The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 16, 1920, Page Page Two, Image 2

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rKO Two
T II U T I M H B - H 13 II A Ji
n v n n a
o it e a O N
Hutimlay, October 1(1, JfttJO.
j 1 1 1
' ' '
Vimununt Htnr Soon a Derelict
WllO Is ltOllH'lllOl TIihmikIi ,
liovo for Noblo (Jlrl
Wallaco Hold Iiiih ono of tlio limit
purta of IiIh career In Van Twlllor
yard, thi you it i: matt who eomoH
back, In "Tlio Source," . tlio latoHt
raruitiottut IMcturo In which ho In
starred and which will liu hIiowh at
tins Mburty tbcatro Sunday Oot. 24.
Tlio roln alTordH an IntorufltliiK Htudy
In pHj'cboloRy. but tltu development
of tlio man, far front IioIiik morbid,
always aliowi tlio upward .trend, and
lliu optltnlwtlc and oboorful nolo Ir
tioundod throughout tho picture.
Yard In a driinlcoii loafor who Ih
sbaiiKbulod and curried to n 1oi;kI"K
camp In Vermont Ho Ih cruelly
troHtod bv a nuvncu formun, and bo
off urn no rox'Ktancu until Hovoa Nord
rastH a ooiitt'iitpt uotiH glance nt lilin
In roward for bin cowardice, llu Hunt
ruBolvos to reform and ouco tlio
fttuinH of liquor liavo U'ft lilnt, bin
BtrniiKth and couraxo return with
blKbly dramatic ronultH. How ho
Hiiccoods in tranHformliiK thin fclrl'n
rontanipt to love U told In u Horloti
of tbrlllliiR Hconi'rt.
Tlio picture Iiiih ninny dramatic
moment and tlio nupport In of tho
beat. Dainty Ann Little appeant art) Hnyrnoiid IlatIon,'""Clmrlim Ukio.iT.
tlm Klrl and otbro playoru In (ho cnit Hutler ClouboiiKh. Noah Ileory,
arc Tbuodoru HobcrtH, James Crutco, 1 Chorion Went and Nina Ilyron.
a HoIhIiiivIU aftor frliitcliiK u uoblu
nmii'ii trunk,
"Kalty" plainly booh that "clothou
aru inaklnr; tho man" In tlio oyoH of
lilo iiwuiitbuart ami that If ho doomi't
nliow inoro Hpuud ill inodorii, iiiiihcii
I'no attlro ho In llnblo to bo loft flat
an I bo matrimonial pent.
Tho widow kIvoh "Katty" a Inttor
to mall contalnltiK a humi of inonoy to
pay off tho mortKUKO on lior modoitt
homo and unkii hint to gimrd It with
utmoHt euro. If o rottirmi to tho gutt
ural ntoru, bunding tho lottor to tho
old pOHtiiuiHtor, explaining ItH Im
portance and dciicrlbliii; ItH eontontn.
Thin Ih ovorbeard by bin rival, tho
comitablo, who liiKoltlouiily fliulu a
way to extract tho money and rumall
tho lolor. Wbtlu In tho procenn of
thoft, bowovcr, ho In catiKht rod
baudud by tho clerk r tho ittoro and
whon ho flmlH that u Hbaro of tho
' money will not loach tho clerk to
"IIhIoii to reiiHon," ho promptly uhuh
. both arniH ot tho law to play a tattoo
on the 'none of mild clerk with a
pmintHo of future and more deadly
Uittoim Hliould ho foollHlily talc u Itj
Into bin bond to k1 "gabby." Tho
1 countable thou bbm hlmnelf to a
nearby Jowolor'H and Hiiuaudorn tho j
1 money on tho purcbitHO of a ring lor1
I tltu wblow'H daunbler not dream-1
lug, however, that tho badly batter-1
ed, but unbeaten clerk, Iiiih followed '
and watched hint front a tmfo dlu
tance. Meanwhile, "Fatty" Ih determined
to let nothing ntand In tho way of bin
wooing. Ho coiniultn a mall order
book and aondti for ait enormous
"near diamond" engagement ring for
tltu girl and a city ault of tho latont
cut and uxtrumo fanbloii for bluiNulf.
Whotrtho parceU arrive from tho
city "Fatty" ruHhuH to bin aweot-i
beartit liniuu and proudly prcHuntn
wbero Ignorance in bllmt, ovon a hoart-brokon oVor bor great mlHror
"pltoiuy" .lmu ItH doHlrod effect and' ..,. ..,, ....--, bor iliiffbnr ntt
tho pontofllco to report tho Iohh.
utiHoeit by "Fatty" oho bldcn tho
nniiittiir Htiiiin. tirnvirillidv tieiilnwed
upon hor by tho conntublo and ac- w,0"' lh" lrI nrr,vc" w,, ,nnl" '
coplH "FattyV which in no much clork whereupon nho conflden tin
lar(uT, with many happy IhurikH and "h1" ,'lm ttl"' ft"krt h,m l m-
IlobttUt lurn 1 "l in'" ruiR hi ino (on
, ntablo for her, Thin tho clerk agn).i
(n fin. lull n nrui iih n lie Ih ttnnn lm
llttt JuhI an nvorylliliiK .ookH noft nlwnH R f( t(o Jowo)flr
and downy tho widow dlncovora bat
tho letter which nho bad Blron , ' At 4 f
iiy now ino town in who
many adorini; glaniictt at her
"Fatty" to mall hnd boon tampored
with and tho monoy ntolon. Hbo la
(Continued on pago three)
Jcccc L. Laslcy
In tho latent Paraniount-Arbucklo
comedy, "Tho HnyHeed," "Fatty" In
tho man behind the lettern in tho H.
F. I), and given a Hurnl Free l)ellv-( ,or with tho "phoney" diamond. Hut
rfja. package
a m - m
Detore m war
Sa package
1 during the war
Wcillace Rcid
iTlie Source
Scenario hy
Monte st Vltcrjoha
lyi 1 1 o 1 1 J. Jy
Gcoryo H MclPoxa
a package
The Flavor Lasts
So Does the Price!
. . .jgBBtk
ory of lottera of miiIIch, parreln of '
luiiKliij and packngt'H of Mcreunu.
Ah bo driven alone (bo route bo
Htopx to pay the girl of IiIh droatiiH a
vlxlt. Hbo Ih the t'harmlug daiiKblor
of a Hweot and lovable widow, and
"li'itlti" Im iiiik'Ii uiiriirlunit inul .iliri-
! grilled to find that ho Iiiih a rival,
who Ih no leca a dlHtlpgulHlicd char
acter than tlio village countable. Not
tho ordinary "bayneed" typo, but a
ileait Driiiiiinel all droxHOd up like
' I
in the heart of Harney Valley
now offered at
$30.00 to $1 10.00 an acre
All Within the Harney Valley Irrigation District
Large acreage cutting hay. All with water rights.
Sales Office at Burns.
) 1 Let's settle
. . t
L. !s nglit now :
To man aver cmoked a
better c jaretce than Camel!
You'll find Camels unequalled by
any cigarette in the world at any
price. because Camels combine
every feature that can make a
cigarette supreme
Camels expert blend of choice
Turkish and choice Domestic
tobaccos putCamels in a class by
themselves. Their smoothness
will appeal to you, and permit
you to smoke liberally without tir
ing your taste !
Camels leave no unpleasant ciga
retty aftertaste nor unpleasant
cigaretty odor !
You'll prefer Camels blend to cit her
kind of tobacco smoked straight 1
Campl nr uJ vrr,vtWro in trwntiticaHv tvthj
Pca&v ofO cii -iltc V J'i t-uln. or U c
flkVi .i.'Od .-.Jjrrf in i'.iK.rm-iunrTovun"
inttun 'V ttronjty rrcominantl imi'oii ibf
the hom of plfico iupplf or wtxmyoti IrmvL
R, J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
VVitiiaou-Salom, N. C.