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    frr II
Hnrncy County's timber' U nn
njnet for Immediate explolta
linn Mills should bo turning
II out to nld In tbo rcconstruc
Hon work of tbu nation. In
nUgato this virgin Held.
Harney county' rccoiirccH nn
htlnictliiK tlio attention of tlio
onflru West. Irrigation, Mock
mlsing, mines, oil mid gus pro
spout anil olericulture all
awaiting development.
NO. 51
Writer Points Out How it is
Being Worked; Finley ia
Not "Toting Fair."
'' I Hoosuvolt lllnl Itorugo Association
P.urn... Orog.fn, Oct. 21, I020'.wml J,0,,r' bolt, C. W. Kills
.....i , , itn.t i ...... !
ii i i i i i i
Kvory man Im bound by his duly to :
fly from a dnngor that threatens IiIh
life, and such Ih tho condition of liar
lii'V County In rotation to thu nbovu
Detailed analysis of tho bill and
merits of controversy by tho LoglBlu
tlvo Committee of City Club of Port
land, whlrh uppcur In tho OreRon
Voter of October ICtli, ijivo tbo nrou
of Malheur Lake an "perhaps" 4700
acres. Tho affirmative argument
MtntvH "It Ih maintained by advocates
of thu bill that If tbo watorn of tbo
lrko aro likely to become alkulluo
i consequence of diversion of tribu
tary for Irrigation and neod
fpr control measures become appar
ent, tho Federal Government will
have ninplo authority to take requir
ed action."
Why Is the area of Malheur Lako
given iiB forty seven hundred Inntoad
of forty bovcu thouHand acres, Its
true area? Waa It by design In or
der to make tho voters of tho State
believe thu meuHuro In only of minor
Importance. Ho whodoos not fully
.peak tho truth In a traitor to It.
Tho original bill propoBod to code
to tho National Oovornment all tho
landH within; and all tho waters both
within nnd tributary to Malheur
Uiko, but wan modified by mutual
agreement between proponents of tho
measure uud representatives from
Harney County at a meetlnK hohl ut
the olllce of W. 8. t"ren, by ollmlnat
lilt' UltHU Ul I
Ing the wnrdH "waterH tributary !
. - .. . I
thereto," and further providing that
Harney County Bhould make no or
ganized orfort to defeat tbo bill thus
modified Now, however, tho BpotiB
or for thu bill rely upon tho author
ity of tho National Government to
eonflHcato tho tributary watcrn pro
Tided tho meauro carries, nnd W. 8.
Itaker, Flrt Vlco-I'reflldont of tho
ItooHUVcll Bird Hofugu Association,
Informs un that In cubo it falls HUlt
lit already prepared to enjoin tho
water UHora from diverting tho wnt
ith of SHvIoh river for Irrigation.
'Thinking of whore they aro going
ilwy forgot whence they came.
Harney County has mado no or-
runlzed iffort to defeat tho modified
blll. but, articles proparod by pro-
... i tit . I l.-t. ...I I.. '
POU...MH ,.( ,o an . I.U....B..U.. ... Fo,,oral uovernmeiu w, . r, ...,
ih.. Or,gonlan .la llarnoy ko l!Mlirt where left off to pro
otmng i.ui an a.Kaiiue nen, t u... ,
but Harney Lake Id not in question.
On Friday Octolior UUh. at tho Audi
torium at Portland, Mr. Win. L. Fin
ley mudd thu statement that opposl-
ley muuu mu Biaioinoui wmi u.n.-
through pure Heuisnness una w " ,ftkM ro llk(iIy to l)l!Cmo uina, no NotwlHtall(,nK , rt).
Malheur Lako was absolutuly no h-1 ,.,, ntl0tI for control measures, be- k1iiioh1 nI)lnU((,
ing but an alkali bed and worthies comu H.mre..t. Control o wha II-. ,,., , KOVorn,nnt cenu
fpr any agricultural purnoso; Why lho wator tributary to Malheur lako ( (
Mich Infamous untruth '' l ' I ot .course, and the Podora a ovenj. . . ,,,,,,
Played of tho sacred bls op Wl U, with equa u hprl y'll. fnjni UX ahowS "a decrease In pop
Ifako Is equally at vaWnc.o win-th .ft IfM ftn.orii(noI to flvdtfrclm.
'ruth as lho only colony or ineso
Nrds is in the "Hod H" field where
, , , m Z
ted by tho Pacific Live
I. protected by the Pacific Mvo A ,nurk,.(, ,,,py f tho Portianu
. t.,k company, owner o tho prom- Cnh Hulotn..( recoiumondlng.J
. ... Pictures dxhlblted 'ri Pnssu
Unb-v how helplu.- y.ut.K blr I.Mb5,IIK Vent broadcast over tuo fltafo.
'itllatel mother-, nu.
u. do. not expla In who so erpe lly
mutlla.,,1 tho mother blrdu in ordu-
.o g,t the plctnrou.-Letter Hull.-r
for the truth than prosper by falso-j
,,n,,,, , t , ,
A fixed belief Is a happy stato of
mind. From what actual knowledgo
does the City Club of Portland fool
qualified to speak with such author-
Py on this question ho vital to liar--
ney County and tho Statu at largo?-.
Malheur lako Is fed from two .ma or
treams, Hllvles river from tho north
and Illltzen river from tbo south, lt
M a natural reservoir, and as long as,
these streams continue to flow there (
rVAIA 1J11 W11LI1I 111 L1IU Uf'f
Harney hellovo Dull Itun water
would ho fine for ducks but would
not for such reason doprlvo tho City
of Portland of her water supply.
I'ortland or tier water suppiy.
A tyrants breath Is another's death '
"lid the wlthorlnr blast of tho faddist about his successor. This ollloo Is . uubcih urn ...wiy. ... -.
t Z IT in o uro of Ilornoy n receipt of n letter from a. It. ,. , expensive stretehos of HtrHllo .
.oun.y. olllouu to tho rights of uott, Acting Supervisor, to tho effect worlt l,
. . .... .I..I.1 umw.rv Mfir Of1 N- N. OOllipiU.y II0W OllOllltUS II IIIIO
iiorn ami rironido ami to iiiu uKiy
-f nil tho children of Oregon by do-
Pi-lvlng tho Irrlduclblu school fund of
inllllotiH (if cloltnrn. Will you votV
NO on tho mousuro In November.
. WM. FAUltW.
llurnil,, Oregon, October 2.1, 1020
An article by William L. Flnloy
uppours In tho Oregonlnn oftho 110th
lust., commontlng upon tho ngruo
mont reached' on tho illrd Itofugu
niuaimro between thu olllcorB of tho
1,1,(1 iiinuuru, representing i o
, , , , , ...
liniil mi-mini mill IrrliriiMim liitiirimtti
In Harney County, and proceeds: I "r"r" invention In Portlund
"Tho roHUlt of these meetings was w,im rwHohilloiiM were Introduced
tho preHont compromlHo bill to which fav'r1'l t l extension of rail
tho olIlcorH of tho HoobovoU Illrd rou,lM ,,,t0 ifral Oregon, Iiuh had
Itofugu association yielded, 'it wa 1,10 ttlii of the Commercial or
drawn up to safeguard tho land own- KnnlwitloiiH of IluriiH and llend.
orH and Irrlgntlon IntoroatH in liar-! A fMn,,ul -Ulniiit and roquost
ney County an nporlf led by tho llur-l10-" """ring wuh road t tho noon
ney County delegation." luncheon of tho business men yostor-
Tho iqjreomont further provided whMx waH Presided over by Dr.
that Harney County should mbko no ill F- 8mUh- T complaint wub
organize! effort to defeat thoblll as (,r(uwn b' 8at Mtbernhead and
modified, and feeling nssurod that :olhur8 aml ,H ll,u flrHl wnl
tho ARHOclatlou wan aclliiK lli good Kutll,' "'t"- l")'" the pro
faltlt no negative argument wa pro-(,,or ""iorUy. Tho complaint rock to
pared and publlHhod In tho otllclal jtl,u nlft,u l,u, ni)rvico commlHHbm
pamphlut. lftn,, upon ,,H '""'I011 tlin 1,0 taken to
It Is a baHo thliiR to betray a man?1'10 '"turHtato commoreo commlnHlon:
becaUM. be truHted you. The deceit-1 Fo,,ow,,, bo readlnK of tho com
ful propoKnuda carried on by the Ah-' ,,,a,nl ant, ,,M 1H by Hiohu preH
Hoclatlon hIiowh tho ltohh on Itu 01,1 lh" c,,ulp waH nHku,, tH PIolnl
broaMt and thu devil In ItH actN-ln a minlltou 'cro tho neceHary
. ........ i - r i..t..i.... inn. ..... bitu and Information to tireneut to
peura thlH alllrmatlvo arKumunt In
IttVlfl III illU Ulll, I
..... t... i. in.
"Itegardlng tho aiiHertlon that the """ '" Molhernhead, Jnmoa
watorn of tho lake aro likely to be-, ,K "" C A. Ilyrd.
come alkaline- In conoquoneo of tho 'N'" complaint follow:
dlverHlon of tributary waterH for Irrl-'1'0 'rK "ONOIIAHLK KIIKI). Q.
gallon, It Ih maintained by advocates I "WIITKb, II. II. COIIKY AND,
of thu bill that thl Ih purely nn en- vnKn A' W1LMAMH, ConHtltut
Klneerlng problem and that Hhouldl I'WUMC HKUVICB COM-
need for control inoaHureB become1 MIHHlONof tho Bluto of Oregon,
apparent, tho Federal (lovernment KNTM-2MEN:
will have ample authority to take the' Yo,,r ComplnliHwilH rcHpeclfully
required nclloiiB." i r"l,ri!,,ul "llHW tH 'f "r Honor-
W. S. Itaker. Vlio-l'roHldout of tho
ktlJ 1 IVU-I lljniHIIMI Ml v.
AHKoehitlon. In a letter written !
,., ,v i.,.i.
llllll till (III. nn.
"Another thing Btlll more Import-: ll'ura, "'oily. repreHentlng the IhihU
ant to thu InteroBtB of thu people of l' community IntereBtB of tho
Harney County l the fact that tbu t;lt' ,r """' Harney County;
Federal Government, under the! 'H'" "y Uoty ' ' ''""KeBt
HooBeve.t proclamation were rea.c I- JjJ BJjj of Oregmu con
to block further Irrigation by a In-
junction suit in thu te, floral Court
here, immediately "Jf !rtw 1(3fH.m ncrm of
mont was lormi ,aiu w u, v, ,,
IntereBtB, we, the bird people, pre-
i vnllcd upon thu (lovernment to with
hold their Injunction proceedings as
It would block tho Irrigation duvelof
mont up there. Now ir tho bird mens
uro earrloH. no further litigation
would follow. ih the Federal Govern
meiil aro ngntod on the
.Muusuro If ho uieumire Ih hut, Him
. ... ... ........ III. ..I.
iml ,tho roHervul.on ns tne . om.vou
proclamation outlined in iuun. (
8o wo can see oursels going ilf
coming, If tho measuro alls to carry
wn Know wiint to iook ior, inn. u
lH al,ti,orlly "to control tho tnnu-
tury WHlor...
tar,WH,orH" . lt ,.,,,
A mrk,.(i rpy f tho Portland
u ,tl. .IlllpuaUfu WWW Tl
tnlnorf ,n lh0 0reKu. Voter doos not
apM)Iir( presumably to leave tho vol-
0raBOn , bilBful lguorancu
of tll0 COIlt,npIatol move to control
! tho waters tributary to Ma lho. jr
lko , caHU tho waters therein aro
,koly t0 ,CComo nlkallno."
owovor hlBh a bird may soar it
H(,okfl llH f()0(i 0n earth; tho scabbard
. ,,rokon an,i the association can no
,onB0P ,,,do tho Btlllotto. It is ready
aml to tll0 hlu,
Forost Supervisor Crydor tender
ed his resignation to tho dopurtmont
.. . .,'.! .mi ii v ii f Mm liHnrH
some u...u , - -i
of tho forest range havo -been usklng
mu u. in;..., . , , '.,, n..irin Mtillmnr fonntv to
L'olvlllu, hau boon appointed us his, from Oj.tarlo,Malhourunto
Following Flan With Bend
Complaint Sent to Public
Service Commission.
Tho plan Hturtod during Hid roonnt
... ... . ... .
mooting or tho Northwest I vors. nut
,,,u "u,,,l M,,rv,l clHlon when
!...! . Mil I . .... . .
urn iiimruiK ih hoi. hum comuiliteo
a"1" """
,l,al Ult ,,,in,H ommerelal Club
III (i 1 1 1 1 1 V nml ncllvi. ivim.
ih a mil v orgnuueii aim acuve com
, , -f . - .
head of sheep and other roHourcoB In
that Harney County nUo hau with
in her hoiiudarleB uud trlhulury
thereto one of I ho largest bodkn of
Mrpln cuminerclal timber to bo found
ai.ywhre In the wosl;
' .
I In:- Harney County now Pm in
eourio of preliminary construction
of irrigation projects
UI1(lorlIlkoifi , flrHl ,, ,,.
llK ()Vttr s,,0o.) acres of tho very
h , Ip,r ,,, ,, , f(im
,, ,.,,, ,,)I1HtrU()H of ,IMP
oJt)ctH w ir, 24M00
. ,.VH,UI11 )f irrluatlim
all of which Is first class laud.
, , (hlt th,H r(),
indltlon Is
duo largely to tho lack of tram,,
,......,,. ,lffiri,,.,i n,i. ......
, fm.m,.0H
rK0I1,ullI wo l)U,(lVo nnd
furlllr development of
-,.,., Mf ,,. (.(,ullty w,
ho greatly retarded, If not entirely
, ,,, r()1()f , tlM
An(, W(j fr.
mn m furlHhfi(, C()UlUy (lt
vo rcaH(Jim,,,0 COHt ,, ,0I1K
h ft wJ n(, rutMn8
j investment
" t tlm() lom, tliaI,
J (f rnJ
H)rlaUo aI,r(moh to Ul0 m,K0
()f ()f pom fQm
.Urectlons. but as they all
, BtQ at ()r U,Q thoy
m uxcm o h( BmnU
,irouH HUrroundlng tholr otrmlnals,
, t, t 0 , of n ,,ran0 1no na.
turo, and without any through con
nection to any nrt of thu country.
Tho Oregon Trunk H. It. Company
now has In oporatlon n lino from tho
p , , . 1M , 1( .., ii,ronKi, ii,
Columbia H Ivor to He d, " ro M ,
.(Sontln.ued on page four)
San Francisco Financier to
"Gel Behind" it; Wants
Immediate Action.
i. iimnvv, iiii ami riiniuinvii
capltallHt, Ih going to "gut behind"
tho Dog Mountain oil well uud huo
what It will develop In thu wuy of
producing oil In commercial quan
tities. Ho Is Interested himself In
the project while hero recently and
has definitely announced Hint lie will
get hoiiio associates In Han Francisco
to aid In financing tho undertaking
to the end that It either produces
or It Is definitely known the oil Is
not there.
"I'm tired of hearing so many ox
ouhub (rum, tbotie who havo had this
work In charge not tho boys who
aro actually doing thu work, but
those who aro supposed to bundle
tho financial uud of It," said Mr.
Ottlnger. "Charley Uackus uud Halm
havo worked down there for tho past
five years or more without receiving
anything In tho way of wages; they
aru entitled to first consideration
and 1 am going to gut some fullows
when I get to 'Frisco to put In with
mu nnd see this well to a finish. It
there Is nil there we'll bo thu gainer
and those boys who havo devoted
their time to developing tho well to
Its proHont depth will realize mini
thing for their time."
Mr. Ottlnger Is a "good sport " lie
has been Interested In thu develop
bienl of the oil prospects In this
county ever iducu his first visit and
always asked 'regarding progress
when he comes up on his ocraslonul
trips. Ho has tho Influence to Inter-,
oxt tho necessary capital to bring this
well In, or at least find what there Is
Harney county needs more such
men as Ottlnger lo taku an Interest
In Its development. Men who do
things aru scurco. Wu havo lots of
fellowB who make a big noise but
they don't get anywhere without per
Blsteuco nnd energy. Wu confident
ly believe tho Dog Mountain oil well
will now come to a reality.
lleforo the land that .has been
cropped to grain is plowed under It
should bo thoroughly dltond
aro three good rausoim for this:
(1) It nits up thu stulibl't and
Incorporates It with the soli.
(2) Pruveuts lho formation of
layers of straw, which when
turned under breaks tho cap
illary connection of tho soil
moisture from below thus
causing thu entire amount of
noil turned by thu plow to dry
i .out.
(3) riio tstuhhlo wlll
from 20 to 30 per cent sooner
If disced before, plowing fin
der as It .thoroughly Incor
porated 'with tho soil, thus
giving tho moisture and bac
teria a chance to break It
,,ow,, y'A ! U!i'
Tho laud to ho immmer fallowed
... ilini
III... I IJI l I III. I.l I II III ,11 f
winter. This will subject It-lo notion
Of tho ruin, snow, and front, rnus -
hm tho organic matter to decompose
V L I . . ' .
and allow tbu mpiuiuru io got inio
thu soli.
Alt soon as potlblo in thu spring
tho laud ahouid bo worked with a
sprlngtooth harrow, or disc If tho
sprlngtooth 1b not available, and this
followed immediately with thu Bplko
touth harrow. ThlH troatmont should
loavo tho soil covored with a cloddy
mulch about thu slzu of wallnuts.
In this condition it will not blow or
bako nearly as bad aH If It Is ro-r
ducud to a dUBt mulch.
Thu fallow should bo kopt, absolu
tuly ffeu. from (woqilii f"Xl whouuver
a crust forms on tho surfaco it
Hhould bo br,(kon! with a Hprlngtootb
harrow or boiuo Blinllar lmplomont
that will produco satisfactory results.
Tho man who claims Hint yields
uro tiueh Hmt tho farmer cannot af
liord to farm properly la tho man who
in destined to bo a failure. Thu vory
'fact that yloldB uro low In ubyoluto
.proof, in most cwu that tho send
.bed was ojify half prepared.
Tho farmer who really putH hi?
mi miner fallow In proper condition,
kuupH It free from weeda and In good
tilth, iiuuureii rollahlo need, eluatiH
uud graileH It cloHuly, Needing only
tho largo, plump, kernels at tlio pro-
por time, will not have any eaiiH.i t
compiaiu auoui jow yioimi at narycHi
OUILtflllATTnCK, Hupt.
Harney UraiidTi IJxperlinuiit Htatlon.
R L, Hass Resigns J
Hjvwlollu, Cal.
October 10, 11)20
Judge Win. Farro.
Friend Farm: At present It looks
as If wu shall remain in California
rir I list u I tit fit niifl I Iiiik.Jiw
uiy resignation as CommlHsouur of
Harney County.
During thu yearn that I served nu
Commissioner of Harney County, I
tried to represent those who elected
me, to the host of my ability and uy
desires uud' ambitions was at all
times, to work for thu duvolopmunt
of my county.
During thu lime ypu served with
mo, I can say that ovury muotlng
was a pleasant one ami I always
found your every thought was for tho
success of your County and I novor
found u time when you would not
sacrifice your own inerests to'further
tho IntorcstB of tho County you woro tnto land board. Senator Chambor
reproHontlng. jaD( 8tAte onglnoor, nnd all who havo
I want to thank you for your kind j really given the matter Intelligent
consideration and thu very pleasant! attention are opposed to the mous
manner In which you havo worked uro.
with mu In County affairs and I wish
you succuss for thu balance of tho
term and I am filled with regret that
I cannot finish my term with you.
As to my old friend, Mr. McKlnnon -I
can say that In thu auvural years wo
havo worked together, I have always
found him willing at all times to
sacrifice his Interests for (ho Inter-
usIm of tho County -have always
found his Judgment sound and hlsi"" " 1 ' 1 ,.pa nn .
every thought nnd action always for
thu good of his County and every
mooting I havo snt with him. bus
been a plcasunt one uud I shall al
ways hold tho highest regards for
my friend Mr. McKlnnon.
To you both, who shall from now
on conduct thu buslnuNs of thu Coun
ty, I wish you success mid thank you
for tho earnest cooperation you have!
always given me.
" H. U IIA88.
hi:i ciioh.s .mi:.mjii:hsiiip
. . ,
lie annual Membership Drive for
t,o Amurlran Itod'Cross hatt boon i'l
for the two week j beuluuliiR on Arm -
Btlco Day u:ul continuing to Vov. 25.
A meeting of the U.wutlvo Conunllt-
oe of Harney County Chapter was
held on( Thursday evening In con-
miction with this important drlvn and
another Is culled for next Tuesday I
night ut 7:30 ut Thu Tlmus-Horald
olllco to perfect arrangements.
Tho Ited Cross nctlvltles contlnuo
to he ii factor not only In thu gen
eral health movement of tho nation
but It Is still doing big International
things,' besides its continued nld to
tho tnur.vlcouicu: i The. organization
Is .worthy tho membership fees by
every luillvbluaPIn America and It Is tho. other rollqw book aijd pull to
hoped thaUHnruoy county will re- gether awhile, itomomber tho'dnto
spond. "'" y.?- il l' H"riiH. Novomhor G,. 10 A-
"Just what piauu will develop at the M. - .it h
meeting Tuday ovenlng cannot boj Sn muub, fur IJiu BU'okmnu .blt
mu 111 ill llilii 'limit hilt Ml Im iirnltv rnirn
.......... .... ........... ... , j
1 .i . .i . .i ....
,iuoi iu wivviai nj'ijvu or giininion r
Mir lho couiyry, sueji ns,the Library
Club, Mlhora Club, the t',l,,r(,m3 j P. M- Several goou speanera iron,
and lodges of tbo town, Commercial I nnrns nnd other placo havo promlB
plub, tho school olllcqrH and'oiipeclal-, od to bo In both placea wbllo tho
ly tho teachorH of tho sovoral dis
tricts of Harnoy county, will bo call
ed upon to assist In making tho drivo
a succuss.
Wu must boar In mind tho great
good this organization has beon In
tho past nnd what It may do In fut
ure right In our own county when wo
are approached with tho suggestion
that we 40 qur bit tqward ItH support
and tho active work of tho Drlvu
must bo delegated to several becauso
it is too much tp oak a fuw Individ
uals to "put it over' when It bolougs
so largely to communities,
rho different churchos of Hums
aro going to bo askou to dovoto a bolng H. L. Kuhl. Tho boys ox
portlon of thu morning sorvlco on pool u good gamo this afternoon, ov
Nov. 11 to tho Ited Cross. Doftnltn on with unfavorable woutuor condl-
annnuueoment of HiIb fuaturo will bo
glvqu as noon na Northwost hoad
qunrtorB bus furnls.hed tltq nocoasary
Information, as tblB , Itf to bo gonural
ly obsrvedk
Speaks to Citixens at Court
House; Advoculcs Defeat
of Bird Refuge Bill.
Congressman Nick Hlnnott arrived
In this city from Malhour county on
last Wednesday oveulug nnd address
ed a good audience at thd court
houiio that evening on thu political
Issues and conditions In general.
Congressman Hlnnott discussed tho
proposed ItoosoVolt Illrd Itofugo bill
nnd said it was a dangerous move.
Ho cited un Instance where J5.000,
000 In crops had to give way to tho
whims of faddists over adjoining
Yollowstone Park becauso tho cropn
were deprived of water In order that
these fullows might see how many
mosquitos could bo propagated in a
cortan swamp and what effect It
would havo on pltio trees, otc. It re
quired concerted effort on the part of
congress to knock somu common
bodho into tho thing and get practical
Mr. Hlnnott Is In lino with other
public men who do not npprovo of
the bird bill a-i It now Mnnds. Tho
lly County Agent
Winter weather.
Crops nearly hurvested.
Fall planting under wuy.
Cattle and sheep leaving summer
lioth cattle nnd sheep In good oon-
i ....
Jill ii ii j ii
count of surplus hay crop In other
How iiTiIiut the surplus crop In
Harnet.v County If thoy can teod
and expect to make a profit why not
the local stockmen do likewise.
Come to n meeting of the Harney
County Livestock Association at
Hums on Nov. C at 10 'clock and Iota
work out a plan to keep the yoarllnRB
I . . . A I
and Btockcrs anu sen me mauircu
Hteers and dry stuff.
Yoh It can be done If yon think so
anil willing lo get In and help work
loot a plue You m'ght a well Do
hung for a grown sheep as a la rob
to lots try a sample of co-optratlvo
, nhlpmut if no other plan ofiuh It
; works olwhon--it ut:ant uir'.
Anyway you wont bo lonewimu
Utno lh Silver Creek and tho SIIvIom
Cattle nnd Horse AfiHoelatons will
' hold their annual muetlngs In Hurnn
In the forenoon In order to bo pres-
out at thu county meting and tho
Drowsey Association may do llkewlsu
whllu large delegations aro promised
from thu Drowsey, Sllvioa Valley,
Fields and Donlo scctluns.
Comu on follows you'vo p.ayml n
lone hand for' ii long llmo and tho
livestock Industry was never at such
a low level--Uta tjiko a loaf put of
! ilm't dm lllir moettllKI icllttl-
( i.w.. . v" O-w. -
. . .1... OA ..ft O ii in
nieu wrvwuey w;i. in o i.
anil Fields TiinuKHgiwng iuj ai- o
County Agent will no doubt, have 11
storucptlun lantoru by that time and
will give an Illustrated talk, you may
get tired of bearing tho talk but
you'll bo suro to llko tho picture
Ho BUru nnd bring tbo Kiddles.
. o
Thero Is n football game at tho
fair grounds this afternoon botwoen
Canyon City high school and Harnoy
county high scbuol teams, Tho Can
yon contingent arrived Inst night
with sovoral "rooters," among thorn
, tlous.
Sheriff Goodman lhoaiir from u
trip to Salpm whoro' bo taok fouiu
prlsonors to tlio ponttontlnry.