The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 04, 1920, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Hat onlay, IK'ccmbcr t, ll20 T II lg T I M Ifl H K n'll' 1) II U 11 N H , II A II N Ji ' jf. ' 0 O U N T Y , O 11 Ti 0 O.JV
PKO Thn-
lAI-li 01' 11UUNH, CUAITKU 40,
ed on dry laid JaHtyonr, nnd oiixj
dueed 12.C.tiM8helB per herd 'ilniVujjylr-rlMtion.-
tWbihW sawn itro&cad
lels.'en dry lanrtW nvij2
1M bushels;'
Again our'fratera!llfaln;jBlhjg
einnvud bjrvMi,.T
SlHtur 1 ran McGoe y&. charter
number of ' this,; chapter departed
his life n&hor homo In Huron, Ore
on, November, 4th i93j8hnvlng
11.- I I ... I - ntlnll
COUUUll II1U llfHUUKO 111 iiiu o IIIIUll
I muiu in ncumuinicu years.
Our doparlod sister flllod tho full
loaBtiro of duty that foil to hop lot
ml exporlonco as a pioneer and
omo'buIldur.'ihaVlnK Atwaya, llveYa
nd womanhood.
Kosolvcd; that in tho death of Bin
r i kiiiii uiiwiui linn
m Itnlnvml unfl fnlltifiit tti n try
II l I J 111 111 UUIIJ t t UlUlIll 11 IU1IU1 m.
llll.... ... HrlMM t lit. KlIIiIaU It.
iery Kod and scnnonablu work; tho
imlly nn Indulgtyit and aolfsnrrlflc
sj mother; and to whom wo tondor
it heart-felt sympathy In this tholr
oor of boreavmont.
Do It furtbor rosolvod; that (ho
ter mid clrr'or bo suitably d run id
- .1.1. 1., .t ft . 1. . I. 1 ..
jns bo spread upon tho minutes of
ciinptcr; wiiu mo ramiiy or i no
also tho locnl press for publlci-
A. W. aOWAN,
o t
un4r Jrmtlon.-40. A. C.4 lttlorf.
!f 0flfl whoftl hard fetrMtT
smyjrirK .or.aii :YJptlfl triod
ovt' ByI);",Bi-8tophonHrof.th6w Moro
branch stntton. It ylohtod 26.8 btiHh
oIh par ncro, nutninndlUK 'tho moro
"common vnrlutlon for tho dlntrlct
oarly Unnrt, marqulB and bluoHtono.
It Is llkoly to prove a doslrnhlo
8jrliiK whoiit In tho northvoHt, re
ports' Mr. Btophohs 0, A. 0. Station.
' alljpoct.of i coiitl Itlok of;tk, F!HHT NATIONAIj HANK nt Htl'riw, In tlib
Btat i f OrgoH, at the clow 'frhmjnoBs on Novonibor, 15th, 1020.
.v y "vj SiiiiuuitcKH t ?m
Dediit: til ' "
t UWfe!'1" Vdlycpu)Uod"wlthrodoral Ilosorvo
.. At
No. (wa
fJNNIacountB IG1G, 070,82
In m. n .
Notou nud'lUlHJrodlMouHlMiMhor 'than with Fod- .,
onxi uoHdrwrffifc'k....:!E........ 27.2no.oo
Ovordraftu, uuuocttro(jii .JJt.'i?.... 1,27G.C0S , ,;
V. H. ((iv,rnnit'i)t i(un'MI owned: , ,
DoVonltori to soouro clrc(lhtldn(U.B. bondH at par) 50,000.00
PIodRod to nootiro U. B. dopoulta (par valuo) 2,000.00
IModKod tin eollntoral for Btato or other deposits or .
bills payable ,. . 25.000i00
Owned and unplodRnd ... 11,560.00
CHKAMKUV MKN WIHE UI, i W""? pavlngn Qortlflcates amLThrlft Stamps
' i " a , A .Ally ownud i L...v.,..
Oregon creamery mon, actual and . T?taI. s- 0yt(VntnentodurltleH
niln.4..i, , Other lMititH swurltloi ctc.t "f
rrfospecUvo, are tola nlnK to enrol 8oCurmoB, oth()r tImn u. H bom,R (not-lnclaillnic
In larRo numbora In tho oIrIU wookB1,' BtocHs), owned nnd Hriplddgcd
dairy manufneturo short, couruo at Total bonds, seeurltlos,' otc, pthon than 0, Bi
tho agricultural collogo, oponlnR Jan-V Stocks, other than Federal Hqservo Uariktstock ....
uary 3. Soparuto courses will run 8tcil?Um?)l0r."!..I.l.OH'!rVO Mank1 ,,or c ub
fo tho sklllod croamorymon nnd tholVnluoof baukljiR houHo" ownmTn"nd unhicmnlnVwl
Inexporloncod man. Tho dairy do- Furniture and fixtures
L,awrui rosorvo with Federal Heserva Hank
Cafh In vault and not amounts duo from national
banks .. ..,. ,.
Not amounts duo from banks, bankors, and trust
companies (othor than In last two Horns) ,
Chocks nn other banks In the same city or town as
reporting bank 4....
Total of last throo Items ,.
Checks on banks located outsldo of city or town of
reporting bank and othor cash Items
Redemption fund with U. B. Treasurer and duo
from U. 8. Treasurer
Interest earned but not collected npproxlmnt
on Notes and Hills Receivable not past duo ..
. .1
partment handles about 110,000
gallons of market milk dally, chooao
up to ns nearly 6000 pounds of milk
dnlly as thoy can got, and a big Ice
cream output on a bran now 50
quart Perfection Dreadnaught brlno
frootor. Tho very latoHt "and most
profitable processes In those depart
ments will bo offered tho practicing
milk products men of tho state. All
Interested nro Invited to osk further
Information from tho dairy depart
ment, 0. A. C, Corvallls.
The child's life, health, resor o
.1 1 1..: 1 .
,....ll- at... I.I
I M. . . . ... . . .
rn. 1 n n e iiincrii Hniiuin lilt RHipri.
with care, and properly prepar-
and packed and than "served with
let dish at noon." A bowl of good,
toup or a steaming cap of cocoa
aaoMg the appetisers and ener?
a - ...
hot disk with. tk MhMl Uscfe
I ' . .
IpHng rye baareved-menreprefH-
than winter rye for the plateau
r a a 1
the Harney county branch ccperl-
.1 m . . a a
r arnnnn ram. wniir rfi ybii
Total :.
Capital Stock paid In
Surplus fund '.
Undivided prorits M 85,663.66
Loss current expenses, Interests and tnxes paid .... 26,064.69
Circulating notes outstanding
Xf , . ..... .1... . I . u . i. I .
" . """-- 'J". ? ." Certified checks outstanding
Congressman N. J. Slnnott wired
under date of November 20 that ho
had been Informed that morning by
the First Assistant Post Muster Gen
eral that tho present post master id
Lawcn would be continued for tho
present and no further action would
bo taken toward discontinuing the
There was an attempt made to dis
continue the pest oflee at Laws a and
upon, being Informed of, the. move
The Tlsses-Herald entered a protest
supplementing the petition of the
yatrona of he ofice with the result
that the office will bo retained.
' This Is good nows to the several
patrons of tho offico as It would havo
boon very Inconvenient had tho offi
ce been discontinued.
' 160.00
. 1.760.95
Cashier's checks on own hnnk outstanding
Total of lust throo Horns 11,201.63
Demand dcKsltM (other thnn bank dcposlta sab- '
Jcct to Itorrvo (deposits payable within 30 '
Individual deposits subject to chock
Certificate of deposit duo In less than 30 daya
(othor than for money borrowed)
Dividends unpaid .x
Total of demand deposits subject to Reserve 311,242,11
Time drptwlt subject to Itamrvc (payable after 30 ,
' days, or subject toi30 days or more notice, and
postal savings) : - . . .
Certificates of deposit (other than for money bor
rowed) ,
Other tlsae deposits
Total of time deposits subject to Reserve 82.S19.I6
Unlt4l HUtcM deposlta (other than postal savings): '
United States deposits, Including deposits of U. S
disbursing officers 703.65,,,
mils payable, other than with Federal Reserve
Letters of Credit nnd Travelers' 'Checks sold for
. ."26.00
48, 464.69
. . ... I
,15, bee. 00
Dirt in your CngineOil-
Qet rid of it !
A LARGE quantity of dust-laden air is "inhaled" ly the
daily operation of an automobile engine. With this road
dust, carbon and fine particles of metal get into the lubri
cating' oil and circulate through your engine, lowering the
efficiency of its operation. Add to this dirt the gasoline
that escapes past the pistons and dilutes the oil
Hero you have a combination Colo) Flush inn Oil we uso is tho
that wears and tears and grinds new, scientific, thorough flushing
if . . iliii . . a -t . a - ' .
away, every day aildine a little
more dirt and forcing a little more
unnecessary wear on bearing sur
faces. Result: slow response less
power poor performance
shorter engine life.
Our new Modern Crankcaso
Cleaning Service is the enemy of
dirt in the crankcase it means
"clean oil in a clean engine," The
agent tlwt does not contaminate
the fresh Zerolone refilled into
your cleaned crankcase. This
modern, convenient service, given
quickly and at a nominal cost,
returns your engine to you clean
and, fresh, ready to give that sat
isfactory performance you expect.
Tesay: Bring in your car for Mod
ern Crankcase Cleaning Service.
cnslt mwl .ouhitundlnK
8036,640.1 B'
Jor clean oil in a clean engine
Llnhllltlos for .roaiHcountH with. Federal Reservo-V - '
Hunk 187,ni4.10 1
Liabilities ifomredlscountsi other than with Fojlornl
. .flloHoryo Uaiik 'j.j...u......i........i ....n.-.i.'vnrti. . ' 7:2601100'
,,. i. 1 . .11 wj
' To.tnhcontlngnnti lliibllltinrt' 9214564.10
Of tho total lontw npil d I f:o not nhown nlxivc, tho uniount. on which Ititj-rcHt.
. nndidlxeoHnt. -wm rhnrKod nt rnt InxotH of (Iiono iKrmltod hy' laNv1
(Hen. 5HI7, Rev. Hint.) (exclusive of notoH upon which (ofn! rlinroViTot
to cxrecxl fit) contM wiin ntndo) wuh NON1C. Tlic number of such Umn'n w'nH
Stnto of Orogon, County of Ilarnoy, hs:
H H, (JONHRR, Cnshlor of tho nhovo-namcd bank, do solemnly swear
that tho nbovo stutamohl is truo to tho host of my knowledge and belief.
B. II. CONS Hit, Cashier.
1 BuhHcrlhod and nworn to beforo mo thin 27thn day of November, 1020.
VKLLA M. WELCOME, Notary Publlo
My Commission Expires Juno 17", 1822
Correct Attest: R. T. HUQIIET,
A, C. WELCOME. Dlrectoru.
Ladies! Monogram Stationery Here
f efcelee graies eiry. What ever ,
yea lay hse,yea')l ftsel tender aa
leothMSM. Tea my thlak thai
ehoiea enallty aaeaas higher seat.
Hew theroeghly attetakea yea are
will he pvevta wish yoai first r4r.
: w. tuuiH MAaxn
I 4 t
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Another RoytJ Suggestion
From the New Royal Cook Book
There is nothing
more wholesome and
dcliKutful thnn dough
nuts or crullers rightly
3 taMrnpoon uliortcnlnc
Vj cup susur
4 cup milk '
1 tcaiooi) nutmeg
l tcaiipnon sitl(
3 cupu Hour
4 tvuapnnni rtnynt
liuUhur Powder
Cronm slmrtonhtR: add
tUKiir ami wull-tiralun
ckk: xtlr In milk; mill nut
jripjf. suit, flour nnd bak
Ing powder which Imvo
been flirted toKutlmr nnd
iiioukIi nddltlonul (lour tn
in alio dmiKh ft Iff cnousli
to roll. Itoll out on floured
Iwinnl (o uliont H-liicli
thick; cut out. Fiy tn
locp (lit hot enounh to
brown n plrm of brvml In
60 ft-conds, Drnln on m
nlNRvd pniipr nnd sprluklo
With puwucri'd tuar.
4 tablnapooini shortontnu
1 cup sub'ur
Ji Ct'fTS
3 cupa flour
1 tcimpoon cinnamon.
U toiiapoon snlt
3 teaspoons rtoyal
lliililtur I'uwUcr
'J, cup milk
Crcnm Bhortnnlnft; ndd
ruKar nrnduidly nnd beat
en ckuii; Blft toKiitiH'r
flour, clnnnmon, pull nml
lnkliitf powder; mid oue
liulf nnd mis well: ndd
inlltt nnd iMniilndor of
dry liiKtvdlentti to matio
rnft douKh. lloll nut on
floured Wonrd to nJiout Vj
Inch thick nnd cut l"tn
Dtrliia lilmiit 4 luelieH loiur
nnd -ln-ii wile; rull In
hondn nnd ivUt rni-n
fiiriti nn'1 ''I'liu; eiuhi to-rvfiu-r.
Fry In thou hot
fut. Pratii nnd roll in
powdcrrd cuunr.
Made from Cream of Tartar,
derived from aropi.
Vavr Royal Cook Hoo!: ton
tdlillilK Ux'iui rtinl HrnrMi
otlwr (Villjtli'ful roflPi-s, Wrlw
for H T?IAV.
I ova hAK i u i' 'vnrii ro.
115 Vultou Mtovi, tievr YorU Oily