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    llnrnry County's limber U nit
asset for Immediate oxploltu
I Ion Mills should bo turning
It out to ld la tho roconNtruc
linn work of tho hhMor. In
vcHtlgnto tbls virgin field.
Horuoy county resource (tra
attracting tbo .attention of ilia
entireWest. Irrigation, stock
raising, mines, oil nnd g pro
spoct nnd agriculture -,ill'
awaiting development.
NO. 50
pit m
Grant County Teams Victors
But Return Game May
Prove Different.
(Contributed )
Tho football squad travelled Into
(Irani County IuhI week nnd engaged
Prairie (My High nnd Canyon HIkI.
Tho'fcauio at I'rnlrlo was tho first
ono thai tiny of our boya hud ovor
played nnd their Inexperience told
heavily against them. Tho faHt
heavy back field of tho P. II. S. cir
cled our onda repeatedly for Ionic
gains but lino plunges nnd forward
passes woro not no successful. Tho
boy from Harney woro In auporlor
condition to their opponents and
were playing a hard game when tho
whistle sounded for tho end of tho
last quarter. Tho final score was
48-0. I'rnlrlo outweighed tho H. C.
II. 9. ovor 15 pounda on tho average.
Monday at John Day, Canyon City
wan encountered nnd a spirited con
teat developed. Tho final acoro of
127 doca not toll tho truo talo for,
tho losing, our boya showed auporlor
to their opponents.
Canyon scored In tho first and
fourth quarters on long paasua, but
was saved twlco by tho whlstlo whon
tho I'urplo and Gold olovon waH
headed for tho goal lino. Rolnoman,
Cowan, nnd Thornburg pounded tho
lino for ynrdngo with Voogtly toar
Ing on long runs. Only a disastrous
slip prevented tho latter from scor
ing when ho was only flfteou ynrda
from goal.
Olt tncklo plays, a pretty pass to
Clark, nnd n flvo ynrd plungo by
Thornburg netted our only touch
down. It. Gowan kicked tho goal.
In this gnmo tho tackling wna hard
and clean and tho gonornl offonslvo
nnd dofenslvo play of tho II. C. II. S.
players opened tho oyoa of many who
hod scon Saturday's game.
All In nil, for n groon oloven, tho
boys did remarkably well and if thoy
continue to improve we'll serve out
n high class brand of football when
they show on the local gridiron.
Welcome will be back In uniform
nnd a few new faces ard expocted.
With tho exception of Illchardson,
who was Injured In tho flrat gamo
nnd LnKgnn, who wan tho victim of
an umiMutil mishap, tho boys nil ro
turnnd In good shape.
Th following men took tho trip:
Clark. Cuonl. L. H.; Willis Swott,
L T : it Morton. L. (J.J O. Hlbhard,
f : Ifaliih Swett. It. O.: Ilotehkiss.
H T : F. Loggon. C. Oownn, It. K.;
It Cowan, Q.; Thornburg, L. H. H.J
Itelnemnn. It. II. II.; Voogtly, K. I).
Subitltutnx It. MrGownn, II. Mlllor,
Richardson, McCulIoch.
M. oi.ii qi i, f p. nitrimnni i
Station fame umpired both games.
ti.i. .rhotinin rnr (hn rnst of tho
in i iiuii kiini li ui.n a iJAiiiii i r
,,, iu u fniinwu. ortntmr 23 1
Cnnvmi iiv iilifh- Oclobor 30 !
irniri piiv inti- ' Nnvninbftr C
Jlond High.
Hody thu "ilodoo" stnff for this year
was flirted,
lor- Jesgift
t ranees nonogaii, J.u-l sftt0)J Kbnlucky bluegrnHS In, gen-
Hhopard,. Asst. 'liiJt0!r't k,rniy BpeaKlng. tho niotil deslrablo.
Manager: Woaluv, tJ((j j)pjt rnm,jt8 jt in nominnnly
Welcmo A8L MiUiak'cr: MIbh II. A.
Afuhr-on rrom tlui Faculty,
Final tallle.i show tho grand total
of 5 1 HO- - Received rrom tho Tag sa'
which was hold for tho bouoflt of
tho Athletic Association. Pretty gout)
work and the girls aro receiving mcr
lt"d praise. Altho thoy all worked
hard, the team under Hazol Uibbard'
as (!aptuln out did tho other four
teams. Tho winning was compoied
of tho Misses,. Uibbard, McPhootoro,
0. Hyrd, Lazarus, T. Foley.
Kveryono is glad that "Wcs' Wei-
como is back in school,
Tho girls "who stayed at homo"
assisted Miss Vrcnto In preparing
fllwl iiir.i1.i.l.... .IImhim n iVtn l.rrn
and tendering u dinner to tho boys
Tuesday evnlng,
It wnn a dandy meal nnd tho
'ihoorH for "Tho girls" wero glvon
with a gusto.
Walter Donsted, Loyd Comogys
and Jas. McCulIoch nro now arrivals
In our midst.
Hoc. Loggan has boon notified that
'be II. (j. if. h. in onrollod in tho In-
, .,..
torscholastlc Dobating League and Is
now awaiting materia!
II. F. Stono, In chnrgo of rosorva
tloiiH with tho U. H. IUologlcnl Bur
voy, nrrivod in thin city Innt Wod
nosdny evening. Mr. Stono Ih on n
tour of tho bird nnd gnmo ronorvu
tloiis or tho United States nnd. Is hero
for tho purpouo of visiting tho Mai
hour rosorvo. Ho has vlnltcd with
sovorol of tho citizens of thin city
and hun shown considerable iutoroHt
In tho views of people on tho pro
posed ceding of thin roHorvo lake to
tho government.
Mr. Stono In not hero to mix with
local politico or. to ndvlso any one
how to vote on tho bird bill. It Is u
matter ho has not hud nn opportun-
Ity to investigate nnd ono Unit hu
know nothing about until ho reached
Oregon, further than having been
sent a copy of tho proponed meanuro.
His bunlneHB hero Is to visit tho res-
ervo In his usual capacity. Howovor. 1
ho linn been Inviting discussion of
the bird bill with a view of finding
sentiment and to arrive at a proper
understanding of how it effects tho
future development of tho county,
Tho gontloraan has gone out to tho
00 ranch to visit with William Han-
ley and will nrrlvo back in Hums
thin ovonlng. Ho said be did not
havo anything to say for publication,
nor would ho venture an opinion on
tho controversy ovor tho propsed
(Special Information Service, U. 8.
Department of Agriculture)
Next year's lawn deponds, In great
meanuro, upon this autumn's mak
ing. Kxcept porhaVs In the north
ern tier of 8tnto and Now Knglnnd,
oarly autumn needing is much more grown nn ultrogon-freo media In or
sntlsfnctory than spring needing. , dur to muko thorn take their nitrogen
Houth of Now York and Now Kng- 'from tho lr. Oilier' than Mils tho ho
laud States spring auodlng should called "breeding up" of bacteria in
rarely, If over, bu practiced, say spec-, nil humbug,
lallsts or tho United 8tntes Depnrt- (3) No mnn can "guarantee" rnv
mont of Agriculture. 1 orahlu results from "puro culture"
Young gnus, they say, does not Innoriilntton. It Is nn experiment
stool well in tho spring and summer
nnd Is not sufficiently nggrosHivn to
combat crab grass and other summer
annual weeds. In most or tho area j
south of thq Now England States and ,
north of tho Potomac and Ohio Itlv-1
ers tho host tlmo for needing lawns
Is during tho first wookn of Septem
ber. Should Ilo Well Fined
After thu preliminary preparation,
which Involves thu thorough working are In tho noil as shown by tho pren
of tho soil, thu surface of thu area to once of nodules on tho roots, no
lio suuded should bo thoroughly fined amount of luuoculntloii will do any
with 'a rako or similar Implement,
nnd liouo meal should bo applied at
tho rate or about 20 pounds to a
thousand suiinro feet. The bono moal
Is of much benefit to the young grass
hIiico It asnlsts It In making sufficient now rocomeuded ror two acres Ih
growth to pasu the first winter in morn than wo formerly recommend
good condition. Tho main point In d ror fifteen acres, and much Inrg-
bo obsorvod In seeding Is to sow thu
Uoed ovouly nnd to cover unirormly ,
hut lightly. The covorlng can bft
done on ft small area with an ordln-
nry gnrdon rako or on n largo area
with a weodor. Light rolling nftor ;
covorlng In fronuontly benoflolnl, I
Thoro are noveral species of turf-
formlnn grassun that can bo used ror
I Inwn making In )hl country, w fr
nw, twirtiinrn imrt of tho Uiillcil
used In mtxturuil with other grantum.
V mixture compoBod by wolght as
ollows ban boon 'thoroughly tested
'iy speclallHtii of tho department and
hi thought to bo us satisfactory for
lawn making hb any mlxtura that
can ho used:
W parts of Kentucky lMuegrass.
4 parts of recleaued rodtop.
3 parta of perennial ryo grnss.
1 part of whlto clovor.
A slight modification of thoso pro
portions mukos no matorlal illffor
onco Jn Ujo ftpoaranco or Ccchs or
ii,n tnwn. A mistaka commonly mndn '
J( HturUng n ,IlW ,H Umt of using
, Anh,ck HlauA of Krft8B
is ossontlal nt tho beginning, nnd iu
ordor to bo certain of securing it
seed of thin mixture should bo sown
nt tho rato or not Iobh than A to 6
pounda to a thousand foot..
Tho development of a satisfactory
lawn doponda to a largo degroo on
ho foundation upon which It has
lmn burled. A really good lawn
rarely results from a poor boglnlng,
nu ,; m
and no reasonable amount of effort
(Continued 'on page four)
Dependable Cultures May be
Secured From O. A. C.
At Nominal Cost.
I'roi. u, v. Copson, Acting lluctor -
loiogisi or tno Oregon Agricultural
College, hun stlbiulttod tho following
lur "Miring upon tho uho of cul-
luro uHi for tho liinooulutton of
'ok"ich. hi viow or tnu activity or
commercial ugonts In tho State at tho
Prosout tlmo nnd tho character of
tholr representations, it is deomod
Important that this Information bo
Bvon publicity through tho press
!'' Copson says:
"Tho following circular letter Is
"nt to you in order that you nrny
Klvo tho furmers tho facts on tho
"lunation of artificial tnuoculntlon of
legumes, and. to refute tho question-
blo nnd falno statomonts mado by
ngents soiling commorclnl cultures,
"(D Tho "pure culture" method
perhaps tho host way, nil things
considered, to got tho special kind or
bacteria Into your soil. If you ul-
ready havo u certain legume growing
In a field on your farm, you can
easily and thoroughly Innoculnto an
other field with thin noil. This la
tho surest method known and bus no
disadvantages when you know thorn
are no weed pests to bo carrier along
with tho soil.
"(2) Tho puro cultures propared
nl O. A. , are guaranteed to bo fresh
and to contain tho largest possible
of living, virile bacturlu,
nnd If tho soil happens to Iwi lacking
j this particular kind or bacteria it
will probably bo ii benefit If proporly
applied. If tho bacteria are already
there, innoculatlou Is useless; It Is
uko adding u llttlo wator to tho
"(4) It In not known how long
bacteria will llvo In tho poll when
no legume In grown, hut after five
yearn It In reccomeudeil that Inline
illation he prnetleed. If tho bacteria
more good.
"it,) Wo are receomrnondlng tho
use of larger amounts of Inuoculnt
ing material on tho strength of later
experimental ovldunro. Tho amount
it tltuu tho commercial cultures
Theso bottles sell for COc postpaid,
or tho ooulvnlont of twonty-rivo cents
per aero. Wo put tho culture tip In
two-acru hIxoii only.
"Summing up: Tho 0. A. 0, Cul-
tures nro an good uh uny in thu mar
ket ami larger ror tho amount recom
mended thnu any or tho commercial
cultures wo liavo seon, Thoro Is no
comnnrlKon between "brcodliiK up"
llvo slock and InnooulutlngMia'ctorla
they nro already "bred up." Many
noiia do not need InnbcuJntlon. If tho
Hol is well drained nnd not acid, but
still yII! not grow a leguminous
crop, thoro Innoculatlou may holp.
No ono hus uny right to claim more
ror inuoculatlon.
"Slnco Inuoculatlon of lugtimos Is
still experimental, tho Dopartmont
of llactorlology at 0. A. 0. Is pro
pared to furnish iuiioculatlng line
toria to the fnrmors of Orogon at
cost. Tho facilities ror handling this
wotk nro greatly improvod so that
orders can bo rilled promptly. It Ih
oxpectod that tho rarmer will leavo
a small nlot uulnnoculatod uh a
check and will report results nt tho
on(l of tho HenH0.
"Any furthor Information on tho
subject will bo choorfully glvon."
Very truly yours,
Signed: P. V. MAUIS
County Agent Loader.
Mrs. Mngclo Lovoiih hns rotumod
from her trip to Portland mid oth
er outsldo points. During her nh-
sonco sho visited with relatlvoH In
on hor way In. '
F. L. Ballard Tour County
I With McDianiela: f eonle
I Show Great Intercut.
1 District County Agent Louder F.
' L. ilallnrd huij boon touring tho
I county with L. '15. McDanlols during
tho past wook. Thoy nrrivod In last
i ovonlng from n Irlp which look them
to Crane, Callow Valley and Fluids.
Thoy had hopojl to go nn far south
nn Donlo and juke in more of thu
Trout crook country but rocont rains
made tho roads' hard and tholr tlmo
wan limited as llioy are scheduled for
a meeting at Drewsey tonight and
at Silver creek (tomorrow night.
"I am highly pleased with tho pro
gress being wide toward organiza
tion In Harney county," said Mr.
Ilallard while discussing bis trlp to
a representative of thin paper. "Thin
In a big territory and you havo won
derful resourced (hot may bo aided
very materially1 by the work or tho
county ngont In tho several commun
ities. You havo probloms to solvo
that roqulro careful attention and
concerted action nnd thin can bo done
when tho farmers and stockmen nro
onco organized for the purpose.
"I have explained to tho citizens
In tho several communities wo havo
visited that It Is not tho purpose of
tho mnn I represent to como Into
your county and tell you what to da, weather of tho nouthorn climo nnd
but mora to aid In doing what thu.,aa docldod to snmd tho winter
puoplo themsulves want, In a system
atic manner.
"Our plan Iso work with tho citi
zens of each community. Tho val
uable results obnluud throughout
Kas(orn Oregon aro possible because
whom thu community Is organized
nnd has a definite program thu coun
ty agent Is able to work In harmony
wltti this progjam and link each ifp
throughout thu county and thus
bring them all together."
Tha first meeting bold with Mr.
Dalian! present was nt Crano where
tho school children were Interested
particularly In tho plan of a com
munity fair, also a pig, sheep and
poultry club nnd where tho students
or tho school havo pledged their ef
forts townrd a school garden under
nn Irrigation plan from a pump. Thin
feature lias tho support of many of
the business men of Crano u Ail l
going to bo a factor Iu demonstrat
ing what can bu accomplished Iu that
At Cntlow tho meeting wnn well 1
attended nnd arrnngemuutii woro
mado for assembling tho uocuHimry
material tor n rodent poisoning cam
paign to begin under proper super
vision an soon nn conditions will war
rant. At Fields much Interest was shown
In tho proposed orgluizatlou and M.
M. Doan was mado chairman ror tho
purposo of getting' tho community
started; Mr. Olson wnn put In chnrgo
of rodont control, J. M. McDado on
grain, Mr. Hillings on alfalfa and 15.
H. Hnthrlck of llvuntock. It jn tho
Intention to work out 'a community
program there and havo a big meet
ing on Thanksgiving.
Messrs. Italian! and McDanloln
have gone lo Drowsey tonight nnd
Will meet with tho Silver crook peni
po tonlorrow night, nftor tbnt 'Mr!
ilallnrd goes on ovor by way of llond !
to Redmond.
Tho 25th anniversary of tho estnb
llshmeut of Hums Chapter, No. 40,
0, K, S. will bo celebrated at tho
mooting on Monday, Ocohor 25. All
Musonii and tholr wives and Eastorn
Stum and their husbands aro Invit
ed to this mooting following tho reg
ular session of tho Chuptdr.
In former years It has boon tho
custom for tho Past Matrons nnd
Past Patrons to on'tortnln on this oc
casion but this year the ontortaln-
mont is rovorsod, Tha Chaptor
members nro going to untortnln tho
former officers.
This notice lias official authority
from olllcuni of tho Chapter.
Mm. It. L. Hulton and Mrs, I.
Fostor nro In tho city on 1(UbIiiobh
and to visit with relatives and
Tho rogulnr fall term of circuit
court was brought to a close Wednos
day by Judge Ulggn. Four mon woro
given penitentiary noutuncun before
ho closed tho term, ono of whom was
Hoy dray, who pleadnd guilty of
larceny, wan nonloncod to not mora
than two years lit tho poultontlnry
nnd paroled to J. It. (lould.
O. J. Thorp, guilty of forgery, wnn
given two yearn. OIllo Medio, for
larceny of a iituur received tho same
sentence nnd Leo Holllwuy got two
years ror Inrrony rrom n houso. Tho
latter enmo hero during thu fair and
stole n nult ease nnd other valuablen.
Sheriff Ooodmnn left yesterday
morning with tho thrco Inst named
men for tho panltlary at Balom.
It. L.
Ilass ban sent bis resigna
tion as county commissioner to
Judge Wm. Karrn by mall from Baw
tulle, California.
This omen la in receipt of a loiter
from M. Ilass in which bo wrltca bo
has forwarded bis resignation. Judgo
Farro la out of town today and thoro
foro haa not been neon as to what
action will bo taken In tho matter.
Mr. Haas's term will cxplro tho first
of next January. Whether thoro will
bo an appointment to rill out bin un
expired tlmo or not is not known.
Mr. Hnss and his wlfo loft hero
during tho summor for a tour of Cal
ifornia and In his letter Just received
ho states ho cannot resist tho flno
down thoro.
A rnrd was received from Mr. Hbbb
several weeks ago showing ho wan
at that tlmo in Old Mexico at tho
famous racing city. Tho card did j Fairbanks iicennrlo staff, which lu
not give much Information further! eludes Kltou Hanks, Josoph Ilenn-
than that It was "some town."
Mr. Hans writes ho had tho pleas
ure of visiting with tho Vulgnmorea
In San Diego, also bad met Mr. and
Mrs. Dunn formerly of Harney coun
ty. Tho Timos-llerntd Is to bo nont to
Sawtellu to thu Ilass address In or
der that ho koop posted as to doings
of Harney county.
Think of r2 splondld woekly issneni
of tho best readingall of It rrom I that night and a chargo or fit) cnt
original sources tho wldost variety' wjj j,w ,im,j n thu ruudn nro to go
-equal to 36 volumes, and adapted,, a i,on,,rit to tho St. Joar.oh Ho
to ovory ngu In tho futnlly. ,,uaj, n jH hopml there will bo n suf-
'i nut moans a year or Tho Youth's
Companion. And what It means to f
ihu family life cannot bo computed.
Splendid Serlul Storlus Iu weekly
(not monthly,) portions sustain high
Internal, 200 Short B(orlos, Kxcept-
lonal Articles by exceptional author-
itios, special pages for tho Family,
thu Hoys, the Girls, Strong, mature
minds prhtu Tho Companion's Kdi
tornl Page, everyone enjoys Its
humor, and till hands soon find it
"ono or thu family."
Ouu paper for all tho family. The
Companion takes ho plaeo and saves
tho prlco of several publications. '
' Btlll'$2.50 for il yenr'of sa-iifn'ues.
hut IIiIh price nut guaranteed beyond
January 1, next.
Now subscribers for 1921 will re
ceive: V V)V ,tYouth'a X'QiupaiiloiiriS
Ihmuo.Iii-1081.u 4 tK f 11
2. AJ1 remaining weekly 1920
3. Tho Companion Homo Calondar I according to thoso who havo Inves
tor 1921. I tlgutod tho matter.
All tho above ror $2. GO.
4. MtCall's Magazine ror 1921,
11,50 tho monthly fashion author
ity. Doth publications ror only 3.50.
Commonwealth Avo. & St, Paul St.,
Huston, Mobb,
Now Subscriptions Recolved at this
Tho Harney County High School
football team will havo Bomo visit
ors In Hum a on next Saturday when
tennis from a rant county will bo
lioro to compote on tho local grid
iron. Tho cltlzQiiH should glvo thoso
athletic moots tholr hearty coopera
tion nnd support. Turn out nnd wit
ness tho gamo and glvo tho boya en
couragement, n la a part of tholr
Plays Role of Unselfish Hero
In "The Knickerbocker
Buckaroo" Film.
Douglas Fairbanks makes hl re
appearance nn "Old Hoc Chcorrul,"
in "Tho Knlclterbrocker Ducltaroo"
which will ho shown at tho Liberty
Theatre tho last week In Oclobor,
Tho moral or thin story in that do
ing something ror somobody i a
worthy and laudable ambition, but
that unselfishness enn uomotlmes bu
curried too far, and unless guided by
culm judgement, may bring tho un
selfish ono results bu doosn't ux
poct, and, Bocondly, that tho proper
placo to start any reconstruction In
character Is at home.
Douglnn plays tho part of Teddy
Drako, wealthy Now Yorker, who
decides that hla Ufa In all wrong be
cause of hla soirish qualities, and
starts out to do unselfish things la
tho world, which gets him Into &
series of amusingly complicated sit
uations laid in tho west.
Fairbanks was; tho .'Irst to in
troduce constructive philosophy via
thu screen route. Ho baa taught
millions tho way to laugh, tccauso
of nu Intelligent understanding of
certnln conditions lire. Ills Intent
pictures dcaln with ono or life's big
gest evils, that of solflshnofin. Wo
nro selfish because wo don't reallzo
that happiness only comes from do
ing things for others. With thin
thought an a basic reason for "Tho
Knickerbocker Ilucknroo," a dis
tinctive story was developed by tho
bury, Frank Condon, Tod Heed and
director Albert Parker.
Tho play opens Iu a fanhlonahlo
New York Club, where u statuto
of Darwin, tho philosopher, co-star
with tho screen lioro, making poss
ible soma Interesting athletic uctlon,
when Doug iu his conversation con
cludes, "Perhaps Darwin was right."
It is said that the now Fairbanks'
story, because of Its slmplo treat
ment, Is his most brilliant film.
Tho exact date of thin production
will likely ho given In our next Inane.
Thoru will bo added attractions on
r.ciimt ndvnnee neat salo to Jutlf
two hIiowb during tho evening
iiotm, j,0ar this in mind. Ui
tukot when tho oommlltoo calls upon
y0H wlM u,,, assurance that you will
HL.0 tho entire program whether yau
gol jn tno f irMt of tho show or not.
Tho county court has been In ses
sion during this week and last weok.
Tho uusslons have not boon contin
uous nn tho officers havo had to ad
Jpunijfrom tjriio, to tlmo ror other -mutters-catting
their uttontlou out or
tho court room. .
During tho sesaloii considerable,
road building machinery hns been)
purt'jiusod. Tills Is considered an
ocoiinmKnl move as there Is much
road' work to do and by careful sup
ervision thu county can build roads
choaper than by tho contract Bystom.
An ordor wan ontored making all
right of way for highways from thli
tlmo on 80 feet. 4 ,
Sheriff ordorod to assign dolln
quont tux certificates, to nevoral ap
plicants. ' "
Expert's ropnrt on the books and
accounts of tho assessor, uchool sup
erintendent, road master nnd treas
urer examined and appoarod corroct. !
. - " n . i
rnuy wero nccepiea ami iiiou, (
Tho export's report of tho books
and accounts of thu sheriff show a
balance yot duo tho county and he
was glvon 30 days to corroct his ac-
Tho brldgo across Silvias river at
j. w. uigga' placo condomneu,
Mrs. A. M. Poarco has. moved to
town to spud dior chlldron to scht
Sho doslrcn sotno milk ouatomersj. Iu
qulro at hor rosldonco ncrb8Sv tho
utreot north of tho HuniB Garage.