon an tho lowest average,
although In general tho conditions In
back yards nro lesn favorable to poul
try than ou farms.
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vl gLLrgLU JlLw lggggiggggB
f cbelee grates eily. Wkat war
you bay kene yeu'H Had tender aad
toatkMBia. Yau my tklak tkat
eaatee quality aaeais kfekee etnt.
Bw tkai0aly tUka ya ar
win k graven lfk yaur Nrxt rdtr.
. W. UflH kCARKR
U'a quite posHlblo to work hard
and still tako llfo easy. It Is all In
tho wny you look at your Job.
In Now York high society It Is con
nlititnx! nulto Immodest to oxnosn an
imr to tho vulgar public gaze. Ilut
mon do not objoct to thlt; harmloso
crazo. 8hnrt ntocklngs and baro
knees aro much moro to their liking.
hside rack on a dim job!
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A town that Is worth living In Is
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ers will keep thlH fact in mind when
doing their ChrlstmnH shopping.
wkca yau rier a glass f our yrf"t
soda. Maala juat right, nixed last
rlgkt aai aerved Just rlckt It la a
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ftocadaata. Smms like blgk arattfa?
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and aut the Matter to a teat Ani
listen, It tastee evea better It partak
en la coaaaaBy.
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an laipDUiieeF
EVERTHING else being
equal, it pays Oregon people
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sufficiently interested in upbuild
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Is your grocer this kind of a man? Does
your druggist display Oregon-made
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