The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 27, 1920, Image 1

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    rVmry tnty's Umber U an
wmt tor immediate exploita
tion Mills ntiotikJ b turning-'
It out t aid In' tWrcoMHrtrac
tlOR Work Of H Matte. Im
vostlgate vtrffiM AM.
STOCK JililfiiNfi TEAM
Harnty County Boys Mk
G-od Skowif, Cmm id
ting HajMtkap
Tha Harney Cauatv Mack JuV
Ing team consisting ef Adelf Byrd,
Herbert Waltlnc aad Jack McDan
iele returned rresa the FaaHlc, In
ternaUofial at Perttaad Tueaday
evening where figaratlrely speaking
Ihey covered themaelvea with glory
and added their Mt to placing Har
ney county on the map.
While the Sofa placed only nlxth
which wus outalde the money yet
wlion it lu conalderad that there wcru
thirty toama from WaHhlngton und
Orogon mid thnt some of tliu teams
hud boon In several contcitn in yeara
past with niomhorH ua old uh elghtunn
whll., tho Harney county bo'ya had
only two wooks preparation anil only
one hud over im much uh hooii u fat
unitiiiil prepared for whov ami iIip un
tire team wun compelled to fit them
helvt'H tioluly through oral Instruction
from tho county, agent with the aid
of photographs In the livestock pa-
! m .... 1
i .
1 JIM. -
pru and thono furnished by V, M. Lawen and Crane have sub-let most
Hothrock tho Bborthorh breeder, tho 0f tho grudlng which Is now being
nhowlng made ia remarkablo In tho .dono by local contractors. Tho droHH
extreino and waa io declared by all jb will be put on next spring,
connected with tho groat show who mmmmmmimmmmmmmmm
know of It. ;
la fact tLe record of tho team in
traveling such a long distance entire
ly on their own expense with the ex
ception of one member, who won a
trip ut tho local fair, gavo them the
distinction of being tho only team
rentcfltlng who hud their photograph
reproduced Jn the Portland Journal
and were given a write up in all the
other Portland Dally puport and
many stock and farm papers. In
addition they weru honored gunstH
ut banquets and were shown tho city
und given a trip over tho highway.
In addition to being nlxth In tho
open content they received special
commendation from Inn Judge for
the excellence of their work I a Judg
ing bcof stock.
Had there aaea eaaugb good hogs
in the eounty for the boys to work
they weaM hY won third
Mnee they wwsja Mk la ta hog ead
of ta jMdjfiae.
Wak)a ft ai to all tk soaatr
ugeat Is ladaad ro ef the showing
utda by tka Ifaraay County boys and
in eoandaaa aaal aaa Uk tka
name team baak agala aext year and
cloaa sp the North West on slut
Judging. The steskmsa ef
f.ounty shonld iake aaough interest
In the work ai tke'advertlslng glvoa
the eounty to at least see that there
are at loaal sufficient high grade
stock in the oany 'along the llno.i
.ef Kef'aid aHasy eaUU aad nheep
nd hoi" lv,ve BMt toam
practice on cCh1 animals Instead
of having to ve photographn In
thin the largest livestock county in
the Northwest.
To the credit of the tears they did
not expect to win when thej started
"ai one anu an siatea mai "wo n
loam enough about It thin year ao we
can go back next year and bring
home the bacon."
It nan rone tb the earn qf, the
county agent that It waa "a nice Joy
ride for the boyn". It wa but they
paW for
ft by hard faithful work
and the trip will be the raeann of
tartlog them on the right road to
success In the livestock business and
any man or woman ihould fell proud
to hava a son that had tho ambition
to make the try Instead of trying to
bellttlo their efforts by hucIi com
ment. Tim interest In tho work for tlin
coming year Ih exceptionally keen
nmj there nro prospect of several
SllOOP Ulld llOK ClUllR BH Well IIH Cit 1 1 If)
and ns each member of the club In
untitled to try for thu J on in It bo-
,,00VM tMh yenrH m,m,,?w 10 KP
ousy 11 witty uxpori 111 'iti iu(i iiiuii
niid reproKont tho county int year.
Thu contractors on tho portion of
thu Durns-Cranu highway between
"Then," said the Pilgrim Fathers, "let us have a great Thanksgiving, party to
celebrate the plenty of this land. And let it always be observed in future years in
honor of a country where no men are slaves; where there is always enough and more
for everyone to eat and where no one wants and no one has to work beyond his
strength. And on this day let no one go to his toil ever, but let him rest and feast
and be merry because he has prospered so wonderfully through the year."
Thus spake the first of the pioneers to settle in New England sorm 300 years
ago, and thus was born the first of our own American national holiday! THANKS
GIVING. .WMinlitfii' .'HrtilW
' Prrsldont J. C. Foley of the Duma
Flour Milling Co. isfoma us that the
mill will begin operatloBs at once on
a share plan with the producers. The
company haa not sufficient funds to
take care of the grata crop and It la
impossible to borrow It under pre
sent conditions with a declining
wheat market According to quota
tions wheat prices are dropping sev
eral polntH each day therefore It
would not be business for the local
concern to buy, especially to borrow
th capital.
Mr. Foley states the mill will take
the wheat from the farmers and
grind it on a basis of one-eighth,
giving the producer in return seven
elKhtii of the flour, and by products.
This spomM n vory fair proposition
und as small a toll an onu quld ex
pect thu mill to operate upon.
Thu U. of O. football team wuh
defeated by tho California II, on
Thunksglvliig day at l'asndunu, tho
Ncoro lielng 23. to nothing.
TIioho from this city to attend tho
U. of O. O. A. C. lust Saturday at
Corvallls where thoy played to no
score on eltlhur side, report nn uxclt
Ing nnd tiardfough gamo
In this country 'every man Is his
own ninHtor until ho gets murrled
Be Thankful
County Agent McDanleln, with his
family and Adolph Dyrd and JIurliert
Whiting, arrived home Tinisday
evening from. Portland where they
had been a4tdlag tho bl stock
kfthow. The Junior, stock judgea from
this county consisting of Jack Mc
Danlels, Adolph Ilyrd and Herbert
In the award but they really did fine
Whiting, made a very good showing
In the Judging contest, being sixth
in everything except the hogs They
had no real experience In Judging
hogs which accounts for their falling
down there.
Jack McDanlels brings the infor
mation that some of the prize win
ners of tho big show in thu Shorthorn
class wero closely related to so mo
of tho young stock tho Hoys and
QlrlH' Club of Hnrnuy county own
and ho fools that tho boys and girls!
havu rousnn to feel proud.
William II. Ktout to DImmixm "Seeing
Mfo Wliolo" Hero
William H. Hlout Iiuh hcun recipi
ent of more bouquets from big pa
peru und big people than thu averago
lecturer. Bomo of theso am fine per
soiial tributes which Mr. Btout, who
is to ledum hero on thu evening of
December Oth at Liberty Theatre
prizos vory highly.
Colonel Hnln "Tka Onaad Old Man
of the Lyceum" recently wrote 'the
following characteristic paragraph
about William 11. Stout: "Will Stout
is the brainiest man in lyceum. He
Is better fitted for the United State
senate than any man in Indiana.
True, he may never get there, for he
mixtM too much heart and coaaclanc.
with brains to win.
The foregoing is typical. It In in
teresting to note that fourtoea out of
sixteen of Mr. Stout's first dates oa
his lyceum tour last winter reported
bin lecture with the very explicit
word "Delighted." The other two
read "Very Oood." In his great
theme "Seeing Life Whole" Mr.
Stout has perfected a wonderful in
spirational lecture. He is an excell
ent speaker, a man of tremendous
forco und conviction on tho platform
and at tho same time makes his
polntn effective In u most pleasing
Mr, Stout Is President of tho Inter
national Lyceum and Chnutuuqua
AhHoelatlon. This great organisa
tion lipids an annual huhhIoii at which
platform stars und lycoum und chau
tuuquu talent nil KUthen together
from ovary sertlou
StatuH and Canada.
of tho United
Harney Lodgo, No. 77, and Sylvia
Hubukuh Lodge, No. 43, I, O. O. F.
Joined In an evening of entertain
meat recontly when all Odd Fellows
and their wives and Uobekahs and
their families took part In a dancu
ut Tonawama and luter a delightful
banquet at the lodgu banquet rooiqs.
A largo number of tho members were
present and everybody had a good
timo. Bomo of thu older momborn
didn't tuko u vory acllvo part on the
ball room floor but when It coma to
tho outd thuy showed tho young peo
ple that thoy "could comu back."
Theso social affairs mako tho fra
ternity moro real and bring about a
mora congenial fooling among tho
mumbors. They should bo Indulged
in at froquent intervals.
MIhs Agnoss Foluy, one of tho very
talented young ladien of this com
munity, Is going to gtvo a recital on
December 18 at the Liberty theatre
tho proceeds to bo used by the now
St. Jpnoph Hospital in tho surgery.
Miss Foluy la violinist of exeop
ttonal talont and sho bus asked other
good talent U Jotu hoy in the pro
gram which will mako it varied with
readings, vocal and instrumental
xinnlt and dauclug. A well balaneed
urogram In arranged which will bo
Klvon publicity lu tho near futuro
trhon tho details uro completed.
Thin entertainment will bo look
ed forward to with pleasure by tho
ltlzoun of thin clmmuntty and as tho
ontlro proceeds are to bo uiied for
such u good cnuuo it Is cortuiu tho
liouuo will bo filled.
Harney county's resources
attracting the Attention of tlir
entire Went. Irrigation, sleek
Zulu Sir. tnlnct. nil m1 vua bm
i rT f . ri
por.t hh(1 nTkuIture All
"WrultlitfC development.
N03X if
Diackargc of Pistol Wouml
Two With Same Bullet;
Not ScritMMly Hurt.
Thanksgiving Day while Ed. Bu
chauau, a nephew of Mr. and Mrs.
Lem Lowe, was on his, way down
from the saw mill with a load ef
wood, he waa accidentally shot by
Steve Front, a companion. The boys
were driving on tho grade Just thl
side of Frank Whiting's ranch on
Poison crook whon a hawk kept fly
ing along Just p short dlntancg ln
front of tho team und lighting on.
telephone posts, Steve had a pistol
la his belongongs and got It out with,
the Idea of getting a shot at tho
hawk. Thu bird rcmaluer perched
on a telephotio i:olo until llioy wori
lu close rango when young From
handed thu weapon over to his com
panion to shoot. Thu bird flow and
Uuchuiiuu handed tho gun back tK
Steve ami ut thu sumo tlmo caution
ed him to bo careful and sou that it
was safe. Tho boy said It was per
fectly sufo, taking bold of it by thn
muzzlu but Immediately turned it
with thu butt lu his hand. He point
ed It 1a tka direction of his compan
ion und started to show him It was
on safety, but ho discharged It. Hfr
bud the fleshy part of his hand over
tho muzzlu and tho bullet passed
through tho hand and struck Bu
chanan in tho fore arm breaking one
bone and tho bullet lodged against
the Bkln on the opposite sldo of the
arm. Even after Ed, gavo an ox
olumatlon of pain Btovo didn't kuow
the gun had boon discharged and m
Kd knew from paHt experience when
hurt, that ho would got sick, ho Im
mediately alighted from tho wagon
and Btartod for Frank Whlt(ue'a
bouse, a short distanco away, Steve
culled and nskod if ho wanted the
gun, When tho roply wan in tho neg
ative in decided tones Stoyo started
to get off the wagon and tho dis
covered ho, nlHO, woh hurt.
Lem Low(q and Fred Hainoa( came
along JUBt after thn accident in a
trnck aud wore' called to tho Whit
ing home whore the boys wore) glvo
first aid. Just as they were lu shap
Ira Mason ansae sJosaj la a touring
ear and Id waa plaaed la Ik and bu
rded to the dosto. BteY same alonf
with Mr. Ibdaea. "Dm, Bnltfc aalled)
und drtwsod ta woaada aad the
hoy are aoth detaf wa t iraaaut,
U ill be a lessoa U tkem la ihq
line ling of firs arau, at least.
HalphJutterjioa 1a up tram th
Iiwori sountry,
Scott Hayes wan among our visit
ors from the Lawoa sMtlon duriug
tho wook.