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fSHZv A ' -
trnc)' (Vtrrity'n Umber I -4 nit
llnrncy county's rcscourccn tire
utirucUriK the attention of ilia
ttilllro West. ' Irrigation, Mock
ftiMngf niliicH, oil "nnd gas pr(T
qiceiio (mil agriculture all
ftviiltliitt il(ni:Iiiiii(!i(t.
wet for Immediate . cxploltn
ton Mills' should bo .turning
t out to ultl In (lio rocnimtrue
Ion work of tlio notion. In
vcstlpiio I in virgin lioia. .
NO. 6
Harney Valley Irriga ion
District Directors Get A
Larger Drill
Tho llnruoy valley Irrigation Dls -
trlct directum havo brought In n
larger machine with which to make
Iho nuccHiiary InvonCgntlmiH ns to tlio
character or the bod of th reservoir
nt the lower site. Tho drilling mn-
ehlno arrived tho fore part of IIiIh
week and has boon taken to tho plauo
of operation.
John W. Cunningham of thn en
gineering f mi of Huar & Cunulug
ham, who hud charge of tho prolliu
Inury survon and conducted dm
fluid Investigations, camo up fro n
Portland for tho purpose of bolng fnrmM ,H GREATER MY THIRTEEN
proBont at tin tlmo or tho arrlvul ijtLLLJON THREE HUNDRED AND
and Insinuation or tho machinery. KIFTV HIX mimioN DOLLARS
Mr. L. A. Chrlstonson, a Civil oigl-mn ftM lllu MU.Huclurlng und Ita
neor of cxporlonco, acompnnlod Air pro,iMctB put togother.
Cunningham and will hitvo charge or Thn uvrago farmers Investment In
tho Investigation. ltttUj nn(J ,.,,U,,n,0nt Ih 925,000.00 yet
Tho Jonnion Drilling Co. of Fort- Uu, tftX01t ,lP0 proportlonato on tho In
land Ih tho firm that will do tho vostmont of all cIubhcb. Isn't It tlmo
work and thla concern In capablo of j to ACT?
getting results. Tho LABORER pays from ONB to
Tho dlHtrlct has apont coniildorablo F0UIt l'KH CENT to tho UNION to
money trying to ascertain mo cnar-,
acter of tho foundation for tho pro
pound dam but tho apparatun flrnl.ln
talled was not of Mufficlont capacity
to got tho ruaulta desired thcroforo
It waa found necessary to mako other
arrangements. It la confidently ex
pected rlow to got tho Information
needed to comploto tho eatlmatoH and
get data In readiness to submit to tho
l&ndownorn in order that tboy may
decide upon a bond election.
Tho Tlmcs-Horald rocelvod pagon
from two Loa Angeles nnwapapcra
In tho mall last 8aturday and
upon perusing thorn find some Inter
esting Items concerning tho move
montn or our frlond A. Ottlngor. who
In associated with othor capitalists
In California In tho steamship busi
ness. Ono article published In tho
Los AngelcB Examiner, roads:
Ynlo uiul lliirvartl will hall March t
Announcomont wan mado yostor
day by A. Ottlugor, rocontly nppolnt
d paHHonKor trnlllc inannKr for tho
I.G" Aiifjoles Stonmshlp Company
tint service will ho Inaugurated with
th Initial sailings of tho Yale from i
i. A,,r,i. ,,n.i tiir itnrviird from
Han I'rnuelHco at 4 o'clock In tho
.fiirnooii of March 1. They will ar- only way he can accomplish the woru
rive at tholr retipeetlvo destinations Ih through ORGANIZATION. Some
t 10 o'clock the following morning, i of iih are already awake and aro be
Each vessel will accommodate fiGO I ginning to mako ourselvim HEARD
cabin passeugerfl and about 400 tons
of freight, and will havo all tho mod
ern conveniences of ocean travel, In
cluding motion pictures, danco hall,
harder shops, elovator sorvlco and
rtviiilng rooms.
The othor story Is tnkon rrom tho
Us Angeles Times and says:
For Kwat fleet of new ships
Taking capitalists or all Southern
i allfornla counties Into tho organ
isation, tho IOH AngoloH Pacific Nav-
Iratlon Company will inaugurate a
campaign Immediately to ralso from
U 000,000 to 116,000,000 with
which to securo a floot or merchant
VfHsolH with which to oporato fts
liuslnoss botweon hero and tho Orient
At a mooting of its fifty directors
In tho California Club last night tho
company decided to continue opora
ting such vossolB a havo boon alio
entail to It by tho United States
Shipping Board, 'but to. proceed with
tho creation of a fund sufficiently
largo to flnanco such boat purchase
h It may bo able to mako outside
thn Shipping Dpard.
Tho company In said to havo two
nicellent freighters In prospoct now money Is available to tide him over
At roaaonablo prices. It will not un- VET AUSTRALIAN AND NEW
dortake to purchaso boatn rrom tho ZEALAND WOOL IS IlEING DUMP-
Hhipplng Board unless thoy aro or
ferod at hotter prlcon than havo
been quoted In the past, according
to MarlUR Do Brabant, vice-president
nt the company. Fred L. Baker
will continue an president or the
eanenrn. Mr. Da Brabant says. In
vstorn in all the southorn countlon
el tho Statt will ba invltod to nub
rlb to atok In the aompany, each
HBty bta ake4 to conduct a
4hr to mJm ff rU aa aaaka
tk iiiiwi a MHNivra 0llfral
Should Farmers OrKiuiIrn?
Should farmers null tliulr productH
UNION LABOR cloon lit prlcoH
undreamed of until (hoy wuro organ
ized. WIIOII HWHliNKHH UAI'lTAIi mtwos
n demand It In aecoodod to
Iohh of coiiHoiuenceH. It controls tho
Through Itn organizations when
UNION LABOR npenks It In heard. It
Ih HUppOHud to control tho VOTES.
Under present condltlonn when thn
FAILVEU HpeakH ho Ih given tho Ha
Ha. I.o holilH tho RACK.
I.m or represents only about
i:iUl!T 1 Kit (JI5NT of tho voting
population with tho average Invest
i.uiii in i-inlncsn of $50.00.
Thu value nf tho Invostiuoiit It;
prolocl hln JOH. Tho BUSINESS
INTERESTS through a ncoro of
channels' pay considerably more to
protect their CAPITAL.
HE HAS for tho prlvolego or work
ing 14 hourn a day in order tlmt la
bor may havo CHEAPER FOOD and
work 8 hours Ho works tho shorter
hours Hut In tho rood cheaper?
On tho face of It YES but tho la
borer itnyn NO and In tho majority
of ItiHtanccn ho is right for you sou
CAPITAL in tho rorm or a ncoro or
so or middle men must bo maintained
In luxury by ROTH THE FARMER.-
Mr. FARMER In your JOII worth
protecting In tho CAPITAL you
havo tied up In land, stock and ma
chinery worth protecting? Should tho
FARMER bo hoard when ho npoaks
op should ho nlways bo tho (JOAT.
Of courso you at onco say yos HUT
.The man who nainoH tho price ho
will pay for tho product of your fiirin
and ranch or tho man who workri
8 hours a day and wnntH you to
work 1 I In order that' ho may huvu
choapor food?
The man to do tho Job of PRO
THCTINO Ih the FARMER and tl..!
through tho AMERICAN FARM
farmor in HARNEY COUNTY can
tako your pluco in tho couiioIIh of
thin groat organization hy Joining
Keep thin in mind when tho member
nhlp commltteo cnllH on you Hhorlly
after the find of tho yonr as wo ex
pect Harnoy County to bo 100 per
cent Farm Dureau by UiIh tlmo next
Doos tho rarmor need protecting
naya thn city man
he nood REPRESENTATION 'where
' roproHonlatlon COUNTS? Only a fool
;0r worse would ask sucha quoHtloii
with CANADIAN wheat bolng dump
od Into this country DUTY FREE
and thereroro selling nt LESS THAN
against tho Canadian FLOUR by a
SHEEPMAN Is racing tho groatost
crises In tho history or tho Industry
since ho buslnesn Interests say no
protoctod from tho Importation of
cloth by a 33 1-3 por cont TARRIFF.
Tho samo nhlng applies to Tho
CATTLEMAN with tho Importation
terest! are having tho fight or their
lira trying to COMPETE with NEW
POULT ft YMAN goM oat ef buslnws
whtl tk! COLD BTORAOl INT1R-
Tho llurnn Flour Mill Ih now run
ning anil tho produutH may bn found
at local storoH. Auk for hoiiiu pro
duct when marketing.
Tho mill In under tho Hiiporvlidon
of uu experienced miller 'and tho
flour turned out Ih guaranteed to ho
pure, of good flavor and roiipondli
moHt mitlHfactorlly to yeawt. There Ih
every reiiHon why tho pooplu of thin
county Hhoiild paronlzo tho homo
manufacturer when tho product Ih
equal to that purchased elHowhoro,
oHpoclally iilucu It opoiu a markol for
tho farmer. Tho prlco Ih not so
gront or no greater than you pay for
outnldu products and hy purchasing
homo productH you tiro encouraging
tho farmer to greater production,
giving tho homo uerehant his share
of the trade and thun kooplng all
thn money at homo.
lluriiH Invito tho patronage of tl
surrounding fanners and stuckmun
and it Ih tho wise merchant wan hun
tho home product and thus shown h i
community spirit nnd proven to tho
t .inner and stockman that ho Is sin
cere In his effort to aid them In re
turn for their patronage. Wo need
those nelghbum and Hmi more they
prodtiro thi better for tho entire
country and tho moro prosperity for
the town man.
Patronize tho homo mill and tho
homo merchant that carries tho homo
CHINESE ECUS and all at the samo
prlco that would bu charged for clean
high grade AMERICAN products.
doen this arrangement give tho
AMERICAN farmer and stockman a
SQUARE DEAL or ovon reduce tho
prlco to the consumer?.
Through tho FARM IIUREAU tho
tariff issue will bo taken nut of POI
IT1CS and a UNIFORM schedule so
cured and maintained, and In thin
manner OUR organization will soo
that the FARMER Is HEARD and
AMERICAN Agriculture given a
Tho rjuostlon Is aro YOU going to
PROTECT your JOII by Joining thn
only ORGANIZATION that ran mnko
tho farmer HEARD nt tho place
that counts CONORE8S7
flood Netted Gem seed potatoes
that havo been certified by tho crop
iipeelallHtH of the O. A. C. as being
pure ami truo to typo and free from
disease can bo proeured through thin
olllci) for :i centH per pound at llend
or I Vi cents at Hums.
If you nro Interested In dnlry eat
tin lot the county intent show you
a list or good uillkerH offered for sale
through other county ugontii at
prleoH that are very reasonable.
Tho county court spent several
days or the, Deeember term consid
ering and preparing tho budget fori
taxes for the coming year and It Is
published in thin Ihhuo or Tho Times
Herald. Tho budget hi tho moHt
comploto over prepared nnd given
dohills which enables tho taxpayer
to got an Idea of what thu money Is
used for.
JuilKC-elect R. T. Hughot look
part in the deliberations In coniild-j
crlng tho hiulget for tho corning .
vour; Jildgo Farm Invited Mr. Hugh
ot to lid present as upon him devolv
ed tho necessity of admlnistorlug
during thn period for which the tnx
money Ih collected.
A lotter qvor tho signature or
Judge Farro Ih also published this
week which explains further tho
budgot. Judge Farro points out
tho reason ror economy and shown
how tho C por cent limitation and
statutory demands require consid
eration. Ono matter Judgo Farro rofors to
that will bo taken up at the tlmo tho
budget Is cnnslderd on Dec, 31, Is
the provision of a community nurse.
A delegation wont boforo tho board
nt Uh recent meeting and asked that
an amount bo Included In tho budget
to cover tho exponse of a community
nurso, tho nmount bolng approxi
mately $3,000 plUH a Ford cnr. This
item Is not Included In tho budgot.
It Is realized thero Is a groat do
mand upon tho funds of tho taxpay
ers and that wo nhould practlco econ
omy, but whothor It Is economy to
neglect tho hoalth of tho ahlldron of
tho eounty In a question that shovld
b considered tib mttor hi
before the ?t.
A very pretty wedding wns solemn
ized Wednesday evening, December
eighth, at tho homo or Dr. and Mrs.
L. E. llllibard when their daughter
Eugenia wiih united In marriage to
William Poletnau Skulns. Thin hos
pitable homo wiih given an added
charm tyy tho profusion or roues, car
natlonrt'and remit which formed tho
After two violin solon, "I Love
You Truly" and "Perfect Day,"
beautifully reuderod hy Miss Agnes
Foley, tho bridal party entered to the
strains of "Narcissus" played by Mrs.
Albert Vincent, nlntor of tho bride.
A bower or rerun and carnations
had bn artistically arranged, tho
brakes lined as tho background being
brought fron Dr. Hlbbnr-l'n birth
place In W llamr'tn Vnlloy. V.'Hhln
th's arbor thn hr dal par'-,' took their
P'.ncen, mnMng a benut'iMl living pic
ture. Hanoi llllibard and Mabel
Lkelu.i, i slMtorn of the br'do and
groom, froMpeeilvol'-, pctod as br'ilnfi
mald . tin ce In rob n cg blue
crepe df) chine. rarryJnu a bmiuet of
ollow chrysnnthemus, and Iho oth
C In pala green ines-nlinii bearing
a largo hunch of pin); and white
Hnnpdrogc n. The brldeimn iln form
ed ono of a crescent, while tho
groomsmen, Ray Skeins and Llew
JlIyHjJlbbard, brothers or tho prln
dpiUlVformod tho other point. Tho
groohook his placo In the center
or the semicircle and tho climax was
reached when tho bride ontored on
tho arm of her father and took her
placo beside tho groom.
Shn Vas richly gowned In creamy
white cVepe do chlno with an over
drapo of sliver lace and tho long
bridal vol! hold In place by a strand
or pearls about tho forehead. In
her hands she carrlod a beautiful
bnquet or bride roses and rollage.
An Improsslvo ceremony was read
by Rev. L. 8. Tracy, pastor or tho
local Church or tho Naziuene of
which tho couple aro members. Fol
lowing (ho words which tnndo tlmo
young pooplo husband and wife, they
received the hearty good wishes and
congratulations of the relatives and
row Intimate friends who were pron
out. Tho guests spent n pleasant hour
over dainty refreshments nnd In ad
miring thn magnificent array of girts
which Indicated the high esteem In
which this couple Is held by their
Thu bride Is tho second daughter
of Dr. nnd Mm. llllibard. a young
woman of charming personality and
raru vocal talent which Is a delight
to her many friends. She Is an
alumuiiH of Harney County High
School and has for some years been
her father's right hand assistant In
his dental olllco.
Tho groom Ih iiIho a graduate of
our local High School and Ih well
known as a young man of character,
energy and buslnesH capacity that
promlson well fora successful and
useful life.
M. It. Biggs, rormorly a resident
or this city whero ho practiced law,
Is ovor rrom IiIh homo at Prlno
vlllo. Mr. Hlggs Is a cousin of John
and Allen HlggH of UiIh city, bur
lug his residence In this city Mr.
Hlggs mado many warm frlonda who
aro glad to welcome 'him among
them again,
Mr. Biggs baa not rollowod law
praotlco In recent yeara, prororrlng to
dovoto his tlmo to his largo ranch
pear Prlnovlllo whoro ho la engaged
In tho production or pure bred Short
horn' cattlo and rino horsoaand mules
His herd or Shorthors woro recontly
pronouncod by William Hanloy na
tho best ho had ovon scon.
"Dick" as Mr." Hlgga Is ramlllarly
called by his old tlmo frlonds, Is
now Doputy Grand Master or tho Odd
FoUowb or Oregon. Ho will bo
Grand Master noxt year. Ho waa
ploasod to rind ho was hero on tho
rogular mooting night or Harney
Lodgo, whloh was tho lodge that
mado htm an Odd Fellow. Ho wlt
nosaod some degree work Thursday
ovonlng, soolng tho Third conrorrod
on somo of hlfl porsonal frlonda. Fol
lowing the dogroo work the, boys
had a llmburger spread in the dining
room, aot entirely in honor ol their
-HstlngHlshed TliUer, but m Ui the
Tho following report of Iho ftnnu
ceii of tho utliletle activities of tho
Harney County High School Is pub
lished hy request of tho principal nnd
thu boys taking part. Tho figured
cover tho uxpctinoii of thu four foot
ball games and the banquets In con
nection with tho visiting teams:
II. C. If. H. Football Expense Account
Oct. 4 Tag Sale J177.C8
C Tag Sale 1.00
0 Donation merchants 117.25
20 Halaucn M. G. Brown
Special I). M. Mc. 83.51
Nov. 3 I). M. McDado from
Pralrlo 80.00
3 Receipts from 2 Game
and Danco 183.14
4 Receipts rrom 2 Game .76
10 Rotund from Mrs.
Schwartz 3.1.0
Doc. C H. C. II. S. Student
. Body 14.50
xxx Dan d 183
II. C. H. H. Football Expense Account
Oct. C Rood Bros. Topo and
string I 18''
C Julian Byrd Tags.... B.56
9 Myrtlo Bonnott
Montn Prairie 8.00
0 Pralrlo R. R. D.
Frolght Chargon 2.9
10 Myrtlo Bonnott
Meals Pralrlo 1.00
12 Canyon City Board
and Room 50.00
12 Mrs. Williams Meals
John Day 2.50
10 Rex Clark Gan and
Oil 10.00
10 R. Voogtly Gan and
Oil 10.00
10 It. Y. Swett Oan nnd
Oil 10.00
21 N. F. Reed Gan and
Oil 10.00
23 O. Shattuck Oan and
Oil 10.00
20 Trans H. C. N. Bank
TO M. C. B. Spl 88.00
30 Pralrlo Team 80.00
Nov. ID. M. McDado
Meals at Pralrlo 27.60
1 II, J. Reed Music
and Dnnco 20.00
1 Reed Bros. BupplloH 3.35
3 O. J. Dent Cream .... 1.50
3 N. Brown & Sons
Suppllos 2.75
3 Homo Drug Co
3 Farmers' Exchange
Supplleus 2.25
3 HuriiH Cash Store
supplies ri.oo;
3 C. C. Pago Huns ete.
3 A. F. Iinroar Fruit 2.70
3 nms Meat Mr.
Chickens 8-05
3 O. W. Market-Chick
cub v C.00
3 Mrs. Schwartz Sup
plies f'-09
4 Hazel Hlbbar!-Milk 1.00
4 Julian Byrd Hall .... 10.00
4 Reed Bros Supplies
F. B - 23.93
5 Reed BroH. Tapo .... 3.00
10 Mrs. J. Shepard
Lime C.50
10 Lunoburg Dalton
Supplies 1.7C
Doc. C C. II. Voegtly
Gooda F. B 221.39
N, Brown & Sons $
Burns CJatdi Storo '.
Jullnn Byrd
Sam Mothorshoad
Wm. Farro
W. A. Oownn
Chaa. Rohn
Rood Bros
E. A. Graham
0. W. Moat Market
Geo. W. Simmons
II. L. Cawlflold
Chan. EHIb
J. A. KrumhoU
C. Culver Pago
1. S. Goer St Co
First Nat'l Bank of Burni..-
J. C. Welcome & Son
Burns Garago
inland Realty Co
R. G. Buorkl
C. II. Voogtly
Maurice Sc.hwarta
Lunaburg ft Dalton
Everett Bggleaton
Chip . Smith,
I. ft Hellaai ........... ......
2. CO
Estimate Amount to Be
Raised by Tuxation
Next Year
In presenting for tho consideration
of the taxpayers of Harney County
tho Hudgot or eatlinato of tho amount
of money proposed to bo raised hy
taxation for the ensuing your, atten
tion Is called to thu fact that tho
general lax levy for the year of 1921
can not exceed 9233,507.13, or, thu
levy made for samu purpose frr tho
proceeding year, to wit: !220,2S:.75,
plus six pur cont.
Neither tlmo nor effort has been
spared In preparing tho budgot in
order to make it conform both with
tho lottor nnd spirit of tho law. lit
many Instances thu Court regrets
that moro liberal provisions could
not bo made, an well an Itn Inability
to includo therein 14,000.00 for tho
malntalnanco of a public health
nurse asked for by many petitioners,
but considering the mandatory levies
and that tho Indebtedness of tho
County on January 1, 1920 waa 934,
410.60, which, owing to tho high cost
of all commodities, remains approx
imately tho same, redemption or war
rants to bring tho County within tho
96,000.00 limit or voluntary Indebt
edness becomes apparent, and no
rurthor appropriation could, bo pro
vided ror.
Asldo rrom tho budgot ror tho gen
eral rund controlled by tho six per
cent constitutional limitation act
Harnoy County must, in 1921, pay an
additional Stato tax or 950,800.00
on account or Initiative measures
nuch an "Higher Education" "Ore
gon Stato Normal School" "Sold
lors, and Marines Education and
School Fund," voted by tho people
nt thn primary election last May, this
together with a rabbit bounty voted
at trio goneral election in November
(ror which an estimate or 9100,000.
00 may provo nearer correct that
126,000.00 as provided ror In tho
budget) and rollowod by Mnrkot
Road, School, City and othor levies,
will probably mako tho final flgunn
appalling to the taxpayers, but nut
within thu discretion or remedy of
tho County Court.
An earnest luvltnlou Is extended
to every mypuyor In the County by
the present County Court, nnd by
Judge elect. Hughot. to meet with
the Court on Decumhor 31st, fer tho
purpnso of fully discussing thu tax
problems and expenditures, and to
point out to thu County Court any
manner or method who why expenses
can bo reduced.
Very respoctrully,
WM. FARRE, County Judge.
Henry Dalton 1.00
Harney County Nat'l Hank .. 6.00
Hume Drug Co. 2.50
B. F. Smith 2.50
E. J. Muslck 1,00
Nlol Smith - 1,00
Farmers' Exchange 5,00
A. F. Lantear 1.50
C. A. Byrd .. 1.60
C. II. Leonard 2.50
Chester Dalton 1.00
Chas. E. Dillmnn 1.00
Piatt T, Randall 1.00
W. Y. King l.QO
II. Von Schmalz 1.00
J. S. Cook 1.00
Blgga & Blggfl .... 2.6i
I. T. and T. Co by L. T 2.00
Goo. S. Slzemoro 1.75
R. T. Hughot 2.0S
J. Lampshlro 6.09
Total 9117.25
Logan J. Cecil dlod tho fore, part
or thin week at his homo In Grimes,
Calirornla, at tho ogo ot 79 years. A
telegram received on Dec. 8 nnnouu
ed tho (loath to hln brother. Carroll
W. Cocll or Silver crook. Deceased
was at ono tlmo associated with bis
brothor In tho stock baalnoss lu ihli
country, but latorthta partnership
was dissolved. Mr. Goell IB ramow
bored by many ol th eld tlmo people
of thin vicinity who regret hla domtne
ovon though he hn Itred to a age
that low of ae exyeet te aarvlvo.
ff. 1. Jahw w
811m ereck hmM IllHU th wk.
Mil TV th 4b1UM;
i leBewhig thai egr,
em Xtomm